Surprising Arsenal attacking stat shows decline in thinking

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'But can he defend at the near post?'

‘But can he defend at the near post?’

Arsenal stats geeks, get ready for this one… guess how many goals we’ve scored from counter attacks this season?


Some publication I can’t find reckons we’re one of 5 teams that’s failed to score from a counter attack this season. Quite staggering when you think we’ve had Alexis Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette and Auba in our side.



Giving up the league Wenger’s master strategy for toppling Atletico

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Once again, Arsene Wenger finds himself in a situation where he can excuse the rapid decline of the club. His team tanked in blue again, losing 2-1 to a very average Newcastle side, but somehow, the press has brushed this off as a byproduct of searching for Europa League glory.

Partly, that could be seen as true. However, as is everything with Arsene Wenger, you need to have context. If this were off the back of a scintillating season, you could perhaps acknowledge the changing shape of our form. That’s not the case though. Our form is an illness that’s plagued the club for years now.