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Alexis throws some jade | NEW SIGNING | Mega pot of cash for summer calculated!

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Arsene Wenger said in the press that Sanchez was jaded both mentally and physically. Maybe he wasn’t throwing shade at the Bournemouth performance, maybe he was throwing… JADE? No? Anyway, quotes… ‘What is surprising there? You want to see that kind of passion. You don’t come down from 3-0 down from 70 minutes without that passion…. Read more »

Arsene Wenger circus in superb form against Bournemouth

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Just breezing through the comments before I started to write this and one word that really stood out to me was ‘circus’, because yesterday was nothing short of it. There was so much wrong with how that panned out yesterday, it’s difficult to gather my thoughts cohesively into a story, so it’ll probably be quite… Read more »