Wenger finally talks Sumo + Mental burnout in December

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So much LOL that I get hate mail and Jezza Corbyn and Ivan Gazidis are CC’d in.

Imagine hating a football blogger.

Anyway, let’s crack right into laughter. How much laughing is acceptable when you have thin walls? Like, if every other sentence is laughter, is that worthy of calling in a complaint to your building manager? My next door neighbour, a drummer, who had sex 4 times on Sunday between the hours of 8 and 10, laughs too much. It’s like living next door to Beavis and Butthead. What could be so funny?


FK Ostersunds English coach and how his style has delivered so much success

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Nothing more beautiful than getting an alert for a terrorist attack on your mobile and reading the only person injured was the terrorist. Imagine how embarrassed he’s going to be? Pipe bomb making skills so poor, he couldn’t even blow himself up. All his virgin mates hitting him up on his Infidel Telegram group ripping into him, ‘No Virgins for your bro, just experienced lifers tanking your sweet ‘pipe’ every night at Rikers Island’… enjoy your 400-year sentence, you absolute coward.

I totally get off on that shit. Fucking melts.

You know what else I get off on? The magic of the Europa League, as they say. We’re playing FK Ostersunds in the next round. The away fans land 500 tickets. It should be a fun game and it should be a shoo-in for the last 16 when things will no doubt heat up. However, worth noting they nicked a draw at Bilbao. We’ll get the lowdown on the team from resident Swede Alfred when he stops messing around in San Fran.

It’s worth taking a bit of time out to read up on their manager, he’s taken them as a relegated 4th tier Swedish side, to the last 32 of the Europa League. One of his key attributes as a manager is emotional intelligence, and his ability to revitalise players who’ve gone off the rails. His sweet spot is picking up discarded talent from around Europe, he understands that not being a complete person at 21 is normal, so he works with them to build their person, and develop their raw talent at the same time. Quite the read here, crazy that none of the Premier League clubs has paid attention.

This is what I mean when I say Arsenal don’t need a manager with BIG trophies under their belt. You need a coach with a unique vision or approach to the game. There are very few big names who reinvent themselves, so you either shoot for the ones that can, like Pep G… or you shoot for someone who is doing something new that’ll take a while to suss (Conte / Tuchel). A manager who can reviatlise players with shite attitudes would work wonders at a West Ham. Instead, they opted for David Moyes who has been garbage at his last 4 clubs.

I’m not saying we should hire him, I’m just saying Gazidis needs to look at his squad, our resources, the personalities, and the style of play the fans demand… and make a hire built around that. Versus hiring a stable name like Mourinho, Koeman or Big Sam.

Anyway, back to Arsenal. Our Feb could look pretty mean if things go well.

  • Everton H
  • Spurs A
  • Östersunds A
  • FA Cup 5th Round TBC
  • Östersunds H
  • Man City H
  • Carabao Cup Final TBC

The great thing here is unless things go really bad, we’re not dropping out of 3 competitions in one month like we have done traditionally.

There’s talk that Juventus are eyeing up Hector Bellerin this summer. It’d be hard to say the young right-back has progressed in the last two years. His delivery is still poor and some of his decision making is really bad. I think he needs to be properly coached, and sadly, it seems we’re letting one of the most exciting prospects in the world slip into a dank hole of averageness.

I don’t want to keep hammering away here, but yet another reason for Arsenal to bring in a new coach. We’re struggling to attract top-tier talent, and more importantly, we’re having a issues developing it. A lot of people pointing to Aaron Ramsey actually being the issue in our midfield this weekend, because he gets crowded out and it isolates Ozil. I think Aaron is having a good season this year, but you have to look at his record. He’s struggled to form a partnership with anyone over the last 5 years and we tend to always blame the partner.

I just wish we had a manager who you knew had given all his thinking to making him a better player, versus one that just throws him out there and tells him to play like Roy of the Rovers.

Still, have to say, it was great to see Chamberlain is still utter garbage. Watching him play those stupid outside of the boot cross-field balls behind players was a warm fuzzy feeling… the equivalent of a terrorist injuring only himself. Seeing him over hit crosses under zero pressure. Watching him saunter back like he’s kicking up a brisk job to catch a bus. Marvellous.

That said, I was kind of upset that we’re keeping players like Theo at the club when there are names like Salah moving around Europe for £37m. What a superstar he’s been, that goal against Everton was world class. So much power and composure. The guy looks so casual as well, a real asset.

Right, game over for today, I’m flying to Houston tomorrow, so I might not be around to blog. Or I might be lying and secretly struggling with the Cheggers news, is that ok? Sheesh… what a ledge. Gone too soon.


Wenger can’t teach focus

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via @t0wey (instagram)

via @t0wey (instagram)


Arsenal continued their dreary rollercoaster ride of averageness at Southampton. A 1-1 draw away at a team we often struggle against isn’t a disaster on the face of it, but it’s more lost points in the fight for top 4, and yet another nail in the coffin of an Arsene Wenger who just can’t seem to shake this squad into a mindset of winnertivity.

When the game is exciting and has a lot riding on it, you can be sure the players will turn up even if the result isn’t quite what you want. When the game is a little less tantalising, you just don’t know what Arsenal you’re going to stumble upon.