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Wenger contemplates next move…

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Arsene Wenger perked me up a dream this morning when he let the world of international bodies know he’d certainly take up a role at their establishments, maybe, one day, hopefully. “Maybe, yes, I will do it at some stage. But until now I’ve liked to be involved every day in the life of a… Read more »

Countdown to Spurs begins

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Work haveĀ allotted me a new desk space next to a walkway in an ‘oh, I must say hi to Pete’ kind of area. It’s really unnerving. I’ve spent most of the day considering ways in which I can deflect this unwanted friendliness. I landed on a printed Keynote slide : ‘You don’t have to say… Read more »

Real greatness explained + Ch-ch-changes coming

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I had a good 2016, but damn, did 2017 come at me fast. As the year closes out, just to really slap me in the chops, Mr. Lovemaker next door added percussion into the mix. He plays his drums so loud he can’t hear me banging on the door, so I’ve turned into a wall… Read more »