Arteta deal clogged up over politics and PR narrative

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Predictably, things are taking a little bit of time. As fans, we’re being whipped into a frenzy by newspapers and journalists trying to maximize their share of the attention carcass.

The latest odd story doing the rounds states Arsenal are yet to make formal contact with Manchester City about a release. I find this one a little weird. Arteta let Guardiola know what was happening last week, per Pep in his press conference… so it’s hard to believe Arsenal’s leadership didn’t speak with the City top dogs despite sharing a box with them at the 0-3 defeat, or after spending the night in Manchester after a botched stealth job at the assistants home.

… but let’s be honest, it’s exactly the sort of weird oversight you wouldn’t put past our leadership team.

I suspect what we’re seeing is a bit of hardball. No one wants to seem like they’re getting fisted in front of the world of football via a hidden camera. No club wants to lose a top coaching talent everyone is raving about. I imagine the posturing is about making a go of it to their own fans who might be wondering why he’s moving. They have to be seen to do something. The release fee is ranging from £500k to £2m. I am sure we can handle that sort of payment and I’m sure City don’t really care about the compensation, it’s more about the PR perception. City don’t often lose.

There are more positive stories elsewhere. Great news that the club is going to keep Freddie onboard. He’s done a fantastic job under very grim circumstances. He’s not thrown anyone under the bus, he’s largely protected the kids, and he’s spoken with eloquence and love in the media. He’s a very, very impressive guy, I hope he’s looked after.

I doubt he’ll be given the assistant job. I think that needs to go to someone with experience, so there’s a counter-balance to Arteta’s relative youth. Torrent and Rodolfo Borrell seem like very obvious candidates, but it’s not clear what positions they’d take up. There might be other names under consideration, still can’t get my mind off the idea of Xabi Alonso in the dugout, it’d be far too saucy, it might even be a distraction.

One person that isn’t happy with the move is Willy Aubameyang. The brother of our captain complained on the internet that Arteta lacked experience. Quite the opinion the drop considering the prestige position his brother holds in the team and in the hearts of the fans. I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise to many, but there are a lot of bad eggs at Arsenal, young and old, that will find their way out of the club this summer. You can’t pin this on Pierre, but really, can you imagine Harry Kane’s family slagging off ‘past it’ Jose on Insta before he started? No chance. There’s just a level of professionalism Arsenal have lacked since Wenger left. Hopefully the new regime will bring a bit of discipline and pride back to the Arsenal operation. Huss, Edu and Raul need to gain a bit of control of the squad. Arteta will need to be given time and a huge amount of visible support. If the players sense they can overpower him, his tenure is dead. I think the 3.5 year deal is important, it says we’re committed to the project. I can’t help but think Emery’s break clause dogged him, particularly in year 2 when the players knew they could end him.

Word has it that Carlo will sit out the game at the weekend, opting to take a seat in the stands and let Ferguson run the game. I’m really struggling to see the benefit of Arteta leading the team out if he’s had no time to work with the players… maybe just having him in the stands will be enough to see a performance from the players? Maybe it doesn’t matter. He’ll only have 5 days with the players before the Bournemouth game, then it’s 3 days before we host a struggling Chelsea, then we have United on the first day of the decade. Quite the baptism of fire, but at least the run is fairly breezy until we go to City at the end of February after that.

It’s great to see the fans are behind this move. I even saw some people retract statements of disgust around Arteta because of the backlash. This move is a smart one for Arsenal. Fan expectation is very low. We’ve hired in a world-class coach, that part can’t be denied, he has the reciepts to prove it. We’ve hired in someone that can speak the language of the country and the league. We have someone with Arsenal DNA in the dugout. We hope the coaching credentials will translate onto the pitch. There is lots of work to do, there are going to be rough patches, but at least there’s some direction now. The rest can be worked out over our 7 month preseason.

I’m keeping this short today, I need to keep some powder dry for the actual announcement of the coach. Fingers crossed he lands today, if he doesn’t, don’t panic… I think it’s too far down the line for even Arsenal to balls it up.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Elmo

    “There’s just a level of professionalism Arsenal have lacked since Wenger left”

    Surely a significant reason why we entered into the current decline while Big Weng was still at the helm was because standards of professionalism had been allowed to slip: both on and off the pitch.

    Senior management were failing to carry out their oversight function (the CEO allowed the contracts saga to spin out of control, costing the club dozens of millions of pounds), the manager had all but given up on paying any heed to the tactics of the opposition, and the players were simply giving up when faced with adversity.

  2. Leedsgunner

    Man City is annoyed with us because we tapped up their assistant. So what?

    I say we’re still owed a couple more considering how they tapped up Nasri, Toure Clichy and Adebayor…

    A bit rich coming from them considering how they’ve tapped up players all over the world.

  3. Gunnernet

    According to rumors Carlo felt dissapointed for not being considered by Arsenal. He had had an interview/positive conversations though according to his side.. Clearly older players like Auba and maybe Ozil, Laca were voting for him

  4. Bojangles


    How is it “clearly.’ Nobody knows who spoke up against Arteta’s appointment or if in fact anyone has. One report on the internet does not necessarily make it so.

  5. James

    I cant wait personally, Emery was not the choice of Raul and Vinay. They had a vision and Gazidis stepped in the way of that, hiring Emery when Raul wanted Arteta. Lets not forget it was Gazidis that sold our best talent, gave a ridiculous contract to a certain player, plus allowed our top players to run their contracts down. That era thankfully over and AC Milan are now finding out what a fake he is.

    Anyway back to the Raul’s vision, Arteta was the start of that, the first piece of the puzzle if you would say. Emery’s contract of 2 plus 1 stunk of “we dont really want him, but this contact is the comprise and our get out clause”. Giving Arteta a straight 3 and half year deal confirms this.

    Raul has got his man now, so I see no reason he wont more than fully back him. Our budget will be slim unless we sell, free signings and the younger Martinelli type signing will be our bread and butter. Even though I think they will go and find a way of making a deal for Upemecano or someone similar. It about getting the Arsenal way back the ethos Wenger built in a modern form.

    Our job is very important now. We knew this “project” would take a while to bare fruit. Its been delayed slightly by Gazidis’ last nail in the Arsenal coffin that he tried to create. So we have to get fully behind the team which is nowhere near th finished article we know it, the board know it and Arteta and his coaching staff know it. No bitching, No moaning and full stadiums with passionate support.

  6. Luisjo

    I grew up in London since age of 6, but I’m Spanish and from Andalucía so I don’t like Basque and Catalan people so much. Emery was typical from País Vasco. Arteta is a different thing altogether. He’s from País Vasco, but he’s a proud Spaniard. I’ve liked Arteta for many years, even when he was at Everton. He was a superb player for us, remember the City goal? I’ve seen interviews of him in Spanish and English and he definitely wants to play fast attacking football and he wants commitment from his players. I think in time, maybe 2.5 years he’ll be a huge success.My post today is because we have to give him time. The squad is poor, the defence worse, they have 0 confidence and they’ll still recovering from the loser mentality installed by Wenger and Unai’s pragmatism and negative coaching. I think it’ll take a year and a lot of loses until Arteta stakes his authority. Ljungberg was not at fault. Klopp would not have done more with this squad I believe. We need to write this season off. Finish outside European players give Arteta money and let him have a whole season to go for it with no Thursday or mid-week games. I’m sure if we do that and he’s got money to sign two or even three players (DM CB CB Striker sell Lacazette, Xhaka, Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers, Bellerin etc and invest the money)) and we’ll finish 4th. This is an elite move by Arsenal. We’re signing the future Guardiola

  7. Un na naai

    Romford PeleDecember 19, 2019 08:07:49
    City of all clubs moaning about lack of morality is funny considering how they’ve got to this point.


    Precisely. But the way we operate is amateur. The fact we had a 12 man shortlist rather than a 3 man shortlist with candidates who all operate under a similar vision and style is testament. Allegri, Arteta, Ancelotti, Nuno. They are all worlds apart. Too much confusion and uncertainly coupled with a lack of a accountability.

  8. Dark Hei

    “Gazidis stepped in the way of that, hiring Emery when Raul wanted Arteta.”

    Every credible Journo from Ornstein to Amy have Arteta as Gazidis first pick.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Arteta, isn’t my first choice, but I’m pleased we are getting on with replacing Emery.

    A huge huge risk with because there’s a tremendous scope for improvement or disaster.

    I really really hope I’m wrong about him and Arteta knocks it out of the park.

    Dear Kroenke, please please please back him… at least give him a fair chance to make the most of it.

  10. Ishola70

    “He’s not thrown anyone under the bus”

    Oh yes he did. Mesut Ozil.

    He did to Ozil exactly what Emery did with Xhaka before with his substitution of him in the Man City match and replaced him with a kiddie. He got the reaction from Ozil exactly as planned. Not only that when asked in the presser why he subbed Ozil he says I wanted someone that can run and tackle. That’s not just throwing Ozil under the bus that’s taking a piss on him after the bus has run over him.

    Aubameyang’s brother seems to be an attention seeker which could be understandable when you are in the shadow of a famous brother. He tweeted previously about the captaincy of Xhaka so whatever he has to say should been taken too seriously.

  11. DigitalBob

    Luisjo – Love the optimism, not sure about the whole next Pep thing as I’m wary of anointing a guy the second coming before he’s even coached a signle match as the official number 1 guy in the dugout but lets see.

    This move is a way of correcting the mistake in not making the brave hire 18 months ago, I actually wanted Allegri at the time but its clear certain managers do not want to be tarnished should they fail in this massive rebuild job.

    As Pedro said this is effectively a 7 month preseason for Arteta, we as fans cannot expect him to turn it around overnight but as long as we see the signs from the players of more commitment and progressive football most of us will be very happy with him.

    Also this compensation talk must be bullshit, its a couple million, send the money and stop faffing about.

  12. Ishola70

    Talk of initial seven months pre-season for Arteta is all well and good but if he doesn’t show improvement in results in this period then it’s all going to fall flat very quickly.

    I don’t think it should be that hard for Arteta to show improvement straight away as everyone can see the low ebb the club is in atm and the old adage of it can’t get any worse surely applies here. And of course if he is good as some are saying he will get a new manager bounce no question.

  13. Henry Root

    Tallest Tis
    We have plenty of deadwood but they can’t all leave overnight especially if we can’t bring too many players in , in January. This is not Football Manager .
    Maybe sell Xhaka and loan Mustafi and bring in replacements there .
    As others have said this is a job that will take time. We want to see positive progress until the end of the season – a better team organisation, more passion and quality in our play and if we could lift the EL it would be a financial bonus . Arteta will have asked hard questions about the finances and presumably got assurances that satisfied him

  14. Wasi

    “James, if Raul had his way, you’d have Nuno in the dugout.Edu will have led this decision.”
    Seriously Pedro. Its impossible to know. Just typing something to suit your narrative which is not justifiable is bland.

    Also I think the delay in the announcement may be due to Arteta trying to poach one of the city staffs to come with him and the other backroom staff we are looking to get. Hope it gets announced today

  15. Guns of Hackney

    I’m guessing that Auba’s bro is also his agent…like a certain Anelka bro who destroyed a potentially great footballer.

    I could t give a fuck about the current squad anyway. Auba is a overrated clown pussy and the sooner we can score cash from him, the better.

    Arteta is hopefully the spark we need to reignite the club and I don’t care if it happens with senior players or not. Arsenal will still be here long after the Auba, Ozil and Xhaka PR nightmares are long gone.

    New horizons.

  16. Romford Pele

    Pedro, I’m 100% for Arteta. Wouldn’t have been my first choice and it is a risk with no managerial experience but I like what I’ve heard about him from players and staff alike. We need a rebuild and it’s best to go with someone young. We as fans need to be patient but the board also now need to back him properly. Start getting rid of the older guys and build with our Hale End lads and buy good established players to accompany them and help them along

  17. Guns of Hackney

    Alex Ferguson was a shit footballer but the worlds greatest manager.

    Maradona was the worlds greatest footballer but shit manager.

    When will people realise that football talent and managerial talent are not interlinked?

  18. RGG

    Dont even know who’s making the decisions at this shambles of a club..

    So it seems if you dont fancy Arteta’s “relative youth” (lol)……or in plain speak, zero managerial experience, then you’re a “bad egg”.

    I wouldn’t get rid of Auba in a hurry. His goals have been the difference between us and the relegation zone. I’m sure his bro is reflecting how he feels. The guys pissed off and I dont blame him.. This appointment and how it’s being handled just says it all about Arsenal at the moment…..fucking clueless.

  19. Un na naai


    You have this on good authority? Either way we’ve got him now and he’s on a 3 and half year deal so let’s hope they back him properly and we give him the best chance of succeeding. For the first time in a long time I’m excited about arsenal again.

    Bet we won’t see the usual types posting we’ve got our arsenal back while Arteta is in charge though.

  20. Spanishdave

    Auba wants a move and thinks RM want him.
    He’s a goal hanger and does little else he is replaceable.
    The Man City thing is a blown up story from two days ago jurno click bait.

  21. Un na naai

    We as fans need to be patient but the board also now need to back him properly. Start getting rid of the older guys and build with our Hale End lads and buy good established players to accompany them and help them along

    On point non stop. Refreshing to have a new voice talking sense around here.

  22. Un na naai

    Spanish Dave
    He fucks up more attacks than he finishes.
    Honestly, count next time we play how often he loses the ball when given it on an attack. Or how poor his movement is if he’s not pulling away for a cutback from the bi-line

  23. Gentlebris

    ‘We’ve hired in a world-class coach’

    No, we have hired in a world class assistant, he will start his coaching career at Arsenal if and when employed.

  24. Un na naai

    RedtruthDecember 19, 2019 09:00:31
    How can someone command respect after an undisguished playing career let alone a non-existent managerial career


    Van Gaal

  25. habesha gooner

    Un na naai Hell no to Ashley young. This is why we have gotten here. I would rather let Niles stinking up the place than signing another 3o something past it player from our rivals. If we are gonna sign any defender it has to be a legit fix. Invest and fix it or play our youth till they get it.

  26. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil removed from Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 in China”
    “NetEase said Ozil’s comments ‘hurt the feelings of Chinese fans and violated the sport’s spirit of love and peace'”

    Only Ozil can be involved in that kind of shit…

  27. kristoman

    Everton that everyone was beating under their old coach has suddenly improved under fergurson. But the same logic doesn’t apply to arteta and arsenal. You already have poster telling people give arteta time even if result do not improved along the season. If duncan can improve everton so fast what is stopping arteta, and if it is time we are advocating for then why are we swapping freddy for arteta. Is there something about arteta that i dont know that make him better freddy?. We could have just freddy more time and at least 2 transfer window to show his worth

  28. Gentlebris

    Auba is an ambitious rogue, he left Dortmund because Dembele was sold against a personal promise to him that Dembele would be retained. Limited, lager than life self awareness but AMBITIOUS.

    If he thought for a minute Arteta would deliver trophies, he would sign up.

    Laca is a fine happy man, a bit confused about the peevishness of the lowlives in charge but a great guy to have around. We have been told the leaders of the team rejected the idea of Arteta and common sense says such agitations could not happen with a common front without Laca’s blessings.

    Where you find Auba and Laca you would find Pepe and Guen. Where you find Ozil and Mustafi, you would find Kola and Leno.
    So it’s safe to assume almost the whole team rejected Arteta.

    Considering this scenario, should the Indian and his deputies still crown Arteta? I ask this question to Pedro in particular.

  29. london gunner


    “Liverpool have confirmed the signing of Japan attacking midfielder Takumi Minamino from Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg.

    The 24-year-old underwent a medical and agreed personal terms with the Premier League leaders on Wednesday after they triggered his £7.25m release clause.”

    Why don’t we ever do clever stuff like this. 7.25mill for ffs midfielder box to box just what we need.

  30. Wasi

    Theres nothing but love for Freddie among the Arsenal fans. But theres not much evidence he is a good thinker/manager. The only positive he has on his side is that he has improved the young guns and made them ready for the step up. + all we know of his philosophy is that “happy players play good football”.
    Arteta was always known even from his playing career to be a smart thinker. He has 3 of the best managers vouching for him. Pep never stops talking about his work rate. His players never stop talking about his work on the training ground. He’s turned Sterling, Sane (top talents) into world beaters.
    Arteta just has a lot of pros over Freddie atm.

  31. Dark Hei

    “Only Ozil can be involved in that kind of shit…”

    Bout the only good he can do. Calling out double standards.

    The Arab nations are strangely quiet when it comes to Muslim discrimination in Myanmar, China and India.

    Only point to the US as the great big enemy.

    The US are loud on Myanmar and China while ignoring India.

  32. Dark Hei


    I do understand where these guys are coming from and I doubt it has to do with CA being easy with the players. *Insert Ozil joke*

    It would be up to Arteta to win them over.

  33. Northbanker


    If any of that is true then only reinforces that this senior clan will all need to be got rid of ASAP

    They are a big part of the problem and irrelevant to the medium term

  34. Un na naai


    It’s a no brainer
    The suits are pleading poverty
    We need a rb and a lb if kolasinac is out for a while and Young will go for peanuts.
    If you’ve got a better suggestion I’d like to hear it

  35. Alex James

    Too much optimism about Arteta. He has earned his coaching spurs ( no pun) at an extremely wealthy club with a world class manager and players. He now has to motivate an average team, alongside a parsimonious board. Something entirely new. I fear our trip to Everton, where they will be out to prove they have the best choice in Carlo. And with our useless midfield and defence not being up for any sort of fight, Xmas could be bleak!

  36. Un na naai


    Auba is an arrogant muppet and not nearly good enough to warrant such an attitude.
    Henry has it but he was arguably the greatest premier league player of all time
    RvP had it but Aubameyang couldn’t lace his boots

    I’d rather bin the cunt off ASAP in January and spend the money on defence. Lacazette and Martinelli’ye are good enough to lead the line for us this season. Let’s face it, we aren’t exactly a title changing side. You’ll get 40 goals out of Lacazette and Martinelli in a season I’d say and hopefully 10-15 from Pepe who has 4 already after being left to hang on the bench or isolated.

  37. Gentlebris

    ‘you dont swap an assistance for an assistance in the middle of the season. It only happen at arsenal’

    Dear brother, it’s now I believe Kroenke must be impeached sharpish.

    Putting these dullards in charge of decision making is a great insult to a club as prestigious as Arsenal. I wouldn’t trust these cowards to make my tea.

  38. Wasi

    “The Arab nations are strangely quiet when it comes to Muslim discrimination in Myanmar, China and India. Only point to the US as the great big enemy. The US are loud on Myanmar and China while ignoring India.”
    The discrimination against Muslims in India right now have risen to new levels. Detention camps are being prepared.Theres nation wide protests going on. But no big international media is covering it . No Muslims country / UN/US is even taking a look at it. Their political and financial relations are more important.
    Ozil made a comment on something just like this and he is still getting a stick for it even though he was ready to take a hit on his fanbase and eventually his earnings

  39. peanuts&monkeys

    Since when did Arteta really develop into a PL-level manager? okay, now Arsenal doesn;t have money and had to go for a cheap option. But, how on earth was he being even considered during summer of ’18?

    What are his claims to this astonishing fame? Is the only qualification he assists the great Pep Guardiola?
    Or, does Pep give all credit to his reacord breaking streak at ManC to Arteta? Has he ever?

  40. Northbanker

    No matter who the manager is the biggest task is to drill the defence with probably the low quality of players inherited

    That will be difficult with the limited training pitch time available . Even getting rid of the slow ball with dangerous passing moving out from our own box will take a lot of time and perhaps a Summer of real work

    Footballers are creatures of habit with limited intelligence so drilling ala George Graham is essential over a period of time

    This essentially means it will be really difficult for any manager whoever he is to make any meaningful impact for some time . The very reason why Freddie has struggled

  41. Wasi

    Ashley young is past it . But our current situation needs a remedy and if we can get him on loan for the rest of the season if Kola is going to be out for a while then ill happily take it. Unless ofc we are getting a better full back for a similarly fee. (Unlikely).
    But i dont think that Manu will allow him to join us that easily.

  42. Northbanker


    You must be the most miserable bastard on the planet

    For once in your life get excited and see this as a new dawn however tough a journey it will be

  43. Un na naai


    Come off it. They are setting off bombs in India. Have you seen the amount of terror activity in India? Slaughtering people all over the Middle East and Africa
    They are involved in nearly every conflict around the world. What’s the common denominator here?

  44. Un na naai

    RedtruthDecember 19, 2019 09:54:19
    This is going to end bad as bad as Gary Neville at Valencia.

    I’ll guarantee it won’t end as badly as Emery at arsenal though.

  45. Wasi

    Who’s setting off bombs in India? Where are you even getting your information from. The terror activity in India is towards the Muslims rather than by them. The leader of the country wants to get rid of them. Just read about the new CAB act implemented and maybe you’ll understand. Or maybe just keep watching/reading whatever news outlet you are watching/reading and get brainwashed.
    Its Muslims in the middle east and Africa getting slaughtered. Who supplies the Arms and ammunition to the terrorist organisation? Have you even researhed a bit.

  46. Gentlebris

    ‘I do understand where these guys are coming from and I doubt it has to do with CA being easy with the players. *Insert Ozil joke* It would be up to Arteta to win them over.’


    I believe their reason is one and simple:

    And could you blame such protest?

    ‘If any of that is true then only reinforces that this senior clan will all need to be got rid of ASAP’


    If they were one or two, no when they are possibly seven.


    I wasn’t talking about just Auba.

  47. China1


    ‘We’ve hired a world class coach’
    ‘No one can deny that’

    Pedro mate do you read your own comments section. Lol

    World class based on an assistant role and a handful of great references

    The definition of world class seems to changed or you’ve watched him successfully coach competitive football matches for a sustained period of time?

    I like that you’re positive and I will totally back the guy if he joins, but please get real Pedro lol. His resume fits on a page of A5 and you’re already calling him world class

  48. Un na naai


    So Kashmiri militants aren’t setting off bombs for Pakistani control of Kashmir?
    The Mumbai attacks never happened?

    There wasn’t a grenade attack, a suicide attack and a grenade thrown by Kashmiri separatists in the early part of 2019?

  49. Northbanker

    “Spoken like a true deluded brexiteer“ –

    What!? You really are full of shit – I voted Remain and have more to lose than most with rented properties in France. But I suppose you’re right for he wrong reasons in the sense that now i know Brexit is inevitable I do want to just get on with it rather than live in a perpetual impasse.

  50. Gentlebris

    Pedro himself might not realize the import of Le grove, apart from the actions and reactions in the ground, arseblog, le grove and Twitter is where you can feel the pulse of the fans. Also AFTV, but the club considers them enemies and might not peep there.

    Which means the Spaniard, the Indian and the others might have eyes here.

    The reason I have been urging Pedro to tone down his hipsterism re- Arteta.

  51. Romford Pele

    Anyone know much about Rodolfo Borrell? Rumoured to be Arteta’s assistant? Looking at his CV, before City he was at Liverpool and naturally has the La Masia link?

    There’s also Domenec Torrent who has been with Pep his whole career until he left to manage NY City last year. Now he’s a free agent to he’s also been listed.

  52. Romford Pele

    Yeah Un na naai and they’re experienced too. Would’ve thought Xabi Alonso (his best mate) would’ve been an option too but as he’s just started coaching he wasnt to remain at Sociedad for a bit longer apparently.

  53. siddharth14

    Imo, Josh Kroenke has overruled Raul, Edu and Vinai to settle for Arteta. Considering that they were always in favor of going for a young coach like they did with Sean Mcvay at LA Rams, it seems to be a reasonable guess. I just fail to see how Arteta is going to trump other managers in interview when he is yet to venture into management.

    Someone had to push for Arteta for him to be given a serious thought. Raul and Edu may have had different managers in mind and there might have been no consensus on settling for one. Considering how the safety and experience approach panned out last time, Josh must have directed the management to go for Arteta.

    The Arsenal Management (Raul, Edu and Vinai) don’t have the balls to go for a risky appointment. They would never do this.

  54. InsideRight

    If there’s any arsing around behind the scenes then it needs knocking on the head right now. The club is already a laughing stock and it needs decisive action and the leadership to show vision and strength.

    I’m happy to write off the next two seasons in the hope that will see Arteta rebuilding the team and embedding a philosophy. In that time I think we will see much better football emerge, which will go a long way to get more people behind what has to be a project.

    For now, get it done, get the lad down to Colney and building out the new backroom staff. Get the 1-2-1s with the players done so they know what is expected – and if they don’t deliver or won’t get on board, they should be told to fuck off in the next transfer window and rot in the reserves until then.

  55. Romford Pele

    InsideRight, spot on. We need to start the rebuild with players who buy into it. No more rotten apples. Need better technical and physically capable players to deal with the demands of modern football. If you can’t adjust then you gotta go.

  56. Dissenter

    Is Minamino a free agent?
    How can Liverpool be allowed to operate so blatantly outside the transfer window?
    Never seen anything like this in my adult life of watching football. He gets to sign and wear a Liverpool jersey11 days before th4 transfer window begins. Is he going to start training with them as well?

  57. Romford Pele

    Dissenter, teams always do this. It just doesn’t get reported. You think teams aren’t already talking to players and coaches way ahead of the transfers. They haven’t actually done anything wrong.

    Do people not remember when we signed Podolski in summer 2012? Widely reported that deal was done in April. Even recently with Martinelli. We all knew he was coming from March/April this year.

  58. Gentlebris

    ‘Josh must have directed the management to go for Arteta. The Arsenal Management (Raul, Edu and Vinai) don’t have the balls to go for a risky appointment. They would never do this.’

    Josh has no reason for such audacity. Josh fired Wenger upon a promise to his old man that he could run the club better than Wenger. If you were a son to a billionaire you wanna prove to your daddy that you are not prodigal.

    Josh wouldn’t gamble his daddy’s declining reputation in England as carelessly as this when the man is already being perceived as a scoundrel.

  59. Dissenter

    One of the disadvantages of having a rookie manager is that Arteta would have near zero draw power for good players.
    When it comes to calling up prospective signings who are being pursued by other clubs…we will probably lose out.

  60. Dissenter

    Pedro needs to get a whiff or reality, maybe go outside in his birthday suit for a walk in 5 degree centigrade cold weather.
    How can he write that Arteta is a world class coach…then he calls for players fo he moved out to help him succeed. Whatever happened to elite coaching to change players.

  61. Wasi

    Most of the militants doing that are probably Pakistani people. Easy infiltration from Pakistan to Kashmir.
    Why dont you research about the situation of Kashmir before condemning the acts of the people there. Police brutality . Regular curfews. And Internet shutdowns are common as Day and night over there. Dont speak about something when you dont have proper and complete information about it.

  62. habesha gooner

    dissenter Lots of teams have done it before. All the PR only matters to fans, what is actually important is the contract details and registering of players. So so far liverpool haven’t submitted the contract details and haven’t registered him as their player. They will do so on Jan 1. They have only announced an agreement has been reached for takumi to join on Jan 1.

  63. Dissenter

    Maybe….but It doesn’t get reported because the clubs keep it under wraps.
    Why are Liverpool releasing photos of the signing 11 days before the window opens?

  64. Left testicle

    December 19, 2019 10:09:00

    Takumi is miniature but he’s a handful.
    Just like my penis. 🙂

  65. Marc Faber

    Arteta is going to be a disaster. No experience, no charisma and no clue.

    His only credentials seem to be ‘people in the game rate him’. Which is insane. The yearning for something new, cosmetic, quick is endemic in the media and society at large. Hence no surprise we are going for the same.

    Personality is the one attribute that a head coach needs. Personality and force of will to impose his will on a club, squad, etc. Any power/influence Arteta has at City is ‘borrowed’ from Guardiola.

    One year from now when we are still f**ked, and Guardiola is laughing into his latte, maybe folks will understand…

  66. Dissenter

    I like the way Klopp introduces Minamino though.
    ‘ “Takumi is a very quick, very clever player – he finds space between the lines,” added Klopp.
    “He is brave with the ball but also brave without the ball – a proper team player. He makes the best of himself for the benefit of others

    They have a check list of criteria to be fulfilled; on the ball competence, off the ball competence and team player.
    Under Wenger we went for just on the ball competence
    Post Wenger, I don’t think we had a checklist, we just seem to buy on a whim.

  67. Left testicle

    With Klopps description of Minamino he sounds like a younger Son Heung-min.

    You could say that he is Son’s Minamino me.

  68. Spanishdave

    We Pedro says ,
    ‘Freddie’s done a fantastic job’
    I do wonder what sauce he’s on.
    Freddie’s got too much Wenger and Emery sauce in him, he’s not his own man.
    Bould worry’s me as he seems to be able to get work at the club and sat like a dummy next to Wenger for years. New defensive coaches are top priorities for me

  69. InsideRight

    Freddie’s arranged press conference has been cancelled.

    Speculation the club will instead arrange a presser for an announcement.

  70. Graham62

    As communicated yesterday, IF it is going to be Arteta, I will give him my 120% support.

    Given the choice though between Arteta and Ancelotti, I would have gone for Carlo all day long.

    Based on where we are, what has happened, the players mentality and the way the club hierarchy run the show, getting someone in with Ancelotti’s knowledge and wealth of experience, would have been a no brainer.

    We need a calming influence, not a potentially aggressive plan to confuse and maybe drain and demotivate the players even more.

    So although I’ll give Arteta my full support, he would not have been my first choice.

  71. HighburyLegend

    “Speculation the club will instead arrange a presser for an announcement.”

    InsideRight you just gave most of Le Grovers a huge erection.

  72. guest man aka WW

    Still the half-arsed political comments,
    Brexits gonna happen…wipe your tears and get on with it. ITS GONNA BE GOOD. VERY GOOD.
    ARSENAL?. its gonna be good VERY GOOD.
    This time with the committment to Arteta for 3.5, there is no place to hide for players just cashing in.
    This is now an official arsenal rebuild project.
    Had it been another 2 yr contract with an established manager i may have thought…”why are we still doing temporary fixes?”.
    I trust in the knowledge that pedro has,,,,hes banged on about arteta since before wenger was finally removed so I’m quietly content with this appointment.

  73. James

    I agree with you there Pedro, Nuno would be just as good as Arteta and tbh would have been my first choice too. But good time ahead mate good times ahead

  74. Un na naai


    Straight off the bat I’d say Arteta has more pulling power than Emery had. Look at how he’s thought of at city. Any of those player’s international team mates would get glowing reviews on him as would anyone who’s played under Pep previously.

  75. Un na naai


    Honestly there is so much more to say here but Pedro will put me in the bin so i’ll Leave it. Of course the Kashmiris and Pakistanis are victims and the Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist communities in India are brutal warlords spreading their ideologies by the sword across the world.

    I’m in total agreement

  76. Cesc Appeal

    How did I know it was going to Sauce Edu the saviour from despicable Sanllehi…sigh. All over the place with board, Edu is sauce, then we’re not sure what he does, it’s Don Raul, then its dirty contracts Mendes loving Raul.

    Even though it was reported that Edu was behind Vieira as manager who also made it into the late stages of consideration. Raul’s not vogue…not this month at least.

    In any event, we’ve got him.

    Arsenal should have made sure they have a way to get rid of him if they need to.

    This is a massive gamble.

  77. Gentlebris

    ‘One of the disadvantages of having a rookie manager is that Arteta would have near zero draw power for good players.’

    If Arteta is announced, Arsenal should completely rebrand. Arsejoke fc?

    Never have I seen a proposition so littered with gullibility and empty promise of uncharted euphoria.

  78. Ishola70


    “This essentially means it will be really difficult for any manager whoever he is to make any meaningful impact for some time . The very reason why Freddie has struggled”

    This shouldn’t be true.

    You could see from day one with Freddie in in the caretaker role that he was just seat warming. His persona was almost apologetic that he had found himself in that position.

    There should be no such issues with Arteta nit if he is as many are painting him here.

    And he doesn’t have a lot to improve on does he.

    This free pass that he is seeming to be getting doesn’t wash.

    He needs to prove that he was the right appointment and that includes getting results and more points on the board to what has been a dire situation. And soon enough as well.

  79. Un na naai

    I really don’t think Arteta is any more of a gamble than emery, Nuno, Nagelsmann or Rose.

    Emery more than anyone was a massive gamble. His record is middling. His communication is known to be poor and his man management non existent

    From what we are hearing out of Man City Arteta is already ahead of emery in many respects. The only thing he lacks is experience as the main man. The only thing to test is his character. Can he shoulder the responsibility? Those who know him say yes

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Honestly, I’d have taken Nuno over Arteta.

    I think the level of disrespect shown to Nuno from Arsenal fans is unbelievable. He’s a very good manager.

    But we have who we have now.

    No excuses, no differing standards. He gets the slack Emery got but also the standards Emery was held to. By February latest I want to see a discernible system of play, improvements in pressing etc, xG turnaround and an obvious philosophy.

  81. Ishola70

    Fans used to moan when Wenger was on his project youth.

    Always tomorrow fans used to moan. Always tomorrow.

    Should be no different with a coach.

    Just because the club have had a bad period shouldn’t mean the demands are lowered now.

    The demands are still the same for Arteta as they were for Emery which is CL football and everyone will understand of course if Arteta can’t meet that in his first season but going into next season demands are exactly the same. Not pretty football but no CL. Just CL.

  82. CG

    A stunning capture by the Champions Elect Liverpool today…..why is our Teck Deck not on it?????

    Everything about it makes sense.

    For what this player costs we paid 10 fold for the one footed and one season wonder from France.

    Or for the same amount for Luiz.

    Or for x 4 Tierneys.

    All those players have been financial disasters. No strategy whatsoever behind them beyond Agents Fees and cronyism.

    Liverpools new signing will not only enhance their chances of winning more trophies it will ultimately make them a tidy profit if they decide to sell.

    WHOEVER comes in as the next Arsenal manager( inc St.Mikel) frankly has not got a chance to succeed when as we are seeing this week such:

    And rank ineptitude behind the scenes.

    We are unmanageable with these Muppets.

    It will not be Arteta’s fault that he will inevitably fail.

    He would have witnessed Oxford giving City a harder game than Arsenal yesterday.

    He will already know he is on a Hiding to Nothing.