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What’s the plan, Edu/Raul?

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If you came here this morning expecting a pat on the head for sitting on your arse for three months, here it is. Well done you. Now let’s crash into the MONSTROSITY that is Arsenal FC. Firstly, the FA released the agent fee data and certain sections of the fanbase seem to be very pleased… Read more »


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The absolute peak of arrogance is conducting grim business in plain sight of the whole world. Raul and Edu have moved into the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ territory and it is utterly miserable. We’ve let the foxes into the chicken coup and no one is concerned that there will be no eggs for breakfast… Read more »

Matteo finance banter

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Matteo Guendouzi has been dominating the news cycle because he went after Maupay after the game risking a suspension, then the story carried on when it turned out he was basically calling Brighton players peasants. That is Matteo I’m afraid. He’s a bit of wally. However, I can’t knock it. If you’ve played football at… Read more »