Mesut Ozil charm offensive

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Arteta blazing over… 

The Mikel Arteta fan club just keeps on growing, the latest fan to voice his bold opinions on the manager isssssssss… Mesut Ozil. The German, who metaphorically garroted Unai Emery with his IDGAF performances, had many nice things to say about his new boss.

“Fighting and having possession, being in control of the game, having the ball all the time.


Arsenal shedding centre backs

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Mikel Arteta has an entire week with his players, the longest gap of time between games since he joined the club. That means more recovery time for the players, more time to spend talking through ideas, and plenty of practice for whatever the plan is against Chris Wilders excellent Sheffield United outfit this weekend.

One of the main challenges the coaching staff will be dealing with is the loss of Auba, our most lethal player. Overall, one of the issues we’ve had for a while is the lack of shared responsibilities when it comes to goal-scoring duties. This was Arteta.

“They now have to make a step forward now he is not able to contribute to the team with goals.

“Someone else has to do it and I want to see that reaction too.”

My hope is that as we move closer to the vision of the new regime, goals will start to be more evenly distributed.