Ozil vs Emery Death Match: Who wins?

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I love the papers.





… and so goes the cycle.

Rapha Honigstein, an impeccably sourced writer, says Ozil is digging in and hinted his team think he’ll outlast the manager. Absolutely no doubt he’ll do that and I’ve said for months that calculation is almost 100% correct.

This poses a huge problem for Arsenal. Preseason now comes loaded with a cancerous tumour. When your biggest player is on lip-reading record in a Europa League final saying the coach is ‘not a coach,’ you cannot have him there at preseason. His attitude will impact preparations, the whispering campaign will start early and his mere presence will burden Arsenal every time we lose and the factor cited is creativity.

Not just that, as you all know, when there is someone at your work that’s getting paid a boatload of money and they aren’t delivering, it has adverse effects on the culture. It can make you resentful, it can make some players take their foot off the gas, it can create fissures in the dressing room (I don’t work in a dressing room, but you get it).

It’s a dreadful situation to be in… and could be made even worse if the players he lambasted in his yearly reviews aren’t shifted on easily. Emery needs to have a settled squad by July, if he doesn’t, our start this season could be problematic.

Hopefully, we can counter a lot of the nonsense by hiring in so many new players, the miserable voices will pipe down… however, in football, status is a big thing. Mesut Ozil is a megastar in the eyes of most players, even at elite clubs. He’s also our most talented player. It’s going to be very hard for Emery to out-gravitas him, and it’s a huge ask to expect someone that is an average people person to manage the situation delicately.

Horrible news that Arsenal are apparently prioritising Fraser over Carrasco… that’s a hard one to digest. One is a workhorse, one is a delicate player with a very high ceiling. Let’s see how that goes.

As the dust settles, you start to see which rumours have substance, or they’re just there to whip up interest. Praet looks like noise for the sake of noise. AC Milan are now interested in the player, with his agent insisting there is interest from abroad.

I also keep hearing ill-informed people parroting this £40m transfer budget like that’s set in stone and nothing can impact that number. If Arsenal sell Xhaka for £50m, that budget moves up to £90m. If we sell Mustafi for £1. It’s £90,000,001. Arsenal absolutely has to cut the wage bill this summer, we need to ship out dross, we need to correct the imbalance in our squad. The £40m number is so low because we missed out on CL and the Kroenke’s no doubt want to get some control back over the finances.

However, it has to be noted, we have consistently spent what we’ve earned. Bemoan Stan all you want about being absent, but the reality is the people leading the club are Vinnai and Raul. They are your focal point this summer. Let’s hope the transfer plan is youth focused and we can get European clubs to commit to the players we want to exit.

Big Unai has been out in New York taking risks with his fashion. I was on the fence with his gilet move a few weeks ago, but I can’t give him the benefit of the doube on the choice of belt here. Branded belts is VERY Essex 1997. It was always a classic trip on the 248 to Romford to look at the belt buckles. But in 2019? On $6m a year? A branded buckle? It’s not on. I’m also not one for the colored leathers either… keep it earthy. I can see what he’s trying to do here, and I’ll commend the risk, but I’m not going to endorse this look.

Let’s see where he goes tomorrow…

CAN SOMEONE JUST BUY OSPINA? Is this not the longest transfer saga since we tried to buy Batistuta? What is the fucking issue? Why is £3m such and issue? I reckon we could GoFundMe the deal. Get him out of the damn club people!

Finally, I was VERY sad to read that Myles Palmer is packing up the blogging game.

Myles, you may have let a nutter slate me in your letters section, and that nutter may have egg on his face now after an embarrassing diatribe that proved incorrect, but you are a hero of mine regardless.

Give me a provocative writer over bland on toast prose that leans into ‘balanced’  territory every time. Myles was a demon writer, short and sharp, and he always had a view that would stretch your mind. He never pulled punches and his salacious tidbits on transfers was my gateway drug to mainlining pure transfer stories erry damn day.

He was a pioneer in the blog world, he was always a MUST READ and his work, or lack of daily writing was a huge driver in me setting up this blog. I needed the fix.

I was also lucky enough to meet him by accident at the AGM. What a lovely guy he is. A total pleasure to hang with him for an hour or so.

Myles, you were the original provocateur, you never bent the knee, hopefully, we can replace some of that over here. You are a loss to the blogoshpere, and you should be saluted for your 21 years of service to Arsenal fandom.

Know this sir, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

Right, that’s me done… see you awful bastards in the comments.

P.S. I think Faust, Liebestraume, S541/R211 : No. 3: Nocturne in A-Flat Major is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard? I know you guys love a bit of classic between cunting each other in the comments.


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  1. Pierre

    “Let’s just say he was told to ‘man mark ‘ Jorginho ( ludicrous in both concept and expectation”

    Exactly….ludicrous….but that is exactly the role given to Ozil and though you may find it difficult to believe, he did quite well ……jorginho hardly had a worthwhile touch in the first half .

    The point is ,Ozil was criticised for his performance because it lacked creativity, which I agree , but he wasn’t praised for sticking to his role that the manager asked him to play .

    Whenever arsenal lost the ball , which was regularly( normal under Emery) , Ozil immediately put himself on Jorginho …..ludicrous as you may think that any top rated manager would come up with this master plan… .so all you have to do is watch the first quarter of the game and you will never question me again on this, as you say , ludicrous tactical move by Emery.

  2. Dream10


    You are spot on. It was ludicrous judgment by Emery. One of many during the last couple of months during the season which cost us CL football.

  3. Paulinho

    Jamie – Oh dear, all just deflection-induced waffle.

    You don’t seem to get it. Ramsey is already a great player, according to your own criteria/logic. It doesn’t matter what he does in Juve, or whether they win the Champions League. He is already great.

    So you can spend the whole of next season hoping he flops and they don’t win the Champions league, but it won’t matter one iota. Ramsey is top tier.

  4. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    “Ramsey is top tier.”

    That just, like, your opinion, man.

    He has never been fit long enough to merit being in the top bracket of anything but time spent on the treatment table.

    I’ve never said I wanted him to fail, I said he needed to win the CL in order to validate his marquee wages. Like Neymar was supposed to do for PSG. Or did they only need him to with Ligue 1?

    No deflection, just an assessment of a good not great player. You love him, that’s cool. Decent-looking chap, to be fair.

  5. Atid

    We should be able to sell this x1 for a profit, especially if we look to China. They are basically the old, the dross and the overpaid.

    Jenkinson Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Mkhitaryan Ozil Elneny Xhaka Nwakali

    If we are conservative with our demands we should raise around £100m and a further 1.1m a week reduction on the wage bill.

    We could then add a few shrewd Bosman’s like Moreno, sturridge, brahimi and schulz to be back up and others like Rabiot, cahill and kruse who would probably be a starter

    This would leave us enough to bring in 3 marquee players and reward our best 2 players with better contracts.

  6. terraloon


    You ask about Lampard .

    He along with Gerrard and Vierra are the next generation of coaches. The likes of Mourinho, Wenger, Alyadice etc have had their day.

    A new generation of coaches who have done and seen it all who won’t be called out in the same way by today’s players who are fabulously wealthy and have egos the size of their wallets to match. The new breed of coaches will know you can’t manage modern day players with an iron fist nor can you over coach them or allowed them to become bored.

    If Lampard is appointed it will be an interesting time at SB for the two window ban will mean that they won’t be distracted by possible incomings .

    When people big up the youth players at Arsenal their abilities have usually been assessed purely on age group or reserve team opponents and as we know time after time when they are tested against more experienced players in a first team setting they come up short. There are the odd couple of players at Arsenal who possibly will justify squad places but Lampard has maybe a dozen of youngsters who he will be able to add to the squad the majority of who have had a season or two out on loan.
    So who are those players? Ampadu, Abraham, James, Hudson-Odoi and Mount, Abraham are the stand out players and whilst in the past most would be sent out on loan Lampard and more importantly Jodie Morris have worked with most of these players at youth level and their is reported to be mutual respect and trust
    Added to that they will probably retain Batshuayi , Pulisic and Zouma . Ok missing Hazard is going hurt big time and they won’t, because on injuries have a full squad from day one , but Lampard probably by virtue of his association with them and the transfer ban will be given time.

  7. Paulinho

    Jamie – Your opinion as well. I can re-post your comments but I noticed you haven’t denied them so you can carry on lifting those goal-posts.

  8. Gentlebris


    ‘You love Ramsey like Pierre loves Ozil and CG loves Wenger. Not a great look, to be honest mate.’

    After all it’s a blog of love. Let them love!

  9. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    My opinion of Ramsey has been consistent – he’s a good not great player.

    You’re welcome to re-post any comment I’ve made stating differently.

    Your opinion of him has been consistent too – he’s top tier. He doesn’t even need to perform well for Juventus for your opinion of him to change, he’s already made it. Cool beans.

  10. englandsbest


    Realistically, who of our squad would make it into the Chelsea team? Okay, I’ve exaggerated, two or three might.

    The narrow two point gap indicates that either Arsenal over-performed or Chelsea underperformed, or maybe both. My view is that no manager could have done much better with the current squad.

    At any rate missing out on CL has spared us further humiliation. It has also starkly revealed that major surgery is required. If Emery fails to do that, he should go. Raul, likewise.

    Under Stan’s regime, there is only one route out. Cut expenses to the bone by getting rid of the overpaid, replace with the young and vigorous and use the money saved to buy a couple of top players each season.

  11. jwl

    Myles Palmer website was first Arsenal blog that I read but quit 5-6 years ago when he stopped writing himself and just started to post random letters from his readers.

    I am not certain but I am mostly sure Palmer blog linked to Geoff/Pedro site Le Grove one day and I’ve been here ever since. Palmer always had interesting things to say about music, and other art, he reminds me of Tony who posts here combining his passion for music and Arsenal.

    I never liked arseblog, I tried reading him for a few months way back when but every new post the first one or two paragraphs were about how hungover he was from night before and he needed to walk dog.

  12. CG

    Englands Best

    Arsenal were 3rd with 6 Games to go, man!!!

    Only the league Champions and European Champions were ahead of us.

    Why are you in complete and utter denial?
    We are not in the CL because of Emery.

    He wanted a 4TH Loosers Cup for his CV

    He prioritized what was best for him- against the best interests of the club.
    That is totally unacceptable and unforgivable….

    What makes this so shocking
    Vinai and Raul are Proud of appointing someone as inadequate as Emery.

    He will always Let you down
    Because that’s what he always does.

    Why do you want to delude yourself?

  13. jwl

    CG – Emery exceeded expectations for most of season and players let him down during home stretch but we should have expected that because we have mentally weak squad, have done for years. Instead of everything going tits up mid season like normal, Emery was able to keep this listless squad in contention until last few weeks of season.

  14. Paulinho

    Jamie – Okay, here’s a couple:

    “JamieSeptember 28, 2018 12:52:18
    Cool. Let’s see where he ends up. A top tier player in his prime years on a Bosman doesn’t happen very often. I expect City, Utd, Chelsea, Juve, Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid, and PSG to open up contract negotiations with him this summer, or to pick him up sooner in Jan. I’d wager he stays in England to help satisfy City or Chelsea’s HG requirements, and that all the other clubs take a pass.”

    Welcome Rambo, onto the top tier top table.

    “JamieSeptember 29, 2018 19:20:59
    If Ramsey is great, he’ll go to a big club. Let’s see. Wish him the best, decent professional, but he’s not top tier.”

    Well done Rambo, you’re now a great.

  15. Bob N16

    One way of looking at it jwl.

    So you’re saying when things were going well Emery should be given the credit but when things went badly it’s the players’ fault. Okay.

  16. Alexanderhenry


    Maybe a way out of the Özil problem is to sell him for nothing. It’s a write off but we’d still save £350,000 a week.
    A Turkish club might then stump up the cash to pay his wages.

  17. TR7

    We can’t get rid of Ozil, pointless expending one’s energy on finding ways to do so. It’s difficult to sell a player who doesn’t want to leave, it’s nearly impossible when there is no potential buyer in sight either.

  18. TR7


    ‘Maybe a way out of the Özil problem is to sell him for nothing. It’s a write off but we’d still save £350,000 a week.
    A Turkish club might then stump up the cash to pay his wages.’

    And then ? Spend our entire budget on another mediocre playmaker to replace Ozil ?

  19. jwl

    Bob N16 – I don’t think it is black/white issue on who is to blame for horrendous end of season but I hold our players more responsible than our head coach for our fiasco finish.

    I don’t believe majority of our players have physical traits or mental fortitude to play elite football, the squad is Arsenal main problem, not our manager.

  20. Alexanderhenry


    Surely the priority is to get him off the pay roll. We need to just get rid of the guy.

    Also, I don’t think arsenal are going to make any mega signings unless we manage to get big money for laca and/or auba.
    Promising young players are more likely.

  21. Bob N16

    Sure Jwl but the way you put it was to appear to absolve Emery of any blame for our calamitous finish.

    There is no parallel universe to see how another manager would have fared but to put it kindly Emery has been on a learning curve! I accept the lack of full backs particularly hampered his selections. My concern has been his tinkering. I don’t think with all his supposed analysis that his set ups have lacked clarity.

    We were desperate for a proactive manager but what we witnessed with Emery has gone to the other extreme.

  22. Graham62


    At least have the decency to respond to our questions, rather than go off and work out your next pro- Ozil rhetoric.

    As I highlighted earlier, do you think Emery was told to accommodate Ozil at his interview? or as I put it “adapt his management style” to suit his needs?

  23. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Several months later:

    Jamie January 10, 2019 11:48:26

    Happy to nosh on some humble pie. Fair play to Ramsey and his agent. Tremendous move for him, great financial package, and to an elite club where he’s sure to finish his career with some top tier silverware.

    Ramsey was a great professional for us, I hope he does well at Juve, but I think he’s game is fraught with limitations. He was just about worth his £110k a week wages, but not a penny more (to us, at least). Professionalism does count massively though, in my view. Just look at the difference between his career trajectory and Wilshere’s, and compare their behaviour off the pitch over the years.

    You should read Pedro’s opening line of the same post. Really hope Ramsey doesn’t embarrass you next season. That would be truly awful. Of course, elite top tier players stand the test of time. Ramsey will be banging them in and lead them to CL glory, thereby proving us all wrong to have ever doubted his eliteness.

    I know you’re too afraid to establish metrics by which he should be measured, so we’ll just let the next 3 seasons play out and count the CL medals he’s won on the other side.

    Catch you next June for round 1.

  24. TR7


    ‘Surely the priority is to get him off the pay roll. We need to just get rid of the guy.’

    Our priority should be to strengthen our first 11 this summer. If replacing Ozil with a kid strengthens our team, I am all for it but it won’t. I have been one of the most vociferous critics of Ozil but it’s true that except Ozil, there is not one player in our team which can keep possession of the ball and show some composure in our build up play. There’s no way you get rid of Ozil and just replace him with a kid. With him in the side, we look half decent at home albeit still play horrible football on the road. Without him or rather without a playmaker, we will struggle badly at home too. PEA, Iwobi, Mikhi etc. lose the ball so frequently and casually that they make me long for even Ozil who I don’t rate. Thus, selling Ozil for nothing or for that matter for anything less than £40M will be detrimental to our team as he will be needed to be replaced by a good playmaker . You don’t get any decent playmaker for less than £40M in current market.

  25. Pierre

    I would have expected that Ozil would have come into the conversation in the job interview.
    If not, you end up with a situation that we have now…

    If ,in the interview, Emery had said that Ozil doesn’t suit his style of play then alarm bells should have started ringing due to the fact that Arsenal football club had offered and given Ozil a wage 6 months prior that would make him virtually unsellable.

    Obviously you believe it all to be Ozil’s fault , I dont…..I believe it to be the club’s fault , first for offering the contract, 2nd for employing a manager who has a completely different football philosophy to Ozil’s…..it was doomed to fail from day one.

    In the interview ,one of 2 things must have happened

    1) they didn’t discuss the situation that could arise with Ozil not fitting in to Emery’s philosophy.

    2) Emery lied in the interview and intimated that he would be able to work with Ozil.

  26. Bob N16

    Gunner kJ, I’ve just read that she’s up to 60 international goals and she’s only 22! Women’s football is such a low level compared to the men though….

  27. WengerEagle

    Argentina-Colombia should be worth a watch later.

    Wasn’t hugely impressed by Brazil last night, they look much more ordinary without Neymar. They still have the best squad in the tourney mind.

    Well worth a punt on Uruguay at 8/1 imo. Good solid experienced pros all over and are world class in their spine with Godin, Gimenez, Suarez, Cavani.

  28. jwl

    “My concern has been his tinkering. I don’t think with all his supposed analysis that his set ups have lacked clarity. We were desperate for a proactive manager … ”

    Bob N16 I don’t understand your frustration with Emery – you think he tinkers too much with squad but is not proactive? I think Emery inherited disjointed squad put together by eccentric senior citizen and he’s done about as well as could be expected.

    PSG is bigger club than Arsenal at moment, only learning curve Emery experienced this year was adjusting to English football, which would be same for any foreign manager new to England.

  29. Marc

    Maybe just maybe if you’re a higher paid professional you should be expected to be able to adjust to what your team needs. I’m not talking about playing a forward as a CB I’m talking about we’re going to work harder and everyone’s expected to close down the opposition.

    Except Ozil poor little darling snowflake. I mean surely the entire PL should be made to adjust to suit how he wants to play.

    The guy’s coasting towards retirement and will get progressively worse and worse.

    I just wonder which lost cause Pierre will latch onto next – he’ll be running out of options as Wenger’s players are moved on.

  30. Alexanderhenry


    I disagree regarding Özil.

    I don’t think he gave us much at all last season. Hardly any goals or assists.
    He is a liability both financially and in terms of morale.
    Also, it is not acceptable for any player at Arsenal to cruise the way he has been, or to undermine the manager’s authority.

    Just get rid I say.

    Also, in terms of improvement, what I would like to see next season is a clear out, and a change of playing style and philosophy.
    With the powers that be stubbornly sticking to their bottom line business plan, I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll finish top four.
    However, we may see the emergence of new, young talent capable of kicking on in the next five years or so.

    Would I prefer Stan to make more money available?
    Yes, but that won’t happen. Arsenal fc have to function in spite of its owner.
    Therefore, I think a clean slate approach is the best option.

  31. Paulinho

    Jamie – Yeah several months later you noshed on humble pie for a while and in the next instance tried to change the goal posts to save face. All of a sudden it wasn’t just where he ended up that proved his level, now Rambo had to lead them to Champions League glory to be considered top tier.

    TKO buddy.

  32. Champagne Charlie


    Can you offer up some context to Ramsey being top tier?

    Last time that subject was approached there was a newfound world 33 or some rubbish.

    What midfielders are neck and neck with Rambo in this top bracket?

  33. Paulinho

    I also don’t think it can get any more embarrassing than listing all the clubs you think would be after Ramsey if he was top tier, then those very clubs – three months later – reportedly being interested (Ornstein) An unwitting nostradamus.

    Charlie – Back around October, you were asking what Ramsey offered bar third man runs. Context or no context, you’re a bit of a lost cause.

  34. Bob N16

    Jwl..you miss my point, I think we were all looking forward to a manager who didn’t wait until the 67th minute to make a substitution. It was refreshing to have half time substitutions if things weren’t going well – tick, proactive. But as the season went on, the changes became fairly manic. No unchanged lineups etc Gave the impression that he was scrambling for the right formula.

  35. Valentin

    Raul had one tough controversial decision to make this summer.
    Back Emery and Sack Özil
    or Sack Emery and Back Özil

    But Raul won’t do either. He will wait until the situation is unmanageable. We may ended up having to pay off both of them to go away.

    Raul had one shot at getting rid of Özil, if he really wanted to. Use his insult to Emery. Unprofessional misconduct. Breach of ethics and relationship with the manager. He did not seize that opportunity and now we are left with two employees who can’t work together.

    There are fault on both side: Emery can’t handle big ego and his tactics can’t bring the best of Özil. Özil is too easily downcast if things don’t go his way. However for me the biggest fault lies with Raul. Raul’s role as Emery’s boss is to find a solution to the issue. He is not helping either of them by sitting on the fence.

  36. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    His performances and his contribution over the duration of the season determines his level.

    To date, he’s scored more than 5 league goals in a season only 3 times in 11 years.

    Looking forward to your continued declarations of victory when he scores 5 league goals next season to ‘help’ Juve win their 9th Serie A title on the bounce. He’s the missing piece, and those 5 goals will make all the difference.

    No TKO, friend. The bell rings when we can actually evaluate his performance at his new club; goals, assists, pass completion, interceptions, starts, completed 90 mins, …

    How many goals are you expecting from him next season? Double figures, surely. That’s what 400k a week attacking mid should buy a club, right?

  37. Dissenter

    There are low level rumors that Juventus may be seeking to exchange Ramsey for Jorghino when the Chelsea ban ends next year.

  38. Paulinho

    “Paulinho –His performances and his contribution over the duration of the season determines his level.”

    “JamieSeptember 29, 2018 19:20:59
    If Ramsey is great, he’ll go to a big club. Let’s see”

    Just to be clear , what determines his level again?

    Because in September, you deferred judgement about his level to what club he ended up at.

  39. CG


    “”””Emery lied in the interview and intimated that he would be able to work with Ozil.”””

    Be warned Pierre – telling some on here- Home Truths

    They – not all – are so deluded – they cant accept they have been Duped.

    Some still ( I think ) get Breast Fed – even though they are in their mid 40’s!
    Their immaturity is striking.

    They cry that everyone is A Troll- who they happen to disagree.

    Anyway-That interview.
    Those lies
    Those 5 captains.
    Rambo,Cech Xhaka, Ozil and Kos.

    Emery has fallen foul of all of them.

    Who is our Captain for the season ahead?

    I have heard – it could be Torreira …
    Would not advise it-Our mascots would have more match day presence.

    Emery lied to get a foot in the Door.

    I am glad – someone tells it – how it is.

    Well done You.

  40. Dissenter

    You know it’s a money issue that’s holding up the Ozil situation.
    Either of the choices that Raul has to make will come with a money commitment.
    It’s not just indecision, me thinks.

  41. Jamie

    I see you doing everything to resist offering even a single metric by which he can be judged.

    You have as much confidence in Ramsey making any sort of difference in Juve achieving their short-term goals as I am.

    Very brave of you.

  42. Paulinho

    And there will be no declaration of anything. I’ll look on with interest and that will be it.

    I’ve already won any argument there was to be had about Ramsey in relation to the main point I was making all along – which was that he was our best player.

  43. Valentin

    A top manager should not need long to adapt to the EPL. Wenger, Mourinho, Conte won the EPL in their first full season.

    If you are really a video analyst specialist, there is enough video of past games to familiarise yourself with clubs, players and other managers.

    Also if you are familiar with the environment, then rely on people within the club who know the environment, don’t try to replicate your own environment by sidelining the legacy staff and hiring a bunch of peoples who don’t have any experience of the league and its players.

    When he joined ManCity, Guardiola hired Arteta as his assistant. Arteta has lived in the premiership for 10 years.
    When Klopp joined, most of backgroom staff stayed the same. In fact the transfer committee has not changed since its inception after Dalglish’s sacking.

  44. Paulinho

    Jamie – If he stays fit he will do well.

    The whole metric thing is bullshit because you still think he’s nothing more than an honest pro who who doesn’t excel at anything bar making runs which leave the midfield ‘exposed’, if it it’s some doomsday scenario every time he makes a run.

    Funny how we kept three or four clean sheets in a row when he played central mid near the end of the season.

  45. Valentin


    Yes it is money, but is also indecision. Raul had a clear opportunity given the obvious breach of disciplinary protocol. He bottled it.
    Do you think that Ferguson would have tolerated that? Conte did not with Costa.
    Sometimes ripping the bandage is better than slow death.

  46. TR7


    Like you I also thought a clean slate approach was the way forward but our reserve players are technically and physically too limited to be relied on. For us to adopt a clean slate approach and grow organically we will need to wait for a talented group of youngsters to come about from our reserves. Besides, Emery is not the guy really to take up such a project.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie – Back around October, you were asking what Ramsey offered bar third man runs. Context or no context, you’re a bit of a lost cause.“

    Right… that clears up what you mean calling Ramsey top tier….

    Guessing you don’t want to throw out other names because you’re probably well aware they’d be evidence enough for the level you overstate his ability.

    Such a benign question, but the defence mechanism has kicked in and you’re in all our attack against anyone not offering a reach around.

  48. Marc


    Difference is Costa had resale value, wasn’t on a ridiculous contract and had a club interested in buying him. Ozil’s reputation is bad enough without us adding washing dirty linen in public to the problem.

    Arseblog made an interesting comment on his blog earlier about the story re Emery and the CL final coming from Turkish lip readers.

    Best way to be rid of Ozil is for him to decide to leave. He won’t do that this summer but completely side him and maybe he fucks off next summer.

  49. Jamie

    “There will be no declaration [of victory]”

    instantly followed by “I’ve already won.”

    We know, you won’t remotely specify how you objectively appraise Ramsey just so that you can maintain some illusion of winning an argument on the internet. No metrics = nothing on which you’ll need to back-peddle. Like I said, super brave.

    If he does well over there, you’ll be back gloating, in the same way you admitted to running back to gloat before the ink was dry on his new contract.

    Some people need a little shot of anonymous validation to get themselves through the week. If he continues to perform as a £100k a week midfielder, picking up injuries and missing large chucks of the season, you’ll disappear into the shadows or show up saying “find me a citation where I said he’d score or assist goals, or wouldn’t be injured for months a season.” Winning tiger blood. Keep it up!

  50. Paulinho

    Charlie – It was actually Bamford that started the whole top tier thing. I said he wouldn’t look out of place so it wasn’t that ridiculous assertion. Whole thing was bit daft though, because how you define top tier. Top 33 was the number we settled on. Three XI’s or something.

  51. Paulinho

    Jamie – Why would I declare victory next season when I’ve already won?

    You need to think a bit more before you type.

  52. Paulinho

    Jamie – And I’m sure you genuinely wish Ramsey well next season and won’t be here gloating if he fails (sarcasm).

    I mean it’s not like you haven’t set any lofty conditions for him to prove he’s not a flop. Just lead Juve to the champions league Rambo. No pressure bud,

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Looks as if Claude Maurice is going to happen.

    Interesting addition, at about £18 Million he could prove to be a very good signing.

  54. Freddie Ljungberg


    way to go comparing Wenger 22 years ago, after 1 and a half season and only one team to contend against, and a much better squad with Emery and the shitshow left for him.

    Even worse comparing with any Chelsea managers at a time where they outspent every other team in the world and it was expected of them to win the league even if the janitor was in charge.

    Any thoughts on the impending deal for Claude Maurice? Is 18m too much?
    Would take him and Ziyech over Carrasco and Fraser any day of the week.
    Both of them can play Cam as well so if we can’t get rid of googly eyes they can play the 70% of games as CAM he’s not suited for.

  55. Marc

    Does anyone actually care that much what Ramsey does next season? We won’t play Juve and unless he plays against City, Liverpool, Chelsea or the Spud’s which if he were to I hope he scores double figures. Beyond that it really doesn’t matter to Arsenal at all.

  56. Champagne Charlie


    I didn’t claim anything otherwise, I said the last time top tier was mentioned there was a world 33 comically drafted. I know it was him, hence I asked for context on you stating Ramsey top tier in the following:

    “So you can spend the whole of next season hoping he flops and they don’t win the Champions league, but it won’t matter one iota. Ramsey is top tier.”

    I’ve always thought it was pretty clear that top tier was the best of what’s offered?

    In terms of players generally it’s your Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar’s. In terms of strikers it’s your Suarez, Lewy, Aguero’s.

    No clue how this world 33 thing came to be, seems like an angle to get Ramsey up the proverbial ladder. Whatever you deem him (CM, 8 etc) would you put him in along the best of those in world football? If so, who are these guys so I can grasp if we’re on the same page. For me there’s several better CM options, he’s not top tier as I view it.

  57. Jamie

    Why don’t you think a little more and offer us a couple metrics by which we can all see how you measure Ramsey’s ability.


  58. Marc


    It’s strange on one hand it sounds a lot of money – on the other when Sven was signing up players for £11 million who then were worth £100 million a year or 2 later it was clever scouting.

    Truth is it’ll depend on how he does but on paper it’s the type of signing we need to be making.

    To guarantee he’ll be a success all we need is CG to have a rant on why he’s useless and some part of a Sanllehi scheme of Machiavellian proportions to sell him to Barca next season for a bad of jellybeans after being the best player in the league during 19/20.

  59. Paulinho

    Jamie – Your subjective judgement of Ramsey led to you looking like a complete arse when he joined one of the clubs you said were out his reach ability wise.

    Maybe re-evaluate your understanding the game beyond distilled metrics and you won’t make the same mistake in the future.

  60. WengerEagle

    I don’t expect Ramsey to start for Juventus, he’ll be more of a utility player to keep them ticking along and filling in as he’s versatile enough and can really do a job anywhere in midfield especially in Italy where it’s not as dynamic.

    They’re trying to re-sign Pogba for a reason.

  61. Jamie

    So brave. Desperate to avoid committing to a single measurable metric of Ramsey being elite at anything.

    Why don’t you tell us what he excels at, and how many times you expect him to perform his signature moves over the course of next season? Don’t want to look like a complete arse if he lets you down?

  62. Paulinho

    Charlie – Yep I would. I regularly see and read people salivating over the likes of Allan at Napoli, and Golovin last year at CSKA. Ramsey runs all over them when he’s physically right.

  63. Paulinho

    Jamie – What’s desperate is you changing goal posts and trying to distance yourself from your own logic.

    It’s all about NEXT SEASON. LETS FOCUS ON NEXT SEASON (please forget what I said about Ramsey in a knowingly smug tone early last season)

  64. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Just tell us what he’s elite at, what he has been elite at, and what he’ll continue to be measurably elite at.

    You’re a student of the game, no?

  65. Champagne Charlie

    LYep I would. I regularly see and read people salivating over the likes of Allan at Napoli, and Golovin last year at CSKA. Ramsey runs all over them when he’s physically right.“

    Hold up.. I think you’re telling some white lies there to offer up Golovin and Allan as the gold standard by majority.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of Pogba, Verratti, Kroos et al, then the next line of heirs like De Jong, Rabiot, Ndombele. Does Ramsey slot in along side those?

    All well and good dropping the “when he’s physically right” part, but that’s a consideration. Even without that you’d have to adjust for everyone being compared to be at their peak and he’s still not top tier when those guys are ‘on’ if you ask me.

  66. Freddie Ljungberg


    if we don’t get our shit together and pick some absolute gems this window I can easily see us falling out of the top 6. The only part of our team that is above average/bottom half is our 2 strikers and if the teams below us keeps not only outspending us but keeps buying smarter than us as well it’s just a matter of time.

    Watford, Wolves, West Ham, Leicester, Palace not far behind last season in quality. Better in some departments, we can’t afford to keep slipping up.

    That means getting rid of the players holding us back. Like Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and Mikhi no matter how difficult it may be.

  67. Paulinho

    Jamie – You won’t learn anything if I keep spoon-feeding.

    Why do you think Juve signed him?

    What are they seeing that you don’t?

    Considering the position they want to play him, to ask the question is to answer it.

  68. Alexanderhenry


    I’m not sure whether Emery is the right man for a root and branch rebuild either, but I’m one of those who think he did okay last season, given the lack of quality in the squad.

    Regarding youth, we don’t have to rely on the academy.
    As Pedro has made clear, the club has been restructured with a lot of publicity made about hiring heavyweight, new backroom staff who can identify talent across Europe for minimum outlay.

    Let’s see what they come up with.

    Losing Mislintat wasn’t ideal though and we still have no technical director.

    Am I clutching at straws here?

    Anyway, if this summer sees little change to the squad with a couple of middle weight signings added, I don’t think most arsenal fans will be impressed.
    I won’t.

  69. Marc

    WE made a really good point earlier. Juve have signed Ramsey on a huge pay packet, seem to be all over Pogba although the links from the player seem to favour Madrid and still have links to Rabiot going on.

    Can they sign all of them and accommodate / keep them all happy?

  70. Paulinho

    Charlie – If you are using Pogba as an example of elite, then I’ve underestimated Ramsey. Not having that twat.

    Veratti, Modric, Arthur are elite controllers that I like.

    The rest are much of a muchness.

  71. TR7

    Can we bring in Cesc Fabregas as an assistant manager or something similar ? I think he and Xabi Alonso have potential to be top managers.

  72. Paulinho

    Juve play Pogba on the left – like last time – and play Rambo right or central.

    They’re not great centrally. Lots of sexy names that people love to overhype.

  73. Marc


    Has he even done his coaching badges yet?

    What is this obsession with the idea that because someone was a good player they will automatically be a great coach or that because they know the club they’ll be successful?

  74. Hunter

    This transfer window is beginning to look horrible,no-one in and no-one out!.
    You can bet your bottom dollar that all the action will be on Transfer deadline day.So we will have to be very patient.I have this feeling that We will have a very similar squad to last year with the exception of Ramsey,Cech and Welbeck.According to AFC we have a modest transfer budget and we will have to rely on sales to boost the fund.I can’t see anyone wanting any of our lot unless their ‘freebies’.
    We are light years away from the top four that finished last season but for me,I’d rather play all our promising youngsters and try to do our best than muddle through with our current first team of no hopers!
    The excitement of looking forward to the new season is just not there for me and I fear it will be the same old,same old.

  75. WengerEagle

    It’s weird that Bamford keeps getting binned lately, is he really acting any worse than he has at times over the years? I always thought that he actually got on very well with Pedro too, odd.

    We know that he’s capable of being a condescending and self indulgent wanker but he’s also capable of provoking and contributing in decent chatter and debate, he’s harmless for the most part and adds to the site when he’s on form.

  76. TOLI83

    Fornals is an interesting one.

    Rarely came up in names suggested but is no doubt a player that improves us. 23, capped by Spain at that price is a very shrewd buy. If that’s the market we are aiming in, we certainly need a few tricks up our sleeve this summer.

    Carrasco could be one, I believe we need two wingers.

  77. WengerEagle


    Pogba is a World Cup Winner and multiple title winner at Juventus before they became a winning dynasty, he was part of that formation.

    Crazy harsh to stick him next to those two names really.

  78. Paulinho

    Shame about Bamford.

    Great poster. Unintentionally hilarious at times but as WE said, adds a lot overall.

    He just needs to let things go at times.

  79. Paulinho

    WE – I prefer Arthur mate. He can play both sides of the ball ala Iniesta, Xavi.

    Kroos spends too much time behind the ball. Same reason I don’t rate Rakitic and Busquets as highly as others.

    For me, the best controllers have the right balance between in terms of receiving the ball high and low. Constantly have the opposition chasing their own tail.

  80. WengerEagle


    West Ham certainly do not lack ambition. Neither do Wolves and it will be interesting to see if Leicester can hold onto Maddison, Maguire and Chilwell as well as bringing in somebody to help Vardy take on the goalscoring burden.

    On paper West Ham are building a nice little side, Lanzini is due back as well although remains to be seen whether or not he returns the same player.

    Concerning all right, we can’t be arrogant enough to think that we’re miles ahead of these teams because we’re really not.

  81. TR7


    Ozil too is a world cup winner and multiple title winner at Real Madrid. Pogba doesn’t know how to control the tempo of a game and his technical skills are anything but top class. He shows flashes of brilliance once in a while but far far away from being an elite player. Even his most ardent fans won’t claim he is a consistent performer. Besides, I think his physicality is his bigger asset than his skills. Purely from a football ing perspective he is average.

  82. TOLI83

    I believe new players will be unveiled July 1st with the new kits so hopefully a lot is going on behind the scenes.

    Two world class defenders and a right back
    Box to box and attacking midfielder
    Two wingers

    And just as important sell the dross and don’t get ripped off in the market!!!

  83. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    No dribbling, you haven’t started feeding me yet.

    Could you list a couple please? Just two or three. So far, you haven’t pointed to a single aspect of Ramsey’s eliteness over a season, save his move to Juve for silly wages. You won’t even put into writing that big clubs make mistakes with recruitment/contracts.

    What is Ramsey measurably elite at, and how many times a season does he perform these tasks?

    This reminds me of the time people where talking about needing special vision to see what Ozil brings to the team after his assists dried up.

  84. TOLI83

    For me Busquets is one of the best in the business. If you don’t rate him or his ability to control a game, then you understand football. Maybe a year now outside his prime but during his career he is one of the best dm/cm to exist. Class act.

  85. Champagne Charlie


    Peak Pogba is a no? Not sure about that, the lad is more confused than Bruce Jenner but he’s unreal when on.

    I love the midget Italian verratti, underrated elite imo.

    Re: Banford… he’s a good character to have but cannot moderate his own impulses. Dm’ing Gambon at the early hours and winding some up to where Pedro gets texts about his conduct is such pathetic levels. He cannot help himself, not a drop of humility in him. Still argues Neymargate ffs.. lol

  86. WengerEagle


    Kroos is better defensively than he gets credit for although yes, it helps to have maybe the strongest defensive CM in Europe sitting in behind you in Casemiro.

    Kroos’ quality on the ball is just immense though, best passer I have seen since Xavi in terms of full range of passes in his locker and has an edge going forward that I like and feel is missing from many top playmakers game. He’s consistently been Germany’s best player dating back to their 2012 Euros campaign and was huge in the evolution of Modric into being the best CM in Europe.

    He’s not as one-paced as the Barca midfielders either. Not fast but he can break past players and is clever enough to anticipate the moments in games where these opportunities arise.

    I like Arthur but he’s not shown any sort of ability to be dangerous past the halfway line as of yet. Struggles with his final ball more than Xavi ever did.

  87. Paulinho

    Jamie – Ring up the Juve scouts or go back and re-read the posts from around the time you made those hilariously bad projections about Ramsey’s future prospects.

    I spoon-fed you plenty around that time as well. It seems you didn’t open your mouth enough.

  88. TR7


    Nothing to do with Cesc’s past association with us. I find him and Xabi Alonso to be astute observers of the game. As for coaching badges, merely a formality especially for players who have played at the top level for years.

  89. Paulinho

    WE – Agree to disagree then.

    Rated Modric higher at Spurs than I ever did Kroos.

    It’s what you like really.

    I’ve never seen Kroos receive the ball in a tight spot high up the pitch and disentangle himself in the way I’ve seen Arthur or Modric do it. Everything he does going forward in terms of shooting etc is coming onto the ball.

    I see him as superior version of Xhaka.

  90. Pedro

    Jamie, I don’t make people bend the knee. But if you come to this space and question my integrity, I’ll not indulge it after the 50th time of warning.

    I also don’t like argumentative for the sake of it. Gets boring and makes the place look like a rabble.

    I’d prefer less comments with more grown-up back and forth. You and Paulinho are gunning for each other but it’s not petty… it’s just interesting debate.

  91. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Why the constant refusal to list a few aspects of Ramsey’s game that puts him into the elite bracket of midfielders over the course of the last few years (and entering his peak)?

    I’ll tell you why, because they’ll be open to scrutiny. You need this win so desperately, you won’t commit to anything other than “ask Juve’s scouts what they saw in him.”

    You’d be the guy nodding along to Wenger when he gave it the “I’ve made 60,000 substitutions at the top level” chat at the first sign of dissent from the press. Starting to feel a little sorry for you, actually.

  92. Pedro

    TR7, think both of those players could make excellent coaches. I absolutely love Cesc, one of my fave players of the last 20 years. Did so much despite limited physicality.

  93. WengerEagle


    Ozil was the the clinger-oner in the Germany WC win, that moment in the Brazil SF summed him up where they were 7-0 up and he was through on goal 1 vs 1 to put them 8-0 up and he dragged his effort tamely wide, Brazil go straight down the other end and Oscar nets a consolation. 8-0 would have been even more epic for the history books.

    Whereas Pogba was the MOTM in the World Cup Final, scored the deciding 3rd goal and was immense while Kante stank the gaf out.

    He’s inconsistent but he has athleticism and technique combined that is pretty unique in Europe at his best.

    Dribbles, scores and assists goals, can crack them in from distance,very good passing range, aerially decent, defensively better than most attacking midfielders which is what he is essentially.

  94. Jamie

    Pedro –

    Perhaps not the best analogy. Literally binge-watching the last season of GoT and it just came up!

    He was belligerent when he really didn’t need to be. I might be walking a tight rope too. Trying not to though.

  95. Pedro

    My two pennies on Ramsey, I’d heard from a few places that the club didn’t rate his technical ability. Great player, but not next level on that front. Think that lack of structure in his early career will hinder him finding world class in the next three years.

  96. Paulinho

    Jamie – if you were being in any way genuine you would know I’ve listed Ramsey’s attributes ad nauseum in the past.

    I’ve already had the ‘win’. You’re the one complaining to the ref after not stepping towards him when he asked you to.

    I couldn’t really care a less about your scrutiny. It doesn’t mean much when your clinging to your metrics clipboard.

  97. Paulinho

    Pedro – As a number ten yes I agree, but number eight then no. He’s not fluid but he’s got the lot. Reckon Emery looked at clunky performances at ten and thought ‘move on’ then probably got a shock when he put him in central midfield.

  98. Danialtos

    Graham62June 14, 2019 20:28:56
    What’s the point in trying to debate constructively with anyone who saw abject failure and regression as the norm. You’re just going to be hitting your head against a brick wall. That’s the problem on here. It is a complete waste of time trying to justify a point of view on something that is so obvious, even an eight year old would be shaking their head in disbelief.The really amazing thing in all of this is that those of us who are prepared to give Emery more time, are the same folk who gave up on the previous regime long ago; whilst those who are now hyper critical of Emery, are generally the same folk who stuck with Wenger and Co right to the end. How do you expect fans to gel and agree on things when they are light years apart in their perceptions on how Arsenal are being run. It’s an impossible task. If there is a more divided fanbase, then I don’t know about it.The bottom line in all of this is very simple to understand, although the intellects on here will argue otherwise( we all know who they are). The fact of the matter is that Arsenal Football Club have been systematically dismantled as a Footballing entity ever since we left Highbury. The consequences of this are now there for all to see. You see, it’s no longer just about Footballing matters. The whole culture and ethos of the club has been consumed by corporate greed and an ignorance to what is needed to move us forward.We, as a club, have become every Football fans worst nightmare. A corporate body that is trying to be a Football club. Unfortunately for Emery he has been caught up in this culture change. The really sad thing in all of this is that because the previous regime failed in their duties to preserve the clubs true footballing values, consumed by self indulgence and rank poor management decision making, Emery is finding it nigh near impossible to move the club forward.This is a defining season not only for Emery but Arsenal Football club as a whole. The changes within seem more in desperation rather than being planned and well thought out. When you see other clubs progressing and respecting their fans, it angers me. This is not a recent occurrence though. This has been on the cards ever since we left Highbury.Mines a stiff whisky please barman.

    Alas! Greetings everyone,long time no see….this is by far the best comment I have read here in a long time …

  99. Pedro

    Paulinho, he definitely made a huge mistake with Ramsey, and despite all the people denying it was him, I hear that was all on Emery to move him on.

    Makes you wonder who was listening to the managers’ grand plan if it included the Welshman at 10.

  100. Pedro

    Getting quite excited about this summer, if we’re gunning for Maurice, Saliba and aiming for elite youth, it could be a good one.

  101. WengerEagle


    Veratti is top drawer I’m with you.

    Always thought that he would end up at Barcelona funnily enough, he’s the exact player that they are hoping that Arthur matures into.

    Xavi heaped praise on him a few years back when they played each other in the CL. He went toe to toe with them and held his own.

  102. Valentin


    The situation with Costa was worse. From a sport and financial perspective, Chelsea wanted to keep Costa, here Arsenal wants to get rid of him without cost.
    The decision to get rid of Costa was taken by Conte without discussing beforehand with the management. Costa refused to go to China despite the offers, refused to train and only accepted a transfer to Athletico. Chelsea were forced to accept a much reduced offer from Athletico.

  103. Paulinho

    Pedro – Yep, it’s the one issue Emery misjudged.

    The problem is Emery simply doesn’t like playing an 8 in central midfield – preferring two 6’s – so he delayed compromising his system until he had no choice to play him there.

    Our season collapsed twice. Just before Ramsey played CM, and just after, when he got injured.

  104. WengerEagle


    Yeah he’s great at what he does [Kroos] but he’s not a 10, more of a 6 or an 8. He’s not agile or nippy enough to play ala an Iniesta role. Has always been more like Xavi.

    Whereas even though Modric played as a CM, he had the tools to play as a 10 too, think he played further forward for Croatia way back when before the emergence of Rakitic.

  105. Pedro

    Dani, it’s a comment based on hope rather than fact.

    ‘it can’t be done’ is such a weak argument, thank fuck Graham isn’t running Arsenal. Ironic that this sort of chat was what the AKB of yesteryear would say when anyone critiqued Arsenal.

    ‘Who could do better?’

    Plenty as it turned out… same can be said of now.

  106. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Do me a kindness. Spare me the effort of having to google your name and dig though your Ramsey posts looking for a few metrics on his eliteness. Just list them again. Maybe I missed them the first time(s).

    Seems bananas that you’re resisting this with everything you’ve got.

    Like for Xhaka, people pointed to his pass completion rate as a plus.

    For Ramsey you can point to _________, _________, and of course ________. He does these things ___ times a season, more than the top ____ midfield players in Europe. (fill in the blanks, I’ll be your best friend).

  107. Champagne Charlie

    Always been my issue with ramsey, doesn’t have the tekkers, not a passer for a central player, all last third so he’s very lopsided imo.

    Verratti is the standard for me from that sort of player, nutcase that’s got elegance in spades too. I’m with you, Barca overlooking him is comical when they’ve landed the likes of Alex Song, Paulinho, and Boeteng along the way… like OK GUYS 😂

  108. CG

    Well observed Re: Cesc

    In a week when we discussed Wengers Biggest Mistakes.

    Arguably Wengers no.2 was Not resigning him from Barcelona.

    Compare his exquisite Cut Glass English,
    His gleaming teeth and his unblemished dress sense- to our Caretaker Coach.

    And his natural footballing intelligence.
    (Seen – when he was a TV Pundit)

    Its stark
    And Its striking
    No Branded Buckled Belts with our Cesc.
    Just class.
    And a quiet confidence…

    He will Go To The Top – this lad..

    Let’s Hope it’s with us…

  109. WengerEagle

    Arturo Vidal as well Charlie, I loved him for Juventus where he was imo the best all round CM on the planet for a time but he’s a mere carcass of that player at this stage.

    And Liverpool absolutely pulverised Vidal, Busquets and Raki at Anfield. They low-key dominated them in the Camp Nou as well before they got Messi’d late on.

    Barcelona have turned into such an inefficient club the way they operate. Lazily splurging huge money on talent rather than developing it themselves as they used to.

    La Masia is practically in ashes these days.

  110. Jamie

    “Champagne Charlie June 15, 2019 19:40:37
    Always been my issue with ramsey, doesn’t have the tekkers, not a passer for a central player, all last third so he’s very lopsided imo.”

    I mean, this is it for me too. Nothing disparaging about the player, just not elite. If I was the only person in the world surprised by his 400k a week Juve deal, I can live it that.

  111. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Compare his exquisite Cut Glass English,
    His gleaming teeth and his unblemished dress sense- to our Caretaker Coach.”

    Ffs CG just get one of those real dolls made up, I’m sure you can specify it to whichever manager/player you fancy and even have some prerecorded phrases played in immaculate english while you go to town on the poor thing.

    Just keep it to yourself you old perv.

  112. Siddharth14

    Vinai and Raul have categorically stated regarding Ramsey that the club couldn’t risk wage imbalance and thereby strictly adhering to the new club policy.

    If what you say is correct, then our new management are outrightly telling lies. And I don’t think that is the case.

    Ramsey, perhaps with an eye on his last big contract was also thinking about winning some trophies before ending his career.

    Please let go off this Emery and Ramsey thing….

  113. Guns of Hackney

    Good post.

    I detest Ozil but I hope he sees off the manager. That’s how lowly I rate Emery. As Peter said, the belt is humiliating. No excuses for that abomination. None. Sackville.


    This is a classic (pardon the pun) piece that I think is one of the most stunning written and performed. Sure it’s an obvious one, but those piano notes! Also, Hannibal Lecktor likes it. So…

  114. Marc


    “The situation with Costa was worse.”

    Are you serious? Conte fucked up with Costa no doubt but an argument of Chelsea had to accept a lower fee of a meagre £57 million?

    They made a healthy profit – we can’t give Ozil away.

    The expectation compass of some on here is bizarre – Chelsea make a profit on a player the manager didn’t like and it’s a disaster. Arsenal stuck with a player on huge wages we couldn’t give away and it’s hmmm oh well – fucking management are useless and should do better.

  115. WengerEagle

    ‘the club couldn’t risk wage imbalance and thereby strictly adhering to the new club policy’

    Makes little sense when we have Ozil sucking us dry for 350 Gs a week.

    What new club policy?

  116. TR7

    WE, sorry can’t agree with you on exquisite passing range and dribbling aspect of Pogba. Stepovers is not quite dribbling and his passing is not quick enough to be termed exquisite or excellent.

  117. Paulinho

    Jamie – Until you drop your ego you won’t see or learn anything.

    Your mistake is still thinking you know it all. Even now, with all the metric talk, you’ve obviously still none the wiser from the Ramsey debacle which should’ve humbled you and led to re-evaluation of what you think you know as opposed to what you actually do.

    Think about why Juve wanted him, why our season completely fell apart when he stopped playing CM due to injury, and you might actually attain some insight and an answer for what you’re looking for.

  118. Pierre

    I am disappointed that Ramsey was allowed to play in a way that for a majority of the time was a hindrance to the team..
    He proved this season , for the short spell that he played in a 2 man central midfield , that he is capable of playing a disciplined role in a 2 man midfield and if he had shown this discipline in the previous 5 years , he would have been a major asset to the club .
    Of course, Ramsey had some great highlights in an Arsenal. Shirt but for me there will always be an “if only” with him…Wenger allowed him too much freedom, maybe Juventus will make sure he remains disciplined to go with his obvious hunger to make things happen in the opposition penalty area.

    When you analyse it, wenger probably wasn’t the manager he needed for all those years .

  119. TR7

    As for Pogba’s performance in the FIFA world cup, France never moved out of third gear and still won the thing. I thought in terms of pure technical quality, this world cup was perhaps the worst I have seen in my lifetime although it was still exciting as most teams were average and of the same level.

  120. Marc


    Now there I agree with you 100% Obviously the injuries never helped and you wonder if he hadn’t of been Shawcrossed what might have been.

    One of the strangest things I ever had to listen to was some former colleagues who were a mix of ManU and Spud fans tell me it was actually Ramsey’s fault – he was too quick for Shawcross who couldn’t be blamed. It didn’t go down well when I told them they were fucking deluded.

  121. WengerEagle

    Agree with you on France and the WC though, you look at the SF line-up and not one side stuck out as being outstanding.

    Germany in 2014 were stronger as were Spain in 2010.

  122. Pedro


    #1 Wage imbalance doesn’t fly when it’s your best performer getting the best
    #2 If wages were the issue, Emery wouldn’t have benched him
    #3 Execs lie all the time. They are saving face with ambiguous reasoning for moving him on.

    Emery didn’t rate him. They pulled the deal. Then he Ramsey came good in a major way. End of story.

  123. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    I’ve learned plenty, thanks.

    What makes Ramsey elite? That I’m still trying to learn from you. I think it’s the teacher, not gonna lie.

    I was humble enough to admit I didn’t see his move to Juve coming (cited earlier). Your ego drove you to come and admittedly revel in gloating about your own prediction right after that, still to this day calling it a ‘win’, so you got that one kind of backwards. It’s ok, just a small loss, and we’ll keep it between us.