Black Friday is all about internal bargains. Who is it for DM?

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Learning all the new holidays… so Black Friday is the start of Christmas and people fight each other for good deals. Violence and big screen TVs.

What a place.

We could do with a bit of Black Friday magic of our own, but, sadly, we’ll have to wait for the January sales.

So in the meantime, who the hell are we going to drop into that defensive midfield role?

Matty Flamini

Secret eco billionaire Matty is the obvious choice. He still has the legs, generally running 50% further than anyone else on the pitch even if it’s not productive and he’s certainly hungry. Is he good enough? Well, I don’t think he’s been top of mind for a few years and even at the peak of his powers his actual ability was questionable.

Aaron Ramsey

Round peg in a very square hole here. The Welsh wizard is multfaceted and he can adapt to most positions, but, I’m very unsure as to whether he could keep the attack monster under control for 90minutes. If there’s a weakness in his game it’s that he sometimes thinks he’s a striker. I think asking him to play the deep-lying role for an extended period might make him sad… and it might make us sad as well, because I’m not sure he’d be very good at it.

Jack Wilshere

Well, here’s a tasty option. Jack plays the role for England, he’s on record as saying he’d like to play it for Arsenal… BUT… where is he? Injured. Like always. So the opportunity that is there right now, is not there to be taken. So he’s missing out. However, if he’s back in the game by the end of the month, he’ll definitely be in the ‘internal promotion’ style of signings. Wenger loves free and free worked last year when we introduced Coquelin to the mix.

Callum Chambers

I like Callum, I really do. But he’s a bit raw. I also don’t see a lot of fight in him at the moment. I think he has a good build for the role, very much like Matic. His pace isn’t great, but he’s quite good technically and he has a background in the position. I just wonder whether we should be throwing someone so young into a big problem we have? Wouldn’t want him to go all Senderos on us…

But, Wenger is being bold. Like he always is at the end of November.

“We are in a position where we want to do something,”

“If I find the right quality I will do something.”

Let’s see what he’s saying by the 12th of December. I think he’d U-turned by that date last season!

Tomorrow we can talk about who we could bring in, so if you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments so I can repurpose them as my own.

Finally, before I go… soak up this line from the manager.

“Sanchez had a little hamstring alarm but we will see how he recovers from that,”


Someone get Shad on the line, we need to work and intervention here. Rest him against Norwich. Please. Rest those weary legs!

Right, before I go… check out the below podcast I took part in last night with the boys from ABergkampWonderland.

Also, in the spirit of Black Friday and Jesus, we’ve got a deal going on over at Art of Football. You buy a shirt / hoody, you use this code (BF25), you get 25% off. The shirts are really nicely done, good Christmas present type of stuff. I’m making nothing off this, I just know my cousins wear the stuff to games and the lad behind it is a super keen gooner.