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Gooooooood morning! Arteta dropped some intel about some of the reasons we struggled early in the season.

DEADWOOD DEEPSTATE. Think I stole that from someone on the Arsenal Vision Podcast. Now it is mine.

The allusion was that certain players that aren’t here now were the problem.

I cannot imagine which part-time social media manager on £350k a week that could have been?

I cannot imagine which binned players might have been causing those issues?

I cannot imagine which players exiting might also have had a role?

The mess of the squad at the start of the last season led to dramatic decisions. Those decisions against big names were obviously going to hit the morale of the squad. You’ve all worked with a dickhead who hands their notice in and determines to burn the house down.


Actual quote from Sandra from accounts at my place.

The biggest issue, Mesut Ozil, was a problem because he was the king. Everyone knows that when the King is dethroned, you have to kill him, because their prior power will always be a threat to stability. The German was too big for Arsenal at that point, he was hurt by the rejection, so it was clear he’d be a problem internally and externally.

Form has picked up since we rid the squad of bad eggs. Things have been better since we discovered the power of creativity in our midfield. We controlled games far better with Thomas Partey in the side.

Everyone is whining on about how 23 games of form doesn’t count for anything. Well, let’s see how that pans out next season, but also dig a little deeper into some other elements.

Leicester beat us with their only run into our box. We smashed them at their place.

Fulham beat us without having a shot on target.

Wolves didn’t deserve to beat us chance. Self inflicted Wolves.

Spurs beat us off 5 attempts at our goal and 30% possession. It was palmed off as ‘genius’ at the time, but let’s be real, it was luck as shown by Jose exiting the building a few months later.

Burnley beat us off 2 shots on target.

Everton beat us twice.

Villa beat us twice.

Basically, a lot of very lucky stuff happened against some very average teams this season.

Turn 3 of the above games into more positive results and the last game of the season sees Arsenal in Champions League spots in our worst ever season.

Hardly a stretch, right?

Think how much better life will be if we have a settled squad come the summer. Creative players from the start. An Auba not dealing with family issues and malaria. Young players a season on.

Arsenal will sell a whole collection of players. I’m not sure reading the praise of the manager is indicative of who we are keeping, it’s a negotiation tactic. Do we really think Madrid believe their future hinges on Odegaard? Doubtful… but it’ll pump his price. Same for the players Mikel is saying are under contract. We are less desperate this summer, which will lead to bigger fees (or actual fees).

Arsenal will no doubt try and make Martin a centre piece of our rebuild this summer and I’d agree with that. I’d certainly prioritize him over the Norwich fella at £450m or whatever they are looking to charge for him.

Then we’ll go for a right back, which has basically been a dead position all season. A nightmare for many reasons, but mainly because we’re lopsided when we attack. If we can bring Tierney levels to the right, it opens a whole world of possibilities.

Ryan Bertrand is perfectly acceptable cover on the left (Leicester after him, so should be safe).

Then we need to address that midfield. I have no idea who we’ll look for in that role, but hopefully we have another press resistant player that can move in the role.

Shake out the deadwood this summer.

Have a 6 week preseason and bond the leaner group.

Make sure everyone is excited and knows their own personal plan.

There will be no excuses next season, but I don’t believe there will be a need for them.

The players are backing the manager. Look at the vibes in the training ground video for David Luiz’s send off.

The club is going to bat for the first team again this summer.

I think we’re on the up.

Final word for the Edu story doing the rounds. The gist is he was taking orders from someone banned from Brazilian football for corruption when he was over there. I don’t understand enough detail to give a running commentary, but the basics are pretty clear, he took orders, he knew who from.

Arsenal relevance:

  • It shows real lack of leadership to keep quiet when things like that are going on. The guy giving orders was behaving like Pablo Escobar from jail. Shocking stuff.
  • Subservience to shady characters is clearly part of his operating system.

Speaking up about tough things that don’t feel right is part of any big job. I’d say ‘imagine if that was Arsenal’ but let’s be honest, we’ve seen people fail to speak truth to power in our football braintrust to great cost. Shocking deals, cosy agent relationships, huge wastage that a layman could have predicted.

This story is a bad reflection on Edu, but an even worse one on our leadership. Did anyone check in with people that had worked with him to see if he was a determined leader, or a soft touch people pleaser?

I doubt anything will come of it, but at the very least, I hope Vinai V, Richard G, and Josh K are keeping an extra close eye on who we are talking to this summer. The number 1 interest should always be Arsenal FC, that clearly hasn’t been the case with a lot of the decisions we’ve made over the past 4 years. The weaknesses on show in this story aren’t hard to trace back to some if the things we’ve seen at Arsenal (subservience). It is also a worry that he can be so comfortable working with a man of corruption. It’s a canary in the coal mine. Let’s hope we’re not on the receiving end of one of these stings in the future.


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  1. Radio Raheem

    Leicester fans celebrating their season weird Arsenal fans on legrove calling out bottle job. You couldn’t make this shit up 😂😂

  2. andy1886

    Decent win, happy to be out of the shitty Euro league thingy, dissapointed about Spurs and for Leicester.

    Been a crappy sesaon really, few highlights if any. That said I’m waiting for history to be rewriten or brushed under the rug over the next two or three months.

    Roll on the Euro’s.

  3. Kroenkephobe

    So the only unresolved issue from the season is who’s a bigger cunt Arteta or Rogers

    The answer to that question mate is always Mourinho!

  4. Ishola70

    Leicester will be happy enough that they can keep Rod-gers and Arsenal won’t go for him because of his “bottling” tendencies.

    All Leicester ask for each season is european football top six as their aim. Anything above that is a big bonus for them.

    Meanwhile Leicester with their modest ambitions will continue to be an obstacle for Arsenal in the league.

  5. Marc


    You see you make a reasonable point but you just know Pedro will be making excuses about pre season being influenced by the Euros.

  6. Time Up

    I’m. Arteta’s biggest critic, but no manger this season made the Potter boys so quite with very little position if the ball like he did with Newcastle.

  7. WengerEagle


    Leicester bottled it today, plain and simple. Still a brilliant season for them no denying that. Massively overachieved even without CL Football.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    “Would some of the second half of the season games that were fine margins been wins if one of the kids had more confidence… could we have had this Pepe form in February?“

    What youngsters? Saka was starting and ESR and Martinelli were injured. Pepe might’ve gotten more game time had he not head butted a player and seen a 3 match ban on his 3rd start of the season. Hindsight is a piece of piss to navigate.


    Is that you Un? Only a handful of staunch Pepe defenders on here, and the fact Luiz and Willian have been lumped in seems awfully familiar. Be claiming I creamed myself at the Luiz signing to confirm matters..

    Luiz was a decent signing given the circumstances, Willian has been terrible – but I never vouched for him as the sum of our additions, I always criticised that eventuality and said he should be on top of the primary business.

    I’ll be “wrong” on Pepe when he’s a consistent performer throughout 90 minutes week upon week in the PL. I judge from that POV because it’s our most important competition and I’m not interested about numbers being pumped against the likes of Dundalk or whoever else in second tier Europe.

    In the league that’s 10 goals and 1 assist for the campaign, with 5 of them coming the last 3 games of the season against sides in the bottom 6. It’s not even close to redeeming what’s been and gone for the campaign.

  9. RockyRoe

    Today was the 1st time fans were back and truth be told the team played well, so no the fans weren’t heckling arteta. But Pedro, if you think Arteta can dish out the turgid, uninspired football, he specialises in, and the fans won’t get on his back, you are delusional.

    These fans trolled wenger (not saying he didn’t deserve it at the end) but he is and always will be a legend at arsenal compared to who-the-fuck-is-arteta.

  10. MD-Gunner

    Now the what IFS start and the positive of only x-amount of points behind and all that. Look at the fucking table and cringe and weep. Tuchel took over Chelsea when they were in 9th place, he got enough out of the squad to finish 4th and is in the CL final.
    And AFC has no European football in 26 years and if you look at the teams that finished above AFC and their managers including Leeds and Bielsa you know reality tells you AFC is fucked in the next season unless you bring a manager in that does what Tuchel did. So strap in for the shit to come in the TW plus the pre-season because AFC is a rudderless club.

  11. Hitman

    Arteta’s errors and lack of know how will hold Arsenal back next season.
    Seen enough to know he doesn’t have it.

  12. Guns of SF

    Yea seriously, we start next season with Arteta ball- defensive and rigid and I think the knives come out really fast- when those losses start to happen, and we have to chase games again with an impotent attack.

    He needs to fix the fucking attack. Let the players play, and express. Allow our CM’s to join the attack instead of waiting for more U shaped passing over and over

    Its mind numbing… today, we saw some one touch football again, its was so easy and we carved them up at times. Get back to that

  13. Peckobill

    ‘When I look at the table Im fucking pissed off at Mike
    2 more wins and we are touching 4th place
    3 more and we are in top 4 as it stands now”

    Absolutely right I’m sure Pepe playing first half of the season instead of willian could’ve got those points , rough but the guy does score goals and thats what wins games at the end of the day especially as Pepe is obviously a rhythm and confidence player something further up even Pedro slightly alluded to .

    Made quite a few mistakes but his ego forcing willian into the side ( his signing ) was one of his two big mistakes this season for me

  14. RockyRoe

    And arteta is baffling, his decisions are beyond ridiculous. Auba again was having a shit game, we were 2 nil up by 60th, what would you do, if you have a youngster who is lacking minutes and had scores last game? Well obviously you’ll keep him on the bench till the 85th minute.

  15. Wengaball

    The whole point of Wenger out was to compete for the PL and CL title – I would assume that is accurate?

    Anyone volunteering when can we reasonably expect that?

  16. CG

    Good News

    Season is Over
    Arsenal out of Loosers Cup 2
    Willock. What a star.

    Bad News

    Man City, Man United , Liverpool and Chelsea will re arm with the CL money and will continue to be the serious players in English soccer why Arsenal fluff around with poor managers, poor executives, poor owners, deluded fans and the usual soundbites.


    No CL soccer for Arsenal for the forseeable future.

  17. Kegunner

    I believe the Leceister and Westham performance next season will be hampered by European assignments. Tottenham have to get a new manager playing in a less glamorous league.

    Luiz, Ozil, Mustafi, Ceballos leaving has already cleared a chunk of budget to be spent on potential quality. The young players that replaced them earn way less. Sales of home grown players can raise some pretty amount.

    I do believe there is still some fight at the Arsenal.

  18. henleygooner

    Not being in Europe means we need a smaller squad – which is fine – but when get in Europe in a year, our squad will be too small. No Europe next season, is, on balance, a bad thing.

  19. MD-Gunner

    Finally Willock will not play for AFC’s manager because as someone already said, “that is not what Steve Bruce did”. Ozil will play CL football next season, LT won a La Liga title and AFC supporters are being served boring football, Arsenal supporters must be masochists.

  20. Pedro

    Rocky, looks a bit petulant to whine on about decision making after a win. If your view is that the perfect game is just whatever your opinion is, then you’re always going to be disappointed.

  21. Wengaball


    Summary No CL soccer for Arsenal for the forseeable future.

    More or less.

    It will take an injection of at least 200 odd million or insanely good scouting + coaching to get us back
    Into the mix, and keep us there.

    Neither look likely.

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Time Up

    This is pretty much my stance.

    Like Rich I am on the fence with Arteta.

    Not convinced at all but ready to g8ve him a chance.

    My condition is that we have to see clear improvement in his management style and the way he treats players.

    He really has to lose his arrogant trait otherwise he will be going nowhere in the long run.

  23. Radio Raheem

    Wenger eagle

    You’re right that’s a simple take on things. Too simple it’s nonsensical.

  24. Pedro

    Mics_, if pure facts upsets you, head somewhere else.

    2nd most goals since Xmas (24 games now)
    2nd for points
    3rd overall for defence

    Plenty to fix, but we’re in Champions League form. A good summer and we’ll shock a few whiners next season.

  25. Wengaball

    Pedro – when do you think we will actually compete gif the PL and CL title? Approximate time frame?

    Because that was the whole point of the Wenger out movement right?

  26. G

    Steve Bruce has made Willock bla bla bla… all he did was play him regularly which was the whole point of the loan.. hope he makes it at Arsenal

  27. Champagne Charlie

    Twitter full of banter about Rodgers bottling top 4 (literally tending) for the second season but Raheem is still on here going strong that it wasn’t a bottle job because of expectations prior to the season? Weird.

    Leicester were in the top 4 places for practically 36 of 38 games. You can’t lead at something for that long and fall short at the last. It’s the very definition of bottling it.

    The premature congratulations Brenda got after beating Man United’s U13’s was exactly that. Premature. He’s made of Spursy stuff.

  28. Up 4 grabs now


    Good win, pleased for pepe, he might get a run in the side next season if the rumours are true and willian is buggering off.
    If arteta has learnt from this season then I’ll give him the first ten games next season.
    If he makes the same mistakes then the fans will have him out.
    He was lucky there was just an empty stadium pre Christmas.

    Can’t screw this transfer window up again.

  29. RockyRoe

    Right Pedro, so after a win, no one is allowed to point at stupid arteta decisions, regardless oh how mind numbingly stupid they are. Yeah that sounds about right.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    I thought that Arsenal played well today and were good value for their win.

    Pepe can be infuriating, but when he is on song is beginning to look lethal. The major concern is the drop of form of Aubameyang. Let’s hope that he comes back next season refreshed.

    From my perspective not qualifying for Europe is a blessing. Let Spurs waste energy travelling to obscure parts of Europe. We should focus on the EPL next season and improve our starting X1.

    If we recruit three starting X1 players who are an upgrade on what we have got in those positions I think we will have a decent team. We don’t need to go wholesale in recruitment
    department. Quality before quantity.

    Hopefully we can shed some of the unwanted dross as well.

  31. Champagne Charlie

    Willock has thrived at Newcastle because he’s all the attributes to do so in that kind of team. He’s athletic, quick, covers ground well, and has a nose for chances.

    He’s way less effective at Arsenal where teams sit deep. We should make a killing of his excellent loan and congratulate the academy for producing a good PL player. Insert a sell on or buy back clause if you’re that concerned with down the road.

  32. CG


    “””Well CG, you have been quite accurate in your predictions so far 🙂 how long does le-sauce have?””””

    Hard one to gauge this one.

    I think we are stuck with him for another 12 months unfortunately.

    But from the moment he bought that watch for Gazidas he has played us.

    How he is still the Arsenal manager after what we have had come before is a bloody disgrace.

    ( Eg Chapman ,Mee, Graham and the imperious Wenger)

    I think we are stuck with him for another 12 months unfortunately.

    But he and KSE /Edu have done so much damage to the club, I think the only way back for Arsenal now is new ownership and a new broom.

    In the meantime Arteta will simply bore us to death.

  33. RockyRoe

    Also we won the FA Cup last season, and finished on a real high, that didn’t stop the shit show at the start of this season. Why is that some are so certain that the form now will carry on next season?

  34. Marc

    “Good win, pleased for pepe, he might get a run in the side next season if the rumours are true and willian is buggering off.”

    Well at least we’ll know who’s replacing Leno in goal.

  35. TheLegendaryDB10


    Plenty to fix, but we’re in Champions League form

    Let’s find out next season eh?

    A bit premature to be saying this. He had one chance at redeeming himself, the EL semi, and he managed to screw that up.

    Let’s wait until the fist 10-15 games of next season before we can clearly say yes we are CL contenders.

    I’ll be honest with you. I like the fact that he admitted he made a loaf of mistakes. That is a good start. But he really needs to learn from his mistakes.

    Now let’s see him put his money where his mouth is next season before saying that we are in CL form.

  36. Pedro

    Rocky, there’s a whole crew of you that come on here to spew misery about Arsenal. It’s so boring. You can’t even enjoy a win, you pick on something that was irrelevant.

    Spanish Dave, I know your default is misery… but one more time. Since Christmas, 3rd most goals, 2nd best defence, 2nd most points. That’s 24 games. A huge sample set.

    This club could bang next season. Good summer, 6 weeks preseason, and a clear out behind the scenes and we’ll be rolling.

  37. Spanishdave

    Yep Marc our fantastic form since Xmas took us from 11th to 8th.
    Perhaps other teams also had good form since Xmas , you never know!!

  38. Pedro

    CC, Hassenhutl fan club is dead, the Tuchel one is fading, the ‘Potter is going to smash us’ crowd are now whining about the colour of Arteta’s shoe laces, Brendan not a bottle job… painful reading.

  39. Kegunner

    Last warning on the state of decline. Manchester United, Chelsea and even Liverpool noticed a decline in form in previous seasons and desperately looked for ways to address the decline.

    Arsenal have been too accomodating. Really is not the end of the world. However, likes of Leeds can attest it is no place you want to be.

    Strong football leaders required. The finances and setup have to match the ambition.

  40. Chrispy

    Glad the season’s over. I’m hopeful for next season. Shame that goes against most of the mood hoovers on here.

  41. Pedro

    Kegunner, data people at all those clubs would not call Arsenal in decline post-Christmas. Hate to break it to you.

    Chrispy, amen, it’s a sorry state of affairs.

  42. Karsa

    Hassenhutl fan club is dead, the Tuchel one is fading, the ‘Potter is going to smash us’ crowd are now whining about the colour of Arteta’s shoe laces, Brendan not a bottle job… painful reading.

    Indeed. Add to that the James Rodriguez/Ancelotti to get Everton Europe signing of the season brigade.

  43. Rich

    If we were second after 24 games, but finished 8th with 14 points from our final 14 games, I could understand it

    But to say that 47 points from 72 available since Xmas, isn’t signs of progress, is disingenuous

    That doesn’t change what happened before, or our meek exit from the Europa, but it is progress, the difference between where we finished, and top 4, was ultimately fine margins

    If we come back with a balanced and coherent squad of 22 backed up by a few talented youngsters next season, adding some quality in key areas, we’ll be in a much better place

    Managers come and go, our biggest issues over the last few years have been poor scouting and recruitment, non existing squad planning, and poor contract management

    If we fix those things, we’ll give ourselves a much better chance of success

    I’m not convinced KSE are wise to trust Edu + Arteta with the transfer process, but since that’s what it looks like they’re going to do, all we can do is hope for the best

    We’re not far off the CL places, two technicians in Smith-Rowe + Odegaard is what’s changed our fortunes since Xmas

  44. AFC Forever


    “Amazing how many of you are out here whining while we beat a team so many of you said were going to easily beat us”

    It’s not amazing, they do it every game!!! It is as predictable as Rodgers bottling it. These ‘fans’ are an embarrassment, they don’t represent the average fan, these are a very extreme element. Thank god they don’t go to games, they would get lynched; there’s only so much whinging & moaning people can put up with.

    I’m excited about next season. I received a lot of abuse for extolling the benefits of missing Europe for a season but I see people are coming round to my way of thinking. A good transfer window is needed but if we improve the squad I have every confidence we’ll get Champions League football.

  45. Champagne Charlie


    Sure we shouldn’t have gone for Ancelotti or Nuno? Some elite pivoting required from some to match the energy in the Arteta put downs. About to witness some creative views.

    We had a shit opening two months of the season and it’s been incredibly costly. I don’t think KSE are going to look back on the season and wonder wtf, it’s played out quite clearly and I think the prospect was unquestionably viewed prior to his appointment.

    In pretty simple terms I think we started really, really low and gradually improved as the season has went on. Loads of room to improve, but that bodes well and isn’t nearly the zinger I think many believe it to be.

  46. WengerEagle

    James was a very good signing for Everton though, their best player this season. Were anybody on here expecting Everton to finish top 4? I sure as shit wasn’t.

    Calvert-Lewin predictably reverted to type after his purple patch and nobody else stepped up with the goals.

  47. TheLegendaryDB10

    They said they will help us out and it seems they will in some form

    The next step is us spending wisely. We haven’t in a long time (c.f. Willian).

    I hate the fact that Edu is so silent (and he wasn’t even at the game when you think of it and he is a DoF!!!). Will they replace him? I hope so. We need someone strong and with a vision to help Arteta out.

    It would be great if Edu was sacked and replaced.

  48. Pedro

    CC, yeah, early season fucked us.

    Basically all the other managers in the running for the Arsenal job faltered this season.

    If we can start the season with a balanced squad and play like we did today, think we’ll be in great shape. No Thursday night football is huge. Look what it did for West Ham this season.

  49. curse

    all considered, pretty decent season. hit some real lows but clearly moving in the right direction.

    it’s gone a little too quiet on Emerson royal. 6 foot, power, speed, shouldn’t cost too much. what the f is the hold up?

  50. Guns of SF

    Fine margins is an excuse

    If Arteta had a clue how to coach and manage we could easily have had another 10 pts to our tally.

    His tinkering and finally realizing we have no attack or creativity came after we tanked the season.

    To think we went that long before he got a clue is utterly depressing.

    The dude needs to get a reality check on how to play attacking football.
    A travesty considering he came from City and played for Wenger

    Being hard to beat is one thing, but winning hard games is another.

    I am hoping he does not get convinced we are ok with what we have right now. its not enough. Pepe form is not an excuse to upgrade our attack- we can all see that, but Mike has this rose colored glasses on, he sees things in green when most of the fans see red

    Bissouma Buendia, Aarons, and other forward are needed, LB – a back up who will be ready to play since KT is hurt a lot.

  51. bacaryisGod

    ‘Plenty to fix, but we’re in Champions League form. A good summer and we’ll shock a few whiners next season’.

    Pedro-you mean this whiners that were calling for Arteta to be sacked about a couple of weeks ago? Shame on those spineless chickens, right?

    I think this is actually a perfect set-up for next season. Hopefully, we’ll carry this form through to next season without any European distractions and if we do qualify for the UCL it will help in retaining our key younger players like Saka for future seasons.

    If we do remain in the 6th-10th range, Arteta will have no excuses so I guess it’s a win-win. Best opportunity to succeed and no excuses left if we fail.

  52. AFC Forever


    I agree about Smith Roe and Odegaard. In tandem, they speed up our play and break lines. As we discussed before, Arteta is a disciple of Wenger & Pep, so highly technical players are the way he will go to implement the philosophy of quick possession football and fluid interchange. Creativity pre-Christmas was a problem and that’s slowly improved but needs to be tweaked with additions.

    The question is, what happens with Aubamayang? How poor was he again today.

  53. The Godfather

    Pedro you’re an enigma.
    One moment Arteta is a messiah
    then a few weeks later, you’re ready to fire him.
    Then one moment you bin comments that are negative to him,
    And then proceed to blast him on podcast and on your blog.
    Where are you dude?

  54. Pedro

    Left, you go in the bin for three months, come back on, and all you want to do is snark about Arsenal. What is the point?

  55. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not a great ending…
    A brilliant ending

    No Europe
    Only focus on..
    Arteta can gather the youth .. rid the dross …

    Great things next season.

  56. WengerEagle

    ”Basically all the other managers in the running for the Arsenal job faltered this season.”


    How many on here really wanted Nuno, Carlo or Brendan? A few were open to Brendan maybe who has still kicked Arteta’s ass this season in spite of today.

    Hassenhutl was being rightly praised for doing a great job [at the time] at Southampton, I don’t recall anybody actually wanting him in at Arsenal though?

    How have Gasperini, Nagelsmann, Galtier and Lopetegui fared? Managers that were actually being called for.

  57. Rich

    No Thursday night football only works for us with the right level of internal competition

    Having too many disengaged players isn’t healthy, the extra time on the training ground needs to be positive, not dragged down with unhappy senior professionals, who know they’ve got no chance of being involved

    Direct competition is healthy

    Players who know they’re not wanted, and have no chance of being involved, is unhealthy, and kills squad moral

  58. Champagne Charlie


    It’s a bit of a watershed moment for us finally being unburdened by Ozil’s contract, and seeing a flurry of “outs” in the one window that will change the air within the squad.

    The activity this summer is vital given the potential impact smart moves can make on teams. If we manage to streamline and add the right quality we’ll be in great shape to put an assault on matters next season.

    Bissouma looked good again today, Buendia has had a great season, Odegaard has massive potential imo. If we can bring that type of talent on board at the expense of your Torreira Guendouzi, Nketiah’s then we’ll make progress irrespective of Arteta’s personal growth as manager.

  59. MD-Gunner

    “This club could bang next season. Good summer, 6 weeks preseason, and a clear out behind the scenes and we’ll be rolling.”

    Totally agree with that bang AVERAGE and be rolling into the bottom half. In the TW you got a dilemma you either have to tell the existing squad members you will on the bench or playing in the League or FA Cup OR you have to tell that to incoming players. You can’t promise any starting positions in any other competition.

    So who are you going to attract? A club with history that has a dismal manager and faces the toughest job to break into top 6 because the competition has the money and zeal by the owners to make something next season. Arsenal has the toughest job ahead and all the delusional ones here are hoping for star performances by players hat underwhelmed in the past season with a clueless manager.

  60. andy1886

    Must have missed the ‘Potter are going to smash us crowd’ From what I’ve seen most people expected us to win and the game panned out fairly predictably. Happy with the win, happy NOT to be in the mickey mouse league, amused by Pedro spinning faster than an industrial centrifuge.

  61. S23

    Glad for the performance,glad for the win even gladder the season is over.
    I still think Pepe is the best we have at striking a ball and hopefully he will be given more game time next season.
    If we can move on the players with no future and a few quality additions,I dont think we are in as terminal decline as some think.
    I am still not 100% sold on Arteta,but after a couple of months into next season we will where we stand with him.
    As much as we all wanted to overtake Spurs,I think it will be a blessing in disguise,the lack of travel,less games etc.
    I feel next season will be the rubicon for our club and where it is going.
    Good work on the blog,Pedro.

  62. Useroz

    Yep. Looking forward to Arteta’s talk show and gives a progress update on the status and progress of the generational 3 year Champions League goal! Trust the process is on the right track…

  63. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    James had a good season. Problem is during his bad spell and injury period, they had no alternative. Got to blame my guy Carlo for being wedded to a certain formation and using Iwobi as a RWB and not as a James alternative or even as a #8. They’re deep in the agent game, so they’ll be in contention for super club cast offs. If Coutinho is fit, I expect him to join them. Maybe even players like Draxler, Ramsey and Rabiot

  64. Dream10


    With Buendia and Odegaard, it’s or the other. I can see Pochettino signing Odegaard. He’s somewhat of a budget Eriksen

  65. Pedro

    Andy, thank your for your support. I just read a book called Enemy of Mankind you might like. It’s about Henry Every. Really good read.

  66. Buckagh

    AFC ForeverMay 23, 2021 18:58:16
    You are absolutely correct alot of the comment on here and twitter is not representive of match attending supporters

  67. Thorough

    Arteta may be a rookie but one of his archilles heels is not seeing clearly what’s before him and learning from it.
    1. Through two different patch of games it was obvious Lacazette makes everybody around him play better. Yet every single time he restores Auba once he’s fit.
    2. Pepe has no business playing far from the box. If we were going to try and play any of our wingers as false 9 he had to be the first option. I’m not sure he ever had that chance..
    3. Arteta does not know his best 11. The way he chops his defence week after week shows this. I think Mari should be a starter. He proved himself time and again yet gets dropped.
    4. Every attack needs a player that’ll chase balls and be relentless for 90 minutes. Playing Odegard and ESR on the wings ahead of a fit and firing Martinelli isn’t the way to go. He does this every freaking time.

    I hope he learns. Or the idiots upstairs become ruthless asap. Not many coaches will get the kind of chances they are giving him.

  68. AFC Forever

    What do we do about Aubamayang?

    No doubting his ability but yet again he was poor. He had opportunities today which he wasted and he just looks a shadow of the player he once was. As soon as Lacazette came on he gave 5 x Auba’s effort. I am on the fence but to me it seems sensible to sell him and bring someone in who actually cares. Ollie Watkins?

  69. TheLegendaryDB10

    If there is to be any change at Arsenal, it has to be Edu.

    I never seen a DoF be such a wet paper bag to the point where he is happy that a coach becomes manager and equals his job level.

    If the club is to progress, he must be sacked. Getting soneone who can actually help Arteta out and share/ use his experience would be a massive plus to Arteta.

  70. TheLegendThatIsDennisBergkamp

    Like Arsenal games, I hope Le Grove doesn’t move to once a week updates…

  71. Tom

    “Theres no success for Arsenal fans to enjoy, all thats left is celebrating perceived failures of other managers“

    I’m still high on the since Christmas table.
    Not to mention we comfortably beat Leicester- the “PL title contenders “.
    Ok, so they came in 5th in the end but only because Rodgers clearly choked.
    We totally outplayed the Leeds team, and playing them is like “going to a dentist “
    Take that oral surgeons.
    I’m sure there’s plenty more

  72. WengerEagle


    We’re kind of stuck with Auba on those wages.

    I like Watkins, needs to up his numbers a bit though. 14 in the league won’t cut it at a top club, few of them pens too.

    We need to sell one of Auba or Laca moving forward as well as Eddie.

  73. Marko

    Gotta love this place sometimes. Rodgers is a bottle job Emery bottled top 4 meanwhile Arteta’s record only counts since Christmas for some reason. Makes. Perfect. Sense.

    FYI we FINISHED 8th we’ll have NO european football next season for the first time in 25 years but apparently we’re trending up with Arteta…you know I have my doubts it just happens to coincide with having common sense. Purely coincidental I swear

  74. Pedro

    WE, give over, those names weren’t on the list. Nagelsmann was never an option for us. The rest you just pulled as a who is who of right now.

    Nuno, Carlo, and Jose were the leading names with Allegri.

  75. Champagne Charlie


    I’m inclined to agree, although moving out Willian points to two telling recruits in attack imo – subject to outgoings.

    I’ve said it before, but the crucial decisions for this summer that’ll tell me what we’re doing are going to be around Laca, Willian, and Willock.

    I’d sell the lot and use the funds to bring in guys like Buendia, Edouard, Odegaard personally. Lower the age profile, increase the technical ability, and build toward the collective.

  76. LoveSausage

    Good result today and happy not to be in that conference competition even though it pains me we finished behind the Spuds again.

    On the plus side, I feel we have a handful of players who are ready to make a development leap next season. On the minus side, it’s becoming obvious that #9 is a problem. PEA was a passenger again today, contributes nothing. He looks miserable whenever he has to play with his back to the goal, his first touch is useless and he doesn’t know when to turn around and make a run. which is presumably what he’ll need to do a lot more if we play a more progressive brand of football next season.

  77. Rich

    AFC Forever

    If we get an offer, I hope we sell Aubameyang

    We’re probably stuck with him though, so surround him with technicians, and try and get the best out of him, strikers are all about confidence, he just needs a couple to go in, and hopefully he’ll start firing again

    I suspect we’ll sell Lacazette + Nketiah this summer if bids arrive, and use internal replacements in Martinelli + Balogun

  78. WengerEagle


    That’s bollocks, I was calling for Gasperini or Lopetegui last summer.

    Nagelsmann off the menu sure, but to sit there and pretend that every prospective gaffer that was suggested on here failed is pretty dishonest.

  79. Champagne Charlie

    “FYI we FINISHED 8th we’ll have NO european football next season for the first time in 25 years but apparently we’re trending up with Arteta“

    We were 15th near Xmas, when you start low and improve that’s typically known as trending up. Likewise when you’re at the top and fall off at the last, that’s known as bottling it.

    Hopefully that clears up a few things, it’s just common sense.

  80. LoveSausage


    I’d love Gasperini. There would probably be a few 5-4 losses in there but at least we’d play Arsenal football.

  81. Dream10


    Your level of propaganda in pushing the Arteta train forward won’t be forgotten. Shameless

    No Europe means budget will be tightened, no? That’s why the Brazilian physio was released

    Very little talk about Per leading the academy. I regularly criticise Arteta, but BFG is unnoticeable. Hearing any murmurs of discontent? Mertesacker talks a good game…..

  82. andy1886

    Had to check that there wasn’t another Andy posting for a minute there Pedro! I’ll check it out, although I’m sure that you’ll be hoping that we don’t have another tale of Mutiny at the Emirates nest season.

  83. andy1886

    Looking forwards now to transfer window bingo. Salomon Kalou is still playing btw so it could still happen.

    Laca’s situation could be interesting, I’d prefer to let him go but a year’s extension on no more than £100k pw would be okay. Extending him on his current £180k pw would be stupid, no-one is going to pay him that sort of money and we can’t afford to keep paying silly wages to aging players.

  84. AFC Forever

    Thorough, Rich, Lovelysausage

    Lacazette puts in so much more effort than Aubamayang it’s embarrassing. I am fed up with people excusing Aubamayangs lack of effort. Every player loses form from time to time but that means working harder and playing yourself into form. You accept a loss of form but not a lack of effort. He can’t even be bothered to get to a North London Derby on time. We can’t keep playing him on reputation. Lacazette brings others into play and the way he battles is infectious.

    As Rich says, Aubamayang is a top player but we really can’t carry him again. He needs to respect that contract he signed and pull his finger out and stop cheating us & his teammates.

    At the time of writing I would keep Lacazette and cash in on Aubamayang and re-invest in somehow who gives a damn.

  85. andy1886

    Kev, you do realise that no-one wants to be in that crappy third rate competition?

    Sixty years and counting, no wonder Kane wants to do one.

  86. LoveSausage


    Congrats and enjoy! It might be a while until next time. Or maybe you’re backing Lo Celso for the golden boot next season.

  87. englandsbest

    Well, we got what we wanted; no Europa Conference League spot, it would have been an annoying distraction next season. Tbh if instead we had qualified, I would have said, ‘Great. good European experience for the youngsters, and something to watch midweek’. A win-win situation.

    But best of all the game put to the sword this absurd notion that Arteta doesn’t have the whole-hearted support of the squad (as it will be.) Please, no more of such nonsense from the in-built pessimists on here.

    Was Laca’s appearance a farewell bow? Not if he accepts a one/two year extension. A farewell bow then from Auba? Yes, if the offer for him is high enough. Perhaps Xhaka too. Bellerin didn’t get one, he was probably pig-tailing his hair.

    A lean mean machine come August.

  88. TheLegendaryDB10


    Just fuck off.

    Your best scorer in Kane is leaving.

    Watch out for the gap when you’ll have no one else to score for you next season.

    And where is that trophy cabinet of yours?

  89. Marko

    We were 15th near Xmas, when you start low and improve that’s typically known as trending up. Likewise when you’re at the top and fall off at the last, that’s known as bottling it.Hopefully that clears up a few things, it’s just common sense.

    You do realize that he was manager at the start of the season right? Like he didn’t just start being manager at Christmas right. And with that in mind we really should be judging him you know over the course of the WHOLE season and not being super selective with judging him

  90. Rich

    The concern is that Arteta gets fooled by our form since Xmas, like he fell into a false sense of security after the FA Cup + Charity shields wins

    We need to be aggressive in moving players on, and aggressive in securing our top targets

    Balance and quality over quantity

    Odegaard should be our No1 target

    Richard Garlick needs to tie down Saka, Smith-Rowe, Tierney, Saliba to 5yr deals, and we should probably give Chambers a new deal as well

    If we don’t reward Saka now, next summer he’ll be down to his last 24 months, and things will start getting twitchy

  91. LoveSausage

    AFC Forever,

    I quite like LovelySausage, might switch to that! Agreed, PEA seems to be very high maintenance. He only ever seems in his element when he can pick the ball up in a transition and take a run at a defender. And even that isn’t working because he’s become too slow. He seems to be a decent character so hopefully we won’t have another Ozil situation on our hands. But we can’t keep relying on a player who needs all the starts to align to do anything at all. And the market isn’t exactly teeming with replacement options.

  92. Useroz

    With the media noises around bissouma, I paid attention to his play today. Yes, he’s capable , and I’m sure most of us would prefer him to the like of elneny, xhaka, ceballos, even willock..

    But then, at least in this game, bissouma didn’t exactly wow. Unless he had an off day, we shouldn’t pay more than £30m and 70k pw.. After all, we all operate in a Covid economy!

  93. Tom

    “We were 15th near Xmas, when you start low and improve………..”

    I thought we all started at the exact same place all other teams did………..

  94. Jim Lahey

    “Spurs fan here… Look up. You cunts… Its over.. Live with it”


    Our worst season in 30+ years and you lot finish a point ahead! You’re a one man team that has carried you for years and he is gone this summer! You struggle to bring in players and will struggle to bring in a manager!

    What have you won during your most prosperous era?!

  95. Rich

    AFC Forever

    I’d be reluctant to offer Lacazette anymore than a 12 month extension

    He gives a lot, but he rarely lasts 70 minutes

    1yr extensions only for outfield players over 30 from now on

    Out with the old, and in with the new

    Listening to his teammates, coaches, and people in the game, consistently talking up Martinelli, suggests we’ve got a special talent on our hands

    Martinelli is hungry, he’s got an insatiable appetite for the game, reminds me a bit of Suarez/Alexis is his style

    He’s raw in aspects of his game, but it’s time to bring him closer to the first team, his enthusiasm is infectious

  96. Left Testicle

    Left, you go in the bin for three months, come back on, and all you want to do is snark about Arsenal. What is the point?
    The point is… I want our club, Arsenal, to improve. I have no interest in facilitating Arteta’s education in football management.

  97. AFC Forever

    LS 9837

    I tend to agree mate. He seems a nice bloke and not disruptive and if he is going through a tough time personally, it’s difficult to be too harsh. But there is no excuse for not trying or regularly turning up late for games and team meetings. On his game, he is a great player but we can’t carry him hoping he will come good. That’s the conundrum.

  98. Almuniasaynomore

    “The concern is that Arteta gets fooled by our form since Xmas.”
    You can relax on that one Rich,no one is stupid enough to judge a season on one part of it while omitting the other part.

  99. AFC Forever


    I don’t disagree. The only thing I would say is that when you look through our squad where is the leader? The bloke that drives the team on, that the other players look to. That’s not Aubamayang based on the last season. If we get shot of Lacazette, and I agree about short-term contracts, then we need someone to step up as we have a lot of young lads around. That means bringing in an experienced head somewhere maybe. Or keeping Lacazette and replacing Auba?

  100. Time Up


    Can you tell us why since the BUM Emery with an inferior squad schooled your boy over two games, you’ve not even mentioned him once when you use to refer to him in every post!. LOL

    Waiting for an answer.

  101. Rich

    We need to be careful with the African cup

    Partey probably isn’t going anywhere, and if we sign Bissouma without letting go of Elneny, that’s 3 players in the centre of the park we’d lose

    And two of our biggest goal threats

    That would be straight up negligence

  102. TheLegendaryDB10

    This is where i agree with LT.

    If we had a competent structure with an experienced CEO and DoF, I would have accepted the mistakes made by Arteta and I am sure it would have played out differently with an experienced DoF whispering in his ear.

    The fact that it is the total opposite is what worries me.

    Arteta better get learning pronto if he wants to get better.

    And there are 2 options to help him: as said earlier, change the DoF; the other one is to force on Arteta an experienced backroom team.

    Both would be ideal really.

  103. BacaryisGod


    Excellent point. I was just thinking about that with the possible arrival of Bissouma.

    It might be another reason for holding on to Laca next season.

  104. Kroenkephobe

    I bet you weren’t even a foetus in 1961. You are now though.

    Fuck all for Spurs when the year ends in 1.

    Thanks for coming on with some comedy gold.

  105. Time Up


    That’s a good point. Now the ACN back to Feb every two years, the value of African players will go down the drain.

    To lose your best player for 2 months in the middle of the season is a nightmare.

  106. TheLegendaryDB10

    Time Up.

    I would do anything to get Grealish. A fantastic EPL ready player. He certainly would get our MF purring. Him and Partey could go a long way.

    It would be great if we did. But whether we do is an entirely different story.

  107. Danny S

    I’d love to see Auba, Willian, laca, bellerin, Xhaka, elneny, Eddie,
    Holding, cederic all sold this summer. Plus the loan players sold bar Willock and AMN.
    I think if AMN accepted he’s more Phil Neville than Patrick Vieira he’d be a good asset to the team.
    Also Leno should be sold or a better GK coach brought in.

    If Tets manages all that then for me next season wil be exciting.

    This is arsenal reboot V 5.0. I can’t be arsed to be all negative any more so it’s a fresh start and my support for Arteta next season hinges on the next 2/3 months.

  108. Time Up


    That’s 90% of their goal gone playing during the vital point of the season.

    I remember celebrating when Togo didn’t qualify and Adebayor stying.

  109. RockyRoe

    Rocky, there’s a whole crew of you that come on here to spew misery about Arsenal. It’s so boring. You can’t even enjoy a win, you pick on something that was irrelevant.

    Mind telling where was this sunshine and rainbows viewpoint when emery finished 1 point off CL, or when wenger was hitting top 4 over and over and over again?

    You created and promoted negativity over the last decade and now you are preaching about spreading misery. Kettle and pot mate.

  110. BacaryisGod

    Liverpool: Salah, Mane
    Man City: Mahrez
    Leicester: Ndidi
    Spurs: Aurier
    Man United: Bailly
    Chelsea: Mendy, Ziyech

    Others: Zaha, Bissouma

    Basically, it’s us and Liverpool who will be most affected.

  111. zaco

    Martineli with his hunger, determination and efforts reminds me of a young Suarez and Alexis Sanchez

  112. Champagne Charlie

    Got to marvel at Kev’s wisdom in outing himself as a spud who felt compelled to seek out an Arsenal blog to sign up for and post on to gloat at finishing 7th

    Proud moment for him lmao

  113. BacaryisGod

    Would even go as far to say no to Bissouma based on the disruption caused by the African Cup of Nations. With travel and adjustment it could be 5-6 weeks for some players.

  114. Ishola70

    Huge fail from Arteta this season. Huge.

    No european football qualification for decades and a no show in the biggest game of the season against Villarreal and failing against Bummery of all people.

    At least the only way is up because Arteta has taken us to the depths here.

    But just how high that way is up may disappoint some in the long run.

  115. Marc

    Oh well – it’s been a crappy season and pretty much a crappy year. I am looking forward to getting back in the ground next season and it’ll be a change to play most matches on a Saturday and my season ticket is going to be pretty cheap as well. I reckon with no European football that’ll be another 4 tickets off the 6 I’m owed. Maybe even the Kroenke’s will pull through for us and do what’s needed.

  116. Dissenter

    It’s not like clubs that have won the league haven’t had key African players before play in the AFCON.

    Guess what?
    The world cup is in December 2022, so maybe we shouldn’t just sign anyone.

  117. Useroz

    Fresh from a tea lady…

    Josh informed Vinai that he just finished an interview with a mainstream US media and announced Arsenal has made phenomenal improvement over last season and finished 3rd in a very competitive PL and he looks forward to the club doing well in the Champions League!

    Josh congrats Vinai again for a job well done and reiterates his family’s commitment o the club for generations to come!

    Before leaving Vinai’s office Josh also leaves him a copy of the PL table from which he got the final position of the club….

    Still in shock, Vinai stares at the table and sees that it’s from 26 Dec 2020!

  118. Champagne Charlie

    I thought the African cup had been moved to no longer disrupt European competition? Was that just a proposal that fell through?

    Would be very selective of incoming players with that in mind, makes no sense at all to be losing 4/5 components of your team at a congested period. Auba, Partey, Pepe is already enough disruption assuming all qualified.

  119. Marc

    It will be interesting watching the Spud’s over the summer. From Kane’s comments it looks like he wants City – now City do spend a lot of money but they don’t spend record breaking fees on any one deal or at least haven’t yet. They were interested in Sanchez but as soon as ManU went mental they walked away.

    If Levy spends all summer dicking about trying to squeeze every last penny out of the sale he could leave himself without any time to get in a quality replacement.

  120. andy1886

    Time Up, Villa aren’t selling Grealish unless someone offers absolutely stupid money. Villa with Grealish are a top half of the table side, without they are hanging around the relegation zone. With L football worth £100m per season why would they sell even for £100m+?

  121. Dissenter

    Is there AFCON any different from having players play for teams that go far in the Copa America of the European championships
    Let’s not sign good south American talent too because their countries may call them up for the Olympic in August
    These players aren’t available for preseason and have to be eased intonthe season – that’s 4-5 weeks lost there.

    The idea that we shouldn’t sign a good player because he may be missing for some weeks every other winter is a bit disingenuous

  122. Marc


    Yes the World Cup is in December 2022 but the European leagues are all taking a break, that doesn’t happen with the ACN.

    Fuck knows what a Winter World Cup will do to a season.