Ozil vs Emery Death Match: Who wins?

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I love the papers.





… and so goes the cycle.

Rapha Honigstein, an impeccably sourced writer, says Ozil is digging in and hinted his team think he’ll outlast the manager. Absolutely no doubt he’ll do that and I’ve said for months that calculation is almost 100% correct.

This poses a huge problem for Arsenal. Preseason now comes loaded with a cancerous tumour. When your biggest player is on lip-reading record in a Europa League final saying the coach is ‘not a coach,’ you cannot have him there at preseason. His attitude will impact preparations, the whispering campaign will start early and his mere presence will burden Arsenal every time we lose and the factor cited is creativity.

Not just that, as you all know, when there is someone at your work that’s getting paid a boatload of money and they aren’t delivering, it has adverse effects on the culture. It can make you resentful, it can make some players take their foot off the gas, it can create fissures in the dressing room (I don’t work in a dressing room, but you get it).

It’s a dreadful situation to be in… and could be made even worse if the players he lambasted in his yearly reviews aren’t shifted on easily. Emery needs to have a settled squad by July, if he doesn’t, our start this season could be problematic.

Hopefully, we can counter a lot of the nonsense by hiring in so many new players, the miserable voices will pipe down… however, in football, status is a big thing. Mesut Ozil is a megastar in the eyes of most players, even at elite clubs. He’s also our most talented player. It’s going to be very hard for Emery to out-gravitas him, and it’s a huge ask to expect someone that is an average people person to manage the situation delicately.

Horrible news that Arsenal are apparently prioritising Fraser over Carrasco… that’s a hard one to digest. One is a workhorse, one is a delicate player with a very high ceiling. Let’s see how that goes.

As the dust settles, you start to see which rumours have substance, or they’re just there to whip up interest. Praet looks like noise for the sake of noise. AC Milan are now interested in the player, with his agent insisting there is interest from abroad.

I also keep hearing ill-informed people parroting this £40m transfer budget like that’s set in stone and nothing can impact that number. If Arsenal sell Xhaka for £50m, that budget moves up to £90m. If we sell Mustafi for £1. It’s £90,000,001. Arsenal absolutely has to cut the wage bill this summer, we need to ship out dross, we need to correct the imbalance in our squad. The £40m number is so low because we missed out on CL and the Kroenke’s no doubt want to get some control back over the finances.

However, it has to be noted, we have consistently spent what we’ve earned. Bemoan Stan all you want about being absent, but the reality is the people leading the club are Vinnai and Raul. They are your focal point this summer. Let’s hope the transfer plan is youth focused and we can get European clubs to commit to the players we want to exit.

Big Unai has been out in New York taking risks with his fashion. I was on the fence with his gilet move a few weeks ago, but I can’t give him the benefit of the doube on the choice of belt here. Branded belts is VERY Essex 1997. It was always a classic trip on the 248 to Romford to look at the belt buckles. But in 2019? On $6m a year? A branded buckle? It’s not on. I’m also not one for the colored leathers either… keep it earthy. I can see what he’s trying to do here, and I’ll commend the risk, but I’m not going to endorse this look.

Let’s see where he goes tomorrow…

CAN SOMEONE JUST BUY OSPINA? Is this not the longest transfer saga since we tried to buy Batistuta? What is the fucking issue? Why is £3m such and issue? I reckon we could GoFundMe the deal. Get him out of the damn club people!

Finally, I was VERY sad to read that Myles Palmer is packing up the blogging game.

Myles, you may have let a nutter slate me in your letters section, and that nutter may have egg on his face now after an embarrassing diatribe that proved incorrect, but you are a hero of mine regardless.

Give me a provocative writer over bland on toast prose that leans into ‘balanced’  territory every time. Myles was a demon writer, short and sharp, and he always had a view that would stretch your mind. He never pulled punches and his salacious tidbits on transfers was my gateway drug to mainlining pure transfer stories erry damn day.

He was a pioneer in the blog world, he was always a MUST READ and his work, or lack of daily writing was a huge driver in me setting up this blog. I needed the fix.

I was also lucky enough to meet him by accident at the AGM. What a lovely guy he is. A total pleasure to hang with him for an hour or so.

Myles, you were the original provocateur, you never bent the knee, hopefully, we can replace some of that over here. You are a loss to the blogoshpere, and you should be saluted for your 21 years of service to Arsenal fandom.

Know this sir, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

Right, that’s me done… see you awful bastards in the comments.

P.S. I think Faust, Liebestraume, S541/R211 : No. 3: Nocturne in A-Flat Major is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard? I know you guys love a bit of classic between cunting each other in the comments.


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  1. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Well well, fashion criticism on top of the usual spicy football views. Got to admit Unai disappoints on the thread statement side, to be expected given his Matt Magnolia personality and footballing smarts.

    Ivan and Arsene are still strangling our prospects due to legacy Mesut “too tired to fuck” Ozil .

    No idea on what the months ahead offer, NewsNow is proving particularly predictable at the moment.

    I thought Ospina had been disposed of, guess someone forgot to put the bins out.

    Can’t quite see Faust rocking the Emirates any time soon. For me in full on Lance the scaffolder mode it is hard to best a bit of the old Pavarotti banging out Vesti la Giubba


    Who would have thought culture on top of fashion criticism, whatever next?

  2. chris

    Perhaps Gazidis and Wenger should be brought back just long enough to sort out this mess which is NOT of Emery’s making !!

  3. siddharth14

    If possible, i would be really glad to have both Carrasco and Fraser. If it’s a choice between them then i’d rather have Fraser. For far too long we have focused on technical players and systematically ignored work horses. Especially on the wings.

    Think about James Milner. That guy on his own looks just a decent grafter but look at him from the team point of view and you will start to appreciate what he brings to the team. Since Romford Pele, i don’t think Arsenal have had a player of such mould.

    It would be really nice to have a couple of grafters in the team.

  4. Ishola70

    No idea why we would want another “delicate” player when the team already has Ozil and Mhiki. Talk about overkill.

    Still think the Carrasco links have been bullshit from the get go.

  5. englandsbest

    Sorry, Pedro there is no substance to any of the rumours, not about Ozil, not about anything. It’s about sportswriters having pages to fill, it’s about us dealing with the tedium of the summer break. Long may this continue, otherwise we die of boredom.

    But there is substance in the rumour of Arsenal’s near-death state. The Club is on a knife-edge. Get the vital 8issues wrong this summer, and the downward spiral will accelerate to a place we’d rather not be, the end of Arsenal as an elite club for the foreseeable future.

    The necessary medicine will be nasty, and without the sweetener, of lotsa dough to send. I shan’t repeat what I believe that should be, I have outlined the treatment often enough before. Half-measures will not work.

    Whether Emery/Raul have the power or the will remains to be seen.

  6. Marc

    Actually the Ozil issue is pretty straightforward to deal with. It’s not a perfect solution – there isn’t a perfect solution at the current time.

    Sanllehi has to step in and remove Ozil from the playing squad. Take the number 10 shirt and give it to another player, tell Ozil to report for pre season with the U21’s / U18’s and get him the hell away from all first team squad matters. He must not appear in any promotions pictures or adverts etc he needs to become in all effect invisible at Arsenal.

    You then push him to meet his contractual commitments as close to 100% as possible – late for training fine him, bad mouths the club or manager / other players fine him and keep squeezing.

    This has to be over and above the coach whether that be Emery or a new guy come Christmas.

    We can’t just pay Ozil off we don’t have the money and we’d need to be careful of showing a paper loss – FFP is judged on losses not cash reserves – we stuck in a position of dealing with a problem where we have limited actions we can take. We need to use the ones we have available.

  7. Marc


    You are aware that we’ve just signed a 5 year shirt deal that is one of the biggest the PL has ever seen?

    Arsenal have issues to deal with but this talk of the end of Arsenal is bollocks. Our revenue streams are stable if not increasing, of course the lack of CL revenue for another season is a problem but not one we can’t deal with.

    It’s funny how Arsenal are on the brink of extinction but other clubs who we will chasing 3rd and 4th for next season are all hunky dory. I mean no issues at Chelsea, ManU or the Spud’s.

  8. Marc


    I’m not sure we can afford to just sack Ozil – it would write his remaining value off of the books and push us into a larger loss situation.

  9. Words on a Blog

    In the Ozil v. Emery death match, Arsenal (to use Dennis Healey’s immortal phrase) is “being savaged by a dead sheep”.

    Ozil is a savage dead sheep, and his weapon is a contract given to him by nome other than the departing Wenger and Gazidis.

  10. englandsbest


    The issue is not simply about money. If it were, with our huge revenue, we would be riding high. Nor is it simply about the manager. It’s about the Club being badly-run.

    The question is: how does a Club with the reputation of being the best-run become the worst-run?

    It’s like a doctor with a sick patient: he cannot deal with the problem unless he makes an accurate diagnosis. A painkiller helps but does not eliminate the cause.

  11. Marc


    The only thing we can do is shove the contract down his throat as I said above relegate him down to the kids and look for every opportunity to fine him etc.

    Maybe after a year of that he’ll look for another club.

  12. Leedsgunner


    Sad that we are in this predicament. Ten years in a modern stadium, years and of continuous Champion’s League qualification (under Wenger) and what do have to show for it?

    Absolutely nothing. Where has all the money gone? Flushed down the toilet in a stream of mediocre and self serving management by Wenger and Gazidas… to think they fancied themselves as self-aware, fiscally prudent maestros…

    What a bunch of codswallop.

  13. Marc


    Well nearly all of the current problems stem from Gazidis tenure at the club – he’s gone and new people have been put in charge.

    The question comes down to are you a glass half empty, glass half full or like many on here the glass is broken and we’re all going to die person?

    It’s not going to happen over night and the fact is constantly bitching about the fact that every problem hasn’t been fixed in 30 seconds is neither productive or good for your health.

    We’re actually lucky that the other clubs around us also have some major issues to deal with other wise things could be a darn sight more problematic.

  14. Dream10

    Plenty of wages have come off the books this summer. The club has enough overhead room to add players with Özil still on the books.

    It’s a convenient excuse to focus on him and not add to the squad. Address the other key issues in the squad. Move on everybody else with a moveable contract.

    Get Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Torreira, Xhaka, Lacazette, Mustafi, Chambers, Koscielny, Elneny off the books. You already have Welbeck, Cech, Ramsey and Lichtsteiner gone for free. That’s approaching 1m pound week in wages. You do that, then you pay off Özil next summer.

    The club needs to stop using the excuse of Özil’s hefty contract for not making moves.

    Let’s go over it again

    Mustafi, Xhaka, Torreira, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette are first XI players who should not be part a future 85-90 point team in three years. Can get big money for Torreira and Lacazette this summer.

    Elneny, Chambers and Koscielny are squad players who would be moved on.

    Welbeck, Ramsey, Cech and Lichtsteiner are going for free. Each of them on at least 90k per week.

    Raul and Edu need to begin the clear out.

  15. Dr Emil schauffhausen

    I would bet good money that not only that Ozil will be here next season but Xhaka and Mustafi will remain at the club too , seems there’s no answer to the Ozil saga accept freeze him out and let what’s left of his reputation gradually disappear , it might make him think about moving but I very much doubt it .

  16. Marc


    Don’t you think before getting rid of some of our better players – Torreira and Laca we’d be better off focusing on the serious amount of dross we have?

    As it takes new over seas players a season to settle it’s not really a great idea to attempt to bring in 8 or 9 first teamers in one hit

  17. KAY Boss

    So surprising people haven’t noticed what the papers put out when a transfer is ‘virtually done’.
    I expected a report to come and debunk the Carrasco deal anytime soon and here it is. This has been their norm and it ain’t changing.
    When a deal is about to done we always here other parties interested.
    Honestly I’ll prefer Carrasco over Fraser. Fraser seems to be a season wonder just like some were all over us signing Christian Michu when he had that break out season with Swansea. Anyone remembers?
    Hope to see players signed to improve the team.

  18. Nelson

    I have a bad feeling that KSE will not allow anyone to rock the boat. No matter how much the fans scream or yell or daydream, not much will happen in this TW. My only hope is that some youngsters grow sufficiently enough to give us some excitements next season. The sad things is that we maybe sitting here watching SPUDs spending big in this TW.

  19. Marc

    Sorry Kay but I’m not sure what your point is.

    Are you saying the Carrasco deal is almost done and will go through or that it was all bollocks in the first place?

  20. Dissenter

    It seems Ramsey has made one of fhe biggest miscalculations of all time with this Juventus move.
    He’ll be earning big money for sure but he will be playing for a manager who can’t fit him into his rigid system.
    I reckon he’ll be back in England by next summer, possibly to United when Juve cut their losses.There’s no point being frozen out of a foreign club when there are domestic clubs lining up to sign you.

  21. Dissenter

    We are going to build our relationships with these Chinese clubs because we will need them next summer to move Aubameyang out in 2020.

  22. siddharth14


    Arsenal never had a reputation of being the best run club. You need to come out of that dream. Self sustainability, values, Arsenal way etc. it was just bullshit propagated by Wenger, Gazidis with the support of the club owners like Kroenke and custodians like Fiszman.

    Arsenal need someone like Karl Heinze Rumminege at the helm with a free hand to knock some life into Arsenal club. We need a figure whom the players are scared of and respect at the same time. At our club, it’s always like everyone’s enjoying a picnic.

    Do not get your hopes up for the summer even though the Management might realize that concrete action is needed. Because we lack the required resolve and determination to make this happen. We all know that we are going to get a halfhearted effort at best……

  23. Marc


    I don’t have a problem with people calling out problems or things they think should be changed but is it me or are 50% on the commenters on here one bad transfer rumour away from throwing themselves off a bridge?

    Just to remind everyone the only notable PL transfers done are the kid to ManU and the Hazard deal to Madrid and he cant’ be registered until tomorrow.

  24. Jamie

    Ramsey is top tier super talent though, right?

    Surely top tier super talent fits into any system. Worth every penny of his £400k a week because Juve signed him, ergo he’s mega. Case closed.

    p.s. Don’t mention his fitness record over the last 10 years. He signed for Juve, he’s special.

  25. Dream10


    I agree that overseas players need time to adjust. But, Torreira and Lacazette are not Fabinho and Pires level talents, two players who needed 6-8 months to adjust to PL. The former two are somewhere btwn CL/EL level players. The latter two are clear top class players. We’re not going anywhere as a squad, so a clearout is necessary. There is not a massive talent gap btwn fan favourite Torreira and whipping boy Xhaka.

    If you can get 120-140m for Torreira and Lacazette, it makes sense to sell them and upgrade with a top class player or two. Otherwise a buy couple of players with a higher ceiling.

  26. Big Andy

    As much as I loathe Ozil you can’t fault his logic. He’s earning stupid money and is living in the best city in the world. Why should he go anywhere? Emery is a mediocre manager who, after failing to get top four again next season, will be gone. Ozil just has to pretend that he actually cares about Arsenal for two more years and he’ll pick up about £36 million quid in wages. Then he’ll disappear to Turkish or Chinese football. In a couple of years’ time this argument will be irrelevant: both Emery and Ozil will be gone.

  27. Dr Emil schauffhausen

    Just read an arcticle about Uefa president ceferin gobbing off about English clubs complaining about venues etc , he basically said they should play the europa final anywhere but maybe just the best venues for champs league , so in translation the europa is just a meaningless competition.
    If we reach another europa final may be fans should think twice about spending thousands of pounds on uefa’s after thought!

  28. Marc


    Sorry but you’re living in Lala land. No argument the squad needs seriously upgrading but you start with the worst players not the better ones and it can’t all be done in one summer. You agree that Laca and Torreira needed time to adjust well they’ve had that time Laca was better and Torreira should be better. Next summer maybe but this summer it’s about moving on Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolas and Miki – Ozil I just can’t see happening. The squad players like Elneny and Chambers should be fairly straightforward.

  29. Bob N16

    Agree with your sentiments Marc….too doom and gloom.

    Siddarth…self-sustainability is a very sensible way to run a football club( or any business, pretty much). Arsenal has always been run on this model.

    However that we all recognise is that we’ve been appalling in our our transfer business, both in and out over the last few years, which has meant that our squad is not good enough. If we continue to follow the self-s model it will take a few years and a few TWs to put right. I’m not alone in thinking that these are exceptional circumstances and the owner should be creative in an attempt to accelerate our squad upgrade. Kroenke may not have the confidence yet to back this plan!

    All Kroenke needs to do is to ensure that we have the a top CE and DoF, they should be able to sort everything else out, including appointing a top coach to take us back to the top. Here’s hoping Sanhelli and Edu nail it!

    That doesn’t mean the self-sustaining model isn’t the best way to run a club, it’s just that you need top quality people off the pitch to ensure to have top quality on it!

  30. Dissenter

    You will find that most of these hysterical posters understated the scale of the post-Wenger transitions.Many of them are in denial about the level of under-investment and mismanagement that Wenger left the squad in.

    You see it all started last summer.
    Raul, Vinai and Emery to be fired tomorrow.
    Make Arsenal great again.

  31. Valentin

    When Özil publicly insulted Emery, they had the following options:

    – sack him and use that as an excuse for professional misconduct. Financially it is a move with few downside. No more wage, but potentially being sued. Maybe they consulted a lawyer who told them that their chance of success was low, but that’s not the rumour leaking from the club.

    – fine him the maximum legal possible. Confront him and tell him that at the next issue, he will be sacked. Would not make any difference, but at least would show some backbone.

    – let it slide and pretend nothing happen. Then that tell Özil that he is in charge. They still need him and don’t want to upset him. Why? Because they are unsure of Emery. That just reinforce Özil and his camp’s opinion that he can outlast Emery.

  32. CG


    “”This poses a huge problem for Arsenal. Preseason now comes loaded with a cancerous tumour.”””

    this tumor – unfortunately Malignant- is not Mezut Ozil
    It is Raul Sanellhi.

    Raul who has never kicked a ball in earnest : Won the World Cup or played for Real or been the quickest player to 50 assists in the Prem is the problem Folks,

    He is a glorified Football Agent
    And not even a good one.

    He has been in charge for 18 months,
    He makes decisions whats best for HIM not US. Like all agents do!

    Whats his requisite skills to be in total control of Arsenal?

    He signed off on the Ozil contract ( in conjunction with Gazidas)
    It was the FIRST thing he did!

    He also was very proactive in appointing Useless Unai.
    how did he think- that was ever going to work???? Emery & Ozil?

    Anyone, Anyone- who appointed Enemy and persists with him- when there are palpably better candidates- is an enemy of Arsenal.

    In age of Flying Milkshakes- I am minded to fly over and play my part- and give him a good dousing.

    As always an excellent post- And I off course thank PedRo for it!

  33. Dissenter

    Actually I agree with your summation about the Ozil insult incident
    I think the club has no institutional cojones..
    I think he should have been publicly fined, to start with, then deal with the fall out.

    Honestly I don’t know what Arsenal stands for. Wenger dominated every aspect of the club so much that in my opinion it atrophied certain pains of the club’s,psyche.

    We are probably going to disagree but cheers. Have a good day.

  34. Bob N16

    Dream 10, I again agree with Marc. It is completely unrealistic to move on the number of players you are talking about. I don’t suppose that has ever happened apart from a club who has been relegated and forced to have afire sale.

    Torreira and Lacazette are two of our undoubtedly best players. Torreira, as a 22 year old has only had one season with us and in the first half of the season gave us enough to hope that we have found our DM for some time to come. Lacazette..one of best performers last season..

    Our budget has limitations but we should be able to use the big salaries that we’ll be getting off our books to improve our squad. Sell Mhiki, Mustafi, Jenkinson, Xhaka, Kolasinac and if possible Ozil. This would already mean 8/9 players leaving….this in itself is probably overly wishful/ unrealistic.

  35. Marc

    Last summer most were pleased with the transfer business we did and the timing of it.

    Most of the transfers were a success the only real disappointment was Lich and he was on a free so no major loss.

    Why are so many a) getting wound up by speculation – 99.99% is bollocks ignore it b) the international TW window doesn’t open until tomorrow.

    It’s also quite likely that both Arsenal and Adidas would want any new transfers to be announced in the new kit which can’t happen until the 1st July if I’m not mistaken.

  36. andy1886

    Just bin Ozil. He’ll be poison in the dressing room, why wouldn’t the others be pissed that he’s happy to just take the money? Loan out and subsidise his wages, give him a free with a golden handshake, banish him from the squad just do whatever it takes and move on. Our wage bill is £50-£100m too high relative to talent and performances. Get the deadwood out (Ozil, Mhiki, Mustafi, Xhaka if we get a decent offer) and promote some of the youth squad on a performance based pay basis. I’d rather see real change and risk a mid-table finish than another season of tinkering and no real progress.

  37. Bob N16

    Dissenter, I’m hoping the powers-that-be are dealing with the Ozil attitude, but not publicly. I might be wrong but Ozil and his agent know that his insubordination could be used by AFC, if they don’t accept his departure from Arsenal has to happen. Otherwise justifiable sanctions could be instigated.

  38. CG

    a.k.a Walter Mitty

    I can state categorically .

    Raul and Gazidas Signed off on Ozils Deal.
    If Raul said No.
    Ozil would not have that contract!

    you obviously do not inhabit the real world.

    Starting dates are like lines in the sand……

    Face reality Walt!

  39. Marc

    Arsenal have never been a club who would wash their dirty linen in public if at all possible.

    This is something that I don’t have an issue with. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and it’s too easy to say “sack Ozil” “pay him off” etc etc.

    I think the Ozil situation is one we are stuck with for now unfortunately.

  40. englandsbest


    Arsenal was called the ‘Bank of England’ Club, and it has always been self-sustainable.

    But you will likely be right about ‘half-hearted effort at best’.

  41. terraloon

    If only it were as easy or indeed as cheap to move players on as some suggest.

    Sticking Ozil with the under21s sounds easy , sounds achievable but good luck with that one for making such a move sounds akin to constructive dismissal. Ok it might mean him gone but the financial consequences would be colossal as would the bad press & damage to brand reputation

    Trying to fine him is fraught with problems. The maximum fine allowable is two weeks but again you can’t just levy a fine on a whim.
    The irony is that at most clubs fines for minor issues such as being late for training remains mainly in the control of the players . The club would get involved when it comes to matters about conduct such as being found guilty of something in a court of law but once you single a player out in any way the PFA will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Ozil holds the whip hand. The only way he’s going to be gone before the end of his contract will cost a packet and that’s no different with moving on most of the players being talked about as deadwood for they are on bigger contracts at Arsenal than they will get elsewhere meaning a chunk of any fee that comes in will be subsumed in the exit fees payable by the club.

  42. Dissenter

    Actually there are certain situations where a show of force is required to show the patients that they cannot run the asylum.
    That Ozil situation was one of them. I understand there are employment laws that have to be followed and that the player too,has rights. However, in that instance the club should have leaked information out that we was punished.
    Recall how Kepa released a statement within moments of the League cup final when he defied the manager’s substitution? Has Ozil even had his agent deny that he said what he was reported have said?
    Arsenal are the wimpy club. For too long, we’ve conflated weakness for class.

  43. Jamie

    The only way we get rid of Ozil is by paying him off.

    Suggesting we can sack him for gross misconduct because he allegedly mouthed something on the bench, and to whom he mouthed it cannot be established with certainty) is fanciful.

    He would counter-sue for constructive dismissal, alleging he’s be refused the right to train with the senior squad, his career is suffering, his future earnings are being impacted, he turned down a lucrative offer from abroad to sign the agreed terms offered to him by Arsenal, and that his position at the club is now untenable.

    We’d be on the hook for more than his £36m salary commitment. Says nothing of the damage the negative press would do to the Arsenal brand.

    Just give the cunt £15m and shove him out the back door quietly. Draw a line under the most brainless decision the club made by giving him £350k a week in the first place.

  44. Bob N16

    Dissenter, you may have a point. We need strong leadership and sometimes a dramatic action can demonstrate a statement of intent.

    Emery and Ozil is not a dream couple!

  45. Dream10

    Imporve the rest of the team. We have glaring holes.

    Have been linked with a LB recently? So many linked with other sides, but not us. It is our #1 position of need

  46. Pedro

    Marc, you need to watch your tone, this is the blog of love.

    Raul has been in charge of football operations since Feb 2018. He was announced as hired in Nov 2017. The notion he wasn’t involved in any decisions in that dead period is absurd, so CG likely isn’t wrong there.

  47. Marc


    You can’t have it both ways on contracts. They either take months to negotiate or are done in 15 minutes in the pub.

    Either Ramsey’s deal was negotiated and on the table for at least weeks and he didn’t sign or it was taken off the table before negotiations were complete.

    If they are a long drawn out affair that would mean Ozil’s contract was being talked about before Nov 2017.

    Also since when does a CEO need a subordinate’s approval to do a deal?

  48. Gentlebris

    ‘The Emery’s ‘no pressure’ comments are just bullshit. He made those comments when, in fact, he started to feel the pressure.
    No, he did not think he was invisible in EL and if he had any confidence before losing to Palace and friends, the confidence evaporated fast after.

    Emery’s ace at sitting pretty at the job was to somehow qualify for CL, he blew it. And if he’s done here under such circumstances, then he would only begin to draw interest from Fulham and friends, like his man Wenger. So he blew it big and knows it.
    The man knows he has one final season(or half season)to fake his way to the top.
    He knows Vinai and Raul will load the failure on him if things go south.
    So he’s desperate.
    Let’s see what a desperate man brings.
    At least one can be happy to know someone other than the fans is desperate.’

  49. Marc

    “Marc, you need to watch your tone, this is the blog of love.”

    Sorry Pedro but that’s not good enough – we’re talking about a guy who actively wants us to lose matches and is suggesting bringing in Wenger as Technical Director and Mourinho as Coach / Manager.

    It’s your blog and you can do want you want with it but I’m pretty sure keeping a vibrant comments thread is a priority. Differing views are good, they provoke debate but CG is a troll of the highest order. 2 years ago you would never had tolerated comments that were so pro Wenger – you would’ve told them to take it over to Untold.

  50. CG

    Thanks PedRo for clearing that up….

    (I hope others take heed.)

    hopefully Walt- has learned something about how the Real World operates.

    Indeed (1)- only yesterday- you yourself- stated that We could be pursuing potential players Edu might attempt to bring over….

    Has he got an Official Starting Date?

    Indeed (2)- it seems we are still pursuing players Dortmund Eye asterisked.

    And he only left- because he was getting in the way of Raul’s Power Grab!

    Raul is Toxic.
    He has to Go!

  51. Marc


    It’s not constructive dismissal when someone has a contract and is still being paid. It’s not the same as a normal job.

    Unless a contract guaranteed minimum playing time etc then he’s paid to play and turn up to training – providing we’re paying him we can chose when and if we play him and who he trains with.

  52. Gentlebris

    There was an online poll well published, 87% or something of the voters(assumed to be Arsenal fans) voted Ozil out.
    Only in Arsenal can one still continue to imagine that such a guy carries on.
    Arsenal is so badly run. And the fans treated so ridiculously.

  53. S Asoa



    Vhew at last both are agreeing.
    Further it all boiled down to Club not having cojones
    It left me confused though
    About who is the Prick at the Club
    Bom dia Senhores

  54. CG

    “”””Emery and Ozil is not a dream couple!”””””

    Its sure ain’t Bob!
    But it was casted, produced and directed by Raul.

    Its a nightmare that will engulf and envelop season 19/20!

  55. GoonerInNY

    I am with Marc in how to address the Ozil situation. You go to him and his agent tomorrow and say, “Mesut is finished at Arsenal. He will not play one second in a game or practice one second with the first team. The choice is up to Mesut. You can find another club, and Arsenal will not make the transfer fee an issue. Or, you can collect your pay from Arsenal, but you will not be allowed to set foot on any Arsenal property.”

    If Ozil decides to stay, OK. If he decides to leave, better. Either way, the manager (whatever you think of him) is not undermined.

    I will judge this summer’s transfer window as much or more on who leaves as opposed to who comes in. Fraser v. Carrasco (or neither) doesn’t really say a lot about the club’s future. If Ozil, Mustafi, Elneny and Xhaka still have Arsenal uniform numbers in Newcastle in August, the summer was a failure.

  56. englandsbest

    Yeah, we are all upset Arsenal lost to Chelsea. But saying Emery ‘blew it’ ignores that Chelsea were/are man-for-man better in every department.

    Saying Ozil ‘blew it’ is another matter. He (along with a few others) really did blow it and he ( along with several others) should be gotten rid of. I make that the top priority this summer.

  57. Bob N16

    NY Gooner, Could a lawyer representing Ozil not sue for restraint of trade in the scenario you recommend? Would AFC then have to pay Ozil off his remaining contract?

    Bottom line is AFC have to weigh up the different scenarios and act. I feel sure they’ll be trying to get rid but Ozil and his agent might stand fast. It could really get toxic. If the fans start booing him, that’ll be that though.

  58. Pedro

    englandsbest, Chelsea finished 2 points ahead of us in a league we tanked from a winning position. They weren’t man for man better than us… but they were in the final because we didn’t show up.

  59. terraloon


    To a degree you are right in that there is a debate as to the status of footballers employment . Such as are they employed under fixed term contracts but for all intents and purposes that are employees.
    It’s no where near as ash to do what you are suggesting with Ozil you need to bear in mind that should things spiral out of control Özil route to pursue.matters would be first through the FA and ultimately through to CAS.
    I copy below details of situation where a player walked because he was banished to train away from the first team

    The case of Barea v Neuchatel Xamax is interesting in this context as it paved the way for players to challenge the power of managers whose decisions have a bearing on their future.

    Eddy Barea played for Swiss Super League club Neuchatel Xamax under the management of head coach Miroslav Blazevic. During a post-match interview Blazevic claimed that Barea had been ‘an idiot’ and ‘a traitor’ by refusing to take the manager’s instruction and play the offside trap when the opposition goalkeeper took a free kick. Barea claimed that the move would have been too risky.

    As a result Barea was excluded from first-team contact and forced to train with the under-21 team. Barea subsequently terminated his contract and went on to claim, and be awarded, compensation.

    At a later tribunal it was upheld that Barea’s termination of his contract was valid and that his refusal to take instruction from his manager was the first occurrence of-non conforming behaviour in five years. Barea’s exclusion from the main squad was seen as disproportionate sanction to his behaviour. The court upheld Barea’s claim of compensation, as his market value would be affected by his inability to train and play with the squad at the level that he had been contracted.

  60. CG

    Englands Best

    “””Yeah, we are all upset Arsenal lost to Chelsea. But saying Emery ‘blew it’ ignores that Chelsea were/are man-for-man better in every department.”””

    (if you say so. The previous manager used to wipe the floor with Chelsea in Cup finals)

    Raul Sold Giroud too,
    for a paltry £18 million to our Rivals

    Since he left Arsenal. Giroud has won:

    The FA Cup
    The World Cup
    The Loosers Cup.

    Arsenal are on downward spiral – that will only stop- when Raul (the real tumor) is Cut Out.

    Truth As Always Hurt!

  61. Marc


    It’s not restraint of trade unless a contract guaranteed minimum playing time. Ozil would also be on thin ice trying something like that with the amount of football he’s previously missed because of “illness” etc.

  62. Ishola70

    Chelsea are overall a better team than Arsenal at this time.

    Let’s not forget Chelsea had their problems as well season just gone.

  63. Pedro

    As Honigstein sad on his pod… they promised Ozil the world, got him to sign the deal, then hired in a manager he can’t work with.

    It’s our fault.

  64. Marc


    Don’t think Ozil would get away with that. Market value with his current salary – zero. Bad mouthing the manager or club isn’t going to help. Previous of managers slagging him off etc – Mourinho springs to mind.

    You can’t make the guy train in Siberia but you can isolate him from the first team fi you can demonstrate he’s a bad influence.

  65. Ishola70

    Ozil has been a bit meh for a while now.

    Goes further back than the season just gone.

    Sounds stupid that Arsenal would bow to him and promise him all such things.

    You do that to a proper world class player who is absolutely integral to the side. Not to a Mesut Ozil.

  66. Pedro

    Marc, I would suspect a lot of managers in world football would relish the opp to get him going again. He’s still an immense talent. But playing him in a deeper role out wide isn’t helpful… and treating him badly because you lack personal skills is probably a hindrance.

  67. Marc

    On another subject – I think we’ve done Ozil to death this morning. What does anyone think about Fat Frank taking over at Chelsea?

    He’ll be popular with the fans and the transfer ban will give him some leeway / time to integrate some of the vast number of young players they have scattered across the planet.

    But is he up to getting Chelsea back into the CL having just lost their best player -one of the outstanding players in the PL over recent years – and without a top quality striker?

  68. Ishola70

    Pierre and CG are the only two posters I think have seen on here who would side with Ozil over Emery.

    Don’t even think Valentin would stretch that far.

  69. Pedro

    Marc, it’s a great move for Chelsea.

    Not sure he’s going to be up to much, but under the circumstances, what’s the worst that can happen?

    Galvanise the fans, he knows the players, and it’ll all be about his coaching. Quite looking forward to seeing what happens.

  70. Rob


    An outlay of £80 Million+ With £20 Million incoming plus wages.
    I think 5 signings in Schubert,Max Aarons,William Saliba,Yannick Carrasco,Claude-Maurice would get us on the right track again, might not be immediate but the idea of youth is our only way forward.

    Cech £100k a week
    Ospina £45k a week (£3 Million)
    Macey £5k a week (£500k)
    Lichtsteiner £50k a week
    Jenkinson £50k a week
    Mavropounos LOAN
    Koscielny £90k a week
    Elneny £50k a week (£7 Million)
    Smith-Rowe LOAN
    Ramsey £110k a week
    Ozil £350k a week £15 Million

    I do think this would set us up some what for the year after to start progressing properly removing players like Sokrates/Mkhitaryan/Kolasinac etc and upgrading.
    Baby steps.

    I agree with Pedro too,Emery will be gone in a year

  71. Marc


    Come on mate – I know you don’t like Emery but Ozil wasn’t pulling up tree’s under Wenger for the last 6 months. Madrid sold him to generate funds, no argument he is a gifted player but his level of application is pants and getting worse.

    Ozil hasn’t even looked like trying to conform and let’s not forget after a World Cup where even the German tea lady was useless it was Ozil that was thrown (unfairly in my opinion) under the bus by the German FA.

  72. Pedro

    Marc, sure, I understand… but I think there’s a way to extract more out of him than Emery is. He still has more special sauce going forward than anyone at our club at the minute. He’s here to stay, we should try and get creative with him otherwise his shadow is going to crash next season.

  73. Graham62


    I know you’ll never admit it but Arsenal were on a “downward spiral” long before Emery and Raul arrived.

    You can’t can you?

    Can see you sweating on this one.

    The internal catastrophes are a consequence of a decade of neglect, not several months of mismanagement.

    Go on, have a go.

    You know it makes sense.

  74. Marc


    Think you’ve got your Arteta glasses on when looking at Lampard. More a case of you’d like him to succeed to demonstrate why Arteta would’ve worked.

    It can go badly wrong – not saying it will and at least Lampard has gone out into the world and actually sat in the big chair but it’s like OGS with ManU. Just because you know and understand a club and it’s values doesn’t mean you’re the right guy for the job.

  75. Marc


    Agree about how do you make the most of a bad situation and maximise Ozil’s contribution but the quotes that have come out go against that. Ozil has effectively said that it’s in his interests for the manager to fail – why would I try to win for him?

  76. Pedro

    Marc, however you want to cut it, hiring in a young manager with fresh ideas is gaining traction with bigger clubs than us.

    What did hiring an experienced journeyman get us?

  77. Gentlebris

    ‘As Honigstein sad on his pod… they promised Ozil the world, got him to sign the deal, then hired in a manager he can’t work with.’


    Ozil had us where he wanted us. He wanted to grab the big slice, and preferably at Arsenal.
    Arsenal’s picnic atmosphere suited his lazy ass off course.

    The loafers in charge as at then had no reason to promise Ozil anything, and they didn’t.

  78. HighburyLegend

    “Know this sir, you’ll always be a legend in my eyes.”
    Reminds me of Pierre talking about Ozil.

  79. Pedro

    Gentle, I think he wants to play.

    Could be wrong of course.

    I don’t think signing with us was a grand conspiracy to be benched.

  80. Pierre

    “Actually the Ozil issue is pretty straightforward to deal with. It’s not a perfect solution – there isn’t a perfect solution at the current time.Sanllehi has to step in and remove Ozil from the playing squad. Take the number 10 shirt and give it to another player, tell Ozil to report for pre season with the U21’s / U18’s and get him the hell away from all first team squad matters. He must not appear in any promotions pictures or adverts etc he needs to become in all effect invisible at Arsenal.”

    you are forgetting something …..Emery tried something very similar last season by marginalizing him from the team , and what happened.

    We lost 7 out of 14 games without Ozil starting one of those games , culminating in the defeat to Bate …
    And what did Emery do , he reinstated Ozil back into the team to get the season back on track , and fair play to him……it worked.

    So you are basically asking the club to repeat what they did at the start of next season …..we all know what’s going to happen don’t we…Arsenal will have a dreadful start to the season , will be languishing in the bottom half of the table and the fans will be calling for the manager to reinstate our ( as Pedro said)most talented player.

    I’m hoping that the club will.follow your advice Marc as it will be the quickest way to oust Emery.

    As many of you keep repeating , Ozil is only useful in our home games an strangely enough it’s our home form over the last few years has been up there with the best , with Ozil in the side.

    Let’s see how we get on without Ozil in the team for our home games next season…..headless chickens springs to mind.

  81. Marc

    “What did hiring an experienced journeyman get us?”

    Well we didn’t fall off the edge of the world.

    Pedro – it is a majorly different situation. We are replacing a legacy manager who had far too much control over far too many things. Chelsea replace managers every couple of years.

    I would have preferred another manager – Allegri but with the options available the club went for the safe option which really should’ve got us top 4.

    With so many things needing to be changed behind the scenes I really don’t think giving the keys to a rookie drive would’ve been a great idea. ManU are still trying to replace Fergie the only similar situation and are no closer to a solution.

  82. Marc


    Also I wouldn’t repeat what happened last year – you’re saying it was Emery that benched him I’m saying Sanllehi should let it be known that he’s not to even be named in the 25 man squad.

  83. Dream10


    You know the club will use Özil’s contract as a reason for not improving the team

    Let’s talk the rest of the squad.

    At RB Lichtsteiner released. Chambers won’t start. Why aren’t we offering him to bottom PL sides?

    We need a new LB. Why isn’t Kolasinac being offered to Schalke and Serie A sides who have shown interest?

    Koscielny is finished. Mustafi linked to Serie A sides. Why isn’t he being shipped around?

    Fan favourite Torreira is closer to Coquelin than he is to Kanté. Why isn’t he being offered to Milan sides, Roma? Same with Xhaka.

    Mkhitaryan has been average since he joined. Why aren’t we trying to move him on?

    Lacazette was linked to Barça and Atletico Madrid over the last few months. Why aren’t the club trying to move him on for 65-75m instead of offering him a new 200k a week contract???

    There’s a lot Raul can do. Instead if the suits saying Özils contract is a problem, rebuild the squad. There’s already over 400k that has been freed up from Cech, Lichtsteiner, Ramsey and Welbeck leaving. They need to stop making excuses

  84. Pierre

    “Marc, sure, I understand… but I think there’s a way to extract more out of him than Emery is. He still has more special sauce going forward than anyone at our club at the minute. He’s here to stay, we should try and get creative with him otherwise his shadow is going to crash next season.”

    Do you think the best way to extract a performance out of him is to ask him to follow Jorginho around in a European final …. He could quite easily have asked Guendouzi or Iwobi to mark jorginho and put Ozil on the bench if need be…

  85. Gentlebris

    ‘you are forgetting something …..Emery tried something very similar last season by marginalizing him from the team , and what happened.We lost 7 out of 14 games ‘without Ozil starting one of those games , culminating in the defeat to Bate …
    And what did Emery do , he reinstated Ozil back into the team to get the season back on track , and fair play to him……it worked.’

    So you really believe Ozil inspired those wins?

    Those wins were flukes just like the fluke unbeaten run earlier in the season. Emery’s ball is fluke.

    Ozil can’t make a football team win jack. That lazy sissy? You got to be kidding.

  86. Gentlebris

    ‘Well we didn’t fall off the edge of the world.Pedro’

    Marc, how would you describe being humiliated like that in a European cup final?

  87. Marc


    Come on haven’t you seen the stats on all the assists Ozil provided in that run of games?

    Thousands, well hundreds, well over 50, er well certainly double figures, closer to 10 than 5 oh!

  88. Bob N16

    Pierre, are you as blinkered in your real life? Your posts are always so biased towards Ozil. The vast majority of Arsenal fans criticise Ozil for not contributing enough.

    You somehow insinuate that Arsenal’s home form being better than their away formed has a correlation between Ozil playing and not playing. You seem to conveniently ignore why he’s considered an unwise pick for away games- he goes missing!

    Sure, football is a team game and our mental frailties away from home are not simply down to Ozil. But come on, if you can’t acknowledge that our previously considered, star player has become a luxury who doesn’t make the starting 11 because of his limitations, you’re in cloud cuckoo land.

    Excuse my assumptions but I suspect in your realise your friends and associates consider you a contrarian. Or is it just with Ozil, I wonder?

  89. Ishola70

    Dear oh dear.

    Seems some folks just can’t move on from Arsene Wenger and what he symbolises.

    Ozil is the perfect example. Technical player with flaws nowhere near an all round top player.

    Madhouse club it really is.

  90. Pierre

    I think you will find that the” last sissy”has a cabinet full of winners medals(including one world cup) to go with his German player of the year award for 5 consecutive years.

  91. Paulinho

    “Juve signed him, ergo he’s mega. Case closed.”

    Well, you said it. So yep, case closed I suppose.

    Dissenter – I don’t know why you keep going about Sarri’s ‘rigid system’ and Ramsey struggling in it. He played two number 8’s ahead of Jorginho – Barkley/Kovacic and Kante as box-to-box. Both roles would suit Ramsey perfectly.

  92. Marc


    A major fuck up, the fact is we should’ve qualified for top 4 through the league quite comfortably.

    Do you not get that having a manager who was out of the running by Christmas and not showing that we at least have a chance of doing it would’ve undermined us completely this summer. At least we can put the argument forward that we will compete for top 4 this season.

  93. Pedro

    Pierre, he’s not being set up for success… plays deeper, asked to do things he can’t… but his attitude has been shite, and mouthing off on the touchline/hanging with dictators isn’t helping the cause.

  94. CG

    Now we HAVE established Raul sanctioned off the Ozil Deal.
    And THEN thought Emery was the manager to bring the best out of him.

    We now have Raul wanting an Edu And Emery Collaboration…. tick tock.

    (The classy Brazilian & cultured Edu and Emerys Chameleons soccer???)

    Surely- we are just stoking up more trouble.
    There is no way Edu’s philosophy matches Emerys. ( Maybe Emu but certainly not the silky Edu)

    Where Raul could be off assistance to his desperate coach.

    get him a Personal Shopper- for gawds sake.
    or recommend him a good tailor.
    Buckled Belts? Whats next…… I just hope he does not come back with a bloody medallion and flares.

    Anyway – we will have Freddie L on board and announced next week,

    now- there is a man who always represents us well and with dignity.

  95. Pedro

    The notion Juve brought in Ramsey without knowing who the manager would be is laughable. Freezing out a £400k a week player, only arsenal play that game.

  96. Marc

    If Ozil wanted to show the world how up for the coming season and how passionate he is for Arsenal all he has to do is to turn up to pre season training early in excellent condition.

    He loves social media he could be putting posts out showing him do one on one fitness training, taking plenty of vitamin C to boost his immune system and showing he appreciates the money hard working fans put into his pocket.

  97. Bob N16

    Pierre, he appears to have fallen out of love with the game. Germany….and an Arsenal led Emery. Would you advise him to hope that Emery gets the sack or find him a club that would appreciate his abilities? Or would you just tell him to do what you’re doing and enjoy the financial good life?

    As a fan of AFC not (now ) Ozil I see him as symbolic of where we have gone wrong, a player who has talent but clear weaknesses, who is getting overpaid in comparison to his contributions. Take those rose-tinted glasses off for a moment and I’m sure you’d agree!

  98. Marc


    Ozil wold be better suited to a league where he can contribute without having to work hard. The PL is brutal a nice move to the MLS would suit him down to the ground.

  99. Pedro


    No doubt. They’d have been strategising how to move on Allegri for a while, known the style of football they want to play and built a plan around it.

    Dortmund signed Sancho with the idea of him being sold after he performed to a home crowd at the Euros. It’s only Arsenal that think month to month

  100. Pierre

    Actually Bob , my posts are far from blinkered, I am well aware of Ozil’s shortcomings as I was well aware of wenger’s shortcomings.

    To me, it’s obvious that Emery doesn’t rate him , so why play him.

    For Arsenal to employ a manager who will never see the positives in Ozil’s game ,was ludicrous.
    The situation is not of Ozil’s fault, he was offered a contract so he signed the contract….Arsenal have employed a manager who will never be able to get the best out of our most talented player …the europa cup final.was confirmation of that and how anyone can defend Emery For playing Ozil as a man marker is beyond me …

    Bob , you will only have to watch the first 10/15 minutes of that game to realise the role Ozil was asked to play.

  101. CG

    If Edu is on a 5 year Contract,
    Waste of time

    he would have been bought off!

    if Freddie is on a 4 year contract
    Wast of time

    he would have been bought off!

    no one Rocks The Boat- when they are bullet proof contracts.
    its human nature- unfortunately

    I want to see hungry , incentivised contracts.
    Then we will Reap the Rewards.

    I want these 2 Invincibles- throwing hand grenades from The OFF- not becoming Bouldie mark 2 and Bouldie mark 3.

    If Edu can not sack Emery- He might as well stay in Sao Paulo!
    Weather is better!

  102. Pierre

    I would advice Ozil to wait until.Christmas and if he continues to be frozen out then he should leave.

    There is a strong possibility that Emery may be on his way by then and if we employ a manage who recognises Ozil’s strengths then of course it would be perfect for Arsenal football club.

  103. Gentlebris

    ‘Now we HAVE established Raul sanctioned off the Ozil Deal.
    And THEN thought Emery was the manager to bring the best out of him.’


    You are such a genius to think that an incoming executive approved a deal while the C.E.O was not really the one who decided.
    Yes, Raul might have nodded his head here and there.
    But he wasn’t responsible for that deal, that was above him.

  104. Ishola70

    Arsenal don’t want to hire any manager that will accommodate the wimp.

    Ozil typifies everything that is wrong with this current Arsenal side.

  105. Paulinho

    Jamie – You’re the one that said if Ramsey is great he will end up at a great club.

    It’s bizarre you keep bringing it up, unless as I said, you enjoy roasting your own arguments.

  106. Pierre

    “The notion Juve brought in Ramsey without knowing who the manager would be is laughable. Freezing out a £400k a week player, only arsenal play that game.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  107. Pedro

    Marc, who knows… but it’s been clear Juve are moving away from Allegri players since last summer, so it might have been the same. He won the league by 11 points, they still binned him. I don’t think sentimentality factors.

  108. Graham62


    Do you seriously think that at Emery’s interview he was told to adapt his management style and methods to suit Ozil?

    What world are you living in?

    Your defence of Ozil is indefensible.

    Infact it is fudging embarrassing.

  109. Nelson

    With this late season collapse, Emery must have lost some trust among the players. I wonder what language he uses to communicate with the players. He also brought in a team of assistants. Can they all communicate well with the players? I can’t see this 22 games unbeaten run can be repeated. The impact of a new manager on a team after 22 years of Wenger has gone.
    We’ll be playing Colorado Rapids in a month. The team should have completed all the TW business before. Let’s see what Raul can do to earn his big salary.

  110. Bob N16

    Pierre, I think your explanation/ defence of Ozil in the EL sums up why Ozil is a luxury player and how your judgement of Ozil is so warped.

    You’re essentially saying that a club should devote its tactics to get the best out of Ozil and unless they accommodate him, that it is not the player’s deficiencies that are the issue but the tactics.

    Let’s just say he was told to ‘man mark ‘ Jorginho ( ludicrous in both concept and expectation). Ozil should have attempted to impose his mighty talent, to keep Jorginho busy rather than try and do a ‘defensive number’ on him. Ozil did neither one thing or the other! Unless a team is essentially dominant, Ozil doesn’t seem able to use his talents. A luxury player who should find himself a club that is a dominant force in its respective league and ‘ kick butt’.

    AFC right now is palpably the wrong club for a Ozil (wages aside!). You must be able to see that!

  111. Marc


    Not disagreeing but to me Sarri is not on the same level as Allegri. With Conte joining Inter you’d assume it’ll be more competitive this season.

    Will be interesting to see what happens.

  112. Marc

    Pierre can make all the protestations he wants and talk about Emery being gone in 6 months but he’s missing one small factor. Ozil’s contract will be up at the end of the season after this one – does he think he’ll even be offered an extension?

  113. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ozil is the concrete boots around Arsenals feet, anyone that doesn’t see that or blames the new manager for not “fancying” a complete waste of space shirker that can only perform at home against shite teams 20% of the time is deluded.

    Looks like Claude Maurice is almost done, personal terms agreed, new bid on the way. 18m sounds a bit high for a player from ligue 2 but since it’s with add ons maybe it’s not that bad.

    Now get Ziyech in for the other wing/CAM and we can focus on defence and midfield.

  114. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    What’s bizarre is you thinking great clubs never make mistakes when recruiting players.

    Ramsey is going to win them the only major trophy that haven’t bagged in over 20 years, such is his sauciness and ever-presence on the pitch. We’ll all see. Just wait. He definitely won’t hit a small purple patch, break down, and spend 3 months of the season on the sidelines. No way.

    If only Bamford was here to back you up. Maybe recruit Benteke up front and things will really start heating up in Turin.

  115. Freddie Ljungberg


    We apparently want 30m for Ozil (ha) but no takers (of course)

    (it’s in the daily star so it must be true)

    Probably would have someone bid 30m for him if he was on say 100k a week so just subsidize the difference and maybe we could get 10m for him? That would be amazing and would merit a statue outside the Emirates for whoever can pull that off. If not give him away or launch him into space with CG.

  116. Marc


    You may have misread that. Are you sure it’s not a case of Arsenal saying we’ll give someone £30 million to take him off our hands?

  117. Paulinho

    “What’s bizarre is you thinking great clubs never make mistakes when recruiting players.”

    Citation needed.

    That’s actually your opinion. Unless of course you weren’t aware that top clubs sign players that flop when you made those comments about Ramsey.

    My opinion on Ramsey as a player never hinged on where he ended up. It did with you though.

  118. Freddie Ljungberg

    “The Gunners have placed a £30m price tag on the 30-year-old, but even that is not low enough to attract potential suitors, reports The Mirror.”

    Looks like Pierre doesn’t have the cash needed to get the final piece for his sex dungeon.

  119. Marc


    You can imagine the police who discover it, a place of horror beyond human imagination. Poor fuckers will be in therapy for life.

  120. TR7

    Conte > Sarri > Allegri

    Conte resurrected Juventus from abyss. Sarri has shown courage and tremendous belief in persisting with his philosophy. Allegri just plays it safe, nothing special about his philosophy and style. He is a safe pair of hands type manager.

  121. Jamie

    Paulinho –

    “Citation needed.”

    Better, you acknowledge clubs like Juventus make mistakes when recruiting players? Then we’re on the same page, because big clubs either make mistakes, or they don’t*.

    Hiring Ramsey on 400k a week is a mistake in my opinion. He isn’t top tier, and won’t lead them to CL glory. If Ronaldo couldn’t, Ramsey sure as shit can’t either.

    Your opinion of Ramsey will be validated when he helps them win a trophy they don’t already win blindfolded year after year, not because he signed for a club [*which makes mistakes].

    You love Ramsey like Pierre loves Ozil and CG loves Wenger. Not a great look, to be honest mate.