Wenger hemorrhaging AFC cash, the number is quite unbelievable

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Everyone loves a big number to keep focus on what’s going on at Arsenal. I don’t mean to pile pressure onto our faltering manager, but I think a few myths need to be busted about what he’s offering to the club these days, because his ability to turn a profit has diminished at quite a alarming pace. This post aims to showcase just what a state we’re in.

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Average squad, average manager, average season coming.

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With all the familiarity of a curry stained pair of tracksuit bottoms, Arsenal coasted into second gear with lackadaisical ease. Our manager is so predictable these days, you can actually plot how the season is going to roll on a monthly basis. We don’t prep for the season properly, and we always pay the price in August. Most accountable managers, after the 6th poor season of starts, would make a plan to attack the season differently, not Arsene. Same training, same core coaching staff, no Director of Football, no major impact on the squad, same dismal start.

Even the problems are predictable, I literally wrote yesterday that it’d be nice to go through a game without Xhaka contributing to the loss of a goal. Right on cue, the great hope in our midfield spilled the ball to a Stoke player, instead of holding his ground (because he’s so slow) he lunged into getting the ball back, made a hash of it, and who in our midfield was behind him making sure we weren’t exposed? No one. Aaron Ramsey up front trying to be action man as usual. Stoke breezed our midfield because it wasn’t there, then made a mockery of our backline. It was simply too easy.