Arsenal on lockdown with press, here’s where clues are pointing (long read)

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Grow up you soppy melt. Wipe those tears away. Turn off your internet and stop searching ‘Wenger good times 1998’.

It’s done.

Time to look at the future and what Arsenal are trying to do to manipulate the media, and your tiny little minds.

Let’s get one thing clear, the MSM are struggling to keep pace with what’s going on with the new manager hunt. I read one publication say Arsenal weren’t likely to make an ‘esoteric’ choice when it came to hiring. Esoteric? Amazing how some in our press are against any sort of innovative thought when it comes to picking a new leader.

Even the great one, the king, lord of the rumour, Sir David Ornstein, has bugger all to give to the story outside the obvious. £15m a year net Enrique feels off, Brendy has been ruled out (YES) and Mourinho’s assistant is not on the cards. He couldn’t even give us anything interesting on Allegri who ‘might’ be leaving.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.50.20 AM

The real story going on behind the scenes is this…


Don’t pay attention to any ITKs feeding you duff speculation, because they don’t know. Journalists don’t know either, because the club is keeping things seriously tight. Even the Allegri stories have me deeply suspicious. I read that he earns £6m a year, I can’t help but think he’s agitating for more money in a world where he’s a top 3 coach and he’s earning £9m less than Pep G. I’m also wondering if he’d leave a team that’s top 4 in Europe before he’s won the Champions League?

I might be totally wrong, but my vibe is the club are gearing up for a tier 3 manager. You all need to make your peace here and deal with it.

We’re going all in on an LA Rams Sean Mcvay special. The circumstantial evidence is mounting up.

ESPN has told the world we’re chasing a young manager, leaking to Mark Ogden, and that’s come from Stan’s people. No doubt.

Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 22.15.15

Jezza Wilson, trusted confidant of the club for many years indicated last week the club are after a ‘cheap’ manager.

John Cross went super specific and said we could sign a young manager, or a not sign a young manager.

‘Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is known to fancy the idea of a young head coach – Patrick Vieira, Mikel Arteta and Julian Nagelsmann all fit into that category – while is also open to the idea of a bigger name.’

Poor old John, not even a 2004 vintage bottle of Jacobs Creek can get him an in. But he has the same basics as the others. Follow the people that matter to the club. If they don’t have an in, be sure that no one on twitter does either. Sky don’t have an in on this either, nor do The Independent. Everyone is speculating.

My gut says we’re going tier three because it makes a lot of sense. Allegri is an absolute dream, but he’ll come with expensive baggage, and he’ll get a monstrous shock to the system because he’ll be working in an environment that has none of the things he’s used to. If it goes wrong, he’ll cost a bomb. To make it go right, it’ll cost a bomb. Same to Conte, Carlo and Enrique. Big names come with pricey riders.

The club are going to want to rein in control of the football side. They’ve just blown big money on a proper sporting director from Barcelona, they’ve just hired the best scout in the business, now they need to make a move for a coach that’ll adapt to the new setup, not the other way around.

Below are some thoughts on what I think you need to rock it as a manager, and why a tier three is an interesting notion.

> Football is not rocket science. Taking on a job in the game when you’re inexperienced is not comparable to taking on a job as the CEO of Microsoft after you graduate. You need to be able to convince a small group of men that you can communicate a path forward, and deliver success. You need to be able to hire the sharpest experts to give you the right tools to make the best decisions, even if those experts are smarter than you. You need to be able to bend the press to your will. You need to be able to make ruthless decisions. You need to be able to motivate people at all levels to die for you. You need to be able to innovate in real-time.

Ok, so football isn’t that easy, but what I’m saying is this: splitting an atom is harder.

> Respect is key.  Can you control a room of immature young men? The common belief is if you’re dealing with Cassano like characters of the past who’d ask ‘can you do this?’, you need to be able to drop 6 CL winners medals out your pants to prove your integrity. But that’s the not the reality of modern football. Read Carlo’s book, his view is that elite players want to know one thing: Can you improve me?

It’s all about the manager’s ability to elevate a players career. There are two managers in Germany under the age of 32 who are rocking the top 4 this season.  Tedesco has a degree in business engineering and innovation management, he’s not an explayer. Nagelsmann lost his career to injury at U19 level at Augsburg and has never won a thing. They’re not winning hearts and minds because of their medals, it’s their ideas and ability to transmit them with force. Whereas on the flip side, legendary players like Clarence Seedorf are tanking at Milan and taking Deportivo down despite having a trophy cabinet loaded with elite accolades. Respect in management isn’t necessarily your experience in the game, or in the dugout.

> Football is about ideas. If we’re going for a young manager, we need to find one that has been influenced by great people and has demonstrable aptitude to deliver those ideas with extreme intensity. Julian Nagelsmann has been influenced by Thomas Tuchel, one of the most technical coaches in the game. He’s taken his ideas and approach and added a little empathy to it. He’s drawn thinking from Pep G, Klopp and Rangnick. The best artists don’t borrow, they steal…

Arteta is a key member of a Manchester City setup that’s just delivered a Premier League title – in the most competitive era of the competition – at an absolute canter. He is working with the greatest football innovator of our time, and he’s playing a key role. Pep is on the record saying what a f*cking great job he’s doing.

“I’m not the right guy to talk about that because my opinion of Mikel is overwhelming,”

“He deserves the best, hopefully. We are so comfortable, not just me, working with him. One of the reasons we had success this season is because Mikel is here.

“I hear there are many names for the next period in Arsenal. But I don’t know the plan for Arsenal deserves all the best and everything they want.”

The man clearly has ideas, and big name players are clearly listening and improving under his guidance. Don’t tell me a man of his intelligence would shit the bed at Arsenal.

> Horses for courses when it comes to experience. Arteta doesn’t have any management experience, but he’s played at a higher level than Nagelsmann across Europe. He’s smart, speaks all the languages and most importantly, understands how to deal with players who earn more than £50k a week. He knows how to talk the talk with big names, maybe an advantage at a club that’s lost its way when it comes to respect (yes Mesut, we’re looking at you).

Nagelsmann has done the f*cking business. He took a group of average players, instilled a culture, a footballing philosophy, and delivered Champions League qualification for a team called Hoffenheim (maybe twice in a row).

One has experience working a small team to its max potential in a small league. One knows how to make good players great at a massive club, and has the ultimate ‘I can make you better’ guarantee, that being a PL winners medal. Ideas are still the greatest currency, it’s just a question of what you think is more important from an experience perspective when you’re working at Arsenal.

> Connections. I was debating the merits of an inexperienced coach yesterday with some Gooner pals, one of the points was that no one in Europe is looking at Arteta and it’d be a substandard move. My counterpoint was no one in Europe was looking to hire Zidane, but Madrid went there and they’re about to play in their third CL final. No one was looking at Pep G before he took over Barcelona, even the great man himself told their board they didn’t have the cajones to hire him. The reason both of these players worked?

They had a tie to the club. It makes things so much more palatable to the fans. That’s why a Vieira and Thierry would last longer with Arsenal than they would anywhere else. They have the good graces of the fans. We’d will them on. Arteta is an Arsenal fan, the CEO likes him, he has fans in the backroom team, and though some of the reports are he’s a tough character, I’ve no doubt he’d be able to integrate quicker with the squad than an outsider. Same with Vieira, he might not be setting the world alight in New York, but it’s a pony league and sometimes the stars don’t align in football. Enrique was average at Celta and Roma, then he landed at Barca and elevated them to great heights. Diego Simeone had a patchy career before moving back to his old club where he set the world alight. Sometimes there’s an extra power in having ties to the club.

That’s my spiel. You can call me a hipster, but I see a lot of sense in doing something different. There’s literally no better time to try radical strategy. The fruit is low hanging and the fans will be up for something clever after 10 years of bland. Surround a young tier 3 manager with the best in the business and you have a good chance of creating something exciting we can all get behind.

Is it worth me giving airtime to the leaks in the press about Arsenal players thinking Ozil is an expensive waster? Not really. I’ve been telling you for a while he’s not at Arsenal for the trophies, it’s all about the lifestyle. Monchi said recently he liked mercenaries because they took the money and did the job. I’m not sure you can call Ozil a mercenary, because he turns up when he fancies it, literally choosing the games he wants to play. Rank amateur. Remember, there’s a reason not one top club in Europe came in for him when he was earning £140k a week heading into the final year of his deal… he’s not the full package.

Right, see you in the comments.


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champagne charlie


sounding more and more like you’ve a gambling problem, they’re only speculative odds mate – not the gospel – calm down.


Allegri now talking about sitting down with Juve at the end of the season and a bit of sweet talk from him to them.They will offer him an improved contract and he will stay.

Yeah it could mean that he signs a new deal or leave. There was rumours of them moving for Carlo and that gathered credence when Mancini tool the Italy job and not Carlo. It’s all up in the air and irrelevant whatever’s going to happen will happen any one of Allegri, Jardim or Enrique is exciting and new


Recruiting on the basis of your own new found power and not on the premise of the best manager available.

Very true. If it’s someone shite and they fail we’re coming for you Ivan. And I dare say sentiment won’t keep you in the job long mate


I just want to give Mr Gazidis friendly advice that’s all.

Have his welfare at heart lol

champagne charlie

Gazidis and co. know the spotlight os squarely on them, which makes the prospect of Arteta either an incredibly daft decision or one that suggests there’s serious merit to Arteta’s managerial credentials.


they want to spend money on field not in the box


Just remembered as well and it probably points to something or nothing but Allegri was reported to be taking English lessons months back. Why would he do that unless he planned on working in English football. And if he didn’t plan on it sooner rather than later then why get them months back and not wait a couple years? Maybe it’s nothing


For me everything points to Allegri being apppointed but Arsenal fans are like a jilted lover. So used to being hurt that most things are approached with pessimism.


I said last week the Krankies would want to follow their
L A Rams model
Apparently Sean McVay was a novice but has done very there


Your Comment Here




This ridiculous obsession with the Rams needs to stop. They finished tied for 5th in the league in the regular season and got doubled up in the first round of the playoffs. That’s really not much better than Arsenal did this season if you’re being honest. And young Sean McVay might be a good head coach and play caller, but let’s not act like he’s doing this all on his own. Wade Phillips has just as much or more pull in that organization I assure you. The 69 year old defensive coordinator and former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys… Read more »


The obsession with LA rams is rather daft
The rams had a lot of excellent first round draft choices because they had been so shite. The NFL spreads out all the best incoming players equally.


If IG was intelligent he’d not have waited this long and until we had fallen so far to force a change

I do believe his choice is going to be a young cheap fall guy. What a mistake that could be


The NFL spreads out all the best incoming players equally.

Someone needs to tell the Cleveland Browns that


GoongoonergoneMay 8, 2018    16:00:10 Wonder how well Zidane would have done if he were not at Madrid with all their stars? / I wonder how messi would have done if.. . I wonder how Wenger would have done without GGs Back 5 + bergkamp I wonder how Pep would have done without managing the 1st richest clubs in Spain Germany and England? I wonder this, I wonder that. Lets stick to reality. Give Zizu his due. He won UCL 2x in a row under a transfer ban and using youngsters. These “Stars” you are thinking of were all there before… Read more »

Alex Cutter

I know a lot of you have been asking about where young Clitorious has been recently. Unfortunately, I’ve learned from his facebook page that there was an unfortunate incident outside a local pub called Tophouse near his family’s council estate in North Humberside. From what I could tell, his mum was giving blumpkins to any guy that even resembled Wenger. And according to some, many of the pub patrons had Arsene Wenger halloween masks, which they passed amongst themselves, in hopes of acquiring a blumpkin from Clitorious’ mum. According to local news reports, Clitorious attempted to fight these bar patrons,… Read more »


I had hoped that Wenger would disappear gracefully after his send off.

Now in the DM today His self perpetuating PR BS continues where Wenger tells us we are only 3 players short of competing for top honours.

At least now He’s gone I can laugh at his stupidity and not have to endure it with him being at the club.

Sad and severely deluded man to the end!

Black Hei


The nuances of his statement is lost on you.

He is encouraging you to keep faith with the club and the team.

Unless you hate Wenger so hard, you can’t support any of the playing staff.


Wenger has been using the 2-3 players away Shiite for a decade. It’s to cover up how ridiculously poor his squad building had become. Arsenal are more than 2-3 players away.


Black Hei It’s not about hate or obsession, the fact is the team needs a complete rebuild with only around 5 players worth keeping to really challenge for top honours, such as the EPL and CL trophies. Maybe 3 players away from Wenger’s top 4 is a trophy – maybe……. TitsMcGee sums it up perfectly. BH we’ll agree to disagree as I don’t see a reason to fight with other fans now Wenger is out. LGs I’ve been thinking for a while that Ivan, Sven and Raul will be detrimental to the club if the micro manage the new manager,… Read more »


I think the club might be underestimating the size of the challenge facing the new manager at Arsenal. Yes, we have a new chief scout and a new D of F and they will want a coach who fits nicely into that group, primus inter pares. However, we need to completely repurpose our coaching set up, rebuild the spine of our team, introduce tactics into the minds of those players who remain and are brought in, motivate and drive to success a playing staff scared of the big occasion and who permanently shirk responsibility. It’s not going to be easy… Read more »


Surely it’s just a matter of time before there’s a European Super League. All you have to do is look at the various league winners in the last 4 years: Bundesliga: Bayern Munich (4 wins) La Liga: Barcelona (3 wins) Real Madrid (1 win) Serie A: Juventus (4 wins) Premier League: Chelsea (2 wins), Man City (1 win), Leicester (1 win) Ligue 1: PSG (3 wins) Monaco (1 win) It gets worse. Juventus have won seven in a row and Bayern six in a row. Anytime a team actually has the nerve to win the title, they get gutted. Atletico… Read more »


I read PSG are considering Wenger as a DoF with Tuchel coming in as head coach.

I can’t see that working out very well.


Arsenal 17/18…

home –

w – 15
d – 2
l – 2

(best record in the PL after Man City who edge it if they win or draw their last home game.)

away –

w – 3
d – 4
l – 10

David Smith

Still believe Wenger will finish the summer as manager of France, something that could actually suit him. Very good players, superb academy ar clairmont, doesn’t have to worry about coaching or finances, or protecting backroom staff.
Could easily see him win a big trophy
Reacquaint himself with his estranged wife.
Neopolitans would love him forever if he succeeded, but.
As others have said, his approach is all wrong for that league
But he won’t be with us, that’s all that matters.

Coach 15

Can’t help thinking Swansea’s fall from grace is some sort karmic pay-back for their new manager’s smart arse post-match analogies after his initial bright start.

No just another club purchased with the intent of minimal investment,maximum profit and hoping they wing it in the relegation battle.
Foreign owners you got to love them.

Coach 15

Wenger as a DOF,that would be total irony.


yeah, apparently PSG have offered him the GM job, but don’t see him taking it at this stage.


I guess Wenger carries some cache in France still and his reputation is still high there. He spends most of the summer every couple of years commentating for French tv, when he’s not attending FIFA coaching junkets. I think he would be a shoe-in for the French National coach or a DOF role at one of the big French clubs is either is available. He would be better suited for these than a day-to-day coaching role, though for me his inability to coach tactics or engender passion would hinder the his effectiveness in the National position. Whereas As a DOF,… Read more »


If I was Wenger I would hold out for the National team coach role after the WC. That’s the one he always wanted.

Having said that, if I was Wenger I would probably see myself as a body double for that guy who plays Thor…

Barking Arsene

England crash and burn at the World Cup (as usual) cue public outrage at our failure and watch as Wenger is then installed as our new National team boss.

Just wait for it!


(best record in the PL after Man City who edge it if they win or draw their last home game.)”

Oh wow. I’m sold. Let’s bring Wenger back then.


“Oh wow. I’m sold. Let’s bring Wenger back then.”

just saying, crazy disparity. and I thought one of those 2 home defeats – vs Man Utd – was probably our best performance of the season.


Where exactly was this implied? Yet another sad lemming obsessed with an old man. Get over it he’s leaving.”

Seems like you are quite upset over it. Don’t worry you can pick up your newspaper copy and pin it up on your wall.


vs Man Utd – was probably our best performance of the season.”

A 3-1 defeat.

Sums it up for you AKB lot doesn’t it.

E54_ ‘Arsene Wenger, who’ll leave north London after 22 years this summer, doesn’t think a raft of changes need to be made to the squad he’ll leave behind though. “I would say the squad doesn’t need much because there’s huge potential there,” he said. “It needs two or three additions and this team will compete for the championship next season.” Arsenal’s transfer stategy will be dictated by Sven Mislintat, Raul Sanllehi and the manager who succeeds Wenger.’ Go on! Which one of you are going to be a smart arse and try to make sence of this. 2 or 3… Read more »


Northern eggplant
Do you really believe that we’re 2-3 players away from competing for the league title?
That’s what Wenger just said ….again
Wenger has been saying this nonsense forever when everyone knows it’s not true.
If only you leaned to read before you look for a bogey man to attack.


The difference between our home and away records is really important, and points to maybe a mental issue. The new manager will also have to be very careful to make sure he doesnt change too much offensively at home, just make us more competitive against the top teams. For example if it wasnt for our awful defence, we wouldve beaten UTD and had an even better home record. One thing you can say about Wenger is he was brilliant at beating the shit teams, he just struggles to navigate his way through tough games. This is one reason I like… Read more »



“vs Man Utd – was probably our best performance of the season.”
A 3-1 defeat.Sums it up for you AKB lot doesn’t it.”

taking the performance into account? yeah man, weird eh? 🙂


*learned to read*


Wenger has been banging on about “2 or 3 changes” for 10 years. He just cant admit to himself that the problems are bigger than that. The ideal situation is that you make NO CHANGES in the summer, Man City will buy a DM in my opinion as Fernandinho is getting on, but they would still be favourites if they buy no-one. However the fact that we keep signing 2-3 players, then saying “2 or 3 more players” means we arent doing the job properly in the first place. Its at least 6 players, simple as that. If we sign… Read more »


Bellerin; “another team will always be in my heart”
Take your silly ass and sod off back to the club of your choice.



“For example if it wasnt for our awful defence, we wouldve beaten UTD and had an even better home record.”

even with our awful defence we’d have beaten Utd if de Gea hadn’t been off the planet that day.



Only one win in five games against top teams at home. Pathetic record. The only games Arsenal have been able to consequently win this season are the games at home against shit opposition. Flat track bullies. The rest of the games, home against top sides and any type of away they’ve been an absolute disaster. So don’t even try to flaunt that record. So disingenuous.


All you do is make puerile attacks on people regardless of their reasoning. You just attacked Tits for stating the obvious.


“even with our awful defence we’d have beaten Utd if de Gea hadn’t been off the planet that day.”

Sorry but you cant expect to win any game where you concede 3 goals.

Its happened far far far too often under Wenger.

Long periods of good form punctuated by absolute collapses.

This team takes absolutely no pride in a clean sheet, that needs to change.


new post


but its…*sniff sniff* not apart of any *sob* conversa.. conver *sob sob* conversation..

pull your skirt up. Wenger just stuck his head back up his arse and you’re worried about your “conversation”

Vintage Gun

@BacaryisGod 1000% Agree. In Fact, i’ve been saying this to my mates for over a decade now. The Euro Super League will then be evolved into a World Super League even further down the line. International football is the gateway for this to happen. Hosting a World Cup not only brings passion and excitement to Nation (as well as money) but i’ts a way of building up new modern stadiums as well as giving worn down older ones a make over. If you look at the list of host nations of recent decades you’ll notice that the there are and… Read more »