Premier League looks at late June return (excited)

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I am on a time crunch this morning, but I have to bang this out, we need to get back to normality, and you need a daily helping of Arsenal goodness. The Premier League is coming back and I can’t wait. I wish the press would offer up more of a solutions-oriented approach to journo-ing than continuing to highlight individual moaners. Germany has led the way, they are the responsible adult in the room at all times. If they can do it, we can do it and if it all goes wrong: Blame Germany. Simple as that. That’s 21st-century leadership right there.

The Premier League isn’t fucking about. They’re sending secret police to training grounds to check clubs aren’t going past their allotted 75 minutes of training. I find rulings like that kind of absurd.

‘You can breathe, clatter, and sweat over each other… but keep it to 75 minutes, gotta play it safe’

Players are going to be heavily tested, with debate currently underway with the clubs over whether they should be in hotels for 7 or 14 days prior to games. There are still risks associated with this. Hotel workers aren’t often paid the best, they sometimes work other jobs, all it takes is one rogue person to bring in the virus and a whole club is wiped out.

Still, I think we’re at the point now where we’re going to have to work with this. There’s no such thing as ‘totally safe’ and the continuation of the game as we know it. I think that’s the stark reality society is facing up to. You can’t cripple the world forever… because we won’t have much to go back to if we take that stance… and the people that get hurt are not the rich ones. It’s the small independent businesses and jobs that make a city a city.

The bigger concern is that the Premier League clubs are being told that social distancing will remain in force for 6-12 months. I’d take that as 12 months and longer unless this summer rains UV hell on the virus, or people just take off their gloves and get brave with their health. Long and short… the Premier League is not going to have real fans in place for a long time.

This is both a curse and a gift. The curse, Arsenal are going to have to find £93m. The gift? The Premier League is going to have to get creative. I think Charles Allen; exArsenal marketing man, has it right.

Clubs have roughly 10 games left. Now is the chance to do something crazy. If it works, maybe it carries over into normal times?

I think the biggest innovation has to be digital season tickets. Every single game left this season should be available to purchase. How that’s delivered is a tougher question. The simplest mechanism and the easiest would be to give it to the BBC. Problem with that idea, though wonderful, is it has no future business value. You don’t learn anything from giving it away free. Sounds beastly, but clubs need to learn how to make up lost revenue, not how to get applause from The Guardian.

I’d explore working with someone that’s cash-rich, nimble, and plugged into the internet. Amazon is perfectly poised to pick up all the match and sell them back to the fans.

Covid-Pass Gold: Access to all the games that aren’t free to air for the rest of the season.

Club-Pass: Access to all games that aren’t being aired on the other channels by club.

Game-Pass: Slightly more premium model, where you can dip in and buy an individual game.

Make all of the above global. TIE IT IN WITH GAME DAY FOOD PACKAGES. Imagine getting Camden Hells, a salt beef bagel, and bag of slightly dodgy sweets wrapped in cheap sandwich bags. It’d be epic. Maybe some hotdog stall fragranced candles?

I also wonder whether it’s time for the Premier League to explore a better Game Center type model. America does this so well. You have Jeff and the gang… but with actual goals and moments. How are we in 2020 and we have to get our football rocks off by watching a Chris Kamara reaction on a Saturday? It’s bollocks. The football isn’t exactly a spectacle without the fans, I’m not sure the Premier League is going to win over too many new ones during this period, so why not experiment with tried and true methods that help bring the casuals in?

Maybe clubs could completely lose their fucking minds and do something with Occulus. Imagine integrating Premier League football into VR? You could set cameras up in the stadium that allow fans to sit all over the stadium in virtual seats. I would do that. It’d definitely be more dignified than Pornhub VR.

Anyway, I have to go, but today, I am asking YOU a question… what is your football innovation?


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  1. Marc


    You could program them with the laws of another game and they’d still be better than the shower we’ve got at the moment.

  2. Upstate Gooner

    Football, or any other sport for that matter, is nothing without the fans. I was craving footy for a couple of months, and was psyched to finally watch some (Bundesliga). Hate to say it but I got bored very quickly. I think I was watching the empty seats more than the “action” on the pitch. I’m afraid this will be a failed experiment. No fake noise, no cutout cardboards will replace the real fans, and the real atmosphere. Whoever is in charge will have to get creative indeed. Somehow, someway they will have to start letting people in. Tests, masks, removing seats for social distancing. Something will have to be done or it’s doomed.

  3. MidwestGun

    what is your football innovation?
    Mine would be have all the players and refs especially the refs wear camera vests like the police wear here in the US of A. So you can see exactly what they see when they make a decision. Yes it would be hot and bulky… but from what I have seen most of the refs could stand to lose about 30lbs anyhow. Million dollar idea… Peds.. and you can thank me in cash dividends. Or beer.

  4. Un na naai

    Football innovation

    Salary and transfer fee cap.
    Specific commission for agents and bungs.
    Fairer distribution of tv and sponsorship money. The big clubs have been taking the piss for the best part of 30 years.

  5. Marc


    At the moment the focus should be on getting this season done. After that we should actually push the start of next season back a month or so – by then there’s a reasonable chance we’ll have a vaccine and more effective treatments will have been found / developed.

    Even if the vaccine’s in development at the moment don’t come good there are others as well – also I think by September / October people will be back at work and things will be far more normal – at that point you’ll get people asking “if I can travel on the rube to work, work in an office where social distancing doesn’t work, walk round a supermarket and go to the pub why can’t I go to the football?”

  6. Un na naai


    All good bud. You were spot on about the over reaction by the way. It was all a big load of nothing. Even I got suckered in

    How are you and yours?

  7. Upstate Gooner

    I’ve wanted salary cap in football for years. Like the idea of distributing TV money more evenly as well. Hate to see smaller teams getting battered and taken advantage of all the time.

  8. Marc


    Everyone’s safe and well although I think everyone’s getting more than a little stir crazy now.

    On the downside my health kick of drinking a bit less, losing a bit of weight and doing a bit of exercise (which was going quite well) has completely gone out the window.

  9. Spanishdave

    Everybody will be back to normal and the Premiership will still be hiding behind the sofa, absolutely madness.
    We do not live in an virus free world and you never will.
    We’ve just completely screwed up the economy and soon fingers will be pointing and the blame game will begin.

  10. Marc


    As I’ve said before I’m so fucked off with the press – one minute calling for the lockdown to be lifted and a plan the minute the government starts a slow process they’re screaming about how reckless they’re being lifting the lockdown.

    It’s pure scaremongering to make this more complicated than it needs to be.

  11. CG

    “””””Anyway, I have to go, but today, I am asking YOU a question… what is your football innovation?””””””

    1. tweak off side rule.
    2. extra point if you score 3 goals away from home.
    3. players pay agents not clubs
    4. all transfer fees disclosed : all players wages disclosed: no more undisclosed fees.
    5. Owners to disclose their tax affairs every year- if they are reluctant- they cant become owners. the FA cup winners £30 million in prize money
    7.all euro ties to be knock out.
    8. no subs after 85 minutes
    9. The Wenger trophy to be introduced and to replace The Emirates Cup

    and that type of thing.

    and welcome back UN.

  12. Upstate Gooner

    I agree to a certain extent. First of all, yes, all of the remaining games must be played out. That’s the only fair way to guarantee titles, promotions/relegations, European spots, etc… and I think it’s much safer to do it now because of warm weather. However, I don’t necessarily agree about things getting back to (somewhat) normal by September-October. If anything, I think once the flu season is back in November-December, things might get even worse than we’ve just recently witnessed. I’m usually an optimist but in this case I tend to think that it will get worse before it gets better. And I’m not just talking about Covid, I’m talking about its consequences. Lost jobs, damaged economies, ruined lives of many… all of it comes to mind, and football might be the last thing on people’s minds for a while.

  13. Marc


    Well I’ll say this numbers 1, 3, 4 are great ideas. Don’t think you’d ever get 5 to work although I’d be 100% behind making the fit and proper test actually work, with number 8 what about if a player is injured?

  14. zaco

    the regular 4th guys seems to have relocated to Germany while we are all here hoping that project restart sees the light of the day

  15. Rich

    The danger would be for the clubs, is if more people learn how to stream for free

    Once you know you can get it for free, nobodies going to be keen to return to paying.

    I’ve watched the majority of boxing and UFC events online the following morning, never paying a penny, and not having to wake up at 2am to watch it

    With millions expected to be out of work, and many bars + clubs never reopening, that will also make the potential customer base shrink even further.

  16. Marc


    “Lost jobs, damaged economies, ruined lives of many”

    That’s why we’ve got to start getting things opened up again – it’s becoming more and more clear that those at risk are a tiny minority in particular groups, the elderly – they need to continue being in isolation until a vaccine is found, those with serious health conditions are the same. The obese tough fucking titty – you’ve been told to lose some weight for decades now you’re going to die if you don’t.

  17. Marc


    I don’t know if you would have picked this up in the states – the Oxford vaccine which is currently going through trials – they’re going to have 30 million doses ready in September on the chance it works.

    If it’s not that vaccine someone will develop one.

  18. Spanishdave

    Yep Marc the FA want Liverpool to win it, otherwise there will be another stampede!
    The virus is going away but nobody wants to make a positive decision.
    Elf and Safety will have a field day, and this will prolong it even more.
    All these government , and FA management have full pay and bullet proof jobs for life. They don’t give a toss about people’s careers being destroyed.

  19. Marc


    I was doing some free lance sales consultancy work whilst job hunting. You can’t do face to face sales at the moment and it’ll take a minimum of 4/5 months before company’s are looking at holding any form of sales meeting with people coming in – as for job hunting it’ll take longer before company’s have the confidence to start recruiting again.

  20. Marc


    What do the PL do if it’s players who have been caught breaking the lockdown?

    It’s also going to give the bottom 6 an even bigger excuse to try and stop the restart.

  21. Upstate Gooner

    No, didn’t hear anything about the “Oxford” vaccine. Yesterday, we had Sorrento Therapeutics company buzzing about some breakthrough. Their stock went from about 2 bucks to over $8 in 5 days. Today… it’s $5. Guess their “vaccine” wasn’t all that good. Another name popped up in the news in the last day or two, Moderna. Same story… A month ago something was developed in South Korea. Then Israel. Then some other country. All hype and nothing else. Covid-19 is a type of flu. Do we have a vaccine for a “regular” flu? Nope. Flu shots do very little for the most part. There’s also no medicine for it if you do get it. “Plenty of fluids” is what you will hear. So whatever these companies come up will not be a cure as many people think.

  22. TheBayingMob

    Love the VR slant. I think like we’ve seen with the NFL and the camera on a rope (I think it’s called the ‘Skycam’), getting right in the action but not actually disrupting it could be amazing, not sure how practical it is to have drone like cameras buzzing around the players while they play (I’m sure pansy primadonas like Ozil would have an issue with it), but if you could almost be ‘on the pitch’ at different times that would be a great innovative move forward.

    Football has been hard to pull out of its 90s model of TV company subscriptions, the PL more so because it’s been so successful with that but also it has been better than other markets in distributing the riches, but we have to be careful; if we go to a digital season ticket type model then it means the big clubs will just vacuum up 90% of the money; the PL hyad become a great attraction because of the smaller clubs having access to good funding but also finding ways to punch above their weight (this also creates a lot of motivation in lower leagues to make the $$$ big time), I would hate to see that go along with Liverpool and United dominate everything for ever more per La Liga, would turn me off more than a BBW threesome on PornHub …

  23. TheBayingMob

    ” … it’s becoming more and more clear that those at risk are a tiny minority in particular groups, the elderly – they need to continue being in isolation until a vaccine is found, those with serious health conditions are the same.”

    That’s simply not true mate. This thing attacks the blood vessels, major organs and is causing clotting that experts have been stunned at and simply never seen before. People are getting critically O2 deficient and don’t even know it. There are plenty of stories of people with no underlying conditions going out like a light.

    In time, the scientists will work why and what trigger points there are. Maybe it’s blood type? Who knows at this point.

    I’m not going to argue but if you think this is a ‘tiny’ minority of people you are staggeringly ignorant on the subject. Maybe you could start self medicating with hydroxychloroquine, I’m sure that will be fine!!!?

  24. Marc


    The Oxford vaccine is something that was mentioned over here a couple of months ago – right at the start of the lock down over here they said they had something they were so sure on they were going to make a million doses of – it’s currently under human trials and they reckon they’ll know if it works in June / July. They’ve now given the commercial rights to AstraZeneca and have put in place 30 million doses for September when it’ll be passed as safe (hopefully) for use.

    Someone is either massively overselling what they have or these guys are very good.

    The flu vaccine is different as it’s made to target a single strain of flu – you can have the vaccine and then get a different strain.

  25. Marc


    How many have died who didn’t have one of the pre existing conditions? Not many and so many of those so called “healthy” people are over weight or obese.

    When they have the anti body tests en masse you’ll see millions have had this and either only been mildly ill or didn’t even know they’d had it.

    I’m not saying it’s nothing but I fear we could have controlled this without destroying the economies of the western world.

  26. Spanishdave

    That’s the reality Marc, the Media love to keep up the fear but untold damage is being done to society.
    In 1968 the strain of flu called Asian flu killed 100, 000 in the UK and nothing changed in everyday life. Things just continued and it went away.
    Now, the social media circus exaggerates everything to our detriment.
    Good luck with your career Marc.

  27. Pedro

    Dave, 43k deaths in 3 months isn’t social media exaggerating things. I appreciate you feel inconvenienced, but plenty of people are dealing with dead relatives, even on here. So let’s keep the snowflake talk to a minimum.

  28. Marc


    The reason the PL has been so successful in it’s commercial activities is because it’s a collective bargaining system – you don’t have a couple of clubs pulling in 90% of the TV deals – this is both for domestic and overseas deals.

    If the PL wants to start doing digital season tickets it needs to keep this at the heart of how it negotiates.

  29. Spanishdave

    2000 people die per week in the UK from flu and pneumonia.
    Perspective is needed.
    In 2014 the strain of flu killed the same amount of people, but nothing was said because it was called flu.
    99.975% of people in the UK have not been infected.
    Stop the world I want to get off.!

  30. Sid

    I should get part of my subscription money back, i paid to watch games with fans, hear noise, cut out boards, real atmosphere
    Im not getting what i paid for

    You heard it here 1st!

  31. Sid

    The 43k deaths quoted wil be only confirmed when we compared this years mortality rates against past five years mortality rates

  32. Bob N16

    Spanishdave, euthanasia always an option.

    One change I’d love to see is for time-keeping to be more transparent. I would operate a similar system to rugby union. 40 minutes a half, the clock on a countdown which everybody can see and the referee able to stop the clock for injuries , VAR and when players need a good talking to!

  33. Marc


    Agree there’s no reason why the stadium clock can’t be connected to the ref’s stop watch. That way no injury time just the 90 minutes we’re supposed to see, if the opposition are time wasting but you can see the ref has stopped the clock what’s the problem?

  34. Rich

    Pedro you want perspective

    Only 33 people with no pre-existing conditions under 40 in England have died of Covid19, and that’s out of 40,000,000 of them.

    For comparison, 49 people a year die by getting struck by lightning, and 50,000 died from flu in 2017, even though we have a vaccine.

  35. Spanishdave

    We should do this because often even after the extra time the ref lets a corner take place, why? The times up, but refs wait for the ball to be in play, this can be 30 seconds later.

  36. Spanishdave

    Exactly Rich.
    What is the level of acceptance, nobody is saying it. Why?
    The government are winging it.

  37. Bob N16

    Agree Dave, transparency is the key. Same with VAR, supporters in the stadium should be able to see the images the VAR is replaying. If the decision is accurate then the spectators would accept it. If it’s too difficult to call then benefit of the doubt should stay with the original decision ( umpire’s call if you know your cricket).

  38. Wiscogunner

    While I live in the US the idea of making a match day experience by offer some sort of viewing experience and pairing it with some sort of food deal from local business to offer delivery pregame would actually be a really neat idea in my opinion. Obviously a lot of logistics to work though with the sheer number of food orders but could be a way to drive up local business as well.

    I also like the idea of paying for individual seats around the stadium to watch the game. Using single cameras set around the stadium at different valued seats and selling based off usual ticket prices for different seating so to speak.

  39. Rich

    Spanish Dave, the government have bottled it, they’ve allowed the media to bully them into a corner, and now they can’t find a way out.

  40. Marc

    “I also like the idea of paying for individual seats around the stadium to watch the game. Using single cameras set around the stadium at different valued seats and selling based off usual ticket prices for different seating so to speak.”

    The down side to that is if you buy a “seat” next to mine you’ll get the audio of me doing my nut about he ref constantly!

  41. Spanishdave

    The government said the RO number must be below 1.
    It’s been below that for two weeks, but they are still carrying on the same.
    Clueless , yep the media are keeping the fear going it sells and gives extra profit.

  42. Marc


    It’s worse than that – as I understand the R figures take a couple of weeks to process so when the media went hysterical last week after the lockdown was eased they were doing it over numbers that were before the lifting.

    If the government tomorrow announced that schools were going to stay closed over the summer and reopen in September the media would run 3 months of “destroying the education of a generation” stories.

    Once this is over the media needs to be held to account.

  43. Rich

    233 under 60 with no pre-existing conditions have died of Covid19

    So 200 between 40-60 with no pre-existing conditions have died.

    And I don’t believe obesity would be classed as a severe pre-existing condition.

    And yet we’re locking up the whole country, they’ve never successfully created a vaccine for a coronavirus, but even though they have a seasonal flu vaccine, 50,000 still died of the flu in 2017.

    Over 75% of deaths died with covid19, not of covid19, but are still recorded as Covid deaths

    And this is before the lack of cancer screening and screening for other fatal conditions, again if these people die from a lack of early detection, then contract covid19, they’ll go down as Covid19 deaths

    And around and around and around we go…..

  44. Terraloon

    I don’t know if I missed it being mentioned but it seems City’s appeal at CAS is to be heard on 8-10 June.

  45. Marc


    I know it sounds horrible but every time I see the media do one of their “tragic death” stories of a much loved mum / dad / partner etc and then put personal pictures up my first response 99% of the time is either old or fat.

    I disagree with Dave when he says “99.975% of people in the UK have not been infected.” I think a huge number have and have either been mildly ill or absolutely fine.

    What is the response if 10 million have had it and not had a problem?

  46. Marc


    5802 deaths in hospitals out of a population just under 9 million – fuck sake, I don’t blame the government for taking action but these numbers are daft.

    We’re going to see deaths from the results of the lockdown etc dwarf those caused by the virus.

  47. Tom

    So let me get this straight, the world governments have been bullied by the media into overreacting over Covid-19 , even though some of the governments that have taken these “ unnecessary “ measures controlled the very media they had supposedly been bullied by?!

  48. Marc


    “Only 140 where covid is cause of death rather than dying through other causes but testing positive.”

    It worries me that we’re not being given an explanation of what that actually means ie “patient had late stage lung cancer with a week to live and Covid finished him off a few days early” or “patient had late stage lung cancer and we didn’t realise he had Covid at all until a blood test was done after death and it played no part in the death”.

    I hate it when this shit happens it makes people start grabbing at the conspiracy theories and tin foil helmets.

  49. Rich

    Marc I’ve had it, flu like symptoms, plus a loss of taste and appetite

    I agree, I think a high percentage will have contracted it, all depends how many have caught it, and remained a-systematic.

    The flattening of the curve could be more to do with the vulnerable dying off first, rather than the effects of the lockdown.

  50. Rich

    Marc if you die of late stage lung cancer, but afterwards test positive for Covid19, they 100% are recording it as a Covid death.

  51. Redtruth


    The number of deaths of COVID-19 in care homes more than doubled between the 15th and 16th week of the year.

    But the real concern is those deaths which have not been officially registered as COVID-19.

    To understand why, we need to look not just at the deaths formally attributed to the virus, but at all deaths in care homes.

    At this time of year the average number of deaths in care homes is close to 2,000. Yet in the week to April 17, more than 7,000 people died in care homes.

    That is shocking enough but even more disturbing is the detail.

    Subtract the average number of deaths each week from what we are seeing this year and you get a horrible number: nearly 10,000 “excess deaths” in care homes since mid-March.

    But here’s the striking thing: just over 3,000 of those deaths are officially described as COVID-19 deaths.

    As for the remaining 6,600, we simply don’t have an explanation.

  52. Marc


    I was ill back in Jan – bad cough (I’m asthmatic so I get a cough whenever I’m ill), zero appetite (hardly ate a bite for 4 days) and felt really lethargic, cant’ remember if I lost sense of taste or smell but as I wasn’t eating it wasn’t really a big deal.

    The only home PL match I’ve missed all season was the Sheffield Utd match and that was a week after I went down with “whatever”.

    Did I have Covid 19 or just another “virus” no idea but I’d love an anti body test to find out.

    There was a story circulating last week that seems to have disappeared – a Doctor in Paris has gone back and tested blood samples from patients who died in hospital in December – some of them came back as positive for Covid.

    This was in circulation before we realised.

  53. Spanishdave

    The ONS are recording anyone with pneumonia and then gets corvid it’s a corvid death.
    It seems that they want the numbers to be as high as possible to support their lockdown action, that is now wrecking the economy.
    It’s a mess, and now Wales, Scotland an NI all have their own lockdowns.
    It’s becoming a political football, and now the unions want to get in on it.
    Meanwhile Rome burns.

  54. GillespieRoadNoMore

    ” what is your football innovation?”

    Micro positional tracking so that players can be measured in relation to each other’s position and relative to the ball at all times with speed and momentum accounted for as well allowing for precise offside judgements that are irrefutable and not reliant upon the dubious judgement of some numpty at Stockley Park.

  55. Redtruth

    To start with, the world’s worst COVID-19 death stats – or are you like other loons on this thread that believe COVID-19 is a “communist” hoax?


    December 31st China alerts WHO to new virus.

    January 23rd Study reveals a third of China’s patients require intensive care.

    January 24th Boris Johnson misses first Cobra meeting.

    January 29th Boris Johnson misses second Cobra meeting.

    January 31st The NHS declares first ever ‘Level 4 critical incident’ Meanwhile, the government declines to join European scheme to source PPE.

    February 5th Boris Johnson misses third Cobra meeting.

    February 12th Boris Johnson misses fourth Cobra meeting. Exeter University published study warning Coronavirus could infect 45 million people in the UK if left unchallenged.

    February 13th Boris Johnson misses conference call with European leaders.

    February 14th Boris Johnson goes away on holiday. Aides are told to keep Johnson’s briefing notes short or he will not read them.

    February 18th Johnson misses fifth cobra meeting.

    February 26th Boris Johnson announces ‘Herd Immunity’ strategy, announcing some people will lose loved ones. Government document is leaked, predicting half a million Brits could die in ‘worse case scenario’

    February 29th Boris Johnson retreats to his country manor. NHS warns of ‘PPE shortage nightmare’ Stockpiles have dwindled or expired after years of austerity cuts.

    March 2nd Boris Johnson attends his first Cobra meeting, declining another opportunity to join European PPE scheme. Government’s own scientists say over half a million Brit’s could die if virus left unrestrained. Johnson tells country “We are very, very well prepared.”

    March 3rd Scientists urge Government to advise public not to shake hands. Boris Johnson brags about shaking hands of Coronavirus patients.

    March 4th Government stops providing daily updates on virus following a 70% spike in UK cases. They will later U-turn on this amid accusations they are withholding vital information.

    March 5th Boris Johnson tells public to ‘wash their hands and business as usual’

    March 7th Boris Johnson joins 82,000 people at Six Nations match.

    March 9th After Ireland cancels St Patrick’s day parades, the government says there’s “No Rationale” for cancelling sporting events.

    March 10th – 13th Cheltenham takes place, more than a quarter of a million people attend.

    March 11th 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans fly to Liverpool.

    March 12th Boris Johnson states banning events such as Cheltenham will have little effect. The Imperial College study finds the government’s plan is projected to kill half a million people.

    March 13th The FA suspends the Premier League, citing an absence of Government guidance. Britain is invited to join European scheme for joint purchase of ventilators, and refuses. Boris Johnson lifts restrictions of those arriving from Coronavirus hot spots.

    March 14th Government is still allowing mass gatherings, as Stereophonics play to 5,000 people in Cardiff.

    March 16th Boris Johnson asks Britons not to go to pubs, but allows them to stay open. During a conference call, Johnson jokes that push to build new ventilators should be called ‘Operation Last Gasp’

    March 19th Hospital patients with Coronavirus are returned to care homes in a bid to free up hospital space. What follows is a boom of virus cases in care homes.

    March 20th The Government states that PPE shortage crisis is “Completely resolved” Less than two weeks later, the British Medical Association reports an acute shortage in PPE.

    March 23rd UK goes into lockdown.

    March 26th Boris Johnson is accused of putting ‘Brexit over Breathing’ by not joining EU ventilator scheme. The government then state they had not joined the scheme because they had ‘missed the email’

    April 1st The Evening Standard publishes that just 0.17% of NHS staff have been tested for the virus.

    April 3rd The UK death toll overtakes China.

    April 5th 17.5 million Antibody tests, ordered by the government and described by Boris Johnson as a ‘game changer’ are found to be a failure.

    April 7th Boris Johnson is moved to intensive care with Coronavirus.

    April 16th Flights bring 15,000 people a day into the UK – without virus testing.

    April 17th Health Secretary Matt Hancock says “I would love to be able to wave a magic wand and have PPE fall from the sky.” The UK has now missed four opportunities to join the EU’s PPE scheme.

    April 21st The Government fails to reach its target of face masks for the NHS, as it is revealed manufactures offers of help were met with silence. Instead millions of pieces of PPE are being shipped from the UK to Europe.

    April 23rd – 24th Government announces testing kits for 10 million key workers. Orders run out within minutes as only 5,000 are made available.

    April 25th UK death toll from Coronavirus overtakes that of The Blitz.

    April 30th Boris Johnson announces the UK has succeeded in avoiding a tragedy that had engulfed other parts of the world – At this point, the UK has the 3rd highest death toll in the world.

    May 1st The Government announces it has reached its target of 100,000 tests – They haven’t conducted the tests, but posted the testing kits. Many without identifying labels

    May 5th The UK death toll becomes the highest in Europe.

    May 6th Boris Johnson announces the UK could start to lift lockdown restrictions by next week.

    May 11th Johnson makes confused speech on television, slogan changed to green (green light). And the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid will be forced to risk their lives..

  56. Marc


    Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland don’t have economies to speak of – of course they’re happy to sit on their arses doing fuck all the English will pick up the bill.

    Personally I’d give all the fuckers devolution tomorrow – I bet you a cold beer on a sunny day they’d all be chomping at the bit to go back to work then. I’d also tell Andy Burnham and all the other northern cunts that they can soon follow as well.

  57. Rich

    Our political leaders are petulant children.

    Last week Sturgeon called Boris’s new message confusing, this week she’s followed suit, with the exact same messaging.

    In 2014 the SNP were calling for an Australian style points system, today they opposed the governments immigration bill, describing it as unforgivable, politicians across the spectrum will happily blow wherever the wind takes them.

    They’re all as bad as each other.

    Mark I’ve never had a loss of appetite and loss of taste with the flu before, that’s why I think I’ve had it.

    Redtruth i’m not doubting this virus is wiping out the vulnerable, but we had an additional 50,000 deaths from the flu in 2017.

    This is what viruses do, they attack the weak, I just don’t know why we’re locking the entire population away? Particularly healthy people under 40s

  58. Marc

    “March 26th Boris Johnson is accused of putting ‘Brexit over Breathing’ by not joining EU ventilator scheme. The government then state they had not joined the scheme because they had ‘missed the email’ ”

    Firstly not what they said – secondly how many patients have we had that needed a ventilator who didn’t get one?

    Red – leave the lefty moronic bollocks elsewhere, if Corbyn was in charge there wouldn’t be an economy left to crash.

  59. Marc


    I’m 46 and asthmatic, I understand why the government panicked and the media pressure didn’t help but right now let’s get things moving again.

  60. Redtruth

    There were an estimated 50,100 excess winter deaths in England and Wales in 2017/18 – the highest recorded since winter 1975/76, figures from the Office for National Statistics show.

    The number of excess winter deaths observed in 2017/18 was higher than all years since the 1975/76 winter period, when there were 58,100 extra deaths. The last peak was in 2014/15, when there were 43,850 excess deaths – which was the worst figure since the millennium.

    Compared with recent years, excess winter deaths observed in 2017/18 were 45.1 per cent higher than the 2016/17 winter and more than double that seen in 2015/16.

  61. Redtruth

    A total of 40,496 people in the UK have died from coronavirus as of 9 May, according to official figures, though data suggests there has been close to 51,000 excess deaths.

    In the first six weeks of the outbreak, 108,345 deaths were registered by the Office for National Statistics for England and Wales – which is 46,494 more than the five-year average over the same period.

  62. Spanishdave

    Like your reply and so right.
    Politics will now take over, it’s the worst virus we have and it doesn’t go away!
    Sleep well guys.

  63. rollen

    lol Red every reasonable person knows why extra deaths. All medical resources went towards covid 19 and all others ( 99% more serious ) issues were abandoned.
    If the real numbers ever get public it will be much worst. There was one case of east Canada care home which got abandoned and 30+ ppl died.

  64. Un na naai


    Look it up
    Doctors are being pressured to assign covid as cause when it isn’t
    Financially incentivised. Question is, why?
    Is it to push the vaccine? Is it to justify the over reaction or is it to justify the ensuing power grab? All plausible questions. For me this is way over the likes of Johnson’s head. This comes from the very top and elected leaders ain’t that.

  65. Un na naai

    And what you’re also not factoring in is that people with serious conditions are dying due to the fear of attending hospitals or GP surgeries.

    I was at St. George’s yesterday morning
    It was dead. Absolutely dead. I also had a very revealing conversation with the doctor which I will not post but let’s just say she disapproves of lockdown

  66. Emiratesstroller


    What is the point of your diatribe?

    Whenever you post on Le Grove whether about Wenger, Arteta,Arsenal, Football , Politics or Covid 19 it is always in the negative.

    Is there a single topic where you have actually something positive to discuss?

  67. Valentin

    The problem is that in some countries, people do not follow basic rules of hygiene, courtesy and common sense. For some right to Freedom equates the right to mess everybody else life.

    As soon as there are a few sunny days in the UK, Look at the number of ice cream lolly sticks left in parks, same with the number of items full of phlegm that litters the street. when at a minimum people could throw it in the bin.
    Do the same thing in Singapore and they’ll throw you in jail.

    A colleague of mine saw a drunk guy getting arrested because he had urinated in a public lift. The lift had a urine smell sensor and automatically locked the door, and call the police.
    Imagine doing that in the UK! London, Liverpool, Hull, Newcastle and Glasgow estate would be in complete lockdown.

    An friend was blocked in Florida after a convention, because Italy was under lockdown and until recently did not allow flight. He was shocked to see so many fat, old obnoxious people outside without a mask not exercising social distancing. Worse those people were berating him for wearing a mask in the supermarket!

  68. G8

    Nice post Pedro, hope everyone is keeping well..

    The reason for complete lockdown including youth,children and other young healthy people is that if they contacted the virus, though they may recover from it without complication, they could pass it to others who are more vulnerable and less fortunate they would end up in intensive care unit or die

    Also think of all them health workers who risk their lives dealing directly with covid patients on top of other medical emergencies, the system would explode

    As for people dying from cancer because of the lockdown down is just not true, all essential treatment including cancer treatment renal dialysis, etc still going as normal..
    My 56 yrs old mother in law just completed her chemotherapy course in Bristol thanks to all those dedicated NHS doctors and nurses out there

    Again I will say this, the whole world has been in lockdown it’s not just the UK, so it’s not the UK media who influencing decisions , it’s what the medical experts and scientists advise.
    I know the media love a story and they do stir things up all the time to make their misrable lives more relevant, but they are not forcing governments lockdown decisions
    It may or may not be the right call, this is a new virus and we only know little about the way it behaves ,until we know the full picture I think the world acted in the right way.

    No one in the western world is going to die from hunger or loose their homes because of 3 months covid lockdown
    You may loose your job or business, but it’s not the end of the world

    This is a global health and economic crisis
    Everyone will suffer, but economy will recover and people will eventually go back to their routine living and pleasures (some people never stopped anyway)
    So take a 5 and hope and pray those wonderful scientists could come with a vaccine or cure soon

  69. Tom

    EmiratesstrollerMay 19, 2020 23:01:11
    “RTWhat is the point of your diatribe?”

    Boris Johnson is …….an incompetent dipshit , would be my guess.

    His timeline of inaction looks uncannily similar to that of Trump’s.
    I wonder why.

  70. Tom

    “No one in the western world is going to die from hunger or loose their homes because of 3 months covid lockdown
    You may loose your job or business, but it’s not the end of the world“

    Clearly you’re not familiar with the realities of life in the US.
    Many people will lose their health care and homes because of jobs loss.

  71. G8

    Tom, may be that’s because Trump and his cronies have their other priorities!
    I should rephrase it though, no one in the western world “Should ” die from hunger or loose their homes because of covid

    They have the the wealth and resources to reach out for everyone who is struggling, but would they care is the question?

  72. Emiratesstroller


    Most countries on the planet have been ill prepared for this pandemic not just
    the UK.

    It is true that the country could/should have handled better testing in March/
    April, but as was pointed out early on this country had by comparison with Germany a limited manufacturing capacity.

    The same applies to the production of PPE equipment. For the record I am
    prescribed orthopaedic socks by NHS. These are not manufactured in UK. They are manufactured in Germany.

    The so-called argument that the UK should have been better prepared for a
    pandemic is ridiculous. Europe has not been exposed to a pandemic on this
    scale since 1917.

    There is I acknowledge justifiable criticism of how the situation in nursing
    homes has been handled. However, I suggest that you take a look at the report
    published in Sweden which reveals that 49% of all Coronavirus fatalities in
    that country have occurred in their nursing homes.

    The Government have handled some matters very well specifically providing
    financial support for businesses and the population who have been furlowed,
    made redundant or no longer able to support themselves.

    There will be plenty of time at the end of this crisis to score political points on
    what can and should have been done better and more importantly what lessons can or should be learned to avoid if possible a repeat.

  73. Bojangles

    I appreciate Tom more with each post. Also well said G8.

    Pedro, it’s people who make a city. An example is Perth, Western Australia. No people live in the city of Perth. It is a “city” 10 hours a day, it is a soulless shell the remaining 14 hours.

  74. Tom


    First off I’m not that big on scoring political points mostly because I’m without a party affiliation.
    I’m more of what you may call an equal opportunity offender, and I’ll call out anyone doing something dopey like, say, shaking hands with Covid patients for a photo up.
    I’ve voted for and supported more right leaning candidates over the years than care to remember, although not recently since the American right has gone muy loco.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the UK is in a top four countries with most infections with US, Russia, and Brazil, and has suffered second most deaths after the US.
    Now, admittedly I know very little about the inner workings of the British government but the other three are highly dysfunctional, with Trump’s lackeys proudly leading the way.
    As for pandemic preparedness, Trump was made aware of a very high possibility of a global pandemic by his national security council in January and he did nothing, and since Britain is our no one ally it only stands to reason it also was made aware of such possibility.
    In addition ,as an island nation you Brits should’ve had some tangible advantage in dealing with the outbreak , something your government clearly took no advantage of.

  75. Graham62


    Have you been to the UK?

    A tiny island with a population of 67m and an infrastructure stretched to breaking point.

    Fly into Heathrow and within a couple of days you can travel all over the UK.

    A tangible advantage in what respect?

    Yes our government dilly dallied, but it was always going to be an accident waiting to happen.

    Adhering to rules has always been a major problem in both the US and the UK. Too many people believing in their rights to do what they want when they want. Look at the Far East, everyone wears a mask because they know it is right and because they generally respect the seriousness of the situation. Shite they knew it was right even before the Pandemic.

    In this respect our government is weak. We should have dealt with things in a much tougher manner.


  76. Graham62

    Trump promoting his drug once again.

    Once again a remarkable display of ignorance by someone who clearly doesn’t care.

    He thinks he’s infallible.

    A very dangerous individual.

  77. Rich

    Graham I agree our political class are weak, meek and utterly pathetic.

    But our liberties and freedom have been trampled all over during this pandemic, how much tougher do you want the government to be?

    How about we run society based on freewill? allowing people to “choose” for themselves, and being responsible for their own actions and decisions?

    Rather than living in a blame culture society, where nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves or their own actions.

    We need to give people the stats based on hard statistics, and allow them to use their own judgment.

  78. Valentin


    There is a difference between not being prepared for the unexpected and dancing the conga while the country starts to burn. Only an idiot would deliberately expose himself to the disease. Yet Bojo went out of his way to go shake the hands of confirmed infected people.

    UK is an island and therefore could have locked itself much more easily than the rest of Europe.

    Our PM did not bother to attend the first 5 COBRA meetings dealing with the impending crisis. That is a clear indication that initially it was not taken seriously.

    Forced quarantine for anybody flying in will start in June. Well after we went through the peak. Every other country has done it in reverse order: well before the peak to flatten the curve! But officially this government is following the science! I wonder what science the other countries were following. No this administration run around like headless chicken and take decision out of sync because of sheer incompetence.

    This government refused to join the European PPE procurement plan for ideological reason i.e. BREXIT. Dogmatic government tend to fail when
    faced with the unexpected, while pragmatic government adapt. It then refused to admit it and concocted a lie that it was an administrative error. Cowardice.

  79. Graham62


    Do you agree though that, here in the UK, it was always going to be “an accident waiting to happen”,as well in the US?

  80. Valentin

    Regarding Trump and his magic drug, I Initially thought that it was a financial con job as he had invested in the company that manufactures the drug. But now I think that the guy is just terrified and grasp at any fanciful hope. Three different group have proven that it is not helping the treatment of sick people.

    I wonder if his doctor is just administrating him just placebo pills. Because this drug has severe side effect. He should be even more of shit than usual.

  81. Graham62

    Let’s all agree that the UK government fudged up, as they have in fact been doing for many years.

  82. Graham62

    Is Trump as thick as he comes across?

    What were his school/ college grades.

    Did he go to university?

    It beggars belief that he can communicate so much crap on a daily basis.

  83. Andy1886

    The UK government’s claim that they went with the science is nonsense. They may have listened to the science but then took political decisions. But that’s what politicians do. I’m not a Boris fan but he isn’t my main point of annoyance. That would be the puppet scientists like Twitty who stood alongside him and nodded when he talked about ‘herd immunity’ and stand beside him now when the government deny that sending sick people back to care homes wasn’t a factor in spreading infection.

    These aren’t legitimate scientists anymore, they’re pathetic spineless lackeys prepared to sell their souls for a few pieces of government silver.

  84. Rich

    Redtruth, flu is a seasonal illness,Covid19 doesn’t appear to be seasonal.

    The only way this virus dies is through herd immunity, locking down just controls the rate of the spread, it doesn’t kill the disease.

    We have a vaccine for the flu, but that doesn’t stop people dying of the flu .

    They’ve never created a vaccine for a coronavirus, and even if they did? It may be a seasonal vaccine, are we seriously suggesting we lock up 67,000,000 every year until they’ve received their coronavirus jab?

    Even the flu vaccine isn’t anywhere near 100% effective

  85. Graham62

    Watched the heated debate between Simon Jordan and Robbie Lyle( AFTV) on TalkSports again last night.

    Great stuff.

  86. Rich

    Andy herd immunity is the only way viruses die.

    Locking people away just controls the rate of the spread, it doesn’t kill the virus.

    Covid19 is a new virus that has transmitted to humans, and we’ll likely never be completely free of.

    And for the 99.9% of the healthy population will be a relative minor illness.

    For over 80s and people with serious pre-existing conditions it will be fatal, for overweight people it seems to be dangerous.

    But only 36 now under 40s in England with no serious pre-existing conditions have died, out of 40,000,000 in that demographic

    It’s a tragedy, but there’s no value in locking them away

    The sooner the virus spreads through the safer demographics, the sooner herd immunity builds, this is the way viruses have been wiped out throughout history, and covid19 can’t and won’t be any different

  87. Emiratesstroller

    If you want more detailed information and proper comparisons of how different countries are actually performing in this pandemic you should look at “worldometer” website which publishes daily figures.

    No-one would suggest that the UK has performed particularly well during this

    However, the stats suggest that the outbreak in most Western European Countries apart from Germany has not had significantly different outcomes.

    The chart covers not only number of cases, but the number of cases per million population and similar information in case of deaths.

    Information is also provided for testing. Interestingly Britain has produced more than double the number of tests as France, which has only a marginally smaller population than ourselves.

    Indeed Britain has closed the gap in testing on the three countries in Europe
    which have been compared in past with Britain. The difference between
    UK and Germany when factoring the size of population is now relatively small.

    I suspect that when the Government performance and so-called scientific evidence is reviewed there will be a level of criticism, but not half as bad as
    some on here assume.

    The main areas of criticism will revolve around testing and of course the lack
    of adequate supervision and support for the care sector when compared to NHS.

  88. Sid

    Covid19 deaths are a sign of failed states

    1. Poor healthcare systems (including poor child immunization)

    2. Poor housing (council housing, housing projects are the new concentration camps. In the 3rd world people have escaped by moving to the countryside)

    3. Poor nutrition( Big mac, doughnuts are not fit for human consumption)

  89. Emiratesstroller

    Since yesterday’s latest updates here are the total number of tests conducted
    in Germany, France and UK.

    Germany 3,147,771 total 37,584 per million of population
    France 1,384,633 total 21,218 per million of population
    UK 2,772,552 total 40,866per million of population

    So the UK has in fact overtaken Germany in the proportion of test conducted
    factoring in size of population.

  90. Ishola70


    “The sooner the virus spreads through the safer demographics, the sooner herd immunity builds, this is the way viruses have been wiped out throughout history, and covid19 can’t and won’t be any different”

    Arwa Mahdawi doesn’t agree with you.

    She feels duty bound to sit on her arse until time immemorial waiting for a vaccine that will likely never materialise.

    And she has that guilt for the poor folk “who are risking their lives” for another reason to stay in “lock-down”

    The virus will play itself out. The populace will not play the virus out.

    As for those pushing for this “new normal” in society going ahead they can fuck right off. There is one thing to go through a pandemic without it being embedded in our lives forever.

    Just as the populace will decide when “lock-down” all but ends they will as well not go along with “new normalcy”

    The normal as we knew it before thank you very much.

  91. Rich

    Jamie name me a virus that has been defeated throughout the history of mankind, that man has defeated without the virus running its course through the populous?

    Some viruses are stronger than others, some die out sooner, some later….

    I’ll give you a clue, the answer behind with a z and end with ero….

  92. Rich

    Ishola it’s the Guardian,….what did you expect?

    Just lefty Tory bashing dribble, That’s designed to fit the narrative of their readers.

    There’s no balance in our media, right across the spectrum

  93. Gonsterous

    The rule for players to pay their agent is a bit tricky, as it may lead to agents tricking players or getting them in debt to try to achieve a football career.
    The rule could work for both sides if, an agent representing a player under the age gets paid by the club but once a player is over 20 or 21, then the players start paying the agents.

  94. Rich


    The reason Germany was out the blocks quicker was because of market forces.

    They had the industry, as did the South Koreans, we didn’t, the Germans showed us how to produce the tests, that’s why we were slower, putting the tests into production took far too long

    It’s the same with PPE, the lessons that need to be learnt from this will be based around strategic protectionism, which we’ll be able to implement much better outside the customs union.

    International supply lines are fine, and in most cases produce lower prices, which equals higher standards of living, but in an emergency, we need the capabilities to lift up our own production lines in order to meet the demand.

    It’s impossible to really score the death tolls of individual countries, you’d need to take into account
    Population density
    Age demographics
    Existing health demographics

    The concern is with such a high drop in screening in cancer and other potentially fatal conditions, that people dying with coronavirus, not of coronavirus, the deaths will continue to spiral, but won’t paint the real picture.

    Over 75% of recorded deaths are people who’ve died with Covid19, not of Covid19

  95. Jamie

    “Jamie name me a virus that has been defeated throughout the history of mankind, that man has defeated without the virus running its course through the populous?”

    You made the claim. Name 3 viruses in the history of mankind that have been completely defeated through herd immunity.

  96. Spanishdave

    Well done Rich unfortunately people believe the ‘truth’ on twitter and Facebook.
    No virus in history has had so much debate or opinion, even scientist are arguing amongst themselves. The government are following the science when it suits then as the Ro number is less than 1 everywhere and they said they would lift lockdown. But they hav’nt.
    By the way some viruses have been defeated in history. The sweating disease in the medieval period and bubonic plague ie Black Death.
    Both came and went over a period of time, better sanitation ended them.
    Vets have been injecting pets and animals for coronavirus for over twenty years.

  97. Emiratesstroller


    I made precisely the same points in my earlier posts. Germany is the “powerhouse” in European production.

    Britain is a services orientated country which is heavily dependent on imports.

    If you look at my post at OO.14 I pointed out that I am prescribed orthopaedic socks by the NHS. These are manufactured in Germany and not UK.

    Interestingly the ordering system has now changed. In the past the NHS clinic
    sent instructions to my GP who issued a prescription to the Pharmacy and was
    then required to place order with manufacturer. The order was completed within one week and shipped back to Pharmacy.

    Since the Coronavirus outbreak the NHS now bypasses GP and Pharmacy and
    places order direct with German manufacturer who shipped the socks direct
    to me.

    The lesson of the exercise is that a lot of the bureaucracy has been cut out of
    the system.

    My guess is that post this crisis there will be a lot of changes in how the NHS
    is being run.

  98. Graham62


    You hire an agent, you pay the agent.

    Your agent represents you, you pay the agent for representing you.

    As most agents tend to latch themselves onto players, because that’s what leeches tend to do, players must take responsibility for all the financial consequences.

    Most agents are parasites and have milked the system for years. Hopefully we can now have some clarity in what agents can and can not do.

    Clubs should not be held to ransom by these dubious characters.

  99. Jamie

    “By the way some viruses have been defeated in history. The sweating disease in the medieval period and bubonic plague ie Black Death. Both came and went over a period of time, better sanitation ended them.”

    Over 500 bubonic plague deaths between 2010 and 2015. Still killing humans despite being ‘defeated’. Interesting take.

  100. Un na naai

    Shove the vaccine
    There are a lot of accusations levelled at trump but no mention of Bill Gates and his campaign to sterilise young girls in India and Africa.

    Why would anyone want anything to do with what he has to offer?
    Or the WHO who refuse to recognise Taiwan as an independent state under China’s instruction and who told us all in jan/feb that masks were useless and that the virus cannot be transmitted human to human.

    These organisations stand to profit hugely from this flu (let’s face it, that’s what it is) They are all either subsidiaries of pharmaceutical companies or major shareholders.
    Bill gates was taken to court over illegal practices through Microsoft and the very next year starts the bill and Melinda gates foundation
    In 12 months he went from a power hungry criminal to caring philanthropist??
    Pull the other one.

    Meanwhile the guys who started this are rewarded with mass installation of towers for their new telephone network.

    No thanks.

  101. Un na naai

    Over 500 bubonic plague deaths between 2010 and 2015. Still killing humans despite being ‘defeated’. Interesting take.

    Where? In countries where conditions are not sanitary. You’ve proved his point.

  102. Gonsterous


    I think if a player pays an agent, very few players will risk paying someone for just a trial at a club, especially players from very poor countries.

    The agents should be paid by the club until a player is 18. After that, the players should pay their agents.
    But it’s never gonna happen so at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what we think.

  103. Un na naai

    The lesson of the exercise is that a lot of the bureaucracy has been cut out of
    the system.My guess is that post this crisis there will be a lot of changes in how the NHS
    is being run.

    Let’s hope so. Hospitals are empty. I can personally attest. Don’t been get me started on those pathetic tick tock videos out “frontline” are putting out

  104. CG


    “”””””Most agents are parasites and have milked the system for years.””””””””

    Absolutely and well stated.

    Like all Belfast dogs- they should be licenced and microchipped at all times.

    And be summoned to the local police station within 24 hours if they have transgressed or shit on the pavement without clearing up the mess.

    Still no announcement of the annual table of what the English clubs have paid out to agents in the last 12 months. ( now delayed 6 weeks!)

    Lets have total transparency and lets see who has earned what and how much on these Pepe, Luiz, Tierney and Saliba ridiculous deals.

    Lets really have the chance see what Rauls and Edu have been up too?!

    After all , its only the fans ‘ money.

  105. Jamie

    Where? In countries where conditions are not sanitary. You’ve proved his point.”

    You’ve missed the point. He said, erroneously, that the bubonic plague ‘had been defeated, came and went.’

    It hasn’t. That’s the point. Welcome back. Try to keep your shit together and avoid talking politics.

  106. Rich

    We may never be completely free of Covid19

    The way the body works is, you catch a new virus that’s been transmitted from animals to humans, you have no antibodies to protect yourself because it’s a new virus.

    After you catch the disease and you fall ill, providing you recover? Our immune systems will build antibodies to protect you against future infections during infection.

    Those antibodies once prevalent in a population, slow the rate of infection through the populace, the quicker this happens through the healthy and young, statistically you make the vulnerable safer, although without a vaccine you can never be completely safe.

    Most viruses will die out throughout time as humans naturally evolve to deal with the threat.

    The reason Covid19 is wiping out the vulnerable, is because they have significantly weaker immune systems, where our bodies are designed to fight off infection, the old and people who are already very ill, will have more difficulty fighting off infections, and also building antibodies, therefor the disease becomes fatal.

    The reason influenza is still prevalent is because the virus mutates, and that’s why the flu jab isn’t 100% effective, as the virus fight to live on, we don’t have the antibodies to deal with different versions.

    All viruses will be eventually wiped out through herd immunity, unless the virus wins and wipes out the whole populous.

    And providing that the virus doesn’t mutate, the virus will eventually die out, because as immunity builds the virus has nowhere to go, and eventually dies.

    The only other way to beat this virus is through a vaccine or medication, but we’ve never successful created a vaccine for any coronavirus, and we don’t know how many versions there currently are, or even if it will mutate further.

    Jamie every virus throughout the history of mankind has been defeated through herd immunity, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, and that’s why healthy bodies build antibodies to protect us against the threat of extinction.

  107. Uwot?

    On a football note!Been reading AM interested in a swap between Bell end & Partey? Yes please.But would have preferred Lacazette.

  108. China1

    If oxfords vaccine works they expect to be able vaccinate most of the British population by the end of the year

    Football not having real fans until next summer seems incredibly unlikely

  109. Sid

    I said it before with Un na naai WYSIWYG he could be racist but the big problem is the sneaky, fake smile, give with one hand take with the other, philanthrocapitalists

    Im telling you for free!

  110. China1

    We don’t need to be completely free of corona virus, we only need to understand it better (already happening), great it better (getting there) and have a vaccine (will happen likely in a handful of months)

    The idea of us being endlessly dragged down by this omnipotent virus is incredibly unlikely. Whilst it’s not a flu, it will likely be no more of a concern than flu within 6 months as tracking, treatment, natural immunity, scientific understanding and vaccination continues to dramatically improve

  111. Marc


    I’d take that deal – there’s still a serious question to be asked about how much pace has he lost after the ACL.

  112. Jamie

    “Jamie every virus throughout the history of mankind has been defeated through herd immunity, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, and that’s why healthy bodies build antibodies to protect us against the threat of extinction.”

    List 3 viruses in the history of mankind which have been defeated through herd immunity. Should be easy, there are hundreds of thousands of viruses known to infect mammals.

  113. Marc

    Just a question to those who keep saying we’ve never developed a vaccine against a virus in the corona family before – how much time, money and other resources have been put into finding one?

    I’d make a guess of not much.

  114. Dissenter

    For the sake of decency, shut down all these covid-19 talk
    Let’s go back to bashing Mesut Ozil and praising wonder-coach Arteta.
    Now I have to live through another round of the Bundesliga yawn-league.

  115. Graham62


    ……..and there lies the problem.

    It’s all down to money.

    No money floating around, no agents.


    We need salary caps.

    Teenager players should not be on extortionate contracts.

    There should be a structured salary system for all players and when I say “structured”, I mean logical.

    Fans keep football going. Without it the product is shite, as we can now all see.

    It’s time we, the fans, took back control.

    Fans/supporters groups should now be drawing up their post pandemic rulings.

    For example, the AST should have far more clout in the running of our club for the benefit of the fans and not just those individuals who are out to gain financially from the club.

    All these glorified ‘mafia style’ suits, should be put out to pasture.