Premier League looks at late June return (excited)

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I am on a time crunch this morning, but I have to bang this out, we need to get back to normality, and you need a daily helping of Arsenal goodness. The Premier League is coming back and I can’t wait. I wish the press would offer up more of a solutions-oriented approach to journo-ing than continuing to highlight individual moaners. Germany has led the way, they are the responsible adult in the room at all times. If they can do it, we can do it and if it all goes wrong: Blame Germany. Simple as that. That’s 21st-century leadership right there.

The Premier League isn’t fucking about. They’re sending secret police to training grounds to check clubs aren’t going past their allotted 75 minutes of training. I find rulings like that kind of absurd.

‘You can breathe, clatter, and sweat over each other… but keep it to 75 minutes, gotta play it safe’

Players are going to be heavily tested, with debate currently underway with the clubs over whether they should be in hotels for 7 or 14 days prior to games. There are still risks associated with this. Hotel workers aren’t often paid the best, they sometimes work other jobs, all it takes is one rogue person to bring in the virus and a whole club is wiped out.

Still, I think we’re at the point now where we’re going to have to work with this. There’s no such thing as ‘totally safe’ and the continuation of the game as we know it. I think that’s the stark reality society is facing up to. You can’t cripple the world forever… because we won’t have much to go back to if we take that stance… and the people that get hurt are not the rich ones. It’s the small independent businesses and jobs that make a city a city.

The bigger concern is that the Premier League clubs are being told that social distancing will remain in force for 6-12 months. I’d take that as 12 months and longer unless this summer rains UV hell on the virus, or people just take off their gloves and get brave with their health. Long and short… the Premier League is not going to have real fans in place for a long time.

This is both a curse and a gift. The curse, Arsenal are going to have to find £93m. The gift? The Premier League is going to have to get creative. I think Charles Allen; exArsenal marketing man, has it right.

Clubs have roughly 10 games left. Now is the chance to do something crazy. If it works, maybe it carries over into normal times?

I think the biggest innovation has to be digital season tickets. Every single game left this season should be available to purchase. How that’s delivered is a tougher question. The simplest mechanism and the easiest would be to give it to the BBC. Problem with that idea, though wonderful, is it has no future business value. You don’t learn anything from giving it away free. Sounds beastly, but clubs need to learn how to make up lost revenue, not how to get applause from The Guardian.

I’d explore working with someone that’s cash-rich, nimble, and plugged into the internet. Amazon is perfectly poised to pick up all the match and sell them back to the fans.

Covid-Pass Gold: Access to all the games that aren’t free to air for the rest of the season.

Club-Pass: Access to all games that aren’t being aired on the other channels by club.

Game-Pass: Slightly more premium model, where you can dip in and buy an individual game.

Make all of the above global. TIE IT IN WITH GAME DAY FOOD PACKAGES. Imagine getting Camden Hells, a salt beef bagel, and bag of slightly dodgy sweets wrapped in cheap sandwich bags. It’d be epic. Maybe some hotdog stall fragranced candles?

I also wonder whether it’s time for the Premier League to explore a better Game Center type model. America does this so well. You have Jeff and the gang… but with actual goals and moments. How are we in 2020 and we have to get our football rocks off by watching a Chris Kamara reaction on a Saturday? It’s bollocks. The football isn’t exactly a spectacle without the fans, I’m not sure the Premier League is going to win over too many new ones during this period, so why not experiment with tried and true methods that help bring the casuals in?

Maybe clubs could completely lose their fucking minds and do something with Occulus. Imagine integrating Premier League football into VR? You could set cameras up in the stadium that allow fans to sit all over the stadium in virtual seats. I would do that. It’d definitely be more dignified than Pornhub VR.

Anyway, I have to go, but today, I am asking YOU a question… what is your football innovation?


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  1. Marc

    ” Self isolating at home with a confirmed case is just the surest way to contract it.”

    If it’s as contagious as is being claimed they’ve probably already been exposed to it.

  2. Spanishdave

    Hi Marc
    There was a virus called sweating disease in the 16 th c and it died out.
    People fled the cities where they could and the rich stayed on boats in the Thames estuary.
    Religious folk went to monasteries in the country and so did royalty.
    Every 30 years or so flu viruses break out as you know this time the WHO wanted to prove their prediction and the world panicked and overreacted.
    Getting out of the mindset will be a bigger problem than the virus as nobody wants to pull the trigger, so post viral economy is a bigger problem now.

  3. Jamie

    “If a virus is extinct how do you know it existed?”

    Is this a genuine question? In case it isn’t, because we keep records. Even in the extreme case of an ‘eradication’, small samples are sometimes (but not always) kept in labs.

    “Secondly just as a hint Bubonic Plague couldn’t be one because it’s not a virus it’s a bacterial infection – something completely different.”

    I didn’t offer up the bubonic plague as an example of a ‘defeated virus’, someone else did. I said it wasn’t.

  4. China1

    The entire developed world is investing in treatment and vaccine development for this virus. More than 80 are under development/already being tested as we speak

    Meanwhile regulatory barriers have been rolled back to fast track both treatment trials and vaccine progress

    Never before in the history of mankind has the entire globe been working in unison towards the same goals. Comparisons to vaccine development for largely irrelevant virus like the common cold are entirely imbalanced. If this corona virus was as irrelevant to human life as the common cold then we would be spending 0.00001% of the energy on that that we’re putting on this virus

    This is a dangerous and incredibly contagious disease which needs serious and very careful management throughout the world. But the doom mongering is becoming a joke. Unless it mutates to have a far higher mortality rate and also evade the literally dozens of vaccines and treatments that will soon be available, then the virus will be reduced to an entirely manageable issue for humanity at large in much the same way flu is

  5. Rich

    Jamie the reason we know the way we’ve defeated viruses is through herd immunity, is because mankind hasn’t been wiped out, and our immune systems have evolved over thousands of years to fight known infections

    If our bodies didn’t create antibodies to fight off infection, we’d all be dead, because something as simple the common cold would kill us all, because without antibodies we’d never recover.

    Influenza would kill everyone, not just those with weaker immune systems.

    The worry is that viruses will become more sophisticated, HIV for example, gradually attacks the immune system, before developing into AIDS to finish the job.

    It’s the reason healthy children pose no risk with coronavirus, because children need to have stronger immune systems to survive into adulthood, but as we age our immune systems weaken, making us more susceptible to disease and fatality.

    Through evolution our bodies and immune systems adapt to threats over time, the greater the threat, the quicker the adaptation.

  6. Marc


    We keep records? Homo Sapiens have been around for circa 220,000 years for the vast majority of that there were no records and no medical treatments for anything. If communities couldn’t develop immunity to viruses we’d all have been dead thousands of years ago.

    As far as I’m aware the only virus where it’s claimed it has been wiped out is Small Pox by the vaccination program conducted by the WHO, that doesn’t mean there are viruses that no longer exist and went extinct.

  7. China1

    I don’t think we should be calling the death rate ‘pathetically low’. We have people here who have lost loved ones, immediate family so let’s choose our language a bit more carefully

    I agree that the death rate is realistically a fraction of what is reported because we know that a huge percentage of infections were simply not tested for. But I do believe it’s a dangerous virus that does prompt a serious reaction – but realistically that action should now be looking at how to protect the elderly, those who are compromised and those with diabetes whilst reopening. If we can solve that challenge the virus will stop fucking us so hard and those in need will be protected until the inevitable vaccine arrives

  8. Marc


    Answer me a question – just on a basic level.

    When Europeans first went to South America new diseases and viruses decimated the indigenous populations – why weren’t all the Europeans dead before they got there? Why were there any Europeans left to even go there if there were all these terrible viruses in the population en masse?

  9. China1

    It’s kind of missing the point to worry about wiping the virus out entirely anyway. The question is only how do you protect the vulnerable, not how do you wipe it off the face of the earth. The vast majority of cases have been mild. People don’t need protecting from something that isn’t likely to be that serious. It’s those in the medium-high risk that need worrying about. The rest are broadly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things

  10. Paulinho

    “Getting out of the mindset will be a bigger problem than the virus as nobody wants to pull the trigger, so post viral economy is a bigger problem now.”

    Thank god for the Germans, it wasn’t for them everyone would be in a state of perpetual paralysis and become further wedded to the unsustainable status-quo of being held captive to the perception rather than reality of the virus.

    Aside from them, the only other place that didn’t have Stockholm Syndrome is Stockholm.

  11. Dissenter

    Who’s Mr New York?
    You can be funny when you’re not self-promoting your repetitious nonsense.


  12. Dissenter

    Just curious to know your opinion about Troy Deeney. I hear he’s leading a mini-boycott of players at Watford.

  13. Dissenter

    We have a to find a way to live and work during this covid-19 pandemic.
    Waiting it out is not a credible plan because it will still be with us for a long time to come. Even a vaccine won’t wipe out all fears.

    For starters, I think it has irreparably crippled the US because it’s led to some crazy spending that cannot be paid back.

    We need global leadership, obviously lacking right now. I trust the Chinese more that I trust Trump.
    “ So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance” – FDR 1932

  14. Dissenter

    Unai na
    But don’t you think there are people manning the super markets, driving transit buses and picking up our trash daily that have similar stories.
    I don’t think it’s black and white 😀😀😂😂, it’s shades of grey but he’s going to have as much protection as presidents can get.
    Marc has been making a salient point that hunger may very well end up killing more people than the virus if we don’t get the gears going again pretty soon.

  15. Rich

    We’re too polite as a nation, and it’s even more prevalent in our political class.

    We should never have been locked down to begin with, we’re too scared to tell those in the vulnerable demographics that it would be safer for them just to stay home for a few months.

    And think it sounds fairer if we lock everyone away for solidarity, when that was almost completely unnecessary.

    36 deaths now from under 40s with no “known” serious pre-existing conditions, which points to, if you have a healthy immune system? The mortality rate is negligible.

    No one should be forced to stay home, and nobody should be forced to go out, society works much better when it’s based on freewill, will people taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions, with no interference from idiotic MP’s and bureaucrats.

    The Tories allowed the left wing media to force them into a corner, they need to learn they’ll be criticised whatever they do, they now need to be brave,

  16. Rich

    Dissenter if you trust the Chinese more than Trump? You’re out of your mind.

    The Chinese communist party has a self appointed lifetime president, commit countless human rights violations, stamp all over what should be considered basic human liberties like free speech, freedom of expression and freewill

    They wipeout their political opponents and anyone who speaks out about the status quo.

    Trump is an absolute 🔔-end, but to declare him worse the Chinese communist regime is frankly ridiculous

  17. China1

    At the end of the day the situation is bad, especially in certain countries. Many more are going to die tragic, awful deaths, most of them will die desperate, suffering and alone, the worst way of all to go.

    But every day there is more progress. More is understood about the virus, who is more at risk, what can help prevent it, Evolution of treatment methods, better understanding of the virus, new drugs being trialed, more vaccines being tested, more innovations to help us live with it.

    Any model or forecast which shows anything but this being brought under control is either ill informed and extrapolating loads of negatives without considering that big picture of progress or it’s just outright disingenuous fear mongering.

    My dad is diabetic and my grandma is 91 and in a care home. They desperately need protecting. But that fact does not mean that we all are in the same boat. We’re not. It’s time for the governments and media of the world to acknowledge the bad and the danger and the risk, but to put forward the clearly positive direction we’re going.

    Just look at the stock market where every time we see gains someone gets wheeled out to tell us it’s not right and going to crash again. It’s a bullshit way to react when we see signs of positivity, it really is

  18. China1

    Trump would love to have a Chinese model of government in America, let’s be serious here

    That would be an absolute dream come true. It was only a day or two ago he was scolding Fox News for daring to say one negative thing about him bizarrely promoting a useless and slightly dangerous drug, saying he needs to find a new network lol

    The guy is as corrupt and crooked as America has probably ever known

  19. Graham62

    Come on guys, those folk who are saying watching football behind closed doors is better than having no football at all are not being honest with themselves.


  20. Micheal

    Scrolling through the crackpot stuff on here suggests that CG has escaped from his straightjacket and taken charge of the pandemic.

    Time to abandon Le Grove until the footy returns.

  21. Pedro

    Un, you bring more identity politics to this blog than anyone. Bit rich to have a pop at a footballer using broad statistics to assess his families risk to the virus before deciding whether or not to go back to work.

  22. Pedro

    … and to Michael’s point. Let’s stop with the politics. Un, you’ve been back one day and you’re already slipping into the same patterns that got you into trouble before.

  23. andy1886

    Just a quick comment on the concept that it’s only the old and sick that are impacted and that everyone else will get a mild form of the disease and get over it.

    I have friends in the UK who’s sixteen year old daughter (no underlying health issues, not over weight, no reason to be badly impacted) caught this illness. She became seriously ill, was hospitalised and now some six weeks later is only just starting to recover. And it’s not just the main illness stage that is the issue, she now has post-viral fatigue that she has been told will last for months.

    For anyone who thinks that post viral fatigue sounds a bit pathetic she has posted a video diary where you can see how she struggles to do even simple things like climb a set of stairs. She has been told that she will need to have rehabilitation but as yet none is available. This is likely to be the case for thousand or tens of thousands of other people, the human cost cannot simply be calculated in numbers of deaths.

  24. Dissenter

    I think was the one who’s amused that Troy Deeney has raised such a fuss. Unai did bring the ‘identity politics” peice into it.

    I’ve worked every work day through this shutdown, left home to work. I’ve never been tested once because I just wont qualify for it. I just find it puzzling why any footballer who’s going to have as much protection than Boris and the cabinet members could be so fussy. They are going to have access to the best that modern medicine could provide in 2020 so what’s the problem?

    The whole idea of testing the players before group training was to be able to isolate the positive ones. That’s what the Bundesliga did and that’s what the premier league is planning to do.

    Essentially, Deeny is committing his employers to relegation. Hope he can live with that.

  25. Pedro

    Dissenter, I never get ill, love going out, being around people. But I live with someone that is high risk. Do I want to go to the office and mingle with a disease that might have dire implications for my partner? Not really. Football is just work. If he doesn’t want to play, let him be.

  26. Rich

    Pedro mimicking the Chinese communist regime, there’s no football to talk about, we’re being locked away by our government, and he wants nobody to talk about it, and if you do? He’s going to make you disappear, this time maybe permanently….

  27. andy1886

    In football news we have been linked with Justin Kluivert as part of a swap deal to offload Mhiki.

    He’s a left winger so would that mean Saka would be off? It’s a possible fall back option if he will not sign a new contract.

  28. Dissenter

    Maybe you want do start ingesting bleach, inserting ultra-violet ray devices through your orifices and take hydroxychloroquine to prevent covid-19?
    You’re oblivious of the daily barrage of lies that this guy throws around … I’m not.

    It may be you think the WHO that’s the most important useful part of the global structure should be defunded as part of a tantrum.
    Trust him at your peril.

  29. Dissenter

    I hear you. It’s a grey issue but I’m sure everyone can use the Deeney reason to cop out of stepping up.
    If we all did that there will be garbage piled sky high on our streets, the food supply network will be broken and there won’t be anyone to man out hospitals.
    Deeney is essentially committing Watford to relegation because as captain he has sway in the dressing room, talk is that many players are staying away in support of him.
    He could have used his position to leverage more protection for his team mates. Sorry I don’t support his whining but I understand your dissenting view point.

  30. andy1886

    I’m sure that Deeney is comforted to know that he has the same level of protection as Boris (caught the disease) and Matt Hancock (Health Secretary – caught the disease), and Chris Whitty (also caught COVID-19).

    Testing doesn’t mean you wont catch it, just that you’ll know if you do by when you could have already infected vulnerable family members. That’s without considering that he’s more likely to get ill because of his ethnicity.

  31. Dissenter


    His ethnicity doesn’t confer any more vulnerability, stop that nonsense. My skin ton is darker than Deeney’s and I don’t go around thinking the virus will get me because I’m black. If that were the case, Africa would be ravaged as we speak.

    The high incidence of co-morbid medical conditions and the socio-economic disadvantages many people of color face in western society is what is causing the disproportionate fatality numbers. If you’re more likely to be poor and work as a door man, grocery clerk, transit bus driver then of course you are more likely to get the vurus.

    Like I stated, your position is understandable. I just happen to think otherwise.

  32. Sid

    Supreme leader Kim Pe Dro has continued brutal suppression in Pyong Grove, among those purged were his greatest adviser on Emery named CG reportely for being a traitor since Mi ke Arteta overthrowing the former.
    His close advisers Cha Lee Champagne and Mr New york New york have designated us sponsors of agendas

  33. Rich

    Dissenter I don’t believe anything any of our politicians say, and while I’d very reluctantly vote for Trump over both Biden and Clinton, I still think he’s a complete 🔔-End.

    To assert Trump is worse than the Chinese communist party is completely ridiculous, and really just confirms you’re the one not paying attention, and are so blinded by your hatred for Trump that you’ve lost all sense of perspective and reality.

  34. andy1886

    “Black people are more than four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than white people, according to stark official figures exposing a dramatic divergence in the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in England and Wales.

    The Office of National Statistics found that the difference in the virus’s impact was caused not only by pre-existing differences in communities’ wealth, health, education and living arrangements.

    It discovered that after taking into account age, measures of self-reported health and disability and other socio-demographic characteristics, black people were still almost twice as likely as white people to die a Covid-19-related death.”

    Sadly it does appear that regardless of socio-economic and other heath related issues there is a disparity in related COVID-19 disease incidence by ethnicity.

  35. Pedro

    Dissenter, but that’s the point, we don’t all cop-out because we don’t all carry the same risks.

  36. Marc


    Apparently there’s a higher incidence of diabetes and hearth disease in the BAEM community so is it ticking 2 boxes so to speak that’s the problem or is there something genetic causing the issue?

  37. Dissenter

    Are you suggesting some genetic predisposition…or something?
    Why isn’t Africa so devastated as we speak, despite of all the healthcare provision limitations the continent has.

    Troy Deeney can be satisfied that he’s essentially relating his employers. There’s a consequence to everything we do or don’t do.

  38. Dissenter

    I love you man. Keep calling me New York even though I dislike that city with a passion.
    You would have to pay me triple to make me live there but whatever.

  39. Dissenter

    *Troy Deeney can be satisfied that he’s essentially relegating his employers

    Sid is the one that caused my typo 🙂

  40. Graham62

    Just had a browse through the pictures of SK’s £500m mega ranch in Texas.

    Not bad.

    Apparently both NY and LA combined would fit into the ranches area.

  41. Marc


    Just curious to know your opinion about Troy Deeney. I hear he’s leading a mini-boycott of players at Watford.”

    I hadn’t heard that – it all depends if he has a child who would seriously be at risk if exposed then I can understand why and appreciate what he’s doing. If he’s just being a lazy fucker then no as has been said there are people on low wages who have the same or higher risk still doing jobs.

    What I would say if he’s genuine he wont’ have any problem with his wages being cut / not paid while he refuses to work – I would also say if he’s doing anything that could lead to exposure – breaking the lockdown for unnecessary reasons etc then he’s just an even bigger cock than I already think he is.

  42. alex cutter

    “Un, you bring more identity politics to this blog than anyone.”

    Not to mention all of the bloody nappies.

  43. NEEG

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto disguised as a peanut was being asSalted.

    Game of football anyone?

    No doubt all of the political issues will come to the fore in the future and they will be massive.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    There was an interesting interview today between Alan Neil and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

    Alan Neil is apparently living currently in France, because he is not working at
    moment for BBC.

    I did not watch interview primarily because I am sick and tired of listening to
    Piers constant snipes.

    However, my wife did and more importantly there have been reports about what was discussed.

    Alan considered by many including myself as the most forensic interviewers in UK made some interesting points.

    1. Most journalists and media pundits have not got a clue about what Corona Virus is. Why would they when it is an entirely new virus.

    2. He is critical of some of the media who are playing their own politics and criticisms rather batting on the same wicket as the Government in what he considers is the most difficult situation to have impacted on this
    country since the war.

    3. Andrew’s main criticism of Government is that they are sending too often ministers on tv who are not necessarily well briefed on matters that are being raised during interviews.

    4. Piers complained that the Cabinet refuses to participate on his programme
    and that had been relayed to ITV. Frankly he should not be surprised considering the negative and critical personalised remarks he has made not
    only during this crisis but also during the last General Election.

  45. Marc


    I like Andrew Neil he’s the only part of BBC News that isn’t so left wing it’s a joke and it would appear as is often the case he’s making a lot of sense.

    Why is most of the news coverage being controlled by political journalists and not the science ones?

  46. China1

    Andy no one thinks the young and healthy cannot get it badly. The young and healthy can be hospitalized and die. This is well acknowledged.

    But it’s statistically very rare. There are loads of cases of young healthy people being killed/struck down horribly with it, but for every one of those how many cases are there of people recovering without anything life threatening of hospitalizing them? We don’t even know because the gov couldn’t even be arsed to try and track it, but the number must be enormous.

    Even months back they could say that 80% of confirmed cases will not be bad enough to be hospitalized. Of those who were bad enough to be hospitalized, a very large majority were people with pre existing conditions or were elderly. Then factor in the realistically hundreds of thousands or likely millions of people who got infected, never even got tested, and the statistical frequency of such awful cases falls dramatically.

    Anecdotal evidence of this or that young person getting an awful bout of it is not how we should be building our national approach, we should be looking at the large scale numbers and analyzing the statistical commonalities between them. We also should be rolling out antibody tests across the population as priority n1 so we can finally get an accurate sense of perspective, rather than only having stats on the really bad cases which hugely distorts the overall picture

  47. Valentin

    For those still arguing against Troy Deeney, he has a six month old kid with breathing difficulty who has had lots of medical procedure AND a family relative living with him also with severe medical issues.

    Respectable epidemiologists are reporting that ethnicity does play a role and that even taking into account socio-economic situation, health (pre existing medical condition are more prevalent if you are poor), BAME are still more likely to die from it.

    Now if you were Troy Deeney and your doctor were to tell you, you have 1 chance over 100 to be responsible for the death of your loved one if you go to work. Knowing that you do not need the money, would you go to work?

  48. Valentin


    A large proportion of those hospitalised and who survived did not have pre-existing condition or at least did not know they had a pre-existing condition.

    From those survivors a large number will need rehabilitation for a fair few months.
    Look at Boris Johnson. Despite having the best medical personnel looking after him, he still can’t do a full day of work (and that’s not due to his usual lazyness). And that’s despite a workday of thr PM being a lot less physically demanding than most.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    Andrew Neil is a forensic interviewer in the same mould as the Dimbleby family. He is able to hide his own politics by treating ALL politicians with equal disrespect if they are not up to their brief.

    However, the main point Neil made is that most journalists and media have not got a clue about this virus and are therefore not competent to express an
    opinion about what is going on.

  50. Wasi

    Kluivert is definitely a very interesting and high potential option.
    But given Roma’s financial status and other factors right now. I think we should go for Zaniolo .
    Top top talent. Plays 10 ,8, RW.
    Mkhi + 20-25 mil should get it done imo.

  51. Jim Lahey

    “However, the main point Neil made is that most journalists and media have not got a clue about this virus and are therefore not competent to express an
    opinion about what is going on.”

    They aren’t competent to express an opinion on most things, but still do. Why would this be any different?

  52. Marc


    “the main point Neil made is that most journalists and media have not got a clue about this virus and are therefore not competent to express an
    opinion about what is going on.”

    You could apply that to most subjects when talking about journalists and it’s part of my point – surely the science journalists should be leading this as they should have the best chance of understanding what’s going on.

  53. China1

    Valentin until we have widespread antibody testing any stats re the severity will continue to mean very little

    We know it has spread like wildfire but the numbers don’t come close to reflecting that.

    If the only stays the gov are collating are generally on bad cases then yes expect a very dark picture. This applies to absolutely everything.

    It would be like collating statistics on car accidents and related injuries but only looking at a small fraction of actual crashes and a huge majority of those just being taken from cases where cars have had high speed head on collisions.

    The stats will look horrific. But what percentage of accidents are like that and what percentage are just people accidentally rolling into the car behind them at 1mph on a bad hill start and just scratching the bumper?

    The stats can be looked at properly when they accurate and comprehensive. Right now what are they?

  54. China1

    Tbf maybe it is ravaging Africa but hasn’t been well covered by local or international media

    I hope not but it’s hard to know for sure

  55. Marc


    The media over here are fixated on what’s happening at home – you can understand why – so it’s very possible things are being missed.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    The reality is that most African Countries are hardly testing. Nigeria with a population of 205 Million has conducted sofar just 105 tests.

    Yet everyone knows that mortality rates in Africa are horrendous. So the probability is that few countries are providing an accurate diagnosis on that

  57. China1

    Interesting numbers Emirates. Maybe someone on here who lives in Africa can give a verdict at least on the situation local to where they are

    I think a few guys here are Nigerian right?

  58. China1

    Marc I will credit you for being right about media fear mongering. I didn’t see much that I would classify as it in the early months when you started kicking off about it but recently I’m seeing loads

    One day sky news reports that scientists in South Korea have confirmed that you can’t catch it twice. Two days later they’re posting editorials written by some guy who demonstrates he has barely even read anything about the virus saying antibody tests don’t really mean anything

    It would be great if these journalists would even read the front page news on their own website before posting such vapid articles lol

  59. Sid

    The ignorance about Africa is staggering, so from Egypt to South Africa the whole world has missed horrendas mortality rates?

  60. Marc


    That’s the problem – if they were pushing a single agenda at least they’d show some consistency but they really are just throwing as much mud as they can, even if lots of it contradicts other parts.

    It’s incredibly irresponsible.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    One of the leading Scientists at the London School of Tropical Medicine is of
    Nigerian background. However, she is a specialist in Tropical Diseases specifically Malaria.

    She is not a specialist in Corona Virus, but when I have spoken to her on a number of occasions she is very well briefed on what is going on, because
    she is one of only 15 scientists who have been working there throughout

    Most of the 1,000 or so research scientists have been either seconded to NHS
    or furlowed, although many have returned last week to work.

    My feedback when I spoke to her on a number of occasions is that the UK
    scientific research on Corona Viruses is amongst the best worldwide.

    What is perhaps less up to scratch is the management structures in Public
    Health. That has been a longterm criticism in this country well before Covid 19 materialised.

  62. Spanishdave

    Hi ES
    I spoke to a NHs surgeon a few months ago and he said no matter how much money is given to the NHS it’s the middle management that lets it down.
    We have seen this with supply of ppe and sending old folks back to care homes.
    Hopefully there will be a review after this.
    The Prem needs to get going as planned then we can all cheer up.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    The scientist’s own father who is in his 80s underwent a heart operation in January, but suffered a leakage which required hospital treatment.

    Subsequently he contracted Covid 9 and has been in St Thomas Hospital where he was diagnosed as assymatic and has survived.

    So it should not be assumed that everyone in Bame Community is going to
    die if they contract the disease

    One of my neighbours has been in a Nursing Home, because he suffers from
    Alzheimer. This was a nursing home in Camden where one of the patients
    contracted Covid 19 whilst being treated in Hospital and was returned to Nursing Home. My neighbour subsequently contracted the virus and has been in Royal Free for over 2 weeks and is now recovering.

    So it should not be assumed that everyone over 80 or of Bame extraction is
    going to die. That is not what is happening.

    The problem is that the media as is usually the case are making a “meal” of
    what is going on and sadly causing a lot of panic. That is what Andrew Neil
    suggested more or less in today’s interview.

  64. China1

    Sid well as you said Africa is enormous in scale and diversity and you’re right I’m ignorant about it

    I haven’t seen any news articles about corona virus in Africa for about 2 months. I’m not presuming anything – I’m assuming nothing.

    People in the west seem to believe there has been a massive cover up in China. In Brazil and parts of Central America its assumed that the large death toll is being swept under the carpet wherever possible

    I don’t know anything about how things are across Africa so I won’t assume one way or the other

  65. Sid

    If there were horrendous mortality rates the CNN, BBC would be on it like white on rice
    Ebola, famine, genocide, AIDS etc could escape their hawk eyed reporting

  66. China1

    What I find absolutely staggering is that the British (or most others) government doesn’t have a technology task force which can be mobilized to address any major issue

    I keep saying that outside of the actual research done on the virus, most of the last few months haven’t been handled any different than they might have been in the 1990s

    It should be that scientists bring data to the gov. The gov synthsizes it into a range of problem statements, and a team of tech and innovation experts are told to come up with any and all realistic tech based solutions they can think of

    For example it was just a few days ago heathrow wasn’t unveiling their remarkable new idea to use thermal imaging scanners to check people’s temperatures en masse. In China this shit has been used everywhere for about 2 months already lol. IKEA uses it. My bloody office uses it… isn’t this kind of stuff low hanging fruit that the gov should’ve been implementing back in late Jan/early feb???

    Likewise you could have an app which allows people based in Britain who have had the virus to complete a survey daily documenting their symptoms, feelings etc. this data can then be collated on a huge scale and feed in to the national scientific community

    There are so many things technology can do to support us in this pandemic. But then I realized the reason why there appear to be so few ideas is probably because the governments of the world are basically run by middle-ages to elderly people who probably for the most part themselves are not ‘big’ on technology

    Imo this kind of tech task force should be absolutely key

  67. Dissenter

    Your massive ego-driven ignorance about Africa is astonishing.
    If covid-19 were so devastating to Africans, wouldn’t the emergency rooms be filled with capacity and the mortuaries stuffed to the brim?
    There are many other ways to know if the pandemic was so devastating without using the metric of formal testing.
    By the way I’m glad you have spoken to that one Nigerian expert at the London school of hygiene, mighty pleased for you.

  68. Guns of SF

    thoughts on Mikki plus 13m for Kluivert… another winger?
    Got the bloodline for sure, but can we convert him to striker- we are getting winger heavy

  69. Frost


    “The reality is that most African Countries are hardly testing. Nigeria with a population of 205 Million has conducted sofar just 105 tests”

    Don’t comment on things you know nothing about stroller if you can’t be bothered to at least do a Google search. It’s 34000+ tests done so far. Ridiculously low for such a large population, yes. But that’s a mile off 105.

  70. Emiratesstroller


    I made no comments about Africa apart to point out that the mortality rates there do not compare remotely to those in Europe.

    Moreover I pointed out that an 80 year old Nigerian living now in UK who had
    undertaken heart surgery in January had recovered from Corona Virus as he
    was assymatic

    Not every African is going to be vulnerable and die in a pandemic.

  71. Bojangles

    People in the UK can be thankful they have a complete Wally in charge during the pandemic and not those who contribute to the comments section at LG.