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Redundancies sharpen concerns over certain expenses.

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Arsenal announced that they’ve gone into consultation with staff over 55 redundancies at the club due to the covid nightmare that’s gripping businesses around the world. I can’t imagine the decision was easy and I feel dreadful for the people going through the process. This moment in time has been awful for many reasons, but… Read more »

How Arsenal’s summer is likely to play out

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I love the calming feeling of knowing that Arsenal fans are united for at least one summer. We all agree the Premier League was horrible, but every single one of us can see that we’re on the cusp of progress… provided the club backs the manager this summer. There aren’t too many players I’m overly… Read more »


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It is here, another FA Cup final for the mighty Arsenal. We’re going for number 14. Mikel Arteta is going for his first as a coach. The young players are going for their first-ever trophy. We have Europe on the line. It’s different this year and it’s a shame. I’ve never missed an Arsenal FA… Read more »