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Xhaka captaincy is over. Great decision

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I honestly can’t with some fans. ‘Arsenal boos destroy Xhaka’ Can we start calling things cold-takes? The view that Arsenal fans had anything to do with Xhaka’s loss of the armband is straight out the book of ‘a sad indictment of generation social media.’ *Puts on old man frown* Nothing is ever anyone’s fault these… Read more »

Hottest centre backs Edu SHOULD be looking at (long read)

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Mike McDonald back with a BEAST of a post about the hot centre backs of Europe. Pull out the popcorn, you are about to be educated. (Find him @Mike_MMcdonald) Arsenal Football Club will be only be transformed when they correct three issues that have been largely ignored for over 15 years. The right coach, a… Read more »

1 week, 1 month, 1 season. No one can agree the timeline

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The media is alive like a pit of vipers, all looking for their hot take on a story they don’t yet have. A little like some of the nonsense that was fed into the airwaves when we were hiring for the Wenger replacement. It makes for interesting reading, dependent on how you want to spin… Read more »