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  1. S Asoa

    No doubt Vinay is a turtle on a gate post at AFC. Theoretically the local boss of operations. But we forget that Arteta has always been a toadie. As a player who curried favour with Gazidas buying him an expensive watch out of the fines money which correctly should have gone to charity. Later as Coach Arteta got involved in negotiating pay cuts with players at the start of Covid, which basically was none of his business, provably to ingratiate himself with the Kroenkes who are money minded businessman. It worked as per Arteta the toad’s plan since it earned him a promotion on par with the Technical Director, but in effect superior since the creepy activity also earned him a direct access to Stan Kroenke.
    So we have the curious situation Pedro alluded to, carefully insulating the prime scoundrel Arteta. An ex’s dilemma of lingering affection.

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