Arsenal stutter as rivals make BIG moves

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Arsenal fans going through the meat grinder today.

Spurs are about the drop £70m on Ndombele, one of the best young midfielders in the world. United have landed Waan Bissaka for £50m. TEARS ALL OVER THE STATION FLOOR.

Meanwhile, David Ornstein has Arsenal out here contemplating selling Auba to find Wilfried Zaha (Palace trying to remove his sell on clause whilst negotiating with United), whilst also chasing Saliba and Tierney.


Does Torreira to Milan make sense?

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Well, well, well… the ‘YOU TOOK THAT OUT OF CONTEXT’ police back-peddling hard as the Lucas T rumours kick it up another gear… again.

Of all the players I was hoping we’d ditch this summer, I have to be honest, he wasn’t up there… but the rumours keep persisting with a slightly different twist on them.


Left back rumours strengthen

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Just a quick one from me today.

Tierney is the one for us, according to multiple reports.

We’re not on a level playing field when it comes to a transfer fee, with Celtic clearly wanting mega money, however, it seems like we’re the only club going hard for him.

The electric left-back certainly looks like he has the talent to move into the Premier League. If it works, you have yourself a £50m player. If it doesn’t, he’s young enough that you’d unlikely lose (unless you give him stupid money).

It seems that we’re going to offer him £70k a week, which is about what Matteo G is being offered. The new standard amount for young talent in the first team.

The worry with him is the injury record. It’s not great. He’s had hip problems, Achilles issues, the list goes on… the talent is clearly there, but it’s no good if it’s not on the field. I’m always interested to know how clubs make decisions on things like that because history usually is a very good indication of what you’re going to get with a player… especially if they’re moving from a pub league.

Bad news for Mesut Ozil. His boy lost Istanbul by quite a wide margin. How does this change the wedding photos is the big question on our lips right now.

The Lucas Torreira story won’t die… the Italian papers suggesting Gazidis wants to propose a two-year loan deal fee of 16m, with a cash buy at the end for 38m. This is like watching Arsenal go after deals. Why would any club sanction a deal like that for a player that’s doing well? Why would Arsenal do Ivan any favours? Unreal behaviour if there’s even a grain of truth about it.

The Carrasco stories are still bubbling hard. I’m amazed that the player can be kicking up such a fuss after less than 6 months. Why would you move to China for such a short amount of time? Why not just take a loan move? Money… one would assume. I really do wonder about going near a player with this sort of approach to his career. If he blows up, we’re going to be on the receiving end of this next summer. If he tanks, he’ll bunker in like Mesut Ozil.

Right, that’s all I have for you today! x