Arsenal gives me life (finally)

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Listen, I’m all for being a moaner, but the times have changed. Arsenal has put their name in the hat and now want to be taken seriously as a sporting entity. All the things we’ve campaigned for over the last 10 years are nearly happening.

  • The manager has been defanged
  • We have an elite head of recruitment
  • We have an elite DOF
  • We’re making quick decisions on players
  • We’re bringing in amazing talent
  • We’re selling the utter dross we’ve grown to love

The club is moving forward.


Major name manager rumour explored | Wenger gets salty

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When you think about it, being an Arsenal fan at the moment should feel pretty average. We just sold our 2nd best player to a rival, we sold our most handsome player to a rival, we’re out the FA Cup, we’re playing in the Europa League and top 4 is gone… but life has been SO average over the years, just having a good transfer window feels like winning the Champions League. Even the transfer rumours are better!

Arsenal new boy Raul Sahnelli has identified Jan Oblak as our number one target this summer. The Atleti keeper is, in my humble opinion, the best keeper on the planet. He’s imposing, athletic, and his reflexes are the next level is the next level. ALSO, he can save penalties. He’s the sort of major investment we’ve needed in goal for years. The sort all the big clubs have been making. The Slovenian is also 25, so we could get at least 10 years of value out of him. His release clause is only £90m. (more…)