Project British Youth nearly dead with Ramsey departure

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What a wally I looked yesterday!

How could I doubt John Cross. The man from The Mirror came back from the dead. He stole the internet crown from David Ornstein. A GoT like plotline.

Aaron Ramsey is DONE with Arsenal.

Now, I really don’t know what the fuck is going on here. So here are some bits that I do know, mashed in with guesswork. I won’t tell you which is what to keep you on your toes.

Mesut Ozil getting £350k a week was a massive mistake.

Aaron Ramsey’s agent pushed for that number.

Arsenal has withdrawn the deal.

Now, something must have gone on here that was major.

Did his agent name the number and refuse to budge?

Did the club catch wind of a deal with another club?

Did Arsenal decide that the money Aaron wanted didn’t match his ability?

Was it a blend of all of the above?

Here’s my thinking on it. He’s just too expensive for what he gives to the team.

Aaron is a good player, I struggle to see the greatness.

He works best when he’s allowed to do what the fuck he wants. He’s not really fitting into the Emery system at the moment. There are younger players with a better record of fitness that could do his job.

Additionally, the club is severely short of talent that works in Emery’s system. We need a winger. We need a replacement for Koscielny. We’re going to need to upgrade at leftback. There are a lot of holes in the squad. I’m not sure the best place to invest £91m is on Aaron Ramsey over 5 years.

The next area of planning Arsenal need to address in the transfer market is hot young players in the mold of Torreira. Players like Sarr. Those that’ll come in on £50k a week, and maybe look like Dembele in 2 years.

If we’re going to splash out galactico money, we should be doing that on transfer fees, not on wages.

The worst thing to happen to Arsenal this year was tying Mesut down to a £18.2m deal over 4 years. It was a crazy moment driven by ego and misplaced fear. There was nothing ambitious about it. I said at the time, the best leverage Arsenal had was that no other club in Europe had gone near him. But we pulled the trigger because the press of losing him wouldn’t have reflected well on Ivan. Now Emery is in, he can’t use him as a 10 and if he’s played on the right, he clearly hates it and it doesn’t really click.

Here’s the question now on Rambo. Where is he going?

Juventus won’t pay him galactico money, because they don’t have it. The Milan rumour is fucking hilarious if true, Ivan promising to make him as rich as him at a new club.

Will he move to Chelsea? United? City? Will they pay him mega money? It’s hard to see it, because, despite his talent, he’s not disciplined because he’s never been properly coached (until this season).

Another guess, he’s pushing Arsenal for mega money, if he doesn’t get it, he’ll chase trophies.

Whatever the deal, if Arsenal has pulled out of negotiations, I trust the decision. We have footballing brains on the team now. Raul will have made the case money wise, Sven and Emery will be looking at his data and comparing what they could buy for that money elsewhere, and the decision will be a sound one.

It’s sad that he wants to move on. I’ll always have a soft spot for him. I think the real issue is the loss of control over the narrative. Ramsey will now come under intense scrutiny. His body language, perceived effort, dedication, how hard he goes into challenges… and ultimately, he’s likely going to become a target of fan angst… and that’s a shame.

It’s like living in the same house as a partner you’ve broken up with. It’ll be sunshine and rainbows for a month, because you’re mature people. Then something will happen. He’ll drop a stinker against Spurs, and that’ll be it. Game over. Get the f*ck out of my house you selfish bitch, how could you do this to me! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY CAT!

Anyway, sad times, but fuck it… we’ll move on, we’ll find better, we’ll survive his loss. Hardly an RVP or Cesc moment.

Finally, how can you not look at that picture at the top of the blog and not feel a little sad? Project British Youth was the most miserable failure of Wenger’s tenure. The vision was interesting, but the execution was diabolical. You know why? Shite coaching. Imagine those players under Klopp? We’d be in a very different place right now…

Wipe those tears, we’re done.

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  1. Marko

    Don can I ask you to just give the politics a rest for one day please. It’s a nice Saturday you have Arsenal followed by Chelsea Liverpool and a Madrid derby later no need for that bollox

  2. Paulinho

    Marko – We’re talking about last season, when he played in his actual best position.

    I know you will claim he played like a number ten anyway but that’s bullshit.

    It’s like expecting an effective attacking full back to be top winger,and then we he flops as a winger, pretending the change of position has nothing to do with it.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Marko, i see what you mean re Auba playing out wide compared to his preferred central, but have we forgotten that Laca was on the bench the first 4 games in which Auba was playing 9 and he still wasn’t showing any good stuff bar a few goals, he wasn’t influencing as we see with Laca. Laca is starting in that position because Emery has seen that Laca is the better 9 in terms of all round play, now Auba has to be included so he’s shunted wife, by the way…..Auba played wide at St Entienne and at Dortmund when Lewandoski was the 9.

  4. un na naai


    I’ll let it slide.


    Lacazette did win the game for us today. Your denial is comedic


    It’sa valid point and the point stands but I’ll grant you your wish and retire from political posts for the evening. Unless I’m stirred…

  5. Marko

    All I am saying is some of you need to lay him off nitpicking on every single mistake he makes when he is constantly outperforming much heralded and your preferred choice PEA

    I mean it’s only fair when Aubameyang is nitpicked constantly too and again played out of position. And the constantly outperforming him stuff is subjective

  6. un na naai


    Nobody needs to lay off anything. I like him as a player but you cannot seriously state that he’s been as influential as Lacazette in our bid for a top four place in the league this season.

    You have eyes I assume? You see the games? The performances? Lacazette has been superior.

  7. Jay

    Cesc yea forgot bout hopping hare, thats a good one too. Champion is the only one i didn’t like.
    If you like golden ales, check out purity. Theirs are pretty decent.

  8. Marko

    Paulinho if you’re still making a case for Aaron Ramsey as a CM when he’s nearly 28 you’ve lost the conversation.

    I know you will claim he played like a number ten anyway but that’s bullshit.

    Not really how else do you explain the goals and assists he got last season compared to how bad of a season and the amount of goals we were conceding? Because him as a CM was a disaster. Awareness intelligence and work rate my ass how you can say any of that about him with a straight face I’ll never know considering as a CM he was never in position he was never tracking back and helping on the defensive side of the game ergo he wasn’t intelligent because one of the CM’S in a midfield two doesn’t do those things.

    Fyi by never I don’t quite mean never more mostly

  9. Champagne Charlie

    Ridiculous defending on that Sturridge goal. Have a shot mate it’s only the 88th min…

    Madness. Kante with a shocker

  10. Jamie

    Stole a minute in the cab while missus is on the phone.

    Paulinho –

    For win percentage to be relevant to you, Xhaka plays too often and Ospina perhaps doesn’t play often enough. I guess this metric only applies to Ramsey, much like the inclusion to the 2016 Euro team of the tournament. Joe Allen’s inclusion doesn’t fit the narrative, so is summarily dismissed.

    Interesting take.

    If Ramsey is great, he’ll go to a big club. Let’s see. Wish him the best, decent professional, but he’s not top tier.

    How’s the other game? End to end?

  11. Paulinho

    I disagree.

    And the fact we won 65% of the games when he played compared to the 35% when he didn’t, backs up my assertion that he overall made us a better team.

    It’s about scoring more goals than the opposition in match, not simply not conceding. Look at the bigger picture, bud. Risk/reward.

  12. Marko

    but you cannot seriously state that he’s been as influential as Lacazette in our bid for a top four place in the league this season.

    Yeah but again do you not consider his lack of influence and form has something to do with the fact that he is being played out of position. Again we wouldn’t be having these conversations if Lacazette was playing great stuff at the moment but he really isn’t they’re both not great at the moment only Aubameyang has a bit of an excuse for it

  13. PessimisticPat

    So are making changes to the side irrelevant in the last 20 mins Bamford. What do you think won it for us? Just curious?

    Hats off to lacazette today,had a horrible miss but stayed in the game,never gave up and was involved in both goals. The finishing from him and aubameyang has to improve though against better sides. Unconvincing performance overrall but i didnt see us give up today which is a plus.

    Finally mustafi is horribly frustrating to watch. Pushing people over and heading it straight up in the air like a 8 year old kid with his eyes closed….

  14. TR7

    This new Chelsea keeper has been below par in every game I have seen of him in PL so far but who knows.. even De Gea was below par his first two seasons at United.

  15. Marko

    Ridiculous defending on that Sturridge goal. Have a shot mate it’s only the 88th min… Madness. Kante with a shocker

    Would you be saying that if it was Xhaka? In fairness he’s about a mile out it’s just a great strike

  16. un na naai


    I disagree
    I think that Lacazette is playing extremely well and deserves his spot up front. If Aubameyang proved otherwise surely he’d be starting up top?

  17. Marko

    It’s about scoring more goals than the opposition in match, not simply not conceding. Look at the bigger picture, bud. Risk/reward.

    Aaron Ramsey’s risk is not worth the reward

  18. london gunner

    Been watching a lot of football streams on American channels.

    Football/Soccer looks like its blowing up big time. Will eventually be in the top 3 sports in America methinks.

  19. london gunner


    Hardly Kante with a shocker.

    World class strike from far out, not much you can do about those.

    Hardly an Xhaka like shocker which is letting the man dribble past him and falling on his ass or just not following the run in at all or mistiming the tackle in comical fashion.

  20. Dissenter

    ” Football/Soccer looks like its blowing up big time. Will eventually be in the top 3 sports in America methinks.”

    It doesn’t”t have to be one of the top three top be big or successful.
    It just needs to be in the same echelon with NFL, college football, NBA, March madness [college basketball], baseball and NASCAR.
    The demographic changes going on here will see football get to the levels of the other major sports. It’s an irreversible course.

  21. Champagne Charlie

    What has Xhaka got to do with that goal you melt? I took nothing away from the strike, the defending though was shocking.

    Shocking because they played each other a few days ago and Sturridge hit the bar from the same position with the same type of effort. He had acres.

    Nah it was a shocker, you can pick and choose but I explained it above. Kante dangling a lazy leg was shocking stuff given the factors at play.

  22. Marko

    Nah it was a shocker, you can pick and choose but I explained it above. Kante dangling a lazy leg was shocking stuff given the factors at play.

    I have never seen you mention Xhaka and shocker in the same sentence before and I’m pretty sure if you look up lazy leg in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Granit Xhaka attempting a tackle

  23. Champagne Charlie


    Absolutely no relevance to the Sturridge goal, or true whatsoever. Just your usual ankle biting input then..

    As you were.

  24. Marko

    I’m not ankle biting Charlie I’m merely noting how you judge a defensive lapse of another player compared to how you judge one from Xhaka.

  25. Champagne charlie


    Except you’re not, you’re taking your own ignorant perspective and parading it as fact. Because you “haven’t seen” something doesn’t make it true, just means you’re not omnipresent.

    As I say, standard ankle-biting from you.

  26. omar

    Like the way we are currently chipping off these wins. The big difference this season is that we arent playing well but winning. Last season we werent playing well and dropping points. City vs Liverpool next week will see one of them or both dropping points. If, and a big if, we win our next 3 league games which is very possible [Fulham(a), Leicester(h),Palace(a)], our game vs Liverpool could be interesting. With our 2 Europa games thrown in and also very winnable, we could go into the Liverpool game on the back of a 12 game winning streak. If this is the case, by then everyone will be sitting up and taking notice.

  27. Kay

    Chelsea Pool draw is good for us.

    I think if we keep picking up 3 points against the lower teams along with a point against liverpool, we can be even in the top 3 heading into the month of december.

  28. TR7

    ‘and I’m pretty sure if you look up lazy leg in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of Granit Xhaka attempting a tackle’

    Haha, that was funny !

  29. nepGunner

    Great win today considering the Ramsey debacle on the background.

    I love to read the fear mongers spinning the win on “lucky OG”, “quickfire second” etc etc. Well guess what? The Watford defender did not had a mental breakdown and simply put the ball in his own net. It was a good build up play from the flank by Iwobi and great pressure put in by Laca to unsettle the Watford defender which resulted in the OG.

    Anyways – great times. 7 wins on the trot. 5 win out of 5 PL games post Chelsea. Fear mongers scratching their head trying to figure out what to blame next? Unai doing what needs to be done – putting points on the table with the same garbage team left behind for him.

    Enjoyed the Chelsea-Liverpool game and now enjoying the Madrid derby with chilled beverages 🙂 Up the Gunners!

  30. Bob N16ou

    My impressions of the game from my position back row, lower tier, zone 6.

    Holding, Bellerin in defence looked good.
    Torreira complimented Xhaka well, who sprayed the ball around nicely.
    Torreira picked up another yellow, loved his commitment.
    Lacazette, arguablyMotM.
    Iwobi great impact sub.
    PEA slightly out of synch.
    Ramsey, no influence.
    Ozil -7/10….fair enough.

  31. Marko

    4 points off the top while not playing particularly well and still finding our feet isn’t bad at all. The fight for a top 4 finish is absolutely on and should be our main focus

  32. Pierre

    “My impressions of the game from my position back row, lower tier, zone 6.”

    Lower tier always a better atmosphere…

  33. Champagne Charlie

    “My impressions of the game from my position back row, lower tier, zone 6.”

    “Lower tier always a better atmosphere…”

    Won’t spot Ramsey there 🙂 he’s top…

  34. GuNZ

    I am most distressed. What’s all this winning mallarky? What’s a man to get all bent and twisted out of shape about if his footie team keep winning? Guess I’ll have to go for a drive today and allow some fuck knuckle road user to get my goat instead. Fuck’s sake Mr. Emery, give a man a break . . .

  35. un na naai

    MichaelErm, Milner looks like a chimp?. He has the most planet of the apes features I e seen sincemy cousin Terri who looked remarkably like dr zaius

  36. Leedsgunner

    I hope the FA, the referees association and the MOTD pundits give credit for Lacazette’s honesty. He was fouled but he didn’t dive. Had he dived he would have got a penalty.

    Dear FA you want to knock out diving in the game? You need to start awarding pens for players that get fouled but who stay up as much as players who go down way to easily…

    In the end the right result was won but it is weak weak officiating not to award pens against teams who blatantly foul in the box because the offended player has the decency to stay up.

  37. Champagne Charlie

    Bob n16

    Was a poke at a ‘discussion’ on here yesterday over Ramsey being “top tier”…

    Just on a wind up, and confident it’ll land with the poster in question hahaha

  38. TheLegendaryDB10

    Very happy with today’s win. You somehow can see that something is going on. Nothing fancy. This will take some time. But I have a feeling that we are genuinely heading in the right direction.

    As for Ramsey, I never liked his never ending selfish ‘Hollywood’ approach to his football Today was his chance to prove himself to Emery and he didn’t. He got yanked off while wearing the captain’s armband!! He will be sold (if they get it right. For once….)

    On a side note it seems that now that Gazidis is stepping down, things are looking to go in a different direction. He has been too soft/ lenient during his tenure as CEO. You just got to look at the Ozil contract situation story and it’s outcome. It says it all. Gazidis has no balls!

  39. Joe

    Laca was one of our better players today. Was involved from the off. 4 points off the top of the table and there will Bw dropped points next weekend as well for pool or city or both. 2 points off Chelsea.

    7 in a row.

    Glad I wished for change!!!!!

    We are on the up.

    We may even go past liverpoool after we play them!

    Pierre , this must be killing you.

  40. Bob N16

    CC, must admit I’m down on Ramsey. Not sure after 10 years what his best position is. Capable of brilliance but equally capable of messing up a side foot 10 yard pass. Not conclusive but as soon as he was subbed, we looked better. Get rid come Jan…..send a message out. Best if we don’t let players get to their last year…shouldn’t allow this situation to happen.

  41. Bob N16

    Cc, just remembered… Bamford being a dicksplash as per usual…’top tier’. Read your dialogue with the ‘yank’ with amusement. Sometimes I wonder why you bother but I guess it’s a form of addiction, reacting to him. I must admit I’m intrigued by him but he doesn’t respond when I try and engage him. I possibly come across as patronising when I question his motivation to be attacked relentlessly.

  42. Pierre

    ” must admit I’m down on Ramsey”

    Wouldn’t shed any” tiers” for him mate…… Time for the club to move on .

  43. Joe

    Wouldn’t shed any” tiers” for him mate…… Time for the club to move on

    Wish you could do the same with your wenger obsession

  44. Pierre

    The 2 things I have been criticised most on le grove have been my support for mesut ozil and my criticism of Aaron Ramsey .

    I have always regarded ozil as a team player and Ramsey as a selfish glory hunter.

    At long last the large majority on le grove are seeing Ramsey for what he really is and ,more importantly ,the club have finally come to their senses …if it was Emery’s decision then thank God we have a manager who recognises his failings as wenger was always blind to his faults..

    As for ozil ,I don’t think it will be so easy to convince le grove of what he brings to the side but I will not be deterred from my support for him and I am still convinced that he can be a massive asset to the club and I also believe that Emery will recognise what a talent he is and in time will give ozil the licence he needs to play at his best level.

  45. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    He’s a curious character, find i have a greater aversion to self importance the more people I’m exposed to. You’d be amazed at how that trait manifests in truly desperate situations, and not positively.

    Guess when I know someone is that way inclined I’m always going to diffuse that bravado where applicable. I do it so frequently at work it’s become second nature lol

    Re:Ramsey i’m In your camp, he’s had the platform to deliver whatever he wanted and he’s offered up greedy 28 year old with a question over his best position. Next.

  46. Bob N16

    CC…not sure about ‘desperate situations’…mostly in my experience it comes down to an insecurity which people try and mask through a false sense of confidence/ bravado. Anyways, although I understand why you are provoked by his self-importance, feel slightly that by responding to him you get dragged down a little…. still, your choice.

  47. Danny S

    I was iwobis biggest critic in the wenger era.
    One thing is apparent to me now, and that is he looks twice the player he was under the old regime.

    Sanchez wasn’t a particularly talented player but he made up for it with drive and determination and some of you came over him.

    Iwobi has that vibe about him, except he’s arsenal through and through.

    I’m optimistic.

  48. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    You’re not wrong, at this point there’s been enough said that it requires little spark. I’ll make a point of being more considerate when it does though, appreciate your remarks on it as i find you incredibly balanced and altogether zen which i admire.

  49. NW9 gooner

    Danny – agreed he alongwith Bellerin have improved this season. Even Xhaka has been playing much better and apart from one mistake today was quiet good. Even Sky have given him and Bellerin a seven each the best in the match

  50. London gunner

    Danny s

    Sanchez was an extremely talented player though at times wasteful one.

    Bit like tevez in that his skills and technique are massively. Underrated because they were work dogs to

  51. TheLegendaryDB10

    I like the fact that we are breathing down the necks of the Spuds, in 5th. This should help with any bottling when crunch time comes!

  52. KAY Boss

    Good win today. Still men performance in 1st half. But winning is the most important in matches.
    Gradually we’re grinding results.
    Up GUNNERS!!!

  53. Emiratesstroller

    The positives from yesterday’s game.

    1. Second consecutive clean sheet in EPL
    2. We are beginning to grind out results with goalscoring at end of games rather
    than conceding goals as we did last season e.g. at Watford.
    3. Seven successive victories is a positive run of results.

  54. Rambo Ramsey

    Pierre endlessly blasting Ramsey while orgasming over Mesut puppy Ozil.

    Is there a more pathetic sight on offer in Le grove?

  55. VicVic

    ‘Ha ha, only on Le Grove can you get dug out for being
    nice to each other. I love this site, it’s bandit country.’

    And that is the attraction, I think.
    Guys endlessly tearing into each other!

    You can’t pretend it’s not a bit natural.

  56. TheLegendaryDB10


    Noisy neighbours?

    More than a possibility considering that they failed to add any players to their squad during the TW.

    We know the cost of such a mistake.

  57. Pierre

    Rambo Ramsey
    “Pierre endlessly blasting Ramsey while orgasming over Mesut puppy Ozil”

    Don’t worry…Ramsey will just be a distant memory soon …happy days .

    Plus ozil grabbed himself another goal ..that’s 3 in 4…

  58. Joe


    You happy with the win?

    You happy we are 4 points out of 1st?

    You happy we won 7 in a row?


    What good is it to win 7 in a row at the tail end of the season to come 5th while all other teams are on holidays

    Emery is winning them when it matters

    Not long now before we see the end of Pierre on here

  59. Pierre

    Happy for the win ,as always.

    We still look open through midfield and at the back though watford are a decent side so it was good to hear them.

    Happy that we are finally seeing the end of Ramsey.
    Happy that Ozil is contributing this season finally.
    Happy that players like Iwobi are showing improvement .

    Still don’t get the No.10 role he is operating …hopefully Ozil will be playing that role soon in the way it should be played.

    Would be Nice to win a game and say we were the better team as atm we are winning with very good 10/15 minute spells in games …

  60. useroz

    “Emery is winning them when it matters”


    The Laca debate is sad. Did those even watch the game? I’d think most stats would reflect one way or other that, for yesterday’s game, he did way more/better than Auba. Even if you throw in Ramsey, output from Laca was way more. At least yesterday.

    I cursed his honesty in the 4th min, his not on target when 1 on 1 with Foster at hi mercy, and the poor poor header from : yards.

    But, with Ramsey squeezed himself in the box (eg he passed ‘back’ to Laca in the 4th min tells you where Ramsey was!), had he any such misses even? Auba didn’t have either.

    Did Ramsey/ Auba cross from the wings, given they played there yesterday. Yes, both played out of position but can’t recall a single half decent cross. At least Laca’ had ONE low cross for Ozil to score the 2nd goal and killed the game off. Call him lucky.

    You make your own luck. Again, for yesterday, Auba didn’t. Ramsey didn’t. Ozil cursed an Auba pass that was 20 yard off.

    Both Auba and Laca are up there but may b short of WC. Laca has more PL experience under his belt. May be that explains it. However it is clear Auba isn’t as comfy on the ball, be that passing, dribbling, link up, etc. Both do good shots. Laca a touch more willing to take shots from outside the box. This is a challenge for Emery who takes 4m home, not us. May b you….

    Iwobi does look better cf last season. More energy and dynamic. Almost got rid of the lazy back passes on the wings. The problem with Iwobi so far is consistency. His level drops rather quickly if he starts. Case in point, the Brentford game; some already commented here. Iwobi needs to learn and fill his toolbox or risk becoming a one trick pony of some stepovers and cross. Even Brentford found him out! Otherwise he’d be good for part of the game, start or sub. Also, hone his shots. He’s one of few who could but not goof enough.

    Enough said.

  61. Thorough

    I’ve always felt our fringe players were very okay. The main players we needed to upgrade were the starters. Put a Fekir in for Ramsey and a Thauvin for Auba on the left and we’ll immediately look world beaters. Pulling that Ramsey contract may be one of the best things that ever happened to this club

  62. un na naai

    And before you ask
    1. I’ve got two young children so Sunday lie ins don’t exist for me at the minute

    2. I’ve got a 7:30 meeting today

    That paper ain’t gonna stack itself

  63. un na naai


    Who up front?
    What about defence?
    We need a centre half and a left back more urgently than a left winger right now.

    The Torreira and xakha axis seems to be working nicely though. Better than pogba-matic at United

  64. un na naai


    You’re probably right. I’ve actually said it to my mrs how addictive the comments section can be here on certain days.

    There’s nothing like it anywhere. Even the people I butt heads with regularly make the place more entertaining and interesting. Even though they’re usually wrong of course. Especially on Wilshere.

  65. Unai


    “The 2 things I have been criticised most on le grove have been my support for mesut ozil and my criticism of Aaron Ramsey .”

    Sorry but over the years I’ve seen you criticised for Wenger worship far more offer.

    Your right about Ozil & Ramsey thought, Ozil in 10 Ramsey out for me, looks like Ozil is coming into form, hope it continues.

  66. Up 4 grabs now

    Morning people,

    League cup draw from last night if you missed it.
    Manchester City v Fulham
    Bournemouth v Norwich
    Arsenal v Blackpool
    Leicester City v Everton or Southampton
    West Ham v Tottenham
    Middlesbrough v Crystal Palace
    Chelsea v Derby
    Burton v Nottingham Forest
    So at least we should have a week’s break before we play the bindippers.

  67. Pierre

    “Sorry but over the years I’ve seen you criticised for Wenger worship far more often”
    That goes without saying but most of that is Joe and his ilk and their wenger obsession and I just played the pantomime villain…..

    Their obsession stopped them celebrating winning trophies…shame really but I suppose that’s what obsession does to you…

    I don’t think joe and Michael are quite over their obsession yet…

  68. Michael24


    You’re right.

    The thing is, when you fall out of love with your club, which I did long long ago under Mr Wenger, you tend to forget the meaningless runs of past seasons.

    I accept full responsibility for that.

    What about the golf?

    Should be a great day.

  69. Pierre

    Rambo Ramsey
    “I’ve been settled in India for a while now. Beautiful land with beautiful people.”

    and they let you in ?

  70. Up 4 grabs now

    Stick xhaka and Ramsay in the side with some kids and fringe players and the first eleven can rest up before the dippers come to town.
    Cech out for 3-4 weeks so goalie might be an issue.

  71. Pierre

    Have been disappointed with USA standard of play …very erratic.

    They have struggled to come to terms with the course which is an excellent venue for the ryder cup.

    Maybe this extra day will see the quality of the USA players and they may make a contest of it …though I can’t see the Europeans taking their foot off the pedal ,can you ?

  72. Emiratesstroller

    Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t see why gk is issue. Based on past performances Martinez is a solid third string goalkeeper. I would have thought that he is good enough to play against
    lower level opposition in Europa League and League Cup.

  73. un na naai


    Or play Leno. Maybe it would do him some good to get more games under his belt. Maybe some clean sheets and get to know the English pace a little more.

  74. Michael24


    I see the Americans making a fist of it, but the European team seem to have got the bit between their teeth.

    The 1:1 format suits the US and although they have so many excellent players, the consistency of the European team should be too much for them.

    Once again, it will make fantastic sporting theatre.

  75. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t think emery can field too strong a side’s though when these come thick and fast.
    Monday 22nd October
    Premier League
    Leicester City
    Thursday 25th October
    Europa League
    Sporting Lisbon
    Sunday 28th October
    Premier League
    Crystal Palace
    Tuesday 30th October
    Carabao Cup
    Four games in eight days is going to need some heavy rotation, the good thing is all our long term injured look to be back around that time if not sooner.

  76. un na naai

    One thing I have to say about Mesut Ozil yesterday though, is his response when Aubameyang misplaced a pass to him in the second half
    He went nuts. He was angry because he wanted that pass and that opportunity to score. I want to see more of that desire from him.

    Apart from that he was poor though

  77. Victorious

    Mustafi is really poor though ,must be said ,equally as bad both serially and on ground, I mean at 26 he has no redeeming qualities as a CB and was pony all through the match beside Holding.
    Sokratis can’t come back quick enough and dump his ass on the bench

    Sokratis-Holding should be the way forward

  78. un na naai

    Big talk of Ramsey and Wenger joining Gazidis at ac Milan in the summer.
    That would be weird.

    Seeing Wenger at another club just feels odd.

  79. Victorious

    Leno looks quality albeit for just 45 minutes, made a number of good saves and passes the ball from the back smoothly, hope we’ve seen the end Cech as first choice, Time to remain focused and seal your place in the first 11 lenoboy