Arsenal striking statistics through the roof! | Will Wenger’s BIG decision pay off?

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Well, well, well. Arsene knows. Right?

He certainly sensed that Ludogorets might pull a number in Paris. I watched PSG lose to Montpellier at the weekend by 3 and it certainly appears Emery is having a struggle with his side at the moment. I really didn’t think that result was in threat, but hey, this is football and these things happen.


Arsene Wenger dances around what will really make Ozil and Sanchez stay

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Well, it’s f*cking cold in Alaska, let me tell you that for free. Couldn’t get into the car for 10minutes because the doors and the boot were iced in.

Arsene Wenger left my hands and toes numb when I read his predictable press conference. He’s taking Alexis to Basel just in case PSG are turned over by team so poor they still consider the magic sponge part of the backroom team.

I don’t mean to be a moaner here, but let’s be real, Arsenal against a top team in the CL are very unlikely to win over two legs unless we do something drastically different this season. 1st or 2nd has marginal consequences for where we finish, we’ve not managed win out against the Barcelona’s or the Bayern’s which some say is fair (I don’t because you should be able to come up with at least a fluke every now and then), but we’re also capable of dropping out against a struggling Monaco. (more…)