Premier League season could be done as Mikel tests positive

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Arsenal announced that Mikel Arteta tested positive for Covid-19. In the ultimate kicker, it would appear he caught it from the top dog at Olympiacos after our exit from the Europa. What a stinger.

He’ll be fine, but this doesn’t bode well for the Premier League season. I hear there are quite a few other cases that will be announced in due course. The league will certainly be suspended, but it could go further, there is a belief in the game this could be it for the season.

I don’t even want to joke about the ramifications, though it is tempting.

Seems like most of the advice from around the world is that social distancing is the best way to slow the spread of the virus (and washing your hands, you animals). That advice doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, a gathering of hundreds of thousands of fans at sporting events would be the worst thing for it at the minute.

March Madness has been cancelled, along with the opening race of F1, the NBA, La Liga, Serie A, SXSW and a whole bunch of other social gatherings. The Premier League will have to follow suit and it’s hard to argue against it.

I thought this thread summed up the risk nicely– and why the ‘but I won’t die’ argument is very shitty.

It’s a shitter for the fans, but not as terrible as the thought of infecting your grandma because you grabbed beers with an infected pal at a local before the game. I don’t think anyone wants to be responsible for hospitals adopting wartime decision-making models for older people, no football game is that important.

Just a short post today, I don’t have much to add to this conversation, I’ll leave that for the experts.

All I will say is stay safe, wash your fucking hands, and get that invincible DVD in the player… it’s going to be a long couple of months.

Good luck to all backroom people at Arsenal that have been sharing his chapstick. Get well soon, Mikel!

See the rest of you in the comments x

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  1. Moray

    Take care, Ernest. If it makes you feel better. You and Mrs Reed are in good company, with Tets and probably a few of our players…

  2. Marc

    There’s a company / engineering newsletter than scientifically takes on all of the conspiracy claims etc about 9-11 and thoroughly debunks them.

    It’s funny to watch them destroy the nutjobs who then reappear a few weeks later with a slightly altered claim that is destroyed as well.

  3. Wenker-wanger

    Jamie..I’m unlikely to obtain your test compoñents…so let’s just say 18 untrained pilots trained on a Cessna somehow managed to hit bullseye twice after efficiently and very cleverly took control manually . Then the plane hit the building and somehow no debris fell off the plane as it sliced through. Then as you say the floors are weakened and suddenly the whole stack comes down in freefall (like a demolition). Repeat and then again…

  4. Jamie

    We had a good run there, Pete. What are we going to do without football? Where’s the content going to come from? These are the real issues.

  5. Marc


    So now you have no football to write about but still have loyal readers some of whom are stuck in isolation what on Earth are you going to keep us all entertained with?

  6. Vladdy P

    Quite mad the UK is keeping schools open still. Just asking for problems.

    They’ve shut everything down here in Norway basically.

  7. Kris V.

    The important thing is to remember there are more important things than football.

    Like Netflix, internet porn, weed. Not in that order.

    Too soon?

    But seriously, here’s hoping Arsenal fans and Mikel as well as everyone else recovers from Coronavirus with as few symptoms as possible. And also that Liverpool doesn’t win the title. In that order.

  8. China1

    Just think about the odds of this

    The UK gov is aware of only 700 or so cases as of today. That would be only around 0.0001% of the uk population

    Now I’m not sure how many people frequent this blog, Pedro would know best on that. But if we imagine there are 40 regular posters in the comments and in the last two days we have Ernest catching it along with his wife and batistuta’s family member as well.

    You’d have a higher likelihood of winning the lottery than having two different people directly impacted on this blog by it if the number of people with it was really that low.

    The horses have already bolted I’m afraid.

  9. Pedro

    Jamie, there will always be new lines of vegan products to talk about, footballers will continue to get new hair styles, and we can always pay hommage to the Dear Leader as he battles the virus.

    I am very interested to unpick how they deal with this.

    How long before they cancel the season? What happens to Europe next year?

    It’s mad.

  10. Ernest Reed

    I take a lot of enjoyment in reading what some of write on this blog. As crazy as it can get at times, its actually quite funny and entertaining.

    I just feel bad for Pedro now because he’s got to try to come up with something now to keep things going. Something tells me though, this isnt going to be a problem for him, he’s got a lot of entertaining thoughts on a lot of subjects.

    Take care all, I’m going back to bed after checking in on my partner in crime.

  11. Arteta’s Hair


    There is talk of the Euros being postponed for a year, this COVID19 is not going anywhere anytime soon it would appear!

  12. Just Another Customer

    we talk about them JET FUEL CANT MELT STEEL BEAMS

    and other worldly issues

    a current issue board with that sportsy sauce

  13. Pedro

    Arteta’s Hair, yeah, very worrying.

    Even when it’s gone, people are going to worry about going outside.

    Have my doubts the league will start again any time soon.

  14. Vladdy P

    A lot of boomers will be taken out though at the same time, Unai. They are the least productive members of society who consume the most resources at the same time, so economically I imagine it will balance out pretty quickly. In the longer term the planet really could thrive economically.

  15. Guns of Hackney

    What will all the knuckle dragging louts who watch football do now?

    Probably hang around local towns harassing oriental people.

    Sink estate scum.

  16. Marc


    On a serious note my weekend plans are completely fucked. Saturday afternoon pub to watch the Arsenal match on a hooky feed, Sunday the Grand Prix and then the Spud ManU match.

    All tied in with some cooking.

  17. Guns of Hackney


    We’re concerned here too. I try to avoid people anyway but now I’m on stratospheric high alert.

    Wash your hands etc.
    Avoid shopping malls.

    You’ll be fine.

  18. Gentlebris

    ‘Not if you’re an atheist. Do spare the merciful lord stuff, it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.’


    (1) Sometimes in the early 90s, there was a young man in my town, his father was a well known policeman. The young man was a madman.

    The family of this young man tried all they could medically to cure his madness, all to nought.

    The madness became so bad that this young man started living at the cemetery(local authorities were not alert to preventing such at the time),he was really done.

    Around this period, a pastor had just been posted to my local Pentecostal Church.

    Long story short, the pastor prayed for the young man who was mad and he IMMEDIATELY got his sanity back.
    Till today, the young man lives in good health, in fact, he works for the government.

    A lot of people in the town got converted because of this.

    (2) About three or four years ago, i had this recurring abdominal pain that my doctors were trying to understand. It would come suddenly and the pain would be so sharp. I would be taken to the hospital, given serious painkillers and the pain would go but only after about an hour(or a bit lesser)after the painkiller. Meanwhile, i was undergoing all sorts of medical examinations.
    Then one day, in the middle of the night, the pain suddenly began, sharply; intensely.
    It was so intense that i began to cry out, rolling on the floor, feeling like i was dying. From that point to the hospital could really take some time, i remembered my Christian faith. Then right there on the floor, i asked that the pain be stopped in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    Within seconds, the pain stopped. I stood up from the floor, dazed. And I’m still dazed at the memory of it as i write now.


    The Good Lord is above scrutiny. When you come trying to scrutunize Him(reading the bible, gauging history) you will NOT find Him and you will think He doesn’t exist. But when you come trying to accept Him(studying The Word of God in the Holy Bible, praying to Him)i assure you, you will find Him on His Glorious Holy Throne.

  19. Marc


    I’m in a be cautious but not overly worried about me mode.

    Ultimately I get the feeling that most of us are going to end up getting this at some stage – get it, get through it and move on. Obviously there are some who are in a high risk category who need to be very careful and we need to make sure the NHS resources are targeted at these areas.

    Most importantly current evidence is pointing to kids not being badly affected.

  20. Uwot?

    Just waiting for the announcement that the prem has been cancelled for this season & the reaction from the scousers .Will be Hilarious.30 f** ng year wait and now this.The bantz will be unbelievable.coulnt happen to a “ nicer class” of supporters…well maybe!

  21. Marc


    I get the feeling there will be massive media pressure to award the title to them anyway. If that starts to look likely we’re going to need fans of all the clubs to band together to stop it.

  22. Gentlebris

    ‘Terrific, more stories. As I said, do spare the preaching.’


    But that’s the most important thing i do….. preaching!

    Anyway, bless you my brother.

    And meanwhile,

    Have you heard about the Yahoo+ boys?

    They are a society in Nigeria. They are a society of frustrated internet fraudsters.
    Frustrated because almost every community all around the world had been warned about them and they couldn’t scam people again as a result of this.

    So they went spiritual. They only need to get a rich guy’s contact. They would order him spiritually to send all his money to them. But they would not stop there. He would sell his house, sell all his belongings, then borrow all he could and send it all to them. They are only done with him when they know he is truly done.

    If you have a friend in the police community, check my story with him.

    How could this happen, CC?

    Because there are spiritual forces higher than human. Now if you believe that there are such spiritual forces, it would be easier for you to believe in the existence of God.

  23. Valentin

    I wonder if we could get a refund from SkySports.
    People are unlikely to pay full price for repeat games and live event of solitary events.

  24. Gentlebris

    ‘I regularly get a pain in my backside – would your guy pray for my arse?’


    If in a room, there are 10 people, and there is an object in the room that you are sure is black in colour, but the 9 other people in the room are also sure the object is red in colour.

    What do you do if you are foolish?
    You keep on trusting your own eyes that the object is black.

    What do you do if you are wise?
    You begin to weigh the probability of the 9 other people having problems with their sights at the same time as against you having a problem with your sight.

    More than 90% of the world population practice one religion or the other. People who practice any kind of religion do so as an effort to connect with God, which means they believe in God.
    More than 90%, think about that, sharp guy.

  25. Bob N16

    Jeez, Gentlebris preaching, 9/11 conspiracy theories, what next? Red predicting the end of the world? Bamford seeing little green men? CG talking sense?

  26. Sid

    Never understood why people need to mock someones beliefs to prove God doesnt exist. Just projecting their insecurity

  27. Spanishdave

    Going forward the government should build virus medical centers which specializes in treating viral diseases.
    This would separate people with flu etc from those in regular hospitals .
    This would enable better control of regular winter outbreaks , which happen almost every winter.
    A simple solution but unfortunately heads are in the sand.

  28. Uwot?

    Think you’re right about that Marc.The meejah luvvies will go into meltdown over the injustice of it all.paricularly as it is such a big theme with that city.however,technically “ citeh” can still catch them however improbable that might be & while that improbability exists they cannot just hand it over to their darlings.Arsenal had the misfortune of world war 2 interrupting a decade of title success ….so shit happens?

  29. Spanishdave

    John Travolta went to the doctor with suspected Coronavirus.
    The doctor said not to worry it’s only Saturday night fever and your be staying alive.

  30. Uwot?

    Oh Marc,just to prove a point.youve already got that carrot headed c** t up at Celtic whinging that they deserve the title of the league is cancelled.””death by a thousand cuts” he whinges.Another bunch of whiny b’stards….

  31. Samesong

    This weekend is going to be so depresssing. No football to look forward to. Just Netflix documentaries for me.

    May go out and get a burger.

  32. Pedro

    Getting into a fight on the internet about mesquite levels for BBQ is the next level Wenger was trying to find.

  33. Nelson

    I am monitoring confirmed cases in UK
    Mar 11………………460
    Mar 12……………..590
    Mar 13……………..798

    Not a good trend.

  34. jwl

    Nelson – did you see doctors at Sunnybrook hospital and McMaster discovered something important with the virus that will help develop vaccine? They took away hockey and now we got motivated Canadian scientists trying to find cure quick to bring the NHL back.

  35. InsideRight

    Wenker-wangerMarch 13, 2020 12:45:22
    Jamie..tower blocks have burnt for 24 hours and get this were renovated….
    I could go on…highest sensitivity airspace in the world breached 4 times..not a fighter plane anywhere in sight. Pilots trained on simulators .top pilots in the us tried to hit the buildings and failed 9/10 times on a simulator

    Name one tower block 1/4 of a mile high, reliant on a steel frame and core that has withstood a huge impact and explosion assisted by literally tons of accelerant, let alone for 24 hours.

  36. Nelson

    Yesterday I was in a big shopping center. There was no toilet paper in the washroom. Can’t believe people are so desperate.

  37. Marc


    We might need to get the various supporters groups and other fan representatives to get ready to petition the PL to make sure the league title isn’t awarded to the Scouser’s just because it’ll make Jamie Carragher happy.

  38. Champagne Charlie


    Pipe down with your insecurities bollocks, you’ve played your hand with your comments about races and the like you mug.

  39. Nelson


    Hockey is a religion in Canada. But my team is already out of the playoff for a few weeks already. After that, your interest in the team dropped a lot.

  40. jwl

    Are you in Ottawa, Nelson? I am in Guelph and people are panic buying here and there been one confirmed case in the county three weeks ago, it is nuts.

    Also read story that some American hospitals were having to lock down alcohol wipes, toilet paper and a few other things because people were driving to hospital, grabbing handful of supplies, and then back out to their cars and driving off.

  41. Jim Lahey

    @Ernest Reed –

    Thank you very much for your reply, it was probably the most informative piece I have read on Covid-19 since the outbreak. If you can privide updates on your condition would be most welcome.

    Speedy recovery to you and your wife.

  42. Unai

    Very real possibility we will be using next season to finish this season.

    Personally think its unlikely we will be ready for football or any other large gathering until late this year, possibly next.

    Initially I thought all this was paper hype but the speed of spread and conditions its able to spread in have me convinced were in this for the long haul.

    With only 150,000 or so cases so far, this is only just getting started.

  43. Jim Lahey

    “Does wearing a surgical mask when you move around reduce the risk of Getting the risk of COVID 19?”

    No it needs to be a n95 respirator.

  44. Habesha Gooner

    Thanks Jim lahey.
    Do you also know the proximity to an infected person that puts you at risk? How far should I be to people not to catch the virus through respiratory droplets?

  45. China1

    Habesha it can make a small difference. The n95 respirators are better though still can’t provide total protection.

    You can be infected through your eyes as well as nose and mouth, so this is one time when wearing glasses is a minor bonus too

    2m is the supposed end of the ‘danger proximity’, tho if someone is 2m away and coughs at you then I doubt that would be sufficient to remove the risk properly

    And 4 seconds is the supposed amount of time you’d need to spend within a meter or so of someone (assuming no coughing and they don’t touch you) to be a high risk suspect as catching it from someone else

  46. Gentlebris

    ‘Believing in one religion or another doesn’t make you right mate. If the 9 other people in the room believe in things like the immaculate conception or so many virgins waiting for you in heaven after killing someone then I’d hazard that the 1 person who sees the black object may be using his senses rather than belief system.’


    If you have lived in West Africa for a whole year, and you see with your own eyes how bullets could be made to bounce off peoples’ body, and know that people could actually disappear from in front of you and appear at once 300 miles away from you, then you will realize that The Immaculate Conception did happen.

    Most people got converted upon traveling.
    If you stay behind the western curtains believing that there is no God just because your daddy told you so, then I’m sorry I can’t help you.

    If you want spiritual facts, go do spiritual researches. Anyone can do it.

    Travel to the following places and upon arrival, go to the villages and do some deep researches:


    By the time you see some stuffs with your own eyes; stuffs you could have sworn were not possible, you will be more than ready to believe that Immaculate conception did happen.

  47. AJ

    Habesha. Best is to isolate and stay away.
    There is a point where this can become paranoia, but that is how the situation is going to be it seems. The virus also stays for quite some time on steel, plastic etc. by which we are surrounded. So people affected are not required to be present as such for transmission.

  48. Sid

    A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.


    Im telling you this for free!

  49. CG

    Some good news amongst the gloom and doom.

    MA is already feeling better.

    And let’s hope Earnest and Mrs. Earnest feel better too soon as well.

    Remember Le Grovers – consume lots of water and gargling too…..Get this poison out of your throat and your lungs and wash it down into the lower reaches of the belly

    Still time though for the club- to get our Wenger back as caretaker, mind.

    What a fillip to the Arsenal supporters all around the world to see his reassuring presence at the club during these troubled times.

  50. Spanishdave

    The Public Health Report page 50 shows that the mortality rate for flu per year since 2013 is 25,000 people over the age of 60 highest to lowest year of 9,000.
    So far ten people have died all over 60 mainly 80 years old plus with an existing problem.
    Vaccination for flu are at 72% uptake for people over 60 and still that many die from it.
    It’s about time for the media to report the truth and stop this fear mongering to sell their papers

  51. Habesha Gooner

    Hahahaha CG,
    “Still time though for the club- to get our Wenger back as caretaker, mind. What a fillip to the Arsenal supporters all around the world to see his reassuring presence at the club during these troubled times.”
    Trying to cheer everyone in a stressful time like this?

  52. Gentlebris

    ‘As opposed to you, who believes in “God” because a bunch of white missionaries, slave traders and imperialists forced the concept down your throat.’

    You don’t even know if I’m the white missionary.

    Also you must study a bit of history.

    What the missionaries took far and wide was Christianity, not the Concept of God.

    For thousands of years; Africans, for example, have always believed in God. They didn’t know Jesus Christ. But they have always believed in one God that lives in heaven Who is higher than other ‘gods’.

  53. Gentlebris

    ‘Gentle’s on the good shit, either that or he’s batshit crazy!’

    None of that Bob, just feel that this is a right time to talk about God.
    It could warm good hearts, you know.

  54. Dissenter

    You are a very superstitious dude. The next time you have a life threatening emergency…call your pastor.
    Jesu Kristi, stop the madness.
    Many of those “men of god” travel,abroad to the best hospitals in the world [secretly] then come back home to preach about “miracles”

  55. Dissenter

    “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people” – Karl Marx

    So true, especially when you apply it concretely.

  56. alex cutter

    In the states, blacks are taught in church to “behave/suffer in this life, and you’ll be rewarded in the next”.

    Very convenient for those in control.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    For the record, I’ve no issue with religion and many people’s uncertainties being filled with it as a means of faith.

    But do me a favour and stop short of preaching your one god and telling stories about miracles, it’s a nonsense to go that bit further and claim faith conquers medicine and science. Just no.

  58. Dissenter

    Unai na
    What was that about the 2008 crash
    Total pish man as they say in jockland”

    I was just saying that the US has no right to be judging others. Some bottom dwelling conspiracy theorists on the right have been spreading rumors that the virus was created in a Chinese lab, some have blamed them for the entire pandemic because of their culinary preferences.
    My point was that we single-handedly infected the world with a recession between 2006-2009. We aren’t saints either.

  59. Gentlebris

    ‘If they believe in one god then how can he be higher than other gods, if there is only one?’

    Read what I wrote very well.

    That was the believe in Africa before they got to know about Christianity, not my believe.

    There are many idols, but there is only one God……Yahweh.

  60. Dissenter

    Alex cutter
    “In the states, blacks are taught in church to “behave/suffer in this life, and you’ll be rewarded in the next”.”

    Not just blacks, just people of a certain faith believe what they choose to believe.

  61. Pete

    Season over.. Spurs finish above us and they go back in the champions league… They always get away with it the bastards.. Levy and his zionist ways always wins.. The scum

  62. Jamie

    So far today:

    9/11 conspiracy
    How many pounds of mesquite are required to bbq 110 sausages
    Prayers cure insanity
    The Christian God is higher up than other Gods

    This is going to be a long few weeks.

  63. Gentlebris

    ‘You are a very superstitious dude. The next time you have a life threatening emergency…call your pastor.
    Jesu Kristi, stop the madness.
    Many of those “men of god” travel,abroad to the best hospitals in the world [secretly] then come back home to preach about “miracles”’


    That’s the problem, you guys don’t get it or you pretend not to get it.

    Well, it is like this;

    When you have a headache, you take aspirin. If the ache persists, you go to the hospital and get examined. If upon examination, the issue is known, you get treated. All is good.
    But when the doctors tell you they can’t help you, you look to God for solution.
    That’s the simple life of a Christian.

    No man of God needs to travel SECRETLY for medical attention. Pastors have medical doctors because they know science is a gift from God to humanity.

  64. Champagne Charlie


    Of course they have, then they proceed to overcome their ailments thanks to science, medicine and a team of dedicated professionals – not divine intervention.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg

    Wishing you well Earnest and hope for a speedy recovery.

    The PL just got suspended today and the blog is already filling up to the brim with wackos. Going to be a long couple of weeks/months. Holy shit from a throne up high.

  66. Dissenter

    Unai nai
    The point being that one who is vulnerable to criticism regarding a certain issue should not criticize others about the same issue.
    Go read about the Bhopal Union carbide disaster of 1984.
    We in the US should have sought to learn from the Chinese what they did right, we didn’t
    Then we failed to use the WHO CORVID test kit that was offered only to be able to administer less than 7,000 tests as at today, for a country of 327 million.
    Humility is needed. Hope that didn’t fly over your head.

  67. Champagne Charlie

    “Pastors have medical doctors because they know science is a gift from God to humanity.“

    What other gifts are you claiming on behalf of your god?

    War? Disease? Famine? The coronavirus must be another gift from god by your reckoning, how benevolent.

  68. Champagne Charlie


    Human beings are creative and our imaginations are wonderful. The tales are an extension of that to me, harmless stuff that comforts someone in a situation often fear and feel helpless in.

  69. Arteta’s Hair

    Let’s leave God out of the comments, although he did write one of the best selling fictional story books …….

  70. MGooner

    @ Un

    “Just like the idea that there is something else as futile as that may be”

    Do you believe what you wrote or do you know it?

    Or is it something you do not know but assume you know?

  71. MGooner

    @ Un

    Great!, that’s the correct starting point.

    The nature of the mind is inquisitive. Once you conclude that you do not know, the mind starts inquiring.

    It is better to let the mind do its job. 🙂 But it will take some time. After all we evolved from an amoeba to what we are in millions of years.

  72. Dissenter

    Unai na
    “So your logic is because American bankers (who were arrogant self serving wankers) brought the system to its knees that regular Americans have no business criticising the Chinese government or the dangerous eating habits of some of the inhabitants after a pandemic is brought about due directly to these practices?”
    …”due directly to these practices” …, can you prove a causal relationship in any way?

    Have you seen the size of the typical American meal and our waist lines? That too is dangerous.
    The average life expectancy in China is 77 years, not that much different from the US life expectancy of about 79 years.

    You seem to miss the point, it’s not an either or argument. I’m just asking you to add a sprinkle of nuance to your thinking.
    You like throwing leftist accusations at me. Do you know the difference between a libertarian and a liberal?, not that I expect more from you since you confuse the basic tenets of conservatism with the your penchant for peddling conspiracy theories. .
    You do love spreading canards.

  73. MGooner


    Unfortunately or fortunately, you are no longer an amoeba.

    Being human offers the ultimate possibility as we have a cortex. This is what differentiates us from animals.

  74. Gentlebris

    ‘But do me a favour and stop short of preaching your one god and telling stories about miracles, it’s a nonsense to go that bit further and claim faith conquers medicine and science. Just no.’

    Well, I have no choice than to go into another of my ‘stories’.

    My father was a Christian, at least by name, but he did not really believe in miracles.
    Then he got sick and was going from one doctor to the other. In that period, my mum, who was born catholic, got converted to Pentecostal, while my dad was in the hospital, dying.
    All hope was lost.

    One evening, my mum, a new convert, had a sudden inspiration to go meet her brethren and explained the situation.
    Along with my mum, these Pentecostal Christians drove in a VW beetle to the hospital.

    My dad was asked:

    ‘Brother, do you believe that Jesus Christ can heal you’?
    He refused to reply affirmatively even after being asked severally.

    All the same, they prayed for my dad, hours later, my dad was everywhere in the hospital complex joyfully proclaiming the miracle.
    Then my brother was born, then I was born. I was born a Pentecostal Christian.

    I grew up and became my own man and departed from Pentecostal values. Even before I became my own man, I remember me and my pals making fun at Christian stories in high school.
    I lived my life, mocked some pastors, got tough and smart on the street, a big bang with the books in the classroom, I was a really cool guy with all the grooves in full blast.

    Many years went by.

    Then He came for me, my Saviour came for me. And here it’s me.

    Why yet another long story?

    Because you need to know that the Christian faith is the reality of many. It is the major story in many peoples’ lives. It is not just an abstract hope or an opioum for such, it is the reality of our lives.

    I can understand if you don’t understand.
    I can understand if you think your life is perfect like it is, without Christ. I can understand if you think Christianity and miracles are all one big fable.
    Maybe I would think the same in your shoes. But my reality is different from yours. I’m one of those chosen to see and witness what you have never seen.
    And so I understand your position, but the day you understand my position is the day you will give your life to Jesus Christ.


  75. Marc

    I now realise that whoever called him Mentalbris wasn’t being funny but applying a clinical evaluation.

    You really need to tone it down on here. I’d recommend getting a grip but you’re to far gone for that to be of any help.

  76. Marc


    I would post a link to a Richard Dawkins destroys God clip but it’d only send him off about how God is good and performs miracles.

    Bris – Answer me this if God is so good why did he allow the killing of 6 million Jews (Jesus was Jewish) and 5 million ethnic minorities in the death camps?

  77. Gentlebris

    ‘Here is a question to test you. What does “believe” mean?’


    Thank you my brother.

    To believe is a huge task, a pretty huge task.
    You don’t need to believe that Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America. You just know.
    But you have to believe in God before you can accept His Existence and Reign. It takes a whole lot of Grace, especially when you are born and raised in a country crowded by unbelievers.

    But once you humble yourself and believe, and confess that believe, then it becomes much easier. The task is lifted off you, you begin to experience God, and once you begin to experience God, your faith becomes secured.

    Like I testified earlier, I was in pain, I prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ, the pain disappeared. How do you then tell me there is no God?
    You see what I mean? Once you experience God through Jesus Christ, your faith gets secured.


  78. Marc


    Christian religion was and is a means of controlling the masses – there are religions that don’t bother me but Christianity is the Tottenham of religions.

    If you’re ever in doubt watch the talk show clip from when Life of Brian was released, the Church is going bonkers do John Cleese and Michael Palin appeared with two Priests, Arch Bishops or what ever.

    It’s embarrassing that people who preach tolerance are so narrow minded.

  79. Marc


    Not so long ago you were telling me how I had no manners and didn’t understand how someone should conduct themselves in business as “a handshake today can mean millions in the bank tomorrow”.

    You seem to have converted from Capitalism to religion in a handful of months.

    I’m guessing the millions never showed up.

  80. Jamie

    Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life should’ve included a 13th rule – don’t preach about how to take control of your life when you’re addicted to benzos and ultimately being institutionalised for said addiction because you’ve lost control of your life.

  81. Gentlebris

    ‘So your faith in God is only transactional 😉You like Him because He makes miracles for you?’

    Do you love your wife because she gives you sex? Can that be defined as ‘transactional’ as well?

    I will answer your question though.

    I love God because He loves me in a way no one else can love me. And yes, whenever He gives me miracles I’m excited, like if your rich dad just bought you a Ferrari. But more, His Presence excites me every moment.

    ‘Bris – Answer me this if God is so good why did he allow the killing of 6 million Jews (Jesus was Jewish) and 5 million ethnic minorities in the death camps?’


    Answer this question first,

    If the British prime minister was fit for office, why should he send teenagers to war, knowing they might die and their parents bereaved?

  82. Marc

    “I love God because He loves me in a way no one else can love me”

    Is that because he touches you in your special place?

    Fucking Catholic Priests can’t leave it alone can they!

  83. MGooner

    @ Gentle

    Your answer is incorrect.

    To believe is to reach a conclusion about something which you do not know.

    Your starting point should be ‘”What constitutes a human?” Figure that out before you talk about God 🙂

  84. Marc

    “If the British prime minister was fit for office, why should he send teenagers to war, knowing they might die and their parents bereaved?”

    Well that’s quite easy our current Prime Minister has not sent British Forces to war. If you’re asking about previous PM’s you’d have to name which and which war – some are justified, some are moral and some are Tony Blair’s ego.

  85. Gentlebris

    ‘brisNot so long ago you were telling me how I had no manners and didn’t understand how someone should conduct themselves in business as “a handshake today can mean millions in the bank tomorrow”.You seem to have converted from Capitalism to religion in a handful of months.I’m guessing the millions never showed up.’


    Praise The Lord, millions are not even new to me.

    But I can understand that you think I have a conflicting personality.

    You see, I’m human and unlike some other Pentecostal Christians, I don’t pretend I’m not human. What makes a Christian different is that at the end of it all, you fear God, and when you feel you have offended God, you seek His Forgiveness.

  86. Dissenter

    Temper down the proselytizing, you’re are not converting anyone today.
    You’re just putting up your beliefs to ridicule, just pray for our souls bro, especially Unai nai.
    Unai na needs a three course exorcism , first course with broken glass, then with knives and then with hot pepper rubbed into his wounds.

  87. Marc


    We’ve got no football to talk about and bris is about 3 weeks from a complete meltdown.

    You have to amuse yourself somehow!

  88. Marc


    If you base Christianity’s introduction on the “birth” of Christ it’s 2,000 years old. Islam is based on Muhammad who was born circa 600AD so you can make an argument that Islam is 600 years behind Christian development. If you look what was going on in Europe 600 years ago it kind of fits.

  89. andy1886

    Another agnostic here, but if you believe in an infinite universe where all things exist in some place then Pedro is probably correct, in some sphere of existence Arteta IS God.

  90. MGooner

    Well well well Gentle..

    Your God said

    1. Follow me, I will lead you to the Kingdom of God. (he was in the marketing phase)
    After people followed him, he said

    2. “The kingdom of God is within you” Basically he was telling people that God is within them, they do not need to go to heaven or elsewhere to find him.

    If the kingdom of God is within you, what is the link with supposedly well to do people whose shoes we are not worthy of cleaning? What has material gains got to do with this?

    Are you sure you are a Christian? 😉

  91. Dissenter

    Unai nai
    You are really thin skinned, the pun is intended. Now you’re taking offense o ye great offender.
    I believe a lot of what Gentle bris is saying, I’ve just come to know that the dude preaching it[ at all times] is as fallible as the rests of us. The preachers are often the most hypocritical of all men. It’s like peaching about global warming and flying a private 46-seater private jet alone for a 15 minute flight.