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Let The Isolation Games BEGIN (maybe)

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I am VERY excited to be podding with Nigel Phillips of the AST today. We’re talking the economics of football in a Covid-19 world. You will want to tune in. This blog is the warm-up piece, we’re going to do some light stretches to get your mind focused on what’s to come. The Premier League… Read more »


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HAPPY SATURDAY TO YOU ALL! Come on, admit it, you’ve been watching e-sports. Right? It’s ok. It kind of looks like real football if your sight isn’t quite 20/20. No? You’re partaking in e-sports! Well I never. So modern.

Will transfers recover?

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Happy Friday to you all, who’s hitting a Virtual Happy Hour this evening? Yeah? Can I join? PLEASE. What an absolutely crazy time. I moved halfway around the world for the American dream, which currently has me sitting in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years scared to pick up the post. To… Read more »