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We started Le Grove so we could have a place to chat about Arsenal every day with like-minded Gooners. The comments section should be a place of joy, so we wrote out some rules to abide by that help keep everyone in check.

IMPORTANT: We try and keep the blog as open to differing views and opinions as possible, but there are a LOT of comments, which means I can’t read and approve every submission. I don’t have the resources to moderate the site professionally, so if you see something you don’t like, let me know and I can deal with it.


1) Please adhere to the spirit of the comments section. That means open debate, no insults, and no active trolling. If a commenter has an outsized negative impact on the flow of conversation, they will be removed.

2) Try and keep politics out of the conversation. There’s more than enough Arsenal news to talk about. Sometimes there’s a crossover, when there is, please be considerate when articulating your views. This is a blog for everyone.

3) Any sort of racism, homophobia, or general denigration of people will not be tolerated. Accounts will be suspended, in the event of repeat offences, we will issue banning orders.

4) This blog is a part-time endeavour. We’ve had 2.5m+ comments. I do not read every comment and I certainly don’t endorse all the views. If you see something horrendous, please e-mail me and I will action it.

5) If you post something you want to be deleted, drop me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do (I’ll just delete it).

6) Don’t post anything slanderous.

7) Praise the writer, like, all the time.


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51 Responses to “RULES”

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  1. Chipo

    Never Understood Why People Feel The Need To Put A Capital Letter At The Beginning Of Every Word…..

    Its just a massive hassle!

    One of my favourite blogs around, and best sense of humour hands down

    And i say fuck shit bollocks as much as i like =]

  2. t-buzz

    just read the Rules for the first time and as serious as the rules must be adhered to, I found it hilarious too!!!
    Glad to know we can be humans on this blogsite.

    Viva Le Grove!!!

  3. JayGunner

    Arsene Knows ….. about this site and is fairly worried we have brains to dispute his decisions!

  4. dubgooner71

    Wenger knows what we need. Villa would be a great singing but what chance of the gunners spending 30million?

  5. tappyfeet

    thanks guys for writing such a wonderful, inspiring and of hilarious blog!! it definitely keeps me in touch with my love story with the club when i’m stationed in singapore, a former brit colony, and 8 time zones away!

  6. shootsscores

    sweet as. i live in new zealand and hardly anyone supports the gunners it sucks and coz of the time differnce i hav to wake up at around4AM just so i can watch a match live

  7. Maciek

    Hello. Greetings from Poland.I’m new here!!!!!!
    I’m writing here for the first time and English isn’t my first language so please don’t laugh at me.
    I didn’t have any chance to be at Highbury and probably I will not be able to be in North London any soon. But one thing is certain- I LOVE THIS CLUB and as hard as it takes me to say I think that Wenger should go after this season.
    We are in real danger to become nothing more than a mid-table club, and everything “thanks to” him. I started supporting Arsenal in 1998, and he was someone special for me, he changed many things and he made us stronger and bigger. But at the moment we aren’t making any progress. After our previous season i thought he will buy 2 powerful centerbacks, 2 CDM and one or two wingers and a quality keeper and solve our problems. But no, we are playing with Almunia, Denilson, Gallas, Adebayor, Song. This team lacks leadership and the backbone is not strong enough.
    Imagine our starting eleven with:

    Clichy Cuellar Zapata Sagna

    Nasri Cana Fabregas Antonio Valencia

    RVP Walcott

    and our bench with Fabiański, Toure, Djorou, Appiah, Rosicky, Eduardo, Vela, Bendtner, Silvestre and Eboue,

    It’ s just much much better and if you sell Adebayor, Denilson, Almunia, Senderos,Diaby and add to this 45 milion pounds( and we all know that money are available) you will recaive a graet team.
    I think our manager is to stubborn and he dosn’t have a clue anymore, so he should leave. We need someone like Bilic or Van Basten and Bergkamp combo and new number 2( Tony Adams for example) and a new defensive coach, and I will go for M. Keown and Lee Dixon if Keown isn’t with Tony Adams at Pompey yet.
    And if we don’t have enough money, maybe it’s time to sell the CLUB( and I dont’t think about Usmanov)?I’m not a glory hunter, I will never stop supporting this FANTASTIC CLUB but something needs to be done and quickly because if not we will end up like spurs. I respect all of You and Your opinions but it’s time to wake up and realise that Our main objective is to fight with Villa and Man City for the 4th place. If we lose to man u., chelsea, villa and city- we will be in big trouble and it will take time to respond.

    P.S. Sorry for my grammar but English is not my first language.
    Please respond if You want.
    P.S. 2 Great blog, keep it working, it’s the best Arsenal blog i have ever seen.

  8. Ayush

    We may or may not win anything this season…..what with the injuries to fabregas and walcott et al……but if you look at the squad that we have now….it’s quite possible that in 2 or 3 years time,they’ll make the invincibles side look like kids….vela,ramsey,wilshere,walcott,nasri,fabregas,merida,gibbs,simpson….the list goes on and on….and these kids have what it takes to become arsenal legends…….if they get enough experience in the next couple of years,this team’s gonna be god level…..

  9. Ankit

    and that’s IF we keep them for more than 4-5 years … LEGENDS need to time .. and arsene sells them as soon as they become good .. so yeah – we would have LEGENDS who were once arsenal players, but not LEGENDS WHO ARE ARSENAL players … we with the manager’s current buying/selling policy – we can NEVER EVER have a paul scholes or giggs or shearer!

  10. gooner-pak

    i’ve just read these rules for first time – after reading today’s post – and i thought why not post first comment of 2010

  11. Nick the Greek Gooner from Ealing!

    Love the rulezzz, the best site on the net, i get nervous just coming on to it when we have played shite. You usually say what i’m thinking 90% of the time though!! Hooorah for free speech. Oh to oh ta be oh to be a ………

  12. Alco

    The best Arsenal Blog
    Open minded not like those “Criticize Wenger And I Will Shot Type”
    All i get from them is Economic Lectures even though i was talking about the match…

    Wenger Out!
    And take golden bo Abou Fucktardy with you!

  13. Northern Gooner

    Just joined and read the rules piss funny !! nice to see an Arsenal site that see’s it and says it as it IS !! Also the constant ref to Peroni is a real bonus LOL


    this site is a great site and surprisingly i just found it and have been an arsenal fan since i started watching football ( 2002). but i like all the views u guys post and i have been saying the same thing to friends for years

  15. CJA

    I have had enough! I never thought I would say this but I have lost the faith in Arsene, the sooner he leaves the better. He has had all summer to sort out the squad which is nowhere near good enough to challenge for a title, we have needed a decent center back and defensive midfielder for 2 seasons anyone can see it, he has completely lost it.


  16. Trevor Pallas

    Live in Spain,ex season ticket holder.Only once to the emirates.Having travelled from Devon for many years,i believe that the guys who go regular to games understand.I would be interested in any reaction to my opinion.Why when Arsene goes [my feeling is it’s not light years]do we need a foreign coach.George came when we were in a similar position,i would like the job offered to Owen Coyle.

  17. Liam

    heard u on 5 live last night giving it 2 the oblivious apathetic gooners that seem 2 think that whats going on at Arsenal is acceptable, fans who think wenger is not 2 blame 4 our poor signings and lack of planning 4 the new season, humiliating historical drubbings at the hand of our rivals are nothing 2 be 2 concerned by. No wonder we have a team with no spirit and a stadium with no soul if this is the kind of supporters that go 2 watch

  18. Vivek Sharma

    this blog has become the first thing on my mind when it comes to reading something about my beloved…..You guys are a boookmark in my chrome……..keep this up forever.

  19. Netalie

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  20. Vivek

    Greetings from INDIA….you guys are awesomest bestest…..AND this blog is like my morning newspaper….i have been reading this blog for over two years now but strangely this is my first comment….m sure this thing will continue

  21. ChrisPos

    Bollocks hahaha I love this blog sorry for saying bollocks! Best blog out there and now keeping tabs on FB keep up the good work!

  22. BT

    Lets say,

    If wenger an the board pack there bags and Usmanov gets in with all his dollor and he as full control, won’t we just become like another certain London club? Who’s to say he won’t turn out like roman and sack every manager that fails to win something after just 6 months ?

    I’m certainly no AKB type of fan but that is something we might see if this Usmanov guy gets in,

    Just a thought

  23. Rebelgooner

    Love your site. Different opinions are welcome. I especially like that I don’t have to agree with everything Arsene does and make comment on that. Not everything our Boss does is right or wrong.
    I am an Arsenal supporter for over 40 years.
    Looking forward to see Santi and Ozil play together. Giroud may well be the luckiest striker on the planet if they gel.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  24. masterstroke

    You’re the complete antithesis of Untold Arsenal. Would you believe I saw a post on a Facebook page today saying that Untold is a relentless campaigner against cyber bullying, when they encourage it by doing absolutley nothing about their own commenters trolling each other mercilessly.

  25. Will Briggs

    Not sure if the fans vitriolic reaction to our current plight should’nt be directed to Kroenke instead. I feel he’s the guy truly killing our club, Wenger is just his side kick.Ultimately the final say in our clubs future ambitions (if there are any) are ultimately his.He is clueless regarding the English game and bereft of any understanding of the fans and what this club means to them.Unless Wenger’s eventual successor has a proven top flight pedigree and is backed financially we will slide still further into decline.Apologies if this is seems all doom mongery on my part but I guess I’m just staying the obvious.