Sweeeeeeet boots

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Via @Arsenal Instagram (amazing pic)

Oh my gooood I’m back agaaaaaain.

That’s how I introduce myself into work meetings.

The kids at the agency think I’m super cool and totally nineties retro.

‘So young’ they shout.

Anyway, it’s been a dry week. Not even a pint of Gatorade can save this piece.

International break, right when the season is getting interesting, is by far the most offensive affront to my life.

Who. Fucking. Cares.

Hopefully, we can avoid any injuries to our key players, and hopefully Spurs pick up some niggles that reduce their players effectiveness as they enter the death spiral.

It would appear Danny Welbz is back in training, running like a true pro. That’s great news he’s recovering. I’d imagine it’s too much to expect him back by the end of the season, but wouldn’t that be nice? He’d be a help right now. Imagine him terrorizing defenders in our press. Would love that. LOVE IT MIGHTILY.

Hector Bellerin traveled to Dubai with the team. Great to see him back in business.

Mesut Ozil has been pictured smiling. BIG news imo. He’s also wearing gold boots.

Finally, Denis Suarez is looking pretty.

That’s all I have. I just have to keep up posting. Get in the comments you melts and stop talking about Brexit. x


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  1. Bankz

    Keeping it down on grid lock till DM returns from his paternal legrove leave.
    Y’all have a nice weekend.
    Too bad we won’t be seeing Arsenal play till next weekend

  2. KAY Boss

    Long time I posted. Good to be back as well. Stop talking about Brexit.
    I don’t want political talks on the blog.
    Midfielder to replace Ramsey IMO should be Thomas Party of Ath. Madrid. Maguire should be our CB target….ooops forgot this is Arsenal.
    Any player who can improve this team is welcome

  3. Luteo Guenreira

    Argh repost

    Joke Friday. This one is for Un Na.

    A Syrian kid and his refugee family move to France. On his first day of school his teacher asks him “what is your name?”. To which he politely responds, “My name is Abdul and I am from Syria (Middle-East accent)..She abruptly stops him and corrects him.“No! From now on you are French and your name is Jacque.”.
    He ponders it over and agrees, you’re right I am French now and my name is Jacque.

    Upon arriving home his mother asks him how his first day at school was? He abruptly stops her and tells his mother he is French now and that she needs to call him Jacque. She proceeds to beat the shit out of him and reminds him that he is Syrian and his name is Abdul. She also tells him to wait and see what his father thinks when he arrives. Upon arrival, and finding out, his father beats the shit out of him and reminds him that he is Syrian and his name is Abdul.

    The next day at school, the teacher in shock asks him, “OMG! What happened to your face?!”

    He responds: “You would not believe it! Less than 2 hours after becoming French, I was brutally attacked by 2 Islamic terrorists!”

  4. Upstate Gooner

    “International week sucks!!!!”

    Umm, speak for yourself. Luxembourg vs Lithuania at 3:45 ET today. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

  5. TheLegendaryDB10


    Totally agree! To me the last time I fully enjoyed England was back in the days of Gazza, Scholes, Beckham, the Neville Brothers. And who remembers when Owen became a sensation!?

    What I think caused the winning attitude to shift towards total apathy where players saw Euros/ WC as a paid holiday, was due to the never ending bias of refs towards us in QF’s. They ended up losing belief in being capable of going past the QF’s.

  6. Upstate Gooner

    Albania vs Turkey or Andorra vs Iceland? Decisions, decisions… I mean, who schedules two games of this magnitude at the same time?! And, I already mentioned Luxembourg vs Lithuania before. That one deserves its own PPV event.

  7. Nelson

    England team to play Czech Republic: Pickford, Walker, Keane, Maguire, Chilwell, Henderson, Dier, Sancho, Alli, Sterling, Kane.

  8. Luteo Guenreira

    Strong team. Lot’s of talent,

    Notably not a single Arsenal player to be seen. British core more like banter core.

  9. jwl

    Mitch Hedberg Joke Friday –

    My friend said, “You know what I like? Mashed potatoes.” I was like, “Dude, you gotta give me time to guess.”

  10. jwl

    I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for the doughnut. I don’t need a receipt for a doughnut. I’ll just give you the money, and you give me the doughnut. End of transaction. We don’t need to bring ink and paper into this. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have to prove that I bought a doughnut. Some skeptical friend? “Don’t even act like I didn’t get that doughnut! I got the documentation right here!”

  11. HillWood

    Only on Le Grove do people hate International Football
    With all the shit going on in the world take a bit of pride in your national team
    Miserable fuckers

  12. Champagne Charlie

    How does not liking international football make someone miserable?

    I find it boring, would rather give my attention to something more interesting and enjoyable. Hardly the definition of miserable.

  13. Upstate Gooner

    Fuck, didn’t realize that my Moldova is playing some 3rd world country today. I might tune into that one… for shits and giggles.

  14. Champagne Charlie


    You’ll have to explain why that somehow makes it miserable for someone to not follow suit?

    I’ll go ahead and argue that more aren’t watching, than are.

  15. Graham62

    Anyone who still feels bored by the international break should be ashamed of themselves.

    I’m genuinely excited by England and agree totally with DB10, HillWood and Upstate.

    Now I know that certain posters on here can only talk a good game.

    Pedro and CC, shame on you both. Gone way down in my estimation.

    “Poverty football” What the fudge on you on about?

  16. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t care whether you like it or not, but anyone that doesn’t should be ashamed? Lol ok mate, nice narrow view you got there.

  17. Graham62



    The upsurge in international football will be there for all to see.

    You are now in the minority.

  18. Graham62


    No Charlie, I’m now proud of my national team.

    Actually, to be honest, it doesn’t surprise me that you aren’t .

  19. TheLegendaryDB10


    Poverty football?

    I’ve always seen it as watching the best football you can get. Whether it translates into this, is something entirely. But this is what it is supposed to be.

    Where I’ll agree is that lately it has not been all that good, but you can’t disagree that if there is a team who is tearing it up, you’ll want to watch it to appreciate the great football on display.

  20. Graham62

    Best England team for a long long time.

    Still not the finished article.

    Ross Barkley at last fulfilling his potential.

    Sancho is a gem of a player.

  21. TheLegendaryDB10

    Come on England!!! Well taken by Kane.

    Pen? A very debatable situation indeed. There is a clear block by the Czech player. Would Sterling have reached the ball in the first place though? If he had would he have scored? Or would the goalkeeper have parried it? Or maybe the goalkeeper causes a pen and gets red carded?

    Getting carried away here. Fuck it. We scored. Who cares?

  22. Pedro

    Graham, I’m at work… 5 hours behind.

    But I’m sure if I was down a pub right now I’d be having a terrific time… and I’d turn over an ambulance no doubt

  23. Champagne Charlie

    Graham you’ve obviously had half a Stella and are getting rowdy with yourself.

    I don’t care about international footy, couldn’t care less what view you dish up as a result.

  24. TheLegendaryDB10

    We’ll done England!!! Good game. Kept control all the way through. The Czech have always been a tough nut to crack and a bogus team for us. Not tonight!

    I was a bit worried at 2-0 In the second half when the Czech were piling the pressure. But that third goal relaxed us.

    What I liked is that we kept on pushing. A very good sign in a team.

  25. Terri Maaki

    Hatrick hero Sterling… Give it till the next Euros or WC, the press will find a way to bring up something to remind us he’s not all that great nor really English… Faux love in from the faux English

  26. Victorious

    Can’t believe anyone enjoy the international bore,its tedious and the level of footy on display hurt the eyes

    Wouldn’t get too excited putting a few past a hapless Czech team, almost like its the typical flat track showing until they face any half decent team again and they get a painful whooping.

    Sancho is some player tho, probably the brightest talent on show today. Dortmund can get obscene money if they cash in.

  27. Graham62


    Just made yourself look stupid.

    Oh yeh, almost forgot, your not English.

    Feeling envious because England are actually developing into a top team?

  28. Victorious


    Calm down tiger,

    No need foaming in the mouth over a result against a poor Czech side

    Don’t have to be English to get a view on England,

    literally anyone that follows football a bit know you lot shit your pants when faced against any team with a bit of pulse.

  29. Champagne Charlie


    What is it with me? Rich.

    You’re the pleb draping the St.Georges flag around himself and saying folk should be ashamed for not being interested in international football.

    Take a glance in the mirror maybe.

  30. Marko

    “i’m very ambitious, I want to take the next step, Arsenal does not have to be the last stop,” he told Tagblatt

    Allow me to wish Xhaka well on his next step and the one after that and the one after that remember it’s left then right then left and right again. No but seriously take the next step this summer and it’d be great

  31. Marko

    Probably speaks volumes of the idiocy that is Granit Xhaka. The most problematic CM we’ve had for quite some time and he actually thinks we’re a stepping stone for HIM. Unbelievable. You’re actually the stepping stone you club foot idiot

  32. HillWood

    Victor – Pedro -Charlie
    The Prem ain’t all about Arsenal v Liverpool
    There are plenty of dross matches in the Prem

  33. Marko

    I hate international football because it’s a major inconvenience on my real passion that is Arsenal. I could never care as much about any other football team as I do about Arsenal. And that’s it in a nutshell. Also the level is honestly shite. Hudson Odoi can’t make an impression at all at club level and they call him up?

  34. Graham62


    Anyone who knows anything about football knows that this is a good England team, who are capable of going much further.

    Then again, anyone who knows anything about football knew that AFC were in trouble many years before change eventually materialised.

    Got the message?

  35. Nelson

    Personally, I want to see the England team goes deep into any tournament. I am familiar with all the players. It just feel more like a home team.
    I play football myself. When I watch a game, I examine also the team formation and the technique of individual player. The England team has enough good players worth watching.

  36. Dissenter

    How come no one is blaming Guardiola for not spotting the talent of Sancho, the same way people lambast Mourhino for missing out on Kevin De Bruyne.

    It was obvious that the kid had immense talent and Guardiola should have found a way to promote him sooner…and I know they had Sane and Raheem Sterling.

  37. Champagne Charlie


    Guardiola did promote him, he was due to fly out to the US for preseason and had the biggest contract ever offered to an academy graduate on the table for him to sign.

    Sancho and his advisors rejected it and took him to Dortmund. Doesn’t matter what’s offered up sometimes, the player is still at liberty to do as he (or his advisors) please.

    What exactly should Guardiola have done to a 17 year old? Told him that he’d guarantee him games ahead of Sane and Sterling just so he stayed?

  38. Dissenter

    Okay…makes sense
    The fact that they had two excellent young pacy wing players motivates whatever blame Guardiola ought to get.
    What will be …will be

    I think Foden should have left as well.

    Chelsea and City need to get a looking at for the way they hoard some of the best young Englsh talent and don’t give them a chance with their senior teams.

  39. Dissenter

    Does anyone know anything about this Frank Kessi that we are being linked to?

    Milan have to feel for FFP reasons and all three London big clubs want him at the top of their wish list.

  40. Marko

    Kessie is highly rated. Could be a good signing but he’ll fetch a decent amount desperate or no. Would prefer others. Lo Celso?

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Earlier this season Arsenal announced that no players would be allowed to wind down their contracts beyond two years before expiry date unless renewed.

    Applying that rule the following first team squad players including those out on loan can expect to be offloaded this summer unless their contracts are renewed.

    Cech 2019 announced retirement
    Lichsteiner 2019
    Jenkinson 2019
    Monreal 2019
    Suarez 2019 loan expired
    Ramsey 2019 leaving on bosman to Juventus
    Welbeck 2019
    Ospina 2020
    Koscielny 2020
    Mustafi 2021
    Mkhitaryan 2021
    Ozil 2021

    Applying the new policy all those listed above can/should be sold/transferred
    this summer unless contracts are renewed.

    Personally I would be surprised if any of the players whose contracts expire this summer will have them renewed apart from perhaps Welbeck.

    Koscielny whose contract expires in 2020 may be allowed to wind down his
    contract until its expiry date, because of his age and length of service.

    My guess is that Mustafi, Ozil and Mkhitaryan will be available for sale this
    summer, because I cannot see the club extend their contracts. Whether
    they are sold is an entirely different matter.

  42. China1

    This England team is pretty good and is pretty entertaining

    International breaks in general are still a massive snore fest tho

    Major tournaments are more interesting because of the atmosphere of the overall event and the regular matches (against good teams if you go far)

    But generally speaking, most international breaks consist of friendly or low stakes competitive matches against entirely irrelevant teams. Qualifier after qualifier after friendly after friendly of games against mighty teams like Lithuania or Belarus. I’d far rather be watching arsenal.

  43. China1

    Emirates they announced that rule but I doubt they will follow it to a T. If we turnover 12 players as you expect that would be one of the highest turnovers of a squad in PL history presumably.

    I’d be absolutely shocked for 3 or 4 of those are not here next season

  44. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    I don’t expect anything, but I am pointing out the contract situation. Incidentally I omitted Aubameyang whose contract also expires in 2021.

    Looking at my list I do believe that Arsenal will offload this summer the following:
    GK CECH [Retired]
    DMF ELNENY [contract expires 2022]
    CMF RAMSEY[already gone]

    I do think that other players might be available.
    CB CHAMBERS [expiry 2022]
    AMF OZIL [unsaleable]
    AMF MKHITARYAN [probably unsaleable]
    ST WELBECK [my gut feeling Arsenal will extend his contract]

  45. China1

    If I’m honest I don’t mind is selling the lot of them tho I’d keep kos and monreal

    I’m not sure how well this new regime is going to replace them tho so I feel a little uneasy about the whole situation

    If we can flog 9 players and get some useful funds and reinvest well and promote youth to fill in a few squad gals I’d be very happy

    We will see…

  46. China1

    Frankly if we sell just one player let it be mustafi

    I pray to thee gods of football, deliver me this one wish

    If we got 15m for him I’d be over the fucking moon. No mustafi and some actual cash! Win win!

    On a side note I’ve realised recently in my 6 and 8 a side games that the footballer whose playing style I’m most similar to is…XHAKA

    Lol. I drop one or two changers a game, no pace and shouldn’t be left exposed. But with time to look up on the ball I hit that diagonal long ball onto a postage stamp every time haha

    I’d rather play like RVP but you are what you are in life I guess…

  47. Moray

    “i’m very ambitious, I want to take the next step, Arsenal does not have to be the last stop,” he told Tagblatt

    Do be fair, Xhaka didn’t suggest it would be a step UP…

  48. Moray

    But with time to look up on the ball I hit that diagonal long ball onto a postage stamp every time haha

    Not a great achievement in 6-a-side, China !

  49. Moray

    China, I think we will have something of a clear out this summer of course, but I think players like Kos and Monreal are somewhat down the list, and they’re not going to attract much in he way of fees. My gut feeling is that we will hold them for a year as back up and to help any younger players to integrate. And also because we can’t afford many players coming in, even if we get that CL place.

  50. Leedsgunner

    “How come no one is blaming Guardiola for not spotting the talent of Sancho, the same way people lambast Mourhino for missing out on Kevin De Bruyne.”

    This is a good point, and a reason why we should give our academy players a clear route of progression so that they will want to stay with the club. If they are good enough they should be given minutes so that they have enough of a taste of the first team to want to root themselves at the club. Prevention is better than cure, try to keep our best youngsters in the first place.

    Nketiah and W.illock should be given minutes in our remaining games to give our first team players a rest. We have 8 games in April, last thing we need is for our key players to pick up long term injuries now.

    Other youngsters such as Pleguzelo, Medley Thompson and Ballard should be given minutes too to see if they could make the step up, if they can they could save the club millions.

    If we lose them, for goodness sake insert proper buyback and first option clauses so that we can bring them back to the club at a reasonable fee! Imagine how much we would appreciate that if we had done that for Serge Gnabry!

  51. China1

    Moray I wouldn’t claim it to be an achievement… more a part of my game which is not limited compared to my obvious weaknesses haha

  52. gonsterous

    welbz, ramsey, cech, lichtenstein, they are certainly leaving this summer. Add to that, we will offload a few players, can’t see how we won’t be signing at least 4 players. First team additions would be the dream. But I think we will get only 2 first team additions.
    First 11 list for next season (judging by the squads strength)
    bellerin, sok, New CB, New LB/kola
    xhaka, torr/guen
    Mhiki. ozil/ New CAM. Iwobi
    Laca / Auba.

    I don’t see us offloading xhaka or iwobi since we have worse players than them. I think a CB and a winger will be the clubs priority. Then may be LB.

  53. Graham62

    Both Sancho and Hudson-Odoi ooze confidence. They are not fazed or intimidated by anything but at the same time are very level headed.

    Any talented youngsters out there aspiring to progress in the game should take a look at these two young men and say to themselves ” I can be them”

    What I’ve seen of Eddie Nketiah so far does not match up to these two. He looks a little withdrawn, intimidated and lacking in confidence. Maybe they can inspire him.

    All we need now is Emery to trust him a wee bit more.

  54. useroz

    It’s not as easy to give minutes to the kids in the remaining games, though ideal.

    Only a few named on the bench with GK and a defender a must.

    Not knowing if we need to chase a game, Emery must have all available firepower available and the kids may not make the cut.

    If they are on bench, yep, put ’em on once we have a comfy win to rest senior players if nothing else.

  55. Brooklyn

    This England team is quite exciting, traditional English pace, power with added flair, with benefits of having quite good tactical education at club level by high level coaches from a young age.

    I still think they need to learn to slow games down and control game, but massive improvement none the less. To be exact some one like Carrick and another CM to play alongside Ali/Barkley….Also all wingers are fast and direct with varying level of skills ,nobody like playmaking wingers(Wenger’s term, like Nasri, Rocisky, Griezmann even Tadic etc)….

    But watching England is quite enjoyable again…

  56. Graham62

    At the end of last nights ” meaningless international” ,as some posters on here took joy in highlighting, both Sancho and Hudson-Odoi played keep ball. It was as if they were back in the school playground having fun.

    Being a very patriotic and boring Englishman, it was a joy to behold.

    The ability, confidence and belief of this current England team is there for all to see. Barkley/Chilwell/Rice were also excellent.

    Gareth Southgate is giving all aspiring youngsters the belief and hope that they can follow suit.

    Southgate has become a national treasure.

  57. useroz

    Agreed that most of our kids lack the swagger to perhaps extract/ showcase another 10% needed to make the senior team.

    Even AMN lacks that, and it isn’t a ‘style’ issue.

    Nelson and Saka has a little bit.

    …and they need to show it while playing with the big boys, even if we are talking minutes as sub.

    Any others of our kids have that?

  58. Graham62

    I know this is an Arsenal blog but what the heck.

    Two monumental and positive shifts in the English Footballing landscape makes life so much more joyous for me personally.

    Now I can even look forward to my national team playing.

  59. Graham62

    All those has-beens must be so envious.

    Southgate has been planning this for years and knew what path to take.

    It takes a top top manager and humanbeing, to achieve what he has achieved over the past couple of years.

    Bugger off Europe, Gareth will lead us to the promised land.

  60. gonsterous

    is the EM qualifiers on or some thing ?

    I don’t think emery is in any position to relax and give kids game time. He’s under immense pressure to secure top4 and has the harder job of impressing all the fans who want him out. The last thing he is thinking about is, saving millions for the club. Though he would have earned the club a couple quid by getting into the top 4. That is his objective. It’s really easy to look at the fixture list like in fifa and think I’ll play the kids in this fixture cause 3 points is a given. But in real life, it’s more complicated than that, the players could have an off day or someone could get injured, hence why he needs a strong bench.
    Give some cameos, play them in the pre season and then determine if they can make the jump up. Right now, it’s not the time to be testing youths for next season.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    England have got offensively lethal attacking options, but I remain to be convinced that our midfield and defence are on the same level.

    The Czech team which looked average did pose some problems early in second half.

    Let’s see how England perform when we play teams ranked in top ten nations
    such as France and Brazil.

  62. Graham62


    “watching England is quite enjoyable again”

    Be careful, some on here don’t see it that way.

    Their loss.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    As I posted earlier in the week Arsenal need probably 4 new players to be added to squad.

    Realistically the additions needed are:
    First string CB to play alongside Sokratis and Holding in back three.
    A left back to compete with Kolasinac.
    A central/attacking midfield player to replace Ramsey
    A second string GK to replace Cech unless Martinez is promoted.

    Anything above that number depends on both number of departures and of
    course the budget.

    I believe that Arsenal will play next season with the same formation as they
    have played in last two games against Rennes and Man Utd. That is with three
    Centre Backs and two Wing Backs. It seems to suit them best.

    All the rumours about transfers have focussed on the left wing back position
    in recent times so I do think that this is on the basis that either Kolasinac or
    Monreal will leave this summer.

    Arsenal need also to replace Ramsey in Midfield and clearly Suarez is not that
    player. So I do think that we will be buying or bringing in at least one midfielder.

    The club will of course add some home grown talent to first team squad, because of EPL and UEFA requirements. This is why I could see Chambers, Welbeck and possibly Martinez being retained on books next
    season. The club might promote a couple of young home grown talents as well.

  64. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    Yes of course we like to watch exciting football, but you need also to be realistic that there are going to be better organised teams than the Czech Republic who
    will not always allow to play this way particularly in competitive games.

    England looked vulnerable against set pieces and corners and need to be convinced about a midfield which includes Henderson, Barkley and Dyer
    particularly if we are playing a 4-3-3 formation.

  65. Graham62


    Agreed but I think you’re looking at things in too much detail.

    We are not world beaters by any stretch of the imagination but at least we have a group of players that show potential, as well as a desire and pride at playing for their country.

    At last no more prima donnas turning up and letting us all down. This has more to do than seeing visible frailties, this is about having a team that genuinely want to do it right and that we can all be proud of.

    Bravo Gareth!

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    England have clearly got some excellent attacking resources and coincidentally I think that also applies to Arsenal as well with players like Nelson, Nkietah, Saka, Balagun and Smith-Rowe coming through the system.

    The problem at Arsenal is that our resources at the back coming through the system are not at the same level as Bird who writes frequently about our
    youth teams has indicated.

    Finding the correct balance in all departments of the game is an absolute must.

  67. Nelson

    Yesterday, Sancho took advantage of the absence of Rashford. Sancho has a high ceiling. He is already very good on the ball. He reminds me a bit of Deli. He is mature beyond his age.
    Of course, the best player in the England team is Sterling. He outclassed the opposing team.

  68. Emiratesstroller


    Sterling is an excellent player and has improved both his composure and goal
    scoring potential. Kane is also an intelligent and prolific striker.

    So there is currently one slot to fill in the striker positions with the likes of
    Rashford and Sancho competing for a starting place.

    However, I don’t see the same talent in our midfield. Players like Henderson,
    Dyer and Barkley are very average players who are not even guaranteed a starting place with their club sides.

  69. Bob N16

    Considering our young talent, I’ve long wondered how we can improve our players through loaning them to other clubs. I appreciate progression is rarely consistent and some players reach their ceiling and that’s that but too many seem to be just cruising along in the U23s without exposure to a higher level. It’s disappointing if they go on loan and don’t play although sometimes this could be part of the learning curve- developing a mental resilience possibly.

    With Mertesacker in charge, Germany is obviously one possible destination.

    Nketiah would surely have benefitted from more playing time, Willock too. Obviously each case is different. I believe AMN benefitted from a full season at Ipswich, playing a load.

    From the outside it just feels that we could be smarter which would really help at a time where we desperately need players to come through our youth system.

    Any thoughts?

  70. Pierre

    “It’s not as easy to give minutes to the kids in the remaining games, though ideal.”

    maybe if we hadn’t brought in Saurez on loan then Smith rowe and Saka would have gained invaluable game time that was afforded to Saurez .

    Just another reason as to why the signing of Saurez being a head scratcher..

  71. Nelson

    I like Willock and Saka. Willock has a lot of energy and can be developed to become the next Ramsey. Saka has the highest ceiling among all our youngsters. He has already an accurate shot. That’s the best attribute of an attacker.

  72. Emiratesstroller


    I was advised some time ago by a sports journalist who follows Arsenal at all
    levels that the one player in our youth programme who stood out was Smith-Rowe.

    He has a good all round game and in contrast to some of the others is a physically mature player. When he was introduced early in the season he impressed me.

    My view is that within the next couple of seasons he will be playing on a regular basis in first team.

    Players like Saka, Nelson, Nkietah, Balogun and others are all competing for
    perhaps one position in our front line. It is very similar situation to what is happening with England.

  73. Chitom

    PierreMarch 23, 2019 09:34:30
    “It’s not as easy to give minutes to the kids in the remaining games, though ideal.” maybe if we hadn’t brought in Saurez on loan then Smith rowe and Saka would have gained invaluable game time that was afforded to Saurez .Just another reason as to why the signing of Saurez being a head scratcher..

    I think I’m beginning to see a pattern from reading some of your posts here( I know, I tend to be slow sometimes)

    Here’s some of your future responses to posts and headlines:

    – against the odds Arsenal make top four in a very exciting finish to the Prem.
    “ sure, but had Emery not sanction the mega money Suarez loan that deprived Arsenal youngsters the valuable game time, Arsenal could’ve made top three”

    – Arsenal beat Chelsea on penalties to win their first European title since……
    “ sure, but had Emery not taken a huge gamble on Suarez, Arsenal wouldn’t have needed the game to go into penalties”

  74. Batistuta


    I wouldn’t touch Frank Kessie for even a loan deal, he’s the real definition of average, slow, doesn’t exactly do anything at all as he doesn’t assist or defend that well, I’d rather stick with Xhaka, even Bakayoko has picked up his performances for Milan in the middle of the park than Kessie

  75. Pierre

    I made a fair point.

    I actually quite like Saurez , he looks a very tidy footballer but we already have what I would consider better quality in his position.

  76. Emiratesstroller

    I do not believe that argument that Arsenal’s Transfer resources are as limited
    as being discussed this season, because the revenue streams are unavailable.

    What I do think is going on is that Kroenke and his son have woken up to the
    fact that Arsenal’s finances were poorly applied in recent seasons and that
    Wenger and Kroenke collectively allowed contracts to be run down with loss
    of transfer revenue.

    So the first stage is to offload players who are on grossly inflated salaries and
    do not offer value for money. The second stage is to ensure that Arsenal rather than the player and his agent are in control of the decision making process,
    which is why Ramsey was allowed to leave on Bosman.

    When you analyse my list of potential departures there is a considerable reduction in the wage bill. Realistically very few players on the list are going
    to generate much transfer money.

    I made the case also that Arsenal will/should focus on recruits in our defence
    plus one central midfield player to replace Ramsey.

    Personally I will be surprised if Arsenal BUY more than three players in this
    transfer window, but I would expect all of them to be playing in starting lineup
    next season.

    Centre Back is a top priority, because I don’t see the club extending Mustafi’s
    contract and Koscielny and Monreal are not realistically starters next season.

    The rumours circulating about recruiting a left wing back are not just lazy
    journalism. My view is that we will buy someone in this transfer window as
    back up or alternative to Kolasinac.

    Finally we need a quality Central Midfielder to replace Ramsey. You cannot
    rely on just three midfielders in Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi.

    The goalkeeper position to replace Cech needs also to be resolved. Is Martinez
    rated good enough to play as second string in Leno’s absence? If he is then it
    will save the club spending £5-10 million. Also he is home grown.

    The club has also indicated that it plans in future to increase its recruitment
    of players from youth programme. Promotion of a couple next season would
    clearly not go amiss if we operate a squad of 25 players.

  77. Pierre

    I just hope Emery doesn’t sanction more signings similar to Saurez this summer , loan or otherwise, for players in positions where we are well stocked .
    If this is the sign of things to come then God help us.

  78. KAY Boss

    Having watched Franck Kessie in the Serie A, he’s good but not better than what we current have.
    Thomas Partey of Ath Madrid will be my ideal choice as he can play in mist positions in midfield.
    We also need someone to deputise for LT when injured or suspended. Alfred Duncan of Sasuolo comes to mind based on our financial muscle. One of the best ball winners in Serie A .

  79. Thomas

    Suarez is a joke loan. Emerys very own Amaury Bischoff. I mean you’d have to be complete shit if you can’t get ahead of an overweight player.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    There is always a lot of nonsense published in lead up to the summer transfer
    window like recent statements attributed to Xhaka and Torreira’s father.

    The key change in strategy at Arsenal is who is in CONTROL of our transfer
    business? In recent seasons sadly it was the player and/or his agent.

    That is unlikely to be the case this Summer apart from perhaps in case of
    Mkhitaryan and Ozil whose current wages will impact on their potential

  81. Chitom

    That depends on your idea of what’s fair.
    Some might say that the 67 minutes Suarez has played for Arsenal thus far robbed no one of any valuable minutes , let alone players Emery has seen in training from day one.

    For the record, I predicted Suarez would go back to Barca at the end of loan just from seeing his 7 or 8 minute you tube best at the time of signing, but this loan has always been such a nothing burger that it amazes me anyone without an agenda would spend more than five minutes thinking about it, let alone discussing it.

  82. Chitom

    “Says the guy on his 6th post about it?!”

    Has it been that many, really?

    How time flies when you troll agenda driven crazies

  83. Nelson

    I agree that Smith-Rowe has a good all around game and is currently more mature than Saka. He is more than a year older. It is because he has a good all around game, I can see him becoming an average player that you can find many in the EPL. Saka’s skill can be developed to be a good winger.

  84. Bamford10


    “Personally I will be surprised if Arsenal BUY more than three players in this
    transfer window, but I would expect all of them to be playing in starting lineup
    next season.”

    As I said yesterday, anyone who looks at what adding three players to the XI will do will conclude that we need to add 4-5 players to the XI. Three will not be enough.

    Add a CB, LB and RW, for example, and you would still have to start Aubameyang (or Iwobi) as the wide left, Ozil or Mkhitaryan as the CAM and Xhaka-Torreira-Guendouzi as the midfield three. None of that is good enough.

  85. Marc

    I agree with a lot of what Emirates says but I do think we’ll see more than 3 players come in this summer purely because we have Ramsey, Welbeck, Monreal and Cech all leaving / retiring. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us try to hang on to Kos as back up and try to move on Mustafi.

    I do not think you’ll see complete revolution though this is not going to be a clean state job it will take a couple of summers to get the squad where we need it to be.

    This is not nightmare scenario though, the Spud’s are going to struggle for a few seasons (especially if they miss out on top 4), Chelsea have a transfer ban coming up and City look like they could have one as well.

  86. Leedsgunner

    Given our tightwad owner and his reluctance to actually support the team, if it came down to buying a quality centre back and a left back or a scoring winger or two, I would advocate bringing in top defensive reinforcements.

    Ideally we would have youngsters ready to step up but it looks Medley,Thompson and Ballard are probably a season or two away.

    Although, if we were able to sell our fringe players for decent prices WE should be able to bring in a attacking winger too. Elneny, Mustafi, Bielik, Jenkinson and Ospina should be fetch a combined price of £40m to £50m. At least, Raul should be able to. Isn’t that why we brought him in?

    It would be interesting to see if Reiss Nelson and ESR could make the step up and be regular squad players… to give us the width that we need.

  87. Marko

    for players in positions where we are well stocked .
    If this is the sign of things to come then God help us.

    We are not stacked in those forward/wide areas. We have zero natural wingers in our squad and I don’t know if it just happens to Arsenal fans I hope it’s a general problem in football but one glimpse of a youngster in action has some rather deluded individuals thinking they’re ready and legitimate options now. They’re not. Saka, Ameachi, Nketiah are not ready. Reiss Nelson had a good start for Hoffenheim but that’s all died down and even then you can probably count on one hand the amount of starts he’s gotten all season long. Again not ready for us. Smith Rowe who moet impressed me this season is again not remotely ready these guys need loans and to develop naturally while we need to add balance and quality to a squad severely lacking in both.

    To put into context about how stacked we are in this area our wide players have basically gotten between 4-6 goals all season long and 4-7 assists. That’s not stacked. We don’t have anyone outside of the strikers capable of more than 10 goals and now that Ozil’s well has truly dried up we don’t have anyone capable of getting decent assists anyone. Basically we lack quality up front

  88. Marc


    There seem to be too many links about LB’s for there not to be at least something to it.

    The big question is what is going to be our preferred formation 4 – 2 – 3 -1, 4 – 3 – 3 or 3 – 5 – 2. If we play with a flat back 4 we desperately need a winger if we’re playing with wing backs another CB and CM are critical.

  89. Marko

    I see at least 5 players joining in the summer. As to the quality that remains to be seen but if you factor in Ramsey, Cech, Ospina, Lichtsteiner and Welbeck leaving with question marks over Koscielny, Monreal and Mustafi and I’d be shocked if the likes of Chambers, Jenkinson and Özil were still here next season and then you might want to factor in the possibility of one of the strikers leaving or possibly Mhiki leaving and honestly the idea of 3 coming in seems unlikely. Everyone bar Ospina and Chambers on that list were registered on the squad list. Most of them will have to be replaced.

  90. Marc


    There really are some doom mongers on here. Everything is always a complete fucking disaster, firstly we were going to sign Suarez permanently now we’re not it’s still a stick to beat Emery with. As you say we have no natural wingers in the squad, the closet one we do have is Welbeck and we’ve haven’t had him available for most of the season. Bringing in an available body when there’s not much choice on a temporary basis is not a fucking issue.

  91. Marc

    Jenkinson’s contract is up in the summer so he’s gone. Elneny and Chambers will be sold and bring in circa £30 – £35 million between them. I’d be happy to see Mustafi and Xhaka added to that but I can see Xhaka still being here. Even if looking at £40 million at the moment, add £50 million in sales and CL money to that and we’ve got enough to start the process of revamping.

  92. Marko

    Marc you and I know that’s why he was brought in on a loan as cover. You and I also know that we only want cover and not permanently because we need wingers he’s not a winger. And we also know that the youngsters here weren’t good enough to fill that void and that’s why we brought him in. Honestly it’s ridiculous the reaction to a 6 month loan with no obligation to buy for a former Spain international at a time when we had injuries and certain players not performing. The signing has been put alongside such blunders as Amaury Bischoff and that time Wenger signed Kallstrom knowing full well that he had a broken back. The people saying such things aren’t fooling anyone