Premier League season could be done as Mikel tests positive

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Arsenal announced that Mikel Arteta tested positive for Covid-19. In the ultimate kicker, it would appear he caught it from the top dog at Olympiacos after our exit from the Europa. What a stinger.

He’ll be fine, but this doesn’t bode well for the Premier League season. I hear there are quite a few other cases that will be announced in due course. The league will certainly be suspended, but it could go further, there is a belief in the game this could be it for the season.

I don’t even want to joke about the ramifications, though it is tempting.

Seems like most of the advice from around the world is that social distancing is the best way to slow the spread of the virus (and washing your hands, you animals). That advice doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, a gathering of hundreds of thousands of fans at sporting events would be the worst thing for it at the minute.

March Madness has been cancelled, along with the opening race of F1, the NBA, La Liga, Serie A, SXSW and a whole bunch of other social gatherings. The Premier League will have to follow suit and it’s hard to argue against it.

I thought this thread summed up the risk nicely– and why the ‘but I won’t die’ argument is very shitty.

It’s a shitter for the fans, but not as terrible as the thought of infecting your grandma because you grabbed beers with an infected pal at a local before the game. I don’t think anyone wants to be responsible for hospitals adopting wartime decision-making models for older people, no football game is that important.

Just a short post today, I don’t have much to add to this conversation, I’ll leave that for the experts.

All I will say is stay safe, wash your fucking hands, and get that invincible DVD in the player… it’s going to be a long couple of months.

Good luck to all backroom people at Arsenal that have been sharing his chapstick. Get well soon, Mikel!

See the rest of you in the comments x

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  1. Marc


    It’s not just the PL season that’s looking finished – how can the Euro’s go ahead when the matches are spread across different countries? You’d have fans crisscrossing continental Europe all over the place.

    It’s going to be a really slow spring and summer.

  2. Nelson

    Normally, you only get pay when you work. If the EPL season is cancelled, would the players receive their pay?

  3. Champagne Charlie

    Coronavirus is the result of some inbred Manc selling his soul to stop Liverpool to the title. Bargained disease and toilet roll famine all in the name of football, some fans ehh.

    What a colossal mess this is going to be for global sports now until the summer. Strange circumstances, but absolutely correct to abandon all the lot (normal jobs included) and pull together as a society to put national health above all.

  4. Pierre

    “Normally, you only get pay when you work. If the EPL season is cancelled, would the players receive their pay?”

    They’ll be ok they will receive the £100 ( or thereabouts )a week statutory sick pay from the government.

  5. Valentin

    The season is over. Not yet officially but it won’t recover. That may have bigger ramifications on football finance.
    Cancelling the season could push a few clubs over the cliff of ruin. Especially those who were relying on selling players at inflated prices.

    Some business insurances specifically exclude consequence of acts of war, terrorism and pandemic. Clubs with poor finance could be forced to sell their best assets.

    On the plus side That could benefit clubs like Arsenal that needs to recruit this summer. On the minus side that could also give an get out jail free card to Gazidis at Milan.

  6. Henry Root

    The football implications of this are utterly trivial. It is a health catastrophe that will kill huge numbers of people. Who gives a shit about Liverpool being champions or not ?

  7. BacaryisGod

    One player in the NBA tests positive and the NBA suspends the league and will likely cancel the season. Now Arteta has tested positive we are almost certain to see the same thing.

    Just give the title to Liverpool. Add the top two Championship teams (or do a 4 team playoff) and for one season have a 22 team Premier league with 5 going down.

    That should spice things up a little.

  8. Elmo

    There’s every chance that we’ll just be getting to the peak in summer.

    UK govt guidance today was that we are 4 weeks behind Italy on the curve, and that the UK peak could be in 10-14 weeks, which would be mid-May to mid-June, with the curve then starting to head down from the peak (12.5-25% of employees off sick), but clearly still with many cases and the need for much disruption and precaution.

    The official UK position is that this is going to be a long slog, and that policy is constructed to facilitate this, rather than go for the Chinese 2 month total authoritarian shut-down knock-out blow.

    If this is correct, it could well be autumn by the time significant disruption to daily life comes to an end.

    I have tickets to the Olympics, and I’ve absolutely written off any possibility that they will go ahead in July / August, and I’m sure the same is true of any other global sporting events this summer (Euro 2020 / tennis majors etc.).

  9. Elmo

    Joe Lewis / Levy / Spuds will be feeling super fortunate right now.

    They refinanced the £650m in loans used to build the stadium to 15-30 yr bonds 6 months ago. If they had waited and were trying to do it now, there would simply not be a functioning debt issuance market in existence for their purposes.

  10. Marc


    ” It is a health catastrophe that will kill huge numbers of people”

    What do you define as a “huge” number of people?

  11. Biggles

    If the UK takes a full on Chinese style everybody-stay-at-home-do-nothing approach then they might get a grip on the explosion in cases. It worked in South Korea and Singapore, and of course China itself.

    If it were me, I’d be thinking of taking a 4-6 week long break from football. You could probably squeeze in two matches a week at the end of April and through May, but you could also just delay the end of the season a bit. I know the Euros are on – cancel them outright now. International travel is awful for disease spread. Could they run next summer instead?

    Of course the million dollar question is do we try and stamp covid-19 out and have it hang over the world as a bogey man for potentially years or do we just accept it exists and build a herd immunity? I’m aware that a lot of elderly and immuno-compromised people could die and that includes people I love and care about. On the other hand, I’m not sure that this will ever go away and it might be something that we might just need to accept the way Spanish Flu and the Black Death were in history.

  12. Guns of SF

    amazing… this is not good. If Arteta has it, then for sure, his family and other players and staff have it.
    At least some if you play the odds.

    Funny how the media never said who are players were in isolation… now if Arteta was not one of them, then the odds of more catching it have gone up.

    He has been spreading it the last 5 days at least…

    I hope the best for him and anyone else in the team who has it now

  13. Marc


    They’ll try to postpone the league for a few weeks first – too much money involved. Once that isn’t working it’ll be suspended.

    In the spirit of the Snowflake generation it’ll be declared that everyone has won the title as they all competed. The scouse rampage will kill more than Corona virus.

    Our true enemy is yet to reveal himself!

  14. Marc


    Corona virus is a serious condition but it’s not killing young healthy adults – let alone incredibly fit ones.

    Chances of a professional footballer dying from this are remote.

  15. Guns of SF

    what is the difference betweeen postpone and suspend? to me suspend means on hold…. as does postpone

    Just like the NBA suspended the season.. versus saying -season is cancelled

    This outbreak will go into summer before countries really get control again…
    Liverpool will whine and whine for their trophy…. lets see how this plays out!

  16. Marc


    Well you can’t push the PL into the summer – the Euro’s would be on – after that next season starts. The window between one finishing, the Euro’s and the next PL starting is pretty small.

  17. Champagne Charlie


    This is an Arsenal fan blog, the coronavirus isn’t going to be covered here like it is in the guardian comments. People are aware of the issues, but you don’t get to silence idle chat because there’s mortality concerns.

    The implications for Arsenal, Liverpool, football, the wider sporting world, and beyond are subjects for discussion whether you feel them trivial or not.

  18. Moray

    Hopefully Tets and the team will be okay. At least they will get good treatment with the club’s resources and at this stage of the spread.

    It’s been obvious for a while that the Euros and Olympics won’t be happening this summer. Even if the first wave is passed, I doubt there will be much appetite for sport or for sharing a stadium with thousands of other people.

    Best thing to do is get supplies in, work from home if possible and wait it out. If you expose yourself you endanger others and risk overloading a fragile health system.

    The question then will be how to manage the catastrophic financial impact of what has happened this year. Really tough times.

  19. Biggles


    There’s somewhere in the region of 3.2m people over the age of 80 in the UK. Depending on which set of numbers you believe, they have a 1-in-5 to 1-in-6 chance of dying from it. Let’s then imagine (and this is completely unsubstantiated) that cases are far more widespread than thought by a factor of ten and that even over 80s only have a 1 in 50 chance of dying from coronavirus. That’s still 64k deaths if they all get it. Is tens of thousands in the UK enough for you?

  20. Ishola70

    Folks are dying from it from early 60s upwards and of course there will be those that are too weak to withstand it with age not such a bearing on it.

  21. Marc


    So 99,000 (the highest tens of thousands could get or so) out of a population of 65,000,000 is less than 0.001% chance of dying.

    If someone told you doing something had a 0.001% of dying you’d call them bonkers and do it anyway.


  22. Emiratesstroller

    On the whole I agree with the course of action that the Government has been operating so long as it follows medical and scientific advice.

    However, I took the personal decision after the Everton game that I would not
    be going to football matches or public events until after this crisis was over.

    Also I would no longer travel on public transport. That was a personal decision.

    The football season is over as far as I am concerned and I will take to simple
    pleasures such as “reading books” or if the weather gets better sitting in my

    I am not going to cocoon myself, but at least I will take some basic precautions to minimise risk.

  23. Dissenter

    You’re trivializing this virus, the same mistake Trump made and it’s going to leave him irreparably damaged.
    Assuming the death rate is about 1%, project that number on the vulnerable population. It’s one person too many.

  24. Bojangles

    Personally I don’t give a fuck how the UK are handling things there regards the virus. Just stop the people from travelling overseas infecting others.

  25. Dissenter

    Is Cheltenham going to be cancelled now
    This is a bigger crises that the food and mouth disease that got it cancelled in 2001.

  26. Marc


    You’re confusing taking a measured view with trivialising. I keep saying it’s serious but some on here and in the real world are having a complete meltdown.

    Also the less than 1% mortality rate is projected across all age groups, the elderly are closer to 10%.

    Tell me how an individual buying 240 loo rolls is a sensible response to something that gives you a cough?

  27. Pedro

    Marc, no doubt some people going mad. I just queued for an hour in a local market… but the fear isn’t dying, it’s giving it to your parents or grand parents.

    Scary high mortality rates for folk who’d not die from the flu.

  28. China1

    Was reading a story on sky news earlier about a woman who had it and tested positive in the UK. Despite being around her boyfriend and sister plenty, and her boyfriend even driving her to the hospital, so it very high risk, he wasn’t encouraged to self isolate or take a test because he didn’t have symptoms

    And therein is the absolute crux of why this will spread like wildfire in the UK.

    We can see all the sound bites about ‘abundance of caution’ and ‘following the science’ but the reality is the UK approach has involve very little of either

    The science says it’s highly contagious to people you’ve been in close proximity with and extremely contagious amongst those you’ve had extended contact with.

    The science says you are at your most contagious before your symptoms even show.

    Caution would be to recognise that and advise people in close contact with confirmed and suspected cases to self isolate

    And yet the government response is consistently based on paying attention to symptoms. It could not be more blatantly flawed

    I could come to the UK tomorrow. I could catch it at heathrow airport. The following 3 days I could visit my elderly parents and 91 year old grandma whilst having zero symptoms, feeling fine and not being deemed worthy of self isolate/testing bybthe UK government. I could leave on day 4 having already given it to all my elderly relatives despite not even getting my first symptoms until I already landed back in China and realizing there is an issue.

    It’s that. Fucking. Easy.

  29. Marc


    Agree, my Mum’s in her 70’s but as with any crises the way to get through them is a bit of intelligence and common sense.

    Read some of the reaction on here – it’s fucking bonkers.

  30. Pedro

    Marc, I have to agree with Dissenter, anyone dying of this is shocking, reducing it down to percentages doesn’t help… that’s still someone that wasn’t about to die by something 20x deadlier than normal flu.

  31. Pedro

    Economic ramifications are also worrying, all those small businesses that’ll go under, plus all the gig economy workers that’ll default on payments.

  32. Marc


    But that’s where a bit of personal common sense and responsibility come in to play. If you’ve been in close contact with your girlfriend who’s just been tested positive you’ve got to self isolate.

    Am I really on that different wave length to everyone else out there?

    Stupid question – but it does explain why the worlds a shit hole.

  33. Dissenter

    “Tell me how an individual buying 240 loo rolls is a sensible response to something that gives you a cough?”

    That individual intends to resell it. People are selling two 16 ounces bottles of hand sanitizer for $200+, worse still there are morons who are paying money for it.
    Whatever happened to using good ole soap to wash your hands?

    Policy wise, it’s better to scare people like Angela Merkel is doing. People have to be told that it’s going to get worse before it gets better, which is scientifically sound when you see the curve of cases diagnosed..

    There’s a crises that you’re missing though, even if most people don’t die, the care they will require [ICU care, respiratory machines etc] will be easily overwhelmed. The health care capacity will be overwhelmed easily.
    Hospitals have been cutting beds in the states and have profited from recycling patients through limited beds for so long. We only have 45,000 intensive care beds in there USA and that will easily be overwhelmed. Last week Mass General hospital was down to one week supply of protective gear until they got a critical resupply.

  34. China1

    The governments chief science advisor admitted that whilst the official number is about 600, the actual number is potentially 5,000-10,000. In other words our ‘abundance of caution’ following the science has led us to a ‘no fucking idea, sorry mate’ situation

  35. Marc


    Sorry but it’s always about the numbers and someone in their 80’s is going to die of something in the near future whether you like it or not, especially if they have underlying conditions which have been connected to the majority of UK deaths so far.

  36. Dissenter

    God bless Mikel’s family.
    He should just take the rest of the season off to recharge his bones.
    There will still be some stigma attached to the diagnosis even when he’s cleared to return [at least till this CORVID crap goes away]

  37. Emiratesstroller


    What you post is the concern. I am of the age which is at risk, but life goes on.

    I recognise that the Government [all Governments] do not have the capacity
    to handle a pandemic on this scale.

    So the sensible approach for someone like me is to apply common sense and
    self discipline.

  38. Marc


    No you’re so wrong the vast majority of cases will be a minor condition, the NHS will be under pressure which is precisely why the Government is trying to push this out of cold and flu season to take an additional pressure off.

    Yes people will die I’m not denying that but we’re not facing the Black Death which wiped out a third of Europe’s population.

    Every ounce of over reaction and panic will make this all a thousand times worse.

  39. China1

    I’m actually quite curious if my wife and I already caught it (and my son)

    Because before all the lockdowns and strong measures kicked in in China we had already all had a fever and mild cough (same for my mother in law). In my case it lasted just one evening (fever) and the cough was very mild

    My wife had a slight fever for a day and my son as well. But my wife and mother in law had a persistent cough for a while. None of us ‘suffered’ at all and this was before it had really blown up on the news and with strong measures etc. we were better by the time it kicked off

  40. Marc


    I had a cough and cold in early Jan – it’s winter and cold and flu season. You were of course more likely to be exposed to Corona but there’s also a chance it was something much worse that’s just waiting to come back and get you.

  41. Dissenter

    The rest of the world needs to learn from China.
    They just showed their industrial might, donating 10,000 pulmonary ventilators, 2 million face masks, and 20,000 protective suits to Italy.
    In the States, we will have to take stock of our emergency management that’s more geared to natural disasters like Hurricanes etc. Trump has cut the budget of the CDC and NIH for three consecutive years…now the chicken has come home to roost.
    The US stockpile of masks, respirators and protective gear hasn’t been replenished since 2009, a lot of the equip[ment is so dated they had to issue special clearance to indemnify hospitals and providers from being sued should they cause problems.
    I know you’ve been writing diligently about this for a while.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    The economy is already fucked and so are investments.

    The normal margin of risk for a share portfolio is a downturn of about 25% in
    a bare market. That point has already been passed and is ongoing.

    That impacts on everyone who is either a shareholder or has a pension.

    Whilst I anticipate that markets will eventually turn around I think that the
    recovery period will be years and some companies will collapse.

    The travel and leisure industries are at particular risk at moment.

  43. Marc


    “So the sensible approach for someone like me is to apply common sense and
    self discipline.”

    Wrong – the sensible approach for everyone is to apply common sense and self discipline.

  44. Marc


    I’m actually planning to buy some shares in BA’s parent company. Good time to do it, when this blows over everyone will want to go on hols forgetting this ever happened.

  45. jwl

    Not having any sports to watch is going to be painful, they are majority of my tv viewing when I just want to relax. Here in North America with all different sports on offer, there is normally multiple games a night I can choose to watch, I think me and many others are going to be going through withdrawals very soon indeed.

    Get well soon Arteta and whoever else is ill.

  46. China1

    Marc the prevalent approach from most countries badly affected is to greatly reduce things like school openings, going to offices and restaurants etc

    I’m curious why you think the UK gov has been privy to smarter information about how to manage it than all those countries already worse hit. Especially since I’ve been able to systematically break down how measures have been poorly designed and not properly following either scientific evidence or caution so far.

    Having faith in the UK response right now is like backing wenger when he only signed peter cech because he told you he has faith in his current squad and there is no one out there who can improve the team etc.

    It’s been easy to tear apart the British approach piece by piece from the start.

    I’m not saying the UK should copy other countries’ approach like for like, but the approach thus far and current plan couldn’t be more wenger if it tried

    Here’s another example, there are 4 phases and phase 3 is ‘research’ where we will study and understand it better. I’m sorry, what? Research on the virus, how it spreads and the like began in Wuhan two and a half odd months ago. Research has been widely disseminated globally not only by the Chinese, but by many health authorities who have been sharing their numbers and experiences. Research is not a stage that we start in Ernest after we have 50,000 cases, it is something we should have already been doing with the data we’ve been collecting and by talking to other countries about this.

    It is not a mutually exclusive phase of handling the virus.

    The fact that the UK gov thinks it is in astonishing.

  47. Dissenter

    It’s just simple arithmetic
    If the death rate o the vulnerable elderly population is about 10% as you wrote. -There are about 70 million Americans who are aged 60 years and above
    -Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and 77% have at least two. ——–that’s about 56 million people in that vulnerable group
    -We have outbreaks of virulent strains of the influenza virus that stretches the system to the brink already, that’s a virus that has a vaccine that’s administered to most people in that age group.
    -Even id we go by your assertion that ” vast majority of cases will be a minor condition”, the tiny minority that will get very sick will overwhelm the capacity of the intensive management services. That’s what Italy is experiencing right now. Too many people being very sick at the same time.

  48. Marc


    You’ve got to separate the elderly and the rest of the population. The elderly are pretty fucked everyone else will for the most part not need any medical attention.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    I have been having discussions today with my stockbroker.

    In normal circumstances people would hold onto their shares and if they are
    flush with money and can afford it buy more shares.

    However, we are not in normal circumstances, because on current trends I
    can see shares halving in value or even worse. That is already the case with
    a number of well known shares.

    I am not going to give you advice on what to do but airlines like the travel industry are extremely vulnerable and in contrast to banks unlikely to be
    bailed out by Government.

  50. Dissenter

    “Having faith in the UK response right now is like backing wenger when he only signed peter cech because he told you he has faith in his current squad and there is no one out there who can improve the team etc.”

    I speak with people here in the states who say the same things. They forget that China had to rapidly build mega hospitals just to manage the critically ill. The did things to regain control that most elected office holders will balk at.
    Most Western societies have antiquated systems that haven’t been tested on the scale that’s being feared.

  51. Dissenter

    What goes down will come up
    The Virus will burn itself out eventually, with or without interventions and the market will rebound
    Not going to give you any advice on this forum but ….

  52. Caligooner

    On a serious note: stay safe people.

    Get ready for an incredibly boring few months without sports.

    Have to make do with the hijinks of Trump and his cronies.

  53. Dissenter

    You are one mean frigid hearted moder-fcuker 😊😊😊😊
    Jeez, the way you keep saying the elderly gonna die anyways.

  54. China1

    The same chief science advisor to the government said its possible 80% of britons will get infected

    This won’t happen if we have a well designed system that’s implemented early enough. Why aren’t the Singaporeans expecting 80% to get infected? Why are the Chinese (1/4 of the entire worlds population) expecting to be almost virus free by the end of April?

    There’s nothing inevitable about the virus tearing through the entire country. It will happen explicitly because the government has failed its people. No amount of stiff upper lip and wanting business as usual will prevent the country from getting fucked due to its total lack of serious measures and prep

  55. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The Government in UK is reluctant to close schools, because of the economic
    and social consequences.

    Britain is not a “family orientated” society in contrast to Italy and China. If schools close the children will need to stay at home and that means parents
    including members of social and health services as well.

    Many families would need to rely on elderly relatives the category most at
    risk to look after grandchildren.

    That is the reason why the Government are currently unwilling to adopt this
    measure until at least the epidemic reaches its peak.

  56. jwl

    Supply chains are wildly complicated now, the world is very interconnected at least business wise. I work for consulting firm, and my department focuses on auto industry, and there are plenty of worried people. ‘Just In Time’ delivery is also widely used so companies don’t have much stock on hand and shortages are sure to happen.

    About thirty thousand parts go into making a car, with something like a thousand companies in different countries all contributing, it wont take much to cripple manufacturing companies who not able to get parts they need and they don’t have months of parts in storage to use in emergency.

  57. China1

    Dissenter but those new megahospitals were built in Wuhan, the city where the virus had been left to spiral out of control

    In every other part of the country they didn’t build loads of new hospitals, I’m not sure they even built any at all. Tianjin has zero new hospitals. They just managed those and the clinics they already have

    This perfectly sums up the difference between a reactionary approach (Wuhan, Hubei) where the virus got out of control and then the gov had to do mountains of work just to try and reign it back in and it took months to begin to have an effect. Wuhan was a proper ozil contract moment.

    Meanwhile the rest of China implemented proper measures before it got out of control without building much or anything new and cases are entirely under control for the entire rest of the country.

    There are a lot of arsenal/football analogies we could make

  58. raptora

    First, I’m sending my prayers to Arteta and all of our staff + players.

    It’s rough times and I hope everyone is taking all the necessary precautions to protect themselves and all the people around them.

    What leagues around Europe are asking for is that the Euro is cancelled to 2021 with the hope that the situation will be normalized by June/July. That one or couple of months is/are going to be used to play the rest of the games in their respective leagues. Even if it takes the whole August as well, it could make sense to try and finish the season.

  59. jwl

    If league season is cancelled, I think they give title to Liverpool and the cup competitions no trophies awarded.

    Liverpool are going to win league this year, they only need to win two or three of remaining ten matches and that’s if Man City win all their remaining games, so it would not be fair after a big part of season has already been played.

  60. jwl

    wiki – “The 1994 Montreal Expos season was the 26th season of the franchise. They had the best record in Major League Baseball (74-40), when the 1994–95 Major League Baseball strike ended the season and the team’s postseason aspirations.”
    Are Liverpool going to be next ’94 Expos or will they be allowed to compete for league champs? Interesting to see what happens.

  61. Tony


    Common sense should prevail from people all over the world and world leaders; something Boris and his cronies lack.

    This virus kills with impunity as with many other known diseases; however, it’s the elderly who have less defences with their immune systems and ageing major vital organs.

    Obviously most of what you’re posting is your usual contentious demeanour that you try to mask as humour. Hence your often inane jibes at Pedro that are so juvenile and cringeworthy.

    Stick to football and your coveted season ticket.

    Most of us need a dose introspection at times; however, I’d say right now you need an extended course of it.

    It doesn’t matter how many people are dying of Covid-19 – the fact is people are dying of all ages who all have families/loved ones who are going to be truly hurt by their losses.

    You’re coming across as a flat earther, which you’re obviously not when previously discussing all things football here, which I normally enjoy reading here.

    Hope you have a different perspective when considering your family and loved ones, because it seems your government is taking things far too lightly where unnecessary death and suffering will ensue because of their wilful ignorance citing so called experts, but not really listening or following countries’ advice and documented information, such as china who have had to deal with mass infections.

  62. underrated Coq

    This Mikel Arteta story is exactly why all sporting events should have been banned proactively. But no, they sit on their asses and wait for the ticking time bomb to blow. I guess Marc is not the only ignorant fool out there.

  63. Goonah

    I wouldn’t mind if mother earth did a Thanos on us. We are too many cretins here anyways.
    Should just get on with our lives and strengthen the gene pool

  64. Tony

    Sounds like good advice you’re offering Marc, but ………………..

    We just made £40K after tax since the New Year from gold investments, which was fuelled by Covid-19. Similar happened when North Korea fired missiles over Japan and when Syria came under attack a few years back.

    Generally, once a year good money can be made from the gold markets; it’s just knowing when to be more heavily invested and keeping the odd £100k mainly permanently invested.

    Thailand is swinging into its summer season where the temperatures are going to fluctuate between 28*C to 45*C, which I’m told should help deal with keeping Covid-19 under control far more than cooler climates.

    That said we won’t be taking any unnecessary risks during the pandemic.

  65. TheBayingMob

    The only silver lining is that the first time Liverpool might win the title in 30 years and the season might be cancelled.

    Fucking hilarious.

  66. Guns of SF

    I am an asthmatic too.
    47 years old.
    Not quite in the danger age range but with a pre existing condition

    Im worried…where I live the county is keeping schools open. My kids and wife are at risk… not sure the logic here when many other districts around us with less cases have shut down.

    we are considering pulling our kids until the district and county shut down the schools for a period of time to slow this down.

    Shit is real… very real here where I live

  67. Guns of SF

    The major tech companies in the silicon valley… google, facebook, salesforce, apple, microsoft, etc have told their employees to work from home. Some have even gone as far as providing stipends for child care as well. ( Salesforce) where my wife works. All work trips have been cancelled. Many companies are also advising and giving updates to employees on how to deal with this crisis. Bravo.

    Funny how private industry seems to care more about their employees versus public schools. SMH !!!!

  68. Tony

    Makes me wonder with the failing state of the NHS over the last 2 decades, if Boris has been forced into what is clearly government stupidity of their actions.

    The NHS simply can’t cope with containment, so go with ‘Delaying’ tactics.

    Then, if Boris is wrong as most think he is, then expect complete collapse of the NHS when 10s of thousands are infected and in need of hospital and medical care.

    One of the few industries that will make money out of this in the end is the Hollywood film companies.

  69. Guns of SF

    If Mikel cannot coach, then its his number 2.
    Who is?? or a coach not affected.
    2 weeks to get better for a fit young 37 year old… so if the season is NOT cancelled, I imagine that someone else would take the reigns.
    Or there will be many midweek recheduled games for us… to catch up

    At this point, this Coronavirus has turned the world into a complete shit show

  70. Sid

    Marc dug himself a hole of Bamford proportions with his stand on covid19, now he is dig it deeper trying to save face.

  71. Aussie Gooner

    I am glad our game against Brighton has been posponed. No doubt there will be many to follow. How many of our players have had contact with Arteta? Claims have been made that Arteta had no contact with the Olympiacos owner! How was the Wolves match with Olympiacos allowed to go ahead when obviously all the Olympiacos team and staff had direct contact with the owner before he was diagnosed? Are we taking this seriously enough?

  72. Guns of SF

    they claim Olympiakos was all clear
    Wolves were not happy to play that game. I Do not blame them at all…

  73. Guns of SF

    great call to postpone city arsenal… that was prudent for sure.
    Can imagine Arty hugging all the old players… massive corona spread!
    As much as I dont like City, that would be a bridge too far…

    Human health first….

  74. Batistuta

    Lost a cousin this morning to the virus, barely 40 yes old.

    Cringe reading Marc’s comments by the way.

    Hope Arteta and Hudson Odoi recover.

    Stay safe out there guys and possibly, stay indoors if you can

  75. jwl

    Joke Friday (stolen from twitter) –

    How to survive Friday the 13th:
    Keep calm
    Don’t go swimming
    Don’t have sex
    Don’t smoke
    Don’t drink
    Don’t go out
    Don’t split up
    Don’t run from the killer
    If you trip, get up and run
    and above all….
    Turn on the stupid light before entering the room

  76. jwl

    Happy Friday the 13th, you crazy kids. Remember if your car breaks down on a rainy night, and you can’t get a cell phone signal, the best thing you can do is walk to the nearby derelict summer camp and split up to look for a landline and/or a place to have sex and/or smoke weed.

  77. Markymark

    Marc – “you say it’s not the end of the world “ this sort of comment is based purely around current death levels.
    The fact is your daily life will be significant impacted. If we are 4 weeks behind the Italian curve , in 4 weeks there will be so much out cry and chaos that we will probably lock down. Already I hear rumours that the train system is being prepared for emergency mode. Your work life will be significantly impacted . Eating out and socialising gone.
    The vast majority will not die of course but the effects will be even more stringent than placed on the general public in world war 2.
    It’s therefore extremely significant .
    In Italy it’s already starting to get to the stage where somebody knows someone who died. Basically that’s war time conditions

  78. Wenker-wanger

    Coronavirus …ok get some perspective. It’s a strain of flu. Ok generally the flu only kills the weak or very old. It’s not Spanish flu (50 million deaths).
    Stay calm and live your life. You will be fine if you get it aside from a week or two of nasty symptoms.
    Football will return after the pandemic blows itself out.
    The main “goal” of this pandemic is tighter authority and control.
    Do your in depth research.

  79. Wenker-wanger

    Sid, you seem to be open minded. A rare quality.
    The term “conspiracy theorist ” has negative connotations.. deliberately so. it’s like the word denier…..again deliberately shutting down any alternative view in an instant.
    People need to wake up.

  80. Valentin

    So much for US ban on European but not on UK, Justin Trudeau’s wife caught the virus during her visit to the UK. Now her husband has to self isolate.
    Because of the ban most of those American who are going home in a rush from Europe are forced to use the UK as a hub. In view of the lax measure and screening in place at the Eurostar and Heathrow, I expect a fair few of them to get it and then transmit it to their love ones in the US.
    Traceability will be near impossible and then it will spread like wildfire in the US states where it had not yet been doing so.
    The ban was not a bad idea, but its implementation had been so poor, it will backfire. No mandatory screening/ testing of panicked US citizens going home is absurd.

  81. Valentin

    Would be funny if the virus did originated from a US military Athletes. Will Trump be forced to call it the US Military athletes virus? Will he see it as deep state trying to create chaos to make him lose the election?
    Ah the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories!

  82. Wenker-wanger

    Indeed the panic is the real “weapon” here.
    The population will panic at the slightest trigger of uncertainty……toilet roll panic buying tells you the story.

  83. Mysticleaves

    This virus is like the flu (catarrh as it’s called in Nigeria). Only just a bit harsher (for the elderly). It’s foraging Europe cos the climatic conditions is right for incubation of viruses. In the summer time people will be more resistant to it and less prone to dying of it (for the oldies).

    That being said cartarh is not nice as it will render you useless for almost 1 week but then, it is what it is

  84. Wenker-wanger

    Apparently there was a pandemic simulated drill in China 6 weeks before the outbreak . Just a coincidence obviously….

  85. Mysticleaves

    Wenker I didn’t see your post before doing mine. You are very correct. Only the elderly are really at risk. In Nigeria we recover from stuff like this maybe 4 to 5 days even without medication.

    Many people would have gotten this virus and recovered without even knowing. Myself included. I felt very sharp flulike symptoms about 1 month back. A bit harsher than usual but nonetheless still went to work (with some medication) and it cleared up about 5 days after.

    Like to add I have been in Dubai, UAE for a while now

  86. Northbanker

    I don’t think that complete cancellation is necessary

    We will probably need to postpone all fixtures by a month and play longer into the summer

    The euros go back to 2021 to allow this to happen as all euro leagues will be in same boat

    It’s a shame but we do need to keep a sense of perspective that this is not a permanent issue

  87. Guns of Hackney

    If the stories are true and Covid19 came from an animal…and that animal was bought from a live market…and then consumed by a fucking savage…perhaps this is the animal’s final revenge on humans eating them.

    Good. Fuck us.

  88. Northbanker

    However saying it is just flu is ridiculous

    Firstly just flu already overlooks that flu itself is a killer

    Secondly Covid19 is more contagious than normal flu and has a higher death rate per infected person

  89. Nelson

    Study shows that this virus doesn’t like hot weather. So, everything should be back to normal by June. The season can resume through the Summer.

  90. Mysticleaves

    Bojangles, if people paid more attention to what was making the rounds and now how world war z is starting then maybe more would have been saved. Now you still have people going to buy 2000 rolls of sanitised papers.

    Viruses take some casualties, it’s inevitable. But truth is, all these postponement, ‘brace up’, isolation messages won’t stop the virus from spreading. It will go round and then go away, occasionally reoccurring. Standard

  91. Wenker-wanger

    I’ve done a lot of background research on many world events. I’m currently reading “the trigger” by David icke.
    The goal is a totalitarian one world government. That is the scary thing, not the virus, not the scam man made climate change.
    You have perspective. I hope others will wake up.

  92. underrated Coq

    All of these weirdos adopting the “Only the older people are at risk” line, remember- One day you will be getting old too. Just hope your kids and grandkids don’t grow up to be anything like you.

  93. Mysticleaves

    Northbanker, the flu like comparisons is for perspective. It’s not something we haven’t seen before is what I am aiming at. Flu kills and we have accepted it. So do we postpone life cos it flu? No. We just take precautions and medication when it flares up

  94. Bojangles

    Then I truly hope you do not fall victim. If you did in fact have Covid and treated it as a common cold, how many people did you infect with it with your cavalier attitude.

  95. Wenker-wanger

    You seem to have twisted the one wants flu and no one wants anyone to die.
    People saying it’s like flu are just stating the facts…as we currently know them.
    The message here is don’t panic….that’s all.

  96. Wenker-wanger

    @ mystic..
    Yes I kind of took a bit of convincing….
    But having tried to argue against it….in that mental just confirmed the theory.

  97. Mysticleaves

    Bojangles,would like to add I went for proper check up and the result came out as flu. But then, covid wasn’t a conversation. Infact it became news the following week so it could have been. But since doctor’s weren’t looking for covid then it couldn’t have come up as covid in the diagnosis. More about has flu like symptoms. Get it? So I took my med, doctor advised no need for leave and I went to work as usual.

  98. Mysticleaves

    More about = More so covid*

    “People saying it’s like flu are just stating the facts…as we currently know them.
    The message here is don’t panic….that’s all.”

    This also

  99. China1

    Finally UK scientists starting to challenge the government on this

    The UK will be the last country in the world trying to prove a point about business as usual and ‘balanced’ measures when we have 50,000 cases coming in week after week breaking the NHS in half

    But I do think with enough groundswell they will hopefully listen and start to take it seriously

    As they said, we’re only a couple of weeks away from being in the same boat as Italy, so rather than planning for summer time research projects, we should be throttling the legs off the outbreak now

    It won’t be nice. It will bring economic and social issues. But it is the right thing to do

  100. Bojangles

    Totally agree with the not panicking and I haven’t seen any comment here that in anyway suggests people should panic but to simply say this is no different to the flu is plain wrong. It is a member of the family so to speak but the big difference at the moment is there is no known antidote for it (maybe if the yanks are responsible for spreading it, then there is.) ATM you can get a flu shot once a year and stay pretty safe, not so with Covid as yet.

  101. Wenker-wanger

    It’s rumour possibly but Israeli scientists have “made” a vaccine that kills the virus.
    It wouldn’t surprise me or probably anyone.

  102. Nelson

    Chelsea’s full squad have gone into self-isolation after winger Callum Hudson-Odoi tested positive to the coronavirus,.

  103. Sid

    People have been eating bats, apes, snails, pork for centuries but they want us to now believe that these are the sources of pandemics?

    You cannot consume pork and a few other cultural practices(wont go into that, and im not muslim) then label others “savages”

    Im telling you this for free!

  104. Northbanker

    Hopefully all of our squad at AFC are ok and those who have the virus inc MA are ok

    Of course their age and fitness should see them successfully through

  105. Bojangles

    They are younger healthier specimens… You obviously fall into that category otherwise you would be more concerned. Needless to say, I am part the vulnerable age group

  106. Wenker-wanger

    @ un nai,
    It is man made
    Its goal is ultimately control by greater authority.

  107. Mysticleaves

    Bojangles, please stay safe. Everyone stay safe. Is all. Last last something must kill a man, but let it not be ignroance. All is vanity.

    Sorry for your loss Batistuta