Ozil vs Emery Death Match: Who wins?

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I love the papers.





… and so goes the cycle.

Rapha Honigstein, an impeccably sourced writer, says Ozil is digging in and hinted his team think he’ll outlast the manager. Absolutely no doubt he’ll do that and I’ve said for months that calculation is almost 100% correct.

This poses a huge problem for Arsenal. Preseason now comes loaded with a cancerous tumour. When your biggest player is on lip-reading record in a Europa League final saying the coach is ‘not a coach,’ you cannot have him there at preseason. His attitude will impact preparations, the whispering campaign will start early and his mere presence will burden Arsenal every time we lose and the factor cited is creativity.

Not just that, as you all know, when there is someone at your work that’s getting paid a boatload of money and they aren’t delivering, it has adverse effects on the culture. It can make you resentful, it can make some players take their foot off the gas, it can create fissures in the dressing room (I don’t work in a dressing room, but you get it).

It’s a dreadful situation to be in… and could be made even worse if the players he lambasted in his yearly reviews aren’t shifted on easily. Emery needs to have a settled squad by July, if he doesn’t, our start this season could be problematic.

Hopefully, we can counter a lot of the nonsense by hiring in so many new players, the miserable voices will pipe down… however, in football, status is a big thing. Mesut Ozil is a megastar in the eyes of most players, even at elite clubs. He’s also our most talented player. It’s going to be very hard for Emery to out-gravitas him, and it’s a huge ask to expect someone that is an average people person to manage the situation delicately.

Horrible news that Arsenal are apparently prioritising Fraser over Carrasco… that’s a hard one to digest. One is a workhorse, one is a delicate player with a very high ceiling. Let’s see how that goes.

As the dust settles, you start to see which rumours have substance, or they’re just there to whip up interest. Praet looks like noise for the sake of noise. AC Milan are now interested in the player, with his agent insisting there is interest from abroad.

I also keep hearing ill-informed people parroting this £40m transfer budget like that’s set in stone and nothing can impact that number. If Arsenal sell Xhaka for £50m, that budget moves up to £90m. If we sell Mustafi for £1. It’s £90,000,001. Arsenal absolutely has to cut the wage bill this summer, we need to ship out dross, we need to correct the imbalance in our squad. The £40m number is so low because we missed out on CL and the Kroenke’s no doubt want to get some control back over the finances.

However, it has to be noted, we have consistently spent what we’ve earned. Bemoan Stan all you want about being absent, but the reality is the people leading the club are Vinnai and Raul. They are your focal point this summer. Let’s hope the transfer plan is youth focused and we can get European clubs to commit to the players we want to exit.

Big Unai has been out in New York taking risks with his fashion. I was on the fence with his gilet move a few weeks ago, but I can’t give him the benefit of the doube on the choice of belt here. Branded belts is VERY Essex 1997. It was always a classic trip on the 248 to Romford to look at the belt buckles. But in 2019? On $6m a year? A branded buckle? It’s not on. I’m also not one for the colored leathers either… keep it earthy. I can see what he’s trying to do here, and I’ll commend the risk, but I’m not going to endorse this look.

Let’s see where he goes tomorrow…

CAN SOMEONE JUST BUY OSPINA? Is this not the longest transfer saga since we tried to buy Batistuta? What is the fucking issue? Why is £3m such and issue? I reckon we could GoFundMe the deal. Get him out of the damn club people!

Finally, I was VERY sad to read that Myles Palmer is packing up the blogging game.

Myles, you may have let a nutter slate me in your letters section, and that nutter may have egg on his face now after an embarrassing diatribe that proved incorrect, but you are a hero of mine regardless.

Give me a provocative writer over bland on toast prose that leans into ‘balanced’  territory every time. Myles was a demon writer, short and sharp, and he always had a view that would stretch your mind. He never pulled punches and his salacious tidbits on transfers was my gateway drug to mainlining pure transfer stories erry damn day.

He was a pioneer in the blog world, he was always a MUST READ and his work, or lack of daily writing was a huge driver in me setting up this blog. I needed the fix.

I was also lucky enough to meet him by accident at the AGM. What a lovely guy he is. A total pleasure to hang with him for an hour or so.

Myles, you were the original provocateur, you never bent the knee, hopefully, we can replace some of that over here. You are a loss to the blogoshpere, and you should be saluted for your 21 years of service to Arsenal fandom.

Know this sir, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

Right, that’s me done… see you awful bastards in the comments.

P.S. I think Faust, Liebestraume, S541/R211 : No. 3: Nocturne in A-Flat Major is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard? I know you guys love a bit of classic between cunting each other in the comments.


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  1. Siddharth14

    We all agree that renewing Ozil on 350k was a monumental mistake. Why should we keep using that error in judgement to measure Ramsey’s contract offer.

    It’s pretty clear that the club have taken a stand on the wage structure at the club. This is clearly a new club policy going forward.

  2. Pedro

    Sid, we’re just about to up Lacazette and Auba to £200k a week deals… Auba is 29. We’re also doubling the wages of MG.

    Taking a stand?

  3. Freddie Ljungberg


    #1 he’s not our best performer, Laca and Auba is, he’s also injured at least a third of every season and inconsistent the rest of the time. He also wanted more than they are on.

    #2 he was benched in the lead up to the January transfer window where we hoped Juve would stump up 10m to take him early and we didn’t want him to break down before that. When that didn’t happen he started playing again and then oh so predictably broke down, again.

    #3 it was the right decision to move him on, no doubt about that, so no need to lie in this case.

  4. Pedro

    Freddie, he broke down because Emery became addicted to him and didn’t manage his fitness.

    He was our best player… just a shame we only started using him properly in the second season.

    I’m with you on the money, looked steep to me.

  5. Paulinho

    Jamie -You really are dim.

    Earlier today, you mocked a line of logic you used (Juve signed him, ergo he’s mega. Case closed”).. Not only used it but did so used it with full confidence in being proved right (false confidence it turned out)

    You can’t get a bigger self-ownage than that.

  6. Jamie

    I feel like I would have to apologize to Ramsey if I ever met him in the street. I like him, decent player plagued by injuries like so many before him, and more after him no doubt.

    He’s a solid £100-140k a week player. 400k a week though, for a guy who is injured for months every season.. Can’t see it being a good deal for Juve.

  7. Marc


    Got to agree with a lot of what Freddie says.

    I mean how long was Ramsey with Arsenal? How many seasons did he miss huge chunks due to injuries?

    He’s not a bad player and if used properly he’s a good player but he’ll never stay fit long enough to justify being the highest paid player at a club.

    Maybe a slower league will work in his favour – we’ll find out over the next 12 or so months.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg


    To manage Ramseys fitness we would have to put him in a cryo chamber and just unfreeze him once a month an hour before kick off and then put him back in straight after, if he can’t even manage 1 game a week, never mind 2 or 3 then what’s the point of him?

    He was never our best player, best midfielder for that period yes, but that’s not exactly a highly set bar, our midfield is barely upper bottom half standard.

  9. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    I don’t fully understand what you just said, but my ‘he signed for Juve case closed’ remark was me being facetious.

    I made the same remark about Alex Song signing for Barca.

    Ramsey will either perform well over the course of a few seasons for Juve, or he won’t.

    I’m not dim either, friend. Let’s play online chess some time. Or Chinese Chess if you prefer. Or Go.

    List a few things Ramsey does which ranks him in the top tier of midfielders. If it can be done for Xhaka, it can too be done for Ramsey.

  10. Siddharth14

    Pretty much what Freddie just said on Auba and Laca. But I would just like to add that the club no longer want any player to go into the last year of contract. In such a case, the club can perhaps agree on a reasonable release clause with a decent rise in salary. Both the parties are happy.

    Auba is already on 180k a week. So the offer of 200k for an extension, if correct, vindicates the club’ stand.

  11. Paulinho

    Jamie – Lacking self-awareness in spades, whatever.

    That’s why I asked do you like roasting or mocking your own arguments.

    Either you find it cathartic as way of getting over it, or forgot or were unaware you used that exact argument with such pomp months earlier. There was no gloating from me, just a question.

  12. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Lacking in self-awareness? How so? Because I didn’t understand your verbose comment? You’re dipping into ad hominems here, always the start of shaky ground in a discussion.

    You didn’t gloat back when Ramsey signed with Juve? Careful now..

    What makes Ramsey elite? Just two things. He does them all the time, you said so earlier. You keep ducking on the specifics. Be courageous. You can do it.

  13. Paulinho

    Jamie – You’re doing nothing to dispel the dim tag.

    Pretty easy to understand, you mocked your own argument. I can copy and paste it all if you like.

    Yes,I did gloat when Ramsey signed for Juve. Did I come on to today and gloat or did I ask a question? Careful now.

  14. Valentin

    Costa’s sale was already budgeted at a much higher price. So yes they sold him for a lot of money, but for a lot less than what they needed to.

  15. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    We can dispel the ‘dim tag’ with a quick game of speed chess. Right now if you’re as bored as I am watching guff on TV. We can even chat in one of a few other languages while we play if you like. It’s entirely possible we’re both fluent in a language other than English that we both have in common.

    I know I mocked my own comment, that was the point. An attempt at humor in response to something Dissenter said right before. Some jokes land, others don’t.

    What is Ramsey elite at? You know, the kinds of things only 5 other midfielders in world football are consistently better at than he is.

  16. Graham62

    I gather Emery loves video analysis.

    I hope therefore he has made a compilation of Ozil’s mopey moments over the season. You know, the long faces, hands on hips, drooping of shoulders, gesturing to refs, trudging of pitch when substituted moments and my personal favourite, not acknowledging his colleagues when leaving the field of play( when Captain of the frigging team!)

    An embarrassment to himself, his colleagues, his manager, AFC in general, all Arsenal supporters, his family and to all those kids aspiring to be a professional athlete.

    I’m sure Mesut would appreciate analysing a few home truths.

  17. Paulinho

    “I know I mocked my own comment, that was the point.”

    Oh finally. I don’t believe you, but at least you’ve dropped the pretence about not understanding. Took a while, but I knew that trigger would do the trick.

    I’ve no doubt you’re excellent at Chess, btw.

  18. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    You’re free to believe what you want. There was no pretence, I simply didn’t quite get what the point you were making.

    Forget chess then. Go is a better battle of wits. You play?

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Yea prime Vidal was faultless as a player, proper elite Jack. Verratti the same sort who excels at it all. Lots of guys these days are heavy one way or the other, some only good at one thing and bang average at the rest.

    Verratti would be my ultimate pick for a CM for this team of ours. Do like Rabiot a lot though, I’ll say that much.

  20. Paulinho

    Jamie – I don’t play games online and haven’t heard of Go, unfortunately.

    Haven’t played Chess in years but it’s a great game. I was a bit of spoiler and turned every game into battle of attrition (sign of being shit at it?) so I would imagine the speed form would take some getting used to.

  21. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    Well that’s a shame. Would’ve been fun. I don’t play online games either, but I do play in my local pub. Speed play is intense.

    CC –

    That’s the one. When it’s all over, you splash the pieces down into that little tray and start again.

  22. KAY Boss

    So this is Ozil day. The earlier we accept we’re stuck with him for next season the better the frustrations go down. He can decide (including the club) to stay here forever. All I care is we sign players who are committed to the Arsenal course not an individual player’s or BoD member.
    Arsenal is a club we love but need to be realistic about issues and the expectations we want from the club.
    Cheerio!!!!!! 😀😀😀

  23. Gentlebris

    £18m for an exciting kid?
    Imagine if we paid £18m for Guen, running around in the middle, contributing neither to the defence nor the attack.
    Let’s trust Saka, Willock and friends, pls.
    Must we only give young dudes a chance if they come from ligue 2 with an #18m price tag?

    Pedro….man, re:Bamford… forgive and forget.

  24. KAY Boss

    Is Javi Martinez still playing and how old is he now? Long time I saw him on the field. What about Asier Illaramendi?.
    Anyone with a clue where they are?

  25. Danny M.O

    Lads theres no point replying to @paulinho. This guy is Ramsey4ever type fan boy.

    The other day he said Sanchez and Ozil prevented Arsenal from getting the best out of ramsey. The same two players who were hitting mad stats were preventing a sick not from scoring. My arguement was during that season he cost us many games due to his hollywood runs. That season we were getting counter attacked to death because rambo was vacating his position and responsibilities in the middle of the park.

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Pedro, if your going classical then it’s Vivaldi winter for me.
    Love a bit of John wick 3.

    Ozil is going nowhere, since we’re stuck with him, play him in the cups only.
    FA, Europa and kangaroo cup.

    Other than that bench him, he can earn his place back in the league side, I doubt he will though.
    That would involve putting in a shift.

  27. Paulinho

    Sanchez4ever – I didn’t mention anything about Ozil hindering Ramsey. On the contrary, I’ve always maintained they work well together.

  28. Leedsgunner

    To be honest if Chambers has done well enough to earn a Player of the Season award from Fulham I rather keep him as a squad player than sell him so cheap. We have plenty of other players that need to go before Chambers.

  29. MidwestGun

    Pedro – best bit of Classical music… is Ride of the Valkries by Wagner.. You play it in the background while you are dominating your Le Grove arguments.

  30. Champagne Charlie

    Hummels back to Dortmund after 3 years at Bayern, sold for 35 mil, being bought back for 27 mil.

    Bundesliga is weird. The need a proper third team to establish long term.

  31. WengerEagle

    Hummels is past his best Charlie, Dortmund got his best years the first time around. He did well initially for Bayern but he’s struggled this past year, not cut out for the elite level anymore.

    Having said that, he’s still a very good centre half and will be invaluable to them given how young Zagadou, Diallo and Akanji are.

    Between buying Thorgan Hazard, Brandt, Nico Schulz and Hummels, they’re assembling a very strong side. They were right there with Bayern last season and if they can keep Sancho and add another CM/CF, they should be favourites for the title really.

  32. Champagne Charlie


    Agree, he seems to have fallen off a bit the last year but maybe a return to Dortmund will do it for him. As you say, they’re recruiting guys in their pampers left and right so big Mats experience will go miles for them – still 30 years old so will be of use for a further 4 years you’d fancy.

  33. CG

    The G

    “”A top manager should not need long to adapt to the EPL. Wenger, Mourinho, Conte won the EPL in their first full season.”””

    And off course – the best of them all
    Claudio Ranieri at Leicester City

    You see- The cream always rises to the top
    And the algae will always stay at the bottom of the bathtub.

    It’s a simple fact of life.

    Best Odds Arsenal to win the title 66-1
    Slip slip sliding away……

  34. MidwestGun

    The truly great players sign a huge contract then bust their asses to live up to the terms of that contract. They don’t take games off, cunt the manager off in public, and stay up all night playing video games.

    I love the way some ( pierre) is trying to absolve Ozil of any responsibility for his mega contract. It’s not just the managers responsibility to do something with your career. Your getting paid as a top 10 player in the world.. act like it.

    Many super elite athletes even take paycuts or don’t ask for everything they can get for the betterment of the team. Because they Know the team will be better if they can sign other elite athletes around them.

    Sadly Ozil seems to give 2 fucks about living up to his end of the contract..or what’s best for the Club. And therefore must go. Doesn’t matter how many new players you sign … young or otherwise if you have a toxic environment. I really can’t see Ozil or Emery winning this one.. And I’d imagine neither one will be here in 2 seasons.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I like jazz

    But preferred music of choice whilst relaxing is good old lovers rock …

    So relaxing n feel good.

  36. Leedsgunner

    Torreira for Kessie a good deal?

    It sounds their incoming manager has it really really bad for Lucas… if they were willing to throw in Kessie and Riccardo Rodriguez (their left back) into the deal I think it’s definitely worth a thought.

    We should see if they would be interested in Mustafi and Özil for a decent amount… after the mess he left our club in… Gazidas owes us BIG time.

  37. MidwestGun


    I like all kinds of music.. depends on my mood.. or what I’m doing.. That’s the great thing about music.. is it has no boundaries and so many different ways to make you feel a certain way.. If I’m just relaxing.. Jazz from the 50’s can be relaxing… Etta James.. etc,

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    A wide genre of music is good….

    My dad loves old style country… some of i5 is good, the new style having a bit of resurgence which is good.

  39. MidwestGun

    If I’m just riding around in the truck……Country is usually on.. But if I’m at home… classic rock and Blues.. usually what I’m listening too..

    Beach music… Reggae.

    Dinner music though … Jazz or Big Band era doesn’t upset me.
    Like a bit of Billi Holiday as well.

  40. englandsbest

    I like Ramsay, when he plays he gives everything. I’ll miss him, but to blame Emery for his departure is crazy. Gross incompetence on the part of Wenger/Gazidis to allow him to get to the last year of his contract without extending it or selling him.

    Not selling Alexis to Pep for £60m was another piece of stupidity on their part. That last year Sanchez played like a sulking schoolboy, and we got Mikki in a swap, a player (like Ozil) who does not fit.

    Speaking of Ozil, I said two years ago Arsenal should give him away. The club would be £34m better off. It’s true he has the whip hand but I am very hopeful that some Club will take him this summer. Whatever else you might say about him, his pride won’t allow him to be permanently on the bench.

    It’s essential that Ozil goes, not just for the money saved, but because of the depressing effect he has on team spirit and morale.

  41. MidwestGun

    I like some of the links we have with young players in positions of need.. but we need to couple that with moving some payroll eating underperformers out as well..

    Really just sitting around playing waiting game at this point.. I’d imagine the Club really is waiting for Adidas rollout to announce some things first week of July.

  42. englandsbest


    For me Billie Holliday is the best ever. Even at the end when her voice was fragile and fading she was magical. It’s not just jazz nuts like me who adore her, so it’s no surprise that a country man like yourself digs her.

  43. MidwestGun

    Yep.. can’t disagree with any of that… I like music that doesn’t seem contrived.. and a little bit of blues or jazz influence never hurts

  44. Champagne Charlie


    No mate, been balls deep in the US Open golf. Pinky out, Victoria sponge within arms reach, proper sophist.

  45. Pierre

    “Many super elite athletes even take paycuts or don’t ask for everything they can get for the betterment of the team. Because they Know the team will be better if they can sign other elite athletes around them.”

    Yeah , it happens all the time , elite athletes volunteering to take pay cuts so that the club can buy other elite athletes who will earn double what they will earn…

  46. Pierre

    “It’s essential that Ozil goes, not just for the money saved, but because of the depressing effect he has on team spirit and morale”

    That’s right , so many quotes from players stating how Ozil is having an adverse effect on team morale.

  47. Champagne Charlie


    No fluke mate, big cat is back. Number 5 in the world now up from 700 odd just a couple of years back, played shit this week mind.

  48. Danny M.O


    As a colombian i can say that falcao is done at the top level. He is holding back players like Duvan out of sheer favouritism. The man plays like present day H Kane. Always on thr floor and calling for fouls.

    I never thought that colombian players would be more cultured than argentinas. Our back 5 were pinging balls left right and centre. Argentinas back 5 couldnt find their mark, constantly misplacing passes.

    Wilmar Barrios the star of the show, marking messi out of the game and springing our attack in to action. How he is stuck at zenit beggers belief. James.

    That new winger banging in a belter. Duvan, what a beast. Destroyed otamendi to put the game out of reach.

    Carlos Quiroz what a guy. Living the dream, managing colombia and banging all the mamis out there. Overall a good night.

  49. MidwestGun

    Yeah , it happens all the time , elite athletes volunteering to take pay cuts so that the club can buy other elite athletes who will earn double what they will earn…
    Huh? what are you talking about double what they earn? Ozil could take a 100 k paycut a week and still nobody could come in and make double what he earns..

    But in regards to elite athletes yep they do.. Tom Brady, Shaq, Michael Jordan, Le Bron.. Wayne Gretsky,….. Dirk Nowitski to name a few who did it I assume they are elite enough for you. They even have a term for it.. in some cases it’s called a hometown discount… I assume you have heard of that.

    Ronaldo just took a pay cut to go to Juventus last season. Because he knows he can’t bleed them dry if they want to be competitive..

    But your right Ozil would never consider it.. he will watch the Emirates burn down around him and get his full amount. And /or refuse to take a pay cut to leave and go elsewhere. He should be embarrassed by what he makes in regards to output.. but I doubt he is. So no I don’t honestly expect that’s an option.. We are stuck with him. Should make you happy Pierre.. another season we can watch him and listen to your tactical analysis on why he sucks and it’s not his fault.

  50. MidwestGun


    “Ozil had just put in yet another lackluster performance In a big game for the Gunners, showing once again how poorly Ozil seems to fit into new manager Unai Emery’ system and how unable or uninterested the German is in correcting that.”

    “While Ozil might not have the stamina or motivation to play at a high level for a full season anymore, surely he could get up for a single match of such massive implications for Arsenal”

    Yep… Exactly. So if there is death match to be had between Ozil and Emery.. I’m rooting for Emery all day in that one.

  51. China1

    Pedro thanks for the recommendation

    Carnival of the animals – in particular ‘the swan’ and ‘the aquarium’ have to be contenders for the most beautiful pieces of music ever. Listen and feel your heart rate slow…

    Also toselli – serenade opus 6 is another. I’ve no shame in admitting I discovered that as it’s played as ambient music in my local imax cinema bathroom. I had to fucking stand there and shazam it by the urinals

    You gotta do what you gotta do

  52. China1

    I finished the season calling for emery to be sacked but in a coin toss between him and ozil give me emery alllll day

  53. China1

    Lol Pierre what a joyous world you must live in where ozil publicly ridiculing the coach in cup finals whilst stinking the whole house down with his shit performances whilst also earning double what better players in the team are making

    Yeah who knows maybe it’s having a good effect on morale

    You are willingly ignorant and it’s embarrassing

    Why is it so hard to just say you like ozil’s vision and passing technique but admit he’s a toxic waster like 95% of arsenal fans now realize

  54. China1

    I used to teach in schools out here years back and I’ve seen countless ‘ozils’ in my time

    The naturally gifted kid in the class who knows 90% of the work without making any effort and they think because of this they’re above trying or doing anything

    Those kids can do ok so long as they don’t let their confidence/laziness impact the kids around them, but the moment they start trying to show up the teacher with smart ass comments they’re absolutely toxic to the class and need to be dealt with

    You don’t let the kids run the class

  55. China1

    Man ozil would get absolutely savaged in the Chinese education system. Kinda wish he grew up here instead

  56. asad

    agree that ozil is likely to outlast emery. it’ll be another bad decision on the part of whomever is running the club & it’ll make a tough job even tougher for the two of them & the rest of the team next season.
    it’s sad too because emery is a good coach and, unlike ozil, actually seems to care about taking on the challenge of doing well at arsenal.
    since the coaching staff positions now seem to be short-term, and the people above that are pretty much unknown & uninteresting, it would be nice to have some playing staff who care about the club for the long term. here’s hoping whomever is running the transfers can get a few in this summer.

  57. Graham62



    Ozil + Wenger = a detriment to AFC.

    Quite amusing to see who the one true defender of both is.

  58. CG

    3 +7 = 10

    (3 League titles + 7 F A Cups =10)

    20 years -Wenger stayed ( mas o menus)

    On average-Working out – A major trophy every 2 years..

    Scintillating football- and not a Lizard in sight.

    Let’s see how we get with the Clowns – (Raul/Vinai and Emery- their show now )

    0+0 = 0 (don’t think this tally will be changing for a while)

    Tick Tock

    As for Ozil – unlike Torreira The Myth.
    At least he ain’t Homesick.
    And balling his eyes on the pitch like a little baby( oh hang on!)

    The Uruguayan seemingly throwing in the towel after season 1.

    Too tough
    Too cold
    Too dark
    Too fast
    Too boring for Torreira.

    Get Shot..

    The L’orient chap- looks an exciting player mind.

    Maybe we have the French version of Raheem Stirling….

  59. Ishola70

    Carrasco links are being refuted in the press now. Not happening.

    Press are there to tell us transfers could/will happen so when you see refuting/not happening curtains.

    Not too displeased really. Would much prefer Ziyech although that looks unlikely as well.

  60. Pierre

    China on Ozil.
    “The naturally gifted kid in the class who knows 90% of the work without making any effort and they think because of this they’re above trying or doing anything”

    I recognise that you are normally a quite reasonable and intelligent person but all intelligence and rationality goes completely out of the window in your appraisal of Mesut Ozil.

    Do you seriously think that all of Ozil’s many successes and highlights in his career have been handed to him on a plate .

    To say he hasn’t made the effort is a pretty dumb thing to say …you do not get to the top of your profession without putting in the required effort.

    The notion on here is that Emery is putting in the effort and Ozil isn’t.

    They think that because Emery is jumping up and down on the touch line like an imbecile making stupid faces and pointing to where he wants the bal! played to(pointless) , it means he cares more…..it’s all for show , there is nothing to gain from the stupid antics on the touch line…..does he really think that when a player is on the ball that he will take notice of some idiot pointing to where he wants the ball played………it reminds me of parents standing on the touch line telling their 8 year old kids what to do on a football pitch

  61. Dream10


    Media are saying the price for Carrasco is too steep. Him and Ziyech are about the same money, except that the Belgian is.on 200k in China. If he goes to Bayern, he’ll be on at least 120k. Maybe that’s the issue?

  62. CG

    Well observed Pierre

    I know nuanced analysis is difficult for some on here…. but I have to say – some are getting better,slowly at it

    But Note the reactions from the MSM and on here with regards to Torreira and Ozil after the Baku Battering.

    Torreira Tears= He cares a lot
    Ozils Ranting = He cares a little.

    After all- if Ozil doesn’t care and only wants the cash- why is he ranting at the coach in full public view- possibly jeopardising his lucrative contract?

    Ozil- is far from perfect . And needs to Up his Game….especially away from home.
    But if its Emery or Ozil?

    I am with Ozil – all the time

    Good news- Ozil ain’t going nowhere soon.
    Not so sure about the Chameleon….

    I’ll judge Ozil – when we hire in a Proper Coach.

  63. Jamie

    “They think that because Emery is jumping up and down on the touch line like an imbecile making stupid faces and pointing to where he wants the bal! played to(pointless) , it means he cares more…..it’s all for show , there is nothing to gain from the stupid antics on the touch line…..does he really think that when a player is on the ball that he will take notice of some idiot pointing to where he wants the ball played………it reminds me of parents standing on the touch line telling their 8 year old kids what to do on a football pitch”

    Pep and Klopp never direct play during a match by pointing and shouting at their players from the touchline. Ever.

    Behaviour exclusive to Emery and parents at their kids’ games. Top analysis. Excellent observations. Keep going.

  64. Dream10

    After selling Ferland Mendy to Real Madrid, Lyon are negotiating with Lille for Youssouf Koné. That’s two different LBs at two different price points off the market. We need to wake up ffs.

    Regardless of who is manager, our goal over the next couple of years should be to restock the first team with talent.

  65. CG

    Young Jamie

    Wash your mouth out.

    Dont mention in the same bracket -Pep,Klopp and our idiot.

    You demean yourself and once again show your complete footballing ignorance.

    And we had it in torrents yesterday with it regards to Rambo.

    Those 2 are Legends of the game.
    Our one harps on about Lizards

    Pep Klopp and Emery- Behave yourself!

  66. Jamie

    CG –

    “there is nothing to gain from the stupid antics on the touch line”

    This is a factually incorrect statement. Klopp and Pep have gained major silverware, in part, from their ‘antics’ on the touchline.

    I’m not offended by being labelled ignorant by a clown who thinks Wenger is the answer to our problems going forward. Trust me.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg

    Water is wet, CG is an idiot, what else is new…

    Anyway. Napoli bought Ospina so that’s an extra 3 mil in the bank. Napoli has made a bid for Bennacer of 10m, any fee received for him we get a 30% cut so that’s at least another 3 mil, unless we use our buy back option of course.

    Should be able to get 15-20m for Chambers from a PL side and maybe a mil or 2 for Jenks if Celtic really is interested.

    That’s an extra 22-28m for transfers without affecting the playing squad in the slightest.

    Then there’s Mustafi, Kos, Kola, Xhaka, Elneny Mikhi that can generate some cash, (If we get rid of Ozil for free we save another 18m per season as well)
    no reason for us to plead poverty this window, if we fail to raise funds it’s of our own making.

  68. Emiratesstroller


    Ozil is an immensely “gifted” footballer who made a significant contribution when he played in Germany and Spain and more importantly in the first half of his career with German National Team.

    Unfortunately he has been less successful in his career with us and also with
    the German National Team.

    This highlights not only the deficiencies of both Arsenal and Germany, but also of Ozil himself.

    The reality is that Ozil needs to play in a top class team where his own personal weaknesses are being compensated by other less talented but more robust and hard working players.

    Arsenal has become a very poor team in the last decade. The defence has been
    weak, because it was neglected by Wenger and the midfield equally underinvested as well.

    When you take a look at our Midfield in the latter stages of Wenger’s era we
    had at our disposal some talented but injury prone players like Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshire and Ramsey. Had these players been 100% fit then perhaps
    Ozil’s value in the that department might have been an asset. Sadly none of these players could compensation for his limitations.

  69. TBone

    Ozil is a rotten apple. He infects the whole squad with his laziness, lack of commitment, appalling attendance record, shocking consistency and lack of respect. As far as I’m concerned, he can rot in the reserves or fuck off.

  70. Marc


    We’ve got to be able to pull in £55 million odd for Mustafi, Kos, Kolas and Elneny. Xhaka I have no idea about you’d take £30 million for him but then you get a rumour of a £50 million bid.

    If we can get the £55 million I mentioned with our existing £45 that’s £100 million plus Chambers. If we can do our sales right we should have £150 million to play with. We can make some serious improvements with that sort of money.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    I think we’re going young this summer for the most part and trying to be clever.

    We’re closing in on Claude Maurice, we’re negotiating for Saliba, already got Martinelli, we’re looking at this Reinier, there’s interest in Palacios, interest in Tierney as well.

    If there’s going to be a big signing, and by that I mean anything over £30 Million it will be a CB like Upamecano etc but only if we’ve got everything else we want and we make some good sales.

    Only way I see that changing is if one or more of Xhaka/Torreira/Lacazette/Aubameyang etc are sold for big money.

    If AC Milan genuinely want Torreira, as much as I like him, if we get £45 Million or more I would sell. AC Milan have over shown a bit by the reports coming out that he is the new manager’s top target and he’s desperate for him. Tell them £50 Million, £24 Million profit over 12 months and you can go out and get an established player and a young player with bags of potential.

  72. Graham62

    If it comes down to Emery v Ozil and Ozil wins, Arsenal Football Club would become even more of a laughing stock(if that were possible).

    Then again, those that sat and did nothing over the years wouldn’t care, because they love the club so much.

    That’s right, the club always come first for the likes of Pierre and CG.

    Makes me sick.

  73. Graham62

    Am I the only one on here who is embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with a small element of our fanbase?

  74. TR7

    To be honest Torreira is not as good as I thought he potentially could be. So if we can make a good profit on him, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sell him. I think Docoure can more than replace Torreira.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    Is this even a topic for debating. Do we want a used tampon to beat out our manager (wouldn’t matter who that manager is)?

  76. Marc


    You’ve got to remember our management structure has changed. It’s not Ozil vs Emery it’s Ozil vs entire management structure of Arsenal. If Emery were to be sacked tomorrow nothing would change with regards to Ozil, Pedro made a comment yesterday about clubs going for young hungry managers – name one of these that doesn’t have a high tempo, high energy philosophy? Now try to name one who allows a player who drifts in and out of games – when he does show up and that’s rarely?

    Ozil is finished when it comes to the top leagues in Europe – I’d be happy to be proven wrong as it would mean some one’s bought him but I can’t see it happening.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I think Docoure can more than replace Torreira’

    I like Docoure.

    Persoanlly I would go straight an activate Partey’s release clause. Not sure he would want no UCL but who knows, he would have the starting CDM/CM role he wants.

    The pair of them would revolutionise our midfield. Especially as Docoure seems to be playing as a ball carrier a bit more now.

  78. Freddie Ljungberg


    So you want to sell our best CM (even if he faded second half of the season) instead of selling Xhaka the traffic controller? Knowing he would most likely do much better his second season after some rest and adapting.

    A Doucoure – Torreira midfield would be miles better than any midfield containing that slow muppet Xhaka

    I would take 30m for Xhaka over 50m for Torreira any day.

  79. Cesc Appeal

    Celtic want Jenkinson on loan. Surely we can do something there to take Tierney off their hands in the same transaction.

    Loan him and pay his wages for the last year of the contract meaning they can sign him up on a free in January if they like him.

    That would count for about near £2 Million in wages. Probably more than we’d get for him a fee. That and £18-20 Million for Tierney?

  80. TR7


    Nah, I am.merely resounding to rumors surrounding Torreira. I agree Torreria can still come good in his 2nd season. Needless to say Xhaka is the guy to be offloaded.

  81. Alexanderhenry


    Your extreme anti Emery stance and belligerence to those who stick up for him is becoming tiresome and a little weird.

    I’m not sure what your agenda is here.

    It’s never easy to take over a team that’s been managed by the same man for 20 years–man utd is a case in point.

    Emery got 5th place and made a European final in his first season in thePL.
    All the teams that finished above us and man utd who finished below us had better squads.

    The jury is still out but I give Emery 7 out of 10- good enough for a second season anyway.

  82. Pierre

    It was very easy to predict last August that Ozil would take the place of Wenger in being the whipping boy, and sorry to say, I was proved correct ….the Ozil obsession from the wenger obsessives is frankly embarrassing.

  83. Alexanderhenry


    True. The pro Özil anti Emery stance is absurd and pretty embarrassing.

    I think the club is firmly on the manager’s side though.
    I’ve no doubt they are trying to get rid of Özil. Ideally, they want something for him but they might have to give him away.

  84. Graham62


    I’m afraid CG is programmed to respond in only one way.

    The agenda is simple.

    To annoy and antagonize as much as possible.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Why not strip ozil of his place in the 25 squad,

    He will cave in by January

    Time for hard ball arsenal

  86. CG


    “””It’s not Ozil vs Emery it’s Ozil vs entire management structure of Arsenal. If Emery were to be sacked tomorrow nothing would change with regards to Ozil,

    Mr. Mitty – living in his own world – as per usual.

    Off course it changes.
    It always changes- when a new manager comes in-at any club.
    (Do you actually follow soccer….)

    Morale will be lifted.
    Players will hopefully- have a new manager that they respect.
    The clouds lifted..

    It will be interesting to see who Edu backs in the Ozil v Emery War.

    If its Emery- we know Edu would clearly have been bought off by Raul..( 5 year contracts scare the living daylights out of me- think Bould)

    If its Ozil- we know- and PedRo has highlighted Edus personal qualities)….we have a Good Un.

    We will see from the outset- if Edu is another Raul patsy.

    If he sacks Emery within 12 weeks.
    And gets a Vieria or an Arteta in tow-we know we will an independently minded and respected figure in his post and not another Raul Straw Man….

    And we will all be watching on Le Grove….

  87. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Post at 12-40

    Makes perfect sense to any reasonable person…

    Full6 agree.

    Watching cricket India v Pakistan…

  88. terraloon

    I would take 30m for Xhaka over 50m for Torreira any day.

    I would take reports of AC Milan spending big too seriously.

    AC Milan no doubt want Torreira but they are deep in the doo doo regarding FFP. They probably would be happy to do a deal worth say €40 million but that probably would only come about if a player went the other way.

    Torreira is coming out with nothing other than negativity regarding London everything is disliked by him from the weather to the language. But as much of a concern is the report that is his girlfriend is desperate to return to Italy.

    An unhappy home life coupled with a pallet feeling isolated is a recipe for disaster. Some have put his noticeable dip in form down to fatigue bu5 it’s just as posits down to him being unsettled.

    If he goes back to Italy I would not at all be surprised if it’s on loan which will be far from satisfactory but keeping him if he genuinely wants out would be a disaster.

  89. Marc


    The stupid thing is for most posters on here the general view of Ozil is ship him out – he’s not performing and on more money than we can afford and that’s as far as it goes – until that is you start with this ridiculous defence of him.

    I bet you a cold beer on a sunny day that if you stop making stupid arguments as to why he’s so good you won’t hear much about him beyond get rid of.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Hardball only way.

    Offer him 5 m payoff
    Get a club to buy him for ten he can negioate new deal

  91. Emiratesstroller

    Alex Henry

    The so-called viewpoint that Ozil will outlast Emery with implication that his views are currently more important than those of Head Coach is complete moonshine.

    Emery’s job is not currently at risk despite what some ill-informed posters on here seem to think.

    Ozil’s saving grace at the moment is that no-one appears to want to buy him or
    pay his current wages. The problem for Arsenal is how to extract themselves
    from a contract with minimum loss.

  92. MidwestGun

    .the Ozil obsession from the wenger obsessives is frankly embarrassing.
    Huh? Again wtf.. are you talking about.. Pedro asked the question at the top of the post.. who would win in a death match.. between Emery and Ozil. I know you don’t read the posts apparently but people were talking about Ozil because that was the topic of the day because just about every paper.. media person or organization in the world recognizes Ozil is a problem for Arsenal so I guess 99% of the world are Wenger Obsessives in your mind.. Although why people like E-stroller who pretty much just explained it to you perfectly even bother to do it with you is beyond me.

  93. Marc


    I agree about not being happy being an issue – the club need to work harder to help him integrate.

    I’m also a little sceptical about how much of an issue is it. By that I mean is this one interview that’s being constantly repeated – not as if the press would ever fan barely existent flames to shit stir.

  94. CG

    Em St

    Jose Mourinho finished 2nd in the league and runners up in the FA cup last season

    Every man and his Dog – knew he was still going to get sacked the following season
    The Air had gone out of the Balloon..

    Every man and his Dog – knows Emery will go the same way.

    Gone mid Nov
    After international break
    Loosers Group fixtures time..

    Edu to announce Fred at the press conference….big Per juxtaposed….

    Raul the shark and Vinai- nowhere to be seen..
    Hiding upstairs- unable to Face The Music.

    If Emery is still in charge 2020
    I ll retire from Le Grove

    You have my Word


  95. TR7

    Duncan Wright [Exclusive]: #AFC are now out of the running for Carrasco who is expected to join another top European club. The 30m asking price proved to be excessive considering the budget.

  96. Chris

    Ozil is finished at the top level and we are stuck with him.

    There was little to no interest when he was approaching the end of his deal which speaks volumes.

    And then Arsenal gave him his mammoth deal with no other interest. Incredibly poor judgement.

    Laughable that some people (person) still big Ozil up.

  97. Graham62



    Thought it wouldn’t be too long before you came out with the same old crap.

    You do realise the only joker obsessing about anything is you.

    Actually, as you are in the minority(story of your life) I think what is really embarrassing is that you continue to support individuals who are doing their utmost to fudge up our club.

    Give yourself a pat on the back my friend.

    Well done.

  98. Graham62

    Remember folks, Pierre is a golfer.

    Birds, badgers, rabbits and the occasional reindeer, are his only real friends.

    Hence, no human contact.

  99. MidwestGun

    If Emery is still in charge 2020
    I ll retire from Le Grove
    You have my Word
    oh wow… classic.

    Anyhow… Happy Father’s Day to y’all. Hope y’ all get to spend some time with yours of if your a father with your kids.

    My Dad wasn’t an Arsenal fan but he supported them because I did… he isn’t around anymore but I miss him.. and if he has any influence over events from the great beyond… we could use a little of that this season.

  100. Bob N16

    Graham, you are obsessive in your own sweet way.

    Again I wonder why you poke the resident wind-up merchants knowing you’ll get the same old,tired jaundiced reaction.. If people stopped directly and indirectly poking them, they would get bored of being ignored. If you don’t like what their response is going to be, knowing their fixed viewpoint, why effectively seek it?

    Loved your ‘my perceptions are my perceptions’ though, very Zen!

  101. Guns of Brixton

    I hope Allegri sticks to his sabbatical plans.

    Once this year is up, part ways with Emery and then get Allegri instead.

  102. Gbat

    Getting rid of Ozil will be our best bit of business this summer. He’s the most overrated player in football.

  103. Alexanderhenry


    ‘If Emery is still in charge 2020…’

    I think he will be in charge in 2020 but you’re missing the point.

    Arsenal fc is not Chelsea fc.
    The current ownership does not have a win at any cost philosophy and the fan base is hardly the most militant in English football.

    I think the club will stick with Emery unless he has a truly bad season–worse than last year.
    In fact, I think it’s more likely that Emery will quit than get fired.

  104. Ishola70

    It’s very unlikely that we see this fire sale of players that many wish for.

    To do this the powers that be at the club would be signifying that there are serious problems with the squad and you know they just won’t be admitting to that.

    Club will sit on players in the summer to disappoint many.

    Of course if what they see as good offers come in for these players they will sell without hesitation but there will be no real will from them to cull the squad which many wish to see.

    Most probably we will see a couple of mature first team signings and a few youngsters coming in. Nothing drastic.

    And they will look to the great coach Emery to squeeze as much as he can out of this squad yet again.

  105. Ishola70

    It’s fucking poverty really isn’t it.

    Spurs are being linked to better standard players than Arsenal so far this summer.

  106. Valentin

    I suspect Allegri alledged sabbatical is just him positioning for any big club managerial job being available at the beginning of 2020-2021.
    That could be Arsenal, ManUtd, Chelsea, Bayern.
    The question that club will have is will he fit into the philosophy/brand of football we are trying to move to.
    Juventus had decided that his brand of functional was not what they wanted. They had already started to move away with the recruitment of Ronaldo. ManUtd may also have doubt as they seems to go for young, hungry, athletic players. Chelsea if Fat Franck fails may be his best bet. Most of their fan don’t care about style of football. Abramovitch is now more interested in getting his money back as he can’t even attend most of the games anymore.

  107. Gentlebris

    ‘Pep and Klopp never direct play during a match by pointing and shouting at their players from the touchline. Ever. Behaviour exclusive to Emery and parents at their kids’ games. Top analysis. Excellent observations. Keep going.’

    Pierre’s point absolutely roasted.

  108. Cesc Appeal

    Ospina is gone then.

    Rumours Arsenal have spoken to Kimpembe as PSG pursue De Ligt.

    Emery gave Kimpembe his big chance so rumour is he would be quite keen to work with him again.

    PSG would doubtless expect a lot of money. I guess the issue will be whether we can stagger the payment or not.

    Not sure on Kimpembe, good physical CB, athletically great, but inconsistent and occasionally rash.

    Saliba, Kimpembe, Holding, Mavropanos is a good batch of young CBs though.

    I do not want us to miss out on Saliba.

  109. Marc


    You do realise that links are worth fuck all? I know there’s nothing to do during the close season but you’ve got to learn to ignore transfer gossip 99.9% is pure click bait.

  110. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Spurs are being linked to better standard players than Arsenal so far this summer’

    Of course they are.

    They are in the UCL.

    They made it to the UCL final.

    They’ve got the UCL money and pull and the’ve high value players that other clubs actually want and will likely sell such as Eriksen.

    Just common sense. Nothing to do with ambition but rather functional reality.

    No UCL for us, wage bill overblown, least valuable squad in the top 6 with the poorest wages to value ratio.

    Not hard.

  111. Cesc Appeal


    At £3 Million as well.

    Napoli clearly know how to play the market. Laughable that Liverpool paid £60 Million for Allison. Twats.

  112. Ishola70

    Yeah Kimpembe is not really the answer.

    As you say rash and indisciplined too many times.

    As for youngsters club will be looking at lower price scale youngsters akin to Guendouzi last summer.

  113. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t think we will be looking that low.

    More like the £10-25 Million youngsters I think. Then any players with 1 year left on their deal/release clauses etc.

    I’m totally guessing but I would imagine the issue with Carrasco is that the Chinese club wants the £30 Million up front and we want to give them it over 2 years or something.