Premier League players COVID-19 response criticised

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Welcome to Saturday, I hope you are feeling GREAT today. Fit, healthy and locked in a room playing Champ Man, the 99/00 game, you know, before it became far too complicated. Don’t worry lads, I’m bringing Pablo Aimar over to dazzle the Premier League crowds. It’s going to be a good season.

The hot debate RAGING online at the moment seems to be focused on Matt Hancock answering a question about Premier League footballers. He basically said people are dying, footballers should make a sacrifice, and take a pay cut.


United set the tone with NHS donations

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Friday, Monday, Tuesday, it’s all the same now… worst thing is, I’m starting to enjoy it. I haven’t drunkenly stumbled into a Popeye’s Chicken in a month, I read a lot, and I’m basically a yoga pro. I even enjoy meetings these days.


The Belgian League was the first in the world to go all out for cancellation.

“The Board of Directors took note of the recommendations of Dr. Van Ranst and the government that it is highly unlikely that games with the public will be played before June 30. The current situation also makes it very unclear whether and when a resumption of collective training courses can be foreseen at all,” the league said in a statement.

“Even if games behind closed doors could theoretically be possible, the additional pressure they place on health and order services should be avoided. Moreover, decisions by local authorities threaten to make a joint course of match days impossible.

“The Board of Directors has unanimously decided that it is not desirable to continue the competition after June 30. Given the above elements, the Board of Directors has formulated a unanimous advice to the General Meeting not to resume the competitions of the season ’19 -’20 and to accept the current state of the Jupiler Pro League as final classification [subject to the decisions of the licensing committee].”



Disgraceful Daniel Levy embarrasses Spurs and Premier League

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The current climate is difficult for football clubs. Social distancing has put tremendous strain on a system of billionaires that supports millionaires. At the lower rungs of the game, finances are on a precipice. Some operations might not come back from a prolonged hibernation.

… but this is just football.

At the top of the game, though revenue forecasts are bleak, there are plenty of levers megaclubs can pull. Factor in the value of elite-level football, at the very worst, you know a huge TV deal will drop care packages when the game comes back on track.