Exclusive: The spark that led to the Laurent Koscielny strike situation

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I did think Arsenal jumped the gun with that weird press release about Laurent K going on strike. Seemed a little defensive for something that should have been dealt with in-house like it would have under Arsene.

Anyway, the counter-attack is underway and I was told that there’s more to the story than Laurent bombing preseason because he’s a brat.

Apparently, when he signed his last deal with Arsenal, there was a final year clause that changed things up. Now, don’t hold me to contract details, but the gist was he was paid more than is reported up front, and now he’s in the final year, his salary has dropped to Jenks levels and it’s heavily performance related. I think this is a Huss evolution of doing deals.

He’s going to be 34 in September. He knows he won’t be played much. Holding will come back into the mix, Mustafi and Sokratis are ahead of him, Mavrapanos might come good and even if they’re all out, he’s massively injury prone these days. He thought there was a gentleman’s agreement that he could leave. He has a 3 year deal on the table to head to the south of France. He feels betrayed and is going to gun to get what he wants.

I don’t know why anyone believes in gentleman’s agreements or holds people to account for things they say in the corridor. I don’t know why he signed a deal that moved to performance related in his last year. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But… you can kind of understand why he’s gunning hard to exit here. He’s looking to max out retirement and he’s insecure about his body being able to last another year in the Premier League. He’s also been with us for 9 years and I’d imagine under Wenger, he’d be leaving the club without a fuss.

Again, I’m not sure why we’d hold onto him. He’s not really a big voice at Arsenal, he’s never been a leader and we shouldn’t be depending on someone with his injury record at his age. This isn’t us keeping John Terry behind. However, I guess Arsenal are looking at his as value for money if he’s on £45k a week.

It’s also an interesting contract evolution. Pay players more in the upfront, then make sure the final year isn’t pleasant. You either resign to get more money, or you give 100% focus and don’t mail it in so you make up the lost revenue. Clever on paper for sure.

I do worry about the culture at Arsenal and what all of this says about us.

We’re trying to move the club into a space where kids can learn their trade and grow into elite performers.

What are they learning at Arsenal? Who is guiding them?

You have 3-5 players who are here because they love their contracts.

Our captain is on strike.

The next in line for the armband is Xhaka, a player everyone knows isn’t good enough.

The biggest player at the club hates the manager, doesn’t turn up for big away days and is very publicly digging his heels in to stay.

Is any of this inspiring for young people? Does any of this look like good education? Are we creating the right environment to grow the best athletes?

In a game of paper-thin margins, these things matter.

Never mind that we’re a total shit show right now, the bigger concern for at the minute is how rotten our culture is and much hard work and future planning needs to be implemented to course correct us to a Champions League final in 5 years time.

Right, see you in the comments. x


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  1. WengerEagle

    It’s OK guys, I’m sure it’s just Edu is still recovering from a pilled up celebratory weekend of sandblasting trannies in Rio with his good pal Ronaldo.

    The signings are a coming.

  2. Dream10

    Nabil Fékir off to Real Betis. He’ll replace Lo Celso. Likely means that Lo Celso will end up at Spurs.

  3. Dissenter

    You were trying to converse with certain poster. You asked him nicely to clarify and all you got were snarky parries.
    That’s what I was referring to.

  4. Dissenter

    I don’t have any problem with anyone laying into Raul, Emery or Vinai.

    What you seem to do these days, is pretend like it all came upon us because an asteroid dropped in the club.
    You are always quick to try to banish every attempt to link the problem to the old regime… it’s all on the new guts- that’s your mantra these days.

  5. Rambo Ramsey

    The only difference between the last two windows and the last 20 is there’s no Wenger to cover up the club’s utter lack of ambition.

    No more empty statements like ‘We are looking for top, top qualidee’

  6. WengerEagle

    Wow that’s a left-field move.

    My hunch was that no big team would take on Fekir as he’s too much of a gamble physically and looks to be the way it’s gone.

    Lo Celso to Spurs and Eriksen sold most likely domino effect.

  7. Dissenter

    Nabil Fekir has really c]dropped from his lofty perch.
    From World Cup winner and failed medicals at Liverpool to Sociedad in the space of one season!

  8. Un na naai

    Mark with a C

    You made a complete bell end of yourself with the RvP comment.
    You’re better than that

  9. Marko

    In recent hours, #AFC have a tabled a bid in the region of €80m for Nicolas Pepe according to

    Probably bullshit but I’d genuinely blow a hole in my pants if we signed him up

  10. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    Thought Fékir was a dead cert for a non Juventus side in Serie A. Little injury prone, but a quality player who is a bit of a talisman. Expect him to be on the move.next summer

  11. WengerEagle


    Would you have said that we were just 2 first team players away last season?Because Ramsey’s exit means that we have an even worse XI than last sesson.

    Most on here after the Wolves, Leicester, Palace and Burnley matches and then amplified with this EL Final were saying that we needed 6 new players minimum and were minimising Emery’s impact on proceedings.

    Just find the cavalier attitude towards the window now pretty hypocritical in light of that.

  12. Marc


    If the window does close with no significant signings then as you say the club is going to have a major issue with perception – no one to hide behind any more.

    I’m amazed Adidas aren’t demanding more be done, they’ve just signed a deal worth £300 million and the club are doing nothing to encourage fans to go out and buy a new shirt.

  13. Un na naai


    Blowing holes in your pants? You must lead a fulfilling life. A maybe from the French league and you empty your hairy little nuggs. Yeah let’s blow you load and double our budget on a player who’s this years dembele -50%

    On you go

  14. Champagne Charlie

    Fekirs medical must’ve come back with him just having the one leg, Betis is a sideways move at best. Lyon a much better outfit

  15. salparadisenyc


    That’s nonsense, you and I posted in this space for years, think you’re aware of how I felt about the old regime both viscerally aware of how we’ve landed into this position.

    The job at hand is to deal with that, which isn’t being done because it’s becoming apparent a plan B wasn’t hatched. If that’s proven wrong I’ll be the first to flag it until then standard service resumes.

  16. Gentlebris

    Lan Wright had a few things to say re: Kos.

    “I have to question Laurent’s loyalty and love for the club to do this in pre-season, when you are the captain with young players, a time in the season when everyone should be together.

    “This is going to be a tough season for Arsenal because we are in transition and we have a lot catching up to do.

    “For our captain to refuse to go on a pre-season tour after nine years of unbelievable service to destroy your legacy at a club that you’ve to professed to love it’s baffling.

    “Why? Who are you advisers? What are they saying to you? Your’e the one who has built up this legacy which is why the fans love you so much.”

  17. Marc


    It wasn’t cavalier it was pragmatism. We don’t have the money to go out and fix all the issues in one hit unless we can move on a lot of players. What I don’t get is not moving on players we’ve previously had interest in (or at least rumours of interest) Chambers – Middlesbrough, Mustafi – Inter, Elneny – I think it was Leicester.

    My personal take at the moment is that we haven’t moved on anyone and we haven’t nailed down a player with the limited budget we have.

    The club needs to get things under control.

  18. WengerEagle

    So much for the brave new world in terms of Dortmund like scouting, etc.

    We’re just lazily browsing reddit and online fan blogs for targets at this point I mean Zaha and now Pepe?

    Does Emery even bother giving a list to Sanhelli?

  19. Champagne Charlie

    Arsenal bidding 80 mil for Pepe 😂 ok then. Bid 15 mil for Tierney, 40 mil for Zaha, been drawing up a contract for 7 months with Saliba….

    …but we’ve def just booted the hinges off the doors at Lille and offered up 80 mil.

  20. Dream10


    That’s a load of noise from Ian Wright. Koscielny has a bum Achilles and is trying to secure his future. He’s been broken for a couple of years. Take a small fee to get his contract off the books.

  21. Marc


    I’d say that rumour has his agents fingers all over it.

    That’s or Kroenke’s just opened the cheque book (only kidding!)

  22. salparadisenyc

    If Raul got Stan shitcanned last night thus procuring Pepe we can call each other amigos.

    The smart question is what they smoking over there at ITV?

  23. Rambo Ramsey

    Emery must be wondering why he took this job. Zero in the January market and looks like peanuts again now in the summer.

    Good luck trying to get a serious coach to come to this club next.

  24. Guns of SF

    i think im getting to the stage where I feel like we will not be bringing any new players in.

    At this point I guess we just ride with the youth players…

    Can’t see Laca Auba etc staying after another season of no CL

    This could be it….

  25. WengerEagle


    I find it very hard to believe that there’s been absolutely zero enquiries into any of the players that we want to shift on.

    My worry is now that Emery and co don’t actually rate the personnel as lowly as many of the supporters, they might be convinced that the late term collapse was down to teething problems in the first season or something along those lines.

    I mean it took AW over half a decade to realise that the players weren’t good enough before he had a fire sale in the 2017 window and 2018 January window and brought in Lacazette and Aubameyang for serious money. Went from no clubs seemingly being remotely interested in our players to selling off Walcott, Giroud, Chamberlain, Coquelin, Gabriel, Gibbs, etc in the space of months.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    Without question. Both he and Zaha have just returned from AFCON and a bogus link to us is pure drumming of interest.

    80 mil for him too, behave. Plays for Lille, has one good season under the belt. Anyone paying more than 50 is desperate.

  27. KAY Boss

    Honestly if we’re bidding €80m for Pepe, (if true), then I suggest we rather go hard on for Zaha. Pepe may be younger but Zaha has the experience needed in the epl to hit the ground running though it ain’t a given.

  28. Champagne Charlie

    “Emery must be wondering why he took this job.“

    Is money just a motivation for players?

    £6 mil a year to “manage” us is nice coin, well worth a banging PowerPoint.

  29. Sekard

    You made a good point with that post.If we are blooding in youngsters,them coming in to this environment is futile.This is a set up where there is no leaders,players doing a Winston Bogarde afraid to leave the gravy train and players that have no desire to push on and play for the club.Putting youngsters into this environment would probably do more damage than good.And we won’t even go there with the owner and management.If you are a young and ambitious up and coming footballer stay away from Arsenal at the minute.

  30. salparadisenyc

    Absurd thinking going from being skint to club record bids, nobody has a clue wtf comes next. Likely very little.

  31. Akan

    Despite Sam Goldwyn’s soundite. If a verbal agreement existed between the two parties it is legally enforceable,
    Arsenal fc would have breached that contract and by issuing a public statement, are attempting to place blame on Koscelney for their own breach of contract, for which they can be sued in a court of law.
    Arsenal fc should have held a proper investigation before going public with the story. This whole managerial team needs to be moved out. They, not Koscelney are responsible for disgracing the club. The ship is sinking fast under this management team.

  32. Marc


    Can’t see it – there are clearly players Emery doesn’t rate, if we’d had offers worth considering you would have heard something.

  33. Freddie Ljungberg

    So apparently we’ve bid 72m for Pepe and 43m for Ceballos, suuure.

    Meanwhile Fekir is going to Betis for 27m instead of relegating Ozil to the bench or tearing up our right flank. Ugh, I hate silly season.

  34. Marc


    Prove what I just said in private in a court of law. You can’t my defense “Your Honour he’s trying to negotiate a deal worth millions of pounds why would he lie?”

  35. Marko

    If a verbal agreement existed between the two parties it is legally enforceable,
    Arsenal fc would have breached that contract

    Not a contract therefore couldn’t have breached a contract

  36. KAMP

    Freddie hits the nail on the head, while all the Zaha – and excuse me, Pepe? – talk is going on players who are openly being offered such as Fekir and Ziyech are being ignored.

    I hope these guys know what they’re doing.

  37. Graham62

    Just a thought.

    Ivory Coast has a population of 27m.

    Are we taking into account how much we could recoup through shirt sales should we sign him?

    Don’t know how much a Football shirt costs in the Ivory Coast but I’m sure a fair few Ivorian citizens would be wearing a Zaha shirt if he signed, not to mention fans from other African countries.

    Got to hang onto something .

  38. Gentlebris

    ‘Is TFI credible… Never heard of them.’

    Even if you were told they were credible you would believe Arsenal showed up to make an £80m initial bid for Pepe?

    Some teenage intern on ecstasy cooked up that shit and I’m sure his superior bullshiters are telling him now that’s no way to go about a rumour mill business.

  39. Freddie Ljungberg


    First of all the burden of proof is on Kos, how does he prove he has a verbal agreement to be let go for free? Oops, should hve done it in writing.
    Secondly if he had a verbal agreement it was with Wenger and Gazidis since he signed his new contract in january 2017 (maybe should have included that in the contract), both of them are gone.

    The issue here isn’t that we’re trying to hold Kos hostage or anything, we just want a fee for him if he leaves, not unreasonable at all. Unless the 8.8m figures are true because we’re never getting that for him. 4-5m seems doable though.

  40. Champagne Charlie

    Graham with more fag packet sumz, to go with his infamous take of our commercial standing based on a field in Thailand. Good lad

  41. Marc


    Average GDP per capita for the Ivory Coast is under $1700. Don’t think they’ve got shit loads of cash to splurge on football shirts.

  42. Gentlebris

    ‘Freddie hits the nail on the head, while all the Zaha – and excuse me, Pepe? – talk is going on players who are openly being offered such as Fekir and Ziyech are being ignored.’

    I heard Ziyech has been extensively evaluated by our guys and found wanting.
    Can’t claim I understand that but that’s what I read.

  43. KAMP

    These websites are mailing top dollar out of the Arsenal silly season as we desperate fans hammer the refresh buttons.

    We’ll be liked to Father Christmas next. January window only as he’s busy up until then

  44. Graham62

    So this “verbal agreement” was apparently finalised in 2017 whilst Wenger and Gazidis were at the helm.


  45. Champagne Charlie

    Where’s the absolute nobody signed from fuck knows where for 15 mil that will go on to be a sensation this season?

    Haven’t had a player like that in fucking ages, club targets are all YouTube sensations ffs.

    Tierney – best player in Scotland
    Zaha – best player outside top 6
    Pepe – breakout Ligue Un star

    Some scouting network we have, next up we’ll be going audacious for that Brazilian lad with the skills, what’s his name? Neymar or something.

  46. Gentlebris

    We don’t need shirt sales as a premise for Zaha’s purchase. If we get Zaha in I will begin to trust these three musketeers, because that would be an ambitious signing.

    And since Ziyech seems gone as second choice I would say we focus on Chukueze, that kid is an absolute baller and he’s 20.

  47. Guns of Hackney


    No? Oh, okay…over and out. Will check in tomorrow to see if the Brazilian wunderkind or the Spanish car park attendant has actually done some work.

  48. Champagne Charlie

    Sources tell @BBCSport
    Arsenal have not submitted a bid for Lille forward Nicolas Pepe and do not have the level of money being reported (€80m) to sign the Ivory Coast international this summer #LOSC #AFC

    Sure Vic?

  49. Champagne Charlie

    Ornstein is a fanny, looks like he lost his ‘club mouthpiece’ role when we shuffled the deck.

    Pure chancer now spinning bollocks after bollocks. Cross II, poor doll.

  50. Marko

    This isn’t me getting ahead of myself or anything like that but why are we totally dismissing the idea that we could have bid so much for Pepe? Club who signed up two strikers for 50 and 60 million and who bid 92 million euros for Lemar couldn’t possibly bid for Pepe? I suppose not

  51. Valentin

    TF1 is the biggest TV channel in France. It would be like BBC1 or ITV making the announcement. It is credible.
    €80 millions or about £72 millions.
    I suspect that being gazumped for our both main targets Saliva and Tierney just light up a fireworks under Raul’s behind.
    Time to get serious and get things done.
    However Pepe only wants to sign to a club in the Champion’s League. So we may end up having our bid accepted by the club but rejected by the player.
    If that is the case, it would be very difficult to scream poverty when we tries to sign Zaha and Tierney.

  52. Victorious


    Lol obviously not true, just looking to cause some stir.. I mean the tabloids enjoy taking the piss on us don’t they

    How do you then explain away the fact we will stop at 40M for Zaha but willing to splurge double that for a far inferior player

    We’re easy just easy picking these days

  53. Guns of Hackney

    Doing a quick google recon on Pepe.

    Manz don’t score. And he ain’t a provider.

    A goal every four and an assist every seven.


    This stinks. Why are we trying and wasting our time recruiting wingers when everything else is totally broken?

    We need a whole new defence.
    A whole new midfield.
    At least two forwards. GS forwards.

    It’s like your washing machine breaks down and you go and buy a watch.

  54. Marko

    The bid would actually be incredibly arsenal like. Failing summer scared shitless of not addressing various areas so let’s get this marquee name in to placate the fanbase

  55. Champagne Charlie


    We really are, I mean we’ve always been a lazy link but this summer it’s complete bonkers.

  56. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are signing a dude from Love Island. Apparently he kicked a ball once and worked in a post office. Credentials!

    Only £56m. He’s 41.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    “This isn’t me getting ahead of myself or anything like that but why are we totally dismissing the idea that we could have bid so much for Pepe?“

    Because in accordance with this transfer window it’s total bollocks.

    Who the fuck is starting at 80 mil for Pepe anyway? Not just Arsenal.

  58. KAMP

    I hear the bid consists of a 2.74m down payment. And then a structured instalment plan for he next 40 years.

  59. Cork City Gooner

    I think CG comments are prejudiced and always negative ,im booked up for the burnley game at emirates,CG you seem like a fella who just needs a big hug,,,are you man enough to accept?

  60. TR7

    Not a surprise Marko believes we have bid 80M for Pepe. He was one of the rare few around here who believed 92M Lemar bid was legit.

  61. Marc

    “TF1 is the biggest TV channel in France. It would be like BBC1 or ITV making the announcement. It is credible.”

    Oh dear.

    ITV in sport = who

    BBC in general = useless cunts

  62. Victorious

    Because in accordance with this transfer window it’s total bollocks. Who the fuck is starting at 80 mil for Pepe anyway? Not just Arsenal.

    Exactly, it’s been a shocking summer so far

    No indication whatsoever we’re getting what will need before the start of season

    No single player brought in since the window opened and now we’re suddenly going to be bringing 3/4 players in less than 3 weeks? Don’t think so

  63. Marc

    “I hear the bid consists of a 2.74m down payment. And then a structured instalment plan for he next 40 years.”

    That would have been credible if we had £2.74 million to make the down payment.

  64. Victorious

    CC how do you see the rest of the window panning out?

    You see Tierney happening? Zaha? Kos-gate? Do we get a CM? CB?

    Honestly can’t be bother at this point, think the clowns in charge are on rightly their way in making this summer our worse ever

  65. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    We ain’t bid nowt.

    Marc with a c

    Your a season ticket holder I’m guessing , can you every remember such chases.

    If only the clash were back together … there’s a lot of material…

    I fought the Stan an the Stan won,

    Should Stan stay or should he go

    Club robber.

    Trains to the game in vain…

    I hate the club

  66. Marko

    Not a surprise Marko believes we have bid 80M for Pepe. He was one of the rare few around here who believed 92M Lemar bid was legit.

    You must have missed the part where I said probably bullshit. Yeah quite stupid of me to believe that Lemar bid stuff only the player, the Monaco vice President and Dick Law confirming it. Oh and I checked my tea leafs as well and they’re never wrong

  67. Marc


    That’s the most creative I’ve ever seen you.

    Sanllehi’s going need to get his arse in gear or he’s going to have to start explaining an awful lot of empty seats.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c


    I’m at the point where I can’t stand the club.

    They will always bee my team, however I can’t be bothered to check on them .

    To me they are finished.

  69. Un na naai

    Champagne Charlie owns this commerce section these days
    Since when did the outsiders become the mainstream?? Since our arguments dominated the retards

    Sorry Charlie
    I’m stealing your thunder.

  70. Marko

    “After the 2015 U17 World Cup in Chile, I took Samuel Chukwueze and Kelechi Nwakali to Arsenal for trial and Arsenal picked Nwakali but dropped Chukwueze.

    “Little did Arsenal know that the abandoned Chukwueze would light up the world this soon. Villarreal have now placed a price tag of over 60 million Euros on him.

    “Now, Nwakali is on loan somewhere, playing for their B team, while Chukwueze plays in La Liga and is currently at AFCON, and might even win it.”

    Kanu confirming what most people already know that Arsene Wenger lost that great eye for talent long ago

  71. Un na naai

    Mark with a C

    Oh you’ve got the potition to dominate the convo…..
    Yeah hats off to you
    Round 2. Ding ding

  72. Marc

    un na

    “Oh you’ve got the potition to dominate the convo…..
    Yeah hats off to you
    Round 2. Ding ding”

    What the fuck does that mean?

  73. Marc


    The new management structure have blown any trust they had – I don’t give a fuck about the Jan window it was clear before hand we wouldn’t do much of anything.

    They are seriously testing the fans will to turn up on match day. It took years for Wenger to slowly burn threw the fans patience but he was carrying the goodwill from the Invincible’s etc.

    Right now they need to get some moves done – I don’t expect world record fee’s or big names just something that looks like a move I the right direction.

  74. Cork City Gooner

    Hi marko ,thanks for acting like i exist,the majority of people on here dont,maybe its because im Irish

  75. Receding Hairline

    Ornstien doesn’t need to keep repeating the Arsenal have no money line like a scorned lover.

    At least those silly memes that you see in the replies to his Arsenal tweets are gone.

  76. Marko

    Hi marko ,thanks for acting like i exist,the majority of people on here dont,maybe its because im Irish

    I actually didn’t see your comment at all haha. Ah no but seriously I’d be embarrassed to be from Cork at this moment in time

  77. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c

    Like a band making a shit record, they know the fans will still buy it.

    Like arsenal
    4 mill every home game

    Someone is draining the money.

    They care very little bout the fans apart from the box buyers..

    We will do a shelf weds , Aston Villa, notts forest.

    Poorly run companies .

    Maybe we need a 1976 season.

    Go look it up youngsters

  78. Guns of SF

    Like WTF
    Is this PEPEs agent playing to get more $?

    Or did Edu and Co get more money from Uncle Stan???

    I swear this is why I hate the summer…. Arsenal bullshit transfer window

  79. Champagne Charlie


    Pfft, your guess as good as anyone’s mate. I’d be shocked if we don’t get Tierney, here that’s all but rubber stamped. Zaha looks less and less likely, the mighty Palace able to hold firm potentially – comical.

    As for the rest? Not a clue. I keep asking for when the next left field transfer will happen like an Eduardo. Christ do we need one.


    LOL just consistent mate, others dip in and out with their support 😉

  80. Guns of SF

    David Ornstein
    ‏Verified account @bbcsport_david

    Sources tell @BBCSport Arsenal have not submitted a bid for Lille forward Nicolas Pepe and do not have the level of money being reported (€80m) to sign the Ivory Coast international this summer #LOSC #AFC

  81. Cork City Gooner

    Whats embarrassing about being from the Rebel County you proddy blue nose billy boy loyalist cunt?

  82. Marc


    I’m not defending anyone. I’ll happily criticise for what actually happens but I won’t get wound up by transfer rumours until something is confirmed.

    Is that so hard to get?

  83. Receding Hairline

    Victorious who is Saliba?

    Arsenal have made their bid, Spurs theirs. Player picks where he wants, life goes on.

    Nothing exciting about paying 26m now or in the future for an 18 year old with 16 starts. Ndombele cost someone 8m just a year ago.

    Saw a pic of Edu and Raul circulation online, they both look so calm and relaxed I have decided why the fcuk am I bothered. They are getting paid millions, I’m not.

  84. Gentlebris

    Let’s calm down, it wouldn’t be Pepe at €80m of course, but good signings are on the way after old Stan meets with his three war heroes.

    How do I know?

    Kroenke is not thick, hence his billions. It would take a very dull fella to fail to recognize the incoming storms should Arsenal fail this TW.

    100% ownership or not, the fury of the fans if the window closes and nothing good has been done will be told as scary tales in Kroenke’s lineage hundreds of years down the road.

  85. Bob N16

    RSPCA there are certainly plenty of career opportunities for insipid negotiators and Kroenke certainly doesn’t surf , if he did he should start reading Legrove!

  86. Cork City Gooner

    Hi marko,you talk a good game (the english people always do) id like to see you act the big man in real life you little english bitch,il be over for the burnley game in August,,,me and you outside the rocket At 2pm before the game for a fight!!!! Are you game????????? Or Are you just another little brit bitch who lets a paki marrry his sister,,anytime anywhere you orange cunt

  87. Marc


    As I said earlier if Sanllehi fucks up this window and fans start missing games it’ll be on his head.

    He won’t want a sacking on his CV so he’s either got things under control, thinks he’s got things under control or seriously fucking deluded.

  88. bennydevito

    Guns of HackneyJuly 13, 2019    16:13:39


    Emery was a guy who wouldn’t make waves and tie the line. He was humiliated at PSG and Arsenal found an easy, no hassle mark to fill the gap.

    Uninspired signing.


    Winning the treble at PSG is now humiliating? Alrighty then.

    As for Arsenal and Kos I agree with taking a stand against a contract rebel, however in Kos’s situation at 33 with a year left, injury prone & past it we really ought to be letting him go with a very minimal transfer fee and concentrating on replacing him with a WC younger player.

  89. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Your name is a brilliant clash song…

    Yeah I’m 56

    Season ticket holder since 1980
    Away games , home, abroad … thousands of programmes .

    But the shine now gone for me.

    Money killed football a bit plus dancing to the tune of tv…

  90. Un na naai


    All day long mate
    Hands down best poster here

    Has anyone ever pissed whilst sitting down? It’s quite the treat
    Better yet, has anyone experienced the teste trickle? 😮 omg
    Try it. Piss down your own balls. Sumptuous.

  91. Un na naai

    Cork city

    Jackeen though he is. Who the fuck are you? You saw how Roy Keane got bent over by the Londoners. The one claim to fame you have is Keane and hating the English
    What language you speaking mug? Shhhhhh
    Bow to the queen and yodel our yodel you bitter pretend rebel supporting an English side
    Go support cork rovers you reject

  92. Marc


    I don’t get offended by bad language etc but to use racist language – it’s not on don’t you know this is a blog of lube? Pretty sure if Pedro was about he’d be close to binning you for some of what you said.

  93. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c

    Thank you mix of poor education, an self learning… plus working in tv where it’s all buzz words ,,,init

  94. Un na naai


    Don’t call for banning just humiliate the little mug
    Don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of marko’s but who’s this cork mong (who even paddies don’t understand) to chime in which his bull shit thick paddy know nothing agenda
    Before you start cork mong, my dad is Irish. I just finished a big 70th irsh party for my uncle Steve Where I had around 8 paddy cousins at my house (Mrs breakup killed herself) so I’m not altogether anti paddy
    Just anti rebel paddy retard. You rock that box with bells on. So fuck off. Don’t offer marko out. You’re nothing. Now jump back into your bog you little anus licking bog hopper

  95. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Anyone watching the graham young doco

    A clever cunt, quite funny if you excuse the nazi liking.

    Early 70s

  96. Un na naai


    Yeah yeah. Your Mrs loved an anti Hollywood film like alita and you hated it
    Guess what?? Hot women like attractive guys. You saw alita and pangs of jelousy ensued.

    Look. You’re chubby. You’re bald. You’re Nigerian. You’re broke. I get it.
    But your Mrs and kids don’t subscribe to your anti western politics
    That’s why they like alita and you don’t. Must be a bree Larson fan….yeeeeah

  97. Gentlebris

    I did think Arsenal jumped the gun with that weird press release about ‘Laurent K going on strike. Seemed a little defensive for something that should have been dealt with in-house like it would have under Arsene.’

    Bad time really, even Pedro has begun to miss Mr Wenger. Or maybe that comes from being friends with CG.

    Bob N16, you can bet the railroad to your town I’m right.

    ‘I’m so bored with u arsenal…’

    R.S.P.C, go drink beer!

  98. Un na naai

    Un na nai you really need to think twice before you hit post here. Seriously. I know it’s anonymous and all but WTF dude

    No I don’t
    Tell that to the cork Mooooongo

  99. bennydevito

    Rspc Arsenal,

    Yeah, we’re in a pretty dire state it has to be said. At least we know if we don’t get top 4 this season Emery will be gone, unlike knowing with Wenger it was another season of eat sleep capitulation repeat.

  100. Un na naai

    Corky,Calm down soft lad.

    No way. Please tell me you aren’t a boxer? A very coincidental phrase that!!! Surely not

  101. Cork City Gooner

    Un nah nai ,, im not a mug i supported Arsenal since 1993,,i speak English same as you ,its called the rebel county for a reason,,thousands of murdered English soldiers ,we swam in thier blood,thats why we love red 🙂

  102. Marc


    Mate I’m 46 I can’t really claim to be “down with the kids”

    Truth is I wasn’t down with the kids when I was 19!