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Gooooooood morning! Arteta dropped some intel about some of the reasons we struggled early in the season.

DEADWOOD DEEPSTATE. Think I stole that from someone on the Arsenal Vision Podcast. Now it is mine.

The allusion was that certain players that aren’t here now were the problem.

I cannot imagine which part-time social media manager on £350k a week that could have been?

I cannot imagine which binned players might have been causing those issues?

I cannot imagine which players exiting might also have had a role?

The mess of the squad at the start of the last season led to dramatic decisions. Those decisions against big names were obviously going to hit the morale of the squad. You’ve all worked with a dickhead who hands their notice in and determines to burn the house down.


Actual quote from Sandra from accounts at my place.

The biggest issue, Mesut Ozil, was a problem because he was the king. Everyone knows that when the King is dethroned, you have to kill him, because their prior power will always be a threat to stability. The German was too big for Arsenal at that point, he was hurt by the rejection, so it was clear he’d be a problem internally and externally.

Form has picked up since we rid the squad of bad eggs. Things have been better since we discovered the power of creativity in our midfield. We controlled games far better with Thomas Partey in the side.

Everyone is whining on about how 23 games of form doesn’t count for anything. Well, let’s see how that pans out next season, but also dig a little deeper into some other elements.

Leicester beat us with their only run into our box. We smashed them at their place.

Fulham beat us without having a shot on target.

Wolves didn’t deserve to beat us chance. Self inflicted Wolves.

Spurs beat us off 5 attempts at our goal and 30% possession. It was palmed off as ‘genius’ at the time, but let’s be real, it was luck as shown by Jose exiting the building a few months later.

Burnley beat us off 2 shots on target.

Everton beat us twice.

Villa beat us twice.

Basically, a lot of very lucky stuff happened against some very average teams this season.

Turn 3 of the above games into more positive results and the last game of the season sees Arsenal in Champions League spots in our worst ever season.

Hardly a stretch, right?

Think how much better life will be if we have a settled squad come the summer. Creative players from the start. An Auba not dealing with family issues and malaria. Young players a season on.

Arsenal will sell a whole collection of players. I’m not sure reading the praise of the manager is indicative of who we are keeping, it’s a negotiation tactic. Do we really think Madrid believe their future hinges on Odegaard? Doubtful… but it’ll pump his price. Same for the players Mikel is saying are under contract. We are less desperate this summer, which will lead to bigger fees (or actual fees).

Arsenal will no doubt try and make Martin a centre piece of our rebuild this summer and I’d agree with that. I’d certainly prioritize him over the Norwich fella at £450m or whatever they are looking to charge for him.

Then we’ll go for a right back, which has basically been a dead position all season. A nightmare for many reasons, but mainly because we’re lopsided when we attack. If we can bring Tierney levels to the right, it opens a whole world of possibilities.

Ryan Bertrand is perfectly acceptable cover on the left (Leicester after him, so should be safe).

Then we need to address that midfield. I have no idea who we’ll look for in that role, but hopefully we have another press resistant player that can move in the role.

Shake out the deadwood this summer.

Have a 6 week preseason and bond the leaner group.

Make sure everyone is excited and knows their own personal plan.

There will be no excuses next season, but I don’t believe there will be a need for them.

The players are backing the manager. Look at the vibes in the training ground video for David Luiz’s send off.

The club is going to bat for the first team again this summer.

I think we’re on the up.

Final word for the Edu story doing the rounds. The gist is he was taking orders from someone banned from Brazilian football for corruption when he was over there. I don’t understand enough detail to give a running commentary, but the basics are pretty clear, he took orders, he knew who from.

Arsenal relevance:

  • It shows real lack of leadership to keep quiet when things like that are going on. The guy giving orders was behaving like Pablo Escobar from jail. Shocking stuff.
  • Subservience to shady characters is clearly part of his operating system.

Speaking up about tough things that don’t feel right is part of any big job. I’d say ‘imagine if that was Arsenal’ but let’s be honest, we’ve seen people fail to speak truth to power in our football braintrust to great cost. Shocking deals, cosy agent relationships, huge wastage that a layman could have predicted.

This story is a bad reflection on Edu, but an even worse one on our leadership. Did anyone check in with people that had worked with him to see if he was a determined leader, or a soft touch people pleaser?

I doubt anything will come of it, but at the very least, I hope Vinai V, Richard G, and Josh K are keeping an extra close eye on who we are talking to this summer. The number 1 interest should always be Arsenal FC, that clearly hasn’t been the case with a lot of the decisions we’ve made over the past 4 years. The weaknesses on show in this story aren’t hard to trace back to some if the things we’ve seen at Arsenal (subservience). It is also a worry that he can be so comfortable working with a man of corruption. It’s a canary in the coal mine. Let’s hope we’re not on the receiving end of one of these stings in the future.


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  1. Rich


    There’s no point Arteta bluffing that we don’t want to sell our dross

    Nobody is going to believe him, we’re desperate to clear the decks, and the whole world knows it

    Our main focus this summer should be a coherent and balanced squad of much better quality, and to assemble that squad ASAP, we really can’t afford a slow start, we’ve got to be bang at it from the off

    The sooner we get players out, the sooner we can get new ones in

    We’ve currently got 17 non homegrown players, and 8 homegrown, which is our limit

    Every time we buy a player without letting one go, we give no incentive for people to give us any money, because they’ll be able to count we have a surplus, then just wait until the end of the window and get loans or cheap deals, it’s what happened with Guendouzi + Torreira last October

    Haggling over a couple of million when CL qualification is worth potentially £40-£100 million, isn’t the way we should be behaving

    We need to put it right on the pitch, and that should be our sole objective this summer, we need to act like a big club

  2. MD-Gunner

    “I think we’re on the up.”
    Absolutely agree we will move from either 10th or 9th to 8th. Great improvement for Arteta but not for AFC and its supporters.

  3. AC

    Basically, a lot of very lucky stuff happened against some very average teams this season.

    Why don’t you go f*ck yourself Peter woods

  4. Tom

    “There will be no excuses next season, but I don’t believe there will be a need for them.“

    Pedro, this made me smile after having read the litany of excuses that preceded that sentence.

  5. Miguel Sanchez

    petey he lost to UNAI EMERY in a EUROPEAN SEMI FINAL stop with this lets whitewash Arteta’s record stuff.

    big game came and he fell flat on his face TWICE.

  6. Marc

    If these players were being a major disruption then why didn’t Super Arteta stop them training with the rest of the first squad and isolate them?

    I suppose at least we’ll see some new excuses for Arteta first half of next season.

  7. Kroenkephobe


    Did sexy seductive Sandra mean to say ‘pus’ or was she being vaginocentric and missed off the ‘Y’?

  8. Pedro

    Rich, not as desperate as last season. We have money, don’t need to sell to spend, and there’s no pandemic (well, nearly)

  9. Marc


    Yes HR applies but if the players are being paid and given training (just separately to the core first team squad) then there’s very little they can do.

    If it wasn’t like this then any player not included in the playing squad would have a legitimate claim against the club.

  10. MD-Gunner

    Here is a very applicable German proverb:
    “Wenn das kleine Wörtchen “wenn” nicht wäre, wären wir alle Millionäre”

    English translation:
    “If it weren’t for the little word “if”, we’d all be millionaires.

    Application, If Arsenal had a competent manager they would finish top 4 as Ian Darke predicted at the beginning of the season, but reality hit home.

    Therefore come to grips with the reality that Arteta is not a competent manager so mid-table it will be next season unless AFC is Arteta-less.

    “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Pedro you can do all your wishing but with Arteta as manager AFC will always be piss poor..

  11. Marc


    “We have money, don’t need to sell to spend, and there’s no pandemic (well, nearly)”

    Agree of the pandemic (thank fuck!) but we have money? £70 odd million accumulated losses between 16/17 and 18/19, losses of £47 million for last season with next to no pandemic effect and the current season is going to show those losses plus the loss of £90 – £100 million in match day income.

    We do not have money – we’re fucking broke.

    Now the Kroenke’s may be willing to guarantee the club borrowing money but that will be shown as another liability on next seasons accounts which will likely have the loss of any meaningful European football money.

    Wanting to be positive is all well and good but the club is a really bad place financially at the moment.

  12. Lari03

    Hi Pedro,

    As much as I haven’t heard or seen the recordings about Edu’s convo, in a country like Brazil where violence is rife, you can’t blame people who take orders to survive.

    Because one false step means you could be lying flat on your back, with a clip in your skull, and your final thoughts are about how you might’ve done things differently.

  13. azed


    You are really clutching straws to white wash Arteta’s record.

    How many shots did we have against Chelsea and we got three points.
    How many shots did we have against Crystal Palace in our 3-1 win?

  14. Mee

    No to Odegaard. Real send players on loan for obvious reasons. For every Bertrand-like signing, they should deduct one place from our target league position be it top 4, 6 or 8.

  15. MD-Gunner

    From an article that sums up my thinking and many others here about the 2020/2021 Arsenal season:
    “I just read that perhaps it might be time to reassess Arteta. It’s an interesting question to ask. Apparently, Arsenal are third in the league since December, a 23-game period – more than half a season. But does it mean we have to reassess Arsenal’s season? No. Such a run certainly bodes well for the future, especially if they can get necessary reinforcements in the summer window, but it makes very little difference in the context of this season.

    This season has been a complete and utter failure for both Arsenal and Arteta. You can throw in whatever caveats you like but Arteta joined while they were in the Europa and looking to make the step up to the Champions League. Now he’s (potentially) dragged them downwards to the t*rd fest of the Conference League. A laughably low bar they are not yet even guaranteed to clear.

    In the spursiest Spurs season in recent years and even accounting for Leicester’s brilliance, a top six finish should be the barest objective minimum for Arsenal’s squad. I know expectations have lowered for the club severely, but the fact they can’t make it must be considered not good enough not least because it is West Ham (!) – of all clubs – that is taking their place.

    Perhaps Arteta has done enough to keep his job (I would say no) but that’s not the point. I’m not an Arsenal fan but I’m not a fan of big historic clubs fading away either. Whether Arteta stays or goes (he’s staying), the club must keep their eyes on the goal. A club may have a bad few years where nothing works but it is essential they don’t forget who they are and where they ought to be.

    This will most likely be their second successive 8th place finish. My fear for Arsenal is their slide isn’t just in the league table but also in their mentality. Knowing what constitutes failure helps keep the perspective of what’s required for success. You may accept that things are looking up. You may believe the team is progressing. You may be willing to bet that they have the right man to take them forward. But do not accept or believe that this season is acceptable or even mildly passable.”

  16. Left Testicle

    Oh dear.

    What about all those lucky results that went in our favour. Those games where we had no possession but picked up a point or three. It goes both ways.

  17. Marc


    No it doesn’t we ignore the bad shit which is no mean feat bearing in mind the enormous steaming Everest sized pile of it and focus on made up stuff.

  18. NWM

    The evidence that “Form has picked up since we rid the squad of bad eggs.” is tenuous at best. Form picked up on Boxing Day when Arteta,, because of absences and injuries, was basically forced to rely on young creative players against Chelsea. Arsenal then went on a run of 5 or 6 games unbeaten before Ozil left. The best run of results during the season. The improved form is more strongly linked to the use of Smith-Rowe and subsequent loan signing Odegaard as center attacking mids..
    A point that Ozil actually made in a tweet when complementing Smith-Rowe on his performance against Chelsea.

  19. S Asoa

    yeah, gone so deep , willing to murder reputations of Brazilian and German.

    Stockholm Syndrome love

  20. Peckobill

    If the theory goes we should win more home games next season because there’s fans in the stadium then surely it works both ways and we should lose more away games because they’ll have their fans in the stadium . Can’t have it both ways .
    Some of these metrics for why we’ll be better next season is utter nonsense it’s all just wishful thinking . All if , buts and maybes everything we can improve on so can every other side . Put whichever signing you like in attack and they’ll still be stuck in arteta’s rigid structure , our goal tally will always be low under him .

  21. BacaryisGod

    With all the back and forth over lucky or unlucky results, there’s one question that should still be asked.

    Did we actually play good , entertaining football this season?

  22. Peckobill

    If our bad form was down to ozil putting out a few fucking tweets then goodness me you really got to question arteta’s mentality

  23. MD-Gunner

    The football was so entertaining that I switched to the Trans Tasman and Pro14 Rainbow Cup Rugby competitions at least there was excitement while at the Arsenal matches there was anxiety when the ball was at Leno’s feet and frustration in front of the opposition’s goal when they couldn’t finish major chances. Had to protect my physical well-being and take care of my health first.

  24. Dissenter

    Arteta is a very poor judge of character
    He was bigging up Mustafi and still giving games when it was cL,ear the German was part of the Ozil crowd, That Mustafi would publicly post about not doing enough for Ozil says a ,to.
    …all the while, a certain French lad who reported early was forced to play games with the U-23s.

    The Kroenkes are bad owners, no other owner would give a rookie manager so much power. In the NFL, the club general manager has those powers.

  25. Dissenter

    What you need is a referral from Pedro to an ophthalmologist to do a cornea transplant for you.

    Then it will all be clear how entertaining our football has been.
    So entertaining that gooners are going celibate these days.

  26. Terraloon

    “Spurs beat us off 5 attempts at our goal and 30% possession. It was palmed off as ‘genius’ at the time, but let’s be real, it was luck as shown by Jose exiting the building a few months later.”

    The trouble is Pedro when you then look at the 1-0 win at SB these were the stats. Arsenal possession 32% attempts Chelsea 19 Arsenal 5

    Or what about the 0-0 at Leeds . Leeds 67% attempts 25 , Arsenal 9.?

    How about the 1-1 with Southampton their possession 65% 13 attempts compared with Arsenal 9?

    Or the 2-1 WHU win the second game of the season when it was a very very lucky three points.

    My point is that next season isn’t going to deliver different results because of what happened this season .

    Will Arsenal get top 4 next season ?

    Well There’s no doubt that the two Manchester clubs are going to improve,.
    I can’t see Liverpool being as bad next season, Chelsea will almost certainly buy a forward and already their squads are in far better nick than Arsenals so unless some massive corner is turned and from somewhere a chunk of money is found down the back of someone’s sofa I just can’t see how you can think that there is money

  27. Kroenkephobe

    Agree of the pandemic (thank fuck!) but we have money? £70 odd million accumulated losses between 16/17 and 18/19, losses of £47 million for last season with next to no pandemic effect and the current season is going to show those losses plus the loss of £90 – £100 million in match day income.


    And the money that the government lent the club. To suggest that the club is in a healthy financial position is bonkers.

  28. Dissenter

    Ronald Koeman deserves the sack for that singular reason
    He was trying to reduce Messi’s power base and effectively gave the title away before a single game was played.

  29. Pedro

    Terraloon, we controlled the game against Chelsea and showed Leicester the way the week after in the final when they did the same thing. Form team in Europe and Champions League finalists.

    Our bad luck has massively outweighed our luck this season.

    Most things prior to Christmas were bad. Most games post Xmas, bar City/Liverpool, we’ve been the better side. Behind the scenes numbers all suggesting this team is close to banging.

    I think next season is going to be good.

    Great to Atleti win La Liga after everyone called Simeone a dead manager a few months ago. Unreal achievement. Wish we’d signed Suarez over Willian. What a player

  30. Dissenter

    I wonder if it’s too soon for Xavi

    Barca will look at how the Pirlo show went down at Juve and seek a manager with experience. They can always find another Argentine manager from South America to manage them for one season.

  31. Vickingz

    We really didn’t light up the league this year cos of the bad eggs, so bad that we did nothing worthy of note after axing them. Didn’t we lose europa because mesut ozil?

  32. Dream10

    Guns of SF

    Nope he’s not a regular. Atetlico were linked to another La Liga CM recently. Can’t remember his name

  33. CG

    Congrats to Atm

    (Didn’t miss Thomas Partey clearly.)

    What is so bloody difficult that Arsenal can not appoint a manager of similar calibre?

    Imagine Simeone whining about ‘rotten apples’ derailing his season after finishing 9th?


  34. englandsbest

    Good one from Pedro.

    Arteta is doing a good job under difficult circumstances and the indications are there will be a marked improvement in results come August.

    I’ve tried to understand why reason and logic doesn’t work with the whiners and wailers, why they get angry and blow their tops. I put it down to an inbuilt pessimism. But now I realise they have an additional problem: an egocentric viewpoint that does not allow any other.

    I’ve tried to understand why logic and reasoned argument doesn’t work with the whiners and wailers, why they get angry. lose theirdismiss reasoned argument, lose their cool, come out with ridiculous

  35. Terraloon


    I have absolutely no idea what game you watched but suggesting that Arsenal controlled that game is just not the case. Yes there was defensive organisation but come off it they had far more of the play, far more possession and far more chances.

  36. andy1886

    EB the Troll…

    Logic and Reason that tells you that anyone can play FB and that Grealish isn’t all that?

    Looks more like insanity to me.

  37. andy1886

    Terra, controlled it so well that xG (the stat that used to matter but now doesn’t for some reason) was Chelsea 1.85, Arsenal 0.59. Shots 19 to 5, shots on target 5 to 2. That’s Emery level of ‘control’.

  38. Captain Tierney

    I’m delighted we won at SB but no way in hell we controlled the game. Lets not kid ourselves. The goal we scored was an error by Chelsea ( albeit a forced one). Some good last ditch defending and top class defending kept them at bay. Lets not pin this as a masterclass by Mikel.

    It doesn’t matter who we’re playing against we shouldn’t allow the opposition 72% possession and 19 shots.

  39. Marc

    I’m beginning to suspect that either eb is Pedro posting under another guise – it must be lonely being the only one who loves Arteta or even worse eb is some mutated bastard Pedro / Arteta lovechild.

  40. Captain Tierney

    Seems like Luiz was loved by the players especially the young ones as stated by Arteta many times.

  41. Terraloon


    There are far too many blinkered views being taken.

    I am not one for saying that teams have to play a certain way because of tradition but some of the performances dished up have been dire and had crowds been in attendance then they wouldn’t have been in attendance
    .People rightly criticised Mourino for parking the bus but Arteta reverting to a game plan when coming up against top teams is so devoid of ambition for me it says more to me about his lack of confidence in the squad.

  42. Marc


    So right about the time ST revenue will be coming in – unless Kroenke is going to back us I can’t see us spending much at all this summer and yet you get people talking about signing Grealish etc.

  43. Gazza

    It doesn’t matter if you are Arteta in or out what is concerning to me, is our dull dull insipid football especially at home.. That needs to improve drastically for me to get behind the IN brigade

  44. Terraloon


    From what I read the Kronkes potentially carried out a slight of hand when re arranging the stadium debt whilst there was certainly a short term benefit in that the £30+ Million that had to be kept on deposit would be released the need for Stan to pay off the short term loan he took to buy out Usmanov potentially all was swept into one loan which AST certainly have concerns about.
    The £120 million loan is highly unlikely to have been cleared more likely it’ along with the other sums have been consolidated into one super debt albeit now owed to KSE.
    AST were suggesting the loss for the current trading year would be circa £158 million but I am far from confident that number possibly optimistic
    As for season ticket monies well they no doubt will be welcome but all clubs will be really concerned re take up but that is only part of the dilemma because those renewing at Arsenal will no doubt be cashing in their credits and as European football is unlikely then that wil reduce the money coming in even further.
    Perhaps KSE are going to flip from being investors to being benefactors but I just cant see it

  45. Buckagh

    AC. May 22, 2021 17:05:25
    Basically, a lot of very lucky stuff happened against some very average teams this season.Why don’t you go f*ck yourself Peter woods
    Pedro’s company are always looking to recruit
    Fun, articulate, original thinkers like you.
    You should apply

  46. Marc


    I’ve been saying much the same for a couple of weeks now. It really is an attack from several fronts.

    We lost £47 million last season after missing out on match day revenue for 4 matches due to COVID. ST holders already had 2 credits to carry over because of Arteta’s poor performance, those 4 matches ticket revenue etc probably about £10 – £12 million. This current season we’ve lost match day revenue of £90 – £100 million.

    Now the club did offer ST holders the option of taking back the money they were owed on cup credits or just have it knocked off the next available years ST. How many decided to leave the money with the club? I did so for next season I’m looking at (for a normal ST) 6 credits against the 26 matches you get but if we have no European football how many will that reduce the cost of a season by? Another 4 matches would be my guess so I’m looking at my ST being for 16 matches instead of 26. Even if we get into this mickey mouse 3rd European competition the club isn’t going to be able to charge the normal amount for a match.

    It really shows that whilst many on here are committed Arsenal fans they really have no idea of what the fuck is going on with the club a lot of the time – “Let’s buy Grealish (or whomever) for £80 million” when the £158 million predicted loss you referred to likely to be way out. We could be looking at combined losses over this and the last 4 seasons running closer to half a billion pounds than a quarter.

    It’s scary.

  47. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Almunia

    Echoing your earlier piece, I wrote something about the lack of truth and consistency when it comes to analysis of our games and the failure to hold the club’s owners, senior administrators and managers to account. But guess what? Yeah mate it got nixxed. So here’s a poser. What are your 3 best and 3 worst things about this season. Here are mine (neither set is in any particular order).

    1 Balogun signing
    2 Beating Chelsea at home (we were fucking shit in the away game)
    3 Changing lyrics of songs to make them about Arsenal

    And the worst
    1 Merkin man stan, Arteta and his coaching team
    2 Burnley and Villareal at home
    3 Ozil not going before the start of the season. Our worst ever and most damaging signing.

    I could have possibly extended this to 100 worst things… Anyway, slainte mate (and thanks for all the laughs this season.

  48. WengerEagle

    Ideal day of football tomorrow looks like:


    – We beat Brighton.
    – Leicester beat Spuds, close-ups of Spud knuckle-draggers in tears knowing Beavis is gone and St Totteringham’s Day is back on the menu with a bang.
    – Citeh beat Everton.
    – Villa shithouse result vs Chavs causing them to miss out on top 4.

    Serie A:

    – AC Milan and Napoli both win their games sentencing Juventus and Ronaldo to Thursday night football.

    Ligue 1:

    -Lille to beat Angers and win the league.

    Not too much to ask, right?

  49. Pierre

    So, according to Arteta, it looks like it’s the players not at the club presently who are to blame for such a poor season.

    It’s the fault of AMN, Torr, Guendouzi, willock, mustafi, martinez, ozil, kolasinac and Sokratis apparently.

    A classic case of passing the buck, probably the best example of passing we’ve had all season.

    And there was I thinking that football was all about the 90 minutes on the pitch , apparently not , as that group of players haven’t played more than a handful of league games between the lot of them.

  50. Almuniasaynomore

    How are things? Doesn’t feel like the end of the season at all. Normally I don’t like this,facing into a few months without Arsenal playing but the truth is our season was over a long time ago. I never bought into the Europa as a means of rescue. Also this summer is a real crossroads for both club and manager,I’m eager to see what lies ahead. Ok difficult challenge.
    3 best
    1. ESR, I love him even though I don’t think he should start regularly yet, he ticks all the boxes so far. This is the year he emerged, thank God.
    2. Saka. As above but he’s slightly ahead in both his development and his impact this season. What a wonderful young talent to have at our club.
    3. League cup/ Charity shield wins v liverpool. Anything that denies them silverware is marvellous in my book.

    3 worst.
    1.Arteta’s refusal to ditch Willian. Not because Willian was so bad,which he was, but because it confirmed for me the horrible ego that I suspected Arteta had.
    2. The pre Christmas run. Agony to watch.
    3. The post Christmas ‘table’. Pretty insulting to anyone with a brain to see how this small positive is now being deemed absolute proof.
    But hey,we can work on butchering the lyrics of songs that we love(but not enough to save them), so life is still good. Always said it Kroenkephobe, humour is our best weapon.

  51. Almuniasaynomore

    Wenger Eagle
    You’re like myself, to get over being an Irish Arsenal fan, double whammy there, you look for joy in football wherever you can get it. I hope those underdogs all triumph tomorrow also. And Bati is the only milan fan I know,I don’t know anyone who likes Juve so for that reason alone I hope ac make it (even though Gazidis is a bollox).

  52. Dream10

    There has not been a lot of info on Per while he’s head of the academy. A lot of responsibility in that role. I’m skeptical of him like I am of Arteta tbh.

    Have a feeling Milan will miss out on CL. Atalanta will take out their anger on them from their midweek cup loss

  53. Sotongunner

    So Steve boulds been sacked, interesting there is seemingly accountability for u23s performance but at 1st team level any excuse will get you by.
    Whatever you think about his coaching performance, brutally exiting another club legend just makes another reason to hate the “regime” at Arsenal. Let’s just forget about this much used bollocks marketing term “process” and call this little lot, legohead, per, edu, vinai and the kroenkes what they are, a nasty little regime. Unbecoming that arteta survives and bould gets shown the door. The process is a big panic and all this lot are about is consolidating their position at the club. Hope arteta gets booed out of the stadium tomorrow.

  54. DUIFG

    Edu bad, arteta good is that the sum total of the analysis ?

    Is edu telling arteta to play mustafi in the final 6 months of his Arsenal when It’s clear he is dead to the squad?

    Gabriel , martinelli, edy has clout and a nose, don’t dump on the kid for artetas bullshit

  55. Goobergooner

    Its funny as fuck that these ‘rebel’ players were mostly wenger buys.

    I also love how people grasp so strongly on our defensive stats, irrespective of the fact our style of play has taken a massive hit as well as our offensive game.

    Our squad is average, in comparison to our past squads. But we definitely had enough in the squad to get more than 1 point from burnley and get at least a point from villa over 4 games.

    For me that ia squarely on the manager. Too ‘smart’ for his own good. Just chopping and changing the first 11 with no real consistency. Especially the backline.

    For me apart from willian, i am happy with the frontline, especially if we get buendia, for another season.

    If we dont seriously rectify CM I have zero hope for either edu or arteta going forward (which isn’t saying much considering i have barely any hope of them taking us to the promised lands).

    The kroenkes just don’t have a proper clue about our game.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    I would like to see Kola Toure brought back to Arsenal as a Coach.

    He was an intelligent and successful footballer at both Arsenal and Man City and has already
    got good coaching experience alongside Rodgers at Leicester.

  57. LoveSausage


    I genuinely hope you’re right about next season and I’m wrong. But this post feels like one of those “If grandma had a d*ck, she’d be grandpa” arguments. Also, it’s fine to bring up all those times we’ve been unlucky this season and didn’t deserve to lose. But then, for the sake of consistency, you should talk about all the times we got a result when we didn’t deserve one. Chelsea away comes to mind. There was no tactical masterclass there – we got lucky. Ten men sitting in Berne’s lap for 90 minutes. No press – our players were 6 feet away from their players the entire time. As if they were carrying COVID instead of the ball. And as much as I love our creative players (ESR will be a superstar one day) they didn’t create much. Our chance creation has been thoroughly unimpressive. So we’re where we deserve to be.

  58. Pierre

    “Its funny as fuck that these ‘rebel’ players were mostly wenger buys.”


    AMN, Torreira, Guendouzi, willock, mustafi, martinez, ozil, kolasinac and Sokratis are the players that are not at the club presently.

    3 wenger signings, 3 Emery signings, 3 academy players.

    No names were mentioned, only the fact that the supposed mole wasn’t at the club now .

    Any names mentioned would be purely 100% supposition.

  59. Pierre

    “For me apart from willian, i am happy with the frontline, especially if we get buendia, for another season.”

    Definitely, Buendia has settled in well for us this season..

  60. Goobergooner

    Pierre, have another read of that last post of yours.

    And in the first one, I was specifically meaning Ozil kola and Mustafi, the 3 seniors who were bought by Wenger and are apparently the most rotten of the bunch

  61. Goobergooner

    Disclaimer, obviously I’d love upgrades all over the pitch. But if we don’t sort out the midfield for the 10th+ season running it proves to me noone at the club has a clue

  62. Paul Mc Daid

    Bould should off been sacked 10 years ago,
    Worst coach ever, An embarrassment to this great club having that clown around our defense, He has stolen a living for years, Glad to see the back off him.

  63. Radio Raheem

    Arteta coming across as a petty little prick with these comments. Is there any club without a “mole”? Yet you don’t get million pound managers crying about it.

    How incompetent are these morons keeping him in a job? Arsenal is one big mess. Quite sad.

  64. Tony

    Can’t not post on game day and having read many of the posts this week from golf courses I have a couple of predictions:

    Pedro has a secret thing for Philippa Dawson, great grand daughter of Woolwich Arsenal’s first chairman, who I recently learned was trained in NYC as an actress, and now subsequently Tony Attwood has adopted Pedro who has a dedicated allegiance to Untold with Le-Grove with (Arteta) past and future posts falling in line to the Attwood Arteta delusional thinking:

    “I’m right and everyone else is wrong with all things Arteta”

    This season Attwood planted Untold’s favourite legendary posters ‘Englands Best’ “AFC Forever’ et al to bore us on Le-Grove into submission to kneel before the great Arteta – negative record breaker extraordinaire.

    ‘All hail Arteta is the mantra’ for us less god fearing folks.

    For the Irish is 20 Hail Marys first to absolve themselves of the Arteta false denigrated thoughts. WEagle and Almuinia no offense intended. That’s wholly reserved for Arteta and his 5.5 disciples.

    I say .5 because ES can’t make up his mind which side he’s on, which depends on what the suits do rather than Arteta.

    Once we have all absolved Arteta and Pedro of all wrongs for the last 18 months Arteta should be ready to fcuk it up again next season.

    Prediction 2 is that you can forget all of the above because Barca will snatch Arteta from our unclenched arms, as we help push Arteta onto his new challenge wishing we were in the CL as Barca will be as much of a joke under Arteta as we were.

    Pedro will either unleash a sister blog: La -Av. De Joan XVIII after Phillipa refused use of her name when moving on from Pedro’s “I love you really Phillipa” pleas. No doubt Mr. Attwood will have sullied the love canals Pedro so wanted to court. Bit Like Ozil and Mustafi and other veterans did this season according to Pedro and Arteta, so it must be true.

    Or Pedro will simply name the sister blog La – Arteta.

    Anyway Le-Grove can expect most Le-Grove posts from guest posters, such as Bertie Mee, and hopefully podcast Johnny and Mike McDonald where ‘Measured’ and ‘Honest’ will be words we can use to off acclaim again since the coming or Arteta.

    A quick post after the game I expect to win with one of our 2 shots on goal hitting the back of the net and then giving 99% possession to Potter’s side as we play defense v attack like in training and keeping a clean sheet if Leno’s fragile mind is strong for 90+ minutes.

    Then if I’m not binned I’ll see you all again for the pre season. I feel it’s easier to win the lottery that predict Arteta’s moves in the TW and indeed what style or park there bus and handbrake football we’ll be playing next year.

    That said I’m grateful to the aforementioned posters here (not Attwood’s plants) and others similar to their player knowledge for furthering my education on potential elite young talent. I just don’t haver time or if I’m honest the inclination to watch other leagues.

    After all it’s why I started reading and posting here during the Wenger pain years after 2008.

    Sadly we’ve lost so many brilliant and funny posters over the years, but most of those still here help keep each other sane, as Pedro once did (pre Emery & Arteta) and hopefully will again when the disingenuous Arteta has left the building like Elvis.. However, unlike the King: Elvis, Arteta won’t die of constipation because he talks so much verbal diarrhea on a daily basis; something Pedro is sadly emulating..

    Enjoy the game Le-Grovers.

  65. Tony

    Talking to my son after golf yesterday and I said to him, we’ve been lucky this season only missing two games: the recent Palace – Arteta’s serving of Deja Vu and one of the early non entity EL cup games.

    My son replied dryly, “really dad, how lucky have we been?”

    It’s very rare my son renders me speechless.

    Have to say he’s right – there are very few games from all comps that has offered real memorial moments, with Arteta’s boring handbrake football over 38 PL games.

  66. MD-Gunner

    Thanks Tony for enriching my vocabulary with the immortal phrase, “Too many villages are missing their idiots” perhaps some of them have turned up on the le-gtove blog.

    See you again when the shit hits the fan during the TW and the pre-season.

  67. Ernest Reed

    “Our bad luck has massively outweighed our luck this season.”

    There appears to be no shame as to the depths you will go, Pedro.

    Arsenal were and are pure and unadulterated crap for much of the season – i guess you call that bad luck?

    Come on already!

  68. Kroenkephobe


    Kolo’s a no-no for a return to Arsenal if you ask me. Anyone who rifles through the family drug cabinet and ‘accidentally’ takes his wife’s potentially psychotropic, unregulated ‘ slimming pills’ and then passes it off as an error is one of two types of people. First a complete nut job or second a cheat who wouldn’t turn his nose up at PEDs (performing enhancing drugs, not my pet name for the owner of this blog).

    Either type of person should not be coaching and mentoring younger players without first issuing a mea culpa about tablet-gate. And more generally this fascination with former players (the wrong ones to boot) is what put Liverpool in the doldrums and now seems set to do the same thing to us. There’s only really been one former Arsenal player that’s achieved success at the club and that’s GG over 30 years ago.

  69. Ernest Reed

    “Steve Bould has been sacked !!!”

    There’s that ruthless edge being spoken of. Now if they could only take it up a level and do the same with the Manager of the Over 23 Squad.

  70. Kroenkephobe

    Good to hear your news. I hope you and your family are keeping well and that you’re keeping hydrated on the course.

    Kroenkephobe junior’s latest succession is basketball. He’s just hit 6ft so he has a way to go to be the right height but he’s only 16. I used to play a bit and can still pop shots in so they make that pfft sound going through the net. He’s amazed that his old feller is still capable of shit like that and is still a few inches taller. Keep well mate.

  71. Tony

    Thanks and back wishing you and family to be enjoying good health..

    My son loves basketball and is 4.4cm off 6 foot at almost 13. His Dr said he expects to see him grow to around 190 cm around 6’3″, but golf is everything to him now. For the last 3 months he’s been on the links, putting greens and driving ranges between 6 to 8 hours a day, so I bought shares in Neutrogena. 🙂

    Yesterday he played 9 holes and then 18 holes and still went to the driving range after. He’s besotted with the game. His ADHD keeps him fully energized, so much so he’s asked me to train him in the gym at 6:30 for an hour 3 days a week then do online school work (mon to fri) and then golf from 3pm until 7pm every day.

    He should be in Duracell’s next advert. Like his mother and me he has no off button and gets fidgety just before the lights go out where ever he is. Once the lights are out, though, they stay out for at least 8+ hours.

    You’re not old not in the rue sense of the word. It’s funny talking to some friends aged between 60 onwards each one said they knew exactly when they felt age was catching up with them.

    Mine was when filming in Chaing Mai on a MC ride heading to the mountains the next day while having a drone crew meeting at 10pm.

    I was 58 then and I just felt time was now against me and it was and still is. Kept my 6-pack for another 2 years and now it’s a sad 1 pack at almost 66. I just target less than 15% body fat these days for health reasons.

    As always with Arteta in change I’m not widely enthused as I would normally be about the game. Sounds like the Place game I missed was groundhog day again, so I guess to expect similar tonight.

    Absolutely not fired up for the new Euro cup but at least it’ll give the likes of us absent gooners a chance to see new youth players or not with Arteta playing against butt-fcuk-nowhere united.

    How low we’ve sunk because we still haven’t qualified for that Euro trash cup.

    Ah well Pedro is excited, so that must be something, right?

    Keep sane and well in equal measures. Not easy I know for the former.

  72. Tony

    “Thats a good boy, flattering his old man, who doesn’t know its called a swoosh shot”.

    Jesus, Sid. More sex ed? Do you ever take a break from shagging? Can’t be many women left untouched by the lan staff. Probably some nervous looking dogs nearby now.

  73. gunnerman

    Pedro rallied against Wenger magnitudes harder than he has over Arteta. And I’m talking circa 2007-2012, way before it was obvious Wenger was past his prime.

    There is clearly something going on behind the scenes.

  74. Tony


    “There is clearly something going on behind the scenes”

    You think?

    With the daily ‘Arteta love fests’ I don’t want to imagine what that might be. Ewwww!

  75. Pierre

    As any intelligent football supporter knows, for a defence it’s all about clean sheets..

    Arsenal since Christmas
    Played 33
    Clean sheets 11

    Mari since Christmas
    Played 14
    Clean sheets 8

    Gabriel since Christmas
    Played 15
    Clean sheets 2

    Played 23
    Clean sheets 9

    Gabriel / holding together in a back 4
    Playerd 7
    Clean sheets 0

    Mari /holding together in a back 4
    Played 9
    Clean sheets 5

    Gabriel Mari have only played together once , in a back 3 against with holding as the 3rd centre back.

    What one can deduce from these figures is that our best centre back pairing appears to be Mari/Holding and our worst centre back pairing is Gabriel/Holding.

    I suppose Arteta regards playing 2 left footers at centre back (mari/gabriel) as a big no no , although he had no qualms playing 2 right footers (Holding and Luiz )together….I suppose there must be method in his madness.

    I will say that Gabriel has improved recently and is not so impulsive in his defending , although it would be nice to see a defence with him keep a few more clean sheets.

    I have said previously that I believe Holding/Mari works best as a centre back pairing and the stats prove that.
    Unfortunately, Arteta doesn’t appear to rate Mari so highly as he uses him sparingly.

  76. Kroenkephobe

    I went to chaing mai years ago when I was working in BK and took the train to kanchanaburi. Sobering place and not difficult to imagine the hardship those men faced. I found an interesting film on Netflix a few months ago starring Colin Firth as a traumatised ex soldier who went back there to confront his torturer. The train journeys round there are something else.

    I’m thinking of getting some genuine atmosphere for this afternoon’s game by turning down the commentary and playing a sound track of crowds booing! I’m sure england’sbest will question my Gooner credentials and brand me as a whinger but I think I can take it.

  77. CG


    “””Bould sacked: ruthless.

    Arteta not sacked : useless.””‘

    Bould carrying the can for the first team not being able to score from open play in 2 legs semi against Villarreal?

    Mind you , he cant or wont have too many complaints about his dismissal. Had a good innings’ and probably relieved in many ways to be out of the current cesspit that is Arsenal FC.

  78. Captain Tierney

    Nothing against Mari or Holding but as any intelligent footballer knows it’s about winning rather than clean sheets.

    And Gabriel-Luiz pairing had a higher win % than Holding-Mari pairing.

    This is a stat I saw a couple weeks back so don’t know if it holds true even now.

    Anyhow, Holding and Mari really add very little to our build up play, they may be the more solid defensive pairing but Gabriel and Luiz also play important roles in our build up. Luiz as everyone knows is a great passer and his long balls and line breaking passes are sorely missed, on the other hand Gabriel’s physicality allows him to carry the ball into Midfield when required and break the first line of press.

  79. Pierre

    “My son replied dryly, “really dad, how lucky have we been?”It’s very rare my son renders me speechless.”

    He will render you speechless when he utters the words “Dad, I want Wenger back”.

    I’m sure he’s tempted but wouldn’t risk it due to your health problems…

    The golf course is the best place for him atm , good for him taking it seriously.
    I played in 55/60 mph winds on Friday, that’s dedication for you .

  80. Pierre

    “And Gabriel-Luiz pairing had a higher win % than Holding-Mari pairing.”

    I don’t even need to look to know that is.bullshit.

  81. Chris

    I’d be very disappointed to see the club go in for a Luiz replacement. If Saliba can’t be given the opportunity next season to play, he likely never will.

    He isn’t some academy player who could sink, he has been playing top flight football in France and has been impressing by and large. He is literally a free option to take Luiz’s spot.

    Also don’t want anything to do with Bertrand. We need to learn our lessons from has been (or has never been on this case?) players on their way down for a mid to high wage.

  82. Tony

    He’s ahead of you as pre Xmas he asked if we’d be better off having Wenger over Arteta?

    I replied pre 2010 yes I’d have Wenger back in a heartbeat. However, Wenger has no place in the modern game and it’s why Wenger never got hired for any of the top clubs around the world.

    Those winds sound crazy, but summer season now on the courses here away from the coast, the temperature can get up to 40*C with no wind and searing sun. It’s why my son tries to play around 7 am at the weekends then hit the ranges that offer cover and has A/C rooms for us dads and others who suffer in those kind of temps.

    Next for us is the rain season with max Temps of around 35* C, and then winter similar to Hawaii weather.

    A lot of people come to play in the rain season here because it’s still low season so prices are affordable for most.

    Have to say I’m enjoying watching him love what he’s doing.

    Long may it continue.

  83. Pierre

    Had a quick look at the Premier league games

    Holding /mari…..won 5 ..drawn ..0….lost 2
    Chelsea twice
    Man city
    Shef utd

    Gabriel / Luiz…won 4 ..drawn o …lost 3
    Shef utd
    Man city

  84. Pierre

    40 °c with no wind sounds like a nightmare ..

    As bad as it sounds , playing in 55 mph coastal winds was quite enjoyable, a good test ..

    I never had lessons ,.learnt my short game tips from ” a round with Alliss” which was on BBC 2 once a week back in the day.

    If your son can master the short game (chipping and putting) he won’t go far wrong.

  85. Pierre

    “I’d be very disappointed to see the club go in for a Luiz replacement. If Saliba can’t be given the opportunity next season to play, he likely never will.”

    I agree, sadly I get the impression that Saliba has fallen foul to Arteta’s pathetic non negotiables.