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Matteo training alone is correct + Thoughts on the lawyer

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Matteo G has been training on his own. Sad to see so much talent, with so little control. There are folk painting this as ‘caring too much’, but it’s nonsense. He’s badly behaved, he’s unpleasant to the staff, and he refuses to get on board the new direction the club is heading. He had issues… Read more »

Scouting for rough diamonds

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Today’s post is brought to you in association with Mike McDonald. He writes over at Gunnerstown, today he’s bringing you a scouting report from the Championship. Follow him on Twitter here. “There are no easy games in the Premier League” That’s always been a thing. In the past, the challenge for teams like Arsenal was… Read more »

Rugged Arsenal defensive performance. Say what?

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My oh my did I drink some booze last night, so much apologizing to do today. But, the show goes one, and if getting blind drunk in the name of an away win for Arsenal in the Premier League is what happened, then so be it. Arsenal beat Wolves away from home (YES). I think… Read more »