Fans rally behind Arteta hype as evidence mounts he’s quite good (long read)

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Well, what a response to yesterday’s post, but before we get into that, let’s talk about some of the action that happened last yesterday.

President of Arsenal Internet, Lord of The Meme, King amongst information elites… Sir David Ornstein, dropped the news that the club had released longtime club medic, Colin Lewin. The man has been with us for 23 years, an incredible length of time. He was Head of Medical Services but was moved on yesterday.

This is sad. I had the privilege of meeting Colin Lewin in 2011 when he gave me and some other bloggers (I met Goonerholic) a tour of the medical facilities. The article is here and it’s still interesting today. I think I was invited, because back in the day, the argument around Wenger mostly centred on injured players, and how bad his luck was/how bad our medical team was. My argument was that injuries were sometimes about luck (impact), but most of our problems were soft tissue and preventable. The problem was Wenger overtraining players and fatiguing them (in the hope our players would be fitter in the last 10minutes), hammering a small squad and not rotating, combined with a lack of interest in using data properly. 3 years later we signed Shad Forsythe who could help with those issues and never looked back.

Anyway, it’s sad to see him go. I really feel for the good people left at Arsenal at the moment. There’s nothing worse than a regime change. Everyone is on edge, bullets come when you least expect it, and it’s terrifying.

Some other media outlets are reporting that Steve Bould won’t sign on under a new manager. I’m not surprised, he’s at the stage in his career where he needs to manage a club, and I’m sure there are plenty that’d be willing to give him a chance.

One thing is for sure, the club are being absolutely ruthless about getting back to the top. Raul Sanllehi is not mincing his vision (maybe the first Darren Burgess bullet with Colin), so I expect to see more changes in the not too distant future, and my hope is they are all for the good.

Again, all of this points towards a club that has a decentralized power structure. We’re not hiring in a manager who will bring 50 of his guys through the back door because he’s a so-called big name. We’re going to run like Barcelona. The Director of Football will make the decisions about the setup on the footballing side. He’ll hire in specialists who will build out teams and report into him. He’ll also be moving on surplus players, another area we’ve barely spoken about in the melee of craziness.

Sven Mislintat will control recruitment and player identification. It’ll be fascinating to understand how he’ll work with the whoever we bring in. He’ll not just be scouting, he’ll be monitoring our first team and making decisions with the coach on who we sign and let go, hopefully using insights gleaned from data sources (something we know Wenger either ignored or was really bad at).

Yesterday’s article went off the rails, the busiest day of the year for the site. The great news is the feedback was incredibly positive. Excellent that it coincided with Allegri declaring he’s likely to stay with Juve unless he’s fired.

This would be a bold move for Arsenal. Arteta could be our Pep Guardiola or Zidane. All the key attributes are there. He’s been a Premier League player, knows the league, has been a captain, is emotionally attached to Arsenal, has a goal of becoming an elite manager (one that he seems to be pursuing with vigour), cut his teeth with Manchester City after saying no to Spurs, he was a critical part of a backroom team that just delivered 100 points in the league.

The Poch said this in his book, Brave New World.

“He will make an exceptional coach,”

This is what Oliver Kay (great read) dug up from City spies.

“Extremely bright, great attention to detail, on the same page as Pep when it comes to how the game should be played,”

“Very good communicator, does a lot of one-to-one work with the players.”

“If you listen to what people say about Mikel, he has helped them get better,” another source says. “He is one of several coaches working behind Pep, but Pep wouldn’t have appointed him if he wasn’t convinced Mikel had some special qualities to bring to the party.

You only have to look at how he presents himself to see that he’s not a water carrier.

You can read snippets of where his head was at when he was 32 years old.

My team-mates are always going “What are you going to do Miki? You’re going to be a manager, you should be a manager!” I know what the job means and I know how hard it is, especially when I look at the boss and see how many hours he puts in here. You need to sacrifice your family all over again, which I’ve done since I was 15. But I would love to manage a squad of players and staff – I’ve got it inside me, it’s true, and I want to do it. First of all I want to make the most of my playing career, because I’m 32 and in this game you never know whether you’ll end up carrying on until 34, 35 or 36. After that, I’m certainly going to stay involved in football because I think I’ve got something to add. I would like to prove myself, and prove my ideas about managing and encouraging people to do things in the way I believe is best.

This was his philosophy 3 years ago.

My philosophy will be clear. I will have everyone 120 per cent committed, that’s the first thing. If not, you don’t play for me. When it’s time to work it’s time to work, and when it’s time to have fun then I’m the first one to do it, but that commitment is vital. Then I want the football to be expressive, entertaining. I cannot have a concept of football where everything is based on the opposition. We have to dictate the game, we have to be the ones taking the initiative, and we have to entertain the people coming to watch us. I’m 100 per cent convinced of those things, and I think I could do it.

Here’s his view on a system.

I think you need to adapt. You can have an idea of a system, but you need to be able to transform it depending on the players you have – how much pace you have up front, how technical your team is, what types of risk you can take and whether your players are ready to take those risks. It’s important to analyse your players because you can’t always play the same way. There have to be different details and changes in how you approach things, and you have to look at how you can hurt whoever you are playing against. Is there something they don’t like to do? If so, we’re going to make them do plenty of it. Then the most important thing for the manager is that, the Friday before the game, you imagine what’s going to happen on the Saturday. And if what happens on Saturday is not what I had planned, then it’s not been good enough from me.

Even back then, he understood you have to work with what you have, you must to pay attention to the details, and the players have to buy into it.

I also thought this John Cross story about Arteta was pretty funny.

He was nicknamed “Coach” by his team-mates during his five years at the Emirates as they could see his determination to move into management.

That nickname was not necessarily meant in the most flattering way — some players thought he was too ‘busy’ and always trying to interfere in decisions.

Firstly, I find it very hard to care about the opinion of many of our players over the last 10 years, we’ve been in sharp decline, anyone willing to help the mess should be given a gold star for effort. Secondly, if you read the Pep book by Ballague, he stated that Pep and Mourinho used to do exactly the same at Bareclona with Bobby Robson, reworking his tactics on the sly.

Mikel will be an entertainer, so we’ll be taking the game to the opposition and focus on buying in players who can dictate the game.

The major difference between then and now is that he’s worked from the ground up with the greatest manager in the world. He’s dealt with big personalities being told they’re surplus, or going to become bit part players. He’s helped identify weaknesses in young upstarts and been credited publicly on improving them. He’ll have been there at the training ground helping Pep identify what needed to happen to deliver on the mission of winning the league in year two, when the whole world was saying they couldn’t do it the beautiful way.

When you put that all down on paper, you might not be 100% sure of what’s coming, but damn, you’ll be excited and you’ll want to give it a go.

Arsenal fans have sat on their hands for the best part of ten years making inane excuses for our slow decline as a club. We’ve bottled countless league titles, we didn’t get out of the last 16 of the CL for 8 years in a row, we signed terrible players, we didn’t sell underperformers, we were consistently out thought by top 6 teams, we never, ever learnt from our mistakes.

  • ‘Mate, it’s only June, give it a rest’
  • ‘That won’t be the last of our signings, it’s only July’
  • ‘You get the best deals at the end of the window’
  • ‘No point in moaning, best shut up and support the lads’
  • ‘He’ll do something in January’
  • ‘Judge him in May’
  • ‘I think he knows what needs to be done’
  • ‘Hazard said Gervinho was the best player he’d ever trained with, actually’

Rinse. Repeat.

Arsene Wenger taught us that winning was secondary to values, and we fell for it.

That’s why I know the fans won’t be divided on Arteta. It’s almost impossible not to progress the club because the baseline is so low. Put a system in place, tighten the defence, implement a pressing philosophy, hold players accountable, run proper video analysis, practice how you play at 1-0 up, 2-0 down, how you attack a corner, how you play out from the back, how you break down a deep block, how you switch systems after 10minutes, build a winning culture and rewrite the values of the club to suit the era. (Ryan Mason talking about the things Arsenal haven’t had, and he’s a Hull player)

Arsenal are a mess. If they hire Arteta, they’re hiring a brilliant young coach, and they’re building a team around him.

… and here’s the best point. If he fails, it won’t take 10 years to make a change, and it won’t cost a summers transfer budget to do the deed.

A slightly different scenario, but look at PSG. They just hired Thomas Tuchel, a manager I’ve been purring over since the Mainz days. He’s never won a league title in his career. Why did they sign him? Because he’s a world class coach with elite ideas. They signed him on a two year deal. If it works, they’ll be playing unbelievable football. If it fails, it’ll cost them fuck all. Even the big clubs are turning their backs on ‘winners’, because winning things doesn’t always tell you who is and is not a great coach with the formula to take you to the promised land in 2019.

I also think from a business perspective, in a world of democratised football coverage, clubs are having to work harder for new fans. United has been offering up criminally poor football for 5 years now, it’ll hit their business model at some point, because a ‘brand’ in a fickle world only lasts as long the success is maintained. You’re not a big club if you’re not winning big trophies, and you can only fool the fans with big name signings for so long. If the product is shite, people will eventually stop buying.

Anyway, all very exciting. My nose is bleeding because I’m not used to this much progressive movement at the club.

What a time to be a Gooner… I hope you’re excited about the future because I certainly am.

P.S. Mesut meeting Erdogan for a photo opp? Fucking hell… a real lack of self-awareness when you’re repping Germany as your home country.


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  1. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘it’s a young guy with new ideas after Wenger’s long reign, and weirdly it’s those who were most sympathetic to Wenger who are most enthusiastic about the prospect.’

    Even if Arsenal appoint a monkey that takes a shit in the dugout, you positive clowns would find something good in that.

  2. S Asoa

    Being from advertising you can definitely sell an idea !
    Yep , Arteta will definitely be an upgrade on lately departed Monsieur Rockbottom.
    Would not Leonardo Jardim be a safer and a more likely option to succeed ?

  3. Marko

    it’s a young guy with new ideas after Wenger’s long reign, and weirdly it’s those who were most sympathetic to Wenger who are most enthusiastic about the prospect.

    Weirdly it’s the same guys who turned a blind eye to us not competing for major titles for years. The same guys who never questioned our ambitions

  4. Dissenter

    “it’s a young guy with new ideas after Wenger’s long reign, and weirdly it’s those who were most sympathetic to Wenger who are most enthusiastic about the prospect”

    It’s not surprising though.
    There are people, who fall in line and start doing the goose step march behind authority….and there are those who believe questioning authority is the best proof of loyalty.
    The Wenger lovers have proven they will always fall in line no matter what

    Why should I trust Gazidis?
    He’s never appointed a manager before in his life.

  5. Elmo


    I don’t think those are realistic targets for a manager in the state that we’re in.

    For me:
    Yr 1: Target top 6; anything in the top 10 is fine if you need to experiment / turn over the squad
    Yr 2: Compete for top 4; if you miss top 4, must be within 1 or 2 points and have been in the running all season
    Yr 3: Top 4 or the sack
    Yr 4: Top 4 and CL QF
    Yr 5: Be realistically making a run for the title and major silverware

    Of course that’s evidence of run down expectations due to Wenger / Kroenke, but with what has been left behind, the state of the cultural decay, and the modest resources available for a full rebuild, I think it’s going to take a fair while to get back to what we should be.

  6. Troy McClure

    Arteta is ok I suppose and has a lot of positive characteristics. The positive indicators are good, but let’s not kid ourselves – he’s a 3rd or 4th choice, behind Allegri, Nagelsmann, Jardim, for obvious reasons – no experience as a boss. Let’s not pretend he was the man we had in mind all along.

  7. Dissenter

    Receding hairline
    You haven’t been here long.
    I’ve been saying the same thing for years about Gazidis and the board. Wenger (even in his declining years) left a shine on them especially on Gazidis. He’s been strutting around the European footballing circles as some bright young CEO on the basis of nothing. It was Wenger’s receding gloss that made them look good.

    Wenger certainly wasn’t good enough in the last 7-8 years but even then he still took all the incoming flak from all,of us while Gazidis was collecting yearly million bucks bonuses.

  8. Bamford10


    “These are arsenal ‘s ‘values’ and they won’t change until kroenke sells up.”

    Complete nonsense. The “values” talk was all Arsene Wenger, not Stan Kroenke.

    As for how we spend, this is down to the self-sustaining model, a model that was adopted prior to and independent of Stan Kroenke.

  9. batman

    why buy #PaulPogba when you can buy #YayaSanogo ???

    Arteta will be an amazing signing for the future. We are good at unearthing Gems. Arsenal always pays for the Future potential.

    F*** Allegri

  10. Marko

    I’m being provocative by saying we’re not attractive to candidates of course we are it’s a great job it’s just cunts like Ivan and Stan are treating it like it’s some joke like anyone could do it

  11. S Asoa

    About the firing of Collin Lewis from Medical Department, do understand we have a Germain core managing. Recall when Mertesacker was first injured he did not rely on our butchers but went to Germany for treatment. Ditto Ozil.
    Considering the number of corrective operations Cazorla was subject to guess Arteta might have put this as the only pre-condition.
    So things looking good , but for reasons most could not fanthom

  12. Bamford10


    Silly comment. I too have highlighted the problems with hiring someone with no management experience. I see that just as well as you do. However, I am also trying to see the other side of the equation, and I am not foaming at the mouth, calling for various people’s heads. A number of people here need to take a deep breath, count to ten and get a fucking grip.

  13. Marko

    If Ivan and Stan appoint Arteta I believe an apology is in order for Alexander. Not me from you know who. It’ll seem he was right about Stan. Hiring Arteta over some obvious better candidates reeks of bad ownership and questionable ambitions

  14. Wallace

    I’d be fascinated to see what a highly regarded young coach could do. would have preferred Benitez or Ancelotti as think they’d guarantee improvement up to a point, but it’s the unknown quantity re Arteta that excites me. and the fact he seems to be from the Pep/Poch school of thinking.

  15. TheBayingMob

    “DissenterMay 15, 2018 12:35:37
    Why should I trust Gazidis?
    He’s never appointed a manager before in his life.”

    Maybe we should get Sullivan and Gold in to run things … !? They’ve appointed managers before and have ‘experience’, then we could get Moysie in who’s managed all over the place.

    OK, so a annoying fucking approach that people took with Wenger … but … I have no time for this ‘experience’ shat in football. We could get Pep in and he could be a disaster for us. Football is such a chemistry at times; Gazidis has worked in football for a long period, I don’t see why he shouldn’t be given a change to run it his way.

    I’m not keen on Josh K, I’m not keen on the K’s fullstop, but it seems once he was given the reigns, Ivan was finally allowed to relieve Wenger of his command. That has to stand for something in the short term at least.

    If in 18m / 24m time it’s not changed, ye, I think then it’s time to start pushing the club to make executive changes; but I’m excited about the executive team he’s put together.

    Anyone questioning Mislintat and Sanllehi credentials at this point needs to have a word with themselves. The first Greek kid through the door looks a signing already.

    I’m excited, Pedro might have an agenda, he might not … he might well be doing all this on a promise of a Caramel Macchiato and being allowed to be close to Ivan again, but for the moment I’m OK with this direction, I think it’s the right way, if it is Arteta though Ivan the ‘Orrible best be ready to wield the axe sooner rather than later if it doesn’t go right, and hopefully Josh K has given him that responsibility …

  16. Receding Hairline

    “He’s been strutting around the European footballing circles as some bright young CEO on the basis of nothing.”

    Well he is out in the open now and is about to make a big big decision. lets see how that pans out.

    He has no one to hide behind now so don’t get too worked up over it.

    Have you even taken time to look at the reasons for the appointment or do u still firmly believe he is appointing Arteta because he bought him a watch years ago??

    FYI i have commented here before but under another name.

  17. Redtruth

    This self sustaining model is not generating enough cash.
    It’s futile hiring the ‘best’ if you don’t plow serious money into the team

  18. GoonerDNA

    Pedro must be loving the traffic.

    We can all talk about experience but Wenger made 65900 subs and was continually shite for years and on that note we’ve dealt with 10 years of shit and we’re now arguing over Arteta which could be only 1 season if it doesn’t work out.

    I love all the people saying “but we’re Arsenal” yes Europa League semi finalists and 6th place specialists. Bayern and Barca are probably pissed we didn’t make the CL again and I’m sure Pep looks at Arsenal as some fake Valencia who are more of threat to Burnley than the top 4.

  19. Wallace


    “The Wenger lovers have proven they will always fall in line no matter what”

    it’s football, guys in shorts kicking a ball around. not a job, or life under a dictator. what the hell you talking about?

  20. Bamford10


    “In his first season, I would sack him for falling out out of the top 4.”

    Well, we need first to be in the top four to fall out of it. Goal next season, regardless who is manager, is top four. After that, stay in top four and contend.

    But let’s note: it’s competitive. City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool are all excellent footballing platforms. Spurs we should always beat out, IMO.

    Chelsea are in transition, though, so I think a smart summer and smart manager should get us to fourth next season.

  21. Bamford10

    “if you don’t plow serious money into the team”

    52m for Lacazette. 60m for Aubameyang. 35m for Mustafi. 32m for Xhaka.

    200m+ in salaries.

    How are we not spending money?

  22. E54_

    Arteta.. no thankyou.

    You can huff and puff all you want. The only people, or majority that will ‘want’ Arteeta or accept him will be Wenger Supporters. He’s a ‘ Wenger man’ who pissed off to city. Like most of Wengers pet projects do. They leave him and us to achieve their goals elsewhere.
    Arteeta will be a catastrophe on a David Moyes level. Not one of our big players fear him, or respect him enough to listen to him. Wenger gave him the captains armband, the players respected Wenger. They followed Wengers lead. If Wenger gave the Armband to Ramsey they would have fell in line. It was out of respect for Wenger. Not Arteeta himself.

    No fence sitters over here. Arteeta Will fail.

  23. Dissenter

    There’s nothing silly going on.
    You seem to think that there’s some upshot to the Arteta appointment?
    You’re talking about weighting the pros and cons?

    We obviously differ and are so far apart on this.
    I see the appointment as utterly risky to the point of recklessness.
    I see this as an unforced own goal.
    I too have weighed it. There a preponderance of risk with negligible benefits. That’s my take obviously you differ.

  24. Samesong

    I wish some of the long posters would adopt Pedro style (Long Read).

    I’m gonna have to do a top ten on this category!!!!!

  25. Dissenter

    No it’s a mindset I’m referring to.
    That’s what politicians are doing the world over. You can derive people’s thinking by how they behave around soft things like what TV shows they watch and where the shop.

  26. alexanderhenry


    Pedro’s gone a bit OTT over arteta, but I basically agree with him.

    Whether the club should or could get allegri in and give him £200 million isn’t the point. It’s not going to happen and Pedro understands this.

    Unlike him, I’m not convinced arteta’s the second coming just yet but you never know. It’s certainly an interesting move.

    Give him a go I reckon.

  27. GoonerDNA

    Can someone explain why Arteta is being likened to Wenger? I thought the guy has zero experience in management so how can you even make that assumption?

    If Arteta starts drawing wolves in the dressing room I’m going be pissed.

  28. Marko

    he seems to be from the Pep/Poch school of thinking.

    Poch? We also offered him a gig. You’re doing Arsene a disservice pal he’s from the Wenger school of thinking too. From the Ivan school of thinking also

  29. Bamford10

    The Allegri + 200m story is literally a complete newspaper invention. There is no reason whatsoever to put any stock in it. None.

    Have Arsenal even spoken to Allegri? Unknown.

    Has Allegri been given 200m to spend in a summer at Juventus? I don’t think so.

    Has he ever been given more money than Wenger has been given over the past 5-6 seasons? I don’t think so.

    Juventus don’t spend more money than Arsenal do, and if they do, it’s not by much.

    Some people are just pushing they’re same old bogus narrative.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Redtruth for the post of year for this little gem… made me laugh out loud…

    “The only thing Arteta will take from his time with Guardiola is Guardiola paying over £100m for two defenders.”



    Are you trying to be a smart arse again? 😉

    Sorry for writing “falling” out of the top 4 instead of “making” the top 4. I think most people understood what I meant.

    Are you this pedantic in real life?

  31. Mfaber

    @jasongms – cheers, appreciated.

    If it’s true and Arteta has it, than coup is done and soon the prizes will be dished out; perhaps even to bloggers who helped shape public opinion.

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” – M X

    Pedro: Make sure you get all you can from Ivan , whilst you can … happy nudging and don’t forget the narrative for the coming year – it should be familiar…

    Early summer when transfer window opens: Narrative around how we can compete with the best, and finding talent is in our DNA. There’s this kid who plays for a German league 2 team…

    Late summer after transfer window shuts and after we have seen heavy investments from everyone else, but have only managed to buy partial solutions to glaring squad weaknesses and we still have deadwood all over the place: Switch the narrative to how good this squad really is, and all it takes is a genius coach like Arteta to bring it together… Hurrah!

    Dec/Jan: “We will buy big in the transfer window to prevent the season being a washout”. Those pesky injuries… who would have thought Nov and Dec would have been so hard on the limbs? But don’t worry folks, we have learned … we will sell the deadwood for serious riches … and buy serious first team material.

    Feb after window shuts: Oh look, the injured boys are nearly back, the squad is fine after all…. but just in case, we bought this squad player from Sporting Bollocks who can play anywhere across the front 3, middle of the park or in defence. Cue press conference with Gazidis and a confused Arteta (“I asked for a new centre-back, boss”)

    Late Feb: Oh crap, our only fit goalie is now injured, BUT we will promote our academy director back into the ranks. He is 6′ 7″ and data driven analysis clearly shows a strong correlation between clean sheets and goalies over 6’5″. I have a graph somewhere that proves this…

    Mar/Apr: When our season is off the rails and we languish in 6th again … “We obviously took a punt on Arteta, but that’s what we all agreed .. right? You the fans were behind this BOLD AND BRAVE DECISION… ”

    May as ticketing time is upon us and nothing literally left to play for: “Arteta is going to spend more time with his family, so he is off. But we are on the case for a NEW MAN. We will be BOLDER. We will be BRAVER and WE WILL BRING BACK SEXY FOOTBALL FOR YOU ALL” Cue online cheerleading from the usual suspects…

    After the ticket Sales are in: Who the fuck cares what the fans want…. Lather, Rinse and repeat… suckers.

  32. Bamford10


    Apologies if that came off as pedantic. I didn’t really know where you were coming from there; I thought you were maybe assuming something we shouldn’t assume. No offense intended.

  33. Bamford10

    Say one thing about this Arteta discussion: it’s producing some new fault lines on Le Grove. 😉

  34. GoonerDNA

    So basically you’re in the 2nd coming of Wenger camp Or 2nd coming of Jesus camp……this isn’t a Avengers film

  35. Leedsgunner


    We’re cool. I don’t share your Gazidas love but we’re cool. 😉

    Wishing you the best.

  36. Bamford10


    “From the Ivan school of thinking also.”

    Would you kindly elaborate on what this “school of thought” entails exactly? You seem to have an access to Gazidis and his thinking the rest of us don’t.

    Do tell us how Gazidis thinks about Arsenal, about football, about how to navigate the next 5-10 years.

    Please also tell us how you have come to know this.

  37. HighburyLegend

    @Red : we already succeeded to get rid of the old fool, don’t expect another “miracle” in a so short time.

  38. Leedsgunner

    When’s the deadline for season ticket renewals? Has it passed?

    If it hasn’t, the club will hold off until it has before announcing Arteta as manager… I’m sure of it.

  39. alexanderhenry


    I’ve always said the main thing holding arsenal back is the ownership and I stick by that.
    Back in 2007 we were a top three club, now we’re a top six club.
    Kroenke and Co. are ultimately responsible for this and they will continue to be responsible as long as they are in charge.

    By sticking to self sustainability and refusing to invest, they have put the club on a very difficult path.

    This won’t change which is depressing to me but I accept it. We might get a bounce with an ambitious, young coach.

    ..I’m trying to be optimistic here

  40. Receding Hairline

    “we already succeeded to get rid of the old fool, don’t expect another “miracle” in a so short time.”

    I will like to know what success u have achieved in your chosen field that qualifies u referring to Wenger as an old fool.

    Then again your contributions hear say all there is to say about you.

    Some act like Arsenal achieving success somehow makes up for their own personal failings in life

    All this name calling has no place in football

  41. Bamford10


    If you were Gazidis and Sanllehi, is there a world in which you would hire a manager who hadn’t managed before?

    Imagine he was super, super impressive, smart, serious, organized, meticulous, ambitious. Knew the PL, knew Arsenal, knew Guardiola’s system in and out, knew Liverpool/Klopp in and out.

    Any world in which that hire would make sense?

    I say there is such a world — even if it has risks — and some of you lot are not being open to this.

    Again, I’m not saying it’s the hire I would make; I’m just saying it doesn’t mean that they’re idiots or that they don’t want to win.

  42. TallestTiz

    Arsenal talking to Freiburg over Caglar Soyuncu transfer…

    I really hope Mislintat knows what he’s doing and we don’t end up filling the squad with deadwoods again difficult to offload

  43. HighburyLegend

    @Receding Haircunt : please don’t speak to me as if you know me, I’m not your pal, and by the way you can go back on Untold now.

  44. TheBayingMob

    I dislike the word transition. It makes it sound like there is a point at which a club should be. Every season is different and every squad is fluid and always changing. There is really no such thing as ‘transition’ IMO. If there is such a thing, every club is in it, every season …

  45. Leedsgunner

    “If you were Gazidis and Sanllehi, is there a world in which you would hire a manager who hadn’t managed before? Imagine he was super, super impressive, smart, serious, organized, meticulous, ambitious. Knew the PL, knew Arsenal, knew Guardiola’s system in and out, knew Liverpool/Klopp in and out.”

    That is a huge “if” and you are making a lot of assumptions there Bamford.

    My point is, we don’t need to take this risk, as I said in my first post of the day there are lots and lots of managers who are young and ambitious with a track record. Why not look at them?

    What’s so outstanding about Arteta, on his own merits? How do we know that he is smart serious organised and meticulous…? Just because Pep says he is?

    Where’s his track record that shows this?

  46. Jasongms

    Mustafi out of Germany’s wc squad does us no favours… needed him in the shop window, even sitting on the bench would suffice as it’s a good selling point. Here’s hoping Ozil makes a decent account of himself and we get some bites.

  47. Receding Hairline

    @Receding Haircunt : please don’t speak to me as if you know me, I’m not your pal, and by the way you can go back on Untold now.

    I wonder where in my comment to you did u see any tone that said you were my pal

    Lol ..u are by far the densest poster on here and i have been reading this blog for years. U contribute absolutely nothing but silly one liners followed by the word LOL

    Pal indeed …i wouldn’t even receive payment to claim u as one

  48. Wallace

    Yeah, Pedro’s gone a bit Eastern Bloc on us with today’s piece. Does he actually read the blog once he’s knocked out the article?

  49. Gunner2301

    I think hes supposed to be a very good player. Id be happy if we got him and not too expensive i dont think. I can go with Sven on this.

    Now Arteta on the other hand?

  50. Gunner2301

    Anyone give me one good reason if Carlo wants the job he shouldnt get it? Someone like him would be ideal for a few years sort things out. He doesnt rock the boat so would work with the structure. THEN let a younger up coming MANAGER have a go.

  51. TallestTiz


    I hope so too. From his looks, he seems a serious lad who is only concerned with getting business done.

    If he can forge a good partnership with Mavropanos, it would be good.

    Sell Mustafi (25mill). He’s been shit
    Sell either of Chambers or Holding (20mil). ( I’d prefer selling Holding)

    Keep Koscielny as an experienced head

  52. HighburyLegend

    “i have been reading this blog for years.”

    But you are posting only “now”, what a strange timing…
    Little c*nt.

  53. TallestTiz


    I would have loved to find your last comment funny, but Nigeria is too seriously sad to smile in

  54. TheBayingMob

    “Keep Koscielny as an experienced head”

    Koscielny will be an injury problem from this point forward … Wenger’s been pllaying him with a fucked achilles for years, you saw at the end of this season he was starting to break down more often … stick a fork in him Turkish, he’s done …

  55. Receding Hairline

    “Careful with the “lolz”, Haircunt could think that you are me…”


    And like i pointed out before i have posted here before. Not that i owe a 15 year old any explanation

  56. ww

    it certainly looks like arteta, and frankly that’s good. The choice of managers is crucial…of course…but THE biggest deal is outing the disaster in the zip coat. This useless spent fool was slowly taking the club down. Like the titanic slowly going down, there was no wa yup under captain magoo.
    Arteta will do fine for me…im sure he wont be given a decade of failure in the job.

  57. Leedsgunner


    “Anyone give me one good reason if Carlo wants the job he shouldnt get it? Someone like him would be ideal for a few years sort things out. He doesnt rock the boat so would work with the structure. THEN let a younger up coming MANAGER have a go.”

    I’ve said the same since Arsene announced he is going… a pair of safe hands with plenty of experience in all type of environments… and experience in theEPL. Didn’t he win the double with Chelsea? Yep, I’ll wouldn’t mind some of that!

    In fact you could say he is the antithesis to Arteta.

  58. TallestTiz


    Its unwise to have all young fairly inexperienced defenders, especially as our defensive unit isn’t a rock just yet.

    Want to take a punt on Mustafi being the senior defender? comedy.

    I would personally drive him in a beetle out to Germany.

    BTW, what do you guys think of Alderwiereld at Spuds?
    Stalling on a new deal. But I know Levy would rather die than sell to Arsenal

  59. Champagne charlie


    Tell you you’re wrong? Uhh…you’re wrong…and daft to boot

    The fact you think Arsenal have no other managerial option than Arteta is painfully dim.

    If he ends up boss it’s a choice of the clubs in spite of other candidates available. Question their choice if you like, but don’t talk utter bollocks about Arsenal being some cast off club nobody wants to go near.

  60. Gunner2301

    City could be interested in Soyunucu but id imafine hes fairly small fish for them and probably have a miber of higher stature on their list. We would likely have to pay the full whack. This is where our dearly departed would have dithered but i trust Sven to get this done quickly given our situation.

  61. Danny

    Europa League semi finalists and 6th place specialists.
    Please – what about League Cup Final Runners Up?
    Some people………

  62. Paddy got bored

    For me whoever gets the job has my support as I’m still in party mood that the lying £8m a year fraud has finally fucked off..
    Personally wouldn’t have Arteta and fed up with the blowing of smoke up his arse just because he works at City and has Arsenal credentials..
    If that’s the case we should be going for David Platt or Brian Kidd… Maybe give Adebayor his first shot at management!!!

  63. OleGunner

    It also feels like Arteta hasn’t really earned the Arsenal job through any achievement of his own. Sort of like he’s been gifted the job on a silver platter which doesn’t sit right with me.

    It’s a sort of marriage of convenience between our board and Arteta, taking a punt on an unkown.
    Once Wenger was sacked, I’d actually have predicted taking this sort of bizarre cheap route. It’s stupid and totally makes sense for us to do as a perennial under achieving club.

  64. Receding Hairline

    Reports from Italy now claim we Arsenal have a precontract agreement with Ancellotti

    The press are having a ball

    The board should get a move on and announce who they appoint so the press can stop toying with us

  65. Leftsidesanch

    Que the scenes when we lose 3-1 to West ham at home and some plank wishes Wenger was still in charge…

  66. UTarse


    “Some people are just pushing they’re same old bogus narrative.”

    What ? You mean like you do with regards your rose tinted glasses views on Stan and Ivan ?

  67. TallestTiz


    In my opinion, its unwise having all fairly inexperienced center backs plus the Lady Bellerin at RB. Our defence unit isn’t rick solid just yet anyways to help the new boys settle with less pressure.

    Want to take a punt on Mustafi being the only senior CB? comedy!.
    I would personally drive him in a beetle to Germany.

    btw, what do you guys think of Aldewiereld at spuds?
    stalling on a new deal, albeit Levy would rather die than sell to

  68. G10

    The self-delusion is strong here.

    The football side of operations is broken and any new manager has a major, major rebuilding job on their hands.

    This is why you hear reports of Allegri & Enrique demanding a transfer budget of £200m. The £200m isn’t enough to turn this sorry feeble into champions but it’s what is required to give Arsenal a shot of finishing top 4 and positioning themselves just off the shoulder of City. The very best managers know that and are prepared to walk away if they aren’t given the resources required to do the job, whereas Arteta will feel like he has won the lottery is he lands the job.

    This appointment will tell you everything about the ambition of Kroenke and the board. Appointing Arteta says ‘Business as usual’ but with the added bonus of duping the fans to take up their seats again, thereby addressed Kroenke’s only concern about this season.

    Make no mistake: Arteta is a weak lightweight who will be serving up Wenger-lite fare, whilst our rivals change from Man City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs to Burnley, Everton and Leicester, all for the pleasure of the highest match day prices in world football.

  69. Leftsidesanch

    The time periods will give a big indication, if an announcement hasn’t been made by Friday I’d assume it is Allegri.

  70. Receding Hairline

    Even if we spent 200m there it comes with no assurance we challenge for anything.

    The first priority to me here should be sales


    These players need to be shown the door

    Ozil too but we have put ourselves in a difficult position there

    The squad has attitude issues. These guys need to be cut loose

  71. Dennis

    i think arteta,. perhaps could too close with the old operation to have any authority in the dressing room, particularly given no managerial experience so far..
    He was playing with a lot of them a few years ago….

    and or it could go away as a teacher in a classroom young.. thy start wielding a sitkc/ projecing ‘authority’, and it coudl go various wayas….
    if a clearout on the cards could be impetus…. /a
    ‘manager’ or players’.– this time the players loooll

  72. Leedsgunner

    “Come back Wenger, all is forgiven.:”

    Redtruth, speak for yourself!!! 😉

    Writing some pearlers today RT!!!!

  73. Champagne charlie

    Is there another school of thought with Arteta that he’s a much cheaper outlay which translates to more funds for a squad overhaul?

  74. Leftsidesanch

    I’d be willing to keep Bellerin and Ramsey, just to see what they can do under proper management and nurturing. It’s that reason where I am quite split on what to do with Iwobi also.

    At this point – whoever will be leading us into the future should be appointed soon so work can be done on the playing side of things. The window opens in two days and closes on August 9th, factor in the obstacle that is the World Cup and time is of the essence.

    We don’t need to spend weeks searching for a new manager.

  75. G10

    ‘Even if we spent 200m there it comes with no assurance we challenge for anything.’

    You are right, @Receding Hairline, but it’s the only way to move in the right direction.

    The next manager doesn’t need have the luxury of inheriting a squad that requires ‘a little tweak here’ and/or ‘one or two additions’ – he is inheriting a major construction job.

    As you point out, there is a lot dross in this squad that needs clearing out over the next 2-3 transfer windows.

  76. gambon

    Surely the difference between Arteta and Allegri salaries can only be £5-6m maximum.

    So over a 3 year contract that buys us half a Mustafi.

    Financially it wouldnt make any sense.

    The prize for getting back into top 4 would be £30m pa, the prize for a 4 year period of success would be £100m+ pa.

  77. Leedsgunner

    £35m for a 20 year old?

    Is he better than Varane? Marquinhos? Boteng?

    Seems very high… although on the plus side it is strengthening a weakness in the team rather than just hoping our injured players come back to their best.

    Hopefully Kos post-injury can proved experienced cover.

  78. DaveB666

    Alderwiereld would be a perfect fit. The guy is class, Spuds always looked better with him playing (always thought he was ahead of Verthongan tbh). He wouldn’t have to move house and it would continue the trend of centre backs leaving Tottenham for success across North London!

  79. HighburyLegend

    “It’s a toss up between Scooby Doo and Ron Jeremy as next Arsenal Manager.”

    What about Haircunt ?? He seems to knows best…

  80. gambon

    Soyuncu would be a good start, but we would still need a top class CB. Soyuncu plus our current lot and we arent getting anywhere next year.

    We still need our Van Dijk.

  81. HighburyLegend

    “Is he better than Varane?”

    Certainly. At Madrid, Varane is shit without Ramos by his side.
    (plus many disapointing performances with the french squad…)

  82. Receding Hairline

    “What about Haircunt ?? He seems to knows best…”

    I am here to talk football..not engage in childish name calling.

    “Is he better than Varane? Marquinhos? Boteng?”

    All very overrated defenders who cant’t actually defend but are “good on the ball”

  83. David Smith

    Think thats all of Wengers merry men gone now. Doubt if Per or Jens were wenger appointments, more part of Ivans catalyst for change.
    Not sure how willing Bould really was , read somewhere he had to be offered the assistant role 2-3 times before accepting.
    This culling is perhaps one of the most damning indictments of wengers tenure, none deemed worthy of survival, most traces of Wenger gone, as it should be. Suspect a few underperforming players will follow
    Looks like Colney has become a much more ruthless place.
    Some saying Arteta to be announced later this week,looks like Ivan and the Kroenkes have got their way on a youthful appointment.

  84. N'Gambo

    Anyone notice that Mikel Hairteta’s stated positions are completely contradictory?

    After 22 years of Le Fuckwit, we’re going to appoint someone who’s never managed a single game?

    Holy fucking hell.

  85. Steveyg87

    People having minor melt downs regarding he possible appointment of Mikel Arteta has been most enjoyable reading on here, but these Brendon Rodgers links are scaring the f**k out of me

  86. Champagne charlie


    Mate Sky tan their bs “Sky understands” story yesterday to spike their betting.

    Nagelsmann went from 22-1 to 10-1 in hours. Easy money spinner for Sky who report the “news” and then offer odds on it.

    Now today they’re saying he’s staying. They’re fucking scum

  87. Buckhurst Gun


    I’ll be so glad when this is all done and dusted ! Arsenal sagas are draining to say the least

  88. salparadisenyc

    If nothing else Arteta is a very bold move be it right or wrong. With Gazidis Arsenal career potentially swinging in the balance. This club is desperate for bold moves.

    If those in control are willing to risk so much in the hiring of Arteta, who would be the least experienced manager in the Premier League perhaps they know something we don’t. Maybe he has the actual gravitas to handle it, the uglier flip side is perhaps they want somebody they can control.

    If Ivan wants to roll those dice with Raul and Sven riding shotgun, I say let the journey begin. Arteta could be the man to challenge for top honors or potentially he finishes in the bottom half of the table covered in flames. I’m willing to indulge them, I like their track record this year.

  89. Steveyg87

    “Some saying Arteta to be announced later this week,looks like Ivan and the Kroenkes have got their way on a youthful appointment.”

    Kroenkes? Maybe just Josh yes. Stan is a die hard AKB

  90. Steveyg87

    “If Ivan wants to roll those dice with Raul and Sven riding shotgun, I say let the journey begin. Arteta could be the man to challenge for top honors or potentially he finishes in the bottom half of the table covered in flames. I’m willing to indulge them, I like their track record this year.”

    When you put it that way, it’s hard to disagree

  91. Receding Hairline

    “Carlo and Arteta as number two could be something”


    Thought Arteta just peels oranges and puts out cones??

    Why will his presence on the coaching team change anything ??

  92. Receding Hairline

    “If Ivan wants to roll those dice with Raul and Sven riding shotgun, I say let the journey begin. Arteta could be the man to challenge for top honors or potentially he finishes in the bottom half of the table covered in flames. I’m willing to indulge them, I like their track record this year.”

    My sentiments exactly

  93. Steveyg87

    “I am going into wanting Arsenal to.lose mode if they sign the wrong manager..”


    Who are your top 3 picks? And how long are you willing to give them a chance for?

  94. englandsbest

    Another fab post, Pedro. Mikel is the man.

    I can’t add anything to your accolade except, for what it’s worth, he seemed management material to me when he was a player (for Everton as well as Arsenal). You have identified those qualities already, no need for me to name them.

    Let’s hope we get him – and quickly. I’m an optimist. This guy can get the Club back into the elite – and quickly.

  95. HighburyLegend

    “Next Arsenal manager: Gunners want one man to get job but worried about fans – Paul Merson”

    “Personally, I think Arsenal would like Mikel Arteta to get the job but I’m not sure the fans would have that”

    They don’t seems so worried after all…

  96. jasongms

    “Carlo and Arteta as number two could be something”

    Would indicate the club mean business

    would also forward Pedro into rehab as clearly he’s been on something nasty 😉

  97. Ozy

    Arsenal is hiring a coach, not a manager .. and for that reason, we won’t see Allegri, Jardim, Enrique, etc.

  98. Receding Hairline

    “Arsenal is hiring a coach, not a manager .. and for that reason, we won’t see Allegri, Jardim, Enrique, etc.”

    Jardim is actually a coach. He works with what he is given no complaints

  99. Dissenter

    “Let’s hope we get him – and quickly. I’m an optimist. This guy can get the Club back into the elite – and quickly”

    This is probably the most absurd thing I’ve read about Arteta
    Where is he going to /
    There’s no other football club trying to sign Arteta so what’s your rush?
    What exactly are you basing your optimism on.

  100. Dissenter

    Did Welbeck make the England squad?
    I hope he did and goes on to score lots of goals in Russia to place himself in the shop

  101. Gunner2301


    As in behind Guardiola? What is Ancellotis net spend? Thats what we have to look at. I believe his is around 60mill. The reason they can turn over a lot is because they have quality to sell. Thats where we are stuck hence the 200mill figure because anyone can see of those we would like to sell were not gonna generate a lot.

    Also given his net spend this is well within our range and he has achieved wherever hes gone.

  102. Frost

    What City, Chelsea, Liverpool & United all have in common is when the time came for them to change managers they went for people who were the best in the business, had won league titles elsewhere, successfully played actual progressive football, or just plain winners.

    And people think the route to caching all these clubs is by bringing in a total novice to run the show? Literally doing the exact opposite of what all these clubs did with relative success? Could’ve sworn we were Arsenal not Hoffenheim.

  103. Gunner2301


    Im with you on that it would make more sense. Theres a difference between a coach whos there to peel oranges and one who is being groomed for succesion. Ask Steve Bould.

  104. batman

    United got it wrong with MOYES
    Chelsea got it wrong with AVB
    Livepool got it wrong with HOdgson
    Spuds got it wrong with AVB
    Everton got it wrong with Koeman
    England got it wrong with SAM

    Now its out time to do the same.

  105. Leedsgunner

    I would imagine the fan base was united unquestionably was when we faced Barca in the 2006 CL Final.

    Again, although it was a wrench, I would imagine most of the fan base were of the opinion it was the time for Wenger to go when he announced his departure.

    The Board have a golden opportunity to unite the fan base. If the hire Arteta, the fan base is going to be divided before he’s even had one game.

    What a shame. Personally, I’m willing to give him time because I love the club, but why do that to the fan base? What is the Board exactly trying to prove?