Project British Youth nearly dead with Ramsey departure

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What a wally I looked yesterday!

How could I doubt John Cross. The man from The Mirror came back from the dead. He stole the internet crown from David Ornstein. A GoT like plotline.

Aaron Ramsey is DONE with Arsenal.

Now, I really don’t know what the fuck is going on here. So here are some bits that I do know, mashed in with guesswork. I won’t tell you which is what to keep you on your toes.

Mesut Ozil getting £350k a week was a massive mistake.

Aaron Ramsey’s agent pushed for that number.

Arsenal has withdrawn the deal.

Now, something must have gone on here that was major.

Did his agent name the number and refuse to budge?

Did the club catch wind of a deal with another club?

Did Arsenal decide that the money Aaron wanted didn’t match his ability?

Was it a blend of all of the above?

Here’s my thinking on it. He’s just too expensive for what he gives to the team.

Aaron is a good player, I struggle to see the greatness.

He works best when he’s allowed to do what the fuck he wants. He’s not really fitting into the Emery system at the moment. There are younger players with a better record of fitness that could do his job.

Additionally, the club is severely short of talent that works in Emery’s system. We need a winger. We need a replacement for Koscielny. We’re going to need to upgrade at leftback. There are a lot of holes in the squad. I’m not sure the best place to invest £91m is on Aaron Ramsey over 5 years.

The next area of planning Arsenal need to address in the transfer market is hot young players in the mold of Torreira. Players like Sarr. Those that’ll come in on £50k a week, and maybe look like Dembele in 2 years.

If we’re going to splash out galactico money, we should be doing that on transfer fees, not on wages.

The worst thing to happen to Arsenal this year was tying Mesut down to a £18.2m deal over 4 years. It was a crazy moment driven by ego and misplaced fear. There was nothing ambitious about it. I said at the time, the best leverage Arsenal had was that no other club in Europe had gone near him. But we pulled the trigger because the press of losing him wouldn’t have reflected well on Ivan. Now Emery is in, he can’t use him as a 10 and if he’s played on the right, he clearly hates it and it doesn’t really click.

Here’s the question now on Rambo. Where is he going?

Juventus won’t pay him galactico money, because they don’t have it. The Milan rumour is fucking hilarious if true, Ivan promising to make him as rich as him at a new club.

Will he move to Chelsea? United? City? Will they pay him mega money? It’s hard to see it, because, despite his talent, he’s not disciplined because he’s never been properly coached (until this season).

Another guess, he’s pushing Arsenal for mega money, if he doesn’t get it, he’ll chase trophies.

Whatever the deal, if Arsenal has pulled out of negotiations, I trust the decision. We have footballing brains on the team now. Raul will have made the case money wise, Sven and Emery will be looking at his data and comparing what they could buy for that money elsewhere, and the decision will be a sound one.

It’s sad that he wants to move on. I’ll always have a soft spot for him. I think the real issue is the loss of control over the narrative. Ramsey will now come under intense scrutiny. His body language, perceived effort, dedication, how hard he goes into challenges… and ultimately, he’s likely going to become a target of fan angst… and that’s a shame.

It’s like living in the same house as a partner you’ve broken up with. It’ll be sunshine and rainbows for a month, because you’re mature people. Then something will happen. He’ll drop a stinker against Spurs, and that’ll be it. Game over. Get the f*ck out of my house you selfish bitch, how could you do this to me! GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY CAT!

Anyway, sad times, but fuck it… we’ll move on, we’ll find better, we’ll survive his loss. Hardly an RVP or Cesc moment.

Finally, how can you not look at that picture at the top of the blog and not feel a little sad? Project British Youth was the most miserable failure of Wenger’s tenure. The vision was interesting, but the execution was diabolical. You know why? Shite coaching. Imagine those players under Klopp? We’d be in a very different place right now…

Wipe those tears, we’re done.

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  1. Dissenter

    Tabloids are running with the story of Ramsey to Liverpool in the summer.
    It doesn’t make sense because they still have Fabhino t incorporate into the team.
    I don’t think they sacrifice Henderson for him.
    Ramsey is a much better footballer compared to Henderson but he is a lesser midfielder when you think of play8ng specific roles.
    That’s one to watch out for.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    “Given that Lacazette missed a clear one-on-one and passed the ball to no one and out of bounds at one point (though under little to no pressure), yes, I think it’s fair to say he was “poor”.”

    Why is Lacazettes input being judged on a missed chance and wayward pass? He pressured the defender to open the scoring, and assisted the second. You’re embarrassing.

    “Remind me of comparable errors on Ramsey’s part?“

    Couldn’t remind you of anything he did, was a total passenger. Then again this is you in a nutshell.

    Your logic states a player can have no involvement in a game and it not be a poor game; but get involved, create space, be on the end of chances and miss them….that’s a poor game. What a guy

  3. Marc


    I made the very same point about Liverpool the other day. They’ve got plenty of CM’s already. I think Ramsey will go abroad, I also think he might (his agent) have over played his hand.

  4. Dissenter

    I love the ruthlessness that’s showing itself.
    It’s amazing how things change when you have football people running the footballing operations.
    Gazidis was a pretender and it’s clear that Sanllehi and Mislintat yanked the offer offer the table the moment they assumed control.

  5. Marko

    He’s still prime Alexis. Just needs to be completely indulged to do play to his best.Once he has to perform a certain role, and not stray outside it, he gets shown up.If he came back now and was told him to what he wants – as Wenger did- , he would probably score a hatful and give the illusion he is ‘carrying us’, but it would come at cost of team cohesion and long-term success.

    Could literally replace Alexis with Ramsey and it would be a coherent point

  6. Dissenter

    Alex Iwobi : “I’m more positive and more confident with the ball,” he said. “The boss has basically told me that if something doesn’t work, just keep going and don’t dwell on it.

    “He’s told me to stop being so critical and to just keep trying no matter what happens, no matter if things don’t go as I want them to “That’s given me a lot more confidence to try a few more things, like beat a player, to shoot more. I’m always ready to get on the ball a bit more, so I guess it’s helped in that sense.

    “I’ve lost a bit of weight because of the intense training and I think it’s made me a bit sharper.”

    The part that got me wondering is when he says he’s lost weight because of the “intense training”.
    Is he suggesting the previous training regimen wasn’t intense or he just wasn’t applying himself?

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I like the way Emery is handling Guendouzi as well, giving him some time off now. We’ve seen in the past young players get played into the ground because of that ridiculous idea that ‘if they are good enough they are old enough’.

    They are not ready for week in, week out EPL games and then midweek fixtures, their form is sporadic and then they take a massive confidence hit when they get roasted in game.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Apparently Emery was unhappy with how out of shape they all were because he had a gym put up on the training pitches under a canopy and is now strictly monitoring things like body fat.

    He’s banned certain foods and drinks as well.

  9. Dissenter

    I questioned the decision to let Chambers go out on loan and keep Holding in the squad.
    Is obvious that that that decision was indeed the right one. Holding is by far the better defender. Hopefully he gets a boost from the return of Koschiely and doesn’t have to play so many games.

  10. un na naai

    What’s happening with zelalem? Thought he was the next big thing? And the Jeff? They’ve fallen off the edge of flat earth.

  11. Joe


    Great seeing the euros thrash the yanks

    What a great atmosphere.

    That’s what the Emirates will be like under Emery

  12. Champagne Charlie

    Ryder Cup didn’t live up to it for me, USA were absolute pony and it made for a non-contest.

    Was won Friday afternoon.

  13. Joe

    PierreSeptember 30, 2018 14:44:21
    Which manager do you believe has got the best out of Sanchez

    “Go do you what you want”

    Great management. 5th and 6th under the manager who got the best out of him.

    Wonder why we were so average for over a dozen years.

    Oh right. We didn’t have a manager who managed.

  14. Joe

    Maybe arsenal can pay me 10m pounds a season and I’ll send out the players with no instruction. Tactics. In game management and just tell them “ to do what you want , express yourself “

    I’d do it for 5m pounds a season

  15. Champagne charlie

    Europe didn’t blow them away at all, majority of the yanks brought their C-game and it made it a cake walk.

    Armchair fan, or do you play Joey?

  16. gonsterous

    Ramsey does indeed have a high opinion of himself (like most posters observed)
    remember a couple years ago when ox and wally had a banter at his speed against some asian team in the preseason friendly ? ramsey looked really pissed, wally walked away while ox tried to defuse it by saying ramsey had a great game.

  17. Joe

    3-4x in the summer. More of a piss up and social hang out with the friends than anything serious

    We actually get to play free through the fire dept at one of the most exclusive private clubs in Canada. On mondays , their maintenance day.

  18. Champagne charlie

    What’s your handicap?

    Lol, mate it wasn’t a contest so it wasn’t for me. USA were utter pants, +13 in foursomes Friday says it all, DJ going 6,6,6 against Poults on the back 9. Reed and Bryson looking like a pair of 10 handicappers, so twice as good as Phil haha. Awful stuff on show, Butch was tearing them to shreds

  19. Joe

    Always too drunk by the end of 18 holes to bother haha

    And really don’t think I got enough rounds in. Never took it serious enough to play through winter and hit up the driving range

    Golf really took of for me when tiger came on the scene in 97. His Nike ad is still one of my fave ads ever.

    I’d hate to see how I’m shooting now. 100? The kids have stole 5 years of golf from me. No one has time to head out for 4-5 hours

    Happy I can still mtn bike 4 times a week and snowboard again a lot not that the kids can join.