Arteta deal clogged up over politics and PR narrative

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Predictably, things are taking a little bit of time. As fans, we’re being whipped into a frenzy by newspapers and journalists trying to maximize their share of the attention carcass.

The latest odd story doing the rounds states Arsenal are yet to make formal contact with Manchester City about a release. I find this one a little weird. Arteta let Guardiola know what was happening last week, per Pep in his press conference… so it’s hard to believe Arsenal’s leadership didn’t speak with the City top dogs despite sharing a box with them at the 0-3 defeat, or after spending the night in Manchester after a botched stealth job at the assistants home.

… but let’s be honest, it’s exactly the sort of weird oversight you wouldn’t put past our leadership team.

I suspect what we’re seeing is a bit of hardball. No one wants to seem like they’re getting fisted in front of the world of football via a hidden camera. No club wants to lose a top coaching talent everyone is raving about. I imagine the posturing is about making a go of it to their own fans who might be wondering why he’s moving. They have to be seen to do something. The release fee is ranging from £500k to £2m. I am sure we can handle that sort of payment and I’m sure City don’t really care about the compensation, it’s more about the PR perception. City don’t often lose.

There are more positive stories elsewhere. Great news that the club is going to keep Freddie onboard. He’s done a fantastic job under very grim circumstances. He’s not thrown anyone under the bus, he’s largely protected the kids, and he’s spoken with eloquence and love in the media. He’s a very, very impressive guy, I hope he’s looked after.

I doubt he’ll be given the assistant job. I think that needs to go to someone with experience, so there’s a counter-balance to Arteta’s relative youth. Torrent and Rodolfo Borrell seem like very obvious candidates, but it’s not clear what positions they’d take up. There might be other names under consideration, still can’t get my mind off the idea of Xabi Alonso in the dugout, it’d be far too saucy, it might even be a distraction.

One person that isn’t happy with the move is Willy Aubameyang. The brother of our captain complained on the internet that Arteta lacked experience. Quite the opinion the drop considering the prestige position his brother holds in the team and in the hearts of the fans. I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to many, but there are a lot of bad eggs at Arsenal, young and old, that will find their way out of the club this summer. You can’t pin this on Pierre, but really, can you imagine Harry Kane’s family slagging off ‘past it’ Jose on Insta before he started? No chance. There’s just a level of professionalism Arsenal have lacked since Wenger left. Hopefully the new regime will bring a bit of discipline and pride back to the Arsenal operation. Huss, Edu and Raul need to gain a bit of control of the squad. Arteta will need to be given time and a huge amount of visible support. If the players sense they can overpower him, his tenure is dead. I think the 3.5 year deal is important, it says we’re committed to the project. I can’t help but think Emery’s break clause dogged him, particularly in year 2 when the players knew they could end him.

Word has it that Carlo will sit out the game at the weekend, opting to take a seat in the stands and let Ferguson run the game. I’m really struggling to see the benefit of Arteta leading the team out if he’s had no time to work with the players… maybe just having him in the stands will be enough to see a performance from the players? Maybe it doesn’t matter. He’ll only have 5 days with the players before the Bournemouth game, then it’s 3 days before we host a struggling Chelsea, then we have United on the first day of the decade. Quite the baptism of fire, but at least the run is fairly breezy until we go to City at the end of February after that.

It’s great to see the fans are behind this move. I even saw some people retract statements of disgust around Arteta because of the backlash. This move is a smart one for Arsenal. Fan expectation is very low. We’ve hired in a world-class coach, that part can’t be denied, he has the reciepts to prove it. We’ve hired in someone that can speak the language of the country and the league. We have someone with Arsenal DNA in the dugout. We hope the coaching credentials will translate onto the pitch. There is lots of work to do, there are going to be rough patches, but at least there’s some direction now. The rest can be worked out over our 7 month preseason.

I’m keeping this short today, I need to keep some powder dry for the actual announcement of the coach. Fingers crossed he lands today, if he doesn’t, don’t panic… I think it’s too far down the line for even Arsenal to balls it up.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Gentlebris

    ‘Tad bit dramatic Gentle’

    R.H, high drama is just one of my many intentions tonight.

    If only I could stage a lone man walk tonight……

    I would grab a megaphone and cry my voice hoarse.

    Maybe someone can still do something……

    Because tomorrow the chickens in charge will enthrone Arteta……

    What will i not throw at this tonight?

  2. Graham62

    The fear on here is all consuming.

    Fear that Arteta is not the solution.
    Fear of failure.
    Fear of regression.
    Fear of not qualifying for Europe.
    Fear of falling further and further behind the elite of football.
    Fear of being made even more of a laughing stock because of our incompetent hierarchy.

    For me personally, this fear started to take effect about ten years back.

  3. Marc

    The article saying half the squad want to leave my take on some of our players if they did.

    Auba – well if he’s not going to sign on we need to sell anyway him wanting to leave should help with a fee.

    Laca – decent player but he’s never going to be a 20 plus PL goals a season striker – as above

    Ozil – please god let it be true

    Luiz – whatever

    Sok – whatever

    Bellerin – whatever

    Xhaka – There’ll be a fight amongst Arsenal fans on who’s gets to drive him to the airport.

    Mustafi – just a terrible player

    Torreira – our only DM but can be replaced without to much fuss.

    Kolas – whatever

    Leno – probably out highest performing player at the moment would not want to see him leave.

    There are very few Arsenal players at the moment who can hold their heads high and say they’ve got close to performing this season.

  4. Champagne charlie


    We paid 15 mil for Ceballos on loan, and pay 350k a week for Ozil. We lose both of them and there’s a need created within the side for a midfielder that can knit things together – plus the monies saved help balance the cost of recruitment.

    Grealish is a number 8, and he’s exactly the sort of midfield profile we should encourage the signing of. Doesn’t for a second suggest we don’t need alternative players of differing skill sets, it’s a big standard comment to state if we lose two attacking midfielders (likely 3 with Mkhi), then I’d replace with Grealish.

    And yes, Prem proven, is that a concept that fails you entirely?

  5. Marko

    Oh the infamous 15 million we paid for Ceballos on loan. I see your taking your cues from CG on that one. Irrespective 45 million for Graelish or 45 million for a DM like Partey which is smarter given our needs? That’s not to say we don’t need a Graelish type but you can get similar types on the continent for cheaper. We should be looking at spending big on defensive recruitments not big on a creative signing and left with fuck all for defenders. We’ve been doing this same sort of idiotic shit for years big on attackers left with fuck all on defensive players. It’s stupid and needs to be stopped.

    And yes, Prem proven, is that a concept that fails you entirely?

    I mean he’s doing well for the first time proper in the premier league. Doesn’t take much to be prem proven I guess.

  6. Gentlebris

    ‘Fear of being made even more of a laughing stock because of our incompetent hierarchy.’

    Can you imagine?

    If you made a respectable decision and things went south, you could say shit happens.

    But when you make a decision that immediately looks dumb and you get a horrible result, what are you gonna say?

    If you asked 10 neutrals about the Arteta hire, 9 are gonna tell you immediately that it’s dumb, based on obvious reasons.

    And when a club as prestigious as Arsenal still run with such a decision and it hits a brick wall, how would it be explained?

    I mean, what exactly informed such a reckless gamble? We don’t exactly have our back to the wall do we?

  7. Marc

    I’ve always found the “story” that we paid £15 million for Ceballos to be with us a season far fetched. I’m sure we’re paying his wages reported to be circa £50 per week that’s £2.5 million a year to think we’re paying £12.5 million for a loan? Just cant’ see it.

  8. Gentlebris

    Marc, you must have the Mbappes and the Ronaldos lined up waiting for your beckon.

    And what hope do you have of selling those players at reasonable prices when even the Arabs and their dogs are already aware the guys are pushing for an exit?

  9. CG

    Re: Grealish

    CG in conjunction with Graham flagged up Grealish about 2 seasons ago- now the rest up catching up.

    But its too late.
    the price tag is too high- we should have bought him when Villa were in the championship.
    Its shameful – that we don’t hoover up the British talent rather than buy the overseas expensive garbage all the time.

    (The lad has a touch of George Best about him.)

    Even Arseblog are now commenting on his ballooning calf muscles.
    (One of the oldest measuring sticks when analysing footballing talent.)

    The talent is always there…..and always on your doorstep.

    Arsenals greatest ever player was born in walking distance from Highbury.

    The one and only Charlie George!

  10. Marc


    If players want to leave then you tell them what their “release fee” is – let their agent go and find a club willing to pay it.

    As for asking you when you started to support Arsenal – it put’s your comments into perspective. You talk about a leftfield manager choice humiliating us well Wenger was about as left field as it got. Arsenal were slagged off all over the place by everyone – “Arsene who?”

  11. Marc

    “the price tag is too high- we should have bought him when Villa were in the championship.”

    On this CG is 1000% spot on. There’s just too much money in the PL to buy players unless they are running down their contracts or have a release clause. I’d be surprised if that £45 million for Grealish wasn’t a case of “if they are relegated”.

  12. Gentlebris

    ‘CG in conjunction with Graham flagged up Grealish about 2 seasons ago- now the rest up catching up.’

    All hail the two kings!

    By the way fella, I must warn you that you are gonna spend on Arteta the precious silver points you won for making the most accurate call re Emery.

  13. Champagne charlie


    We reportedly paid 3 mil for Denis Suarez, I don’t see 12/15 mil being outlandish for a guy with a much greater pedigree. Do you have some info that refutes that 15 mil claimed? Or are you just deciding against that because you fancy? Either way it’s not that relevant, the relevant part is having two attackers gone and needing to replace them with a player.

    “I mean he’s doing well for the first time proper in the premier league. Doesn’t take much to be prem proven I guess.“

    Funnily enough the phrase “prem proven” is directly linked to when a player does well in the premier league you whopping dickhead.

    No, it doesn’t take much to become prem proven, the criteria is kind of there in the term despite your weird reluctance to ever consider PL experience as a viable attribute.

  14. Gentlebris

    “Arsene who?”


    ‘Arsene who’ was a different proposition. Wenger had actually been head coaching and winning before ‘Arsene who’. And Arsenal were not getting ready for a possible relegation fight with a defense that’s second to none when it comes to go gifting.

    You see, I saw Lampard leading Derby last season and you could see that he could do a job. So I felt Chelsea did okay by putting him in charge, and let me tell you Lampard will succeed but that’s by the way.

    My point is that ‘Arsene who’ like Lampard could be evaluated in the capacity for which they were about to be hired to see if they ticked some important boxes.

    You don’t hire a guy to manage a hurricane if you can’t find a yardstick with which to measure his actual potentials in that EXACT capacity.

  15. CG

    Gentle Bris

    “”””By the way fella, I must warn you that you are gonna spend on Arteta the precious silver points you won for making the most accurate call re Emery.”””””

    Hello GB *( you know – you have always been my favourite).
    You have always been very fair to me- even when PedRo unceremoniously expelled me from telling The Truth………( he knows he made a serious error)

    All I would say is.

    Whoever manages Arsenal – they are on a Hiding to Nothing.

    Who can manage Arsenal with :

    Silent Stan
    Playboy Josh
    The Fat Spiv
    The Ponce
    and no money and with our plodders?

    If Wenger cant do it( and and he is one of the all time greats ) no one can.

    we are too dysfunctional to be successful.

    *Send A very Merry Christmas to the little one…..must be bigger than Torreira now?

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Really do think we need some EPL proven players.

    Not a an of arbitrary quotas in terms of saying 50% of our purchases need to be EPL proven but we need to make sure we’re getting some EPL talent in.

    Yes it is more expensive but I think very much needed.

    We need to be looking at a Godfrey, Mings, Lascelles, Dunk type player for CB. Maybe someone like Aarons for RB, certainly Grealish for central midfield along with a name like Partey to finally hold down that CDM position and finally let the rest of the team play less conservatively.

    Maybe even a Jota or Zaha for an attacking player as well if there are big sales. Really got to keep this 4 letter surname thing rolling…I think that is the secret key to success.

  17. Marko

    We reportedly paid 3 mil for Denis Suarez, I don’t see 12/15 mil being outlandish for a guy with a much greater pedigree.

    You don’t see a 15 million loan fee for someone without an obligation to buy being outlandish? Well you’re right it’s not outlandish it’s frankly idiotic and nonsensical.

    Do you have some info that refutes that 15 mil claimed?

    Wow wow hang on here you’re the one who plucked 15 million from thin air the onus on info is on you.

    It’s okay I checked it out it came from the Sun. Makes sense 15 million no obligation meanwhile Kingsley Coman and Coutinho join Bayern on loan for between 6-8 million with obligations to buy.

    Either way it’s not that relevant

    Well when you use a falsehood to give strength to a point you’re trying to make it is kind of relevant.

    No, it doesn’t take much to become prem proven,

    I know right he could do well for 6 months and end up relegated to the championship for the rest of his career but he’ll always be prem proven.

  18. Valentin


    Sometimes mediocre manager get lucky and won the league.
    During his entire career as a manager, Steve McLaren has consistently failed. Usually within 24 months of being named. So yes I said that he was lucky in winning with FC Twente. Like I said he is a mediocre manager but he is still a good coach.
    Ranieri has never won anything of note during his entire career, yet he won the league with Leicester. Do I believe that he was lucky? Yes I do. In any other circumstances, with their point total they would never have won the league in the last 15 years. Yet Ranieri is a decent coach who took the opportunity given to him.
    You can take that as an insult, but I am just stating the obvious. Both were lucky to win the league. Their league wins are the outlier in not so illustrious managerial careers.

  19. Marko

    Anyway no point in prolonging this conversation you would like to pay the 45 million clause for Jack Graelish and I would prefer to pay the 45 million clause for Partey.

  20. Marko

    No Borrell or Torrent apparently. Mikel doesn’t need em anyway.

    Look if people are so obsessed with prem proven English players how about Barkley? Loftus Cheek (probably cost alot though)

  21. Gentlebris


    I just thought I must send you a whisper……this ride could be comic, you should disembark.

    My boy sends his greetings, thanks pal.

  22. Champagne charlie


    How does any of that makes sense?

    Coutinho and Coman have stupid wages to factor in, plus an obligation to buy means the buying side are going to want a low initial loan fee or they’d be as well buying there and then – something they likely can’t do with their finances for that given season hence the talk of a loan to start with.

    Now look at Ceballos, Real don’t want him but we wouldn’t take an obligation to buy clause. The compromise? We pay a higher fee to loan the guy without the obligation.

    “ Wow wow hang on here you’re the one who plucked 15 million from thin air the onus on info is on you……..Well when you use a falsehood to give strength to a point you’re trying to make it is kind of relevant.“

    Plucked out of thin air? It’s what’s reported, the “falsehood” is your denial because you consider it “outlandish”.

    “I know right he could do well for 6 months and end up relegated to the championship for the rest of his career but he’ll always be prem proven.“

    If Villa get relegated that doesn’t take away the fact Grealish has performed in the league and is therefore labelled “prem proven”. It’s an indictment on the quality of their side as a whole.

    You’re a compete spastic I swear to god. Grealish isn’t prem proven if he gets relegated 😂😂😂

  23. Champagne charlie

    “Anyway no point in prolonging this conversation you would like to pay the 45 million clause for Jack Graelish and I would prefer to pay the 45 million clause for Partey.“

    Was never the conversation at all, you interjected and tried to create the paradigm.

    I denied it twice already.

  24. Mr Serge

    Can you guys please stop saying we paid 15m loan fee for Cebalos the biggest loan fee of all time was James to Bayern for two seasons and that was 8.9 m plus his wages in full

    We paid 5m plus his wages of 30k a week
    That’s it with no buy on clause

  25. Pierre

    The worst thing Arsenal/Arteta can do at this present time is to offload more than a couple of players in the January window.

    Every player should start off with a clean slate and given the chance to prove themselves in a functional system.

    You’d have to be pretty stupid or gullible to believe all the fake news of the last few days.

    It started with Arsenal haven’t contacted city….bulllshit

    It continued with Ancelotti being offered the job and then the offer retracted…..bullshit.

    Next up, many of the senior players are against Arteta appointment ..bullshit

    The bullshit continued with Arsenal are offloading half the team ….bullshit.

    Aubamayang desperate to leave…

    I could find another 50 negative stories from the last couple of days.

    The known nothing’s are taken in by the bullshit because it is what they want to hear .
    They supported Emery up until the last few weeks when reality finally hit home.

    They are desperate people who believe that if Arsenal offload half the team then it will somehow vindicate their belief that it isn’t Emery’s fault for the position we find ourselves in.

    I have news for you , it is Emery’s fault and I look forward to seeing the majority of our players showing us that in a functional system with proper coaching, the players can return to the level they previously reached before Emery destroyed their confidence.

  26. Major_Jeneral

    If half of the squad want to leave let them do so, they are not playing with heart anyways.
    We need to support Arteta.
    Yes he is a new manager, but without risks we won’t get the rewards we are looking for.
    At the end of the day “nothing ventured is nothing gained.”

  27. Major_Jeneral

    I also support the idea of every player starting on a clean slate. However theyust be willing to put in the work in whatever formation or functioning the manager plans to use.
    Martinelli and some other players have been showing this effort in their performance.

    The fact is without everyone putting in their own share of the work, the team won’t achieve anything.

  28. Paulinho

    TR7 – I’ve said a number times manager and philosophy means jack shit with our midfielders so I eagerly await to see whether Arteta he can impact our passing combinations and movements in any appreciable way with the current lot. Ultimately, it will come down to budget and recruitment if Arteta is to see his vision realised to any meaningful extent.

    I like him, and just like Emery, will judge him in relation to the tools at his disposal. I do have concern as well over his ability to command respect in terms of the needed charisma/gravitas to reel players into receptivity of his methods.

  29. bennydevito

    Un nai,

    Fuck knows what you’re dribbling on about but in his first 50 Arsenal games Emery won more matches than any other manager in Arsenal’s history.

    Add the fact he finished 5th with more points, wins and wins and points away from home means he literally shat all over Wenger’s terrible last 2 seasons.

    Wenger was dreadful at the end, thank god he went.

    From Arsenal official Twitter:

    📊 Most wins in their first 50 games with Arsenal…

    32 – Unai Emery
    28 – George Allison
    27 – George Graham
    27 – Herbert Chapman
    25 – Jack Crayston
    24- Tom Whittaker
    24 – George Swindin
    23 – Arsène Wenger
    23 – Don Howe

    🎼 #ElMaestro

  30. bennydevito


    Because towards the end of last season things were unravelling terribly. Some of the older players didn’t respect him and this season especially his team selections were awful.

  31. Valentin


    Both Unai and you are right. You are just misinterpreting the stats.

    “Most wins in their FIRST 50 games with Arsenal…”

    Emery FIRST 50 games are still worse than Wenger LAST 50 games.

  32. Champagne charlie


    Emery had the EL to boost his wins in the first 50 games. Also, Wenger guided us to 75 points in the season before he tanked….Emery delivered 70.

    Obviously you have an alternative meaning for the word shat. It’s been done to death, Emery was wank, get over it.

  33. Peter12

    Although it would decimate the team, I think it is right that fans are calling for getting rid of about 6 players (most of whom have been extremely destructive with their poisonous attitudes, couple of whom have been useless) at Xmas. Drain the swamp. Arteta would stand no chance of doing anything with those players in the squad (even if he has the ability which is unknown. I would add Pepe to the list though, contravertially. Admit that he has been a huge mistake; cut your losses, get rid when as I understand he doesn’t even train well. Who, who, who has ever authorised his purchase should also be made to leave. Was tha person Raul? Get rid. That is what I think.

  34. Marko

    Coutinho and Coman have stupid wages to factor in, plus an obligation to buy means the buying side are going to want a low initial loan fee or they’d be as well buying there

    What are you waffling about the only way a 15 million loan fee would make sense is if it was factored in and taken away from the inevitable obligation to buy hence the references to Coman and Coutinho. The fact that you’re trying to make sense of a fabrication is hilarious btw. There is not a club in world football who would pay 15 million with no guarantees of getting the player at the end of it.

  35. bennydevito

    I just hope we get Arteta over the line so we can all finally move on from Emery and Wenger.

    I’m actually really excited by the prospect of Arteta and I hope the first thing he does is ship out the shit and the trouble makers who don’t want to play for the badge anymore or don’t respect Arteta.

    Ozil and Xhaka should be first out the door, followed by Aubameyang, Mustafi and Luiz for book balancing purposes.

  36. Moray

    Agree completely, Benny.

    Arteta is one of the most exciting prospects at Arsenal for years. There is some risk of course but that’s what could make it a great play.

    He needs to be quite ruthless with moving players on and quickly see who responds to the new approach at the club.

    I don’t think most of the fans will mourn any of these players if we decide to cash out. Not even Auba.

  37. Rocky

    In the battle for the supporters’ hearts and minds those senior players are delusional if they think they have even half a chance.

    We all know that their attitudes stink. We all know that their poisonous clique is a big part of the problem.

    Give them one more chance to change and prove they’re worthy of wearing our shirt. If not, unload them as soon as possible. Ozil to China would be my first move …

  38. Nelson

    Ljungberg has sent a message to Arsenal’s board that “too many of the players didn’t care.

    Looks like we’ll have a major clean up.

  39. Receding Hairline

    Pierre’s passionate post about the team returning to the level they were at before Emery isn’t really about the team but about a certain number 10.

    The level they were at before Emery saw their former coach and legend sacked. It was a level where they walloped crap teams on holiday at home towards the end of the season where they were playing for nothing. At that level they were still crap away from home and finished bottom of the H2H top six league. What a level to long for.

  40. Receding Hairline

    Emery will still he remembered in the record books as the man who won 48 of 70 odd games he took charge of, as the coach whose team outscored Sarri and Poch in his first season. A man with a 55% win percentage as Arsenal coach.

    No amount of Emery is wank post on here will change that.

    Other Arsenal fans have moved on from Emery, maybe it’s time le grove does too.

  41. Wasi


    There are no Hindu, Sikh casualties in Kashmir.
    The majority of the people there are Muslims. And its mostly the government and the militants causing havoc there.
    Read about human rights abuse in Kashmir. You’ll maybe understand something. Who is feeding you this false information id love to know.

  42. China1

    Sell as much of the dross and negative dressing room influences and reinvest as much as we can afford of whatever that brings in on genuinely good players who buy in to our new direction(whatever that may be)

    The day ozil Luiz xhaka and now unfortunately auba are out the door will be a day when the black clouds will have mostly lifted. It doesn’t mean we’ll suddenly be a good team, but at least we need to get rid of the poison before we can expect a recovery and if we watch arsenal play not particularly well, but it’s an honest attempt with players giving their best but not yet the finished article I do believe the fans (any sane ones) will be vastly more forgiving on our players shortcomings

    But what cannot and must not be accepted is the toxic attitude players

  43. Un na naai



    Emery will he remembered as the man who oversaw our worst form since the 70s
    Who got drubbed in a European final 4-1
    Who spent £200m and took the club backwards

    You think people are going to remember his win ratio? Looool. I almost pity you

    I’m not biting. Pedro will bin me

  44. Chris

    Ultimately I don’t think Emery will be remembered in too much detail, positive or negative, much like Bruce Rioch.

    Hopefully Emery ends up as the inbetween for successful coaches the same way Rioch was.

    And of course every player deserves a clean slate somewhat and a chance under the new man, but odds are a few of them will find themselves on the receiving end of a big squad clean out and in the case of a couple that can’t come soon enough.

  45. Receding Hairline

    Exactly Chris

    He really didn’t hang around much to be relevant in the grand scheme of things.

    Many will have you believe he destroyed the values of the club.. What values?

    We needed a culture change and Arteta should also work along those lines. Maintaining whatever it was some believe Wenger built is nonsense. Break from the past and build a truly competitive team not one that goes on and on about values and class.

  46. Un na naai


    Sensibly put but Rioch never got the chance to bomb hard like emery did.
    Had we sacked emery in the summer (when we should have) he’d have been remembered in more neutral terms .

  47. Graham62


    You are correct.

    This perception by some(one) that we were a wonderful team before Emery took over are living in cloud cuckoo land .

    How anyone can see 5 meaningless/ pressureless games at the end of a nothing season as being the benchmark for Emery to live up to, is frigging deluded.

    That’s the equivalent of winning 5 games if crazy golf in comparison to playing in the Open championship at the start of the next season.

    Yes Emery was not up to scratch, but please don’t insult our intelligence with such ludicrous perceptions.

    You just don’t compare such things.

    Everyone knows that.

  48. Aussie Gooner

    If players don’t hit the ground running with the new manager then they should all be shown the door. This rag tag bunch of so called professionals need to be reminded who pays the wages. If they are not in for the long haul then out they go – whoever it is. There is a bad atmosphere around the club at the moment and the last thing we need are players not giving 100% (or the Arteta 120%). What we do need are players like Martinelli, Leno, Torriera, Pepe who are trying to dig us out of the shit pile we are in. I know that some of the senior players are looking for their last big paying move and don’t want their careers to go backwards.

  49. Un na naai


    Yet the team was still capable of beating all of our rivals and sitting 3rd with 6 easy on paper games to go
    Emery let that slide and then the next season was our worst in 45 years
    It can’t be seen as anything but a failure with £200m spent

    We’ve got our guy now and that’s what matters

  50. Pierre

    Receding Hairline
    “Pierre’s passionate post about the team returning to the level they were at before Emery isn’t really about the team but about a certain number 10.”

    Get it right.

    I actually said “the players ” (not the team)returning to the level they were before Emery destroyed their confidence.

  51. Ishola70


    You gave the same line when Freddie L took over but yet we hear now he is not happy with some of the players.

    Maybe it’s time for you to look at some of the players.

  52. RGG

    Grealish is the next Joe Cole.

    Arteta doesnt need to let the players fail. He needs to be fucking ruthless.

    Tell Ozil and Xhaka they have played their last games for Arsenal.

    Tell Laca and Luiz they are going to be sold if not in this window the next.

    If Auba wants to be reasonable and sign an extension great….but there will be no….”but but but he’s earning 350k a week so I want….” bullshit. And If he doesnt sign fast, he will be sold in the summer.

    Will be judging Arteta on what he does in MF. Particularly DM……honestly believe our defenders will show dramatic improvement when that part of the team gets FINALLY sorted. If Arteta doesnt improve us in central midfield he can fuck off.

  53. Pierre

    “This perception by some(one) that we were a wonderful team before Emery took over are living in cloud cuckoo land .”

    Get it right …never said anything about remotely close to Arsenal being a “wonderful team”.

    I made the point yesterday that Arsenal had won their previous 5 home league games, scoring over 3 goals per game when Emery took over.

    Whereas Arteta is taking over during a spell of no wins , 2 defeats and 3 draws with a negative goal difference in our last 5 home league games

    Emery went on a 22 game unbeaten run only last season with the team that still had Wenger’s DNA on it .

    Arteta is taking over a team at rock bottom, confidence wise, with Emery’s DNA all over it.

    Nothing delusional about that , just highlighting the difficulty of the present situation compared to when Emery arrived.

    Also, when you include that Emery had a full pre season compared to Arteta being thrown in the deep end mid season, I would say if Arteta can get the players and team playing to their maximum before the end of the season , then he will have something to build on for next season and at least give the fans hope for the future.

  54. Leedsgunner

    Some of the older players want to move on because they want to win trophies. This amuses me. So, they’ve been playing like a pile of dog mess for the past season and a half and they think they deserve trophies?

    Apart from a select few, the whole attitude of the club is not right.

    For those first team members who think they are all that they should go and carry the kit bags for the Arsenal Ladies for a while.

    They are playing like they enjoy wearing the shirt for what it represents not just for the pay cheque.

    Ps. If Auba wants to go, despite being our captain let him go provide we get £70m plus. If he really doesn’t want to play for us, despite the changes we’re making… it’s not worth having him.

    In fact that goes for all the malcontents in the team. If you think you’re better than the shirt… and think the club has treated you the wrong way… go. If you are so blind to not accept any responsibility for this mess, just go.

    Invest that money in players that love the shirt and the club.

  55. Pierre

    I will judge the players, all of them as they have all regressed, when they play in a functional system.

    If there is no improvement after 3 months, then is the time to make the decision to offload.

    Also, Don’t believe all the bulllshit you read about Freddie saying players dont care, until I hear it come from his mouth then I will consider it the usual negative arsenal bullshit from the media.

  56. Ishola70

    “Grealish is the next Joe Cole.”

    Why is there such a fixation on him by some on here?

    Everyone knows Arsenal are absolutely shit off the ball and Grealish isn’t going to help in that respect.

    Sure the team needs an attacking midfielder as well as better all round midfielders but the way he is talked about on here it’s like he is the sole answer to the Arsenal midfield and he isn’t.

  57. Pierre

    “Some of the older players want to move on because they want to win trophies. This amuses me. So, they’ve been playing like a pile of dog mess for the past season and a half and they think they deserve trophies?”

    Media bullshit , find me one quote from these so called older players that says anything like that.

  58. Ishola70


    You heard straight from Freddie’s mouth that he subbed Ozil against Manchester City because he said he wanted someone to replace him that could run and tackle.

    You don’t talk in such terms if you respect that player.

  59. Guns of Hackney

    As it was yesterday and will be today, who cares if the senior players want out. Good! We will save at least a million a week on wages and if we’re lucky, might take in £150m. Nothing about that looks bad to me.

    It’s better to have players who want to play every game and win every game than a couple of jerks who show up once every ten games.

    A clean slate will be better for Arteta and Arsenal, rather than trying to sift through the BS we currently have.

    I will take a couple of seasons floating around 10th to 6th if it means we implement an actual strategy, transfer policy, identity and vision. I don’t think Mikel will win the league or finish top four but I have no doubt we will see, at the beginning of next season a new Arsenal.

    Call Auba’s bluff. Because I guarantee Barca won’t be calling him.

  60. Guernsey Gun

    Looking forward to MAs appointment, something fresh, a gamble but that’s where we are right now. Our season starts at Bournemouth on the 29th, I foresee one more miserable capitulation tomorrow before hopefully he can get into this bunch of slackers. Good luck to him, hopefully tomorrow is the bottom and we bounce from there.

  61. CG

    To all my wonderful fellow Le Grove patients out there

    I want you studying the press conference today ( pen and paper at hand- like I always do)

    For the non perceptive on here- please note the following.

    Is the Spiv going to take questions or will Edu introduce Arteta ?

    If the Spiv is there- has he put on weight?

    Will Vinny be wearing a tie?

    Will Vinny even be there or is still in Manchester helping Arteta load that van?

    Will Edu say anything of interest?

    Will Arteta look to his left or right before answering the journalists question.

    I will off course- give you my verdict later.

    One thing we wontbe hearing today from St.Mikel is

    Good Ebening .

    Tick Tock

  62. Bojangles

    Arsenal need purging of some of its dross, LG needs purging of Wenger talk. The man is not around anymore if you hadn’t noticed. He’s been gone over 18 months. Why the fuck are we still talking about him? Who cares, other than the odd one or two, if his last 5 games were better than our last 5 games, or his last 50 were better than Emery’s last 50. It’s totally irrelevant, especially now that Emery isn’t here any more. He’s gone, dead and buried, kaput, finito.

  63. Pierre

    There is nothing better than winning a few football matches to get everyone onside and change everyone’s perception of things.

    That should be Arteta’s first goal , to win football matches , using whichever way possible.

    Life will become much easier for him and all the negative media bullshit will strangely disappear.

  64. Mysticleaves

    Ishola, being good off the ball has nothing to do with individuals. It’s a coaching and team effort. You can’t watch a player and say “he6s a good dribbler, can pass and is good off the ball”.

  65. Elmo


    Agree with your position.

    The only question is where the Kroenkes stand. If they’re simply unwilling to bankroll a regeneration of the squad (you get the impression that the Pepe signing solely occurred on the back of Sanllehi selling ‘speculate to accumulate’ to them, and they’ll feel like they got their hands burned), then the standard of our value recruitment is going to have to improve by an even greater scale than that of first team management / coaching.

    I’d like to see PEA moved this January if someone will pay £40m or more, and if Lacazette won’t sign, then he should go in the summer. We can’t afford to lose both of them for nothing, because our finances are already in dire straits.

  66. Champagne charlie


    Course you can, haven’t you heard some of the greats get referenced?

    ‘He was always very talented as a boy, great left foot and excellent off-the-ballness’ – someone about Messi


  67. Un na naai


    Because we are going to have no ozil and Ceballos next year and there will be a space available for an attacking midfielder

    Unless you’d prefer ESR all season?
    Aubameyang going too.
    We will need an attacking midfielder.

  68. Gentlebris

    So in summary, we should sell:


    Those guys must have been members of the brigade that rejected Arteta, and we should sell them?

    Now apart from Emery’s incompetence, the reason he produced the most horrible record in 44 years is because he or Raul sold, sent out on loan or released the players you wanted gone:


    Those were not great players for us but were technical enough to hold the ball and make simple passes, and what is more, they were technically consistent and that paid a bit for our off the ball cowardice.

    You thought:


    Would do a far greater job but they landed a coach who played 22 games unbeaten in a 44 year failure pit.

    Now you want to continue in the same direction because you are trusting another set of Ceballos, Pepe, Guen and Lucas out there in other clubs to come in and do a better a job?

    If some of you inherit your father’s business, you would run it down in six months flat with the one-sided ways you think.

  69. CG


    Little Legs
    Freddie L wants to leave by reports too.

    we are snookered because as we have seen time and time again – the Dopes cant be trusted to do the upgrading.

    They down grade on everything and everyone.
    They are the worst alleged executives a soccer club has ever had.

    they cant even agree a fee with Man City for our new manager.

    And thats why 56 games post Wenger – we are entrenched in midtable and sliding.

    Arteta has a gargantuan task to stop the Rot and CG cant see how he does it.
    Because by all my calculations- no one can.

  70. Aussie Gooner

    Many years ago a friend of mine managing a non-league side decided that the players were not giving their best for the club. He took out a For Sale add in the local paper selling all the players and quoting a price for each one. The players were so shocked that they really put in that season and finished runners up!

    Perhaps Arteta can give the players this type of ultimatum? Play or be gone!

  71. Spanishdave

    It looks like Arteta has given the club a list of the players he wants out.
    That’s a good start Ozil and Xhaka particulary.
    Auba Sale will get some dosh in so maybe a couple of players in during January.
    It’s crazy to think of a clear out after spending 200 mil in the summer.
    Raul is a fraud.

  72. Aussie Gooner

    From the Express:

    “Arsenal board are considering undertaking an overhaul at the Emirates as they prepare to announce Mikel Arteta as the club’s next manager.”

    Perhaps they are deciding whether or not to cut the crusts off the cucumber sandwiches!

  73. Romford Pele

    I don’t know how many changes we’re gonna see in Jan. We spent a lot of money in the summer. Asking for the same again six months later is unlikely. We need to shift players too. We have six CBs

  74. DigitalBob

    True Romford Pele, I’d also hope if our top targets are unavailable the board wait till the summer rather than bring in any more David Luiz type signings.

  75. Romford Pele

    DarrenArsenal saying announcement imminent and Arteta has been on the training ground with his new staff this morning. Interested to know who’s part of the coaching staff.

  76. Marko

    Romford he’s a highly rated 20 year old Sven Mislintat wanted to sign (reportedly) back in the day. Just coming back from injury though maybe not ideal for January but maybe add in a first refusel on him for the summer.

  77. Romford Pele

    DigitalBob, David Luoiz was a dreadful signing. I would rather not have signed a CB than sign a 32 year-old over the hill player who is shot physically and a notorious trouble maker. That was a move that his agent Kia got him. Made no sense for Arsenal to sign him. And now we’re stuck with him for another 18 months cos who’s gonna sign him?

  78. Mysticleaves


    Lol yea, I didn’t realise that. Quite an attribute. Trust Sam Fagbemi will be looking out for it when he joins us

  79. Dissenter

    Pierre’s brain is already unscrambling at the prospect of Ozil leaving.
    Why would any gooner want to saddle a rookie manager with that sack of feckless weakness.

    There’s very little positive that Ozil brings right now. He’s one of the worst extensions in footballing history.

    Even Romford Pele quietly remover ‘Ozil’ from his moniker.

  80. Pierre

    Arteta’s not stupid , there will be minimum coming and goings in January , all the real business will be done in the summer.

    Hopefully he will get the final say on ALL transfers…

  81. Dissenter

    You’ve mastered the art of legrove politics.
    You knew you only had to add “ he’s a highly rated 20 year old Sven Mislintat wanted to sign to seal the deal.
    Now the lad will be added to our fantasy list.

  82. Ishola70

    “being good off the ball has nothing to do with individuals.”.

    Oh deary me Samesong says.

    And rightly so.

    Xhaka a player you had plenty of time for isn’t going to be good off the ball under any coach.

    Grealish is an attacking midfielder who is mostly primarily about on the ball. In fact he has shown off the ball weakness when Aston Villa don’t have the ball.

    Ozil is a luxury attacking midfielder and is again never going to be good off the ball.

    It’s called human genes, player genes, characteristic of the player unless you think they are all automon robots that can be programmed accordingly.

    You notice Charlie was the only one to agree with you. That’s because he is the main Grealish cheerleader on here and a typical big Wenger fan who only cares about what a player can offer on the ball and doesn’t care a jot how weak a player may be without the ball.

    Oh deary me indeed.

  83. Freddie Ljungberg


    “It’s crazy to think of a clear out after spending 200 mil in the summer.
    Raul is a fraud.”

    We spent 130m in the summer, Saliba is not yet with us.

    Yes we have spent 200m in the last 18 months but we had about 20 players needing replacing so that’s not nearly enough and isn’t going to get done in 2 summer windows.


    We only spent 45m net and a lot of what we spent is spread out over many years.

    January isn’t ideal to do business but we have some players that absolutely can not stay, Xhaka foremost of them.

    If the Ozil rumours are right we’ll save 27m off his contract if we can give him away.

    Auba to Real for Jovic + 20m and we should snap their hands off, if he wants to leave anyway let him, Jovic is 9 years younger and would be on half his wages.

    Talks we’re getting 12m for Elneny, if we can get something similar for Mustafi that’s enough to buy a player.

    Soumare only have 6 months left of his contract and can be had for 20-25m, Sangare and Szobozlai in similar price brackets and weaker teams.

    Only problem is CB, hard to get a world class one in January, would still like to see us go back in for Upamecano either now or in the summer.

    If we’re hiring in a rookie manager at least give him the tools to succeed, we have to many broken ones at the club.

  84. Marko

    Romford contrary to what some would have you believe I personally don’t think there’s no money I think they might forward some summer funds or whatever but I think they’ll make something available all the while finally pushing some much needed players out the door. I don’t think that they’ll trust this squad as is to sort itself out.

  85. Dissenter

    From all indications , this Fagbemi scout was a Mertesacker move purely to feed the academy.
    It had to have been in the works for a long time and is totally divorced from Arteta. The dude’s remit is looking for juvenile talent.
    It’s only at Arsenal that we celebrate appointment s of chefs and physios like we won the lottery.

  86. Pierre

    Ozil leaving is no problem for me.

    Emery staying was the major problem for me personally, never liked him, didn’t like his style of football, baffled as to why he didn’t address the defensive side of our game from day one, destroyed players confidence to the point that many believe the players are sub standard….they’re not.

    I am really looking forward to seeing how the team will set up under Arteta and I’m sure ,despite all the rumours, that the players are looking forward to playing in a functional team that is well balanced and encouraged to play expansive football.

  87. Marko

    Best case scenario for me January is Emre Can and Demirel on loan with obligations to buy, get in Sander Berge from Genk for about 20 million and target a RB. If Ozil, Mustafi and Xhaka go it should help towards it. Doesn’t sort out everything but Berge and Can would add some much needed fight and power to the midfield while Demirel and a RB would likely be an improvement and then in the summer you go again. That’s just a thought of players we could likely get.

  88. Dissenter

    If you were the new young coach of Arsenal
    Wouldn’t you want to establish your authority by clearing out all the negative voices in the room seeking to undermine you?
    That’s why you talk of “minimal coming and goings” is just hogwash.

    All that for Ozil?

  89. Dissenter

    We are still hamstrung from paying the balance of wages for too may players put on loan.
    Then you consider that Ozil and probably Xhaka’s exits will be loan moves with the loaner paying a portion of wages, we will still be responsible for a substantial portion of wages.
    That’s why our January and summer business will still be curtailed. We won’t be going for big name talent. I’m not even sure they will want to come to Arsenal to play for a manager with little pulling power. There are more settled clubs that youngsters will thrive in.

  90. Romford Pele

    Freddie, you’re mad if you think we’re doing that sort of business in one month, especially with our senior management. Not happening.

    Marko, I don’t know how much money we have but we’ve been out of the CL for three years and continuously spent with our wage bill getting bigger. That’s not sustainable unless we improve on the pitch. Our wage bill is way too high for a team not in the CL. We need to find balance. Kroenke’s aren’t happy we keep making losses.

  91. DigitalBob

    Romford agreed 100%, in all honestly Luiz should be released on a free as I doubt he’ll take being dropped very well. The guy is detrimental to the backline and should be hurried out the club even if we take a financial hit.

    The following 4 should be moved on this January even if no replacements are brought in till the summer

    David Luiz

    The next lot should move on if they show signs of dissent and don’t want to get behind the new manager/give 100% to Arsenal.


    Loans that should also be made permanent and bolster the transfer funds.

    That for me would be a great purge! (Sokratis stays simply due to question marks over the fitness of Holding but come the summer and Saliba he’s gotta go).

  92. Pierre

    “Negative voices in the room seeking to undermine you”

    Have you evidence of this, proper quotes or are you one of the gullible ones who believe everything you read.

  93. Romford Pele

    DigitalBob, easier said than done mate. Getting Ozil out of here is hard. Who’s paying his contract? Even if we send him on loan we”ll still have to pay part of his wages. Releasing Luiz on a free means we have to pay him the remainder of his contract. They’re not doing that. Xhaka and Mustafi we can maybe find buyers but even then it’ll be a reduced fee.

  94. CG


    “””It’s crazy to think of a clear out after spending 200 mil in the summer.
    Raul is a fraud.”””””

    Unbelievable he is still in his post.

    Since he arrived- we have plummeted in every aspect.
    He signed off on Ozil’s £350 000 a week you know……not Wenger

    Lets see if faces the music today at the press conference or allows Edu to do it…..?

    These Spaniards Dave…..
    You have to have eyes in the back of your head.

  95. HighburyLegend

    “Hertha Berlin want to sign Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka in the January transfer window, according to Sky Germany.”

    He’s free.
    You’re welcome.

  96. Batistuta


    No point with a fresh slate for a lot of our players, we know what we get with a lot of them, we should be looking to hit reset with our playing personnel….We know what we’ll get with most of them so why do we need to give them a clean slate

  97. Freddie Ljungberg


    Mad or not it’s what needs to be done. There’s no point in giving some of these wasters another chance, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil etc doesn’t have another level in them.

    I’m not saying we go and buy 3 midfielders in January btw, just gave examples of what’s out there and gettable. 1 or 2 of them would do me just fine. No doubt we have to reinforce our midfield though, it’s relegation standard as it is.

    According to Bild Xhaka has told his team mates he’s leaving in January, Ozil is strongly linked away, same as Auba.

    Don’t think this window is going to be a quiet one.

  98. Batistuta

    And there is no agenda against Arsenal, we’re not that special anymore…..If the papers are running with certain Arsenal players not being happy with the new appointment and all them there must be something there…. Also read Freddie telling the board most of the players weren’t giving enough or trying hard enough, that’s not entirely hard to believe is it considering how some of them have been playing for a while now

  99. Dissenter

    Digital bob
    I think Luiz is the easiest player to shift out.
    Once he’s dropped and banished…he will vamoose very quick;y. That’s why he left PSG and Chelsea (x2).
    He will probably head out to China and we can still make money off him.

  100. DigitalBob

    Romford – Honestly, I’d be happy to take the financial hit on both Luiz and Mesut at this stage. Luiz more so than Mesut as he’s more of a liability and will cost Arsenal and Arteta points should he be selected.

    Mesut whom I still think can play(not elite level but still a creative influence), has been the cause of friction within the squad under Arsene and under Emery, I think this will continue so if we have to pay his wages for 6 months before paying a subsidised amount for the remaining contract come the summer then so be it.

    Arteta needs a positive atmosphere in that dressing room, I think its vital the club do all they can to ensure that.

  101. Pierre

    Every Arsenal player has regressed under Emery in the last 4 months .

    Is it due to Emery’s dysfunctional football or is it just a coincidence.

    Let’s see how things progress over the next few months , would be silly to offload players who can still do a good job for the team in a functional set up.

    Letting players like Mhkitaryan, elneny, ramsey , cazorla and welbeck leave for nothing has t really improved the team has it, the opposite in fact.

  102. Batistuta

    Why are we giving a nonexistent midfield and a very poor defence another chance when there’s better out there? I know someone will mention about better systems and organization under a good manager but he’d still have a poor pool of players to choose from for those positions

  103. DigitalBob

    Dissenter – Exactly and if we get a transfer fee(ROI is impossible as he’s cost us so much on the pitch in such a short space of time), even better!!

  104. Romford Pele

    Freddie, What needs to be done and what will be done are two different things. You’re projecting. I think we’d all love to rip the team apart but there has to be some semblance of balance. We’re a business. It’s not gonna change overnight like that as much as we’d love.

    By the way Soumare’s contract is until 2022. Not sure how keen i am on Jovic either.

    But generally speaking of course I agree with you. The squad needs an overhaul and they need to back Arteta. Previously fans would’ve had their favorites but bar a few now everyone will side with the manager as they acknowledge they’re part of the problem. And I think Arteta would’ve sort assurances before taking this job. He could’ve easily just stayed at City but it seems he’s wanted this job for ages.

  105. Dissenter

    It’s not an Emery thing
    Ozil and Xhaka were dilapidated properties before Emery came on board.
    Freddie Ljumberg reportedly told the club that certain players were out of control. Wanna bet which ones were on that list?
    Which players act like dunces every time they get pulled off from games where they were absent for one hour?

  106. Romford Pele

    “Arteta needs a positive atmosphere in that dressing room, I think its vital the club do all they can to ensure that.”

    I don’t disagree. Just not sure how much change we’ll see in the space of a month. These sort of changes are not that quick. We’ve already changed the whole squad virtually post-Wenger. It’s mad we’re gonna actually have to do it again.

  107. Batistuta

    Letting players like Mhkitaryan, elneny, ramsey , cazorla and welbeck leave for nothing has t really improved the team has it, the opposite in fact.

    We weren’t pulling up trees with them either as either they were very poor or out injured which is the case for those names you put up there… You think any of those players would play for Spurs or Utd or Chelsea?