Sweeeeeeet boots

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Via @Arsenal Instagram (amazing pic)

Oh my gooood I’m back agaaaaaain.

That’s how I introduce myself into work meetings.

The kids at the agency think I’m super cool and totally nineties retro.

‘So young’ they shout.

Anyway, it’s been a dry week. Not even a pint of Gatorade can save this piece.

International break, right when the season is getting interesting, is by far the most offensive affront to my life.

Who. Fucking. Cares.

Hopefully, we can avoid any injuries to our key players, and hopefully Spurs pick up some niggles that reduce their players effectiveness as they enter the death spiral.

It would appear Danny Welbz is back in training, running like a true pro. That’s great news he’s recovering. I’d imagine it’s too much to expect him back by the end of the season, but wouldn’t that be nice? He’d be a help right now. Imagine him terrorizing defenders in our press. Would love that. LOVE IT MIGHTILY.

Hector Bellerin traveled to Dubai with the team. Great to see him back in business.

Mesut Ozil has been pictured smiling. BIG news imo. He’s also wearing gold boots.

Finally, Denis Suarez is looking pretty.

That’s all I have. I just have to keep up posting. Get in the comments you melts and stop talking about Brexit. x


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  1. Leedsgunner


    Whichever formation we play, if we have a solid defence we can always go into a game with confidence of gaining something from the game.

    Title winning teams are always built from from the back. Yes, flair fuelled attacking football is exciting and easy to look at, but given the choice I’d rather have trophies.

  2. Dream10

    Ramsey has withdrawn from the Wales squad thru injury and returned to Arsenal.

    Hope he’s ready for the Newcastle match.

  3. Un battle angel

    England starting to look pretty solid at the moment
    Some exciting options developing all over the field
    Maybe this could be THE GENERATION

  4. Nelson

    The Dubai game is on Tuesday 1pm (UK time) live on Arsenal Player. We’ll see whether Suarez and Mavropanos will get their first start. We may get a first look at Amaechi and John-Jules, who are good enough to play in England under 18’s. I am also interested to see Zech Medley again.

  5. Leedsgunner

    The Holland v. Germany match will be a real test for the young Dutch squad whose heart is from Ajax. Was their unexpected win over Real Madrid a harbinger of things to come or is it just a blip?

    Hopefully Low will mix it up and bring on some of the young talent that he has on disposal like Brandt and Havertz (linked heavily with us).

  6. Marc

    “Maybe this could be THE GENERATION”

    No there are not. They are exactly the same as all the other shite we’ve put out for years.

  7. Mike

    All the noise surrounding the loan acquisition of Suarez is silly. He’s cover. Imagine the flak of points were dropped due to a lack of cover

  8. Marc

    Looking at the remaining fixtures of the Spud’s and Chelsea I reckon 17 points will see us finish top 4. That’s based on the Spud’s losing to City and getting a draw at Liverpool (I’m being generous) and then drawing away at Bournemouth and dropping points in 1 home match. West Ham will be well up for being the first team to beat the Spud’s at their new stadium.

    So we need to win our 3 remaining home matches then get 2 away wins and 2 draws. That is more than possible.

  9. Pierre

    “All the noise surrounding the loan acquisition of Suarez is silly. He’s cover. Imagine the flak of points were dropped due to a lack of cover”

    Smith rowe, saka and Willock were more than capable acting as cover .

    Mhkitaryan,Ozil, Ramsey ,Aubamayang and iwobi can play as cam or out wide plus at a push Kolasinac and AMN can easily play out wide …

    there is no getting g away from the fact that the Saurez signing was very poor judgement by our manager.

  10. Marc

    “there is no getting g away from the fact that the Saurez signing was very poor judgement by our manager.”

    Why? It’s cost us his wages so maybe a couple million quid. The only reason to make such a big deal of it is if you’re desperately looking for a reason to attack Emery. Chances are that Suarez’s wages over the course of the loan will be the same cost of Ozil for a month or two.

  11. Pierre

    Are you saying it was good judgement.

    I think you and Marko are defending the indefensible….the knowledgeable posters on Le Grove knew it was doomed to fail .

  12. Marc


    No I never said it was a good deal but in the scheme of things it’s not something to get excited over.

    As always you are operating on an agenda. You don’t like Emery because he doesn’t play Ozil as much as you’d like.

    You really are going to look the fool you obviously are if we make top 4 this season. As for knowledgeable posters I don’t think you are in any way qualified to decide who is and who isn’t.

  13. Pierre

    I always believed that we could make top 4 if and when our manager got our personnel and tactics right.

    The Bate defeat was the turning point of the season , it was basically shit or bust for Emery , he had no choice but to bring ozil, Ramsey and to a lesser extent Mhkitaryan back into the fold , plus we had a couple of important defenders returning and it all fell into place.

    Since that defeat we are again looking like a balanced football team and not a bunch of headless chickens except for the Rennes defeat which Emery had a bad day tactically.

    Hopefully Emery had learnt from his mistakes during our 7 defeats in 14 games and will continue with the personnel of recent games that have helped to turn our season around.

  14. Upstate Gooner

    Jayzus, Pierre, give it a rest. I too think that Emery didn’t cover himself in glory by bringing in a young, inexperienced player into the fold mid season but it’s not the end of the world. I’m not a big UE fan but I’m sure he recognized his mistake and is trying to make up for it. The player in question will be gone at the end of the season. That is pretty much a guarantee. If not, then we can re-visit the topic. Oh, and his name is Suarez, not Saurez.

  15. bunga party

    Not haha at his injury, but at Arsenal’s luck

    Every fucking time someone or 2 gets injured during international duties and club has to suffer.

  16. Pierre

    Saurez is 25 …neither young nor inexperienced and if some on here are prepared to defend Emery’s judgement on this loan then they are the ones you should be questioning.

  17. Upstate Gooner

    Which one, Gabriel? I just think you’re purposely undermining the player by misspelling his name. And for the record, I think he sucks, and it was a terrible decision by Emery and Co. to sign him. But enough is enough.

  18. London gunner

    Why is this suarez debate even a thing.

    Every single team brings in loan players who flop or make little impact its common practice.

    Really we should be applauding emery for not buying him and having the option npr to buy as you know an idiot like wenger would have bought suarez.

  19. Pierre

    Two words

    Kim Kallstrom( I think that’s how you spell it)

    Probably cost us next to nothing and wenger was rightly vilified for this loan signing and Kallstrom may have even had more game time that DS even with a dodgy back.

  20. Bob N16

    Agreed London, Suarez could contribute more in the last 8-10 games. If he doesn’t, so what. We have no obligation to buy. His arrival for 5 months is more of a reflection on our financial constraints than anything else. Is he preventing youngsters from playing? He’s played 90 minutes so yes….90 minutes. ESR is on loan, so quoting his name is an irrelevance.

  21. Bob N16

    Pierre, Kallstrom arrived njured and unavailable. Why does your every post seem to have the shadow of our previous manager on it? Kallstrom was ridiculous, Suarez doesn’t fall into that category.

  22. Marc

    Fuck me is Pierre still going on about the Suarez loan being a terrible decision.

    Terrible decisions have consequences, can someone please tell me the terrible consequences that have befallen the club by bringing in Suarez on loan with for 6 months? What players we now won’t be able to sign in the summer because Suarez has been paid circa £1.5 million?

  23. London gunner


    We were in a tital run with a massive gap in our team. Instead of bringing in extra legs to get across the finish line we brought in a broken backed player.

    Stop making excuses for the incompetent.

  24. Marc


    I don’t mind someone having a stated position – even if it’s fucking mental but Pierre won’t admit to it so he has to try and find what he thinks to be a clever way to criticise Emery or the club.

    He won’t answer my question about the consequences of the Suarez signing because there haven’t been any. Suarez’s loan spell have so far been irrelevant.

  25. Marc


    Yeah I wouldn’t turn it down but it’s £58k per week for 6 months. A lot of money for either of us but in football terms it’s par the course.

  26. Steveyg87

    I actually hope that Suarez finds his feet at the club and in some way fills the Ramsey sized gap. Good dribbling technique and low centre of gravity similar to raheem sterling

  27. gonsterous

    Don’t see why people are bashing the suarez deal other than moaning for moaning sake. It was for cover. If someone gets injured right now, and we didn’t have suarez, the same people will be moaning about us not getting anyone in Jan.

  28. Dissenter

    Only Pierre would be tearing out his hair because a 4 month loan deal isn’t working out well.
    Suarez was brought in when it seemed Ozil was going to be “injured” forever.

    Pierre reeks of blatant agenda.

  29. Marc


    Stupid thing is Pierre thinks no one has cottoned on to what he does on here. If we’d agreed to sign a deal that meant the deal went permanent in the summer I could understand but in 10 years Suarez won’t even manage to make a pub quiz question.

  30. Marc


    If I find out your cock teasing I’ll come after you.

    Jesus if we could recoup the money we paid for him, £30 – £35 million for Chambers and Elneny and £20 million for Mustafi, some CL money and the reported £40 million that’d gives us over £150 million in the summer.

  31. Luteo Guenreira

    Why it’s almost as if the lonely old man decided he wasn’t getting enough attention over his feverish man-boy love affair with that Ozil lad. Got your eye on the new Spanish boy have you? Tidy indeed.

    Pathetic troll.

  32. jwl

    March Madness has started, you’s all should be watching college basketball for next few weekends, other than Arsenal of course.

  33. Champagne Charlie


    Not world class, but he’s brilliant. I was desperate for us to do a swap with Alexis when it came up and you had numerous on here slating Sterling as average.

    He’s a brilliant player, lacks some natural talent but has enough to be a complete nightmare in the prem.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    In this gender fluid world we now live I find yer comment obscene ..

    I will ask the author for your expulsions…

    Nah it gospel fella ,..

    Hi want out.

    Him gone.

  35. Sid

    So here is how I see our summer shaping up

    I think 4 players would join us this summer, CB, LB, WINGER and CM. With the new sponsorship and if we get CL, the budget would be ~70 + sales.

    I see us selling mustafi, elneny and Jenkinson. This would net is close to 30 making the overall spending power about 100. Anything more and good job raul and co.

    So in the ~25 mil category we can easily bring in 4. I would like to see Mikki and Ozil sold, however I doubt they will have takers and I’m sure they will not be getting a new deal (maybe mikki to keep up the sales value next season if he performs) Ozil definitely is not gonna get a raise nor will he be kept at 300k/w and I think he will wind down his contract and go on free.

    Monreal will be kept mostly because he is a realiable lb and cb cover and being 33 won’t bitch about not starting enough games, chambers will be brought back mostly because he fills the HG quota and can be RB.

    So you have new lb, kola and Monreal for lb, bellerin, AMN and chambers for RB (though I would have preferred a new RB coming in, even a backup but it might not be realistic)

    Papa, new cb, holding, mavpro, Kos, chambers + Monreal to play cb ( though now that I write it, I think there are chances that mavpro goes on loan OR we sell chambers and bring a backup RB)

    torreira, guen, new cm, xhaka, Ozil, Mikki, iwobi, new winger+ESR and AMN to play the midfield and wings depending on wether we go with 5-3-2 and 4-2-3-1

    The good but is, with a host of players leaving and ending contracts our wage bill will also come down substantially. Even a 200k/w saving equates to 10 million a year or a backup goalie, though Martinez may stay being home grown.

  36. TheLegendaryDB10

    Just watching the Last leg and discovered that Alex Brooker is a die hard Gooner. He has all my respect. Great show for those who like their comedy and are opened minded.

    Currently re-listening to Music for the Jilted Generation.

    RIP Keith Flint.

    Fuck’em and their Law!!!

  37. China1

    I wonder how much xhaka fetches in the current market

    He’s had his first good season since joining us though if he wants to move on it would be odd for him to go to a lower table team in the PL. none of the clubs around or above us would want him

    Real, Barca psg juve and Bayern won’t be in for him and none of the other teams have any money. I suspect no one else would be willing to pay over £25m for him tops

    I actually could see him as a juve bench player as in that league he’d probably be reasonably effective. But they’ve just doubled so much on Ramsey that it’s not happening

    Les make him a make him a part of a trade offer + cash for koulibali

  38. gonsterous

    We will have ospina back next season, he could be a decent no. 2 with Martinez being no 3 for next season. It’s good to know the squad will get stronger next season, I haven’t had this feeling for a long time.


    The amount of times you bring Wenger into a conversation is hilarious, and then you start calling others wenger obsessed.

  39. Graham62

    So Xhaka wants to take that next step.

    Where would he like to go?

    Barcelona? Real Madrid? Juventus? Bayern Munich?

    Sometimes you have to wonder about some of these players.

    Scoring a few goals here and there and putting in the occasional decent shift and suddenly they think they’re a world beater.

    Sorry but I have to laugh.

  40. luke

    Xhaka would be great in Serie A where he’ll have more time on the ball. Would be great to get him off our books so long as a suitable replacement comes in. Also, Steve Morrow for DoF? Are we having a laugh Raul?

  41. Graham62

    The only reason Kim Kallstrom came to Arsenal was to complete his rehabilitation program.

    To compare his scenario with DS is laughable.

    Arsenal became better known as NHS Arsenal during the previous regime.

    “Got a bad back? Feeling down on yourself? Take a break and come to Arsenal. You know it makes sense”

    Flash to a picture of Diaby/ Rosicky etc, hobbling around on crutches and then having a cup of tea on a bench watching the training sessions.

  42. Champagne Charlie

    Kallstrom actually started a game, and scored a penalty in a semi final shoutout win en route to our first trophy in 9 years.

    The comparisons are plenty valid, neither has brought much. Simple as.

  43. Graham62



    A crocked 32 year old is signed on loan to continue his rehab?

    What don’t you get Charlie?

    DS was came on loan and he hasn’t delivered………..as of yet.

    Bloody hell! Still in denial, egotistical and patronising to the extreme and doesn’t see the bright side in anything. Oh yeh and finds England boring.

    Thanks for brightening up everyone’s day CC.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    Graham nobody is interested in your personal problems.

    Suarez hasn’t started a game, Källström did and scored an important penalty in the context of a cup semi final. They’re facts, not opinions for you to cry about just like you did about international football

    Neither are examples of good signings as I stated. But this idea they’re incomparable is nonsense, they clearly are.

  45. Graham62

    It’s Sunday morning and STILL you don’t get it do you Charlie?

    Most posters on here don’t care how they come across. You, on the other hand, do. The reason for this is that they, unlike you, don’t take themselves too seriously.

    “Personal problems?”

    Always deflecting the blame.

    Very clever.

  46. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Spot on sir

    The Italian league would be best for him,club should start looking for potential buyers over there.

  47. Pierre

    I would say just about every poster is agreed that the Kalstrom loan deal was a cock up and wenger was rightly vilified and ridiculed for it .

    We brought in an unfit midfielder(kalstrom) in January , who was no better than what we already had when in fact we needed a striker as we were short in that department. so consequently he struggled for game time.

    Move on a few years and this is what we have.

    in January we bring in an unfit winger/ cam (suarez) or whatever he is who is no better than what we already have at the club when in fact we needed a defender as we were woefully short in that department .
    Consequently he has struggled for game time .

    It’s not difficult to see the similarities is it .

  48. Champagne Charlie


    Rather comical you want to talk self importance given it’s you telling folk they should be ashamed of themselves for not caring for international football.

    Now today you’re labelling views of Källström/Suarez being comparably useless signings as “laughable” (because apparently Källström was worse in your mind).

    I’d lay off the sherbet, it’s Sunday morning.

  49. Pierre

    Deep down , the defenders of the Suarez loan deal must feel slightly embarrassed by the incompetence of what they are seeing so they will try and deflect criticism.

    We have even had posters on Le Grove saying that Emery did not sanction the deal.
    Of course, in the scheme of things the loan deal doesn’t affect the club financially or playing wise but then again neither did the Kalstrom deal.

    Defending Emery for the sake of it is pointless..it’s a similar situation to the marginalization of Ozil and Ramsey in that it was an obvious error of judgement from the manager ( that he has now rectified ) in freezing them out of the team.

    certain posters on Le Grove still to this day defend Emery’s poor decision making during our recent 7 defeats in 14 games.

    Thankfully, Emery has realised his error of judgement and has reinstated them back into the side and it looks like we will have a strong final third of the season.

  50. Marc


    I haven’t seen anyone “defend” the Suarez loan all I’ve seen is people take a similar view to me of so it didn’t work out – it’s not a big deal.

    Please tell me what the consequences of the Suarez loan are? Also what defender would you have brought in on loan?

  51. Bob N16

    Did anyone else read about Mertesacker visiting his old club to discuss beneficial links. All I know is that Werder Bremen are in 8th place, would this suggest that they may be the right level to give opportunities to some of our best prospects. Would a link up make sense or should we be more ad hoc and consider each player for best fit?

    (Trying to move this loan conversation on from Suarez and Kallstrom!)

  52. Nelson

    What I am worrying is that Ramsey is injured. You think he’ll still put up 100% effort in the remaining games. May be Emery signed Suarez to back up Ramsey just in case.I am sure that Suarez will give 100% effort. Now it is up to Emery to shut up the media, who likes to create stories to get attention.

  53. bennydevito

    To compare Suarez to Kallstrom is ridiculous and very transparently agenda driven.

    I find International football boring and annoying and only care about Arsenal unless it’s a major tournament in the summer when Arsenal aren’t playing.

    The anti democracy cry baby March that went through London yesterday makes me embarrassed to be British and guess what snowflakes? We’ve already had a people’s vote and the people voted leave, so stop with your patronising tantrums and just call it what it is: ” a it didn’t go our way last time so we’re going to keep marching and complaining until it does go our way this time vote”

    1 million people out of a 66 million population is not proof that the people don’t want Brexit. Not in the slightest.

    Afternoon Grovers.

  54. Marko

    The length to which Arsene apologists work is honestly mind boggling sometimes. Kim Kallstrom signing is a valid comparison to Dennis Suarez and then someone points out that he started a game and scored in a penalty shoot out as justification. He played 139 minutes for us that game where he scored a pen he was on for 7 mins. But perhaps the most damning thing about his whole transfer the most deplorable and frankly inexhaustible thing that Arsene done was sign him up knowing full well that he had a broken back. I mean that’s pretty unbelievable. As for whether or not the old ditherer could have signed up someone more useful that month well I mean Kallstrom was sandwiched between us spending 42 million on Ozil and 35 million on Sanchez so the idea that we couldn’t do better than a broken backed CM is ludicrous

  55. Marko

    You also have to take into context the times of it all we have been struggling the last two years and out of the Champions League and then spent 70 million in the summer there was simply no money due to the previous years of mismanagement therefore we could literally only do a loan. Then think of the time we got Kallstrom transfer fees were a lot more reasonable back then and in the previous summer we got Ozil and the next we got Sanchez so the idea that there was no money or that we couldn’t do any better than to loan a player with a broken back is a stretch

  56. Pierre

    “To compare Suarez to Kallstrom is ridiculous and very transparently agenda driven.”

    one could quite easily say to not compare Suarez to Kallstrom is ridiculous and transparently agenda driven as there is an obvious similarity that cannot be denied.

  57. Marko

    I’ll give you one less similarity one had a broken back the other a fully functional back. One came at a time when we had money and were in the Champions League the other when we had no money and were out of the Champions League due to years of mismanagement. I mean it’s not surprising that it’s certain types making the comparison and then chuck in Bob who’s disgusted by what’s being talked about and wants to divert it to something else. Weird how it’s always when the discussion is surrounding you know who. It’s almost like you lot used to be in the same club that’s now no more. Or is it making a comeback?

  58. Pierre

    “What I am worrying is that Ramsey is injured. You think he’ll still put up 100% effort in the remaining games. May be Emery signed Suarez to back up Ramsey just in case”

    I have no doubt that both players will give 100% effort .

    Ramsey obviously loves playing football and Arsenal , his last couple of performances in centre mid have been very encouraging from a performance and attitude point of view.

    As for Saurez replacing Ramsey if injured , that won’t happen ,will Probably be Torreira.

  59. Graham62


    It’s pointless even communicating to the “Arsene apologists” on here. You might as well hit your head against a brick wall for all the good it’ll do.

    Kallstrom was signed even though he had a broken back. I repeat, Kallstrom was signed even though he had a broken back! Apparently he was signed so he could complete his rehab at Arsenal. As you quite rightly highlight this is “inexcusable and unbelievable”

    Those that say signing Suarez on loan is a valid comparison are only making themselves look stupid.


    Young man, you can think and say what you like.

    If I hit a nerve, so be it.

  60. Marko

    Clearly Graham. I mean the Suarez signing is literally no skin off our back it’s a nothing signing we’ll forget about it weeks into the summer transfer window. But the Kallstrom signing is somewhat infamous it made us a laughing stock at the time because people couldn’t believe that a manager would sign off on a player after his medical showed he had a broken back. Even to this day it’s talked about and it’s embarrassing to say the least. Denis Suarez isn’t that

  61. Receding Hairline

    Whoever started the Kallstrom and Suarez comparison should have been ignored. I don’t know why some are even trying to be reasonable with him.

    Emile Smith Rowe could have deputised he said, same Emile who has been injured for sometime now and still rehabilitating on loan.

  62. Graham62

    Pierre/CC/Aubamazette/Bob etc

    Just hate it when the truth is highlighted.

    They counter with the same old garbage that basically boils down to one thing.

    They are in complete denial as to what went on at the club for so many years and , significantly, see anyone who questions the previous regime as plastic supporters.

    They all, in general, hold each other’s hands and attack in packs to defend their nonexistent corners and look at themselves as the “real deal” amongst Arsenal supporters, even though the rest of us know better.


  63. Marc

    Chucking young players into matches that they’re not ready for can damage their development.

    Pierre would have been criticising Emery for not bringing someone in on loan under those circumstances.

    I just wish he’d fucking man up and admit he wants Wenger and his little gang back.

  64. Graham62


    The Kallstrom/Suarez comparison clearly highlights the divide that still exists amongst supporters.

    We all know what that boils down to.

  65. Words on a Blog

    Not that I want to prolong the interminable discussion/comparison between Suarez (also known for some reason as “Saurez”) and Kallstrom and whether or not Suarez is Kallstrom Mark2, and by implication Emery is Wenger Mark2, but here goes.

    Has anyone considered the possibility that Suarez is actually pretty good?

    Sure, he’s hardly played, and he was like a rabbit in headlights in his cameo against Man City, but he looked pretty sharp to me when he came on most recently at the Emirates.

    And none of us have seen him in training……sure, it’s possible the club leaked the “Emery hasn’t been happy with his performances in training” to th media. But then I remember that the original source for that article was The Soaraway Sun, hardly the most accurate or reputable rag out there…..

    So if he ends up having a few decent games or half-games for us, we may well take him on…..

    That’s when we’ll REALLY see an anti-Emery backlash over here on Le Grove…

  66. Champagne Charlie


    Bob dismissed the two signings as comparable, but don’t let facts get in the way of your usual smear against the select few you dislike.

    You’ve had a right wind in your sails of late, coincides with the Arsenal football drying up and Engerrrland stuff filling the tv. Free lions drunk into retirement, adorable.

  67. Bob N16

    Graham, the venting of your spleen suggests more about you and your state of mind than those people who question your thinking.

    You lump together anybody who doesn’t say ‘Yes Graham you’re so right’ and package them together as Wenger apologists. Do you not appreciate how ‘throwing your toys out of your pram’ this comes across as? Your hypocrisy about others taking themselves seriously is quite revealing.

    Go for it Graham but maybe you need to take a breather and get a modicum of perspective. Otherwise your approach becomes rather Trumpian not letting facts get in the way of your viewpoint. Wave the flag and pour scorn on those who don’t…….

  68. HillWood

    So you think any old country can just turn up for the World Cup or Eurose and these qualifiers have caught Arsenal totally by surprise ?

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    He was the big hope a few years back

    Seems a tall lad..

    Who knows

    Is that his level or can he go higher…

  70. Spudnik

    The Suarez/Kallstrom Wenger/Emery debate is moot because as Head Coach of the Arsenal first team Emery does not have the authority or remit to sign players. Suarez was signed when Sven was head of recruitment.

    It’s probable that Emery was asked for some input considering that he knew the player previously. As the player is not his signing it was easy for Emery not to pick him as he didn’t have to show any faith in the player that he might of have had to if he did make the signing.

    The papers are full of stories about who Emery might sign in the summer, but that’s misleading. He might want certain players, but he will not sign them. That will be Raul or the new head of recruitment.

  71. Words on a Blog

    Yeah, Bielik struggled with injuries for a fair while if I remember right.

    He looks a cut above the rest of the players at Charlton, but then again I suppose it’s only League 1….

    Backup DM? He’s about the right age….

  72. London gunner

    Bielik looks quality. Great on the ball can spray the long pass. Looks tall strong and confident in congested areas and has an intelligent football brain.

  73. Bamford10

    Signing a crocked, 31-year-old mediocrity from Spartak is comparable to signing a healthy, talented 25-year-old from Barcelona’s first 18? No, its not, and the only people who say so are trolls. These trolls have several aims: one is to criticize the new regime, of course, but the other is to defend the old regime and attempt to rehabilitate Wenger’s legacy. “You see?,” they are trying to say, “the new regime makes mistakes just like Wenger did.” This is not only nonsense, it’s dishonest nonsense, which is this crowd’s calling card.

  74. Luteo Guenreira

    Any two things or players can be compared if posed in the right context, DS and KK included. Such is the beauty of human intellect and the versatility of written language when correctly manipulated.

    Most of you piss away all that with stupidity and fail to realize that just because you throw two things together successfully doesn’t mean you’ve actually proved anything right or said anything meaningful.

  75. bennydevito

    HillWoodMarch 24, 2019    16:13:56

    So you think any old country can just turn up for the World Cup or Eurose and these qualifiers have caught Arsenal totally by surprise ?


    Umm…. no? Not sure what you’re on about? I find International football boring and hate it when the premier league isn’t on, not sure what you mean by catching Arsenal by surprise?

  76. Bamford10

    Yeah, Bielik looks excellent in those highlights. Let’s hope that he can translate that kind of play to the next level, as that would really help. He looks and plays a little like Matic but with more nimbleness and agility, less woodenness. Good to see. Promising.

  77. Jamie

    Wouldn’t it be more fair to compare Suarez with Benayoun? When Emery signs a player on loan with a broken back, we can revisit this.

    I remember Wenger becoming incensed during the press conference after the Jan window shut when the journos started asking him why he signed a player with a broken bone in his back on a short-term loan. He threw a little tantrum about how he would be rehabilitated here but the Russians were going to pay for the treatment or something.. Madness.

    Kallstrom will be remembered for a single long pass to switch play in one of his few appearances in an Arsenal shirt.

    Also, when was the last time we had a decent player on loan? I genuinely can’t remember.

  78. Luteo Guenreira

    Also, when was the last time we had a decent player on loan? I genuinely can’t remember.

    I would say it was probably Henry in 2011-12. Even that’s a stretch. I might be forgetting someone.

  79. Marc


    Top players are rarely loaned out and the bigger the team the harder it is to get someone on loan who is of the required standard.

    You can actually take your comment and apply it to buying players in the January transfer window. Off of the top of my head the last good player we signed in Jan was Reyes – they maybe others I’ve forgotten but it’s always hard to the players you want during the winter.

  80. Champagne Charlie

    Banford emerges to draw his usual line of ‘anyone offering a view I don’t like is a troll’.

    Suarez hasn’t started a game or made a contribution. Källström at least managed to start a game and make a minor contribution. They’re both shit signings, really that simple.

    One not better than the other unless the objective is to take another tired shot at Wenger or be overly defensive about Emery. Källström was a nonsense, Suarez is a nonsense.

  81. Jamie

    Sancho –

    Ah yeah, Henry coming back was ace. That goal in the cup. Jizz.

    Paulinho –

    Benayoun was decent, but didn’t pull up trees if I remember. He scored maybe 5 league goals during his season-long loan with us. Correct me if I’m wrong about that.

  82. Graham62


    Good evening .

    Yep, they want the best of both worlds.

    My anger and frustration towards these “trolls” , as you like to call them, is genuine and sincere. Why not?

    They mock and ridicule and generally hit back with the same old rhetoric. “You’re childish and are throwing your toys out of the pram.”

    Of course they love you reacting to things. It’s a part of their remit. Annoy and mock. Christ, being an American on here you see it everyday. They all have similar traits but the one trait that stands out above all else is their “superior than thou” attitude towards anyone that voices a negative towards the previous regime.

    Look at today. Whilst other club fans mocked and ridiculed us for the Wenger methods and ways, our lot stood up for the guy. Kim Kallstrom had a busted back and we took him on. Why? So he could score a penalty and hit one decent pass? Their blind loyalty drives me potty.

    You can never win or, should I say, play a fair game with this lot. It’s in their psyche to act this way. I’ll bite on it not just because I know it infuriates them but also because it gives us all a clearer picture as to why the club has ended up where it has.

    Calling me an old codger or a geriatric doesn’t concern me, which grates them too.

    Today it’s been Kallstrom versus Suarez day on Le-grove. Tomorrow it’ll be something else.

    That’s the way it is on here…………with this lot.

  83. Marko

    Another shame about keeping Wenger on longer than we should have was Gnabry. No doubt in my mind had we a new manager in place sooner he’d still be with us or at the very worst on loan to a German side

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Watching the Madeline programme on Netflix…

    Sad man…

    As a working class lad on holiday you neve4 separate from the kids whatever the age.

    Lord above you have them with u at dinnner suppe4 an breakfast…

    I can’t speak for the middle n upper class. Tho,

    Do feel for the parents

  85. Marc

    I think the international break has driven me over the edge. I got bored so googled the average attendances for the Spud’s home matches this season. They’ve had a handful of huge attendances in the matches against us, ManU and Liverpool, if you take these out the average attendance is only hitting mid 40’s for a huge chuck of games.

    I don’t think they can afford the debt with CL football and selling out most games. If they miss out on CL football and then have 10,000 seats empty on a regular basis they are fucked.

  86. Versus

    Pierre wants a comparison of incompetence..

    “He thinks for himself. I wait for him to say something. He sighs and says, ‘The transfer windows shuts in a few hours. It’s impossible to find a replacement. Either I take you or no one.’

    “Surprised, the others turn to the big boss. No one knows how he’ll continue, but they know that his words are law. Wenger decides. “You’ll stay, heal, and train. I’ll take you when you’re fit.”


    In all its glory. Quotes and all!

  87. Marc


    Whilst you feel sorry for the parents it would have been bad enough if they had left the kids alone in a hotel room – at least there is a reception etc but an apartment?

    If you did that in the UK you’d have the social care people round.

  88. Paulinho

    Jamie – Yeah he was a stop-gap, and past his best, but he was quality when he played, a his goal return was acceptable for someone that was a squad player and a creative link player rather than scorer. Would’ve loved to have him when he was a few years younger.

    Suarez is a similar player in terms of being diminutive and skillful was Benayoun had an edge to him that belied his waif-like stature. One of the most underrated players in the premier league era in my book.

  89. Dissenter

    Pochettino ; “We are crying again because our dreams have come true”

    This guy is lacking cojones to manage a big club. He’s figured out a stress free way of earning 6.5 million yearly without any pressure to actually win stuff.
    He’;s worked himself into the good graces of the club by sting “loyal”
    You get the sense that he will still be at spuds in 2031 if they let him.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    As I say

    Maybe it’s a class issue

    Leaving kids whilst you unwind from the day,

    I’m of the understanding a family holiday you are all together
    All the time.

  91. Marc


    The longer it goes on the more the new stadium looks like it’s going to cripple the Spud’s financially – I didn’t realise but they haven’t sold the naming rights for next season.

    Can the Poch mirror what Wenger did during the period of austerity we had to endure and they will forced to go through?

  92. Marc


    I don’t think class comes into it – it’s basic common sense. If you are part of a large group (they were dining in a large group of friends) then each couple should take a night to babysit the group of kids whilst the other adults go out.

  93. Marc


    100% – I can’t stand kids and therefore won’t have them. If you have real youngsters and don’t want to go to bed at 7pm then at least stay somewhere that has security etc so you can check on them every half hour.

  94. Bamford10


    You should watch Richard Hall’s various documentaries on the McCanns. Much better than what Netflix is doing, and he thoroughly exposes the McCanns and their account of things. Can be found on Youtube. First is “The Truth of the Lie” or something like that.

  95. Bamford10


    Sorry, “The Truth of the Lie” is the title of the book and documentary that was made by the lead Portuguese investigator, I think. That is also well worth watching. Indeed, I think I’d watch that first, then watch the Richard Hall documentaries.

  96. Champagne Charlie

    “On cue as usual, its our mate CC.“

    Funny Graham, considering I posted a comment a full 20+ mins before your timely retort to Banford. Almost like you read what was on here, offered up your usual dim view of the landscape, then acted like I’d coincidentally buttressed your point.

    Keep up your “superior than thou” talk, irony not your strongest hand patently. Sad old man thinking he’s elevated in stature by age alone no doubt. Get over yourself

  97. Bob N16

    CC, a couple of months ago Tony rightly pointed out I was becoming mean towards Graham as I was picking him up on his comments too regularly and I stopped making personal comments against him.

    Having a rational discourse with him is not easy. On occasion, like today, I react to his non-sensical generalisations- I know I probably shouldn’t.He isn’t going to change. Anyway have a good evening, I’m watching G of Th S5, and Holland v Germany – like a dog with two bones!