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PODCAST: The extreme pragmatism of Sven and Emery

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We are BACK in the podcast game. On the show we talk about: How excited we are about having a manager with a plan What our hopes are for his first season What we think the manager can take from his past experiences How he deals with the players What the┬ábland transfers say about our… Read more »

Dembele rumours and dodgy sponsorship deals

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I tell yah, the worst addition to the world of clickbait is commentating on what fans are talking about. Listen Google news, I didn’t tune in to read about what @Xhakalaka403 thinks about something he read on FootballFancast. Get me the real juice. The premium quality journalism. The elite inside take. Oh, what’s that? Aubameyang… Read more »

Santa delivers 4 summer gifts that give me life!

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When Father Christmas and I had a meet up last December, he said he had nothing for me, but if I kept the faith, good things would come. ‘Father Christmas, I shall follow your ten commandments in the hope of a┬áripe harvest next summer’