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Emery takes the captaincy issue… to the players?! Oh my.

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Nonsense never sleeps at Arsenal. The Telegraph is reporting that Unai Emery, a man suffering third-degree burns from his last democratic election (Xhaka for captain), is once again canvassing the squad for their opinions on whether to sack Xhaka as captain (#XhakaOut). You couldn’t make it up.

Puppet Master Behind Mesut Ozil Strategy

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I thought I’d wait to see what the BIG DOG DAVE ORNSTEIN penned on The Athletic this morning before dropping a post on the aftermath of Xhaka-gate yesterday. Predictably, the piece points towards a familiar story… a lack of leadership at Arsenal.

Captain Xhaka tells Arsenal fans to ‘fu*k off.’

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You can analyse incidents in isolated moments or you can spread them across time to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on Granit Xhaka; jeered and booed by his own fans, on the face of it looks like a horrifying moment. I don’t like it when we boo our own, I found it disgusting… Read more »