Emery looks for first win

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So I had to miss two days of a stag do because of work. I’ve arrived at what I ‘think’ is the destination, but no one is awake. I’ve let myself into a house with no number. So this could be the last you read of me if I’ve made a mistake and I’m camping out in some random MAGA fanatics house in Nevada.

Buuuut, while I’m here, why not pen a post?

Arsenal take on the mighty Chavs who were going to build a new stadium until their owner had his visa revoked. I mean, not that we can brag, our owner is currently prying shares away from Arsenal fans as he prepares to take the club offline as we move into the Silent Arsenal era.


Letter from a shareholder

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The return of Geoff (for the old school Grovers)

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I still own a little bit of Arsenal!

Sometime in the 90’s I bought my Arsenal share, I didn’t buy it to make money, I bought it because I wanted to own a little piece of the club I loved and supported since I was 6 years old. And long before replica kits. It cost me £900.

At the time I had a box in the South bank and took my sons with me to most of the home games, we were an Arsenal family. And still are.

I bought the share when George Graham was our manager and long before Wenger arrived.

Most people are blaming Kroenke, but please think about blaming a few other people as well, they were all culpable for what happened next.

At the time Danny Fizman was Arsenal’s biggest shareholder, a nice bloke I might add. David Dein and Nina also owned a chunk. David suggested we brought in Stan Kroenke, and was told ‘we don’t need his kind’ by Peter Hill-Wood, and was promptly sacked.

Shortly after that Kroenke got his grubby little feet wedged in the door. David Dein then sulking with Kroenke, sold his shares to Red and White holdings, enter a greedy Usbek. Danny Fizman then died and Kroenke bought his shares.

I have a friend in Diamond Club who has urged me not to let Kroenke compulsory purchase my share. He thinks Fizman had inserted into the articles, that no one person could ever own Arsenal outright, so let’s all watch this space.

Sometime ago I was considering selling my share, as I was getting really peed off with the way Arsenal were being run. Then we sacked Wenger and the club started to change for the better, gone was the dictator. My cousin (5 season tickets) said ‘You can’t sell that, that will be willed to your family when you die’ I made him right.

I never once attended an AGM but Pedro did, many a time. The worst thing was, 2 hours before it was announced that Usmanov was selling out, I was offered £34.5k for my share, guess what? I said no. I was playing golf at Los Colinas in Spain at the time, 16th tee.

That could be £5k I lost in 2 hours, do feel sick or what?

Now for Usmanov to sell to Kroenke, he has done so way below market value. Yes he has made a massive profit on what he paid. However, by doing what he has done, he has cost a lot of shareholders a great deal of money. So he in my books is a dirtbag that has sold out the fans. Kroenke is a bigger one as he is now bullying remaining shareholders to sell or else.

Yes I have made a bunch of cash on that share but I never bought it to make money, I did it to belong. I was having dinner with Jack Walker of Blackburn once, when he was told I was an Arsenal fan he accused me of being a glory hunter. I promptly told he ‘actually I’m a shareholder’ shut him the fuck up, I love being a shareholder, only if it’s only the one!

Now two imposters have ruined my Arsenal experience, have destroyed a part of my life, and neither ever gave a rats arse for my beloved Arsenal.

Appalling from both of them. Oh and add Dein to that list as he sold out in the first place, it was he that let the Genie out of the bottle.

Finally the attached letter shows if I don’t agree to sell, I go on the dissenting register. Isn’t that the equivalent of the naughty boy list from Santa? Bullies.

Let them read this and feel ashamed of themselves.

Pundits and explayers thrust forward with Emery attacks

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Big thanks to James for that cracking post about the Arsenal performance team. Very insightful, then he went and ruined it with his Xhaka fanboying. Jokes aside, do check out the post, suuuuper interesting. <LINK> Also, big thanks to Arsenal for inviting us in. It’s always a risk with muppet bloggers, but we appreciate the insight and the hard work going on to make our club great again.

Tony Adams and Jens Lehmann didn’t take long to sink their teeth into the Arsenal’s new manager. This is one of our greatest captains getting frank about the new regime.

“I don’t know what he has been doing for the last five or six weeks,”

“He has rotated all his players and given them all a game basically and they’ve got some good results but it’s pre-season.

“From minute one, I would’ve picked my own goalkeeper, my back four and put the two lads in that I want to screen those, and get a firm base that’s been missing for the last ten years.”

“You’ve had six weeks of pre-season – go on, get on with it.”

Come on Tone, give it a rest, he’s only just landed and he took a spanking from the most expensively assembled team in England. 14 years of decline cannot be solved in 10 minutes.

Big Jens Lehmann, bitter from being shunted out of the club this summer went for a stealthy gut punch as well.

‘I don’t consider it a re-build, the new manager has taken over a club in almost a perfect environment,””The players have a good attitude. I expected a little more on Saturday, they had a big change, and after 22 years it’s different if something is new, of course”Perfect environment? Yeah, for a holiday. A cruise type of holiday. Amirite?I know full well Jens knows what a shit-tip of flatulence Arsenal had become under Wenger, so he’s being very cheeky there. He’s rightfully pissed he was pushed out without a chance. He also had thoughts on the keeping issues, particularly the feet issues Cech has suffered.

“I was a bit surprised that every time he tried to play out, which is not possible, nobody can dictate to you when to play out. He is very intelligent so he knows when to play out and when not to.

“Petr has played hundreds of games and I think sometimes he would have kicked it long before, now he is under pressure this year. The game dictates what to do and not a certain style you have to play.

“Even at the age of 36 you can practice and improve, but it’s the amount of passes you have to do.

“Also, sometimes it is better to not to do what the coaches ask because at that moment you understand the game better than anybody else.”

Does anyone else get the sense that Emery is being teed up for a massive slap down when things go wrong? The press don’t rate him, the explayers aren’t fancying him, and it feels a little like people want it to go a bit David Moyes. Unfair. I find it especially uncomfortable when the barbs come from people who haven’t had an opinion for 10 years.

Also, isn’t it sad how our media react like they just found a foreign burglar in their house when a coach they have little knowledge of lands. Open your minds chaps, admit you never watched Sevilla and be real about the fact you didn’t buy BT Sports for the PSG games over the last two years.

I thought this was an excellent summary of the work Ramsey and the team overall did utilising the press against one of the most intense teams in world football. What I found particularly interesting is how the effectiveness of Aaron Ramsey was greatly limited when he’s put in a system where he has a very specific role to undertake. Hopefully, he’ll be more potent against lesser teams, but it is one of the challenges Emery faces… how does he extract the best-attacking instincts of this team without sacrificing the teams’ defensive solidity.

It’s also fun to see people making comps of Arsenal. We haven’t done anything of interest over the last ten years to merit that sort of treatment.

There’s been some chatter about fans clubbing together to block the Stan K takeover so we can land another AGM. I can appreciate the endeavor, but like a few others out there, I think it’s a waste of time. Firstly, let’s not pretend the fans have had any real power with the club. Ivan G has been the master of saying absolutely nothing for an hour for years. I’ve spent enough time at those AGMs to know they don’t give a fuck about us, and it’s actually a challenge for the board to be professional enough not to say mean things to fans. Fan involvement is just a PR stunt. I’m not sure antagonising the new owner is the way forward…

Anyway, that’s me done. Listen to the pod if you love free content.