Premier League season could be done as Mikel tests positive

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Arsenal announced that Mikel Arteta tested positive for Covid-19. In the ultimate kicker, it would appear he caught it from the top dog at Olympiacos after our exit from the Europa. What a stinger.

He’ll be fine, but this doesn’t bode well for the Premier League season. I hear there are quite a few other cases that will be announced in due course. The league will certainly be suspended, but it could go further, there is a belief in the game this could be it for the season.

I don’t even want to joke about the ramifications, though it is tempting.

Seems like most of the advice from around the world is that social distancing is the best way to slow the spread of the virus (and washing your hands, you animals). That advice doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, a gathering of hundreds of thousands of fans at sporting events would be the worst thing for it at the minute.

March Madness has been cancelled, along with the opening race of F1, the NBA, La Liga, Serie A, SXSW and a whole bunch of other social gatherings. The Premier League will have to follow suit and it’s hard to argue against it.

I thought this thread summed up the risk nicely– and why the ‘but I won’t die’ argument is very shitty.

It’s a shitter for the fans, but not as terrible as the thought of infecting your grandma because you grabbed beers with an infected pal at a local before the game. I don’t think anyone wants to be responsible for hospitals adopting wartime decision-making models for older people, no football game is that important.

Just a short post today, I don’t have much to add to this conversation, I’ll leave that for the experts.

All I will say is stay safe, wash your fucking hands, and get that invincible DVD in the player… it’s going to be a long couple of months.

Good luck to all backroom people at Arsenal that have been sharing his chapstick. Get well soon, Mikel!

See the rest of you in the comments x

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  1. Marc


    The Universe can’t be infinite if it started with the big bang and can be dated to 13.7 billion years old.

    It does get complicated when you can’t move beyond or outside of it and the fact it’s still expanding at an ever increasing rate doesn’t help either.

  2. Nelson

    Anyway you look at it, this season is going to be messy. Arteta got in touch with that Greek owner almost 14 days ago before he felt sick. It is highly likely that there will be more footballers feeling sick within this next 14 days. Realistically, the league can resume around beginning of May and finishes in August. Some players’ contracts finish in June. Those affected teams won’t like this at all.

    Currently, not all teams played the same number of games. Also for the three teams in the bottom three, they could argue that they have played more top teams than the others. The league can’t use the current standings to decide which teams to be demoted.

  3. andy1886

    Marc, we’re talking multiverses here.

    Also heard recently about a new theory of time flowing in the opposite direction the other side of the singularity that was the big bang.

    No evidence however that the Spuds have won a title in the last fifty odd years in any dimension anywhere.

  4. MGooner

    Yeah, was thinking about that too. Parlour used to be a regular on the right wing. Then went to play in the middle. Sometimes a right back but that was towards the end of his career with us.

    Edu used to play in a few roles – DM, winger, left back. Flamini also, sometimes to good effect.

  5. Marc

    “Marc, greatest Arsenal utility players of the last 20 years.”

    Nice choice – Can I pick myself?

    Seriously it’s more difficult than it sounds – how do you define a utility player? Someone who can play anywhere across midfield, someone who can switch between defence and midfield etc.

    I think Grimandi has to be there or there abouts. Parlour was a right sided midfielder who would push forward or tuck in – what part of this is about is being an honest pro who’d work for the team over their own agenda.

  6. MGooner


    New theories being researched that there were multiple big bangs instead of 1.

    About infinite – It entails distance and time. Theories that time and space do not exist in other dimensions.

  7. Marc

    “Also heard recently about a new theory of time flowing in the opposite direction the other side of the singularity that was the big bang.”

    Time is an illusion – lunch time doubly so!

  8. TR7

    I will turn in to an agnostic/atheist too if somebody can explain me from where did the ‘primeval atom’ in the big bang theory really come from ? Science says energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Then who really created this ‘primeval atom’ which had enough energy to disintegrate in to an infinite universe ?

  9. MGooner


    You are trying to analyse creation through the dimension of knowledge.

    Knowledge is a survival kit for species on earth. It is not meant to be used to decipher creation.

    To explain this – you speak about creation /creator. The concept is flawed as if you apply logic/knowledge, then who created the creator?

  10. Marc


    Well as time started with the big bang you can’t really talk about what was before. However the Big Bang is described as coming from a singularity which is what is believed to exist at the heart of a black hole.

    Just to show you how fucked up this gets the brightest known objects in the Universe are super massive black holes!

  11. Marc


    ” then who created the creator?”

    It get’s worse – who fitted the sky dish for whoever created the creators creator.

  12. MGooner


    Better to refer to these as dimensions rather.

    massive black holes – this is what is referred to as no-thingness – the source of creation.

  13. TR7


    ‘You are trying to analyse creation through the dimension of knowledge’

    If the science tells us there’s no God and everything can be explained through scientific logic then why are we not supposed to ask the proponents of science how come this supposed singularity happen to have energy in it when the science itself tells us energy can only transform from one type to another but it can’t be created. I mean if the most basic tenet of science can be used to totally dismantle the big bang theory then I think it’s legit to call the big bang a big hoax.

  14. Marc


    Quantum Physics just confuse the shot out of me – I can sit and watch a documentary going yeah I get this at least on principle. It finishes and I’m “sorry don’t get it”!

  15. TR7


    ‘Well as time started with the big bang you can’t really talk about what was before’

    That’s very convenient, isn’t it ?

    ‘Just to show you how fucked up this gets the brightest known objects in the Universe are super massive black holes!’

    Again black holes too have tremendous tremendous energy, what is the source of their energy ? Big bang fails to explain.

  16. Marc


    If you look at the Universe and it’s bigger today than it was yesterday and then tomorrow it’s bigger than it was today you can work back to a point where it had infinite smallness and infinite density / heat.

  17. Champagne Charlie


    You’re free to think as you wish based on your experiences, but anecdotal evidence is purely that and there’s a level of caution that needs advising when you have people with views that any belief in a deity supersedes medicine and science.

    I wish you absolutely no ills, but if someone is sick or badly injured I suggest they seek care from medical professionals and not grasp a book and ancient scripture.

    Also, you don’t get to pick and choose what you attribute to your god. If you want science and the like to be of his doing, then you take the rest too and that’s when he starts to smell a lot less flowery.

    Religion as a means of faith is a brilliant invention though, cannot knock the strength and calm it offers millions in harsh times. So I fully endorse your faith in a god during times like these, I simply put my faith in man and science to provide the relief we crave.

  18. TR7


    ‘If you look at the Universe and it’s bigger today than it was yesterday and then tomorrow it’s bigger than it was today you can work back to a point where it had infinite smallness and infinite density / heat.’

    Point taken but again infinite heat in that infinite smallness is basically infinite energy as heat is just a form of energy. My question remains what was the source of this infinite energy ?

  19. Marc


    The energy output from Super Massive Black hole’s comes from the matter around it – at least in ones that are feeding. These are known as Quasars, as the matter circles the black hole waiting to “fall in” it gets incredibly hot and emits energy. The energy is not coming out of the singularity.

    If you need someone to really explain it beyond my very basic level I’d recommend a medium to get hold of Stephen Hawkins!

  20. MGooner

    @ TR7

    Not agreeing that the Big Bang is the source of creation. Like you rightly point out, there are flaws. The guys who worked on the theory themselves agree now that there may have been multiples big bangs.

    What I am saying is that nothingness (Call it black holes) is possibly where everything started. This process cannot be deciphered through the dimension of knowledge. I look at things from a yogic perspective.

  21. Marc


    “My question remains what was the source of this infinite energy ?”

    My personal view and it’s a guess as science hasn’t explained it yet – that doesn’t mean it can’t though – is that Black Holes suck in matter and energy (both the same thing really) as well as time, they then blow this out into new Universes as “big bangs”

    The only truth is that on this level of science everything we know is wrong – Einstein’s theories of relativity are amazing and explain a great deal, quantum mechanics is taking these ideas forward and at some point new ideas will explain things better.

  22. TR7


    ‘. These are known as Quasars, as the matter circles the black hole waiting to “fall in” it gets incredibly hot and emits energy’

    Again Quasars circle around black holes and wait to fall in due to gravitational energy of black holes. It again boils down to the same question – what is the ultimate source of energy in the singularity/black holes etc. Doesn’t add up.

  23. Marc


    There isn’t any energy radiating out of a black hole – heat, visible light, x rays, gamma rays, radio waves etc are all part of the electro magnetic spectrum who all travel at the speed of light. If light cannot escape from a black hole neither can heat etc.

    A Quasar is the energy released by the accretion disc outside of the event horizon.

  24. MGooner

    @ Marc

    You have a body, a mind, thoughts/emotions + life energy to power all this.

    Its like when a baby is created in the womb of his mother. After procreation, its just a meatball, until life energy enters that body to power it.

    Yoga is a process to realize how we are connected to the source of creation.

    If we want to know how the world works, we need to know first how the mechanics of how a human being works.

    We can create organs in labs, but what is the life source. What powers a human being? Getting to the life source solves the issues of creation whether it is in black holes or elsewhere. We are a part of the creation and there is a part of that creation which powers us.

    On that note, have a good night folks.

  25. TR7

    Science is great. It has transformed the lives of humans. I have great respect for scientists whose painstaking efforts have made our lives much easier than what it was centuries ago. But still there are many things which are beyond the realms and capabilities of science. Neither it can properly explain the creation of universe, nor the birth-death-post death cycle nor can it explain how everything almost miraculously and so perfectly fits with each other to have 6 trillion human beings and countless other organisms cohabiting on one of the many planets in this infinitely big and random universe. Can’t help but think there’s an almighty up there conducting the big orchestra.

  26. Marc


    Sort of – I have a love of science it gives me answers and set’s new questions that I don’t understand the answers to. But that’s what it’s all about.

  27. HillWood

    How about this as a theory
    All the black holes in the universe gravitate together into one which cannot physicaly hold that amount of matter in one entity and explodes as the Big Bang
    This process repeats itself infinitely

  28. Marc


    The secret is to understand that if there is a “creator” and I’m not saying there is then it would be so beyond our comprehension and we would be so insignificant to it that it’s not worth worrying about.

    It’d be like asking a termite in Africa to stick my phone on charge.

  29. Marc


    Works well until you realise that the Universe is expanding and everything is moving away from each other.

    The idea of the big crunch works that idea better.

  30. Northbanker

    Just dialled in – great debate guys and a relief to see big C not being discussed

    Problem with quantum theory and Big Bang is that we define all of this using our knowledge of science such as it is

    We seem to tho k we can find a logical explanation for everything

    Perhaps there is no start – it has always been but our understanding of science cannot comprehend this

    ‘Who created the creator’ is precisely the limitation we have to work with and it cannot compute using these limitations

  31. Valentin

    Looks like Everton also has been affected by the Corona Virus. There is absolutely no chance in hell (sorry just an expression no more religious chat please…) That the EPL will restart on 03/04/2020.
    Plus with the northerners trying to show their fortitude or their reckless obstinacy by still playing rugby league games, the virus will spread even more.

  32. TR7


    Well this ‘creator’ is definitely beyond our comprehension. Moreover we are totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The earth itself is like a speck of dust in this immense and gargantuan universe. That’s why I am saying let’s not delude ourselves in to believing the science which is a creation of human kind can explain away everything that has or will happen in the universe.

  33. Marc


    But that’s the great thing “is that we define all of this using our knowledge of science such as it is” is what science is pushing against. Every time it teaches us something new it creates 2 questions for the 1 answer it’s given us.

    “Perhaps there is no start – it has always been ”

    That is an old theory called the steady state theory that has been pretty much dismissed. The Universe was smaller yesterday than it is today and will be bigger tomorrow than it is today – follow that and you get back to a single point which is a singularity.

  34. Marc


    Yes I have – which science thought would slow the expansion down and lead to the big crunch – then they realised that the expansion of the Universe is accelerating and came up with the idea of Dark Energy. Something has to be driving the expansion.

    We don’t know what either is but science at least has a decent guess at dark matter – WIMPS – weakly interacting massive particles.

    You’re onto a massive loser here!

  35. Marc


    In what was supposed to be an empty piece of the sky – each Galaxy with a 100 million stars or more.

    Can’t wait for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope.

  36. Champagne charlie

    The overwhelming virtue of Science is its humility in the knowledge it possesses. It’s forever open to new information and further discovery to evolve the understanding of all matters of the universe.

    It’s fundamental goal is always truth, and its precisely this ethos that has me believer in its process..

    Those opposing Science state ‘it doesnt know everything, or have answers for X’, and that’s absolutely the case. But its the only discipline that seeks to turn the unknown into the known. I personally have such huge admiration for the guys and girls that pick away at some of the most complex threads in the known universe.

  37. TR7

    Now that there’s no football to talk about for a few months, I guess religion, science, politics and movies will predominantly drive all the debate on here.

  38. Marc


    That’s fighting talk – I might talk bollocks but to compare me to Carragher that’s just a fucking insult.

    May the fleas of a thousand Camels infest your pants.

  39. TR7

    Science not humble enough to not deny the existence of a superior being. For some reason science pits itself against the idea of a supreme creator even when it fails to prove its non-existence conclusively or even vaguely.

  40. TR7

    Liverpool set to be awarded Premier League title amid coronavirus chaos.

    Options include a 22-team Premier League next season, possibly dovetailing with the winter World Cup.

  41. Champagne charlie

    Appreciate that. Only got two paragraphs in me though before I start dribbling in prose.

    I dont think it does at all, dont imagine there’s any genuine man or woman of science who claims unequivocally that’s there’s no greater being or world beyond. I think it’s a somewhat naturally occurring argument and those representative of Science favour their desire to seek truth and eventually explain what is yet to be explained vs nodding along to stories and concepts with no factual basis.

  42. Champagne charlie

    Cunter also beat me to it regarding the logical fallacy of proving non-existence. Burden should always on proving what is, not what is not.

    Saying there’s a god because you cant prove there isn’t is weak.

  43. Marc


    That’s something you’ve heard is being considered or just your opinion?

    Also how do you get to a 22 team PL? It’s 2 teams bigger. Playoff’s between those maybe coming up (how do you decide those?) and those going down (how do you decide those?).

    Sounds like you’re trying to shit stir.

  44. Marc


    The whole argument of “because you can’t prove god doesn’t exist means he’s real” is a black whole of people with major issues.

  45. TR7


    I admit to making a logical fallacy in my last post. Yes there’s no onus on science to prove non-existence of a superior being.


    I am not making anything up. That post was a copy paste from the Telegraph.

  46. Marc


    Really for fucks sake. So either the Telegraph is making shit up or as I said earlier the media are going to push for the vermin to be given the title.

  47. Spanishdave

    Ok guys give me the best netfix film to watch, I am in the states and it’s 4 hrs behind.
    By the way Trump has been given 50 bil to ease the flu so may be Stan can get his hat out for a wad to help us

  48. Mr Serge

    I can’t see a summer of prem football all the out of contract players can leave in June what will teams do then?

  49. Mr Serge

    Chelsea alone have giroud . Willian Pedro
    City have Silva
    Alderver and vertongen and tanganga are all free although the last one is u24 so they will get a fee

  50. China1

    There are some really genuinely interesting theories about the universe being a simulation. This is what Elon musks beloved is likely to be the case

    I’m not saying it’s true as this is a scientific discussion way above my pay grade but it’s fun and interesting to look at the reasons why he (and others) believe it and also to consider the ramifications of it were true

    If the universe were in fact a simulation, just like a computer program, it begs the question of is it’s creator(s) worthy of the description of god? That creator would’ve been the ‘divine’ creator of sorts but also the universe the creator(s) live in was created by who/what? Is there an original creator?

    So many interesting questions about that theory but worth checking up on YouTube to see the rationale behind it there are some interesting things that point to it’s possibility.

  51. RockyRoe

    What is the bare minimum players (and which positions) would we need to make a meal of CL next season?
    Provided –
    Ozil is not going anywhere
    Luiz was signed for 2 seasons and I doubt he would move
    Xhaka seems to be in MAs plans and would probably stay


  52. Tony

    “I’m guessing the millions never showed up.”

    This is the Marc many enjoy here.

    Keep that up and Pedro will have no choice but to add you to the Le-Grove hall of Fame.

    Religion – Hmmmm The biggest con of all time!!

    Religion is a crutch for weak people; something to hold on to because they can’t hold on to realities of life.

    As mentioned here yesterday by Charlie ‘Religion doesn’t and will never hold up to even the slightest scrutiny’. I just added the word ‘slightest’.

    Gentlebris your born again christians are the worst who try to convert anyone who stands still long enough to listen. I really feel for people in wheelchairs and on crutches and would recommend ear plugs for them when they are descended upon by the ‘God Squad!”

    Religion is the best and most successful marketing/sales/scam of a product since Adam ate the preverbial apple. However, it is losing its rank and file these days because people can see behind the scam when their questions have no meaningful answers, such as why were they and still are so many religious wars, and why do the good always die young?

    America’s bible belt in the mid and southern states is truly mind blowing where a girl once told me in Florida that she has been told not to kiss a man because of the salt – something to do with Cain and Able.

    I remember in the late 60s a RE teacher at school hitting pupils with his bible if they dared to question said teacher’s espousing, and who came seriously unstuck when he hit a boy who’s father was the bouncer at the local club and who during a lesson came into the classroom and beat the crap out of the teacher with his well worn bible.

    Better not go on about the kiddy fiddler priests who the church tries to protect.

    How about the ‘You must not use contraception” Why the fcuk not? So it’s ok to have 10 children even if the parents can’t feed them or a poor girl/woman can’t have an abortion even though she was raped.

    The list like this is endless.

    Religion is its many forms is just ludicrous; all this going to heaven or going to the 72 virgins after life. So you either are going to be bored for all eternity with the do-gooders who are really just two-faced conceited people telling people how good they are to outdo each other. I’d rather dance with the devil and his immoral crowd. I mean fire and brimstone how hilarious is that?

    Who in their right minds wants 72 virgins for their eternity? Wouldn’t they rather a couple of horny and wild bisexual girls; give me the latter.

    I so often hear, “There is but one God!” Well that for me was Bergkamp and if there really were more I’d quote the names of the invincibles.

    Dave Allan was a very funny Irish comedian who continually took the piss out of god and religion.

    So Gentle if I ask you to have a word in your imaginary god’s shell like and ask him to rid us immediately of this terrible Covid-19 that is preventing us from one of the biggest passions so that the EPL can resume by next week, what would your answer be?

    But be very careful how you answer because people are losing their loved ones and in many cases people who have truly shaped their lives without any help from any god.

    Gentle I have no problem if you want to commit your soul to some imaginary deity, but just keep it to yourself and not try to be the second coming of Billy Graham.

    So with that I leave you wit the brilliantly funny Dave Allan.

  53. Moray

    I just woke up. Had a nightmare that Liverpool were about to win the league.

    Thankfully, it was just a bad dream…

  54. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is highly possible that Arsenal will not qualify for any European
    Competition next season as a consequence of the potential shutdown of the

    If that is the case then the club should model itself on how Leicester City have
    operated this season who have benefited on playing a “settled first eleven” all
    season with virtually no injuries.

    The team is of course very well balanced and there are also half a dozen good
    players to come off bench or rotate.

    Arsenal’s dilemma at the moment is that we have a very large squad on expensive wages most of whom expect to play on a regular basis.

    Many of these players are frankly not good enough to play for a top 4 team
    unlike most of Leicester’s starting X1.

    So if Arsenal does fail to qualify for Europe I would focus on rebuilding a squad
    of 18 “quality” players fit for purpose and offload as many of the other players
    as possible.

    This would be controversial, but a very good starting point to shift out of club
    many of the mediocre players on the books and perhaps recruit two or three
    “quality players” who are urgently needed.

  55. Tony

    Moray it’s being reported that the PL will give Pool the league for this season.

    If so, let the nightmare begin and continue every time you meet a bib dipper.

  56. Moray

    Tony, even if they do it would ring hollow.

    I doubt we will see many more games this season. I think stroller is right and they will most likely just bring the finish line forward, though even that is not fair considering clubs may have played different numbers of games.

    Without gate receipts and with sponsors no doubt pulling their commitments or going down themselves, it’s tough to see at the moment what situation we will be in by the summer.

    Most probably many clubs will be up against it. It will be tough to sell and easy to buy, but I think we will see drastic shedding if cost from footballing businesses, particularly those run as businesses rather than a rich man’s toy.

  57. Emiratesstroller

    Here is an analysis of Leicester City’s squad:

    GK Schmeichel 28 EPL games played
    CB Soyuncu 28
    CB Evans 29
    RB Pereira 28
    LB Chigwell 23
    DMF Ndidi 23
    CMF Tielemans 28
    CMF Praet 21
    LMF Barnes 27
    AMFMaddison 28
    SS Perez 25
    CF Vardy 26

    These players played also in League an FA Cup games as well

  58. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that there will be severe consequences for Football. As I pointed out
    yesterday when I discussed the collapse of share market the Travel and Leisure Industries are going to be particularly impacted.

    In the case of Arsenal I think that the club’s sponsorship is probably okay.
    Whilst most airlines are in deep trouble I think that Emirates is probably
    more financially stable than most.

    Adidas our other sponsor is also a financially strong company, although there
    may be consequences if Arsenal fail to qualify for Europe.

    Arsenal’s owner [Kroenke] will be impacted by the closure not only of football
    but also his other sport franchises. On the other hand his family are immensely wealthy.

    Clubs who could be seriously vulnerable in the current climate are Spurs
    and most of the major Spanish Clubs. They have accumulated serious debt,
    which in the current economic climate will be very difficult to cover.

    You have made rightly the point that it will be difficult to sell a lot of players.
    In the case of Arsenal I think that they could well be prepared to take a hit in
    the transfer market as they have done in last 2 years.

  59. Tony

    Moray & ES
    Sadly I fear you are both right with the points you’ve collective raised.

    Nothing left to do but ride out the Civid-19 storm and hope our families and friends come through it all unscathed and show compassion to those who die or lose loved ones and friends.

    Unfortunately Arsenal need income to improve its squad and that is not going to be forth coming for the foreseeable future. The positive for us is we don’t need income to continue to be solvent unlike lesser clubs who will need to go further into debt to survive the lack of income.

  60. Moray

    If we have some funds behind us and can weather the loss of revenue from matchday, club shop, possibly some marketing arrangements, and investments then I do think there will be bargains to be had in the summer or whenever transfers can again take place.

    There are some tough decisions to make. For example, Do we ask players to take a financial hit over the next few weeks, with reduced wages, do we part refund season tickets ? Toughest of all though is with the FA. If they decide to draw a hard line and a club like Arsenal (which was on a run) misses out on European competition next year and the millions that come with it and which will be priceless during recovery…there will be lawsuits.

  61. Moray

    Juventus are going to have to find money from somewhere. Even a week without matchday revenue and they’re probably already in the shit.

  62. Moray

    This is interesting. Exploring some options which might result in Arsenal playing in the Champions League next year. There is decision that will please everyone of course. The worst for us would be just taking current results and moving season end forward.

    I suspect there might be a customised European competition next year, perhaps a knockout, to enable more clubs to enter.

    Anyway let’s see. Long way to go yet.

  63. Gentlebris

    I gave it up yesterday when Pedro started deleting my comments. I even pleaded with him not to but he deleted even my plea. I can understand. But I just feel if he would delete the ‘God exists’ comments, he should also have deleted the ‘God does not exist’ mockeries, so as to be a fair moderator.

    Well……. Tony, you sound so much like a sad man. The points you raised against Christianity were so weak that I could take them apart in one minute, but I felt I was done yesterday. I was giving all those messages to someone who was reading without commenting. He has been blessed, that’s all that matters to me.

    Thanks for your responses.
    Good morning.

  64. Sid

    No sports everyone is indoors quarantined badoink doink will increase,

    On another note, when it comes to distracting and dumbing down the masses organized sports is more to blame than religion.
    Organized sports is almost on the same level as drugs. How ironic

    Im tellung you this for free!

  65. Emiratesstroller


    I get back to what I posted today.

    It may be a blessing that we do not qualify for Europe next season as was the
    case with Leicester this season.

    This will allow the club to reduce their squad to a manageable size and offload
    a lot of dross. Realistically do we need 8 centre backs on our books.

    Leicester are basically managing with 12 regular players plus another 6
    squad players who come off the bench. They have few injuries and a team which is properly rested.

    In the present climate that could well be the best option for club in next twelve

  66. Dissenter

    Pedro was saving you from yourself.
    If you knocked on my to do what you did yesterday, I’ll tell you to get the hell out. If you stayed and insisted on proselytizing then we would have a problem.
    It was obvious no one was receptive to whatever you were trying to say yet you persisted.
    Why is that?

  67. Daniel Altos

    Senegal is doing good work in regards to the Corona virus testing kits,even helping The Uk out…but because it isn’t bad news from Africa,you won’t hear any of that making the headlines

  68. andy1886

    Lots of parallels between football and religion obviously, faith, sometimes in a single individual (you know the one) often in defiance of any logic. That’s why agnosticism is great, you neither believe or deny without the evidence to back either choice, it’s the ultimate “f*cked if I know” answer.

  69. China1

    Boris twisting in circles and constantly changing the government stance on issues tells you everything you need to know

    One minute sports events have no scientific basis to cancel. A few days later mass gatherings need to be cancelled because of likelihood of spread

    What I hope people wake up to is that the governments response has never been scientific or public health oriented at all. It has been consistently political decision making with ‘backed by science’ as an empty tag line chucked on the end of every wreckless decision/lack of decision

    Chief science advisor said if we can get 60% of the population infected we can have herd immunity as if it’s a target. Yeah except

    1) there should be herd immunity achieved anyway by the arrival of a vaccine in early next year that doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of brits to die and millions to suffer

    2) the more people who get the virus, the higher the likelihood of it mutating into something new. This will both undermine the effectiveness of any new vaccine as well as potentially mean people still won’t have immunity to the new one regardless of if they caught the current corona virus already

    3) there are already quite a lot of cases where someone who had the virus and was deemed fully recovered came down with it again – whilst it’s not known if it was a second infection or the first one never truly recovered. If it is the former then there may be no herd immunity if 60% of brits got it and we’ll just be getting it again and again with so many people infected spreading it because to those who already recovered weeks ago

    Boris, his chief science advisor and whoever is working to make these awful decisions will one day be hauled before a judge to explain how such patently wreckless decisions were taken in the face of such blatant scientific and public health issues

    Lastly I’m glad that mass gatherings will be banned but great to see the genius at work who decided that 500 people at a gathering is a public health risk but 499 people gathered is safe. Heads will roll in time for this kind of bs and I await that day with great excitement

  70. andy1886

    Amen to all that China1, anyone who thinks that their government has their best interests at heart needs their head tested.

  71. China1

    Andy I’m no mathematician but if our chief science advisor and Boris get their way and 60% get infected in a badly informed attempt at herd immunity each family in the UK would have an extremely high chance of losing at least one member of their extended family. Sounds like a plan to buy in for!

    But at least we still got to go to that 499 person gathering eh , so all is well!!

  72. Nelson

    What I understand is that sport events will have a gathering of more than 500 people. But a private party such as marriage, birthday,etc can be held with less than 500 guests.

  73. Guns of Brixton

    Senegal is doing good work in regards to the Corona virus testing kits,even helping The Uk out…but because it isn’t bad news from Africa,you won’t hear any of that making the headlines


  74. China1

    Yeah Nelson but unfortunately the virus isn’t courteous enough to make a distinction

    If you have it at a 60,000 seater football stadium or you have it at a 100 person wedding you’re probably going to give it to a handful of other people regardless

    500 is 0.2% higher than 499. How can 500 be so risky that it needs banning but 499 require no precautions whatsoever?

  75. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The UK is a democracy unlike China.

    The reality is that there is currently no known antidote to this Virus and the
    Government knows that it is highly contagious and also can be terminal for
    certain classes of the population.

    No Government or Health Service including the NHS can cope with pandemic
    and the best solution is for Government to keep population calm and minimise the risk.

    For all your commentary and for that matter others who are posting on here you don’t have a solution and rather like opposition politicians and some of the media are very good at criticism and negatives.

    Until yesterday Britain’s situation was far better than most of the other countries in Europe. What the Government is attempting to do is keep the
    population calm and to advise them to do in the event of a mild attack of the
    virus. the population is being asked to contact NHS only in the case of an
    emergency, which may be slightly more manageable.

    It is not a solution, but it is likely to save more lives than creating an uncontrolled panic.

    The government is taking advice on this matter from the scientists and medical specialists and not on the hoof as you and others seem to think.

    For the record I think that this country has a far better record in dealing with
    such diseases than most other countries. We have some of the best research
    in the world as well as a linked up health service, which employs 1.6 million
    people. It is for the record the third largest public employer in world only behind the Chinese and US armed services.

  76. China1

    ET, the UK being a democracy has no bearing on the points we’re discussing

    I criticize the measures the UK has been taking because their advice regularly contradicts not only science and logic but also it’s own advice is often self contradictory

    How is there no solution? China had the outbreak first and solved it not by luck and prayers but by implementing practical solutions – most of which can be implemented in a democracy.

    In a couple of months Tianjin went from 136 cases to zero. We are now opening the city back up with shopping malls, restaurants and offices all gradually moving back to normality but with solid checking and reporting measures to help identify and smother any future outbreaks before they cause much disruption

    Meanwhile the UK gov is targeting herd immunity with a 60% infections rate. If you can’t see the difference here as a senior citizen who could have an up to 10% chance of death if you end up as one of the unlucky 60% then I don’t know what to say

  77. CG

    A simple, safe and expedient solution to finish this season in one day.

    One player and one goalkeeper from each club is selected.
    (They can wear surgical masks too if they worried about Corona.)

    No mangers needed.
    Every game outstanding is completed by penalty kicks:

    Maximum of 3 kicks each.
    (If its a 3- 3 penalty kick draw. A point to each side.)
    And off course 3 points goes to the winner of the penalty kicks team.

    Should not take too long and will off course could be played behind closed doors at Wembley and shown live on TV.

    Eg. We would select PEA and Leno
    Liverpool would choose Milner and Allison
    Spurs would choose Kane and Lorris.

  78. China1

    ET we don’t have an uncontrolled panic in China. We have a well designed set of precautions and protocols that have kept the population at large calm and supportive whilst also suppressing the outbreak.

    The only reason strong measures need to lead to mass panic and riots in the streets is if they are poorly planned and implemented. Which they probably will be

  79. Thank you and goodnight.


    GentlebrisYou’re free to think as you wish based on your experiences, but anecdotal evidence is purely that and there’s a level of caution that needs advising when you have people with views that any belief in a deity supersedes medicine and science.I wish you absolutely no ills, but if someone is sick or badly injured I suggest they seek care from medical professionals and not grasp a book and ancient scripture.Also, you don’t get to pick and choose what you attribute to your god. If you want science and the like to be of his doing, then you take the rest too and that’s when he starts to smell a lot less flowery.Religion as a means of faith is a brilliant invention though, cannot knock the strength and calm it offers millions in harsh times. So I fully endorse your faith in a god during times like these, I simply put my faith in man and science to provide the relief we crave.

    Brilliantly put. Thank you. Religion my arse

  80. Marc


    Whilst I appreciate you have first hand experience of Corona your criticism of the governments response and claims about how “easy” it is to reduce the number of cases is highly flawed and shows a lack of understanding of what the UK’s governments plan is.

    This virus is not like Ebola (as an example) where transmission between people is quite difficult therefore once you can control the spread the outbreak subsides and disappears back into it’s natural habitat.

    Corona virus is like the common cold or influenza in it’s now here to stay – the fear is a 2nd mass outbreak around next winter which would be far more devastating and dangerous.

    By achieving “herd immunity” you reduce the likelihood or severity if there is a 2nd outbreak – the governments plan also buys time for the development of a vaccine. The combination of the two is the best chance we have of minimising the overall impact of this.

    Of course the problem that is not known and cannot be predicted is if the current COVID 19 mutates into something with similar infection rates we start the whole process all over again.

  81. Marc

    I should add that recent history would tell you that if the virus was to mutate into something equally or more dangerous then there’s a very high chance this would happen in China!

  82. Nelson

    The Government has to set a rule. China locked down many cities. The situation in UK is not as serious. The government allows private parties. The responsibility is passed onto the host who should know all his guests and make sure all precautions has been taken. The government has to find ways to minimize the disruption this virus can cause to the economy and the citizen’s daily life.

  83. Marc


    You also have to look at the difference in how densely populated cities are between the UK and China.

    London (UK’s most populous city) 9.75 million
    Birmingham (UK’s 2nd most populous city) just under 2.5 million

    Wuhan – 8 million but there are 9 cities with higher populations getting up to over 20 million people.

  84. China1

    Marc I didn’t say it’s easy, I said putting it under control has already been demonstrated on a massive scale

    1/4 people on the planet live in the same country where the virus first erupted. Now all of China has less cases than Italy.

    Comparisons to Ebola don’t matter because covid19 has already been demonstrated as beatable with strong measures. It’s not pie in the sky theorizing, it is already happening in the only countries that have demonstrated a serious willingness to hit it hard

    One of the reasons it’s here to stay is because countries will not get it under control and wipe it out or reduce it to manageable numbers before a vaccine has been made

    Marc why did China not need to let 60% of the population catch it? Why are we confident of getting herd immunity through vaccines next year instead of needing to expose the entire population to it this year?

    These are the questions you should be asking. Every single point I criticize the government for I break down based on a combination of widely known science/statistics/common sense logic. I’m not interested in idealistic dreams or wishing problems away or just having faith in the UK gov to protect my family whilst simultaneously rapidly losing control of the outbreak

    I won’t criticize the government for being imperfect, I criticize the government for blatantly ignoring now well reported science, statistics and common sense just because they want to present a falsely calm image to the public. If any of my 5 elderly relatives die because of the passive government approach it will have been for what? None of my Chinese family needed to be at high risk? Why must my British family be at risk?

  85. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    First of all China has over 86,000 tested cases of the Virus and I suspect that
    is probably only a fraction of the real number of cases.

    Second whilst it is true that most are in a single province I am willing to bet that there are more cases in other provinces than we have currently in UK.

    Third I don’t trust any Communist State to tell the truth.

    I think that everyone knows by now that the virus is out of control in Europe.
    Britain has fared better than most other countries, but it is clear that what
    they are attempting to do is postpone the peak until May or later.

    If there is any criticism of the UK Government it is that perhaps “public events” such as football and rugby matches should have been cancelled two
    weeks ago.

    The reality is that no government has got a solution to the problem. If you take
    a look at Europe as a whole most countries have a significantly worse record
    than us despite taking much more dramatic action.

    Let’s be frank the Government,scientists and medical experts have made it
    crystal clear over last two weeks that there is very little that they can do apart
    from manage the situation as best they can.

    China may have some short term remission, but it does not mean that it will
    not return.

    Let’s be clear China has a lot to answer for this virus so suggesting what a great
    job they have or are doing is ridiculous.

    China and India have a lot to answer for also for the major environmental issues as well.

  86. Marc


    You’re taking a view from a personal position of being worried about relatives. The government cannot do this.

    Why would the UK government ignore the science? There’s no reason to do it other than it might do more harm than good.

    Your claims about how effective China’s response has been – let’s see because I’ll bet you a cold beer on a sunny day they have another flair up.

    “Comparisons to Ebola don’t matter because covid19 has already been demonstrated as beatable with strong measures”

    That’s just a stupid comment because Ebola has already been demonstrated as beatable with strong measures as well. Difference is Ebola outbreaks once contained fade away until there’s a new exposure. Corona is going to be a permanent fixture for many years to come.

  87. Marc

    “Marc why did China not need to let 60% of the population catch it? ”

    Really – do I even need to answer that? You live in the fucking place you should be telling me the answer.

    I know that it is the question is do you?

  88. Bojangles

    Marc, everyone is viewing this virus in their own way. They all have valid viewpoints. You however seem to be trying to browbeat everyone into accepting your point of view as being the only acceptable one. You think bj is handling the situation correctly obviously others don’t. Just accept that.

  89. Gonsterous

    So if the PL is cancelled, we may take last season’s standing as to who gets the CL spots.

    And if city’s ban stands, we will be playing CL footie next season.

    So that’s the positivity to hold on to. Though, Leicester city may not be happy with that 😅😅

  90. China1

    Marc the repercussions depend on where you are because there is Hubei (stronger lockdown) and the rest of the country (milder lockdown)

    Outside of hubei we can go out any time we want. But 95% of places have been shut, so apart from going for a walk, or going to the supermarket there’s nothing much to do.

    In hubei you would be asked to show your permit for going out. If you don’t have one and don’t have a special reason for being out, you are told to immediately return home. If you refuse you would be arrested.

    I know the answer to the question of why 60% of China doesn’t need to catch the virus, it’s because we have options to bring it down to entirely manageable levels in just a couple of months, so why would we happily let the bodies pile up? It’s not inevitable or necessary, it’s a choice which every country needs to make.

    The WHO has widely credited china’s handling of the outbreak, and said most countries are alarming far behind China in terms of their planning and response. It’s not exactly just local propaganda.

    As for it glaring up again, it will because of foreigners bringing it back in. I’ve already discussed this yesterday – because it’s already happened. More than 20 people outside China came in whilst infected in the last week. It’s already a thing.

    The difference is they land at the airport and have their temperature checked. If they have symptoms the government is already on their case to isolate/provide treatment. Even if they don’t have symptoms they are required to spend 14 days (not only 7 like in the UK) self isolating before they do anything. If they came for business, they will be required to submit an online form via social media saying if they have symptoms every day. If they break their quarantine and the authorities deem it intentional, they will be arrested. When they are able to go out, their temperature will be checked in every remaining open place and when they return back and if you notice anyone around you demonstrating symptoms you have to report it legally.

    So yes there will be flare ups but all the eyes and ears of the state are on preventing it from being easily transmissible, noticing if anyone does have symptoms, testing if they do and keeping them isolated/treated if they do.

    It’s not easy but it’s also not rocket science. As well from the experience gained in controlling the outbreak, the government has learned a valuable lesson so if a major outbreak suddenly happens in my city, they will just isolate my city and have less restrictions elsewhere. So any outbreak will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

    The UK government doesn’t even have any idea how many are infected. Don’t take my word for it – the chief science advisor said there could already be 5000-10000 cases in the UK despite official numbers only being 800 – and this was a day or two ago so will be much higher by now. Also notice only 19 people are listed as having recovered in the UK because there isn’t much tracking going on.

    I repeat – there is nothing inevitable about this. It is a choice the British government has taken at the potential expense of hundreds of thousands of lives. My elderly relatives lives are not expendable just because the government doesn’t bother to properly track, monitor or advise *genuine* caution.

    The thing that gives me hope is more and more brits are starting to wake up to how lax this is. Petitions for the government to close schools, some universities wanting to close before gov orders to do so. People not going clubbing etc.

    All this talk of ‘what if this or that person gets tired of self isolating and wants to go out etc’ or ‘brits are well traveled and won’t like to be in lockdown’ – yeah then those people should not complain if they or a family member or friend is infected and dies. They knew the dangers.

  91. Marc


    “I know the answer to the question of why 60% of China doesn’t need to catch the virus, it’s because we have options to bring it down to entirely manageable levels in just a couple of months”

    See I differ on that one – the Chinese governments overriding priority is to keep power and control of the population – if the population rises up in panic they are for the chop.

    We’ll see how well the Chinese response is working come Christmas.

  92. Marc


    Apparently there’s a meeting of the PL on Thursday to discuss what they’re going to do. The vibe seems to be they realise that this season is done and next season might not be able to kick off on schedule as it is.

    Fuck knows how they sort this with out some club kicking off.

  93. Moray

    I just discovered from my sister that her kids’ school (in the Uk) doesn’t even conduct temperature checks in the morning.

    If the basic precautions are not in place, then it leads me to believe they really are trying to sweat this through the population. What happens when the NHS gets overloaded and has to triage like Italy?

    Really scary stuff.

    I seriously doubt the recent figures coming out of China for obvious reasons, but if the downwards trajectory on community spread virus levels is true then that’s an excellent sign of how quickly things can be turned around.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If the league is cancelled man that will fuck up everything …
    People who leased there season ticket out to a third party will have to pay back monies, clubs will have to pay back to season ticket holder.

    What will sky and Bt do?

    Will they offer money back.

    The ramifications are massive.
    The prem would be tarnished

    Pool will be given the title … but will be ridiculed as not officially winning it.

    Fun times ahead.

  95. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The Chinese have indeed a lot to answer for for this virus.

    They started with the intention of bringing down the population..

    Horrible disgusting fuckers.

  96. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Britain is rated one of the major research countries when dealing with infectious diseases so I find your opinions on this subject ridiculous UNLESS of course the virus has existed in China far longer than has been admitted.

    The point made by Boris and the Scientists earlier this week is that it is no longer possible to source the virus, because transmission is occurring within
    the domestic population and not just from sources in China, Italy and Iran
    as was the case with most of the original cases.

    The point is that once the virus is embedded in the population it is very difficult to eradicate unless you find an antidote.

    For the record Britain has had a far better record of testing potential cases than countries like USA and France until now.

    As I have already indicated the problem has now past containment and one
    suspects the priority is now to deal with the one or two per cent of serious
    cases which are life or death situations.That is probably the situation in most
    other Western Countries.

  97. Marc


    Your comment on the effect on football finances is an interesting one. As it stands I’ll be due a credit for the 4 home PL matches we have remaining plus the 2 cup credits we haven’t used anyway. That’s a quarter give or take of the value of my ST without going into what happens with next season.

    I’m not sure the rep of the PL will be tarnished but some clubs could feel some serious financial pain.
    Club’s are still going to have to pay out large salaries, the question about Sky and BT goes both ways – will I get a discount because they’re not showing what I pay to watch and will they want to withhold payments to clubs?

  98. Marc


    I really think having a measured balanced intelligent view of this is unacceptable.

    Please go and buy 2,400 loo rolls, enough tinned and dried food to feed 35 people for 18 months and then set your head on fire.

    That’s definitely the way forward.

  99. Marc

    “The point is that once the virus is embedded in the population it is very difficult to eradicate unless you find an antidote.”

    Or the population at large achieves immunity to the virus.

  100. China1

    And yes China was absolutely wrong in their handing at the end of December and start of January – that much is clear.

    But the approach changed 1000% from the middle on Jan onwards when management was transferred from the local level to the national level. That was 2 months ago.

    As for not trusting the communist government ET, feel free not to. But it’s not easy to keep spreading a virus outside your family when you are home 99% of the time and the neighbors in your building are legally obliged to report you as a suspected case if you are demonstrating obvious symptoms etc.

    If I had it and didn’t want to report it, I would be reported by the security guard of my apartment complex on the first day I got a fever as he has to check my temperature every time I’m back. Which is up to 4 times a day assuming I walk the dog twice, go to the supermarket and go to my in laws place.

    There’s nowhere to hide…

  101. Moray

    @stroller. As I mentioned to you the other day. With a virus like this you win or lose in the early stages.

    “it is no longer possible to source the virus, because transmission is occurring within“

    In Singapore the government broke the tracing into clusters and then actioned proper quarantine measures to stop and contain further spread. This is why we have had very little community spread and why largely the situation here is under control, at least for now. And no deaths so far despite being #2 for cases for a couple of weeks.

    If community spreading is out of control in the uk then it highlights the inaction of the government when faced with the problem. Events, flights to infected countries…all should have been managed much much earlier. As Boris said, the virus is well established in the Uk now and thanks to a lack of testing and validation is probably everywhere.

    I think they’ve let it go on purpose in order to rinse it through the population. It’s nuts. There seems to be some national arrogance around this issue as though brazening things out will work as it did for getting Brexit passed.

  102. Moray

    There is no scientific proof that contracting COVID-19 gives you immunity.

    In fact, there are several cases of people having recurrence.

    This idea of herd immunity is beyond stupid. It’s like something Trump would come up with (before flip flopping a week later)

  103. China1

    ET you aren’t reading the words lol

    The virus is fully embedded within the chinese domestic population and got brought under control. This already happened. You are pretending this didn’t happen when it already did. 100 odd thousand cases in China in total and brought under control so now most provinces are at or nearing zero outside Hubei, which has also drastically dropped in numbers. It is tracked here properly so it’s not that difficult to keep tabs on the spread and manage it.

    I don’t know what else to say guys. I’m not telling you to panic, I’m telling to not take the lives of the British elderly as expendable for a cause that other countries have already demonstrated is not necessary.

    The irony of this all is that here I am arguing that I want the government on the other side of the world to protect the people in Britain – you guys. I would much rather come on here in 3 weeks and see you guys complaining that it sucks working from home or that you can’t wait for all this to be over as money is tight than come on here and see you saying your relative just died. I want you guys to be safe like I am. That is all.

    And there’s no need for a straw man argument about my wanting you guys to panic. Panicking is both pointless and dangerous. I want you to be *properly cautious* like we are out here is all. No amount of the government telling you we’re going to have herd immunity in 7 months will make you feel better if you lose your dad, or your wife or whatever.

    I argue with you from a point of love and genuine concern like an old dad telling his son who is about to go out clubbing to use a condom because STIs are real lol. Ignore me all you like, disagree with me all you like. I wish you and your families good health and nothing else