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Arsenal sell youth prospect

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Hey, did you hear? Roy Keane has had a thought. ‘When I was watching it I thought they were 10 points clear in the league the way they were celebrating. ‘No, forget Arsenal. Way over the top celebration for beating Newcastle 4-0. Ridiculous.’

Matteo row speaks to demanding high-performance culture.

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Arsenal is BACK with a BANG. I posted a pretty innocuous tweet about Matteo G being a problem child 1) because I know he is, as I’ve stated on here before 2) Arteta basically called out his attitude issues as the reason he didn’t make the squad.

Arsenal deliver HUGE performance

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My oh my, did Mikel need that result. Finally, something to show for the all the process talk. 11th versus 12th is never a nice way to wrap a game, but that’s where we are. This was a very, very important 3 points for Mikel for so many reasons, not least, to counter some of… Read more »