Oh Serge…

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Oh god Arsene, make it stop, make the bad pictures stop. Serge Gnabry scoring 2 goals at The Bridge last night then tweeting that London was still red, I AM CRYING. Wenger spoke up though.

‘He has no real limitations it’s more how much does he want to suffer,’

‘Because he has pace, power, technical ability, he’s very intelligent, sometimes he looks for the easy way in football. That’s what was his problem. He lacked a bit.

‘I gave him to West Brom, it didn’t work out at all. In fairness I think we had an agreement with him but Bayern stole him away from Werder Bremen.

‘He’s a good player. He has individual ability and collective ability. We had an agreement with him but because he didn’t play at West Brom I let him go with the U21s in the summer with the German national team and he did very well of course. ‘

‘We had prepared him for us to sign his new contract but then suddenly he wanted to go to Werder Bremen. But it was not Werder Bremen that bought him it was Munich that bought him. Because six months or less than one year later he moved from Bremen to Bayern but it was a done deal before’


The Deadwood Redemption

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Source: Big Dave on text

I’ve been in America too long, it’s true. I love nothing more than a rags to riches story. Or, more in the American tradition, I damn well love a riches to riches story. It was Robert Downey Jnr and Bieber a few years ago, now, the Netflix doco I need in my life is Mustafi: Falsch Verstanden, what a hero. He’s playing so well, I think I want him to stay.

Have I gone mad? Maybe, but performances don’t lie, and if he keeps this up, why wouldn’t you hang onto him, then give him a £350k p/w 3 year deal?


Arteta gives insight into Saka, Ozil, and resilience

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The morning after and I’m still feeling pretty immense about yesterday. It was the sort of game that builds the character of a team and shows who is there to cut the mustard and who there spreading low-fat mayonnaise like a melt.

Nearly everyone showed up, the key worry heading into that game for me was that Everton hadn’t played for 14 days. I mistakenly thought it was a week. That’s a lot of time to prepare, revive the legs, and get hyped to blitz a side on a shaky road to recovery.