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Gooooooood morning! Arteta dropped some intel about some of the reasons we struggled early in the season.

DEADWOOD DEEPSTATE. Think I stole that from someone on the Arsenal Vision Podcast. Now it is mine.

The allusion was that certain players that aren’t here now were the problem.

I cannot imagine which part-time social media manager on £350k a week that could have been?

I cannot imagine which binned players might have been causing those issues?

I cannot imagine which players exiting might also have had a role?

The mess of the squad at the start of the last season led to dramatic decisions. Those decisions against big names were obviously going to hit the morale of the squad. You’ve all worked with a dickhead who hands their notice in and determines to burn the house down.


Actual quote from Sandra from accounts at my place.

The biggest issue, Mesut Ozil, was a problem because he was the king. Everyone knows that when the King is dethroned, you have to kill him, because their prior power will always be a threat to stability. The German was too big for Arsenal at that point, he was hurt by the rejection, so it was clear he’d be a problem internally and externally.

Form has picked up since we rid the squad of bad eggs. Things have been better since we discovered the power of creativity in our midfield. We controlled games far better with Thomas Partey in the side.

Everyone is whining on about how 23 games of form doesn’t count for anything. Well, let’s see how that pans out next season, but also dig a little deeper into some other elements.

Leicester beat us with their only run into our box. We smashed them at their place.

Fulham beat us without having a shot on target.

Wolves didn’t deserve to beat us chance. Self inflicted Wolves.

Spurs beat us off 5 attempts at our goal and 30% possession. It was palmed off as ‘genius’ at the time, but let’s be real, it was luck as shown by Jose exiting the building a few months later.

Burnley beat us off 2 shots on target.

Everton beat us twice.

Villa beat us twice.

Basically, a lot of very lucky stuff happened against some very average teams this season.

Turn 3 of the above games into more positive results and the last game of the season sees Arsenal in Champions League spots in our worst ever season.

Hardly a stretch, right?

Think how much better life will be if we have a settled squad come the summer. Creative players from the start. An Auba not dealing with family issues and malaria. Young players a season on.

Arsenal will sell a whole collection of players. I’m not sure reading the praise of the manager is indicative of who we are keeping, it’s a negotiation tactic. Do we really think Madrid believe their future hinges on Odegaard? Doubtful… but it’ll pump his price. Same for the players Mikel is saying are under contract. We are less desperate this summer, which will lead to bigger fees (or actual fees).

Arsenal will no doubt try and make Martin a centre piece of our rebuild this summer and I’d agree with that. I’d certainly prioritize him over the Norwich fella at £450m or whatever they are looking to charge for him.

Then we’ll go for a right back, which has basically been a dead position all season. A nightmare for many reasons, but mainly because we’re lopsided when we attack. If we can bring Tierney levels to the right, it opens a whole world of possibilities.

Ryan Bertrand is perfectly acceptable cover on the left (Leicester after him, so should be safe).

Then we need to address that midfield. I have no idea who we’ll look for in that role, but hopefully we have another press resistant player that can move in the role.

Shake out the deadwood this summer.

Have a 6 week preseason and bond the leaner group.

Make sure everyone is excited and knows their own personal plan.

There will be no excuses next season, but I don’t believe there will be a need for them.

The players are backing the manager. Look at the vibes in the training ground video for David Luiz’s send off.

The club is going to bat for the first team again this summer.

I think we’re on the up.

Final word for the Edu story doing the rounds. The gist is he was taking orders from someone banned from Brazilian football for corruption when he was over there. I don’t understand enough detail to give a running commentary, but the basics are pretty clear, he took orders, he knew who from.

Arsenal relevance:

  • It shows real lack of leadership to keep quiet when things like that are going on. The guy giving orders was behaving like Pablo Escobar from jail. Shocking stuff.
  • Subservience to shady characters is clearly part of his operating system.

Speaking up about tough things that don’t feel right is part of any big job. I’d say ‘imagine if that was Arsenal’ but let’s be honest, we’ve seen people fail to speak truth to power in our football braintrust to great cost. Shocking deals, cosy agent relationships, huge wastage that a layman could have predicted.

This story is a bad reflection on Edu, but an even worse one on our leadership. Did anyone check in with people that had worked with him to see if he was a determined leader, or a soft touch people pleaser?

I doubt anything will come of it, but at the very least, I hope Vinai V, Richard G, and Josh K are keeping an extra close eye on who we are talking to this summer. The number 1 interest should always be Arsenal FC, that clearly hasn’t been the case with a lot of the decisions we’ve made over the past 4 years. The weaknesses on show in this story aren’t hard to trace back to some if the things we’ve seen at Arsenal (subservience). It is also a worry that he can be so comfortable working with a man of corruption. It’s a canary in the coal mine. Let’s hope we’re not on the receiving end of one of these stings in the future.


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  1. Edu me a favour

    Spurs fan here… Look up. You cunts… Its over.. Live with it“”””

    Look in your trophy cabinet you cunt – it’s empty …. live with it

  2. Dissenter

    The location of the AFCON matters.
    If it’s held in a country with good organization then it’s no big a deal but if it’s held in an emerging country it may be difficult

    Personally, I don’t think the AFCON 2022 will take place because of COVID-19, the situation is different in Africa.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10


    It would be hilarious to see Levy fuck up the sale of Kane and leave himself short comes the start of next season due to pure greed. It would be such a stupid move to be such a tight arse and not let him go as soon as possible to focus on another target.

    Thinking of it, let him do it.

  4. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    I just don’t like the whole don’t sign an African player because of AFCON thing.

    Just factor the possible absence every other February into your plans. Players miss games all the time – injuries and such.

    Competitons in the summer can exact their own tolls, Gabi and Gabriel will be going to Japan with Brazil in August and wont get a proper pre-season so do we regret signing them now?

  5. Rich


    I’d be surprised if Kane didn’t end up at City, he wants them, and they want him

    Keeping an unhappy player is never a good idea

    Chelsea will probably match whatever Spurs want, but going to City to play for Guardiola is the obvious choice for a player that wants trophies

    It’s a move that would be ominous for the rest of the league

  6. Champagne Charlie


    No regrets signing them, but you can certainly think twice before filling your team with players that can go missing at a pre-arranged time period crucial to the PL season.

    Also very different to have players fresh off a late finishing tournament in South America to literally not having a player for a month mid-season.

  7. Nelson

    Steve Bruce has shown how to get the best out of Willock. Hope Arteta is smart enough to integrate Willock in the team. We need a goal scoring midfielder. I wouldn’t extend Laca. Maybe try Pepe through the middle. We have to give him more opportunities to shoot. I still like Ode. Today, he is back to his best after his injury.

  8. Ishola70

    “Milan beating Atalanta. As things stand, Napoli miss out.”

    As things stand no-one gives a fuck lol.

    No seriously how weak is european football atm that a team like Chelsea can reach the CL final. And the serial bottlers before Man City.

    I know you like your european but fuck me are they lagging these boys.

  9. WengerEagle


    I wouldn’t have that as the deciding factor in whether or not to pick up a player for us but it should count towards weighing up a potential signing.

    We are already going to be without Auba, Pepe and Partey most likely.

  10. TheLegendaryDB10


    Fuck knows what a Winter World Cup will do to a season.

    Doesn’t matter to these suits. As long as the cash comes rolling in (which it will, as always and already has), why would they give a fuck about some player getting too hot and then having to get back and play their league straight away without a break?

  11. bacaryisGod


    That was my point. If Bissouma was in a diffeeent position then it would be manageable. But assuming Elneny stays, you lose 3 out of your 4 CMs for a key stretch of games.

  12. Dissenter

    I too will move laca on
    180k weekly for what?

    He’s not even starting games these days, a club out of Europe shouldn’t be paying those types of wages to back up players.

    We are stuck with Auba, he’s bound to turn the corner at some point. Can’t become a shit player overnight.

  13. bacaryisGod

    Also, the difference with a winter World Cup is that it would affect all the top teams equally (if I can sneak us in that category still)

  14. WengerEagle


    Real and Barca both going through transitional periods combined with spending terribly. Trophyless season for Real, Barca have just won the Spanish Cup in two seasons.

    Bayern likely would have beaten City if they snuck through PSG, much stronger team mentally. Lewandowski absence proved costly.

    After that, it’s similar to how it has been really. CL has been dominated by a small select group for a long time now.

  15. bacaryisGod

    Don’t dismiss the possibility of is neither renewing or selling Laca. More and more clubs are deciding to just have the players fulfill their contracts and leave, especially in a depressed transfer market.

  16. Dissenter

    I agree that the Arsenal situation is unique because we let common sense slip past us.

    Bissouma has made more tackles than another player in the league. He suits the way the manager wants to play.
    He’s a leader and is desperate to play for Arsenal.

    It’s just annoying that he may be the victim of all the lack of planning in the past.

  17. MD-Gunner

    “Spurs fan here… Look up. You cunts… Its over.. Live with it”

    Get to grips with it the bragging rights are with the Sp*ds. they finish above AFC, they play European football no matter how bad the league is, it is extra income. Do they have similar problems next season, most likely bigger once, but for the 2020/2021 season they can thumb their noses at AFC, now who might be the reason for that? A generational saucy manager perhaps?

  18. Ishola70

    Chelsea are so not the real deal atm though.

    Just shows how weak european football is atm that a team like that that is so obviously not a finished product can reach the final. Even the Scummers reaching the final against Liverpool were a better overall team than this current Chelsea side.

    And PSG? They were pony against Man City.

  19. Dissenter

    Arteta is staying
    Same way the Kroenke’s aren’t going anywhere.
    Same way the sun is going to set in the west today

    We have to move on with life.

  20. TheLegendaryDB10

    The Auba / Laca is an interesting debate.

    Auba absolutely needs service which he isn’t getting, so doesn’t score. But if he does, he will always be lethal

    Laca hardly scores, but is very good at linking players up. This ensuring other players do score.

    This is a conundrum, but it really depends on what Arteta wants and how he actually want to set up his team.

    They are fundamentally very different players so MA has another difficult decision to make.

  21. Champagne Charlie


    Lacazette guarantees a minimum of 14 goal contributions per season in the league, nvm his football ability as a CF vs the other players at the club.

    Given we’ve extended Auba it only makes sense to look to sell Laca, but don’t pretend he’s not going to require a significant replacement.

  22. Marc


    Xhaka is down to 2 years on his contract this summer. He’s on £100k per week so a guaranteed £10.2 million if he stays, he’s not going to get any close to that in Germany. These stories about his wife not being happy are just agent talk to strengthen his position when negotiating a new contract this summer.

  23. Dissenter

    Laca was the one that needed to be kept but Arteta got roped into Auba’s terrific form last summer and pushed the club to extend the contract.
    Understandable error of course because Auba’s form was competition winning.

    Laca’s 14 goals can be covered by other means. I believe Pepe, Saka and a goal scoring attacking midfielder like Buendia can carry that load.
    Auba cannot stay this shit forever, he will find some of his form back.
    Willock from the bench 😁😁😁
    Partey seems to have found his scoring boots

  24. Dissenter

    You’re forgetting that the wages are going to reset next season.
    We aren’t paying these players the same wages on EL and now without Europe. I suspect they have a 25% reduction or so.

    There’s also the purpose of wanting to test himself in the CL/EL, He can easily play for the 4th/5th team in the Bundesliga

  25. Useroz

    This is what Bruce said about Willock post match…

    “Watching him play you van see a young player e joking himself and enjoying the freedom that we’ve given to him, the license to run forward.”

    “He’s a very very good player. So I’ve said now for three to four weeks, we’d love to bring him back.”

    The points are

    * Willock enjoying himself… how many of our first 11 to 15 are seen enjoying themselves playing in this season?

    * Willock is given freedom… and a licence to run forward….. this is the exact antithesis of Arteta! The way we play, wwho has freedom? Licence to run forward?! Oh my, that’s non negotiable…

    So, Willock wouldn’t likely develop let alone flourish if hed be back at Arsenal next season.. In other words, best option would appear to sell him for max profit!

  26. TheLegendaryDB10

    I actually said Laca hardly scores but it is the opposite.

    Laca has scored 17, followed by Pepe (16) and then Auba (15) this season.

    This makes the conundrum even bigger.

    Does Arteta stick with Auba and hope to have more goals next season or keep Laca and ensure that we score more from the MF (which we should) alongside Laca?

  27. Rich


    Shots on target was a start, but I thought both Xhaka + Partey were really good today

    Partey makes difficult things look easy, and easy things look difficult this season

    Today he put in a complete performance, his passing between the lines was exceptional, but without the sloppiness

  28. Ishola70


    “He can easily play for the 4th/5th team in the Bundesliga”

    Are you saying the Bundesliga is shite Dissenter?

  29. Champagne Charlie


    Carry what load?

    We’re comfortably 20 goals shy of a noteworthy attacking return. We lose Lacazette and that’s 10-15 goals, so call it 30 to find in his absence.

    Do explain who is bringing the rest? It’s definitely not cut and dried whether we’ll offload him, there’s very few goals outside Auba/Laca.

  30. Marc


    Xhaka will be on £30 – £40k per week if he goes back to Germany. You need to remember Arsenal before Xhaka in CL every season, Xhaka signs and we first drop out of the CL and then eventually out of Europe all together.

    I’d love to see the back of him and if we got £20 million I’d be stunned / ecstatic but you need to brace yourself for a new 5 years contract on £200k per week.

  31. Marc


    Laca will also be looking for one last payday – he won’t take a huge drop in wages when he can leave on a free and get a signing on fee in a years time.

  32. Marc


    You just know Arteta’s going to turn down a £20 million plus bid because Willock is a “crucial” part of our plans next season and then not play him and then loan him out next Jan.

  33. Habesha Gooner

    Well I am glad we aren’t in the Conference league or whatever bullshit competition they came up with. Now I have a clear head. Arteta isn’t going to be sacked this summer whether I like it or not. He deserves to be sacked. But that would have been true if we were a ruthless club. 8th isn’t an achievement for me.

    Anyway, I feel if he isn’t going anywhere then I am going to give him 12 to 15 league games next season to see if he has improved in his judgment of players. Pepe showing how good he can be when all season we played Willian. Willock proving his worth when Ceballos and Elneny were stinking out the place. Saliba also being treated like crap. Martinelli also not used as he can be. So many poor selection and judgments. I really feel he is going to fail. But I will sit and judge whatever he does and see whether he has changed next season.

  34. Dissenter

    I think you’re understating the wages on offer in the Bundesliga for CL teams, Dion’t forget his bags were packed before Arteta talked him out of an exit.

    He will take a slightly lower wage [than what Arsenal will pay him next season when we don’t have European football] in exchange for the security of a 4 year contract.

  35. Pierre

    Maybe some should admit they they called it wrong on Willock..

    I said all along that he has the ability but just needs to show belief , and that is exactly what he has done.

    The goal he scored today was a magnificent effort of power and strength with a superb strike to finish it off.

    He is even surpassing my expectations…the future is bright for Arsenal with academy players of such outstanding quality , and yes Eddie will be next as he is in a very similar situation to willock.
    Again, it is just a confidence thing with Eddie , he has all the ability to become a top level striker if he is only given the chance…

    Martinelli is decent , but for me it’s all a case of jumping on the Martinelli bandwagon by the media, pundits and fans.

    Those same pundits, media and fans said Willock wasn’t good enough to make it in the prem, they say Eddie isn’t good enough …they were wrong about willock and they will be probed wrong about Eddie.

    A,Klopp said martinelli is n he ? .

    For me , until I see him prove that he is exceptional, I won’t be jumping on the bandwagon.

    I have said all along , and was criticised for saying it , there was little difference between willock, Eddie and Martinelli in terms of ability.

    Willock has now proved he can perform in the Premier league , so he has jumped ahead.
    We are still waiting to see if Eddie and Martinelli can make the jump.

    Le Grove believe Martinelli and Balogun are the future and le grove believes Eddie and Willock are not good enough and should be sold .

    Only dumb Arsenal supporters would want to sell a player of willocks’s quality.

    Personally, I wouldn’t sell any of them , the potential for all of them is enormous .
    No one is going to tell me that Eddie, balogun and Martinelli can’t surpass what Aubamayang, Lacazette and Willian have done this season..

  36. Habesha Gooner

    Lyon need a striker. Laca can go there. He loves it there. We need to move on by trying to fix our Auba mistake by another one. Either Auba gets back to form (don’t know if that’s possible under Arteta) or we get Martinelli or Balogun familiar with being a striker next season. Anyone above 30 isn’t the answer, if they aren’t Thierry Henry, DB10, Messi or Ronaldo.

  37. Pierre

    There is a 50/50 chance that Arteta will do an Emery and blow up before Christmas , meaning he’ll be gone..

    So to sell any of our talented youngsters in the summer would be a disaster for the club ..

  38. Marc


    Arteta loves Xhaka – he’s the first name on the team sheet. When Xhaka wanted out it was because the decent Gooners of the world were telling to fuck off – dying was optional.

  39. MD-Gunner

    “Never side with a Spud if you are a Gooner”

    Even as a Gooner you do have to do at times a reality check or is this why so many here at the blog are fanning over Arteta. It is what it is and if Arteta would have not been manager AFC would have been better of another reality, trust the process is disillusion.

  40. Dissenter

    I don’t eat us to sell Willock, I want us to clear the deck of Xhaka and Elbeny and give him an opportunity next season, even if it’s as a super sub.

    However if we lack the ruthlessness, then just sell to avoid a repeat of the mistake we made of AMN’s transfer last summer.

    He is no longer a £20 million midfielder, he’s at least £30 million now. Newcastle won’t find a more suitable young English midfielder.

  41. CG

    Arsenal sign Partey for £50 000 000, ATM go on to win La Liga.

    Arsenal sign Pepe and Gabriel for £100 000 000 combined , Lille go on to win the French League

    Arsenal loan Joe W, he becomes Newcastle ‘s Roy of the Rovers.Scoring in 7 successive games.

    Arteta leaves Man City , they regain the league chmapionship and head to the European Cup final next week for the first time.

    Bloody bizarre.

  42. Dissenter

    You keep running down the same rabbit holes
    Willock has had a super successful loan that’s doubled his value while Eddie had pretty poor loan at a championship club.
    Willock had proven himself while Eddie was lucky to have Arteta give him so many opportunities.
    Why lump them into the same bracket?

  43. CG


    “””Only dumb Arsenal supporters would want to sell a player of willocks’s quality””””

    Its not just the supporters, management want him out.

    Edu prefers that Bwendia? Another temperamental south american merc.

  44. Batistuta

    Nothing about Eddie Nketiah points to him being even remotely good enough, would be nice to be proven wrong but not holding my breath.

    That saying he does need to get out of dodge with Arteta ball on loan somewhere and play regularly

  45. Marc


    I wasn’t suggesting we should see him I was making the point that Arteta will do the exact same thing he did with AMN this season.

    I mean make up your mind you either want the player or you don’t.

    How’s the golf going? Got frost bite yet!

  46. Batistuta


    Lol, couldn’t take it, switched to the Napoli game and they’re bottling it big time

  47. Batistuta

    Probably the best time to do the whole ”ruthless summer” thing, no European football so no need for a huge squad anymore….Literally no excuses for Arteta next season really

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree Joe deserves a chance next season
    Playing alongside TP

    Sell the shite that’s xhara … Happy endings

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Most important thing this week is that saka don’t get close for England…

    Let’s all pray Monday night

  50. Batistuta

    At least Emery lost to an uber talented Monaco side, Lilie are a good team but not just at the same level so massive massive failure on Pochettino

  51. Vickingz

    Arteta played a whole season without knowing his best 11, never forget this. It’s unimaginable

  52. Danny S

    Arteta needs to look at whatever Bruce was doing with Willock and try and replicate it. 7 in 7 for a CM is amazing figures in any team.

    I do however fear we will sell him. Or keep him and bench him fir a season.

    Got a feeling we will sell Saliba too. If not this window, the next by again benching him for a season.

    But hopefully I’m wrong.

  53. Batistuta


    Yea Milan have been out of it for way too long, to be fair Atlanta are just running around…Literally all of Italy want Juve out of the top 4 this season

  54. CG


    “””””It just goes to show how hard it can be to get back to the CL after a long exit.””””

    it does indeed.

    Mr. A. Wenger. 20 years of it.
    Mr. A . Wenger did his job.

    Shame this lot don’t!

  55. Habesha Gooner

    Pierre is just looking for attaboy. Eddie is a mid table striker at best. Whenever I have seen him, he can’t create his own chances, He lacks technique to hold the play up and He is not a really good goalscorer like Auba with limitations. His one real good quality is he works really hard. Every goal he has scored for us has been a tap in or a cut back or being in the right position. He doesn’t even score different type of goals. I remember the same type of player in Chicharito. Although chicharito had more to his game. He ended up as a mid table striker. That is where Eddie will end up. It doesn’t make him a bad player. Just not a top class one.

    Willock though is a bit different. He moves around. He has moments of sheer quality. And he can score goals. I still don’t think he is enough or will ever be enough for a team aiming for more than top4 because his passing is a bit erratic. But he can play for at least a Europa league team. And He deserves a chance ahead of our deadwood in midfield that can’t do anything. That is all. It doesn’t make him verrati.

  56. TheLegendaryDB10

    I would keep Laca over Auba.

    Auba is just done with us. I’d rather keep Laca who is far more of a team player and we need just that at the moment.

    We need someone who can bring in others into play instead of being selfish.

    This is something Arteta must address. We need to be scoring more than just from the AMF’s. We absolutely need some more outlets.

    That or we go all out on an expensive scorer. I would prefer the former. Spreading out your goal scoring ability is what helps guarantee a win. Being dependent on one player, like we have with Auba this year, is a recipe for disaster.

  57. WengerEagle

    Congrats Bati, deserved considering Milan have been fucked more than anyone this season with injuries and Covid.

    Shame Napoli shat the bed, mental midgets.

  58. Marc

    “Arteta played a whole season without knowing his best 11, never forget this.”

    I’m not entirely sure Arteta even knows what sport we play.

  59. Guns of SF

    WIllock took the ball from almost mid way and dribbled straight through to the box and lost the ball, got it back and scored.
    I doubt Mike would ever allow our CM’s to have this type of freedom
    He would rather have them sit on the half way line just to be ready to stop a counter attack.
    Effectively our attack is only wingers and the one striker mostly. Recently ESR has joined in…

    Sell Willock… if NC can give us 30M use that for Bissouma… or Buendia

  60. Batistuta


    Thanks mate, something to smile about and pour a glass over considering how long its been.

    Can go back to mourning the horrible Arsenal season tomorrow

  61. Guns of SF

    The team should float Auba for sale- let key teams know if they are interested. I agree, I dont see him fitting in and getting 20 plus anymore.
    If we can get a good amount take it…
    We need younger up front too.A tall striker and maybe Balogun can take over,

  62. Dissenter

    So Gazidis just redeemed himself at Milian

    Big feat he achieved today because he took a lot of risks like declining EL participation , even paid a fine for that too.
    Gazidis used Arsenal to learn the job, same thing Arteta is doing right now.

  63. Batistuta

    Yea Lilie and Sporting Lisbon wins were beautiful.

    Now Artetas red and white Army to do same next season with no European football to ”distract”, im calling it now

  64. TheLegendaryDB10


    Football underdogs can still find a way, but they are slowly disappearing.

    This is what I miss with the CL. Watching the upsets from a lower league team who will battle it to the final valiantly.

    Corruption has taken this away completely and made finals so predictable.

  65. Dream10

    Guns of SF

    We signed Gabriel from Lille and they upgraded on him. The Sven Botman fella who took over is supposed to be top class.

  66. Batistuta


    Lol if i speak….Glad there’s some bit of competitiveness coming in now, cycles being broken and all that. Have a feeling same will happen in Germany soon

  67. WengerEagle

    All in all a great season for toppling the Euro giants considering Lille won the league over PSG, Sporting won the league over Benfica/Porto, Inter won the Scudetto ending a decade of Juve domination and Atletico Madrid won it over Real Madrid/Barca for only the 2nd time since Valencia in 04′.

    Looking forward to the international tourneys this summer.

  68. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger eagle
    Talking about the inevitable breakup of lille, I’ve been hugely impressed with renato sanches. He seems to have been around forever but is only 23. Worth a punt in my view, what do you think? Value prob soared. Really like maignan the gk also. Yilmaz looks good but always have to rem the french lge is a drop in quality, some of the teams are really poor. Still excellent players to be had I think.

  69. WengerEagle


    Not sure about Germany, have to wait for the Lewandowski-Muller-Neuer generation to die out first, lol.

    Lewy is pretty much irreplaceable for them though without destroying their transfer record, unbelievable that he cost them nothing.

    Dortmund will never make that mistake again with Haaland, sell to the highest bidder.

  70. WengerEagle


    That was the season Sanchez routinely saved our bacon, scored something ridiculous like 24 in the PL.


    Haven’t watched a lot of Lille this season but when I have I have always liked Yilmaz up top (shame he is 36), Renato and Andre in CM and Maignan in goal.

    Re Renato, he failed spectacularly in Bayern and with Swansea which would make you worry. Been quality for Lille tho.

  71. Almuniasaynomore

    Yes,the game is becoming so predictable its losing the romance that attracted so many of us. I’ll never forget dancing around the sitting room in 87 and 88 as Coventry and Wimbledon put paid to Spurs and Liverpool respectively. I’ve watched teams like Steau Bucharest and Red Star Belgrade become champions of Europe and though they weren’t pretty,they carried the torch of hope for football clubs everywhere. Those dreams never even see daylight now and the game is all the poorer for it. I think that money and greed have damaged football in many ways but closing the doors of opportunity will always be the greatest crime.

  72. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger eagle
    Yilmaz is 36? Christ even Arteta would have to limit him to a 2 year offer!(on 200k plus one year extension, player’s choice).
    Sanches was v young at Bayern. His next move is likely to define him. Worth a punt for me but I have no idea what Lille would demand. Any more than 30/35 mil would be too much for me.
    As guns was saying what about Sporting? Have we ever bought a good player from the Portuguese league?

  73. TheLegendaryDB10


    One game I will always remember is the OM (Olympique Marseille) vs AC Milan final. (Sorry Bati!!!). (I have huge respect for the OM fanbase; they are just mental!!!)

    L’OM was not supposed to win and Papin left for them that year. Yet they did the unthinkable and won the CL.

    The header from Marcel Desailly was just so magic.

  74. Sly

    Just watched the game
    Much maligned Pepe with two goals and second right foot scored in two games
    So much for le grove expert analysis lol

  75. Valentin

    Luis Campos won the Ligue 1 over PSG with two separate clubs Monaco and now Lille. In both case, the guy has hired great manager and build fantastic teams by finding hidden gems.

    Most DoFs specialises in one group age (young market, discarded older players), but Luis Campos seems to be able to tap different areas of the markets: unknown youngsters (MBappe), under appreciated youngsters (Martial, Maignan, …), Comeback has-been (Jose Fonte), unknown never been (Burak Yilmaz was a 34 years old Turkish player lost in the Chinese League).

  76. Almuniasaynomore

    Desailly. What a player. Growing up, Ireland never qualified for any major tournaments so I always cheered for France, something enigmatic about them,the 84 team took my breath away the way they played. Fernandez, giresse, tigana and of course platini pulling the strings(in a non financial sense). They were robbed in 82 and 86 but a certain Mr Henry has led me to reassess my sympathy for them! Still it’s those memories that warm you when you dip into the past. I hope future generations will have the same sport offering the same joy that I had.

  77. bacaryisgod


    There was of course Le Grove Hall of Fame transfer target William Carvalho from Sporting. Felt like we had signed him at least!

  78. Crimson

    Today happened

    We won, we lost. we finished 8th
    Sad and pitiful
    Turn it off and on again!!
    The scars of the season will last till kroenke goes or till they empty their pockets. Which will never happen.
    Mikel is learning on the job and hopefully he has learnt from his bad decisions. Twitter and haters will hate but he is here, support him!!
    Massive surgery needed with the team
    I count 11 players gone
    5 quality needed
    No Europe could be a blessing
    Well done Joe. Really cool achievement
    Ballard impressing
    Did anyone find Gabriels tooth?
    Thanks David Luiz! Saliba is incoming!
    Thanks Hector! Love ya face and soul but Ciao
    Love you Arsenal ❤

  79. Crimson

    Camden is cool and correct!

    We need to sign a new mascot! Gunnersaurus is exticnt
    The kid from Partick thistle is going to be cheap

  80. Guns of SF

    Portugal seems to be pumping out talent left and right now.
    Need to scan that entire continent for some good players. It can be done. I only hope Edu knows what he is doing

  81. Guns of SF

    China we are getting them via headhunters
    SMH, we fire them, then need to hire more.
    Who is running this place man?

    Lets hope we unearth a Campos or Overmars with some young and swashbuckling scout…

    Find us some diamonds pls

  82. TheLegendaryDB10

    Guns of SF

    I only hope Edu knows what he is doing.

    I wouldn’t put my hopes up with this geezer.

    He’s said zilch ever since he has been with us. I wouldn’t put my hopes up with someone who has put 0 plan forward to make us go forward.

    I hope he gets binned for someone who actually has a plan to put forward to The Arsenal.

  83. Guns of SF


    I agree. He is similar to Stan. Silent.
    This fella never speaks. Gazidis was good at calming the natives when they needed a talking to. Of course he fed BS most of the time, just to buy time anyhow.
    Edu and Arteta have not really made a strong team. This combo needs to be given the riot act- or be fired.
    Will Vinai do it? Nah
    Josh – nah- maybe
    The Garlick fella? who knows what he actually does
    Stan- LOL

    Its gonna take someone to grow a pair to fire any of these clowns it seems

  84. DaveB666

    Well I had a faint hope to finish above Spuds but also didn’t want to get into the third rate euro league as a result.

    For me the departures are almost more important than who we get in – Leno, Laca, Elneny, Xhaka, Guendozi, Torreira, Bellerin – won’t the place feel better (and a leaner wage bill) without some of them who frankly have offered little this year (harsh on Laca but we need to cash in). Willock, Partey centre mid next year, sign a Tierney backup, Matt Ryan as no 1. Could work…….

  85. TheLegendaryDB10

    It’ll take a huge pair from Josh.

    Considering that he has 0 knowledge of how ruthless one should be in football, I wouldn’t put my hopes up with this geezer either.

    This is our problem (to quote Alejandro Sosa from Scarface). We do not have someone who has the balls to come up with a plan to turn us around.

    We need to be ruthless. And no one is stepping up to do this.

    I would be happy to be proven wrong.

    Edu is the easiest fall guy to get rid of .

    If we have any plans for our next season, he must go and get Rangnick as a replacement. (Wishful thinking from me here).

  86. China1

    Pepe I think has 20 goals/assists this season

    For a guy who has had quite a lot of poor games and rarely been trusted to strong 3-4 starts together, this return really makes you wonder what he can do if we manage him well

    He’s not like saka who will look dominant in most games and take the game by the scruff of the neck. I’m not sure (I may be wrong) he will ever be dominant. But if you can score and assist that often, especially in a team where we’ve lacked creativity and goal scorers, this is an asset we need to be trying to maximize.

    I suspect he will not stop being enigmatic and he will always have a dead game in him but I also think if we’ll managed he can be a player he wins us games very regularly.

    We all know his price tag was a joke, but however little value arsenal got out of their money in the last 2 years I do think he can probably be a very important player for us. Since saka and esr aren’t big scorers so far, all the more reason why the goals Pepe provides are extra valuable for us.

    Next season I’d be starting with him and saka as first choice wingers and Martinelli can be rotation option for either. That way all 3 will get plenty of time on the pitch to kick on and we also have a little bit of depth there.

  87. Gonsterous

    Arteta playing his serious game in the last two games, and experimenting in the semis when it should be the other way round.

    Get in the proper players and we will Still finish no higher than 6th, because the manager is holding the team back with his defensive mindset and favoritism.

    Expecting more of the same next season.

  88. MD-Gunner

    All these fucking excuses by Arteta “61 points and we finished 5th last season” well get a fucking grasp on reality about how to manage a team. Liverpool with 10 games to go were 8th and finished 3rd because from 30 possible points they got 26, fucking Leeds got 23 points from their last 10 games. AFC got 20 points big fucking deal, Arteta needs to graduate from EPL manager 101 course. AFC has not finished above the Sp*ds in 5 years that was one priority but Ian Wright summed it up perfectly on MOTD Arsenal is loosing ground. Well what do you expect from a generational flop masquerading as an EPL manager. Well hope you can handle another season of misery.

  89. China1

    I’m not interested in hearing excuses or comparisons with last season.

    He was fresh off the boat halfway through the season and had a good end to last season then won us the cup. That’s a better achievement than struggling through a full season and failing in all the cups. It should be easier for him this year not harder. The real issue I have is not that we’ve had problems but just how many of them are clearly self inflicted

    He’s like that 5 a side mate we all have who goes out and gets smashed the night before a game then complains that we nearly won the game and it’s not his fault that he made some major fuck ups because he’s playing hung over

  90. Tony

    I don’t remember wanting a season to finish more than this one in my 55 years of supporting The Arsenal. I vaguely remember a season late 80s or early 90s when we were 13 points clear at Xmas and then lost the title to United or the bin dippers.

    What went wrong with our season?

    Arteta and his crew of back-room wannabes along with Edu, Vinai and ultimately decision makers Kroenkes for not being decisive pre-Xmas in ridding us of Arteta, as they did Emery.

    Simple as that really and goes to their poor football knowledge and desire to win.

    Yes, I’m happy for the decent win yesterday from a couple of moments of magic from Pepe’s right and left pegs.

    However, the game had Arteta printed all over it with Xhaka gifting Brighton a good goal scoring chance and generally being what we come to expect from Xhaka; the odd decent forward pass; lots of needless arm waving and falling on balls when tackles came in, as well as telling players to pass to anyone but him because an opposition player is within 10 meters of Him.

    Brighton had 1 shot on target and 3 off target such was their level yesterday, so easy for us to get forward, but even then we laboured our way through the game in the first half and still didn’t pick up the tempo nearly near enough to thoroughly put Brighton to the sword.

    The fact that we were down to the last game of the season hoping for results to go our way from Spuds who are reeling from the ill-timed Kane’s leaked decision of wanting out, shows Arteta to be the wrong guy for us. Yet they still managed to beat a decent Leicester side to salvage something from their season.

    Finishing above us will mean far more to them than some tin pot Euro cup.

    We only have Arteta to blame for that and our pain this morning. Any negativity from the players during the season is what Arteta created and brought on himself. His list of wrong and poor decisions are too numerous to mention here and just downright boring to repeat.

    I don’t subscribe to Pepe being so poor for the early part of the season. He was stuck out on the right touchline with Bellerin for support and always received the ball to feet when he was being closed down by at least 2 defenders when it was clear he needed balls in space to run onto and ultimately needed a free role from the left or inside left many of us saw early on here.

    Even when Pepe put in good goal scoring performances Willian was picked ahead on Pepe for subsequent games. There are plenty of Pepe mismanagement issues that prevented him from scoring more goals and creating more assists both on and off the pitch.

    Once the latter was decided and Pepe started getting games over Willian in freer roles, we could see how dangerous Pepe could be and how much more he was enjoying his game.

    Equally, I think Odegaard acquitted himself well considering he only arrived in January, had no time to adjust to the PL, but played really well until his injury. I’ve rated Odegaard since his Ajax days and still do. With the right manager and coaching he has it in him to become elite.

    Team selections didn’t help Martin or ESR. People complained Odegaard lost the ball too much and lacked physicality, but an AM who plays in extremely tight spaces, in the quickest league is always going to get his pocket picked in a game.

    Santi did as did Bergkamp and Brady before him; it’s the nature of the position.

    We haven’t seen the best from Odegaard yet, but again yesterday Odegaard was full of running nicking balls back in midfield and closing down and waving frantically to the static Auba to do the same who once again wasn’t at the races.

    The sight of Josh acting all alpha sticking his chest out with has jacket button done up for emphasis when the cameras were on his was pathetic to say the least with, I assume Lewis and Vanai either side of him doing their sycophant best to keep the owner’s son happy after the fans’ demonstrations outside and inside holding up A4 pages with ‘Kroenke out Fans in’ lettering. I’m assuming banners are still not allowed in the stadium.

    My biggest questions now aren’t who to sell and buy, but what support are we going to get from our owners? How deep financially are they willing to go to invest? How long are they willing to give Arteta, Edu and Vinai?

    After all, as I’ve mentioned before, these are the owners who tried to destroy our history and our legacy for nothing more than pure greed above the well-being and PL/CL success of our club with club spy Lewis in agreement. He could hardly tell his employers not to go through with it.

    We finished 8th again on 61 points. That’s all the stats I need for this season.

    We’ve had a history of finishing seasons strong, indeed, it was Wenger’s master tactic for each season because he knew they were the easiest games of the season where most teams were thinking of holidays and most had little to play for.

    Yet with such strong finishes, we rarely started strong the next season; even when we had successful preseason competitions, we somehow were slow out the traps at the opening and subsequent games.

    I can accept the needless pain from Wenger to a certain degree because of what He achieved in his first 10 years. But I won’t hide the fact that the pain increased the more Wenger was allowed to stay after 2012.

    I can accept the Emery debacle because at least he got us to within 1 point of qualifying for the CL and the Euro final with a very dubious 22-match unbeaten run that perhaps we should have bought lottery tickets with the numbers involved in the run, such was out luck at times.

    Post Euro final loss Emery should have gone simple as that.

    Now we have the unwanted by most Arteta who has literally shit the bed continually through the season that the Arteta apologists are massaging stats to try to make some sese of this season. How very Spud like of them.

    The season ended up with a huge number of “IFs” I’m just hoping and praying next season we have very few “If onlys” and the only way I can see that happening is for Arteta to move on.

    Maybe Barca will do us a favour.

    Be well Grovers where ever you are.

  91. Tony

    If your handicap is really 4 then, as self taught off the TV, is some achievement. Imagine what you could have done if you had the Internet in those days.

    Most if not all Thai golf courses have a number of pros who have done ok in the game at lower levels. Enough to feed families and put their kids through private schools.

    They cost about £60 to £100 a month for their daily coaching on the driving and putting where the best students get free time on the golf courses to play holes with their coaches. If a coach can’t go, then a female caddy can accompany the best students for a £10 fee for 18 holes.

    My sons pro coach is about our age, but has a son who has won over a £million in competitions over recent years who has really taken a shine to my son and often takes him to play holes for free.

    Right now we’re letting our son try out a range of clubs, drivers etc to build a set of clubs that suits his height and power. To earn the club or driver he has to step up levels to where his coach is happy using 2nd hand clubs for now. It will probably take him all of this year to end up with the clubs that suit him best.

    No idea where my son’s golf exploits is going to take him. His priority is finishing his education, but yesterday I heard of a Uni/college in Brisbane that does some form of golf degree or something I’ll start looking into properly if he gets to the required level in 6 years time.

    No doubt there are other Unis that offer similar, but my son also wats a degree in coding so maybe he can combine the 2 at the right university.

    Thanks for your advice.

  92. MD-Gunner

    Thanks Tony your posts are always welcome and a well balanced opinion and fact analyzing of what is happening to Arsenal unlike Pedro’s blinded by the Arteta spin comments.

    Wish you success in your family decision making as it is not easy to raise someone in today’s environment..

  93. Dark Hei


    I am in agreement. Not convinced by Arteta ball at all.

    Except for that part about Santi. He is like a short Kanu. Nobody picks their pocket.

    Bergkamp however does loses the ball quite often as he lacks agility despite his great technique.

  94. Pierre

    I did say my handicap was 8, not 4 (I wish), recently gone up to 10….may be able to get it back down again if we get some decent weather, the winds have been a killer down on the coast since we returned from lockdown.

    The important thing for your son is to enjoy his golf which is not always that easy due to nature of the game and the pressure a player can put on themselves to keep improving..

    Your views on Pepe are in line with mine, give him the ball where he can do the most damage to the opposition.

    For next season, Arteta will have big decisions to make on team shape and personnel.

    Pepe and Willock need the freedom to play, they need to be let off the leash and they will give the team the goals and creativity that have been lacking this season.

    Arteta so far has been very rigid in how he sets the team up to play.
    This gives the team a certain defensive stability but the creativity suffers.

    If you want goals and exciting football then pepe higher up the pitch and Willock running from deep positions are definite starters.

    If you want more of the same , then willock doesn’t start , pepe is pushed out wide, and xhaka stays in midfield.

    As much as I like the 4-2-3-1, for me it has to be a 4-3-3 type formation to get the best out of willock and pepe, with partey as the deep lying playmaker with willock and Smith rowe either side to make up the midfield 3.

    Pepe playing a salah type role , Saka on the left and a choice of Aubamayang, Martinelli, balogun or Eddie up top.

    We can’t afford another season like this season, fans will not attend the games if there is no excitement in our game.
    Yes I know that many fans have already made up their minds that willock and Pepe are not good enough but I disagree.
    Those 2 will scare the shit out of defenders and will actually take the pressure off the striker as they will score 15/20 goals a season.

  95. Pierre

    No Europe means less game time for the likes of balogun, Eddie and Martinelli .

    I would sell Aubamayang , Lacazette and willian to open up a pathway for the young players.

  96. Pierre

    Dark Hei
    Arteta must know that the team is struggling for creativity and goals …willock and pepe give you both in abundance.

    Pepe needs to play his football in the final 3rd and he could be as prolific as Salah.

    Willock looks unstoppable running from deep with or without the ball now he has found his confidence…his pace and strength are frightening..

    A good manager would find a way to maximise their potential.

  97. Sotongunner

    Even the dregs of the great Arsene Wenger said “judge me in May” and people sucked it up for years even in the
    last 3-4 years when it was clear we’d fallen a lon g way short on and off field as a club. This was a somewhat reasonable request compared to “judge me based on half of the season after christmas” even though I got schooled and my ass whooped by my (much mocked, unfairly and forced out by player power, Ozil…. ) predessessor, finished below not just Spurs but West Ham. Let that sink in……. west ham, owned by a porn vendor and managed by David moyes, what next excuses when we finish below Shaun Dyche or Steve Bruce? Again Steve Bruce has got a tune out of willock when lego head couldn’t – management levels right there.. I would take moyes over lego head currently, 100% he gets the best from willock and some of the young players and he’s an experienced manager. Doubt Westham would let him go to a lesser team though and why would Moyes with the clown owners we have and that is taking into account who runs west ham as well as they do display at least some competance and knowledge of football…
    None of this is Arsenal level at a playing level, the in game decisions, the signings, the piss poor tactics, the dire football but even the excuses have gone downhill since Wenger and they were sadly desperate from him at the end. #artetaout but most importantly #kroenkeout

  98. Valentin


    A good manager devise tactics and formation not only in function of the opponents but also in function of the players at his disposal. That’s not Arteta: he devises tactics and then try to shoehorn players into it.

    If you hope that Arteta will give more freedom to players on the pitch, you will be seriously disappointed. We will have a 4-2-3-1 with Partey and Bissouma (if media reports of Arsenal negotiating for him are true) forming a very rigid duo. Unless we are ultra dominant or losing with 5 minutes left, those two will not be allowed to go forward.

    Willock does not fit anywhere in that schema. Arteta is just stalling because Willock is currently in the limelight and he knows that selling a home grown players in that climate could antagonise fans but Willock will be sold or go on a season loan.

    As has been said before Pepe is a moment type of player. Put him in one of situation around the box he like and he can lethal. Any attempt to change him and make him play combination football in the middle of the park is doomed to fail.

  99. Bob N16

    Pierre, agree that a 4-3-3 would allow Willock to be fitted in, I think we’d score plenty of goals but it’s asking a lot of Partey and if he were to be injured I’d be very nervous.

    Pepe was obviously impressive yesterday with his attacking threat but he also tracked back. If your going to play with two essentially attacking midfielders, your front three would have to all work hard without the ball. With that in mind I’d get in a CF who has real work rate who would help the midfield, that means PEA would have to go.

    If you stick with 4-2-1-3, bring in say Bissouma and sell Willock with appropriate sell on clauses/ options to return as I don’t think he suits the present set up.

    I’m not sure which formation would be best!

  100. Tony

    Sorry must be a friend who is 4 handicap; many are golf fanatics. Still many also would like to be 8 or 10 from what I can see,

    I’ve thought we should play 433 for some time; certainly since Xmas.

    I agree with your Willock thinking, too.

    Said a few months ago we had the nucleus of something good with the youth players coming through and a couple in the wings, such as Azeez. Odegaard added nicely to the mix, where with time, he’d be essential to our needs as with ESR and Saka.

    Arteta and Martinelli seem to have something clashing, as it was insulting again for Gabs to get another 6 minutes. Ditto Bolagun not being on the bench.

    Eddie needs another loan to dispel his current detractors if he can come back in a year wit a more rounded game other than close range goals.

    Just don’t know how our younger players are going to get a look in with Arteta as He seems myopic for older experienced players who just don’t perform.

    Just going to have to se what transpires in the next 8+ weeks.

    I see no point making player predictions now as we’ll probably be bitterly disappointed by the start of next season.

    I think you and I will be aligning much more next season along with many here.

    3 things in life I hate most: hypocrisy, BS and the blame game.

    Unfortunately, Arteta excels in all 3 which seems to be catching if you consider Pedro’s complete adulation of Arteta. Thee are a few on this blog who have been severely infected most noticeably Charlie.

    Is Charlie really Pedro?

    Nothing would surprise me on this blog.

  101. Pierre

    Jamie piping up with
    “Partey is not a playmaker.”

    I didn’t say he was , I said he can be..

    when I look at him play I don’t see a negative player who wants to play safe , I see a player who wants to look forward , to pass between the lines , to take risks by committing the opposition….

    My definition of a deep lying play maker is a player who is prepared to take the ball in tight spaces on the half turn , a player who brings his team mates into the game , a player who is the link between defence and attack, and for me, Partey does all of this plus he is very good positionally and you rarely see him caught out of position… yes he can play the role of a deep lying playmaker with ease.

    Yes , he does take a few risks with the ball but that’s because he is trying to be positive on the ball instead of taking the easy option..

  102. Pierre

    I did say he has big decisions to make and I do agree that fitting willock into the current set up is unlikely to happen.

    The question is, will Arteta change the system to get the best out of 2 potentially prolific attacking midfielders.

    Having 2 holding midfielders like Bissouma and Partey I am not against as they give the team the control in the middle of the park and the team won’t be succestible to the counter,but Arteta has to find a way of unlocking our goalscoring talent , of which the potential is enormous.

    Another season of sleep inducing football is not for me..

  103. Bob N16

    Pierre, I think if Partey and Bissouma play together then I believe their strengths would allow them to take turns to push further forward. I think you we’d the best of both worlds, defensive solidity as well as an athleticism that would support the attack.