Aaron Ramsey out / Arturo Vidal in on the cards?

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Barcelona are back in the mix for one of our players. They want to take Aaron Ramsey for a whopping £50m. Story goes that they’ve watched him, like, 10 times this year (twice on MoTD 2). Not a patch on the 60 times Arsene Wenger watched Yaya Sanogo, but whatever.

It’s an interesting story, because on the face of it, the story makes sense. With a bit more craft, he’s certainly good enough to play for them. I think he’d suit the league, he’d bring a lot of power and purpose to their side. He’d bring goals as well. He certainly has the engine for them.


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Cup final on the mind of Arsenal players

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One of my friends invited me to sit with him yesterday.

As my #GoonerFam deserted me, it was a pretty easy decision to go and hangout in the clouds for a game. Amazing how much more of the performance you take in when you have a view higher than row 12.

Pregame was mostly littered with whisky and tequila. Anything to take the edge of the boredom I was pretty certain was coming. (more…)

Wenger: Kill FFP, it’d make things more competitive < EH?!

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Some Arsenal fans are living in 2012 with their views on what’s going on at the club, and it seems Arsene Wenger is living in 2012 with some of his tired sound bites.

“The world has changed,”

“The appreciation today of the quality of a player is just down with the money you spend. If we had bought Coquelin at Christmas for £40 million, everyone would say ‘What a signing’. I am sorry he didn’t cost any money, he is still a good player.”


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