Fans rally behind Arteta hype as evidence mounts he’s quite good (long read)

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Well, what a response to yesterday’s post, but before we get into that, let’s talk about some of the action that happened last yesterday.

President of Arsenal Internet, Lord of The Meme, King amongst information elites… Sir David Ornstein, dropped the news that the club had released longtime club medic, Colin Lewin. The man has been with us for 23 years, an incredible length of time. He was Head of Medical Services but was moved on yesterday.

This is sad. I had the privilege of meeting Colin Lewin in 2011 when he gave me and some other bloggers (I met Goonerholic) a tour of the medical facilities. The article is here and it’s still interesting today. I think I was invited, because back in the day, the argument around Wenger mostly centred on injured players, and how bad his luck was/how bad our medical team was. My argument was that injuries were sometimes about luck (impact), but most of our problems were soft tissue and preventable. The problem was Wenger overtraining players and fatiguing them (in the hope our players would be fitter in the last 10minutes), hammering a small squad and not rotating, combined with a lack of interest in using data properly. 3 years later we signed Shad Forsythe who could help with those issues and never looked back.

Anyway, it’s sad to see him go. I really feel for the good people left at Arsenal at the moment. There’s nothing worse than a regime change. Everyone is on edge, bullets come when you least expect it, and it’s terrifying.

Some other media outlets are reporting that Steve Bould won’t sign on under a new manager. I’m not surprised, he’s at the stage in his career where he needs to manage a club, and I’m sure there are plenty that’d be willing to give him a chance.

One thing is for sure, the club are being absolutely ruthless about getting back to the top. Raul Sanllehi is not mincing his vision (maybe the first Darren Burgess bullet with Colin), so I expect to see more changes in the not too distant future, and my hope is they are all for the good.

Again, all of this points towards a club that has a decentralized power structure. We’re not hiring in a manager who will bring 50 of his guys through the back door because he’s a so-called big name. We’re going to run like Barcelona. The Director of Football will make the decisions about the setup on the footballing side. He’ll hire in specialists who will build out teams and report into him. He’ll also be moving on surplus players, another area we’ve barely spoken about in the melee of craziness.

Sven Mislintat will control recruitment and player identification. It’ll be fascinating to understand how he’ll work with the whoever we bring in. He’ll not just be scouting, he’ll be monitoring our first team and making decisions with the coach on who we sign and let go, hopefully using insights gleaned from data sources (something we know Wenger either ignored or was really bad at).

Yesterday’s article went off the rails, the busiest day of the year for the site. The great news is the feedback was incredibly positive. Excellent that it coincided with Allegri declaring he’s likely to stay with Juve unless he’s fired.

This would be a bold move for Arsenal. Arteta could be our Pep Guardiola or Zidane. All the key attributes are there. He’s been a Premier League player, knows the league, has been a captain, is emotionally attached to Arsenal, has a goal of becoming an elite manager (one that he seems to be pursuing with vigour), cut his teeth with Manchester City after saying no to Spurs, he was a critical part of a backroom team that just delivered 100 points in the league.

The Poch said this in his book, Brave New World.

“He will make an exceptional coach,”

This is what Oliver Kay (great read) dug up from City spies.

“Extremely bright, great attention to detail, on the same page as Pep when it comes to how the game should be played,”

“Very good communicator, does a lot of one-to-one work with the players.”

“If you listen to what people say about Mikel, he has helped them get better,” another source says. “He is one of several coaches working behind Pep, but Pep wouldn’t have appointed him if he wasn’t convinced Mikel had some special qualities to bring to the party.

You only have to look at how he presents himself to see that he’s not a water carrier.

You can read snippets of where his head was at when he was 32 years old.

My team-mates are always going “What are you going to do Miki? You’re going to be a manager, you should be a manager!” I know what the job means and I know how hard it is, especially when I look at the boss and see how many hours he puts in here. You need to sacrifice your family all over again, which I’ve done since I was 15. But I would love to manage a squad of players and staff – I’ve got it inside me, it’s true, and I want to do it. First of all I want to make the most of my playing career, because I’m 32 and in this game you never know whether you’ll end up carrying on until 34, 35 or 36. After that, I’m certainly going to stay involved in football because I think I’ve got something to add. I would like to prove myself, and prove my ideas about managing and encouraging people to do things in the way I believe is best.

This was his philosophy 3 years ago.

My philosophy will be clear. I will have everyone 120 per cent committed, that’s the first thing. If not, you don’t play for me. When it’s time to work it’s time to work, and when it’s time to have fun then I’m the first one to do it, but that commitment is vital. Then I want the football to be expressive, entertaining. I cannot have a concept of football where everything is based on the opposition. We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us. I’m 100 per cent convinced of those things, and I think I could do it.

Here’s his view on a system.

I think you need to adapt. You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have up front, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks. It’s important to analyse your players because you can’t always play the same way. There have to be different details and changes in how you approach things, and you have to look at how you can hurt whoever you are playing against. Is there something they don’t like to do? If so, we’re going to make them do plenty of it. Then the most important thing for the manager is that, the Friday before the game, you imagine what’s going to happen on the Saturday. And if what happens on Saturday is not what I had planned, then it’s not been good enough from me.

Even back then, he understood you have to work with what you have, you must to pay attention to the details, and the players have to buy into it.

I also thought this John Cross story about Arteta was pretty funny.

He was nicknamed “Coach” by his team-mates during his five years at the Emirates as they could see his determination to move into management.

That nickname was not necessarily meant in the most flattering way — some players thought he was too ‘busy’ and always trying to interfere in decisions.

Firstly, I find it very hard to care about the opinion of many of our players over the last 10 years, we’ve been in sharp decline, anyone willing to help the mess should be given a gold star for effort. Secondly, if you read the Pep book by Ballague, he stated that Pep and Mourinho used to do exactly the same at Bareclona with Bobby Robson, reworking his tactics on the sly.

Mikel will be an entertainer, so we’ll be taking the game to the opposition and focus on buying in players who can dictate the game.

The major difference between then and now is that he’s worked from the ground up with the greatest manager in the world. He’s dealt with big personalities being told they’re surplus, or going to become bit part players. He’s helped identify weaknesses in young upstarts and been credited publicly on improving them. He’ll have been there at the training ground helping Pep identify what needed to happen to deliver on the mission of winning the league in year two, when the whole world was saying they couldn’t do it the beautiful way.

When you put that all down on paper, you might not be 100% sure of what’s coming, but damn, you’ll be excited and you’ll want to give it a go.

Arsenal fans have sat on their hands for the best part of ten years making inane excuses for our slow decline as a club. We’ve bottled countless league titles, we didn’t get out of the last 16 of the CL for 8 years in a row, we signed terrible players, we didn’t sell underperformers, we were consistently out thought by top 6 teams, we never, ever learnt from our mistakes.

  • ‘Mate, it’s only June, give it a rest’
  • ‘That won’t be the last of our signings, it’s only July’
  • ‘You get the best deals at the end of the window’
  • ‘No point in moaning, best shut up and support the lads’
  • ‘He’ll do something in January’
  • ‘Judge him in May’
  • ‘I think he knows what needs to be done’
  • ‘Hazard said Gervinho was the best player he’d ever trained with, actually’

Rinse. Repeat.

Arsene Wenger taught us that winning was secondary to values, and we fell for it.

That’s why I know the fans won’t be divided on Arteta. It’s almost impossible not to progress the club because the baseline is so low. Put a system in place, tighten the defence, implement a pressing philosophy, hold players accountable, run proper video analysis, practice how you play at 1-0 up, 2-0 down, how you attack a corner, how you play out from the back, how you break down a deep block, how you switch systems after 10minutes, build a winning culture and rewrite the values of the club to suit the era. (Ryan Mason talking about the things Arsenal haven’t had, and he’s a Hull player)

Arsenal are a mess. If they hire Arteta, they’re hiring a brilliant young coach, and they’re building a team around him.

… and here’s the best point. If he fails, it won’t take 10 years to make a change, and it won’t cost a summers transfer budget to do the deed.

A slightly different scenario, but look at PSG. They just hired Thomas Tuchel, a manager I’ve been purring over since the Mainz days. He’s never won a league title in his career. Why did they sign him? Because he’s a world class coach with elite ideas. They signed him on a two year deal. If it works, they’ll be playing unbelievable football. If it fails, it’ll cost them fuck all. Even the big clubs are turning their backs on ‘winners’, because winning things doesn’t always tell you who is and is not a great coach with the formula to take you to the promised land in 2019.

I also think from a business perspective, in a world of democratised football coverage, clubs are having to work harder for new fans. United has been offering up criminally poor football for 5 years now, it’ll hit their business model at some point, because a ‘brand’ in a fickle world only lasts as long the success is maintained. You’re not a big club if you’re not winning big trophies, and you can only fool the fans with big name signings for so long. If the product is shite, people will eventually stop buying.

Anyway, all very exciting. My nose is bleeding because I’m not used to this much progressive movement at the club.

What a time to be a Gooner… I hope you’re excited about the future because I certainly am.

P.S. Mesut meeting Erdogan for a photo opp? Fucking hell… a real lack of self-awareness when you’re repping Germany as your home country.


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  1. TR7

    I don’t like Ancellotti at all, he is not the type of guy we need. Tactically not astute, needs big budget and can’t develop young talents.

  2. Gunner2301


    It seems to me that after.being humiliated for years by Wenger, Gazidis has now gone power mad and totally in the opposite direction setting up a structure and a vision where only managers that will be subservient to him will be considered hence the filed looking so barren if candidates which from the outside is a massive opportunity at a big club. Nothing else makes sense.

  3. HighburyLegend

    “What is the Board exactly trying to prove?”

    Something we’re all already know : they want the cheaper coach, because “tightwad” is their trademark for life.

  4. azed

    “What City, Chelsea, Liverpool & United all have in common is when the time came for them to change managers they went for people who were the best in the business, had won league titles elsewhere, successfully played actual progressive football, or just plain winners.

    And people think the route to caching all these clubs is by bringing in a total novice to run the show? Literally doing the exact opposite of what all these clubs did with relative success? Could’ve sworn we were Arsenal not Hoffenheim.”

    Frost its all about our “values”. Winning is a value added service.

  5. HighburyLegend

    @TR7 : so you would take Arteta over Carlo ?? Interesting…
    You almost give me faith in Mikael.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Arteta’s time at Arsenal is being used as a plus for this new position… that somehow he understands our values.

    Arteta’s Arsenal career started as a panic buy… and he spent large parts of it injured on the bench. Yes he did win FA Cups that’s true but he was hardly a Arsenal captain worth writing about. His captaincy was inspid to say the very least. Suddenly he’s going to be this amazing manager to launch us into the big leagues?

    What an absolute insult to Arsenal Greats like PV4 and DB10 that Arteta appears to be leapfrogged into this post without paying any dues like an ordinary manager.

    Patrick and Dennis won titles with this club, the bleed red and white… Scratch beneath the surface Arteta’s blood runs Everton blue more than Arsenal Red and White.

  7. EdTheRed

    The posts by Le-grove in last couple of days can only be compared to a “ £350million for NHS” Leave campaign bullshit.

  8. Dissenter

    Arteta’s captaincy was more of a non-playing captain. He represents the very worst of the Wenger era.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Funny that Everton, whom Arteta played for more than 162 times, are not looking at Arteta, this new managerial supergenius, even though they have a managerial vacancy available. They are focussing on a young manager with a track record, Marco Silva.

    That says it all really. Arteta spent the best years of his playing career at Everton and they aren’t banging his door down, why is that?

    Could it be that they recognise that he needs to get experience from another club, to make his mistakes before going there?

    Why are we volunteering to be that club?


  10. Pedro

    Leeds, they most definitely were looking at him.

    This is such a red herring, like picking your wife based on what others think.

    All you need to know is City want him to succeed Pep, and people are glowing about him from high places.

  11. Guns of SF

    The worst part about this whole thing is the feeling of being powerless over the likely impending hire of Arteta.
    It leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
    Its not inspiring, when the fans need this.
    As Leeds said, its an insult to PV4, Db10, Th, that they are being overlooked compared to Arteta. I think it will sever the fans even more, and alienate these legends.

    Its beyond me how anyone can make a rational decision on Arteta without him having any coaching experience.

    He gets that experience and does well, this is a different conversation altogether.

  12. UTarse


    Maybe city want him to succeed pep, but that would be in 3-4 years after he’s been groomed and potentially promoted to asst. manager or whatever the right hand man’s position is there, but not now fella ? He’s not ready yet, like a that Dutch beer.

  13. Dissenter

    “All you need to know is City want him to succeed Pep, and people are glowing about him from high places.”

    City will never place their project in the hands of a complete novice.
    It what you’re saying is remotely true then they will ship him out to a satellite club to gain managerial experience in Yokohama, Girona or Australia before appointing him. Or maybe they will use us a s satellite club to help him gain experience.

    You’re having a laugh while writing all these stuff, arent you?

  14. HighburyLegend

    Anyone watching the MNF show tonight ?? Maybe they will ask some question to Pep about Arteta and his ability to coach Arsenal ??

  15. Dissenter

    Excellent write up in the Telegtaph by Daniel Zekiri
    “Gazidis and Arsenal will be wary of any appointment that could put this new dynamic at risk, rightly or wrongly. A seasoned manager might sniff blood, sensing naivety in a regime feeling their way through the post-Wenger era, and stage a power grab. To use another analogy from the history books, Arsenal will not want a Bonaparte-figure to emerge and hijack to their revolution, a manager who fancies himself as the next Wenger. A younger coach making his way will be easier to control. ”

  16. Guns of SF

    As mentioned before. Arteta fits nice and neat into Ivans shirt pocket.
    Arteta is controllable. A company man.

    I cannot see him standing up to the big three whatsoever.
    When he falters, he has no fall back. no support except lip service from Ivan.

    Ivan is putting his neck on the line here. If Arteta fails, his head is going to roll too.

  17. Receding Hairline

    Wilshere will not be going to the world cup

    Mustafi will not be going either

    I am glad. These jokers need to pay the price for some atrocious performances this season and watch from home like all of us.

    Daddy is gone, i hope next season they start earning their places at the club or get shown the door

  18. Receding Hairline

    “It’s all about power and keeping it.”

    Well you cant spend the last few years complaining wenger had too much power and now complain again when the power is being decentralized.

    What do you want… a case of the king is dead, long live the king?

    If Arteta is picked and cannot show any improvement, he will be sacked, just like any other football club

    Or would you sanction 15m on Enrique who bombed spectacularly at Roma and only did an ok job at Celta?

  19. TR7

    ‘Well you cant spend the last few years complaining wenger had too much power and now complain again when the power is being decentralized.’

    Zardim and Nagelsman have all the pros that you could associate with Arteta , plus they are more proven and experienced.

  20. Pedro

    Dissenter, City are run by exBarca execs, they will absolutely put the project in the hands of someone promoted internally

  21. Danny

    I actually feel bad for Jack, I think it would’ve been good for him and maybe us too.
    As for Mustafi………..

  22. Dissenter

    The point being that an experienced manager can smell the naivete and BS coming from the triumvirate managing our football.
    No one’s suggesting Enrique so stop our silly straw man argument, that’s beneath you.

  23. Dissenter

    It’ s a shame that Jack didn’t make the squad. I thought he had done enough…and really England need him.
    At least his new kid will keep him grounded.

  24. Pedro

    Guns, why would any CEO in the world hire a manager that wasn’t controllable.

    Football fans talk about out of control managers like it’s a positive.

    Football is business. Managers have to play the game. The club controls them. Simple as that.

  25. UGooner

    Great time to be a Gooner indeed. I’ll be honest, I stopped reading Le Grove because there was too much moaning which dissolved into some kind of hate for the manager, the players… Like bruh, that’s our CLUB. No offense, it’s been tough being a gooner for a decade but I guess I’m a different kind of fan to many here. And if I’m really honest, a fan like myself didn’t feel welcome here. I’m not the banter era type. I’m a believer, a dreamer, a SUPPORTER! Arsenal for Life. I hunger for the win, but the right kind of win- with class and values. Sorry, Pedro but for me, it’s values over titles. One look at classless acts like Mourinho’s just confirm it and I would take another 10 years no prem if Mour was the only one that could bring it.

    I don’t know which manager we will have next. I wasn’t keen on Arteta but these last couple articles have softened me to the idea. Either way, I was getting behind whoever came in despite my preferences because that’s what I do. I hope we will all do that, and that as a Club, we get together and get behind the team. One voice, One Love, One Arsenal. Can’t wait for that!

    Thanks for the article, Pedro.

  26. Samesong

    I hope he did and goes on to score lots of goals in Russia to place himself in the shop

    That definetly isn’t happening.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “Zardim and Nagelsman have all the pros that you could associate with Arteta , plus they are more proven and experienced.”

    Well someone had the balls to give them the chance to prove themselves

    Someone wants to do the same for Arteta…why not just sit back and see how it goes…why all the negativity

  28. Dissenter

    There’s a difference between controlling a manager and having a manager subservient to you because they owe everything to you.
    Gazidis led the trolley dash that brought Arteta to Arsenal. He will be the one who’s giving him a job against all the odds hence Arteta owes him bigly.
    A proper manager won’t owe Gazidis a damn thing. He’s there to do a job and he will expect the club to meet their own side of the deal.

  29. Receding Hairline

    “The point being that an experienced manager can smell the naivete and BS coming from the triumvirate managing our football.”

    Well you are no experienced manager but obviously you have smelt the naivete and BS so there is that.

    No one is clutching at straws, just that i have noticed that once you disapprove of something you go to various extremes to discredit it. There seems to be no middle ground with you

  30. Pierre

    Receding hairline
    “Well you cant spend the last few years complaining wenger had too much power and now complain again when the power is being decentralized.”

    Oh yes they can, and they will…

    Why, because they ain’t got a clue what they want..
    All these years they have been after the wrong man.. All that energy wasted on trying to get Wenger out when it should have been kronke all along.

    No top manager will come to Arsenal to work under the financial constraints that have been imposed and will continue to be imposed.
    They know they are not playing on a level playing field, they will have one arm tied behind their back…
    They will look at the money city, United and Chelsea have spent and will continue to spend and will come to the conclusion that unless they get the funding required their reputations could be destroyed at Arsenal.

  31. Dissenter

    You’re obviously all mixed up
    There’s nothing I’ve said that’s not been written in the main stream.
    I posted an article for the Telegraph- a balanced on that says the same thing.
    You’re the one being disingenuous suggesting that I wanted us to pay Enrique 15 million which was blatantly false.
    Any way have a good day. I don’t have time for people with receding frontal lobes who just want to make straw man arguments all day.

  32. Receding Hairline

    “Gazidis led the trolley dash that brought Arteta to Arsenal. He will be the one who’s giving him a job against all the odds hence Arteta owes him bigly.”

    You really need to take Bamfords advice and take a chill pill.

    So now you are suggesting this grand conspiracy has been in place from the moment Gazidis ( Not the bogey man wenger now who did not allow anyone cough at the club without his consent) bought Arteta from Everton.

    Whats the next plot twist…Arteta and Gazidis are lovers??

    And what role do sanhelli and Sven play in all of this ?? They will just sit back and watch Gazidis repay his debt of a watch to Arteta without any input??

  33. Pedro

    The club want an elite coach, they seem to think that’s Arteta. I see nothing wrong in taking a gamble, and I’m not about the mega name manager who will tell the clubs what’s what. We hired a Sporting Director to manage that side of things, and he came from Barca

  34. Champagne charlie

    “What an absolute insult to Arsenal Greats like PV4 and DB10 that Arteta appears to be leapfrogged into this post without paying any dues like an ordinary manager.“

    This “he’s a bigger legend” talk is cringeworthy, I don’t want some popular appointment that appeases Twitter.

    Arsenal need cutting edge, fresh, new, engaging, smart. The interest in Arteta points to him being able to provide that. I’m sorry he wasn’t as heroic as Dennis or Vieira, but this is coaching.

  35. Pierre

    Receding hairline
    “Someone wants to do the same for Arteta…why not just sit back and see how it goes…why all the negativity”

    Ha.except for a handful of Posters, have you ever known Le Grove to be positive about the Arsenal…

  36. salparadisenyc

    Lets recap 2018 thus far with new team making decisions:

    Sanchez out, Mhki in. No other option with debacle club created.

    PEA bought in the fabled January window “where big moves are next to impossible” according to some.

    Theo sold
    Giroud sold
    Coq sold
    Debuchy transferred out.

    Wenger sacked with bulk of staff, a year left on deal.

    One major blemish is Ozil’s desperate deal that has Wenger’s prints all over it.

    I think Gazidis and co have earned some latitude, personally i’m excited to see where this goes.

  37. Receding Hairline

    “I posted an article for the Telegraph- a balanced on that says the same thing.”

    There are about half a dozen articles online saying the opposite wonder why you haven’t posted those

    heck even the guys on ESPN extra time are looking at this, Mr Controversial Crag Burley actually thinks it might be a smart thing to do

    But no..Dissenter and the guy from the Telegram disapproves so we should all fall in line or get called names

  38. Dissenter

    It seems Fabian Delph got the nod ahead of Wilshere.
    That seems to be the fair decision since Delph was great all season and can play more than one position.
    Did any Arsenal player make the squad?

  39. Ishola70

    Someone earlier said that they were sick of ball playing CBs and wanted no nonsense physical defenders in relation to this Freiburg kid. Well he is both.

    Sounds good but he is green and rash at this stage. Will make as many errors of judgement as Mustafi but of course more scope to improve on that side.

    All potential eh. The coach hiring is seen as possible potential and the first signing will be a potentially good player for the future rather than a ready made CB to solve problems in the here and now.

    Are there any top quality players around in the Bundesliga that have Dortmund/Mislintat links or other top quality players with previous links to Mislintat? If not this Freiburg kiddie CB could be what we see from now on.

  40. TR7


    Of course we have no other option but to wait to see how it goes. I will be happy to be proven totally wrong on Arteta. But I can’t help feeling we could have done better.

  41. TR7

    BREAKING: @Arsenal bosses have held talks with the representatives of @OGCNice star Jean Michael Seri as they consider a formal move.

  42. alexanderhenry

    Quite funny isn’t it .. a new schism has appeared on here- pro or anti arteta.

    However, both sides have a point.

    From the ‘anti artetas’, it shows a ‘lack of ambition’ from the club.
    Well, I’ve been on here arguing just that for about five years. If you think that a win at all costs mentality exists at Arsenal fc you’re sorely mistaken.

    From the ‘pro artetas’, it shows a modern, dynamic and refreshing approach from the club which is a welcome change from doing the obvious and going for someone like Benitez.
    Nothing wrong with Benitez, but I too am aintrigued by the appointment. He’s an unknown quantity and might surprise us.

    Also, bear in mind that arsenal fans are in no mood to wait it out for five years. After the agonising and protracted departure of wenger, plus a lot of ill feeling for the owner, Arsenal fans will expect the team to improve and improve fast.
    If it goes badly, things will degenerate very quickly.

  43. Ishola70

    Yes it is big money.

    They can only be paying that sort of money for him because they see him as becoming world class in the future.

    He’ll be learning his trade at Arsenal in the next few years if he signs for Arsenal like he is currently doing at Freiburg. Bit like the hiring of Arteta.

  44. Receding Hairline

    “But I can’t help feeling we could have done better.”

    That goes without saying TR7

    No one is saying we had no other options or that this is the best possible course of action

  45. Ishola70

    lol this Seri obviously has agent/agents that like to put him in shop window and link him to name clubs.

  46. Dissenter

    Where did you get that from?
    It makes sense because Sanlehi was sacked by Barca while he was negotiating the transfer of Seri from Nice to Barca.

    Jean Michel Seri was destined for Barce last summer.

  47. Ishola70

    Any reason why folks want a waif in midfield that can’t tackle?

    That’s Seri. He’s got plenty of energy but is weak on the physical front.

  48. Receding Hairline

    BREAKING: @Arsenal bosses have held talks with the representatives of @OGCNice star Jean Michael Seri as they consider a formal move.

    Can’t say i understand this. Another short ball playing midfielder that cannot tackle

  49. Ishola70

    If Arsenal is all about potential now and future potential world class players then why don’t Arsenal take a punt on this Haidara kid from Red Bull Salzburg?

  50. Leftsidesanch

    You have to think if we are in for Seri that Ramsey is definately out of the door come the summer, or Jack (to Bob’s delight).

    Ramsey had a good poker face if true, he spoke of how strange it would be playing for a new manager next season.

  51. Dissenter

    Seri is goping to take the role that Carzola played in the team.
    This lad was bound for Barca last summer.

    You don’t trust our team?
    The same good guys bringing Arteta over? 🙂

  52. TallestTiz

    Seri’s price should come cheaper than the mooted amount.
    His contract runs out in 2019, so Nice hold not much leverage in negotiations?

  53. Receding Hairline

    “You don’t trust our team?
    The same good guys bringing Arteta over? :-)”

    Dissenter i didn’t say so. I just said i did not understand why we needed him, but it’s possible certain players are on their way out so who knows

  54. Vintage Gun

    “BREAKING: @Arsenal bosses have held talks with the representatives of @OGCNice star Jean Michael Seri as they consider a formal move.”

    GET IT DONE!!!

    I wonder if Seri will be a replacement for Wilshere & Cazorla or a replacement for Ramsey?

  55. Pierre

    Let’s say Arteta gets the job.

    Let’s say Arteta doesn’t hit the ground running…
    All hell will break loose from the media and those supporters opposing Arteta.

    What do I see for the future of Arsenal football club……

    I see the club being destroyed by idiotic fans who think that Arsenal have a right to win titles, who think it is not good enough to win cup competitions, who think they know it all but in fact know nothing…..
    The WOBS are an embarrassment and will continue to be an embarrassment whoever is the manager as they think it is their right to bring the club to its knees in search of the holy grail.

    I don’t see spurs, Liverpool, city, Chelsea and united fans trying to destroy their own club despite having many lean years but I see the small minority of Arsenal fans doing it despite the fact we have been winning trophies.

    These minority are given too much credence by the media… The real Arsenal fans are the ones who will back the new manager whoever it is…

  56. Graham62

    The way I look at it, anything’s better than having Wenger at the helm.

    I’m for giving Arteta a chance.

    Oh yeh, just to remind everyone, Kroenke had nothing to do our on pitch frailties over the past decade. That was all down to Wenger.


    aka Michael24

  57. TR7

    Culling of back room staff was a strong indication that we were hiring a former player as our new manager. Rumors have it both Ramsey and Bould could leave if Arteta were to be chosen.

  58. Guns of SF

    Seri would be interesting. Im thinking Santi or Jack replacement. Likely Santi.
    if he comes with loads of energy on the pitch then cool! We miss that player who can dribble out of tight situations and get the nice pass out….

  59. Guns of SF

    If Arteta is coming, then why cull anything? He knows all these folks… It almost appears that it might be someone else trying to clean house with his own ppl

  60. Dissenter

    Good to have you around
    I’m just raving mad about the Arteta thing. I’m venting because I can’t do a thing about it. Cheers.

  61. TR7

    BREAKING: @Arsenal have contacted Patrick Vieira in last 24 hours but former Gunners midfielder feels call was a ‘token gesture’ and is disappointed, say Sky sources #SSN

  62. Dissenter

    I think we should just pull the plug on Santi.
    We are already entering the season with too many sick notes; Kosh is pretty much done with his achilles along with Santi who’s doing his damn best but to get an extension.

  63. SUGA3


    This is silly now. There is no amount of editorial gymnastics to wrap to polish the idea of Arteta being appropriate as the next Wenger’s manager. This is unless we are getting just a coach and it is Sven and Raul that will do the hiring, firing and other disciplinary stuff.

    We all know that discipline (or more to the point, lack of it) has been the bane of this team, ever since 07/08 season. Which coincided with all the Invincibles being gone, unless you count Clichy as such.

    Can Arteta command managerlike respect from the players he actually played with, what, TWO years ago? Not convinced.

  64. Dissenter

    One has to feel sorry for this Meghan Mackle chick.
    It’s not her fault that her family have acted like a pack of vultures. We don’t get to pick the family that we are from.

  65. Guns of SF

    Everyone watch this…. this is what you call a fighter, a leader and someone who commanded respect. sure he was a little dirty on the pitch but damn… I miss having anyone in the team that vaguely resembles this type of player!

    If indeed Arsenal did their token phone call, its even more dissapointing. PV should be a top candidate IMO. Ivan was not here when he played for us, so may be a little fearful, but I think PV can get the job done… inspirational!
    Much more than Farteta

  66. Leedsgunner


    RE Your Reply to my post 1656…

    Thank you for your links pointing out that Everton DID indeed look at him.

    Then it makes it even worse that we are taking him seriously whereas Everton has passed over him isn’t it?

    What did Everton see in Arteta that put them off? Why are we choosing to turn a blind eye to the same risks?

    Why are we saying yes, when Everton, who should have every reason to say no, said no?

    In no other business would a company give a global account, key client, major supplier over to a complete novice — no matter how brilliant he is behind the scenes.

    Lazy comments? Hardly, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

    I respectfully disagree. You have a great blog, and definitely the best comments section of any of the Arsenal blogs but on this I fear you’re wrong.

    Of course if I’m wrong, I will admit it, after all, I want what is best for Arsenal… always have.

  67. Graham62

    Arteta saw the problems for himself, day in day out, during his five years at the club. He may be exactly what the club needs.

    Should he be appointed, I’d be very optimistic that he could move us forward.

  68. james wood

    Would he want to leave a squad that is virtually on a par with
    Would he want to take on a squad that is ,and he would be fully aware
    total shit.
    Would he want to work as a yes man and he would be fully aware that’s
    what the job requires.
    I personally feel he would be a fool to accept.?

  69. Goonertone

    I wondered what Arsenal fans would do once wenger finally left. I hoped fans would unite behind the team and give whoever gets the job a chance to create the change we have all been crying out for. Arteta would not be my 1st, 2nd or probably 3rd choice but if I’m honest Wenger wasn’t in my top ten in 1996.
    I for one will support whoever gets the job and if it’s Arteta good luck to him. It could be a failure itmaster stroke but

  70. Goonertone

    I wondered what Arsenal fans would do once wenger finally left. I hoped fans would unite behind the team and give whoever gets the job a chance to create the change we have all been crying out for.
    Arteta would not be my 1st, 2nd or probably 3rd choice but if I’m honest Wenger wasn’t in my top ten in 1996.
    I for one will support whoever gets the job and if it’s Arteta good luck to him. It could be a master stroke as he is definitely taking coaching seriously and is hungry for success. If it doesn’t work out he won’t last but every Arsenal fan should stop the bickering and get behind the team until the proof is there before our eyes.

    One thing is certain if the fan base is split from day one no coach will be a success!

  71. Dissenter

    I’ve just read that Jake Livermore was selected ahead of Wishere????
    WTF, has Southgate lost his mind?

  72. Freddylekgunner

    Will definitely prefer PV over Arteta. He’ll command respect from the respect from players than Arteta and won’t take shit from the board.

  73. Freddylekgunner

    “One thing is certain if the fan base is split from day one no coach will be a success!”
    That’s why Arteta doesn’t make sense right now.

    Even by Wilshere current form, he should still be ahead of Livermore.

  74. Goonertone

    I agree pretty damning but from an Arsenal point of view the less of our players going the better. This team needs a proper pre season more than most.

  75. Jeff

    Appointing Arteta is just as stupid as signing Kallstrom. If this club doesn’t stop shooting itself in the foot, it will end up in the Championship.

  76. Pedro

    It’s like you being at a bar and showing interest in a very nice looking lady. Then CR7 rolls in and cuts in.

    You can offer up your best lines, but be real, the continuation of your chat is well and truly over.

  77. Guns of SF

    do your sources tell you anything but Arteta? I mean are the club still interviewing others? Seems Arteta is all over Google now, and the likely pic….
    Do you know if any contact has been made with others? If so, whom?

    Besides all of us speculating

  78. Elmo


    Everyone here is expressing an opinion on who they think should be a manager, and what criteria are valid in 2018 for judging management ability / potential.

    You seem fixated on the supposed hordes of ‘bad fans,’ and the future actions you predict from them. Why can’t people discuss what they think is best for the club, while everything is up in the air?

  79. qna

    Pedro: The club want an elite coach, they seem to think that’s Arteta.

    Which is it? They want an elite coach or they want Arteta. Reminds me of Dwight Shrute – an assistant to the elite coach.

    Pedro: I see nothing wrong in taking a gamble, and I’m not about the mega name manager who will tell the clubs what’s what.

    You will come around. It’s just a matter of when. Some of us don’t have to see the car crash to know that it will. Shall we take guesses on how long it will take Pedro to beg the club to sign a mega name manager. I am going 12 months.

  80. gazzap

    I really hope its not Arteta. Its a massive risk. Sure it could go well but it could all go very badly wrong as well. what if the guy can’t manage his way out of a paper bag? There’s no hard evidence to suggest he can. If he fucks up big time – you can be sure the fans will be on his back by October. I’ll wish him all the best and keep my fingers crossed for him but I just feel the fans won’t give him time because none of us can say with hand on heart ‘just stick with him, he’ll come good’ because we just don’t know. I hope Gazidis knows something we don’t and has seen something incredible in him.
    Sad to hear about the news about Paddy and the club just paying lip service to talking to him. they should have given him a proper interview not spoken to him after they made a decision!

  81. Bob

    wilshere is so shit he got left out the England squad and idiots want to make this flop captain of arsenal. He’s diffently not going to captain England.

  82. englandsbest


    It’s the sea-change taking place at the Club that makes me upbeat about the future of the Club. Mikel (if/when he arrives} will be a big part of that, as will Raul and Sven, but the driving force is unquestionably Gazidis.

    Everything planned, everything ticking like a clock. And no wonder, Ivan’s been hanging around preparing for this moment for years.

    He has learned the same lesson that all of us have learned: nothing will make Stan Kroenke into a benevolent owner. But instead of giving in meekly like Wenger, Ivan has chosen a different path. That is the sea-change.

    I doubt if he ever approached the big proven names, there was never a chance that the majority owner would come through with sufficient wages or transfer money.

    Ivan’s solution – his path – was to form a kind of brains trust, a coming-together of experts who can find decent players cheaply, train them properly, get the best out of them.

    And here Arsenal DO have a bonus. Unlike Leicester or Soton (and maybe Spurs) the Club can afford to pay high enough wages to keep their players.

    There is no longer room for any sentimentality. Getting rid of players no longer wanted is a priority. Question marks hang over Ozil and Bellerin, for example. I’d be pleased to see thm both go. On the other hand, the sea-change may do them good. Let’s wait and see.

  83. Bob

    Wilshire 2014 world cup:injured
    Wilshere 2018 world cup: left at home coz he’s shit.
    This time he can’t say he was injured.

  84. BacaryisGod

    Please can someone explain why Arteta would be a better fit than Rafa Benitez?

    Rafa is 58. He’s been a success at all 3 English clubs he’s managed. He’s won the Champions League and the Europa League. He’s shown humility by taking on Newcastle and getting them re-established in the Premier League.

    Such an obvious improvement over Arteta who only looks the part.

  85. Bob

    Sky sports Jan 2018
    Gary Neville believes Jack Wilshere is England’s best central midfielder and could play in any team in Europe if fully fit.

  86. kc

    Love how the idiots are spinning this possible Arteta appointment as a new and refreshing change for the club. You morons missed your natural calling in real estate. If Arteta is the manager he won’t be giving the orders, he’ll be taking them. He’ll be nothing more than a figurehead and possible fall guy.

  87. Bob

    Wilshire left out the England squad and he’s contract runs out in few weeks at arsenal what a overrated waste of space.

  88. Gunner2301


    “This is such a red herring, like picking your wife based on what others think.”

    You mean like picking Arteta based on what Pep thinks?

  89. Jay

    Also, bear in mind that arsenal fans are in no mood to wait it out for five years. After the agonising and protracted departure of wenger, plus a lot of ill feeling for the owner, Arsenal fans will expect the team to improve and improve fast.
    If it goes badly, things will degenerate very quickly.”

    The whole situation summarised.

  90. Akilan

    You explicitly said Arteta is shinier than Nagelsmann. I replied he is not. I stick to my opinion.“Did I though….“Nagelsmann has no track record at a big club, playing or coaching. I really don’t see him being a shiny option opposed to Arteta.“…or did I simply suggest Nagelsmann isn’t streets ahead as was being suggested.Go on, give it one more glance.”

    Fair enough. Anyway, you’ve dismissed Nagelsmann citing his lack of “big team experience”, which I don’t agree with. I still believe he’s the better option.

    It all seems a bit irrelevant right now as it looks like Arteta is gonna take the mantle. I will support(criticise/praise) as long as he’s in charge. I will call for his head if he finishes the season outside top 4 without Europa, unless we finish incredibly close(5th by a point or GD, losing in the EL final).

    The silver lining is if Arteta fail, we fans should call for Ivan’s head too. No sentimentality whatsoever with Ivan. He’s done nothing tangible for the club yet.

  91. Dissenter

    Northern eggplant,
    “So much for getting behind the new man no matter who he was. Anyone but AW was the call.Pathetic ‘supporters’ really showing what they’re about now. Anything to shit on the club and moan what they’re doing”

    Lets get real
    Are you saying that there’s no part of you that’s uncomfortable by the notion that Arsenal are about to appoint a manager with zero experience?

  92. Berg

    Arteta has disaster written all over it. Nothing will change until the ownership does. We will always look to penny pinch

  93. Pierre

    And it’s my opinion that these so called fans are doing more harm to the club than good .
    If it is Arteta, he will be treated like Wenger, one home defeat against lower opposition and all hell will break loose ,he will be abused and disrespected I have no doubt of that because there is no other way for these sort of people to get their point across.
    And this will keep repeating itself for years to come and the club will be dragged further and further down by the pressure and negativity that these people bring to the club .

    But ,of course , they think they have a right to demand success to win the league to win the champions league because it was said that moving to a new stadium would get us up to the top level .
    The problem is Chelsea and then city arrived on the scene and blew Arsenal out of the water financially , only man Utd have been able to live with them financially and even they may not win the league for another 20 years the way things are going despite throwing fortunes at it.

    I fear for Arsenal football club as I believe the next 2/3 years are crucial and could go one way or the other ….it will only take a couple of bad results for the media and fans to turn and in the end those fans will get what they deserve …a lower / mid table team playing in a half empty stadium who will not attract any top class players because of the divided fan base and the negativity it brings to the club ….they are still whinging now even though Wenger has gone .

    What these fans fail to realise is that top players like Sanchez, ozil and aubamayang were attracted to the club because of Wenger even when we were struggling in the league….if this group of players and new manager don’t push on and win the league then what will we have to attract top players to the club.

    I can gaurantee you it won’t be the non loyal , non appreciative fans that will attract the players that’s for sure …

    And that’s MY opinion Elmo.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger getting sacked by the club because of the fans is a bit like brexit….

    Public voted out ….
    Fans wanted him out

    We got out on both

    Now slimy politicians watering it down and trying to keep status quo

    Club setting up Arteta to keep the wenger way……..

    It parodies itself

  95. Buckhurst Gun

    “Wilshire 2014 world cup:injured
    Wilshere 2018 world cup: left at home coz he’s shit.
    This time he can’t say he was injured.”

    I actually can’t deal …..

  96. Peckobill

    Pedro is a sell out being gazidis’ mouthpiece he’s become the exact thing what John Cross was for Wenger he obviously gets his info from someone who’s in the gazidis camp and it serves him well to keep his ear in and trump gazidis’ cause . This nonsense about the majority of arsenal fans getting behind Arteta is blatant bullshit propaganda because the majority on any forum , Arsenal sites , twitter or anything I’ve been on is the complete opposite. Tell us this Pedro , do you agree this is all on gazidis and by going against the majority of what the fans want if it goes tits up with Arteta gazidis should resign and if not be sacked for coming up with such an absurd idea and not hiring someone with experience?

  97. Peckobill

    Pierre , fans don’t demand trophies your missing the point the fans want us to have the best possible chance by hiring the best man available to us to give us half a chance . Arteta isn’t that man . None , I repeat none of the the teams that finished in the top 5 would hire Arteta in this moment of his career if any of them wanted a manager . Actually Chelsea are after one so how come they have zero links to this fabled great manager in the making ?

  98. Buckhurst Gun

    “I don’t see spurs, Liverpool, city, Chelsea and united fans trying to destroy their own club despite having many lean years but I see the small minority of Arsenal fans doing it despite the fact we have been winning trophies.”

    I don’t see many of their fans paying the highest ticket prices in all the land

    But I do see that as soon as shit goes south at these clubs – heads roll , and it doesn’t come 14 years too late either – which other big club would keep a manager on whilst going 9 years without a trophy ? We had to wait 9 years to win an F.a cup – when Chelsea and city finally started winning things their fans were happy because never in their wildest dreams did they think they would be where they are now – they weren’t classed as big clubs expected to win things – we went from winning the league to becoming a meme – we were sold a dream and quite frankly it was all lies

  99. Redtruth

    You’d be better off opening up the job vacancy of Arsenal Football Manager to the general public than to give it to a complete rookie…

  100. Buckhurst Gun

    “How is wilshere going to captain England if he’s bein left the squad lol”

    I want to cry – somebody make him stop

  101. Emiratesstroller

    Dissenter and others

    Can I remind you that Arsenal have recruited two highly experienced management people to run the football side of the business at the beginning of this year.

    Sanllehi worked for 15 years at Barcelona including 8 years as their Director of
    Professional Football.

    Mislintat worked for 15 years at Borussia Dortmund including 8 years as Director of Football Scouting. Previously he worked as a coach elsewhere in

    So the club is not exactly short of football expertise.

    Arteta if he accepts the post of Head Coach responsible for First Team Squad
    will bring to table a 18 year career as a professional footballer and 2 years as a
    coach working alongside Guardiola at Manchester City who have just won the
    EPL Title and the League Cup.

    He is not exactly inexperienced in professional football and more to the point
    Arsenal have recruited two people with combined 30 years + experience running leading football clubs in Spain and Germany.

    When you discuss the management and coaching side we are not exactly short of expertise.

    Recruiting a manager/head coach is always a risky business. There have been
    plenty of experienced and highly rated people who had great cvs at one club
    and then turned out to be a disappointment elsewhere.

    I pointed out yesterday that Bertie Mee had been appointed Manager at Arsenal and had worked previously as a physiotherapist. He had limited football experience and absolutely no coaching background. He resolved that problem
    by recruiting a young and talented coach called Howe. The combination won the league and cup double.

  102. Alex James

    Wenger will be sitting at home chuckling about an Arteta appointment. He will be rubbing his hands with glee, waiting for the axe to fall. If for no other reason, than to spite awenger, I really hope that Atteta is successful.

  103. London gunner

    Yeah Pedro definitely has vested interests.
    He is a gazidis yes man and gains exclusive access by being so.

    Ivan is pushing for Arteta so Pedro like the marketer he is is selling the dream to the fan base.

    PS this isn’t meant as an insult I work and have worked closely with marketing executives throughout my career and they are slippery as eels.

  104. Emiratesstroller

    For the record Don Howe was just 32 when appointed first team coach. So he was
    4 years younger than Arteta. His previous coaching experience was 2 years coaching the reserves at Arsenal.

    Howe was rated very highly as a coach.

  105. Pierre

    B. Gun
    So the price of tickets are a reason to destroy the club…

    Obviously you do not know the history of the club …

    Despite what you may think ,Arsenal have never been an elite club in my lifetime supporting the club .

    We won the league in 1971 the first time for 18 years and then won the league in 1989 ,the first time in 18 years then we won it agin 2 years later and were on the decline and probably wouldn’t have won it for another 18 +years if Wenger hadn’t come along …..we were going nowhere fast..

    The only time we have looked like an elite club in the last 80 years is when Wenger first joined for 6/7 years…. and if you believe that winning FA cups and qualifying for champions league 20 years on the spin is a reason to try and destroy the club then more fool you..

    You will all get the club you deserve and I gaurantee you it will not be an elite club ….

  106. London gunner

    One of my main issues with Arteta is he was the king of drab sideways and backwards passing.

    Possession for the sake of possession.. I hope he doesn’t manage like he played.

  107. gambon

    Obviously you have to take any transfer window rumours with a pinch of salt..

    However if we were to sign Sokratis, Soyuncu & Seri – that would be a very good start.

    Add a GK, DM, and wide attacker and we would have a very good squad.

  108. SUGA3


    Unless my math is a bit off, then 1971 less 1935 is 36, not 32.

    Also, it took him seven years to start managing the team he played in, not two. Whoever he played with, was long gone.

    Arteta would be such a gash appointment. He was not even a good captain for fuck’s sake.

  109. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ffs ES

    It’s not the 60s/70s anymore, football have evolved a great deal since then and is a hell of a lot more professional now, there is no comparison between hiring Howe and Arteta.

    We also have some of the best managers in the world at our competitors, managing teams with more ambition than us, and we’re bringing our secret weapon in Lego fucking Batman? Holy fucksticks this can backfire spectacularly.
    Hope it’s Ivans ass when it does.

  110. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Sentimentally that makes a lovely read,
    However football has moved on leaps and bounds from those halcyon days.
    From being a sport with the only incomes were punters through door. It’s now all about money
    If Arteta starts bad people will see it as a wenger clone an stay awY 5hus sponsors will pull out etc….
    I admire that the club would make a bold decision but I have doubts …

    Well see.

  111. SUGA3

    Fergie had Moyes appointed to show the fans how great he was by contrast. This Arteta succession has the same thing written all over it.

    Just that Moyes would have a glimmer of chance of showing Wenger up 😆

  112. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Fuck it
    What we got to lose we all thought we would have wenger for another season

    Gove i5 a roll

  113. Emiratesstroller


    I am not referring to Don Howe working as Manager later on in his career.

    Howe was first team coach under Bertie Mee when we won league and cup double. Mee had limited football playing experience and no coaching background.

    Whatever you may think with your constant negativity Howe was rated in his
    era one of the top coaches in world football.

    As I have said many times we are recruiting a coach not a manager.

    For the record there are now rumours that Santi Cazorla will work alongside Arteta as a coach. Two weeks ago a football journalist who knows the set up at
    Arsenal told me that Cazorla has a fantastic rapport with younger players at
    the club and will make a fantastic coach.

  114. Champagne charlie


    My position is that I see both Arteta and Nagelsmann as having questionable merits. So much so I don’t belong in the camp that worships Nagelsmann and shits on a Arteta, I’d appreciate both with their respective risks.

  115. Pedro

    SUGA, it doesn’t have the same thing written over it.

    Moyes was a very experienced manager who’d been at two clubs, he was also a Fergie recco.

    Arteta has a totally different background, and offers totally different things.

    Sure he’s a risk, but all managers come with baggage.

  116. Wallace

    R. S. P. C. Arsenal

    “Wenger getting sacked by the club because of the fans is a bit like brexit….”

    brexit’s an utter goatf*ck. let’s hope replacing Wenger isn’t even remotely comparable. or Sean Dyche will be in charge and we’ll be playing Macclesfield in league two with Peter Crouch up top before you can say , ‘this isn’t turning out like I was told it would’.

  117. Champagne charlie

    The Vieira news, if true, is precisely the type of shit why I rate Arteta so much higher than him or Henry.

    Those guys think Arsenal owes them something. Henry laughed off heading a youth side for punditry because it was beneath him, now Vieira is supposedly annoyed at a token gesture by considering him for he job.

    Like I’ve said all along, Arteta slight the best for himself, and mark my words…the first thing he’ll talk about is how proud and thankful he is to have been considered for the role, let alone get it. He wants the best for us and values us, the others want from us and value themselves.

  118. azed

    “Henry laughed off heading a youth side for punditry because it was beneath him, ”

    This is pure BS, Henry wanted to do the two and Wenger said no.