Wolves gamble on Arsenal being cowards away from home. They win.

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The Emery HOME WIN train derailed predictably yesterday.

Come on, be honest, you knew we’d tank against Palace, and you knew we’d tank against Wolves.

Am I going to sit here and lambast the coach today?

No. What’s the point. Those players should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They can get themselves up for the sexy games, then utterly melt when it matters against shite teams they should be dealing with.

Last night, there was no belief a win was coming. You can tell me Emery prepped the players on what Wolves are like, but I’m struggling to believe anyone was paying attention. Is it a boredom issue? A translation problem? Or the reality that the cancer in the squad is the ghost of Wenger?

Regardless, we don’t have the bottle. Players turning away from well-struck freekicks? Are you joking? FACE UP LADS, FACE UP. Sunday League basics. I never call out Steve Bould, but come on Steve, where are you on that one? Those players in that wall should be locked in medieval stocks and have 1966 leather balls fired at their faces until they scream maniaclly that they are enjoying the learning process.

You should not have to be teaching people like Xhaka not to turn away when they are in their mid-twenties. What a disaster. In fact, I vividly remember being told by a friends dad at 10 that bravery can’t be taught, you’re either going to put your body on the line for your team, or you’ll be a coward. Maybe this isn’t a Bouldy thing? Maybe it’s a rancid attitude to BRITISH FOOTBALLING VALUES. Fucking hell, get me HARD BREXIT on the phone, I have some additional LEAVE thoughts.

Additionally: Where are the, ‘we really missed Xhaka’ crowd today? He’s simply not good enough to be an elite footballer. The fact anyone missed him says a lot about the state of play.

I love Lacazette, he has more swag than MJ (before we knew he was a pedo), but he’s scored 6 goals away from home this year. He’s not a strong player and he gets eaten alive in those physical games.

In fact, it’s fair to say that the whole squad lacks physicality. Not an issue when you’re playing powder puff teams like Napoli. A huge problem when you’re playing a team that has been built on a brief of caps-locked ‘POWER AND PACE.’

I tell you who we did miss. Aaron Ramsey. A PROPER athlete.

I think Emery has done a tremendous job this season on the face of it, but for me, it’s tough to say he’s not a little culpable for the debacle of the last two games. He made a drunk gamble at the weekend when he played a pathetically weak side against a solid Palace that was always going to take advantage of any signs of weakness. That decision wasn’t an acceptable mistake after we paid the same price against Everton. Our biggest opportunity was to bag the home win with a big starting 11, then roll the dice on Wolves with a team that had momentum with it.

He gambled wrong. Hey, we’ve all been there at 3 in the morning, 10 beers deep, in our pants, staking the mortgage on black after we’ve broken into a friend’s Paddy Power account. Just a shame Emery had precedent for the Palace game, he should have played a smarter risk.

However, he’ll get by this season because there are so many drossy players on the outskirts of the 12-14 players that are good enough.

We are still in with a chance on top four, we’ve just multiplied the difficulty.

On a positive note, I think Emery will fancy his chances on the Europa League. Valencia will be an easy tie, and he knows he can get his players up for the big games… so Chelsea in the final will look appetising for him.

I just find it hard to compute what a disappointment this squad is, because yesterday wasn’t about ability, it was about focus, motivation and fight. We didn’t have any of that.

… let’s hope we can stretch that £45m this summer. There is a huge rebuild needed, if we don’t get it right, Arsenal will be an irrelevance for many years to come.

Welcome to what 10 years of neglect brings you… the real ‘careful what you wish for’ was always ‘careful what you stick with.’

What did YOU think? Share in the comments if you agree with me… x

Wolves might not gamble on Arsenal tonight. I’m serious.

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Today is pretty much the Premier League version of the Europa Cup Final.

We head away to GIANT killers Wolves in the hope of securing a top 4 that’s been gift-wrapped for us.

Spurs won very late last night against a resolute Brighton (that f*cking sunk me).

Chelsea is a point ahead of us courtesy of that drab draw against Burnley.

Now we MUST leapfrog them into 4th.