Premier League wage deferrals?!

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Gooood morning you sexy beasts. How are we today? It’s a roll-neck-jumper-no-hair-product kind of day for me. I’m in business mode. I’m gonna invest £63 in the stock market and tell my cat I bought in the dip. I’m gonna put meeting notes in my girlfriend’s digital calendar to discuss her poor performance when I’m on Zoom calls. This is not a day to trifle with Pedro Buffet.

In the news, we’re really lacking out here. It’s Oxford Street on lockdown right now. If news were a person, it’s just been caught by the feds going out for a Mars bar for the SECOND time in the day. It’s rarer than… ok, you get the point. I’m padding this blogs word count like Mesut pads his stats.


Redcurrant kit?

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Well, well, well… look what you went and did, Britain. Boris Johnson delivering a wrist slap to all your hip kids that just couldn’t resist nipping out at the weekend for taste of that market fresh gluten-free-uncaged-organic-pure-bred-breast-fed-totally-ironic cheese toasties.

You are a fucking disgrace.

Now everyone is lockdown facing down the harsh reality that getting caught on your second run of the day could get you sent to jail for a high crime.

Imagine that though, going on a second run, what sort of pervert goes on two runs a day? You’re just showing off at that point, you deserve a criminal record. Join the rest of the nation, stay logged into your Microsoft Teams because they monitor activity, crack open a 10 am beer, and lose yourself in a good mid-afternoon nap.

Footyheadlines is keeping us occupied with good gossip on the next kit.

They say the shirt will be a much darker red, similar to this ball.

Looks very dark, almost redcurrant, are Arsenal going to re-up a Nike kit? That’d be odd considering it’s a copy? Up to them, they have the freedom of my amateur designer heart on this one. I’m confident it’ll look great.

Gabriel Martinelli has spoken about the first time he met Auba.

“I sat next to him, a bit shy, but as Auba speaks Spanish, he struck up a conversation and asked where I was from.

“We had a nice chat. He had met a random guy from another country, but was so kind and wished me luck.”

Damn, Auba speaks Spanish… not that language was going to stop him moving to Spain, it just makes it a little easier.

Today, let’s talk about your fave Arsenal performance of the last decade.

Mine is Per Mertesacker in THAT FA Cup final against Antonio Conte’s BEASTLY Chelsea side. I flew back last minute to catch that game. I thought we had absolutely no chance, especially as Per Mertesacker had been in and out of the game all season. I was so wrong, the Big Fucking German put in one of the most majestic defensive performances I’ve ever seen. He led like a war hero, his timing and positioning were nothing short of spectacular, he was an absolute star. Plaudits went to Sanchez, but my oh my, what a great day that was for one of my favourite Arsenal defenders.

YOUR thoughts in the comments. x



Arsenal do their part with CLASS gesture

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On the last Arsenal Opinion Podcast, Alex and I pondered whether the club would keep it classy and pay the casual workers through this crisis. As you know, lots of people in hospitality and entertainment have had the financial rug well and truly pulled through no fault of their own. Arsenal has a lot of casual workers, so while our professional footballers continue to rake in the big pound notes, concern was directed at the fate of the not-so-well-off folk that keep the club going on the shop floor.

Well, Vinai dropped the news we all wanted to hear, Arsenal is going to support our people.