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Mourinho team set wheels in motion, can Edu resist?

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I think it’s pretty clear that Unai Emery is finished as Arsenal manager. The players don’t seem interested in his garbled vision, the fans aren’t attending games, and the press are now hoovering up leaks and turning them into missiles. Emery hasn’t helped himself. He didn’t learn anything from last season. He genuinely believed all… Read more »

Emery has to go.

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It’s going to be a fairly quick post from me today, I’m mainly writing this now because I did a podcast with a friend who was over from London, check it out at the bottom of this blog! Today was all about the battles Emery hasn’t really won. Namely, he had to drop Granit Xhaka… Read more »

Emery has two excellent decisions forced on him

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So it would appear my hunch about Xhaka and the counselling thing being a nonsense was spot on, according to Arseblog the player was angry that Arsenal had packaged the blow-up like that. It really is grim that the club would use ‘mental health’ to deflect standard shitty behaviour and hurt feelings. 10 years ago,… Read more »