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I spent some time today watching the Pep and Arteta press conferences. My key takeaway?

How very boring.

It’s interesting that this idea now translates into pressers when we talk about the shift this season towards a less emotional setup.

Arteta doesn’t want in on any drama.

Pep is the same.

I feel like the whole Arsenal operation is more mature this season, and hopefully, that’ll benefit us on Sunday.

The big news from the day was that John S and Kyle W are both out of the game on Sunday. You can point to their monstrous squad as a salve, but I’m not sure that’ll offer much solace to City fans. Stones is an incredibly unique player that can’t be replaced and Walker is pure winnertivity.

That’s a loss.

Arsenal doesn’t have major injury concerns. The only problem is going to be Martinelli. He has a cut on his foot, and he’s had to sit on the couch since the Sheff U game on March 4th. Even if his foot was perfect, he’d be undercooked for a game like City.

My guess? Gabi Jesus will get the nod outside and we’ll get a glimpse into what he could be for us next season if he’s not sold this summer.

I’m not really sure where the surprises this Sunday are coming from. I have a feeling we’re the least likely of the two sides to spring a tactical madness and I have my doubts we’ll see a wild pick in the starting 11. The only outstanding question for me is Kiwior or Zinchenko? If City has to play 4 centre backs, maybe Arteta will be more inclined to offer minutes to Zinchenko. But who knows?

The key thought to take from Sunday is the most important thing is to not lose. A draw would be fantastic. A loss, despite some of the chatter, will not be fatal. We still have a quarter of the season to manage and all three teams in the title race have to contend with Europe.

Win and we’re 4 clear of City.

Lose and we’re 2 points behind.

Those margins don’t determine a title winner in early April.

In non-City news, Ethan Nwaneri signed his first pro contract with Arsenal. This was a huge win for Edu, Arteta, and Garlick. The best prospect in his age category is going to give it a go in a squad that really does pose a challenge to him. Arsenal have pulled out all the stops, we’ve given him a record-breaking debut, he’s seen Premier League minutes, and Martin Odegaard is his mentor.

Becoming the best club in the world for young players is something I wrote about for years… well, now we are. The question is can we maintain that rep when we’re winning titles? If we can, why wouldn’t the spectacular kids from around the world give it a go in London?

This signing is also a big win for Per Mertesacker. What a job he’s doing.

Ok, that’s me done for the day. If you like Podcasts, we have about 100 new ones on Patreon right now. Check it out RIGHT NOW. Also, Janan Ganesh dropped in to chat Arsenal for the big game preview. That lands in the UK at 6am.

Back with a final preview tomorrow. x

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I rather Stones and Walker were playing seriously

Guns of SF

American time zones wins today. 3rd!

Guns of SF

I like Jesus on the wing, starting. His chaotic style is what we need. As a sub he usually has lesser impact. Tross is good for that super sub role in most cases


Canadian time zone 5th

Obuche Achiel

White Saliba Gabriel Kiwior
Joginho Rice
Saka Odegaard Trossand
That’s how we became champions!!


If you have both walker and stones missing, there might be a case of Tross with his elite finishing, to exploit the slight weakness in their defense. Jesus will be the more defensive pick, as he will be pressing hard, tracking back, and all the other good stuff. But clinical in front of goal he is not.

I myself would still pick Jesus. I’m like Tets. Defensive first.

Giuzeppe di Maria

I feel that should Martinelli be absent, Zinchenko should take the nod on the left wing. Trossard to come on as impact sub.

And leave Havertz as CF.


West coast!


Most peculiar. Pedro says Martinelli has a cut on his foot but I have it on good authority from a very intelligent football guru that it’s actually a broken toe and that people who believe it’s a cut, sound silly. Now I don’t know what to think.



I don’t where you are getting your news from but you better avoid that source.

“Martinelli meanwhile sat out our last two matches against Brentford and Porto after sustaining a cut on his foot at Sheffield United at the start of the month, also ruling him out of national service.”

This is literally from


intelligent football guru is an oxymoron,


He is an ITK, that knows no more or less than you or me


“Arteta doesn’t want in on any drama. Pep is the same. I feel like the whole Arsenal operation is more mature this season, and hopefully, that’ll benefit us on Sunday.” I am also hoping that we put in mature performance tomorrow. We’ve been scared from them simply because we were never at their level in the past. Today the team is very different and look they believe in themselves, as displayed in our CL game vs Porto. I am sure Arteta will want to instill that same energy that we had on that night. We’ve stepped up a lot so… Read more »


Be careful saying ‘cut on the foot’ Pedro. Nigel says its absolutely a broken toe…or you’ll go straight into the clown category…

Getting closer, butterflies are kicking in already. Hope we smash em ! We can go ‘toe to toe’ with them 😁


I think Tomi should start as left back


This is the game that Kai really wants, he will be on fire whether up top or inside..he needs this to finally consolidate his class, get rid of any doubts..


Ken, too subtle.
You have to lay it on thick around here.

it’s definitely a broken toe, that’s been treated with “stitches “, which is an experimental treatment recommended by our resident medic, Nigel.

His other recommendations include extra strength Bengay for a case of hemorrhoids, I’m sure.


Going to clear my mind today to not think about the game any more


Northbanker, May I suggest some politics to lighten the mood then?
I’m sure Nigel will approve.

Genocide Joe has just sent 1800 two ton “dumb”bombs to Israel so the good guys can defend themselves against those pesky Palestinians.


I’m pretty calm.. We can play badly and win, like we did away at Leeds last season.. Or we can do a lot right like in our home game against West Ham this season, but then lose the game in both penalty boxes. It can also come down to fine margins like in our 2 games with City this season, where there was absolutely nothing between the 2 teams, but we just edged both games by the skin of our teeth. Last season I flat didn’t fancy us away at City, particularly when I seen the team sheet. City away… Read more »


Back when we played bare foot on tarmac we didnt need our toes getting stitched, too much pampering nowadays.


The only important Man c players are KDB, Silva and Haaland. In that order.


Just as I thought, pep won’t risk stones and walker , don’t be surprised if Debruyne is on the bench as i doubt he is 100%.

Pep is a manager who rarely takes risks with a player’s fitness..

Bob N16

Sid, how Rodri doesn’t make your ‘only important’ list, only you know!

Bob N16

I am really confident about our chances tomorrow.


I have never understood the Rodri hype. If im to rate him on technique, same as Jorginho but more athletic.


@Tom, you work in construction and use labour from south of Texas, you should be grateful to Joe.


The international break was a real slog.. But the first half here has been excellent.


My big concern is when we run out of puff and can’t sustain a high press, and City look to turn the tables on us. I don’t trust us to play out with the needed zip and conviction when they look to pen us in.

We should look to start fast and catch them cold like we’ve done at Liverpool the last couple of years, and with Declan Rice we can hopefully do a better job of managing any lead.


Longstaff with an absolute howler.. That’s shockingly bad.

Newcastle players dropping like flies.


Everyone seems to ignore that the bin dippers are very much in this title race, and all this talk about the decider on Sunday is total bollox
I think they have a better chance than both arsenal and shity, especially if they win today and tomorrow’s game ends in a draw


The big week for Liverpool is when they play the 2nd leg away at Atalanta on the Thursday. Fulham away – Sunday Merseyside derby away – Wednesday West Ham away – 12.30 kick off Sat. Klopp hates Sat 12.30 kick offs, and West Ham don’t have a midweek game, so they’ll have all week to prepare. Liverpool start with 2 home games and should get 6/6… Then go away to United a week Sunday. But United go away to Chelsea on the Thursday, and Liverpool are home to Sheffield United, and should be able to wrap the game up by… Read more »


My take from the start of the season that Newcastle might be the team of the season has already gone down in the Shit Take Hall of Fame. They’ve dealt with the addition of European games about as badly as it’s possible to do. But there’s a case that they may be the most entertaining team of the season. You never know what you’ll get with them. There’s no structure, plan, or control. It’s completely unhinged.

Ben D

That Newcastle v West Ham game has been very entertaining….a great advert for the premier league 👏


Ben D,

Yup. The dreaded neutrals love this stuff. I’m sure our game tomorrow will be like watching paint dry in comparison. At least, I hope it will be.



Luton are never holding on here, but what a goal.

Bob N16

Obi Martin (16) 4 goals for U18, Dowman (14!) 4 assists for U18s.

Sid, to use your own words, ‘an athletic Jorginho’ makes Rodri a hell of a player! You just have to see the difference in results from when he plays and when he doesn’t.


I would group Rodri, Xhaka, Jorginho together

Yaya, Gundogan, Wijnaldum above them.

Ben D

Tottenham booed off at halftime at home against Luton. The love affair doesn’t seem to have lasted that long

Bob N16

Yaya and Gundogan great players, better than Rodri debatable. Wijnaldum superior to Rodri, think you’re in the minority there!

Xhaka nowhere near as good as Rodri.

All a matter opinions!


Richarlison will probably score now
The jamminess continues


Leverkusen 88 + 91


Chelsea are the gift that keeps on giving!


Bob – great win for u18s 5-2 v Fulham
Chido – what a striker prospect

Dowman – he is 14!!!!! As you say 4 assists

Hope we have room in the 27/28 team for them all


” Gabi Jesus will get the nod outside and we’ll get a glimpse into what he could be for us next season if he’s not sold this summer. ” We kinda knew how Jesus did on the wings cause he spent much time there while at City…. But if Martinelli isn’t match fit would prefer Jesus to Trossard in the starting 11 … he feels more robust well tmr would surely be rough n tough. Personally prefer status quo in rest of the starting 11 ie Kiwior rather than Zinchenko whose game is all worked out by City and therefore… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

That penalty awarded to Newcastle was criminal. How can two refs put their heads together, discuss it while watching the video in slow motion, and come away with that decision? That little bird faced diving cunt gets on my nerves. LOVE SAUSAGE with the class to admit he was wrong about Newcastle. I’d say at least half the regular Grovers were on Newcastles metaphorical dick the past 2 years. The Guimaraes, Isak lovers, etc.. I’d like to hear from more of them now. I, on the other hand, was always on record for Harvey Barnes as a player I’d take… Read more »


The one thing I love with our training videos and photos is you get to see the entrance to the training pitch and more importantly the inscription that you can read just above our crest: Train to Win. It just shows the lengths that Tets has gone to push winnertivity by any ways possible and ensure that there is a winning mentality instilled in our team. I am hoping that this will help push the players to have that dogged mentality tomorrow so that we can come out victorious! And I actually think that we can get the win tomorrow.… Read more »


Watching Bayern vs Dortmund and whilst I don’t want to tempt fate the Bavarians are bang average, Harry Kane and Thomas Muller are their two danger men, the rest are fairly nondescript.


In 2024 EPL games :

We have been very good pressing high

We suffocate teams, incl Liverpool, mostly within their half

We defend very well

We can score

We must not give City too much respect

We should play our game

We shouldn’t play tentative/over cautious and not show what we can do

Whatever the outcome, we’d have given our best.

Last edited 13 days ago by Useroz
Marky Mark

Nigel – I’d take Isak . I really would lol 😂

Nigel Tufnel

Fair enough MarkyMark, you and some others I respect here see something in him that I don’t.

I’ll just reiterate that we play at such a high level, with 11 brilliant players now, that players like Isak that used to appear decent to me, now look bang average and beneath Artetas assembled quality and most importantly, look to me, to lack the work rate we demand.

Toney is another one in that mold. Worse than Isak in my book. No lazy, selfish, glory hunters with big mouths in this Arsenal.


Shocking refs and VAR decisions today
The pen for Chelsea with the player sent off was criminal, and the Newcastle one is as corrupt as it gets..
PGMOL now on another dodgy payroll to add to their dirty list


We are not touching Ivan “the degenerate gambler” Toney with a 10 ft bargepole. That much was clear with how the players (in particular Big Gabi) disliked him during our Brentford game. As for Isak, he’s just like Mudryk, they are both very raw. Both the barcodes and chelski will want big money for their player (that 8 Yr contact for Mudryk was designed to milk us I suspect). I am really curious as to what Artedu have in mind. They have their cards close to their chest like we usually have so we will only find out once the… Read more »

Eboues Bank Account

United have seriously become a mid table team..what the hell even is their game plan? Brentford should be 3 up

Nigel Tufnel

Brentford should be ahead by 2 at this point. United are the most disinterested, uninspiring, selfish, overpaid bunch they could possibly assemble.
They have expensive footballing talent, but the culture is rotten, same as Chelsea.

This club is going nowhere until they have an 80 percent squad clearout, regardless of the manager.


Manure are getting absolutely decimated. Think Brentford have hit the bar about 4 times in addition to missing a shit ton of chances. Still 0-0 lol.


Mount wins it for them haha. That’s football.


That United goal was so predictable.

Biggest robbery since the 2001 FA Cup Final.


Rap true seeing this Man U getting battered by Brentford makes me feel so happy about our team. Mikel I may be critical of you sometimes but thanks for making us so so competitive. Hope we win this season. Man U players are least bothered and Lisandro Martinez may be another bullet me missed.


Get in!


Nvm 1-1 no way

Habesha Gooner

Lol United. They are hilarious. Ten Hag in for ever. They were smashed and couldn’t keep a lead of a 96th minute winner. Lol.

Marky Mark

Bout to say UTD are so jammy but hopefully some form of justice served


Casemiro and Lisandro Martinez looked like National League level defenders versus Toney who did so well for the assist.

Last edited 12 days ago by raptora

1-1 is the perfect score, it’s keeps United stuck in the irrelevant zone of the table but hopefully keeps Ten Hag in the job…


I’m not sure if it was just me but there seemed a lot of players going down with muscular injuries today, more than seems normal?

Not sure if it’s caused by the stage of the season or the international break adversely affecting the players’ rhythm with so much at stake in such a short time?


Victoria Concordia Crescit!

As long as we stick to our motto, we will prevai tomorrow!

Come on The Arsenal!!!


The messiah, aka ETH, is absolutely awful tactically Long May he remain in the hot seat. It’s hard to believe he is Dutch and has managed a good Ajax team, honestly At Utd he feels more like an u10s manager and I’m not even joking There are some games where I could swear the instructions are ‘Have the keeper and defenders waste lots of time slowly passing between each other, then when they get pressed, lay it back to the keeper to hoof it long to a non-existent target man. If by some 20% chance we still have possession after… Read more »


Zinchenko is the weakest link in our team. To play him in this fixture would be suicide.


People laugh at Ten Hag, rightly so, but we were like this under Arteta in second season. Many terrible games. I remember the stats before we won that Chelsea game that changed things gradually. This is why I laugh at process and phase. Ten hag should be sacked but guess what, he has 2 finals, 1 trophy and now a semi final of FA cup in 2 seasons. The process is on track cause no one believes their squad can win the league or UCL. Imagine fans defending him. That is how it was people defending Arteta in 2nd Season.… Read more »



We were never like that under arteta. We were never battered with 31 shots, that was under Emery.


Dixc fair enough I am not talking about conceding 30 shots I am talking about performances in general. Everyone says United is badly run and not good enough, yet no one is allowing them to go through their “process and phases”. Just hypocritical.

This was our form under Arteta before that game as seen in the picture. That wasn’t acceptable.

Arteta is a genius for finishing 2nd yet Poch was a bottler when he took spurs to 2nd even though he had a better points earned than Areta.



Yes, arsenal were atrocious during that period. I was also frustrated. Arteta was lucky to have remained in charge.

However, if you compare the investment under Arteta to Ten hag during their first 2 seasons, they were as clear as day and night. With the investment Ten hag had, he should not be battered regularly by smaller teams.

As for spurs, they did well under Poch. However, spurs will always be shit in our eyes irrespective of their performance.


The investment under ten hag is bad indeed. Those players really need to do better. Absolutely, conceeding 100 shots in those number of games is so bad. Really don’t care about united they will get it right eventually.

Spurs are spurs indeed. 😀😀

City, have been great with player sales and buying. They have some terrible purchases but I cannot fault their sales so far. We really need to nail our sales but we will see in the summer.