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Racism reared its ugly head again, this time at Spurs, Rudiger claimed he heard monkey chants heading in his direction. The problem was so bad, the Spurs stadium announcer had to ask that it stop.

Quite incredible that people feel emboldened enough to do such disgusting things in public. This sort of thing isn’t even just the fault of the people doing it, it’s the people that sit near the idiots and laugh it off. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t go on in the stadium. We had a guy who sat near us that did gross things like that, he lost his ticket because Arsenal fans wouldn’t tolerate it.

Karma was a bitch, BORN WINNER Jose Mourinho recorded another loss against a top side as Spurs capitulated against a Chelsea side that have been all over the place of late. I love it. His nice-as-pecan-pie demeanour is usually linked to how well his side is playing… when shit hits the fan, the mask will slip and he’ll be bitching about the lack of investment and his hideous lot in life. He’s the ultimate victim.

On the Arsenal front, we’re being linked with Kevin Volland. I don’t feel sexy at the thought, but I can kind of see what the idea is there. He’s good at holding up the ball, he’s fast, and he brings people into the game. He’s not as good at finishing as Auba, but he has a lot more assists. He’s also more industrious and powerful than both our strikers, Bayer have usually had a hard pressing approach to the game, which is more in keeping with the sort of vision Arteta will have of the game. I think he’s a bit like a shorter Giroud, which again, doesn’t arouse me, but no one has been involved in more goals than him in 2019 (Germany)

We’re also being linked with Dries Mertens as he has a year left to go on his deal. A spectacular player who should have moved to a bigger club a few years ago. He’s 32 years old though, he’s playing in a slower league, my suspicions are this sort of linkage is just to bump him to the top of mind for clubs looking for a quick solution this summer. I’m not sure he’s the age demo we need, it’s not like we have much chance of top 4 this season, regardless of how close we are. Short-termism is pointless and that Swiss guy we had was a disaster.

Szoboszlai is the midfielder that has me waking up in a mess. The Hungarian would vote for Brexit, wear a Maga hat to the office, and probably be an HR issue if he worked in an advertising agency, but damn… what a player.

He’s big, powerful, can dribble, shoot from long range and he works at a club that has one of the most effective approaches to pressing in the world. He reminds me of a cross between Kai Havertz and Aaron Ramsey. Would be a dream type of player to slip into our midfield. Wouldn’t mind his partner, Haaland, playing upfront… but it looks like OGS is very close to him.

Arteta has been talking more with the club and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

“The direction’s going to be very clear & it’s not going to be negotiable. I will need the players to be on board with the right attitude, with the right passion & commitment. Step by step, we will be improving and reaching to find the right identity for us”

“We have to have passion, we have to be dominant, we have to be aggressive. We have to play in the opponent’s territory as much as we want. I want the ball, I want to attack them as much as possible, I want to prevent them from attacking as much as possible”

If you were a player, how could you not be excited about a manager that wanted to play football the right way?

Instead of rambling off on why I love the noises from Arteta, here is a solo podcast for your ears delight, enjoy, give me a 5* for Christmas.


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  1. Pierre

    “That said, you never know what a previous playing relationship might do for him..Naive, I know.”

    Not naive at all…very sensible way of looking at it.

    The naive ones are the ones who want to kick out all the so called “bad eggs ” in January.

    Someone should tell them that the club has already tried that , and look where it has got us.

  2. PhD2020

    More aptly… who’s 4th 😂
    4th— Banford tagging along with the small fisher boat emblazoned with-‘Harvard’on the side vessel!!
    You know,”If the seagulls see the fish trawler,they will swoop for Emery,” malarky..

  3. Spanishdave

    Firstly thank you Pedro for all your hard work in producing this blog and keeping a sense of law and order between the bloggers.
    Happy Xmas to you and everyone here.
    Arteta wants a closer look at the squad ,therefore he has to start somewhere with his appraisal before weeding out the misfits, it’s the same for any business.
    Good luck to him.

  4. Dissenter

    Mourinho is a really funny guy. There was a time when he was evocative, not it’s just worthy of a laugh.

    “I hope Son is not punished five times,” Mourinho said.
    “One time was the foul that Rudiger did on him. The second is to be sent off. The third would be not to play against Brighton. The fourth not to play against Norwich and the fifth not to play against Southampton.

  5. Pierre

    Spanish Dave
    “Arteta wants a closer look at the squad ,therefore he has to start somewhere with his appraisal before weeding out the misfits, it’s the same for any business.
    Good luck to him.”


    Anyone who thinks any different to the above obviously has an agenda.

  6. Romford Pele

    “Arteta wants a closer look at the squad ,therefore he has to start somewhere with his appraisal before weeding out the misfits, it’s the same for any business.
    Good luck to him.”

    Agreed. It’ll happen just maybe not as quick as people want. He’s gotta give them enough rope to hang themselves.

  7. Left Testicle


    December 23, 2019    18:43:30

    Bottom line is Arteta has to win at Bournemouth, no ifs or buts!
    No he doesn’t.

  8. Marko

    Again don’t agree with all that clean slate nonsense. Players like Ozil don’t deserve chance number 1000. He’s been declining for years and gone through Low, Wenger, Emery and now Freddie. At some point you have to realize that it’s time to cut your losses. If Mikel is a man of his word as in he wants to play fast flowing football and he wants players to work hard then there’s absolutely no way Ozil survives. And it shouldn’t take another 6 months to realize this

  9. PhD2020

    HillWoodDecember 23, 2019 18:45:45
    You two must be Bamford’s jilted gay lovers
    You’re both obsessed with him
    And one would assume you are from the Yorkshire Dales?

    If so,enough said???

    How’s Jack the Ripper doing on your own end?

    Keeping you lovely and warm during those cold,lonely winter nights I presume?

  10. Gentlebris


    Hope those semi retired sharks don’t disposess him in the long run.

    I’m beginning to warm up to the fierce dude.

  11. Guns of Brixton

    Got a new motion:

    Get Flamini into the new Backroom staff. Position? Disciplinary enforcement. Gotta hide it from the FA. Role is pretty much self explanatory.

    If a player is seen slacking off in training he is permitted to 2 foot tackle then in the shins.
    Any mistakes in game are punished by shower beat downs prison style. Gets to verbally abuse players, slash tyres of cars of players who come late.

    Fantastic idea imo. The “whip” is a good motivator

  12. Danny S

    It is a shame about Ozil really.

    The player that could have been remembered as one of the greats, will only ever be remembered as possibly one of the most decisive figures to ever wear the shirt.

    So much talent, but such a fragile ego.

    Not to mention his personal and political shenanigans.

    I honestly cannot wait for the day he goes. 18 month maximum now cause you can garuntee even if he does last his contract he won’t get a new one.

  13. Marko

    Hertha Berlin now in active discussions with Granit Xhaka (Arsenal) after Lyon rejected their €20m bid for midfielder Lucas Tousart, according to RMC

    Arsenal want to sign Adrien Rabiot on loan next month. [@footmercato]

  14. Ernest Reed

    “The player that could have been remembered as one of the greats, will only ever be remembered as possibly one of the most decisive figures to ever wear the shirt.”

    I assume you mean “divisive” Danny, rather than “decisive”?

  15. Marc

    “Flamini is to busy saving the planet with Greta.”

    Does Flamini travel on trains claiming there are no seats only for it to come out he and his party were traveling first class?

  16. Champagne charlie


    Lashing out at a 16 year old on the spectrum is a bit odd don’t you think? Lol let it go mate, must be some family members you can dig into over the holidays, it’s what it’s all about

  17. Ustyno

    December 23, 2019 14:21:06

    ‘I really wished I understand what this even mean, didn’t address you,the person I did acknowledged it and here you are’


    I’m always careful about people who give compliments when none is due, but that doesn’t mean I class you that way, I was just having a sunny go at your comment.

    My weakness is that once I see an opening for banter, is too difficult for me to let it pass, and when I’m kidding……. well sometimes people do think I mean business.

    All forgiven?

    No issue at all,the comments section is always full of banters,insults and all that but was impressed when he wrote that,beside it’s not easy churning out posts like this daily,maybe it’s nothing but to me it means something,I usually kill my boredom reading Le Grove comments

    Cheers man👍👍👍

  18. Marc


    I think Greta Thunberg is dangerous. She’s turning into some kind of cult.

    We’re facing an environmental catastrophe and she is a distraction that stops people looking at the real issues. I also have a feeling that there are people pulling her strings that are earning a lot of money.

    Can’t wait for her to go to China to tackle their plans to build “hundreds” of new coal fired power stations over the next couple of decades. Wonder if she’ll be rude to Xi Jinping whilst she’s there?

  19. G

    Artera Will be a success and will have Barca sniffing around within 5 years..
    And by the end of the season all of le grove will feel the same.. Well nearly all.. He will be fighting for top 4 this season because the players he picks will raise their performance..

  20. G8

    Testicle, from earlier,
    yes he does!
    Arteta has to win that game IMO
    It would be massive boost of confidence and authority , any doubts about him, even if they’re genuine would be pushed aside, its that important.

    Possible scenario, we take 4 nill hammering at Bournemouth , then we are likely to loose to both chavs and manure …
    more negative press ,vibes and fights..

    It will not look good for Arteta, we know it’s not his doing, but the already sharpened knives will be out there coming after him!
    no mercy!
    It will all be on Arteta, not Raul, Emery or even Ozil or xhaka
    all that hype and euphoria would dilute and evaporate in the January blues, misery would creep back again.

    the psychological advantage of winning the first game in charge is massive especially when the club is already in the shit zone
    Has to win it IMO!

  21. DaleDaGooner

    “Sanchez would never ever disrespect Klopp like he did Wenger”

    Duh fuq? O_O

    hOw So….dO tEll…..tell us how you know this for a fact…go one mate

  22. Marc

    “Sanchez would never ever disrespect Klopp like he did Wenger”

    Fact is once a player hit’s a year left on their contract the power is in their hands – yeah a manager / club can drop them or stick them in the reserves but if they are a good player they’ll be lining up a free move with a huge salary / signing on fee.

  23. Marko

    Scared shitless of a teenager who cares about the planet Marc? Relax she’s just a kid who likes nature and the environment instead of Riverdale and Harry Styles. Nothing wrong with her passion and I doubt that there’s people pulling her strings but that seems to be the go to comment when there’s a cause that people don’t agree with.

    Wonder if she’ll be rude to Xi Jinping whilst she’s there?

    Rude? My god really? How could she. Who’s she rude to?

  24. Marc


    I’m not scared of her.

    But she is turning into a cult like figure.

    She was rude to Trump – now you can argue he’s a nut job or a dickhead which I’d agree with but the fact is you respect the office not the man.

    We’ll wait to see the truth come out about her in a year or two.

  25. Marko

    But she is turning into a cult like figure.

    She’s really not.

    She was rude to Trump

    He went after her on Twitter. Even if what you said was true she’s a teenager he’s a grown tomato and is it enough for YOU to dislike her?

    respect the office not the man.

    She’s not American and he attacked her on Twitter twice. Oh and he’s a grown up.

    We’ll wait to see the truth come out about her in a year or two.

    In a year or two she’s still going to be a teenager and still not a villain.

    I personally find it weird that despite her being a kid that you still got people who disagree with her and making her out to be some sort of a villain. It’s a bit sad really you had it in America with those kids who came out and were vocal after that school shooting in Florida where some of their friends died and they were attacked online purely because they were passionate about something that they didn’t agree with. Anyway

  26. Ernest Reed

    “ Wonder if she’ll be rude to Xi Jinping whilst she’s there?”

    She could wind up be detained as someone hostile to China’s national interests. I would be quite shocked if she even attempted to enter China, surely her handlers are not that dumb?

  27. Marko

    Listen fuck China. Fucking kip. You see that story about some prison in China and someone left a note in a card bound for Tesco asking for help because of human rights abuses. Shithole

  28. Bamford10

    Yes to Szoboszlai, yes to Mertens, no to Volland.

    Additional yes’s for Soumaré, Sangare and Upamecano.

    Sell Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Lacazette and Aubameyang.

    Out with the old, in with the new. Look to the future; take the long view.

    Quickness, athleticism, energy and class. Must have all of these to play for Arsenal going forward.

  29. Valentin


    I would say it was the other way around.
    Trump was dismissive of her and just plain rude to her. His problem is that she was able to retort to his tweets and shame him publicly.
    That annoyed Trump, because generally he is able to get the last word, but not this time. So he went full attack mode. But then some media advisor must have told him that getting into a tweeter war with her was a sure recipe for a media shit storm that he would not win. So he just kept quiet.
    However when she was named personality of the year, he could not help himself and had to have another go at her. Narcissism and Jealousy/envy are two of his Achilles heels. He can’t handle having somebody else beating him, he can’t help himself.

  30. Bamford10


    “He will be fighting for top 4 this season because the players he picks will raise their performance.”

    I like your optimism, and I too am optimistic about Arteta, but there is no chance he will have us competing for top four this season. This group of players isn’t even close to good enough. We’re 9 points back of Chelsea and fourth and they have much better players. He’ll turn us around, but it’s going to take a bit of time.

  31. DaleDaGooner

    I finally got a chance to watch highlights of M City vs L City, Vardy’s goal though, ……makes you think what Aubameyang is about……how many times has PEA attempt to get behind defenders or stay on the shoulder of a defender to receive a pass??? so much wrong with our squad.

  32. Bob N16

    Marc, does Trump respect his office? Why should she? Her passion is obvious, she cares, a lot of people don’t. It’s the most important issue of our time. Those people who mock and criticise her are generally those who don’t want to confront the main issues. There is an issue about her for that reason but her passion and message deserves respect, Trump doesn’t.

  33. Marko

    It’s gas how Xhaka isn’t Hertha Berlin’s first choice for a signing that they only went after him after being knocked back for Tousart. About his level plan b for a club like Hertha

  34. Marc

    Ernest Reed

    At least someone got the point of my comment. She’s happy to mouth off at someone who responds on Twitter – not sure she’ll do it to someone who’s response will be a firing squad.

  35. Marc


    She’s a child with a metal disability who is distracting from the real issue.

    You don’t’ have to agree with me but in time you’ll learn I was right.

    I’d bet you a cold beer on a sunny day you don’t even know what the real issue is?

  36. PhD2020

    HillWoodDecember 23, 2019 20:30:59
    Jack The Yorkshire Ripper says Hi and is looking forward to big snuggles with you again
    Good to know…
    When’s Milda Hindley getting out?
    Give my kisses to your sort, over in the Yorkshire Dales.

    I guess, you guys have fun times , playing a brutal version of twister during recreational time?

  37. Marko

    Marc what did she say that I dunno got under your skin? What was it? All I’ve seen was two incidents where he attacked her and changed her Twitter handle to what he basically said about her. And that was it. You’re talking rude and mouthing off what exactly did she say that you don’t agree with? In that one instance

  38. Marc


    Are you aware of the “train” story that came out on the news the other day?

    She’s blamed world leaders for stealing her childhood – well at 16 there’s not much left and as she grew up in Sweden I’m pretty sure she’s had a comfortable upbringing. Let’s ask a child in Yemen how their childhood is going?

  39. Vladdy P

    Greta is a threat to nobody. She is comedic. Mainstream media tries to put her on blast but she embarasses herself every time. Her little rant to the UN was the icing on the cake. She looked like a nutcase. And the reality is that no matter how much people preach about environment, nobody wants to eat fucking insects.

    Kinda embarassing the way leftists worship a child so much.

    Am really looking forward to seeing Arteta’s ideas implemented on the pitch. He seems like a guy with a real vision from everything I’ve seen and heard thus far.

  40. Marc


    She’s a kid that knows fuck all, has no answers and is being rude to adults in high office.

    Trump’s view on climate change is wrong but I don’t care what you think of another country’s leader – you show respect even if you don’t like their politics or methods or even them individually.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is important that Arteta make his own assessment about the players in the squad and does not make hasty judgments.

    Realistically Arsenal are not going to qualify for Champions League this season so that Arteta has enough time to work with players before deciding which if any of the players should be offloaded in Summer.

    What is important also is that we do not dismantle the squad wholesale in one
    transfer window. The process needs to be done systematically.

    For a start I would not be offloading two experienced midfielders in January.
    I would offload one. If you can sell Xhaka for a realistic transfer fee that would
    be an option. Ozil is more likely to go out on loan so is unlikely to generate a

  42. Marko

    Is that the story about her having a first class train ticket? Does that diminish her message? Probably. Again it’s purely because you don’t agree with her that it’s rude this mouthing off that and everything she does is criticized and smeared. Next we’ll hear about lefties and how they label people they don’t agree with. At the end of the day mate she’s a teenager who is passionate about something and in this day and age where kids are obsessed with PlayStation getting fat and having kids it’s not a bad thing at all.

  43. Vladdy P

    If you got rid of Xhaka and Ozil this transfer window that’d be your two worst culprits. Aubamayeng will prob have to go too because his fee will be much lower if he goes in summer, and if he plays with the same disinterest as he has these last few games, he won’t be an asset in any case.

  44. Marko

    The issue is the common misconception that “climate change is THE problem”.

    Oh. It’s like I said you don’t agree with her and are acting accordingly. She’s this she’s that. How about you argue the topic better instead of dismiss her as some rude idiot with a disability.

    you show respect even if you don’t like their politics or methods or even them individually.

    What part of he attacked her first don’t you get. What exactly did she say that I dunno you find disrespectful and rude? I’d love to know

  45. PhD2020

    Trump’s view on climate change is wrong but I don’t care what you think of another country’s leader – you show respect even if you don’t like their politics or methods or even them individually.
    Like Trump show’s respect to other political leaders?


    He holds everyone in contempt, so much so, as anyone that dares to sneeze in his face,is given the boot and subjected to vitriol of acerbic comments.

    Where the heck,have you been?

  46. Marc


    It’s not that she had a first class ticket – it’s that she sent out a message on social media implying that she was slumming it when she had a first class ticket.

    It’s the second time recently she’s had to do a major reverse after a social media post.

    She’s a jumped up little child who is getting in the way of science.

    Is that so hard to see?

  47. Vladdy P

    You don’t get it, do you, Marc?

    Its not important if the people preaching this stuff practice it. Its the message that counts.

    Only the common peasants are supposed to follow it. That’s the whole point.

  48. Marc


    I’m more extreme on climate change than she is – don’t you get it? She’s distraction from the truth and science that kids are believing.

  49. PhD2020

    MarcDecember 23, 2019 21:44:49
    PhdAgain you respect the office not the man and isn’t it better to hold yourself to a better standard than Trump?

    Yeah,you respect the office,so much so,you become the 3rd President in history to get impeached.

  50. DaleDaGooner

    While I don’t like Trump…..Greta’s parents let the little girl turn them inside out. Climate Change is real, but she’s got OCD, she’s a bit much IMO

  51. Marc


    Spot on – I struggle to comprehend that others don’t get my point.

    My original comment was about being rude to Xi Jinping – she’ll be rude to Trump because they are no consequences – she pulls this shit with China and she’ll get a bullet in the back of the head but the hundreds of coal fired power stations they’re planning to build don’t matter.

  52. Vladdy P

    Dale, it’s not OCD.

    If you look carefully its actually fetal alcohol syndrome. Don’t even mean this is as a piss take. It’s not autism in the slightest.

  53. Marc


    That’s an internal matter for the US to handle – it doesn’t give a child with a mental disability the right to do it on the world stage.

  54. PhD2020

    Vladdy PDecember 23, 2019 21:46:06
    You don’t get it, do you, Marc?Its not important if the people preaching this stuff practice it. Its the message that counts.

    What is the message dude?Do tell?

  55. Vladdy P

    Well Marc, as you might have seen with the NBA recently, people shut up when it affects their bottom line.

    Its easy to attack Trump because its the woke thing to do. There’s no backlash.

    She doesn’t even talk about India, which is the 2nd worst polluter.

  56. Dissenter

    A man that openly, mocks the dead, parents of war heroes and the disabled does not deserve that respect you’re talking about.
    He’s also very thin skinned. He gets to insult everyone else bu cannot tolerate abuse.
    Just ignore Greta. I find her amusing to be honest and cannot understand why anyone will listen to a 16 year old with no life experience.

  57. Vladdy P

    PhD, the message is for common plebs to eat fucking bugs.

    All about business too.

    They want to put even bigger taxes on things like meat and air travel. This is all to make the every day plebs keep their mouths shut and accept it like docile little sheep.

  58. Gentlebris

    ‘If a player is seen slacking off in training he is permitted to 2 foot tackle then in the shins.’

    ‘Gets to verbally abuse players, slash tyres of cars of players who come late.’

    You are such a gorgeous lunatic!

    Got my ribs aching.

  59. Dissenter

    You missed the part where Trump went after her…because it suits your politics
    The Chinese leader wont deign that low to engage a 16 year old so that example was not apt.
    Trump’s insults don’t stop at America’s borders neither should the response.

  60. Marc


    She’s dangerous – mark my words.

    On a completely different subject you said yesterday that the Spud’s were about to announce a world record naming rights deal.

    Can you imagine what that company was thinking when the first ever PL stadium announcement about racist chanting went out? The guy who did that’s career prospects are worse than the Chrysler guy who did the ManU deal!

  61. Bob N16

    PhD, the message, ‘the world has to take responsibility for the health of the planet and that if we collectively don’t start making better decisions our children will be left with a grim future’.

    Really looking forward to attending the match on Saturday. Chelsea obviously look better than us but if we can mage to get a win on Thursday, the crowd will be right behind the team. Clearly we can’t expect a dramatic improvement straight away but there is a real chance of a bounce in form.

  62. Marc

    Can I try to make something clear.

    I do not support Trump – he’s a nut case.

    My point is you respect the office of a foreign government if you want to have some effect. Even if they are a complete twat you hold the higher ground.

    It’s like I’m being accused of being Steve Bannon’s replacement.

  63. PhD2020

    MarcDecember 23, 2019 21:52:03
    PhDThat’s an internal matter for the US to handle – it doesn’t give a child with a mental disability the right to do it on the world stage.
    No,it’s not..

    The President is held to the highest standard.He fails on all counts.
    Not,an internal issue at all.
    Given,the USA is seen as the arbiter,the all-conquering,all-seeing,all-knowing moral guardian of democracy…

    You are fornicating deluded , if you think a 14-year-old is going to upstage a retard of a President called Trump?

    This is a man, that incites and encourages race-baiting…
    Want’s to build the mexican wall, financed preferably by the Mexicans.
    How is that going,after 4 years of election promises?

    Despises women, that counter his opinion?What is his term for them-‘Dog’s?’

    People of colour that go against him? His response-‘Go back to the shit hole infested countries,they came from..’

    Even Jews,he turned against-‘Not real Jews if they vote Democrats”

    So,a 14 year old,has a temper tantrum and you want to measure Trump against her?

    Is that how low you set your bar?

    Get a grip mate..

  64. Marc


    “Really looking forward to attending the match on Saturday. ”

    You she what happens when you believe a cultist? The match is on Sunday.

  65. Gentlebris

    January is our last chance with Auba or he does a Sanchez on us.

    Sell him fast.

    If you try to give him a deal he will ask for Ozil money and probably becomes ineffective too. If you give him the slightest opportunity, he will wonder what he could fetch for himself on a freebie move when Ramsey did £400,000 a week.

    Auba has been behaving his best since he got here because he had a bad rep he’s trying to get rid.

    But he’s turning now….. like a vampire…..his fangs are rearing.

    Sell fast!

  66. Marc


    Mate I’m not qualified – you seem to have jumped in to a “I hate Trump” rant.

    You do know I’m not American – I’m English and for about the 17th time I think Trump is a nut job.

    I honestly find it staggering that it look’s like that he’ll not only survive impeachment but if the Democrat’s don’t get their act together he could get a second term.

  67. Marc


    I agree that if he’s not going to sign we should sell but their seems to be a view that there’s a load on clubs willing to pay £70 million for him.

    I’d love it if we could get that sort of money for him – I’m just not so sure it will happen.

  68. PhD2020

    He will survive impeachment,his base will vote for him.He will get elected for a second term.

    The question still remains, you set the bar so low, you question a 14-year-old having a temper tantrum with Trump?

    That,is the funniest thing ever?

  69. Marc


    She has gathered a huge number of followers and is a menace. It’s not the attack on Trump it’s the lack of self awareness she demonstrated.

    No one is surprised by Trump anymore.

    If you’re going to be a leader then you should set a higher standard – she sounds like a kid having a temper tantrum, she lies about train journey’s but is Time Magazines person of the year for 2019.

    She’s either a kid in which case she should be told to shut the fuck up or she’s a leader of a movement in which case she’s dangerous.

  70. Champagne charlie


    You’re calling a 16 year old dangerous mate, ease up on the Christmas brews. You tend to go incredibly extreme when it comes to politics topics, the other day Corbyn was Hugo Chavez II and now a propped up teenager is dangerous.

    You’re like grandad late in the day over the holidays where he’s totally fucked and wanting the “dark ones” from down the street set about by the neighbourhood watch. Ease up ffs and have a quality street.

  71. Marko

    Marc you keep saying that she’s rude and should respect the office. What exactly do you think it is that she said? He attacked her on Twitter and she responded twice by taking what he said and making it her banner or whatever it is. How the fuck was she rude she literally took what he said and made him look an idiot attacking a child.

  72. Marko

    she sounds like a kid having a temper tantrum, she lies about train journey’s but is Time Magazines person of the year for 2019.She’s either a kid in which case she should be told to shut the fuck up or she’s a leader of a movement in which case she’s dangerous.

    You’re a grown man btw. Reading far too much and getting far too agitated by a kid who’s passionate about climate change. I would suggest you take it easy neither her or Corbyn are coming for your Werthers or I dunno rearrange the tins in your cabinet.

  73. PhD2020

    MarcDecember 23, 2019 22:46:25
    If you’re going to be a leader then you should set a higher standard –
    Answered your own question mate..

    Good night..

  74. Marko

    My sources tell me she’s rude, she rides first class on the train and hates offices.

    Can I say though first class on the train is like the most nothing thing that there is. What it is like just close to the driver? Ridiculous

  75. Just Another Customer

    just because she looks too malnourished due to vegan diet she’s already 16 and not 10

    that’s legal age in some country this is just some bullshit parading this teenage (not little) girl around being angry at all the wrong people

    hmmm I wonder who is behind her supporting her cause

    surely it is all for the good of the planet

  76. Words on a Blog


    Your sources tell you Greta’s not dangerous?

    Your sources lie, and you know it you scumbag.

    My sources tell me she’s Sanllehi’s best mate, and she she’s about to broker a deal between Raul and and Mendes for Arsenal to take Mendes’s 3 worst players for a fee of £100m in order to save the planet.

  77. Marko

    My sources tell me she’s Sanllehi’s best mate, and she she’s about to broker a deal between Raul and and Mendes for Arsenal to take Mendes’s 3 worst players for a fee of £100m in order to save the planet.

    That’s rude. Respect the office of Technical Director Edu

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Really interesting watching the training videos.

    The rondo drill which Arsenal always show the players doing in training is a lot different under Arteta. He is constantly asking them to split the two defensive player. Not to pass it sideways or do little flicks etc but to look to get the ball through the pressure as opposed to skirting it.

  79. Tony

    As Trump is in the posts from last night I wonder what people, especially our American gooners thought of the below:



    Both real eye openers and whilst Fear by Woodward was written from what seemed to be credible facts, I wondered how much was “Hollywood” and how much was truthful Dick Cheney?

    If mostly or all true how did Cheney escape being prosecuted?


    2 stand out series for 2019 were:

    The Loudest Voice

    That said there were many good/great entertaining movies and TV series for 2019.


    For Midwest and blues aficionados if you haven’t got the BluRay, have a look at Jon Bonamassa live at the Albert Hall. Brilliant gig.


    Happy Christmas Le Grovers and wish you all happiness and health in 2020

  80. China1

    Irrc the time person of the year is not picked by popularity, good contributions or whatever, it’s just the person who was most talked about in the news and iconic for the year. Good bad or ugly doesn’t matter

    I would bet that time is not a right supporting magazine but trump won it a year or two ago for the same reason. In the news, always talked about, iconic, having an impact of some kind throughout the world

    That’s all there is to it. No need to read too much into it as it’s not an award for greatness

  81. China1

    And yeah people need to calm down with the Greta hate

    She may be annoying and this that and the other, sure, but people talk about this 16 year old like a monster. Go into any classroom in the world and 16 year olds are often strongly opinionated and outspoken.

    The only difference is she has been given a global stage to make her case whilst the rest of them are sitting in the classrooms thinking the same thing…

    If she’s annoying, blame those who treat her as special and provide her with the platforms. She’s just an uppity teenager. God knows that’s pretty normal…

  82. China1

    As well traditional polite diplomacy has demonstrably failed as a method of inciting the kinds of dramatic changes we will likely need to see to avoid major climate issues down the line

    The ship is fast sailing away to genuinely address the issue and 40 odd years of climate science and respectful discussion has not brought us to a point where the issue is even close to under control.

    I don’t advocate for being rude to world leaders but climate change proponents pleasantly promoting change have not achieved close to what is needed

    If the issue is not properly addressed and is as catastrophic and damaging to our way of live as expected, people will look back on this period of time with utter dismay that people were so badly let down by the governments of the world.

    Too busy playing political games with each other whilst Rome burns…

    Trump and the Brazilian presidents being two of the worst culprits

    Greta is rude and annoying but she is trying to make a positive difference. I respect that

  83. The Godfather

    Arteta is talking a good game but I fear the skeptics will start the foundation for his demise if the first game against Bournemouth doesn’t bring out a high flying performance from this misfiring lot.

    The negative energy being channeled towards Arsenal from the media, and disgruntled fans on social media platforms will make this job untenable for anyone barring immediate superlative results.

    Let’s hope the young lad is ready and equipped for the challenge. He’s gonna need it !

  84. China1

    Agreed godfather. I think it’s going to be tough for arteta but if he is to have any hope, he needs to be given some leeway by the fans.

    It was different with wenger as he had all the time in the world to change course. Emery was given some time too but wasmikes off the pace.

    Arteta needs to be given until the end of the season to make a clear mark on the team and next year we should hold him to higher standards

  85. Samesong

    And so it should be tough for Arteta and I’m sure he knows that. Arsenal is not a playground. Well hopefully not no more.

  86. Tony


    Arteta’s training vid is good to see.

    Still trying to convince myself Arteta can live up to the hype and Pedro’s adoration, but have a feeling we might see more improvement on Freddie’s last game at Bournemouth.

    I feel a decent bounce is likely starting with Bournemouth and giving good accounts of ourselves against the Chavs and Manure.

    If we end up with 5+ points from those 3 games, I’ll be happy that Arteta is off to a good start.

    I think psychologically bringing in a couple of new faces from the January window with a couple being moved on, the fractured squad will pull more together because of the changing squad dynamics.

    Let’s see what happens against Bournemouth.

    Might just all be wishful thinking.

  87. Samesong

    I wonder if the players going to complain about the hard training in the near future. Only then we will know that he is doing the right job

  88. Unai

    China @ 3.10am, spot in mate!

    Feels like we’re standing on the precipice right now, its not a theory any more, we can all see it happening.


    If your so extreme on your climate change stance why is this kid so dangerous in your opinion? I’m genuinely interested btw.

  89. Valentin


    I have been complaining for ages that Willock is the only player who receive the ball on the half turn. It is shocking to see that our more established players either by fear or by bad technique always receive the ball square making it easier to block their forward path.

    So I am extremely please to see that he is addressing that. Leeds equaliser against Fulham came from Nkethia being on the half turn taking the ball forward and shooting with Bamford scoring from the rebound.

    Also I like the idea that risky forward splitting the defense should be attempted rather than easy ball to feet.
    I believe that Lacazette will thrive with that kind of quick vertical passing.

  90. Pierre

    I think it’s funny that 6 months ago Aubameyang and Lacazette were being lauded on here as top strikers, who were irreplaceable in the team after we beat Valencia in the semi final 7-3 on aggregate, and now Le Grove think they are surplus to requirements ..

    Doesnt quite make sense to me….Emery lost the plot big time this season, so let’s see how these players get on in a functional system before writing them off.

    They have been feeding on scraps this season , let’s hope that changes and with it, so will the perception of these 2 excellent strikers.

  91. Left Testicle

    Personally I don’t think Greta on her own is dangerous, it’s the cult that hang on her every word that, potentially, could be dangerous.

  92. habesha gooner

    Sell Auba in January for 50mil+ , Move martinelli to CF and let him compete with lacazette and buy Everton Soares for 30 mil+. That way we will make a 20 mil+ profit and our attack will have a much more balance to it. Other than that buying a bunch of attackers wouldn’t be great if we haven’t fixed the defence yet. Midfield needs help too if we move Xhaka( we should). But not without a replacement.

  93. China1

    Samesong arsenal is not a playground it’s a crèche

    Only two years ago we had our captain in tears because his kid asked why we are so bad lol

  94. Unai

    Pierre, I think as Auba is limited in his play (great goalscorer but little link up) and is now rumoured to want away his stock has fallen with the fanbase.

    Laca for me has never been the one, hes good but not great.

    Neither have youth on their side now either

    Watching Abrahams the other day certainly made me think what we could do with a younger, more hungry player as a striker.

    Do we already have one in GM?

  95. Sid

    Our play will obviously improve with the return of Ceballos just like it has been worse since he got injured. He’s technically better than the other midfielders though we should look for better than him.

  96. HillWood

    In his first match and with a makeshift defence I’m not expecting too much
    Hopefully in the weeks to come we will see improvement in the overall performance of the team

  97. Graham62

    Auba and Lacazette have carried this team for the past two years.

    It’s of little surprise that they are burnt out.

    Hopefully Arteta can get them firing again.

  98. Bob N16

    Nailed it HillWood, Bournemouth May just give us a home win but Chelsea will be tough. Once he establishes his first choice 11 I’m confident we’ll be better both with and without the ball, more compact and better angles.

    Hope Martinelli’s hammy is ok – probably should be rested for Thursday. Rotation in this busy period will allow Arteta first hand experience of the squad. By mid January he can settle things down.

    (I’m more worried about the effects of climate change than the ‘cult of Greta’!)

  99. CG

    Season Greetings to fellow Le Grovers.

    What with Ancelotti starting his career at Everton the same time as Arteta at Arsenal- we will have a unique case study of two different styles of soccer management in play.

    The experienced and laissez faire style of management from the Italian ( 100 % natural leader)


    The inexperienced and intense ,all encompassing style from the Spaniard( 75% natural leader)

    Does experience and knowhow or inexperience and coaching prowess prevail?

    Who finishes higher this season?

    Ancelotti s Everton or Arteta’s Arsenal ?

  100. Gentlebris

    There is no point trying to revive aged strikers with already established names(meaning nothing to really reach for), especially when they will ask for a combined £600,000 a week to stay.

    The market is blessed with great young strikers if you know where to look.

    If you can’t get Haaland, get Abraham’s twin brother; Victor Osimhen, if Lille ask for another £72m then go get Alfredo Morelos at Rangers for £25, he’s the younger Aguero.

    As for where to sell our two titans, Atl Madrid/Napoli/Milan would love Laca, Barca/PSG/Juve/Bayern would absolutely love Auba. Send the word out, the offers would come in.