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Arsene Wenger qualifies and still manages depressing new low

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Here I am, penning an ode to another insipid Arsenal performance, trying to add new flavour to same¬†cardboard curry we’ve been consistently forced to chew down for the last ten years. We won, on aggregate. We are through to the last 16, but¬†the worry about Wenger’s decaying ability to focus players, even when there’s the… Read more »

Mesut seeks urgent medical treatment at Four Seasons

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Mesut Ozil, is sick again. “Ozil was in bed Monday and Tuesday. I would certainly have played him, but because he was sick he will have to work hard tomorrow and won’t be involved.” Or is he? Arsenal fans are convinced that he is in fact on holiday with his lady friend, prepping for the… Read more »

Exclusive: Winners from the past can inform the future

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Look, I’m going to straight up admit I was planning to hold off releasing this podcast until Thursday, but I just felt too excited and had to let it go now. The Arsenal Opinion managed to snare the man who scored the first goal at Anfield in 1989 and set up the iconic winner for… Read more »