The ROI on Arsenal transfers (not pretty) + Emi swells the midfield joy fund

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Well, that was a wonderful weekend.

Spurs lost to Carlo’s attack-minded Everton side. James looked every bit the silk machine from 2014. Spurs looked, well, they looked very Jose Mourinho. I’ve been watching All or Nothing, it’s a lot of fun, but I’m not sure the reimagination of Jose Mourinho really came through as strong as he may have liked. He’s living in the past, he’s tactically weak, and his man-management approach just doesn’t sit well with players of this era.

Just look at that headline, then remember how many people were envious that he was going to Spurs.

‘True winner’

‘He’s had some personal problems, he’s finally happy’

‘This squad is perfect for him’

Let’s hope Daniel Levy’s teenage man-crush keeps him at the club for the full length of the deal. He’s the disaster they deserve. Spurs stagnation will continue.

West Ham crashed to Newcastle. What a disaster they’re having. The stories I’m hearing and reading are absolutely unbelievable. Long may that continue. It’s always a tough day out, but a focused performance against a team in open revolt against ownership could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

United lost to Villa in a friendly, also hilarious. On the topic of their team, I find the rounding on Mason Greenwood disgraceful. Harry McG gets into a ruck, allegedly tries to bribe the coppers, and he’s rolled out on the BBC like a victim. Greenwood pulls babe on Tinder and engages in the lamest legal high going and he’s treated like he’s asked to reintegrate from the Caliphate. The bullying of young English kids in the media is abhorrent, I thought we’d seen an end to it after the last World Cup… the only way it stops is if we stop clicking the links.

Chelsea up this evening. I am very interested to see what Frank Lampard has to offer the top 3 this season. Hopefully, it’s a big serving of fuck-all, but we’ll see. They have had a very sexy summer, if things click, they are going to be a force of nature this season.

The big Sunday Arsenal news was the Emi Martinez deal. The Argentine cup hero has moved to Villa in a transfer worth about £20m. It’s sad, because I think he’s performed above and beyond expectations, but the reality is Arsenal aren’t at a level where we can afford to have two elite keepers. That’s a tremendous fee for someone that’s been with us gathering loan dust for 10 years. Emi gets to play regularly and bump his is pay by a multiplier of 6 / Arsenal add some pennies to the SAVE OUR MIDFIELD fund.

The story doing the rounds is that we’re in for Runar Alex Runarsson to replace him (comp here). He’s Icelandic, very handsome, and he plays in Dijon so he must be mustard. Lololol. He looks like a fun keeper, fast off his line, a good shot-stopper… a puncher from crosses though. I have no idea how good my analysis of the four-minute video is, but this is the sort of signing I’m down for. If you-know-who was here, we’d be ploughing pound notes into a 7 year Neto deal.

Aouar and Partey is the summer vision, people at the club think they can make it happen, we just have to push forward and make the deals happen by selling some deadwood and moving our swap plans forward. All is not as it seems, as is always the case with transfers. What certain execs are telling the press might not marry with their true intentions. There’s a lot of posturing going on.

We have almost 3 weeks of the window to go. Keep an eye on Torreira, Kola, Sokratis, Guendouzi, and Reiss. That’s where the magic is likely to happen. Maybe even Mustafi, but I think he might be in the same boat as Mesut Ozil > In love with the deal.

Whatever happens, I’m convinced we’ll end the transfer window with a set of players that will at the very least compete for top 4.

It’ll be a tough season though. Everything is going our way at the moment, but there will be dark times. The reimagination of Arsenal will have plenty of bumps in the road, but for once, you can’t deny that we’re following the correct process.

We have to take the season in mini-phases.

The current phase of games takes us to the international break. We need to have racked up 9 points to be on target. West Ham and Sheffield United are two must-win games. The Liverpool game will always come with low expectations, but at least we’re now in a position as a club where you pretty much know that we’ll show up with a game plan that if executed well, will give them something to think about. Leeds got at them, Liverpool were fragile at the back, there’s no reason we can’t do the same.

Phase two after is going to be very, very important. City, Leicester and United on the bounce… capped with a final game against Villa. Come out of that run with 7-8 points and we are cooking. The crazy thing is, it doesn’t matter what phase you look at, most games are tough these days. There are 8 teams competing for top 4 this season. That’s mad. You know what’d make all those games a little easier? AOUAR AND PARTEY. Let’s see if this week brings a breakthrough.

Before I go, I would like to point you in the direction of a truly excellent article from Andrew Shanoudi over at Medium. Grab a coffee and take 10 minutes to read his excellent analysis of why Arsenal have been a bit shit over the years. His use of data and clever graphs paints a grim picture of where things have gone wrong, but it also gives you hope, because we’re addressing the issues with some smart moves.

A couple of highlights were that he calculates our ROI on players.

To put matters into perspective, for every million pound Arsenal net spent on their squad, they lost 99% of what that million should’ve added in squad value. It’s the worst possible ROI ratio among the premier league’s top eight teams, utterly unacceptable for a team that is supposedly trying to close the gap.

This graph also shows the value we’ve lost in player sales.

STAGGERING. What a fucking great read that was. I wish I could make graphs and smart arguments like that.

How about a plug for Shadab, a talented creative that worked with me recently. He redesigned some logos of Premier League clubs. I told him my audience was refined, cultured, and artistically inclined. What do you think?

Now for my plug. Get some Arsenal Opinion in your ear holes. This week, I talk to Alex, we chatted about the Fulham game and we have a transfer orgy of sorts. Enjoy, leave a 5* rating, don’t you dare pull the trigger on a 1*. I am watching.

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  1. salparadisenyc


    I like that thread… S A M B A.

    Onto this reported Pep bid… I say Fuck Giménez.

    We’ve got Sokratis, Mustafi and Chambers all on the market not to mention City could do some real hybrid shit with our Eastern Enforcer SEAD. Transfer tactics demand we just barrage Pep with all, up anti with one Torreira. Won’t even know what hit em.


  2. Toniboy

    Size and mobility keep El Neni in the team to compensate for Xhaka’s immobility, he zips around to create angles for the defense and frees Xhaka. I don’t think he is ever a DM per se but more a CM that helps out. He is still the same player but in a better system……he will improve being given more confidence with Arteta. He is not the answer but can do a good job.

    Let’s not forget Xhaka is still Xhaka…..that’s the main reason athleticism is required.

  3. Leedsgunner

    I thought Sokratis was going to Napoli for €4m…is this off? Plus I thought Fulham wanted Chambers for £12m…

    Why are we so rubbish at selling our fringe players!?!

  4. Captain Tierney

    Yeah the newspapers, star players and their dirty attitudes.

    Didn’t the newspapers want us to believe how Auba was a bad influence with a stinker of an attitude?

    Guess he turned good.

  5. RockyRoe

    Read this on sqwaka, on willian and ozil.

    In fact, with their minutes-played totals being almost identical (8,198 vs. 8,200), Willian’s 271 chances created and 31 big chances created are both superior to Ozil’s 267 and 26. Also worth noting is that no Premier League forward won possession more times than Willian last season, in terms of both total (185) and per90 (6.4, excluding those who played fewer than 700 minutes) figures.

    So it’s essentially quantifies what people have been saying all along, that a creator has to contribute when the team doesn’t have the ball and that’s why ozil no longer in the plans.

  6. Habesha Gooner

    So the Martinez debates are still going I see. And people still think Partey is an average player. I hope we sign him and you guys take back what you said. He will be a superstar for us. He would be like Nemanja Matic at Chelsea for us.

    Anyway did you guys read the swiss Ramble thread that says Kronke hasn’t put in a penny I’m the last 5 years? And we are spending what we have earned? It’s insane. Granted we have signed some shit players but I can’t believe Everton’s and Villa’s owners back them more than the owner of a Titan like Arsenal.

  7. Champagne charlie

    When you’re overhauling the midfield with players like Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil all up for sale/release in some capacity, you make use of the competent/diligent players remaining.

    Right now that’s Xhaka, Ceballos, and a returning Elneny. Doesn’t mean suddenly that Elneny has upped his level or become a Partey alternative, that’s beyond a reach and it doesn’t surprise me that the biggest cheerleader against a remark like ‘Partey is 3x Elneny as a player “ is Dissenter.

    We need CM improvements still, Partey and Aouar are targets for a reason. Elneny and Willock are good options in rotation, but the closer they are to being starters means the further we are from a genuinely competitive midfield.

  8. Captain Tierney

    Torreira will reportedly move to Torino for a fee in the region of 24 mil.
    Add that to the 20 for Martinez and we should jave enough to push through a deal for 1 of Aoaur or Partey before the end of next week.

  9. Valentin

    Forgot that the Sheffield United Vs Wolves game was now.
    I wonder if the element of surprise of their 3 At the back system and their overlapping CB has faded.
    Arteta does something similar but only on the left side with Tierney and a AMN underlapping to.cover any counter-attack. Talking about counter-attack, Wolves are one of the worst team to fall behind, because they will pick you up on the counter-attack.
    Doherty who left Wolves must have thought that he was moving up when joining Spurs, but they may end up lower than Wolves.

  10. Jamie

    Completely agree with CC.

    No doubt Arteta improves the entire unit, but Willock and Elneny in the starting 11 doesn’t move the needle.

    Elneny has always been a decent squad option, he’s just too vanilla for me. There’s a reason why we’re being linked with established or hot potential midfielders.

  11. Steveyg87

    “IMO, he’ll always be a 6/10 midfielder. Xhaka will oscillate between a brain fart 4/10 to a worldie 9.5/10. Elneny guaranteed, if he tried his hardest, will only manage a 7.5.”

    Sums it up nicely

  12. Marc


    “Doherty who left Wolves must have thought that he was moving up when joining Spurs, but they may end up lower than Wolves.”

    That all depends on when and just how big the Mourino meltdown will be. We all know it’s coming I’m just torn between looking forward to it and wanting the agony to be long and slowly drawn out.

  13. Nelson

    By the way, KSE’s NFL stadium has been completed. The RAMS played there yesterday and defeated Cowboy 20 to 17. It is just the right time for them to paid more attention to the EPL TW.

  14. Valentin

    I want Spurs to have a slow and painful agony. That would also means that getting into top 5 could be easier if Spurs don’t compete. Financially Levy will try to delay as much as possible when they have to pay off Mourinho, but that could be the demise of his club.
    Wolves without European competition could be a dark horse. I expect Leicester to fade late because of their European involvement and compacted season (8 months instead of 9).

  15. karim


    What the hell are you talking about regarding Aouar ?
    He’s never done anything wrong as far as I’m concerned. Brilliant player, on and off the pitch.
    Absolutely mental how you feel the need to tell your own stories all the time.

    He missed his first international cap because of an injury and the second one because of that damn virus. Nothing to do with so-called attitude stuff.

    And, yeah, I’m afraid Jamie speaks French better than you mate.

  16. Ernest Reed

    “75% of posters on here are Pedro – there’s only a handful of us who are real!”

    Who woulda thunk it? I’ve been Pedro all along – Funny, i don’t feel very Pedro-like?

  17. Zacharse

    Whats the word on this “cash injection” i’m seeing everywhere?? Isnkroenke gonna finally put his money where his sons mouth is??
    No better time than two weeks ago…

  18. Pedro

    Marc, good point.

    I don’t really see the worry about Stan not injecting cash. We should be run like Liverpool. No need to be a Chelsea, though even they are self-sustaining these days

  19. Marc


    Turning logic on it’s head a little bit but if you look at amount we’ve spent on transfers over the last few years, particularly players who we overpaid for or didn’t have any resale value, some of the crazy contracts we’ve given out and players who’ve left on free transfers etc we get back in the CL and as long as the Kroenke’s continue to let us spend what we make we can compete. We can’t outspend ManU, City or possibly Chelsea so lets just out think them.

    Being run badly actually shows just how much money we were generating we’ve just got to turn that into positive outcome.

  20. kamal

    Can anybody see a way back in for guendouzi?

    Just feels like there is a player in him, if he get his head straight & apply himself. That plus Arteta sauce could turn his fortunes around!

  21. Pedro

    Marc, totally, we squandered a great position. I think we’re in good hands now. It’ll be a tough two years, but if we make CL this year, we’ll start getting back to the top and then we’ll be able to go big with spending.

    Working smarter is the way forward.

  22. Captain Tierney


    All of Valentin’s stories are real(according to the very reliable source- that is Valentin himself) and he doesn’t like it when people snipe at him.

  23. Marc


    The funny side of it is having shown how not progress after a stadium move the Spud’s have taken on what we’ve done and put it into overdrive.

  24. MidwestGun

    Is it just me or is the wolves match progressing much much slower now..? some sort of time warp. Last 10 mins seem like 30 mins.


  25. Chris

    Has there been anymore news on naming rights for the Spurs stadium? I can’t even recall any potential sponsors for it even pre virus. Missing a cash injection from that can’t be helping and are they likely to find one anytime soon so long as live attendance is affected?

    In that respect they have been unlucky but for us it is highly amusing!

  26. Pedro

    UWOT, look at their net spend. They’re only going wild this year because they didn’t spend last year and they sold Hazard for a lot of money.

  27. MidwestGun

    Speaking of watering … I wonder if Chelski will still leak goals? See what I did there?

    I’ll just get my coat, then.

  28. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Great start to the season, made all the sweeter by the Spuds losing at home.

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting blank screens all round in the official Arsenal App?

  29. Ernest Reed

    “Speaking of watering … I wonder if Chelski will still leak goals? See what I did there? I’ll just get my coat, then.”

    LOL Midwest, nice one!

  30. andy1886

    Chelsea can still spend another £100m+ and have a lower net spend than us over the last two years, Abramovich hasn’t needed to gift them a penny. If you read the article Pedro linked today you’ll see that we have the third highest net spend over the last three years behind only the two Manchester clubs….

  31. Champagne charlie

    – Chelsea opening day pen
    – Liverpool opening day pen x2
    – Leicester opening day pen x 2

    What’s the odds on City and United getting a penalty each themselves?

  32. MidwestGun

    Most of the time I’m just amusing myself. 😀

    Too bad about that massive defensive error… Brighton looked better side up until then.

  33. Ernest Reed

    And thats why the Chelsea shirt would have fit in so well as a PJ back then. That would have been what, 1960 for you? Give or take a few decades??

  34. Tom

    Pedro, the article you provided the link to pretty much confirmed what a few of us were saying all along, so not much to see here other than clean format and really cool graphs.

    Wenger delivered on par in his last two seasons, more or less ,with a squad of players of his own choosing put together over the last four/five years.

    Emery took over and delivered fifth with the league’s sixth best squad and took It one step further in Europe, irrespective of early season “lucky” streaks and the end of the season “collapse “.

    I still believe Arsenal would’ve won the final in Baku had it been against a continental opponent and not Chelsea, who in Hazard had the it factor.

    Emery’s second season speaks for itself and he was rightly let go , if maybe not soon enough.

    Ozil and Sanchez were great signings horribly mismanaged by Wenger , and Pepe was a speculative buy at the height of pre Covid market valuation, and even then we overpaid for him.

  35. Tom

    – Leicester opening day pen x 2What’s the odds on City and United getting a penalty each themselves?

    Isn’t why United were given an extra week off so Bruno Fernandez could rest his right foot from all the pens he took last season?

  36. Buzzy

    Kai Havertz the German Peter Crouch..what a nothing performance..exactly what I expected after seeing his boring YouTube videos

  37. Radio Raheem

    It’s alwYs better to have “ sauce” than spunk.😉

    Well, they are Brighton, it’s always spunky there😉

  38. mb

    I feel this season is not one where a team have 100 points and another one with 90+. Leeds showed Liverpool is vulnerable. City had lots of losses last season, even United beat them.

    Chelsea will f*ck up, Spurs already f*cked by hiring Mourinho. We may see some surprises by Everton, Wolves, Leicester, Arsenal, could even be some good draws by Sheff Utd.

    If we hold tight, don’t f*ck up with non-top4 teams with draws and losses, get a mid who can join in and make a difference we might as well fighting for the league title.

    It ain’t too much, if I am gonna hope, it’s sure gonna be the title

  39. Pedro

    UWOT, excuse my error earlier… didn’t see that Chelsea have been taking 400m from daddy.

    I thought they’d been selling and buying well

  40. Overmars

    A big transfer fee

    Massive wages

    Centre attacking midfielder


    I really hope Havertz get’s the same treatment as Mesut Ozil after a few average performances.

  41. Valentin


    It is possible to criticise a French player of Arab origin without you getting upset.
    I could not stop laughing when you tried to pretend that Aouar has an excellent mental and that nobody has ever criticised him before.
    This is the same guy whom Genesio his former coach said that he nearly strangled because his lack of effort infuriated him so much. The same guy who received a note of 3 out of 10 on l’Equipe who really love him for his complete lack of effort in some games. When you make in 90 minutes less sprints than our goalkeeper who is acting as sweeper keeper, it is very difficult to pretend that you are working hard.
    I don’t particularly like Pierre Menes, Willy Sagnol, but Google their criticism of the player before pretending that he is an angel.

    Aouar is one of the most talented player ever produced by Lyon, but until he suddenly had the objective of being selected with the French team for next year Euro, he was choosing his games and was very irregular. Brilliant one week, absent the next. Getting a 9 and a 3 the following week. Pretending to be injured to not be selected for games that he did not fancy.

    Remember that groin injury that backfired. First he pretend to be injured and so must have full rest. Got caught on the social media of one of his family member as dancing and partying. Bad luck that was the week where the France team was announced and he would have been part of the squad for his 1st selection. Because of his club official injury, he was removed from the French squad. The social media account of his family member was suddenly moved to private. Deschamps diplomatically says that his injury prevented his selection while knowingly smiling to interviewers. Nobody believed that he was injured.

    Go on the Gones, the Lyon forum and you’ll find the opinion are divided on him. Even excluding the usual racists who would criticise any player of Arab origin, until February Aouar was seen as extremely talented but potentially unreliable and moody if things didn’t go his way. Some of the irregularities were due to the real injuries, but some were due to his lack of implication and effort.

    He admitted as much in an interview, where said that he had some introspection, talked with his coaches and president and decided to get back to work hard in order to achieve his objective. But he said exactly the same things two years ago after one fight with Genesio. The question that most people have about him. Is that change of attitude part of growing up and a permanent change or is it just a temporary one because he want to be part of the French team at the next Euro?

  42. Pedro

    Overmars, after a few average seasons, falling out with 3 managers, shirking away games, and offering fuck all in terms of tangible output… I’m sure the Chelsea fans will be on him

  43. Aussie+Gooner

    A good win but plenty of work still to do.

    We have been acquiring ‘squad’ players in recent years like a trolley dash in a charity shop. In fact we have become hoarders. Arsenal could now field 2 average, mid table EPL teams with the players we have at present. We need to concentrate on forming an elite first 11. As Kroenke has not put money into the club (and never will) we have to rely on sales of bang average players or academy products to fund these elite players. Unfortunately no one wants to pay good money for our cast offs or they don’t want to leave because of their egalitarian wage structures (and who can blame them!). This is the fault of the club’s executive over the past few years.

    Arsenal will not be challenging for the EPL anytime soon with Elneny and Xhaka starting unless we have an injection of cash to buy elite players. Simple. You can only go so far with the ‘work smarter’ theory!

  44. prvhc

    Out of all the common things you could find between Özil and Havertz, you found the most irrelevant ones, while missing out the one relevant difference.
    Havertz actually gives a f**k about football

  45. Johnno

    One player can rarely define a team or win a trophy ( ask Argentina and Messi) – but Ozil has cost Arsenal 150 million quid in salary and signing fee in his time.

    A second place
    A third place
    A few fourths
    ECL last 16
    EL final
    3 FA Cups

    Value for money ? Honest question.

    Has he been a success overall ?

    Couldn’t we have “won” all that with Christian Eriksen? (Who would have cost 100 mio less.)

  46. WengerEagle

    Ozil would have been decent value for money and an overall good signing if we had of sold him in the summer of 2017 when we still could have recouped a decent amount for him at age 28. [Was his last productive season here and he had just helped us win our 3rd FA Cup in four seasons.]

    Of course AW could never admit just when one of his pet favourites had lost a step/peaked and ingeniously decided to reward him halfway through the next season with a fat new 350k a week multi-year contract extension taking him well into his 30s.

    No word of exaggeration, nearly to the day that he’s put pen to paper on that contract becoming by FAR our number one earner he’s been absolutely shite for the most part and an utter flake even losing the ability to create chances as he once did not to mention his work rate falling off a cliff [was never a grafter to begin with].

    We’ve essentially been saddled with deadwood for 3+ years who comically earns considerably more than any of our actual productive players that contribute do.

    Thanks once again for that Arsene.

  47. Overmars


    Ozil getting stick isn’t anything new. A lot of people, pundits, ex players, fans, were all having a go way before Wenger left. This hasn’t just happened over the past 2 seasons, so don’t pretend.

    Let’s see if Havertz gets the same treatment after a year or 2 if he his performances aren’t good enough. I bet he doesn’t.

  48. Pedro

    Overmars, he used to get stick from Jose who’d sub him on 60 and call him a coward. Carlo also bombed him for Di Maria because of character.

    He has a loyal fan club that live off his sexy comps. As a player, he’s delivering less than Andy Carrol these days. He’s not interested in football.

  49. Overmars


    He’s delivering less than Carroll because someone made the decision to leave him out the squad when the football resumed after lockdown. Pre lockdown, he played every game and we were unbeaten. If it’s for footballing reasons that he wasn’t included, it doesn’t make sense.

    All I’m saying that the criticism he’s received has been unfair, not just over the last 2 years, but before then, even when he was linking up with Sanchez. Even now, he’s never said he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal and that he want’s to get back in the squad.

    I reckon the decision was made by someone higher than Arteta not to include him under any circumstances. Let’s see.

  50. crimson

    Another banal comment by sid that has no relevance to anyone. He should probably write a book with his idotic thoughts and throw it at people’s heads in the street for free. Maybe then he can stop boring us all. ❤️

  51. karim


    It is possible to criticise a French player of Arab origin without you getting upset.

    Yes it is. Go on, Benzema ( the way he ruined his France career ), Ben Arfa ( immature ), Nasri. ( for being himself obviously ) for example, they all deserve it.

    How can you compare Aouar with Guendouzi, seriously ?
    He was caught dancing, L’équipe once gave him a 3, is this all you’ve got ?
    He had a fight with Genesio ? Where does that come from ?

    Anyway, you can have reservations about his potential arrival but don’t give him unnecessary baggage ffs.

  52. Luteo Guenreira

    Val is more interested in the soap opera drama aspect of football that occurs between players, coaches, and front offices than the actual product on the pitch.

  53. Jamie

    Arteta was a consummate professional his entire career, captained multiple sides, and was widely respected as a team leader. He wasn’t as talented, but his mentality was always top notch.

    Ozil the exact opposite, and decided to retire on full wages in his late 20s.

    Plenty of average footballers have achieved more as a footballer than Arteta: Djimi Traore, David May, Anderson and Wes Brown..

  54. Habesha Gooner

    First impressions on Alex Runarsson from YouTube videos.

    Very good with his feet. Almost too confident. Has good reflexes. But his major weaknesses are his positioning and Erratic decision making when faced with barreling attackers. he rushes off his line and that makes him concede goals. He needs to improve decisions on when to come out. Catching crosses is also a bit of a problem due to positioning. He is a bit of Flaphandski type.

    All in all he looks like a David Luiz of Goalkeepers. He can come out with a 9 or a 5. That’s not great for a Goal keeper. But he is going to cost £1.5 mil. So you get what you pay for. If he can improve on his decision making and positional awareness, he will be decent. He might even do better than 70 mil Kepa. 😂

    I believe Leno will play Premier league and Europa league matches. I have a sneaky feeling by going this low on a backup keeper, Arteta hasn’t given up on landing both Aouar and Partey.

  55. Leftfootcurler

    Havertz is not like Ozil.
    He is Dele Alli type player.

    Ozil gets underrated because he has lost interest in football.

    He was the best no 10 in football pre 2018.

    His 2015-16 was the best season ever by a classic no 10.

    He had 19 assists that season,would have had double that if his teammates didn’t waste so many chances.

  56. Sid

    Ah yes, but how is Ozil perceived by the footballing world and, significantly, how will he be remembered?”

    Pierre should answer that.
    The point is there are footballers you would struggle to remember anything they contributed on the field.

  57. Leftfootcurler

    More importantly, if Lampard keeps playing such a shit midfield like yesterday,he is going to miss out on top 4.
    Pulisic-Mount/Havertz- CHO
    Kovacic- Kante

    Is his best front 5.

    If Abraham doesn’t get a lot of games this season,we should try to buy him next summer.

    He is a complete CF which is what Arteta wants.

  58. Valentin


    Have you Googled Aouar Menes critique, Aouar Sagnol critique?
    To pretend he has no baggage is disingenuous.

    At Lyon Aouar behaved exactly like a younger version of Özil.
    So unless, there has been a click and he permanently changed, most people who have followed his career have doubt about his character.

    Remember how in February he could not wait to be substituted when OL were losing against PSG? How can such a talented professional footballer failed to restart the game if it is not by complete lack of application and concentration?

    Remember how he was sulking after the U21 French coach did not start him. Next game, he walked when the rest of the team was running.

    Bruno Genesio was a decent coach for Lyon. The problem he had with a certain clique of immature players who would turn up and turn it on only when they felt like it are well documented. Aouar was in that list of players he named with whom he had issues of application and effort. Players who were accused of having “le melon”.

  59. The Godfather

    This is like desperate clown talk.
    Is this the same Ozil that no one
    In the football world with even minimal
    Intellect wouldn’t even cast a second look
    at when he could be basically signed for a free?

    The only clowns are the blind followers
    and Gazidis and Wenger who decided to
    Waste the Kroenke money on this loser.

    Again no serious club wants anything to
    do with Ozil!!!

    There is a reason why the likes of Mikhi
    and Alexis have a new lease on life
    but football heads want nothing to
    do with that loser

  60. Ustyno


    Out of curiosity,I want to ask,what’s your implication and probably your gain in all that you write about Aouar

    Arsenal shouldn’t sign him or what?

  61. Emiratesstroller

    The current first team squad numbers 32 players according to the Arsenal website. So on paper we need to offload 7 players before recruiting any additional players to be compliant with 25 player registration rule..

    However, the situation is not quite as problematic as is implied. First there are two players in
    the squad who will not be available before January namely Martinelli and Chambers so that
    they don’t need to be registered.

    Second we know that Torreira and Sokratis are going to leave which brings the number down to 28. I am not including Martinez in equation, because he needs to be replaced.

    Third it is also believed that Macey the third string goalkeeper could also leave. He does
    not need to be replaced in first team squad with a registered player. We have on books players in U23 squad who could fulfil role. That brings squad down to 27.

    Then there is Smith-Rowe who has not been allocated a number and therefore one assumes
    will be loaned out. That will bring numbers down to 26.

    Assuming that every other member of first team squad is registered we would need to offload at least one more player, but we have got a number of home grown players who are
    U21 and do not need to be registered. So situation is not as critical as some in media assume.

    Assuming that we recruit one additional player and register every player in first team squad
    the maximum additional departures required would be only TWO.

    Arsenal’s problem is not so much meeting the quota, but rather offloading deadwood and
    unwanted players to cut the wage bill.

  62. salparadisenyc

    Aulas is mental taking to his his twitter calling out journos who published saying Mephis to Barca done.

    Imagine Kroenke pulling that move.

  63. salparadisenyc

    Neglected to mention best part : “Bartomeu told me they’d struggle to make the offer for Depay struggling within Covid Crisis.”

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