Exclusive: The spark that led to the Laurent Koscielny strike situation

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I did think Arsenal jumped the gun with that weird press release about Laurent K going on strike. Seemed a little defensive for something that should have been dealt with in-house like it would have under Arsene.

Anyway, the counter-attack is underway and I was told that there’s more to the story than Laurent bombing preseason because he’s a brat.

Apparently, when he signed his last deal with Arsenal, there was a final year clause that changed things up. Now, don’t hold me to contract details, but the gist was he was paid more than is reported up front, and now he’s in the final year, his salary has dropped to Jenks levels and it’s heavily performance related. I think this is a Huss evolution of doing deals.

He’s going to be 34 in September. He knows he won’t be played much. Holding will come back into the mix, Mustafi and Sokratis are ahead of him, Mavrapanos might come good and even if they’re all out, he’s massively injury prone these days. He thought there was a gentleman’s agreement that he could leave. He has a 3 year deal on the table to head to the south of France. He feels betrayed and is going to gun to get what he wants.

I don’t know why anyone believes in gentleman’s agreements or holds people to account for things they say in the corridor. I don’t know why he signed a deal that moved to performance related in his last year. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But… you can kind of understand why he’s gunning hard to exit here. He’s looking to max out retirement and he’s insecure about his body being able to last another year in the Premier League. He’s also been with us for 9 years and I’d imagine under Wenger, he’d be leaving the club without a fuss.

Again, I’m not sure why we’d hold onto him. He’s not really a big voice at Arsenal, he’s never been a leader and we shouldn’t be depending on someone with his injury record at his age. This isn’t us keeping John Terry behind. However, I guess Arsenal are looking at his as value for money if he’s on £45k a week.

It’s also an interesting contract evolution. Pay players more in the upfront, then make sure the final year isn’t pleasant. You either resign to get more money, or you give 100% focus and don’t mail it in so you make up the lost revenue. Clever on paper for sure.

I do worry about the culture at Arsenal and what all of this says about us.

We’re trying to move the club into a space where kids can learn their trade and grow into elite performers.

What are they learning at Arsenal? Who is guiding them?

You have 3-5 players who are here because they love their contracts.

Our captain is on strike.

The next in line for the armband is Xhaka, a player everyone knows isn’t good enough.

The biggest player at the club hates the manager, doesn’t turn up for big away days and is very publicly digging his heels in to stay.

Is any of this inspiring for young people? Does any of this look like good education? Are we creating the right environment to grow the best athletes?

In a game of paper-thin margins, these things matter.

Never mind that we’re a total shit show right now, the bigger concern for at the minute is how rotten our culture is and much hard work and future planning needs to be implemented to course correct us to a Champions League final in 5 years time.

Right, see you in the comments. x


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  2. Gentlebris

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  8. Valentin

    More fun about the alleged Pepe bid. Reports in France seems to indicate that Nicolas Pepe does not want to join us.
    He wants to join PSG if Neymar is sold this summer.
    BTW, Inter Milan is said to have made an offer of €90 millions. Maybe we could offer €80 millions plus Mustafi!

  9. Un na naai


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  12. Akan

    Marco,,, Marc

    IF Koscelney filed a claim in a court of law and called a witness (Arsene Wenger) for instance, who could collaborate his story that there was an agreement between the parties as he seems to have alleged. That would be proof of contract. Anything that he has done subsequent to that event is as a consequence thereof.
    Doubt he will do that though as he just wants out

  13. bennydevito

    Graham62July 13, 2019    19:19:24

    Just a thought.

    Ivory Coast has a population of 27m.

    Are we taking into account how much we could recoup through shirt sales should we sign him?

    Don’t know how much a Football shirt costs in the Ivory Coast but I’m sure a fair few Ivorian citizens would be wearing a Zaha shirt if he signed, not to mention fans from other African countries.

    Got to hang onto something .


    Do we get money directly from shirt sales or does it go to Adidas as we get the down payment for the kit deal?

    If we get a percentage from each shirt sold then yes, just like Madrid did with their Beckham and Ronaldo shirt sales buying Zaha could potentially tap into a huge market, but if every shirt sold goes to Adidas then it won’t make any difference to us other than arming us with the ammunition to negotiate a higher deal with Adidas or another company when this new deal ends.

    Good comment though.

  14. Un na naai

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  17. Elmo


    They are effectively merchandise licensing deals. Adidas pay £60m to buy the right to the Arsenal brand for the purpose of producing, selling, and profiting from branded merchandise. No-one is going to pay £60m and also share profits.

    What would be interesting to know is whether such contracts explicitly require clubs to have a certain number of high profile, brand name players going into every season (e.g Ozil).

  18. Un na naai

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  19. bennydevito

    Rambo RamseyJuly 13, 2019    19:01:42

    Emery must be wondering why he took this job. Zero in the January market and looks like peanuts again now in the summer.

    Good luck trying to get a serious coach to come to this club next.


    Great comment Rambo, who indeed?

    Looks to me once Emery has gone we’re only going to be able to attract unknown entities in the Arteta and Lampard mould to take us on. No serious established manager/coach is going to touch us with a barge pole.

  20. Champagne Charlie

    Yea benny, been thrust forward under Emery haven’t we.

    Lampard would’ve had us out the CL and pissing the summer up the wall, not on easy street like we have it now.

  21. bennydevito

    Un nai,

    Not a boxer now, no, but was an amateur for a few years from 18 to 21, but for a myriad of reasons and me leaving my club, moving town and getting into the dance scene mid nineties to mid noughties and getting into the party drugs I gave it up.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


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    Different character

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  23. bennydevito

    Champagne CharlieJuly 13, 2019    22:05:50

    Yea benny, been thrust forward under Emery haven’t we.

    Lampard would’ve had us out the CL and pissing the summer up the wall, not on easy street like we have it now.


    Eh? Not sure I get you.

    I never said Emery has thrust us forward. Steadied the ship and made minimal progress but nothing to write home about and if this season finishes the same I would hope he goes.

    As for Lampard who knows how he’d have done with us, will be interesting to see how he does with Chelsea.

  24. bennydevito

    RSPC Arsenal,

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  25. Marko

    Unlike marko whill happily hand his country over to whoever

    Yeah I’ll give Lille the republic of Ireland and then I’ll loan him to Arsenal…maybe.

    Absolutely hilarious seeing the Irish Don and the English Don going at it. Akin to two sloths trying to navigate a puddle

  26. WengerEagle


    Why does Pepe cause you to shoot loads?

    You said anything over 50m for Zaha would be a bad deal and we should look elsewhere, is 80m not a laughable price for a guy putting up one good season in France? Where his stats were padded by penalties.

  27. Cork City Gooner

    Un nah naai ,,me and my people are not leeches,,we are Irish Catholics,,not muslim inbred londoners,,ok

  28. Bueleydave

    So have I got this right? Kos has his contract front loaded. He takes the front loading. And then walks away from the downside. If that’s right it makes him complete cunt in my book

  29. Cork City Gooner

    The Irish people fought for freedom from the British know all self intitled pompous cunts so we could say what we like in your native tongue,against you

  30. Marko

    WE it’s pretty simple I think Zaha is overpriced and a bit overrated anything about 40 million would be too much. Pepe is younger with a much higher ceiling and I think would offer better value for money 80 million would be too much though. The whole pen padding stats stuff is such a juvenile point considering most of the best scorers in Europe score a lot of pens. He still had 13 from play and perhaps more importantly 11 assists

  31. Champagne Charlie

    Sky sauces behind the times, been talk the last two days that it’s all but rubber stamped.

  32. Valentin

    If reports of the all in bid for Pepe and the increased offer for Tierney arevteue, Either the report of Saliva gazumping or the good tongue lashing by Kroenke really fired Raul up. No more dithering, going half way with a low ball offer, no more incremental bid.

  33. China1

    Un na ‘I vote for Farage and Tommy Tommy’

    there is so much wrong with this sentence but just know that when you eventually sober up this comment will still be here

  34. China1

    Valentin they won’t be true. Why would they be?

    Tabloids make money off of paper sales and clicks. It couldn’t be faker

  35. WengerEagle


    Is he that much better than Zaha? His end product is better alright but Zaha is the better dribbler and 1 vs 1 player, one that we are crying out for.

    Before you go off on one I’m not a huge fan of Zaha myself, just think it’s weird that you don’t have an issue at us possibly looking to spend 80m on Pepe when you had one on us spending over 40m for Zaha when the difference isn’t much between them.

    Brandt and Hazard for 20-25m each were MUCH better deals than these Pepe and Zaha figures being thrown up. We should be looking at these kind of deals and pumping our remaining money into players to fix our spine.

    By the way re penalties, I get your point but mine was that he scores a lot of them which pad his stats. It’s different to Hazard padding his because Hazard brings so much more through his dribbling and creativity on the ball which Pepe lacks, he’s been marketed as a goalscorer hence the relevance in bringing up the large amount of pens he scores.

  36. Marko

    Val no way have Inter bid for Pepe. No way can they afford him they’re currently haggling over loaning Lukaku for the next 100 years. They’re as broke as us. Can’t even afford to buy Sensi and Barrella outright

  37. Nelson

    I would be happy if Edu can get us Everton Soares. He is not a finished product yet. He is fast and reminds me of Leroy Sane.

  38. WengerEagle

    Serie A clubs are beyond broke.

    Juventus are the financial powerhouses and even they are reliant on picking up bargain free agents due to their prestige and guarantee of winning the league every year.

  39. WengerEagle

    I loved what I saw of Everton Soares in the Copa too.

    That’s the kind of player we should be pursuing, why else bring Edu here if not. Affordable and would jump at the chance to play for a big European club and wages.

  40. Champagne Charlie


    The Saliba deal might’ve fired Raul up, but unless it’s fired up the war chest it’s absolute fantasy.

    Easy to get fired up when you’ve got 120 mil to burn and not 40

  41. Pierre

    ” and perhaps more importantly 11 assists”

    All those years that you disregarded assists as being an important part of the game and now Marko, you quote Pepe’s assist and Ozil’s lack of assists as being relevant .

    What’s changed ….or is it just easier for you to praise footballers from another team rather than players from a team that you are supposed to support.

  42. Marko

    His end product is better alright but Zaha is the better dribbler and 1 vs 1 player, one that we are crying out for.

    He’s actually an excellent dribbler. Loves a step over. His dribbling stats aren’t that much off Zaha according to whoscored.

    he’s been marketed as a goalscorer hence the relevance in bringing up the large amount of pens he scores.

    I’m not sure he’s been marketed as just a goal scorer. He’s got a good amount of assists too. Point still stands 13 goals from play and 11 assists show you he’s got end product. Zaha with 10 goals and 5 assists in his most productive season ever gives me doubts. But yeah the price and all that but at the end of the day we talk about making up the gap on the other teams with top tier attackers well this is who you address that

  43. HighburyLegend

    “The biggest player at the club hates the manager, doesn’t turn up for big away days and is very publicly digging his heels in to stay.”

    The word “biggest” made me laugh.

    The rest of the quote… made Pierre laugh.

  44. Zimmie2652

    Sevilla has been killing it this window and yet, there’s hardly any chatter on them around the interwebzzzz. Sad to think what could’ve been.

  45. Marko

    What’s changed

    Glad you asked eh Özil doesn’t get that many assists he’s declined to the point where he gets about 3 assists on the season while we have two 20-30 goal a season strikers. Which is pretty shocking. Iwobi contributes more

  46. Champagne Charlie

    Yea let’s not drop in some context, like Pepe playing in Ligue un and Zaha the prem.

    Another case of foreign fanny flutter. Zaha would be a much more destructive player than Pene.

  47. Marko

    Nah Sevilla have made one maybe two good signings this window in Jordan and Kounde the rest they’ll be offloading next summer

  48. Marko

    You keep doing this thing Charles where you’re so worried for some reason about players from other leagues adapting to the premier league like it’s inconceivable that a player could and you’re scared shitless really. A bit risk adverse like a certain former manager it seems. But the history of the premier league is littered with players who have come from foreign leagues and who’ve done very well. Even now you have City with Bernardo Silva and Sane coming from foreign leagues doing well. Liverpool have Firmino for example Salah needed a stint in Italy before he was ready for the premier league. United have Martial coming straight from France and Spurs have Son for example who came from Leverkusen. Maybe that’s why we never targeted him in the past because of the risk factor and the worry about adapting. Anyway it’s fine if you prefer Zaha and worry about Pepe and whether or not he could play in the premier league we’re not likely to sign him anyway.

  49. WengerEagle

    Yeah and they were all bought for fairly reasonable fees Marko, in Bernardo Silva’s case he was CL proven and a league winner which is why he cost a bit more money.

    The rest of them [barring Martial who’s fee included a shit load of add-ons] were bought for 25m-35m range which is the type of player we ought to be going after due to our financial situation.

    Pepe is unproven outside of Ligue 1 which is arguably the weakest of the top 5 Euro leagues, spending 80+m on him would be retarded.

  50. Nelson

    “Arsenal have made an improved offer in the region of £25m for Celtic left-back Kieran Tierney, Sky Sports News understands.”

    Seems that Raul has finally got Stan’s support to close out deals.

  51. Pierre

    “He’s actually an excellent dribbler. Loves a step over. His dribbling stats aren’t that much off Zaha according to whoscored.”

    More importantly…can be track back ?

  52. WengerEagle

    All of that bluster and show and tell and we end up bending over for Celtic and paying an extra 10m for Tierney haha.

    Why not just have cut the bullshit and offered it two weeks ago and move on to other more pressing needs?

  53. Marko

    The rest of them [barring Martial who’s fee included a shit load of add-ons] were bought for 25m-35m range which is the type of player we ought to be going after due to our financial situation.

    Don’t disagree though I would add that the market has changed a little bit but I digress you’re right we shouldn’t be going for him or Zaha for that matter and should be looking for ones between 25-35 million. Outsmart the market.

    Pepe is unproven outside of Ligue 1

    So was Martial. So was Bernardo Silva. But again you’re right. Really we should be looking for proven premier league players in the 25-35 million price range. You know what I’m thinking? That’s right Ryan Fraser. You’re behind that signing right? Just what I thought

  54. Marko

    More importantly…can be track back ?

    No the important thing is that he has a positive output. He does actually put in a shift as well which is important

  55. WengerEagle

    Martial was 19 and Bernardo Silva as I just said was CL proven, was a stand-out player in a side that made the CL SF.

    The sarcasm is cute but really if this is the extent of our scouting and recruitment team then we’re in for a bleak number of years ahead.

    Le Grove literally come up with a more original list of targets than they have. Do Emery and Raul just scroll through the Daily Mail/Reddit comments section when cooking up lists?

  56. Champagne Charlie

    literally nothing to do with foreign talents not cutting it, and more to do with getting a hard cock for foreign talents on that basis alone.

    In what world is Pepe worth 80 mil but your fanny flutters when Zaha nears 50?

  57. bennydevito

    I’m not sure if true that Pepe at that price offers value for money. Surely Fekir and Ziyech at £60m combined is far better?

    If not, how about upping our Zaha bid, or heavens forbid try and hijack the de Ligt move to Juve or offer Leicester £70m for Maguire?

    Spunking £80m on Pepe when we need the defence sorting out 5 years ago makes no sense whatsoever, especially when we have some great youngsters like Nelson and ERS knocking on the door.

  58. Marko

    The sarcasm is cute but really if this is the extent of our scouting and recruitment team then we’re in for a bleak number of years ahead.

    I’m not being sarcastic I’m only offering up alternatives to Pepe within the criteria of prem proven and a certain price range.
    Who do you have in mind WE?

  59. Marko

    In what world is Pepe worth 80 mil but your fanny flutters when Zaha nears 50?

    Fanny flutters your new favorite word? Catching up on love island I bet. Both overpriced af

  60. WengerEagle

    I didn’t say he had to be PL proven Marko, I just said that spunking 80m plus on a 24 year old that’s done nothing outside of Ligue 1 would be shocking which it would be.

    Can guarantee that no other club puts up anything close to that kind of coin for Pepe.

  61. Marko

    Le Grove literally come up with a more original list of targets than they have. Do Emery and Raul just scroll through the Daily Mail/Reddit comments section when cooking up lists?

    I know right. Quite a few clubs being very lazy with their scouting and targeting Pepe

  62. Marko

    Good one no but seriously it seems quite a few clubs are interested in him which I agree is lazy scouting. It’s funny you should say talksport cause Pedro was talking recently about how Honigstein is in the know and he’s apparently a regular on talksport.

  63. Marko

    Anyway just as well we’re not getting any signings in cause you seem to have real issues with who we’re targeting. Whether it’s Tierney or Saliba and now rumours of Pepe. It’s tough to please some people.

  64. WengerEagle


    I mean we can’t afford to pay 80m for Pepe, I’d want a player with an Eden Hazard like impact for that kind of dough. Same as Zaha, 80m for him would be laughable.

    Are you forgetting that most of Europe are broke and are selling clubs? Not exactly a shortage of talent on the market either I mean shit Sarabia just went to PSG for 18m and Brandt and Hazard to Dortmund for 50m combined.

  65. WengerEagle

    Have absolutely no issue with Tierney and the issue with Saliba is that we’re farming him back to France for a year when we’re in a defensive crisis now.

    Tough for some people to read it seems.

  66. Marko

    Tough for some people to read it seems.

    “the issue with Saliba is that we’re farming him back to France ”

    So I was right when I said that you have issues with who we’re targeting. Anyway what attackers do you think we should target instead of Pepe. I’m curious

  67. Champagne Charlie

    Fanny flutters aptly describes your pendulum personality toward players and transfer targets. There’s little to no sense in your ramblings.

    Pepe at 80 mil has you busting a nut, you spend countless years moaning about our defence but go hammer and fist for an 18 year old we won’t see, but 100% will be one of the first to lose their shit when the defence is pony yet again.

    All over the show.

  68. Champagne Charlie

    “Anyway what attackers do you think we should target instead of Pepe. I’m curious“

    80 on Ziyech, Coman, Neres, Lozano, Everton, Bailey, Kluivert. All arguably better value given they’d be bought with a bunch of change to spare for other needs.

  69. Marko

    I’m confused though cause when the conversation was about Neres recently again the worry was about ability to adapt is he that good even and bullshit about players from the eredivisie. Now he’s on Charlie’s list of targets? Good list good all things considered.

  70. Guns of SF

    Im reading just now, that we are back in for Tierney.
    Good news if true.
    Also, Edu persuading Everton S to join us. Good fast aggressive winger. Cheaper than what we are offering others apparently.

    IF those 2 come in… its better than nothing… needed a winger and if we can somehow swing a CAM we are ok for time being

  71. Goobergooner

    This whole fuck up of culture at our club is down to two men. Wenger and gazidis.
    The new backroom isn’t doing as well as I’d hoped but the whole situation has been brewing for years.

    The fans that sang one Arsene Wenger til the very end can suck a dick. Especially cause they are now the ones complaining the most (and then there is Pedro).

    Not one arsenal fan is truly happy at the moment.

    And it gets even harder to make them happy when so many of us are entitled pricks expecting Champions league finals every year.

    How that even came to be is mind boggling. We have been an also ran in champs league since like 2008.

    Our squad is fucking shit because it was built by a well off the pace Wenger and given that special sauce by gazidis signing off on fucking shit contracts and not seeing our best assets for money, rather trading them for shit cunts like mhki or letting them leave for free.

    Any other manager who came in instead of Emery would have the same problems.

    no money,

    Shit squad (in relation to the top teams) with no value to sell.

    Players with no fucking balls as Wenger liked them.

    Ozil the fucking weasel cunt just cruising through his contract because he could get away with it under Wenger and now being called out is being a brat.

    I don’t even know what I even like about this club anymore. Kroenke is slowly ruining it for everyone.

    Monreal Leno and the strikers, holding, bellend, torr guen and the youngsters coming through, I can at least hope we can turn it around to some degree. But it’s not looking good near future.

  72. Guns of SF

    Kroenke is responsible for this mess.
    An investor and the biggest AKB
    Took everything at Wengers word
    Has no clue about a football club
    Just another plaything and bank asset for his credit line to fund the LA stadium
    We have been infested with this disaster of an owner
    Where is JR?

    Its all BS…. wish they would sell our team …god knows there are buyers who would actually give a shit

  73. TallestTiz

    I’d love this Everyone Soares of a guy. This is the sort of deal we should snap up. He’d cost under £30 million. But I can predict his stock will definitely rise in two years to over £70 million

    Hello Groovers! it’s been a while. Been reading most days without commenting. It’s been a naughty world on this blog recently, I just admit.
    Let’s hope Nigeria do well today. Any Naija guys in Uyo here?

  74. Tony

    Un Done
    You exceeded yourself last night – didn’t think that was possible.

    New meds, Un?

    Whilst the Irish (north and south) might be termed as ‘unique’ I’ve found the majority I’ve met in my 63 years to be funny and good company.

    Alita: Battle Angel?

    My 10 year old son loved it and my 23 year old son enjoyed the filming/editing technology employed – similar to Ready Player One.

    I liked it for the tech as well.

    A lot of the tech first was used in Ex Machina https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0470752/ with Alicia Vikander who not only is a brilliant actress (seen all her movies) but also a rare natural beauty.

    That said Rosa Salazar (Alita) defied her 34 years with her performance and teen like looks in the predictable kids’ movie.

    What were your other top 5 gigs?

    As for the TW? I’m just happy to have a lot of other interesting things to keep me busy right now.

  75. Gonsterous

    People still moaning about emery. He won’t be here at the end of the season. Getting a new manager changes nothing. We still have the same transfer budget, the same dross still plays for the club and we have no transfer targets. We would have just spent money paying off emery.

  76. Tony

    “Akin to two sloths trying to navigate a puddle”

    That conjures a funny picture!

    Kos should be blaming his agent for not getting and tacit/verbal agreement committed to his contract amendment.

  77. Graham62


    Now ain’t that the truth.

    Great post.

    Don’t forget though, it’s all Emery’s fault.

    To all those former AKB’s and fringe AKB’s who sat and applauded all these con artists.

    Shame on you.


    Come on Roger, Lewis and England!!

    You can all do it.

    Have a great day of sport everyone.


  78. Guns of Hackney

    £25m for Tierney?

    By my maths (if reports are true) that leaves us with £15m to buy:

    3 more defenders
    An entire midfield
    At least three forwards. Wingers. Attack.

    If this was 1965, we would be fine.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    Reading that Balotelli and Sturidge available on a free. As is Beheranhi.

    That has to be worth a pay as you play punt.

    We have got to start thinking smarter.

  80. CG

    The Tierney Transfer Timeline.

    1. Arsenal bid circa £15 mill in Mid June

    2. The bedraggled and “punch drunk ‘ Edu seen in conversation with Raul Stateside

    3. Yesterday Neil Lennon states his Boy TIerney is recuperating from a Double Hernia and has on going problem with “”Pubis”” ( i.e he ain’t gonna be fit for a while)

    4. Arsenal then bid £25 million for him( £10 million more – even after Lennon’s yesterday announcement)

    So disappointing to see Edu already being manipulated and railroaded by his ‘Owner’ Raul in sanctioning this deal.

    What off course Edu – should have said to Raul if he intends to a be an impartial and efficient Tecky Decky is:

    “”” Why do we not let the player get 100% fit first and we revisit The Tierney Transfer in the January Window- because we do have Sead K on the books- and he can surely play 18 games until then”””””””

    “””We need to prioritise on other areas- as the budget is tight”””

    We have a Spanish Spiv
    We have a Spanish Coach
    We have a Brazillian Teck Deck
    All making the Decisions.

    And the best they can come up with is an injury prone Jock who plays in a Pub League for £25 000 000

    The budget is £45 000 000?
    But I reckon it a bit less.

    Raul knows he needs compo money when the inevitable axe falls on The Clowns Neck.( circa £6 000 000)

    The Tierney Deal, frankly is total nonsense and evidence of the new Regime ever sinking in the Quagmire. ( he ain’t £25 million better than Sead K)

    It’s a deal they are solely pushing through- because they have to seen to be proactive in front of Stan and Co.

    And that’s the inarguable Truth.
    As Always.

  81. CG

    Cork City Goon

    Thank you for your invitation
    Unfortunately- I wont be at the Burnley fixture.
    My next trip over will be Christmas.

    But – you can do me a favour.
    When you are at The Burnley match-and I am presuming all the fine gentleman of Cork -carry a handkerchief- please wave it intermittently at the coach Emery for me ( if he still there).


  82. Samesong

    Reading that Balotelli and Sturidge available on a free. As is Beheranhi.

    Sturridge dog would get more game time 🤪

  83. Bob N16


    Top5 almost impossible to compile but…

    The Undertones- Hammersmith Palais 1981
    U2 – October Tour, Lyceum 1981
    Various including Third World( at sunrise) at Reggae Sunsplash Mo Bay 1987
    Inti Illimani Santiago – first gig in Chile after 21 years of exile 1988
    Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros – Brixton 2001

    John Martyn(various), Sly and Robbie Taxi Tour, Pat Metheny not quite in the top 5
    That’s my list today! The 80s did best….nostalgia!

  84. Bob N16

    Graham, can’t wait for the cricket! (Actually will have to wait, rain only just stopped in London Town). Roger and Lewis too! F1 not so significant today mind you!

  85. Sussexgooner

    CG that french buffoon is a busted flush finished as a top level manager , arrogant egotistical and stubborn and I hope he never comes back to the Emirates in any capacity.

  86. Batistuta

    Would be funny if not borderline comical if we’ve actually finally bid 25 million for Tierney after wasting weeks trying to get it done.

    Remember being called naive or something for saying we should have offered closer to the asking price or just outright pay what the asking club is looking for and getting the deal done and moving on to other targets now here we are, weeks later, season upon us and yet no one in.

    How did Arsenal sit by though and let Hernandez join Milan for the amount we got him? It’s comical what our transfer strategy is to be honest

  87. Champagne Charlie

    “I’m confused though cause when the conversation was about Neres recently again the worry was about ability to adapt is he that good even and bullshit about players from the eredivisie“

    That’s not a new concern, what part of the fact we have a budget are you missing?

    The argument has always been against splashing a massive amount on unproven, leaving us hopeful instead of expectant.

    The other is reducing our spending power THIS window for a teenager we will only see from next season.

    The arguments are so basic, you act like folk are against any and all signings outside of London. They’re not. They just don’t see 80 mil Pepe as a cockbuster that you do. I’d rather spend half that on someone else and the rest on another problem area, that so backwards?

  88. CG

    Tierney record Scottish transfer fee.

    Tierney has played 9 games*** in 2019 – because of injuries

    We are signing Tierney for £25 000 000 with his legacy injuries.

    Tierney – the worst transfer by any club in England this window?

    Maybe Villa have bought some filth too
    (They are spending oodles)

    This Club is only Going In one direction.



    *** if he has only played 9 games. WHO IN THE HELL HAS WATCHED HIM PLAY RECENTLY?

    9 Games !!!
    Edu Rolling Over like a PussyCat in Week 1!

  89. CG

    Tierney gets fit and firing
    Buy him in Jan.

    And this mob gave Rambo away- because of his alleged injuries.

    Absolute Dopes!

  90. CG

    The Celtic BoardRoom must be the best place in the world to be right now.

    Can you imagine the Laughing.
    The Fits of Laughter .
    The tears of Laughter.

    9 games in 2019
    £25 000 000!

    Raul -The Contacts Man!!!!

  91. Up 4 grabs now

    Good morning, great day of sport ahead with the cricket, tennis and grand prix. Not great planning that it’s all at the same time though!

    Not a 100% sold buying Tierney now,
    25 million for a player that isn’t fit and might not make the start of the season. And we’re also already missing bellerin.

    My question would be why we haven’t been linked with any other left back?

    Now 80 million bids for pepe, if true that means palace will want the same for Zaha when pepe dissappears off to PSG!!!

  92. CG

    The huge jump in class from Pub League to The Best league in the world can only EXACERBATE legacy injuries.

    Page Bloody 1 of Football management!.

    Dont buy injured players!

  93. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Spot on.

    Injured or sub standard players on long expensive contracts

    The downfall of the club and still not learning.

    Surely they can insert clauses in contracts where the club can release

    Do club not learn

    Bogarde did it at Chelsea 20 years ago

    Players still doing it.

  94. Gentlebris

    It might be coming from CG, but we honestly have no business buying an injured player, not for any amount, let alone a huge sum like that.

    Taking it at face value, this is gross neglect of responsibility to say the least. But maybe they have a card up their sleeves or the bid info is just another Pepe for €80m dogshit.

  95. Gentlebris

    ‘I wonder what the championship will be like next season? Anyone reckon we’ll come straight back up?’

    We should at least reach the playoffs.

  96. CG

    Have they not learned one iota from the Suarez Fiasco?
    Did he not arrive Injured?

    As for Edu.
    If he puts his name to this.
    (He as many have predicted.)

    Its here for The Ride.
    The Houding out Of Dortmund Eye looks ever more scandalous.

    I reckon- he would have 10 left backs we could target.

  97. Dissenter

    You realize that Tierney is currently convalescing following hernia surgery. He’s not going anyway soon.
    It could be that Arsenal went back to purse or enquire about other options and came back when they realized that Tierney was still good value at “closer to £25 million”
    It could be that we made our money last more by getting a free transfer for another position…and then increased the bid becaus4 we had more money.
    It could be that Celtic accepted the lower bid and are leaking this to save face.
    It could be that the player forced the club’s hand and they are set to capitulate .

    What difference would it have made if we signed him 3 weeks ago. He’s unfit to play for a while….. maybe it saves you one or two Valiums.

    The possibilities are endless man… relax 😀😀😀

  98. David Smith

    The Suarez fiasco, if really reported todayis surely a big nail in the coffin for Emery and his lack of trust in youth. What an absolutely gormless decision, and a costly one
    Adds significance to Freddie’s appointment.
    Unless emery shapes up, and if edu does what he is supposed to, could be the stars are aligning for Freddie as caretaker in Jan

  99. Dissenter

    Neymar: “My best memory as a footballer? When we won against PSG with FC Barcelona

    This has to be one of those rare occasions where neutrals get to suspend reality and feel sorry for PSG.
    They really thought they were signing a decent human being.

  100. Up 4 grabs now

    Sources tell @BBCSport Arsenal have not submitted a bid for Lille forward Nicolas Pepe and do not have the level of money being reported (€80m) to sign the Ivory Coast international this summer #LOSC #AFC

  101. KAY Boss

    IMO, I think the Tierney deal was done long ago. Maybe both clubs decided it’s the right time to make the deal public through the Ornsteins. He may be injured but he will recover in time as I think it’s the reason the deal was somewhat delayed. And he might come good. Every pro athlete gets injured at some point in time. Aside his hernia operation(which common in most men) and his pubis whatever which other injury has he got? People just love to moan. Can never satisfy everybody.

  102. Elmo


    Anyone who has ever had the impression that Neymar is anything but a spoiled brat, suspended in an extended childhood, is sorely mistaken.


    Great to see cricket on terrestrial, though the commentary is so bland compared to listening to TMS. It’s nicely poised atm: NZ could make 250, and anything in that range has been tough to chase.

  103. Cesc Appeal

    This Pepe thing is interesting because you’ve got some reputable sources reporting conflicting things

  104. Up 4 grabs now

    Elmo 250 would be an OK score. Just looking at the semi with Australia they couldn’t score where England found it a lot easier.
    If I was nz I’d want 300ish to be safe?

  105. Marc


    All this fuss over Tierney being injured is actually quite funny. He’s had a hernia op it’s not a major deal the way some are going on it’s as if he’s had a heart and lung transplant!

  106. Up 4 grabs now

    It does seem a bit weird to be chucking 80 million for pepe. Especially when so many other options are available for 25-30 million.

  107. Elmo

    NZ aren’t a 300+ batting side, but the conditions are perfect for their bowling unit. 250-270 will make it a competitive chase. It’s shaping up nicely.

  108. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t have a clue. Common sense says no but some of the reports in France are interesting.

    I always thought it would be interesting to see what happens/if anything changes in our transfer approach once everyone is in the US with Kroenke.

    Just fits with that (or maybe journalism in reaction it it, who knows) that suddenly we’ve given Celtic basically what they want, we’ve approached Everton Soares and have (allegedly) bid for Pepe.

    Like I say, either the papers are ramping it up precisely because everyone is in the US or the transfer policy has changed.

  109. Up 4 grabs now

    Marc, my worry is he won’t be ready for the start of the season.
    We apparently won’t have bellerin or holding till October time. That three of your back four missing a lot of games.

  110. Cesc Appeal

    Up 4

    It does. I still fall on the side of thinking its bullshit, but I don’t know.

    The only way I can think this has happened is if a transfer policy change has occurred in the US with everyone there planning out a strategy.

    What makes me think it may not be true is if Emery wants Zaha badly then why was the offer for Pepe and not Zaha? Unless of course Kroenke is involved and wants to know about age/room for growth/resale value etc and wants to push for Pepe is funds are being released? I can’t see Emery or Sanllehi disagreeing if it was offered.

    No idea. Things at Arsenal have been so bleak I might just enjoy it for a while.

    I guess we will see.

  111. Up 4 grabs now

    Cesc yeah I’m thinking it’s rubbish, I said earlier if pepe ends up going elsewhere palace will be saying you were willing to pay 80 million for pepe we want that minimum for Zaha.

    I know it’s arsenal and everything is done arse upwards but why are we not being linked with centrebacks or more than just Tierney at left back?

    Defence needs sorting first, then midfield. Attack last.
    Makes no sense.

  112. Marc


    I had a hernia op a couple of years ago, went in Friday morning had op Friday afternoon and went home Saturday morning. I was starving so I walked down to the local shop and bought the ingredients for a fry up. I was a bit tender and found I got fatigued easily for a week or so but that was about it.

    Before I had the op loads of people I know all knew someone who’d had a hernia op and was in pieces / agony for months. Tierney’s got over a month to heal – if he misses a match or so I’m pretty sure we’ll cope.

  113. China1

    We won’t be signing pepe, but he looks like a pretty dodgy gamble financially anyway.

    He’s 23 and has had only one great season. Most top players would be banging on the door a bit earlier than that

    He could be a top player but I’m always suspicious when a player is approaching mid 20s having only recently looked class

  114. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree with that a bit.

    We absolutely have to buy at least one winger, the difference in this side if you added a winger in each wide position and then Tierney at LB would be amazing and indirectly would assist you in defence as well.

    We might be following a sort of Liverpool path in terms of a having a great attack by the end of the summer but a very dodgy defence still which could then be addressed thoroughly with UCL money if your attack carries you there.

    We’re far too one paced and lack any threat from out wide which puts enormous pressure on the centre. If we went defence first we’d need 2 CBs, LB and then we absolutely have to add legs to the midfield (CM and CAM) which will end up costing a fortune and I still think we’d struggle for lack of pace.

    They might see it as the cheaper route to UCL football this season (with 3 possible routes in) to just prime the attack.

    I’m just guessing though. It might all be bullshit and we end up with Tierney and not much else.

    Kroenke must see the logic and freeing up funds though. How he can expect UCL football with a £40 Million budget is beyond me. Particularly as he sat back and allowed us to get into this position.