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Well, PGMOL did exactly what I said they’d do… 10 days after the Newcastle game, they planned their counter-attack on Mikel Arteta and they totally botched it.

How bad?

Michael Owen was calling the media ‘scumbags’ after the show went out and went full Donald Trump on the perception of the interview when he said ‘most people thought the show was insightful and educational.’

The show was not.



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What a glorious weekend of Barclays Premier League football.

Newcastle lost, and their fans got into a verbal with Kieran Trippier. Peak Geordie.

Spurs were 1-0 up at 90 minutes, then exited the game on 97 minutes with ZERO points. WE GOT OUR SPURSY BAAACK!

Chelsea vs Manchester City was a 4-4 thriller of a game, closed out with a late Chelsea penalty scored by Cole Palmer.

So that leaves Arsenal 2 points off City heading into the final international break.

A pretty good run.

Arsenal also has the joint best defence in the league – and the best expected goals against. Not bad when you consider we changed out a keeper very early on in the season and some people were crying that Arteta was destroying the club.

What I like about stats like that is they point to a clear objective and a clear output. Arsenal were too loose towards the end of last season defensively, so we’ve added players into the mixer that have transformed us into the sort of team that can limit Erling Haaland to zero xG.

Declan Rice, for me, has been the best addition. He gives us height, power, speed, and that 6th sense for sniffing out danger. He’s the everywhere man. An elite specimen of top tier midfielder we’ve been begging for since Vieira left the building. He’s settled at lightspeed and he already looks like he could compete with Rodri for #6 of the season.

Our keeping situation is settled when it comes to personnel, though I’m not quite sure we’re where we need to be output-wise. That said, David Raya has come in, largely stabilized the position from jitters, and his command of distribution is delivering on the pitch. We have the joint best defensive record in the league and the fans are split on the keeper. That’s progress baby!

I also think we have to look at Kai Havertz and the steel he’s given to our midfield. Attacking-wise, it’s John Jensen-levels of pony, but his defensive output – the output we were concerned about most – seems to be top-level. I know we don’t like to talk about the foundational parts of midfielders – but work-rate, off-the-ball movement, and ‘GET STUCK IN’ has been really good. For all the people writing him off – it’s hard to avoid the fact we’re doing pretty damn well with him in the starting 11.

We also need to be clear about where some of those goals have come from: individual errors. Those are the easiest to fix if you have great players. The system is top, top, top level… when the players in it really do click, it’s scary to think how robust we could become defensively.

At the start of the season, Arteta made it very clear he was going to put a lot of effort into bringing new dimensions to the side, so they could benefit us later on. Fans hated the chopping and changing in the first three games, but then those chops were forced on him because we started collecting injuries. The result of this has been ‘it doesn’t feel quite right’ and that’s because it isn’t quite right. We’re building our library of tactics and stratagems – and we’re doing it while winning. The clunky performances you’re seeing now will hopefully feel a lot more natural when we need them for the run-in.

Just remember: We were all asking what was up with City last Christmas. What was up? They were laying their own foundations so they could bang in the back half of the season.

… and bang they did.

Arsenal has been far better than I imagined. I thought there’d be more pain, especially when the injuries started piling up. But now we’re getting into a space where Ben White misses a game and you don’t really notice (maybe we noticed last game, poor Tomi). The squad is really strong, we’re only two or three players away from it being absolute perfection. Not bad when you consider how hopeless Arsenal seemed post-Emery.

We’re about to enter Phase 4 of the season.

The Run To New Year.

This phase is 10 games.

The month is going to be wild.

Thank the lord we don’t have to play Liverpool twice (league cup)

The killer games are going to be Brentford away – because that’s the first game back after the break.

Then we have Aston Villa away – wedged between two away games. The saving grace there is that our midweek game is Luton. An easier game and a lovely drive back for most of the players who will be in bed nice and early. Don Unai has to host Manchester City, that will be unpleasant for them, so good news for us.

Our two games just before Christmas are Brighton, who don’t seem to be doing too well after everyone said De Zerbi was the new best manager in the world. Then we play Liverpool on the 23rd away from home. They are not our favorite away day and say it quietly, the Jurgen Klopp-engineered rebuild seems to be delivering some sexy stuff. The German ain’t done yet – so it should be a banger of a game.

We close out the month with West Ham and Fulham.

There are 24 Premier League points to play for – 21 points would be electric. 18+ has us in great shape moving into January. The thing to note is Christmas is where you see injuries really hurt teams – and legs start to test players. There are going to be dropped points during that phase. So don’t get panicked if we’re dropping them. It’ll happen to everyone.

Right, short one today. Get your eyeballs on our podcast right away.


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Arsenal signed off for International duty with a carefully crafted win against a Burnley side I thought were very impressive. Vincent Kompany and Mikel Arteta were cut from the same Pep-G-athleisure-wear material and battled it out with two teams leaning heavily into the DNA of the great one.

It was always going to be a rough afternoon with Vincent Kompany, the gulf in class was deep and wide, he admitted as much after when he said you need to be ‘perfect’ against this Arsenal side.



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Arsenal cruuuuuuuuuuised to an exceedingly simple win against a totally outclassed Sevilla FC. How can these young Arsenal men be acting out in the Champions League like they’re seasoned veterans?

We are not talking enough about how this rebooted Arsenal group of players are strangling sides like Homer Simpson on Bart before it was deemed uncool to strangle kids in cartoons last week.



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The debate over referees went into overdrive yesterday with the pundit class leaning in to ‘tell the peasants they aren’t allowed to speak’ on the matter of refereeing ineptitude.

Gary Neville called Arsenal and Liverpool dangerous for their statements – and had the audacity to reference his time as a player, forgetting the hold Ferguson had on referees

Jamie Carragher told us the statement was nonsense and Arsenal were bandwagon-jumping

Even Michael Owen piped up into the conversation saying Arteta was damaging the game

There are levels to this nonsense.



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Arsenal lost to Newcastle in a tremendous battle at St. James Park. We lost in the margins. Those margins once again being VAR in combination with the on-pitch referee.

Arteta finally realised that playing it nice in the media doesn’t work.

“How the hell did this goal stand up?,”

“It’s embarrassing what happened. How this goal stands, in the Premier League – this league that we say is the best in the world.

“I’ve been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed. It’s a disgrace. It’s not good enough. I feel embarrassed to be part of this.”



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The chatter before the game with Mikel Arteta was all focused on the dire performance against West Ham.

What about the standards?

Can the players recover?

Are you worried?

Journalists need soundbites and fans need drama. But I am not convinced there’s a major problem going out of the League Cup. You don’t care about the competition, the club doesn’t, nor do the players. So let’s not overdramatize a loss.

The focus is the Champions League and Premier League. Not feelings around a cup exit in a competition that would have seen us doing a double away session against Liverpool.

There’s only so much gas in the tank for this Arsenal team and we’ve already been sputtering more than usual and it’s only November. The League Cup doesn’t matter when you’re in the Champions League. If it does to you, great, you’re part of a very small collection of people, and I’m going to be really patronizing here: I feel for you. You might not want my sympathy, but I’m going to give it to you. In a world of Mike Dean, Richard Keys Arteta slander, and questionable loan deals between nation-state clubs… you choose this issue to anger you? Let it go.

The big game this week was always Newcastle. If we beat them, no one is talking about Wednesday. If we lose, everyone will double down and complain the weakened side against West Ham was the issue.

Don’t buy it. Arteta gave us the best possible chance against Newcastle by rotating heavily. There were some complaints he rolled on big names for 30 minutes. Again, don’t listen to those fans. Sure, it might have been a leg-breaker risk, but 30 minutes keeps the players fresh and stops them doing the warm down sessions after the game. Our boys got into bed nice and early so they should be in good shape.

So what of Newcastle? They’re a mixed bag if I’m honest.

Top of the xG league this season, but when you look at their results, there’s a clear pattern.

They’ve been losing to the top teams and they’ve beaten the teams they should have.

Their thumping of PSG threw me a little, but then they were beaten at home by Dortmund and they were hammered by Milan and got away with the draw.

Eddie Howe has a lot of injuries to deal with tomorrow.

The factors going against us? We have problems at Newcastle. They’re fearless, they have a lot of beasts in their team, and there’s definitely a bit of PTSD from a few seasons ago.

I don’t count the West Ham game as a problem. What I do think is a going concern is the on-going injury pile-up. Gabi Jesus likely won’t make it, Thomas Partey certainly won’t, and there are doubts on Martin Odegaard (though I think he’ll be good).

That means we’ll likely have a midfield of Rice, Jorginho, and Odegaard.

Defensively, it’s pretty clear that a midweek rested Tomi means he’s getting the nod over the impressive Zinchenko.

Up top, you’d guess it would be Eddie – but he had a stinker in midweek, doesn’t do well against brutal teams, and he hasn’t scored in 18 away games. Will the hat trick sway Mikel?

Kai has been going through it. I’d like to see him pick up that 8 role again. However, against Newcastle, he could be our best bet as a false 9.

The job is not to lose. Newcastle is one of the toughest away days in the league. It’s easy to get caught up by the spicy atmosphere and the electric emotions that course throughout the stadium. So a point or more will do me.

We’re a good away side, but we haven’t found 5th gear all season. 10 games in is when peak fitness starts. I want to see our players looking fresh from minute one – but the most important ingredient is bravery. This game is the biggest for David Raya yet. Bigger than City. Away at Newcastle, they will press, and they will try and bother him. If he’s not brave, our whole system breaks. If he’s not in command of his box, Newcastle will be. He could be a difference maker. We need him to show us that he has a level higher in the locker.

It’s a bit of an annoying weekend to be playing Newcastle because there aren’t any other big games. Not sure Chelsea / Spurs really cuts the shape of a going concern. Drop points here and we get pulled into the muck. We could end the weekend in 5th place. Win… and we pull away from Newcastle and keep up with the league challengers.

There’s a lot on the line – let’s see what Arteta brings to the party.

Ok, see you in the comments. Remember to join the On The Whistle right after the game.