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Arteta having a classic Wenger-week-in-Feb

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Well HOWDY GOOD MORNING TO YOU all. This week is a bit of a lol right? It’s like a typical February post-2007. We’d be in every competition, performances might be creeking, but you’d be confident that THIS was the year. Then three games would creep up on us and we’d be out the league, Champions… Read more »

It always stings.

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Losing a North London derby isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s not supposed to come with positives. It is always utterly shit. Losing to ‘that’ Jose Mourinho mess stung like a wet towel to the backside in a cold December Sunday League dressing room. Everything about the loss hurt. The simple summation of the game… Read more »

Toss-up NLD as usual

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Well good evening to you ALL. Big news on the bond front. Stan has paid of Arsenal’s debt foooooooor… stability moving forwards. It doesn’t affect Mikel Arteta’s bleak summer ahead. I mean, really, did you think Stan was just going to drop a cool £100m on the squad to take advantage of the lowest market… Read more »