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The site was set up in late 2007 by Geoff and Pedro. They set out to create a haven for Arsenal fans to chat about The Arsenal 24/7.

Below is our original mantra for the site. Thank you for reading, enjoy!

Le-Grove is a site where people can exchange views on issues without fear of being abused by other fans, their own or others.

A site where they can feel safe in the knowledge that they are expressing their own opinion without fear of ridicule.

If anybody does get abusive, we immediately remove their comment and block them from returning.

We are a shelter for bloggers and a haven for Arsenal fans.

We always post on current club issues and never shirk a subject, we also post every day, including the weekend.

We are non religious and non political and do not tolerate extremists from any faction.

You can also contact us if you come bearing gifts or have a question.

Drop us a note and we’ll do our best to respond in a timely fashion.


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  1. Spanish Fry

    Hey Pedro/Geoff,

    Big fan of the blog guys, just wondered if you wanted to do a bit of a link switch. You’ve both got a lovely way with words haha.

    All the best,
    Spanish Fry (Arsenal FC Blog)

  2. mustafa

    hi guys , just joined the blog , I am still comming in my pant from last night – fucking brilliant , just loved it when cesc went over to wenger , just shows how much respect he has for le boss -everyone was buzzing was they all on acid or just really wanted to kick the spag bowls , this is right up there with the 5-1 dem of inter , the ref was a complete cunt – looked like the biggest bender to come out of munich , and last nights comentator he wants to bum kaka – the way he was going on about him – now to wigan lets keep the tempo up , its going to be a hell of a run in!!!!!!!!!

  3. RvP Fan

    Hey Boys
    Love your blog, any chance you can do a bit of a link switch to get mine off the ground? That would be much appreciated.
    OllieTheRvPNut – One Team, Many Oppinions blog author

  4. jamesgillesp

    Hello guys,
    Have been reading your blog for quite a while now, interesting reading, its good to hear your perspective on things. Nice to hear some opinions about the atmosphere at the Grove. Just wondering if u wanna do a link swap?

  5. Bonnie & Clyde

    If we win tomorrow I will pay all your water and electricity bills for five years* and get JM to dance naked on the piano………………………………………………………

    And I will ask for another dance with the best mover on the block………………………..

    *this is not a binding contract!!!!

  6. Dim Scoffer

    Hello, mate.
    Have been reading your blog for quite a while now.
    Just wondering if there’s any chance you can do a bit of a link switch?
    That would be amazing.

    All the best,
    Dim Scoffer (gunnertales.blogspot.com)

  7. Gooner Chris

    Hey Pedro & Geoff,

    Hope you lads are doing well.

    Would like to request a link exchange for ASCFR (Arsenal France) I’m close friends with the owner and he’d love it if you could add his link on the side bar.

    Thanks in advance fella’s.


  8. Amir

    Hi there,
    How`dy 🙂

    I am a constant reader of your blog.
    I am a Lazio fan but also great supporter of Arsenal in PL.

    I started a new blog few days ago and I though if you are interested in link exchange.

    Let me know. Cheers,


  9. vinod A.K.A the original VINNY JONES

    I have got to say that le grove is THE BEST blog i have read. I stay in India and started reading your blog last year and all i can say is it is awesome…Keep up the good work people and if you ever need anything let me know

  10. Zain Shahid

    Hey Pedro and Geoff!
    I just love your blog! Without doubt one of the best Arsenal blogs out there.
    I own an Arsenal blog too and was interested in a link swap. What do you say?
    Tell me about your decision soon!

  11. James Terry

    Hey Guys, My name is James Terry and I am just about to officially launch a new site called http://www.greatestarsenalplayer.com. It’s an incredibly addictive game and you decide who is the best player and XI Arsenal have ever had in the Premiership. It part of our Greatest Player Ever network we have launched for every team that has ever played in the Prem.

    Would you link to exchange links or perhaps we could give you some free ad space if you were to do a piece/post on the site. It would be great to hear your feedback on the site so we can make it as enjoyable as possible.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    James Terry

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  13. treze13

    hey guys, i made a music blog but i linked you guys to it as my favourite blog anyway, would be awesome if you returned the favour

  14. Jay-Jay

    This seems like to place to ask whether you’d be interested in sharing a link to my site on yours.

    It would be greatly appreciated and in return I can offer to be your best freind (your site is already listed on mine.

    Thank you.

    I hope you’ll take the time to have a look-see.

  15. Chris Henry

    Dear Le Grove,

    My name’s Chris Henry, I’m a reporter at WinkBall.com.

    With yourself as an Arsenal fan and blogger I wanted to make you aware of WinkBall’s weekly football show. It features coverage of the fans from the Arsenal v Blackpool game. We got a great response from both sets of fans.

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  16. Jeff

    Just like to say the key to this whole mess is in the wage structure. Too many players who should only be there as an absolute last resort back-up (perhaps on something like 10K a week) are being played as first teamers on many times more than that.

    It’s not that we can’t afford the transfer fees, it’s because we can’t afford the wages of top class players because too many mediocre players are pretending to be world class when they are not but are getting paid as such.

  17. Rageh Omaar

    Hi Geoff and Pedro

    love the blog. Just listened to the podcast with Matt – very interesting and informative….as you say, you don’t own a studio so the sound was a bit dodgy…..but given that I’m a broadcaster/TV journalist – who is also a Gooner – I can recommend some v.good value microphones that are perfect for podcasts – then we could all hear your pearls of wisdom with clarity!!!

  18. Nick

    Hey guys, love your blog. Any chance of a link swap with my Arsenal blog. I’m trying to do something a bit different so hopefully fellow gooners will dig it.

    Cheers, Nick

  19. Clive Groves

    I am a life long Gooner currently residing in Dubai. Enjoy your website and agree with the majority of your comments although not all.

    I feel that the Everton game is crucial, and if we can beat them and the yids lose to Man Citeh then it’s likely we will have a top4 finish and finish ahead of the yids. Keep the posts coming

  20. Sathya

    My first visit to this site. Am driven by the pathetic situation facing us at the beginning of the season. A club with so much potential and past success being driven downwards by sheer inaction and the manager/club leadership being out of touch with reality.

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  22. Gooner joe

    Hello guys

    I’ve been a follower of this great blog for years, I’m a passionate Gooner from Nigeria and few months ago I started my Arsenal blog (Arsenal Updates)

    I’m wondering if you’re interested in doing a link exchange, I know my blog may have little to nothing to offered yours in terms of traffic as this is one of the best Arsenal blogs around.

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  23. Leigh Corbit

    Hi guys

    I was just on your site and when browsing the links on your blogroll I noticed that was a broken one.

    Sock Formation – http://www.sockformation.com

    I operate a ‘Where Are They Now’, website called Premier League Heroes which regularly posts quality content related to ex Premier League

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    We have a dedicated page for Arsenal legends which you could possibly use as a replacement http://www.premierleagueheroes.com/arsenal

    If you like our site and feel that it would be an interesting resource for your readership would you please consider posting a link to it on your resources page in place of your broken link.

    Many thanks,


  24. Stevie

    Get Mourinho please. He’s bound to be willing as it means he stays in London where his family’s based. But get him now before the chance is lost forever. Forget all the nonsense surrounding him. Just concentrate on the notion that he’s the one to bring our team to play all the time the way they played the first half hour against Man U at home, when they were utterly sublime.

  25. Soham De


    I came across your blog on twitter and i have been really impressed with the passionate and spirited way with which you seem to write each and every one of your blog posts . It was an excellent read and its always incredible to come across passionate bloggers like yourself

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  26. leon

    I think Emery is giving the so called big players a rope to hang themselves with he is giving chances to the likes of Ozil, Bellerin, Xhaka ect to prove themselves. But you can see that Emery will not hesitate to take you off if you not performing. I have no dought if we had started with Likstiener,Elaine, Gwendose, Tiera we would have had a more solid midfield and more energy for starters. Liksteiner would donevallot better as he is far more experienced. Once again the big supetstar Ozil disappered but the difference is the manager did not hesitate to take him off

  27. Micheal Marten

    People are giving the authors of this website hassle and grief???? What the hell is THAT all about. In my opinion this is easily the most incisive and intelligently written Arsenal Blogg out there. Do we expect them to always be right or to always share the same opinion as we may have? No. But their views are always logical and well expressed. Keep it up guys – it’s the first Arsenal site I look for everyday.

  28. Nelson2

    A friendly I know, but if you saw Willock in the first half against Barcelona, you’d have noticed a quick, powerful and assured DM performance

  29. Andrey Vysotin

    Hi guys,

    Andrey from football community of Tribuna.com is here.

    We’ve just launched our blogging platform and we welcome Arsenal fans to try it out.

    Here we go: https://tribuna.com/en/arsenal/

    You can create a short note with just a few words about team’s recent transfer or a huge professional article with pictures, links, your emotions.

    The voice of Gunners will be heard!

  30. Lewis

    Hi guys,

    Enjoy the blogging you guys do!

    We are website dedicated to selling classic football shirts. Our store contains shirts from the 1980s up to the to the latest seasons that range from clubs and nations across the world. We have some great Arsenal shirts currently!


  31. Red-Sky

    Message: Hello Le-Grove admins.

    Is your site a closed community for only a few members or is it a public place?
    Why, because my comments are kept in perpetual “moderation” until approved, which never happens. I’ve tried to comment a few time in the past months to no avail.

  32. Benedict Hobbs

    Who do I contact about becoming a writer here?

    I’m a journalist for a Sheffield news website and study journalism at the University of Sheffield but wanted to write about the team I’ve loved since I could walk. Any help would be ideal.


    (p.s can’t wait to do the double over S*urs) 😉

  33. Daniel Young

    Those among us who thought Arsenal would be better off without Aubameyang can point to the results since his departure.

    However, those among us who speculated that PEA had lost his superpower and was past his best have had that view challenged by his performances at Barca.

    It would be nice if some acknowledged the second point. But from the collective silence I can assume only that no one at Le Grove expressed the opinion that PEA was already in a slow, irreversible decline.

  34. Duzie

    Yes Positive Pete,

    The comment section has disappeared.

    Pedro, if you are reading, I think there’s a bug on the website. Even previous posts do not display. I’m looking forward to the fix !


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