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  1. DM

    What’s with the 10am posts Pedro?? U need to change ur time zone settings so its back to 9 – I’m never available at 10!! Lol

  2. Bamford10

    Lacazette was completely useless last night and is now telling reporters that the team wants to win the Europa in order to keep Wenger at the helm. Thus I am not a fan of his this morning. Indeed, given Welbeck’s show of form last night, I might start calling for Lacazette to be sold in the summer again. We have many needs, and we don’t need a £50m third-choice CF.

  3. Josip Skoblar

    I wish we win we win the UEFA cup, and then the Board tells Wenger to leave this Summer on a high note. Weneger would reluctantly agree to depart. He’s so obviously past it that he must know it. This may be wishful thinking, but this would be the ideal scenario for everyone.

  4. Uk bubbler

    What a real loser our manager is, talking about who he ideally would like to avoid. In a semi final. A semi final for FFS, why not say we respect all the teams but fear no one. IMO that’s what a winning mentality manager would sound like.

    Also watching the game last night we really do have a very very bad defence. Our captain last night was like a headless chicken in the first 10-15 minutes, you know just when you need your captain to be strong and lead. We need 3 defenders and a goalie this summer minimum.

    Right time for Athletico

  5. Bamford10

    John Cross thinks Wenger will go this summer even if we win the Europa:

    “The Arsenal hierarchy absolutely know the mood among the fans. It was the old boys on the board who wanted to change it last summer and yet majority shareholder Stan Kroenke stood firm and gave Wenger another contract.

    But Kroenke, whose son Josh has spent long spells in London and is tipped to be a future chairman, is well aware of the problems.

    The team is not playing well, the level of the squad has dipped with bad buys and the wonderful free flowing football we used to watch under Wenger has long since disappeared. That’s another reason for the apathy at the Emirates.

    Wenger is 68, on £8m-a-year, has never broken a contract and will not be about to do so now but he knows the reality and even he knows it will be hard to carry on.

    For the sake of his sanity and health and to prevent the mood getting even worse among Arsenal fans, Wenger must go this summer. With or without the Europa League. And there IS a very real chance that he could win the trophy – and still go.”

  6. David Smith

    Not sure John Cross is any longer as ITK as some of his other journalistic colleagues these days, but really hope he is on the money with this one.
    If he avoids AM in the semis, they could beat them in a one off, but the true measure of performance surely has to be the league, and that looks a downward spiral.
    Just hope Stan finally sees this, the fact that Raul and Sven were bought forward by a few months , Josh is looking into things gives me hope, but the Stan Wenger thing will always be a worry.
    I believe we only have another month and a half of this whatever happens, but I would say the majority think differently

  7. Carts


    Cech was on the decline while he was at Chelsea. He was no longer a high level ‘keeper but according to Wenger, he thought otherwise.

    He has to be at the very least demoted to #2.

  8. Carts

    After all that back and forth yesterday, we’ll finally get to see how Atletico v Arsenal fair across two legs.

    Put it this way – if Arsenal don’t win by a considerable gap, AM will comfortably shut us out. I mean, CSKA managed well before they ran out of grease.

    Simone is the master at stifling.

  9. karim

    Not even the 2nd leg at home, typical Arsenal luck ffs
    Bye bye Champions League ( and thé Europa trophy ) !

  10. HighburyLegend

    “Cech’s decline is staggering. he can’t possibly be our No1 goal keeper next year, can he?”

    –>> Wenger’s decline is staggering. he can’t possibly be our manager next year, can he?

  11. Biggles

    Over two leagues, I think we’ll lose. In a single game in the final, I think we had a better chance against Atletico.

    Still… at least Rob Holding knows how to deal with Diego “Nutter” Costa.

  12. Bamford10

    Costa has a thigh issue but will have two weeks to get better before the first leg in London. Three weeks until the second leg in Madrid.

    I’d say it’s 70-30 in their favor, but we have a fighter’s chance.

  13. Bamford10

    Roy Keane says Jack Wilshere’s career is “drifting”. I’d say it’s more like, over. Guy is crocked.

  14. Jamie

    We aren’t getting past Atletico over 2 legs. The best we can hope for is a humiliation on aggregate to hammer the final nail in Wenger’s coffin.

    Shame, I would’ve loved the Europa Cup. We aren’t winning the Champs League in my lifetime..

  15. Countryboy

    I think its a win-win for the fans. We progress and win the EL = Champions League qualification and Maybe WengerOut. We get knocked out by Atleti = No Champions League and Definitely WengerOut. One can hope

  16. HighburyLegend

    Those who thinks that an elimination in the semis could seal kim jong’s fate are smoking some very strong stuff lol

    (seems that countryboy is one of them)

  17. HighburyLegend

    “We aren’t winning the Champs League in my lifetime..”

    In OUR lifetimes.
    Depressing, but unfortunately very true…

  18. gazzap

    Worst thing for us isn’t that we’re playing Atletico its that we’re at home first leg. I can see Atletico keeping it very tight at Emirates and then doing enough at home in the second leg. Whereas if we were away first leg I think while we may have lost by a goal or two, I think at the Emirates we could have pulled that back. I think the only way we’ll progress is by having a crazy half hour and getting a 3 goal lead or something like that.

  19. Countryboy

    I’d say increase our chances to 40% if Wilshere doesn’t play. Really don’t know what he is good at. Doesn’t defend well, gives the ball away, doesn’t score. He keeps trying to go past people and all he does is fall over or run into traffic.
    Unfortunately le senile will pick him ahead of Elnenny when Xhaka comes back

  20. Carts

    AMs football in the Europa League has been far more cagey than La Liga.

    AM haven’t scored many goal in europe and their domestic goal difference, currently, is 36 acorss 31 games. Where as our domestic goal difference is 18 across 32 games.

    There’s a 50% improvement in AM’s GD compared to ours.

    I know it isn’t as straight forward as 1, 2, 3, but I just don’t see how AM fail to beat us.

  21. Victorious

    Doesn’t make any difference,we still have to get past them to lift the cup anyway,regardless,whether it’s the SF or final,you have to beat the best to win it anyway,so might even make the final a bit now easy to navigate,bring them on I say

  22. Countryboy

    HighburyLegendApril 13, 2018 10:41:08
    Those who thinks that an elimination in the semis could seal kim jong’s fate are smoking some very strong stuff lol(seems that countryboy is one of them)

    Ikr. But One can hope

  23. HighburyLegend

    “I am going to go the other way and say we will beat Athleti over two legs”

    I must admit… losing the final would fit much more the “wenger dna” lol

  24. Uwot?

    “Karimif arsenal make it to champions league will only be making up nos.”
    Lol!stupid comment.in view of upcoming regime change.

  25. LINP

    Now I finally find out why our team is so bad playing away. Our defend and midfield play with no confidence once being pressed. The defenders always in panicking mode. The midfielder can’t pass the ball anymore.
    We need a defend/midfield “general” who can calm down the team. Just look at the Liverpool team with/without VVD. The defend is playing now with much more confidence. I just feel sick when I compare my team with Liverpool. I won’t compare with those Mancester teams. They spend much more money. But we spend more than Liverpool but we play so much worse.

  26. Guns of Brixton

    Just saw the draw.

    We are done for.

    With our backline vs their attack we are going to get skewered like a mixed kebab

  27. Dissenter

    Wenger s luck has run out.
    We are playing the second leg away.
    That looks like insurmountable because it’s unlikely that Wenger can outmaneuver Simeone twice.

  28. Steveyg87

    Wondering if Wilshere had a little niggle before the match started? He was piss poor it was painful to watch. Elneny had his moments last night and does a better job than Xhaka IMO. If Elneny could defend properly then he would be ideal sitting in front of the defenders, but alas, he cant defend to save his life. We are missing a Cazorla type player to sit next to Ramsey who seems to be finding some good form again

  29. Countryboy

    Its not about any niggles Stevie, he’s been poor for a number of games now. I think the guy is done. He doesn’t even have it in him to raise his game for a new contract. Bournemouth must have seen that he wasn’t bringing anything special before turning down the opportunity to sign him.

  30. DM

    Liverpool get Roma. Won’t be an easy game but they should really be in the final now, I reckon they have a great chance of winning the CL this year.

  31. Dissenter

    Do we bring Mertasacker back from the pre-retirement cryochambers?
    How does our defense survive 180 minutes with Costa/Griezmann/ Correa/Gameiro/Torres?
    In a 90 minute cup final, yessssss, maybe ?………not a 180 minute timeline.

  32. Carts


    Niggle or no niggle, Wilshere is trash. Almost always a passenger.

    He thinks he’s more important that he actually is. Delusions of grandeur!

    If he had any sense, he’d have bit Arsenal’s hand off for the new contract, and got on with it. There are no serious takers out there for him cos his attributes are weak.

    It’s a shame we couldn’t have sold him when there was an opportunity to make some decent money.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Well let’s hope Athletico don’t have an off day. Perhaps this Europa bollocks ends soon and brings the curtain down on the reprehensible and most overrated manager in history.

    As for Lacazette’s comments about wanting Wenger to stay…that should tell you everything you need to know about the kind of player Wenger signs.

    Holy moly, I really hate Arsenal F.C.

  34. Victorious

    “Holy moly, I really hate Arsenal F.C.”

    There it is,colour nailed to the mast.so since its quite evident now you’re not an Arsenal fan? begs the question which club do you support?and what are you doing on an Arsenal’s blog?Trolling I guess

  35. Carts

    No disrespect to Roma, as they’ve done superbly to get this far, but Liverpool should deal Roma.

    VVD needs to stick to Dzeko. Robertson should have enough in his locker to keep a lid on Under.

    Frankly their fire power should see Liverpool through.

  36. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackey is a proper gooner
    He’s just smashed by the experience of supporting a club that cares more about the manager that it’s core values.

  37. Guns of Hackney

    What bothers me is Arsenal will 100% view reaching the semi final of the Mickey Mouse cup as European progress and give that son of a bitch another contract.

    His acolytes will also view this season as a win.

    As soon as the whistle blows on this cup tie, Arsenal should be preparing a press release and giving that cretin the boot.

  38. Champagne charlie

    Amazing how often football throws up a return for a player, Salah back to Roma. They have a massive chance of the CL now..

    Arsenal with Atletico in what will be a hard tie, but certainly no formality 😉

  39. Dissenter

    Liverpool will get to the final.
    In the finals for a club with their European pedigree, anything can happen.
    They can easily beat Madrid bthe cause they are a team on form at the right moment.

  40. Victorious

    ‘Guns of Hackey is a proper gooner
    He’s just smashed by the experience of supporting a club that cares more about the manager that it’s core valu’

    Oh yes,proper excuse there! fvck off with that BS,hating your club because of a manager(an employee)who will inevitably leave someday,you too deserve eachother

  41. Carts

    Let’s see how Kovac handles the dressing room. Good move for him but he’ll be feeling the pressure almost immediately.

  42. Samesong

    Imagine if Oxlade-Chamberlain wins the CL in his first season away from Arsenal..

    Jamie that would be hiliarious

  43. Guns of Hackney

    I do not need to justify my Arsenalness to anyone. Needless to say, I have supported Arsenal in a pre Wenger era. I know there is a world outside of the one Wenger has manufactured.

    I’ve seen garbage Arsenal sides in the past…but that never bothered me. The one thing I never saw was apathy. Now, that’s all we see. Players, board, manager and fans. They could not give a fuck.

    I do hate the club. I hate that they have literally signed away their own legacy to placate the personal ravings of a sad old man with obvious signs of mental illness.

    No one would accept what Arsenal do if they were any other organisation, so why should we blindly follow them? Because football is somehow different? No. Bad business is bad business whether you’re a football club or a fucking sweet shop.

  44. Champagne charlie

    “I hate that they have literally signed away their own legacy to placate the personal ravings of a sad old man with obvious signs of mental illness.“

    That’s a stunningly poor comment.

  45. Guns of Hackney


    Care to elaborate?

    You may as well have just said: rainbow

    Arsenal have given up their aspirations to give a doddering old bastard a place to stay. That’s true.

    If arsenal did want to become something special, they would have sacked Wenger 10 years ago.

  46. TR7

    Liverpool have a genuine chance of winning the CL now. I think they will beat Roma over two legs. As for finals, Mane, Salah and Firmino can rip any team apart in a 90 min game. Imagine a team which couldn’t qualify for CL until a couple of seasons ago going on to win it after selling who people thought was their best player, Coutinho.

  47. Champagne charlie


    No it’s your opinion. Suggesting Arsenal are pandering to the wishes of Wenger, and on top of that stating he’s mentally ill, is beyond over the top – it’s incredibly poor taste.

    Fans don’t live privy to all going’s on, we feed off scraps that are served up by people with their own agendas. To go from joining dots about football as you see fit to stating a guy you dislike has mental issues is pathetic.

  48. Victorious

    ‘I do hate the club. I hate that they have literally signed away their own legacy to placate the personal ravings of a sad old man with obvious signs of mental illness.’

    Hang your head in shame!!!why don’t you fvck off since you so hate the club?your mental state has to be questioned when churn out gibberish like this,asscake

  49. HighburyLegend

    “Between the 2 legs we’re playing Man Utd away.”

    lol I didn’t even noticed that!!
    turnover –>> another 8-2 ??

  50. WengerEagle

    In all seriousness, happy that Bayern and RM weren’t kept apart, expecting 2 cracking legs of footy from that tie. 60-40 favouring RM in that one.

    Liverpool will fancy their chances but having the 2nd leg in Rome makes things tricky for them.

    Roma topped a group of Atleti and Chelsea and beat Barcelona and Shakhtar to get here, very good Cup team.

    Think Pool will overwhelm them at Anfield and win by a few goals, question is whether Roma can score or not and they’re more than capable.

  51. Guns of Hackney

    Wenger does have signs of mental illness.

    Arsenal are a PLC.

    The public have a right to know if their leader is truly fit to run the club.

    He isn’t.

    Anyway, why should I care about Wenger?

  52. WengerEagle

    As for us drawing Atleti, wouldn’t be optimistic at all on our chances.

    Best team generally prevails over 2 legs with rare exceptions, given especially that the 2nd leg is in Madrid I just cannot enisage us having the bottle to go over there defending a lead.

  53. LINP

    “after selling who people thought was their best player, Coutinho.”

    The bought VVD. That’s called balancing the team. We can’t focused only on attack.

  54. Frank Mc

    Why the “lol” after the majority of your tedious posts you tedious cunt?

    How fucking old are you?


  55. Champagne charlie


    You’re in no position to judge if Wenger is mentally ill. Being in the dark about so much regarding Arsenal and Wenger, yet stating these things, makes you come across as a truly abhorrent person.

    Why should you care about declaring a guy you’ve never met as mentally unfit to work? Idk mate, when you put it like that….

  56. TR7

    I fucking despise Madrid and Penaldo. Hoping Bayern knocks them out in SF.

    As for Europa league, Wenger often pulls a rabbit out of his hat when his back is against the wall. So I won’t really rule out our chances altogether.

  57. loyika

    @ WE

    Its a Catch 22 situation, we’re damned if we do or damn if we don’t.

    Bring it on I say.

    On our day we can beat anyone, just that we can also go all Worsel Gormich on our off day.

    Should be a cracking 2 games non the less.

    Altho United in-between ain’t good as you know Jose will be licking his lips at the drama and mind games he could conjure before the game

  58. HighburyLegend

    “I just cannot enisage us having the bottle to go over there defending a lead.”

    Why ?? We did it pretty well last night lol

  59. WengerEagle


    Mate how can you be that biased against Ronaldo?

    ‘Penaldo’, come on you’re better than that. It’s what the ‘kool’ Messi internet nuthuggers call him.

  60. Guns of Hackney


    I am the true incarnation of evil. Satan is my copilot.

    Only yesterday, I ate a live puppy while wiping my feet on a newborn lamb.

    If you honestly think Wenger is mentall capable, perhaps you need to revaluate your ideas of what constitutes: mental.

  61. WengerEagle

    I hate Bayern,always been a bunch of arrogant wankers as a club.

    Real Madrid have their number in Europe and they still regard themselves as the best club in the world.

    Having said that, RM winning a 3rd straight would be painful.

    Ideal scenario is that winner of Roma-Pool deals with RM or Bayern in the Final, Roma in dreamland but Klopp getting revenge on Bayern I coud live with, even with the Scouse shitstorm it would bring afterwards.

  62. Rambo Ramsey

    Roma will play textbook Italian football and Fvck Liverpool over.

    Get ready to see Juve vs Spurs replay.

    Madrid will waltz to more CL glory. Yet Zidane is not spoken of in the same way Guardiola is. Why?

  63. Champagne charlie


    Or maybe you could have the decency of commenting on Wengers managerial capability instead of personal slights?

    Labelling people as mentally ill goes above football talk. You’re in no position to judge to that degree, that simple.

  64. Elmo

    It’s an interesting point re playing United away between the two Atletico games, and 8-2.

    Does the manager’s unique situation put him in a position where he’s not in a position to do what’s best for the club?

    Obviously the correct decision would be to fully rotate for the United game, not playing a single first XI player, and accept the inevitability of defeat. But Wenger can’t really afford the optics of taking another landmark humiliation and having his usual narrative of having turned around the league form to end the season undermined.

  65. Guns of Hackney


    Okay. Wenger is a terrible manager who has robbed a living from Arsenal football club.

    Absolute garbage.

  66. Rambo Ramsey

    Wenger obviously got mental problems. How can this be in doubt?

    Man approaching 70 given up family and everything just to be in a job that he is no longer good at.

  67. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah it hurts me too because I’m a huge Messi fan and it’s getting harder and harder to deny Ronaldo’s UCL greatness, a 3rd straight win and a 5th for him would put him in practically unchartered territory.

    Maldini had to play to the age of 39/40 to win five Champions Leagues.

    Re the match, having the 2nd leg at home is always an advantage and one that RM always seem to benefit from in the latter stages.

    Bayern have to beat them in Munich for me if they are to have a chance, also will have to keep goals conceded to a minimum.

    You have to fancy RM over 2 legs but Bayern have enough weapons to upset them, having Heynckes in their corner this time around is a pschological boost too.

    Had to call it before a ball has been kicked, RM to progress 4-3 on agg, 1-1 in Munich and 3-2 in Madrid.

    How do you see it going?

  68. WengerEagle

    ‘Yet Zidane is not spoken of in the same way Guardiola is. Why?’

    Lack of domestic success would be my guess.

    Hard to call a team the best when they’ve been 2nd/3rd best in their own league over the course of a long season.

    Zidane himself has been quoted this week as saying that he’d rather win a league title than another UCL.

  69. Victorious

    Cunt of Hackney

    ‘If you honestly think Wenger is mentall capable, perhaps you need to revaluate your ideas of what constitutes: mental.’

    IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE,obviously you are mentally unstable hence your strong accusations of Arsenal’s greatest manager ever suffering same fate Except he is revered in his profession globally while you just a ‘mere’ internet troll boring the shit out of us with inane balderdash,lol

  70. Bamford10


    Good point. Wenger has almost no squad depth or quality to turn to for that United match. This despite spending plenty of money.

  71. Carts

    Bayern aren’t looking as fluid as they have in the past.

    I think Real will deal with them; it’ll be a cagey affair, nonetheless.

  72. Rambo Ramsey


    No team had ever successfully defended a CL title. And Zidane looks set to do a hat trick.

    He’s been in first team management since Jan 2016. So in two full seasons and one half season, he’ll have won 1 LA Liga title, 3 CL trophies and a plethora of cup competitions.

    His team have also smashed plenty of records-consecutive wins, consecutive matches without a loss etc

  73. Guns of Hackney


    …but it was you that resorted to personal insults.

    Wenger is an employee who clearly is unfit for purpose. I’m not the only one who has said it.

    Former pros have alluded to the same thing.

    The glazed look. The bunker mentality. Blaming everyone for his failings. Ranting at the refs. Blaming hair pills for defeats. The economy. Brexit. You name it.

    If that isn’t mentally unfit, what is?

  74. Leftsidesanch

    Mental illness may be a bit strong but there is something amiss up there in Wenger’s mind. He hasn’t been competent in years, is blind to his teams faults/and his own and can’t/won’t do anything about it or be advised by anybody on how to improve the situation.

    He’s also shockingly oblivious or dishonest as he has every excuse as to why more fans are staying away apart from the obvious one..they want a change of manager, better players and change of regime at Arsenal. Me, I could live with a change of manager to start with.

  75. WengerEagle


    Just playing DA, I’m an admirer of ZZ’s work, think that he’s done a great job at RM bringing a stability and balance to the club that I have never previously seen.

    Last two transfers seasons they haven’t even bought a marquee player.

    Pep’s Barcelona revolutionised the way the game is played though, before that most teams played a flat 4-4-2 with a couple of centre forwards including one of your Raul, RNV, Inzaghi types.

    As crazy as it sounds, Raul wouldn’t have started for any of RM’s last 3 UCL winning sides and he’s the most accomplished CF in their modern history.

  76. Bamford10

    Wenger is 68 years old and has said and done any number of things over the years that make it completely fair to say that he is not all there mentally. Gambon has been saying this kind of thing for years here, as have many, many others. No way a couple of Untold types (Champagne, Victorious) come to Le Grove and tell people that they have to “respect Wenger”. Please fuck off with that.

  77. TR7


    Bayern’s CL campaign has been underwhelming so far. They lost to PSG in group stages, beat 10 men Besiktas and didn’t really blow away Sevilla. But we have seen slow starters raise their game up in final stages of a tournament. And despite the scintillating form of Liverpool and resilience of Roma, if there is one team which can beat Madrid over two legs it’s Bayern. They need to win the first leg at home and if they do that, they have the capability to keep a clean sheet in Bernabeu. Neuer will have to aptly deal with aerial crosses in the box given he will be dealing with the best header in the game. Their midfield can go toe to toe with Madrid. So we will see. I expect a tighter contest this time around.

  78. Guns of Hackney

    It’s amazing that political correctness has limited the ability to suggest someone isn’t mentally capable. No wonder the Russians are winning. Sheesh.

    I’ll rephrase. Wenger is crackers, bonkers, gonzoed, loony…for fuck sake, the man actually likes Jeremy fucking Corbyn.

  79. Carts

    re; Zidane

    what he’s accomplished at Real has been impressive especially when you consider his career, to date. I mean he’s like 6 year older than Buffon, ffs.

    I always ask myself whether the like of Zidane and Pep could replaicate their success with less…naturally talented players. Money is important, but so is the ability to coach and implement tactics and strategies.

  80. Leftsidesanch

    The players are the real nutters, I mean as much as I loathe Wenger I can understand him doing or saying whatever it takes to secure his job. Ironically that is doing everything other than being a competent team who are taken seriously.

    The players now – they’re a different kettle of fish. You could argue that Wenger has slightly mistreated him yet he comes out with this nonsense. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11670/11328617/arsenal-winning-the-europa-league-can-save-arsene-wengers-job-says-alexandre-lacazette

  81. WengerEagle


    Re Pep, we’ll likely never know.

    He did some good work with Barcelona B’s but was only for a season.

    Kind of like the argument against greats such as Messi and Ronaldo, how would they do on average teams. We’ll never know because there is no incentive for them to weaken their chances at success by joining a lower side, same for Pep.

    Closest we’ll get is if he decides to delve into international management at some point.

  82. Champagne charlie


    You all a lot about Untold, I’ve never even been on it. Hadn’t heard of it before here. So, as ever, your assertions are devoid of any knowledge.

    Nobody stated respect Wenger, I said making comments about his mental health is fucking low and things should remain about football considering no fan is privy to all information.

    Of course you spin it, because that’s what cunts do.

  83. Champagne charlie


    That’s it, blame PC culture for it not being ok to call someone mentally ill.

    Corbyn now? Ahh are you a right winger?

  84. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone who questions Wenger will bring out his supporters.

    Seriously…you support Wenger more than your club.

    Forget Wenger. The fans are the real lunatics.

  85. Bamford10

    Harry Kane is apparently feeling “hurt” because people have given him a hard time on Twitter for appealing to the FA to have that goal awarded to him. The appeal itself was a bit wanker-ish, but feeling “hurt” over the Twitter commentary about it might be even worse.

  86. Guns of Hackney


    Corbyn is a parasite. His party are anti Semitic. He is anti Semitic. He is a communist.

    My political leanings are definitely not left.

  87. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Lacazette was completely useless last night and is now telling reporters that the team wants to win the Europa in order to keep Wenger at the helm. Thus I am not a fan of his this morning. “

    How old are you, Bamford? There are words, but i will stick with childish as it fittingly describes your mini-rant.

  88. Champagne charlie

    “Corbyn is a parasite. His party are anti Semitic. He is anti Semitic. He is a communist.“

    Ok………… :/

  89. Champagne charlie


    Sums him up, desperate to be an authority on here but changes his view of players due to their comments about Wenger. Special breed of moron that, not an ounce of credibility.

  90. TR7

    Premier League clubs reject introduction of VAR for the competition next season in favour of further ‘testing’ in FA Cup & EFL Cup. They acknowledge ‘communication’ problems.

  91. WengerEagle

    Pretty desperate move by Kane to go through the dubious goals panel, I didn’t see the touch personally.

    Makes me want Salah to win the GB all the more now.

  92. S Asoa

    “I hate that they have literally signed away their own legacy to placate the personal ravings of a sad old man with obvious signs of mental illness.“

    That’s perspicacity
    not a contagion of imbecility

  93. Bamford10


    People have been suggesting that Wenger might be mentally ill for years here. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else.

    As for Untold, whether you’ve ever been there or not, you’re that type of supporter. You were once (not long ago, in fact) a great admirer of Wenger’s and you don’t like people disrespecting him. Indeed you have often defended him and his legacy here when anyone has questioned or criticized it.

    Like the other day when Paulinho suggested that Wenger’s early success was the result of a “confluence of factors” rather than Wenger’s managerial prowess. You found this outrageous and fomented about how his comment — bog standard for Le Grove — was one of the worst remarks ever made here. Actually, it was spot on and probably in keeping with majority sentiment here.

    You are the one who is out of step with sentiment here. And you have been from day one. Whether you’ve ever been to Untold or not, your views are probably more in line with sentiment there than with sentiment here.

    That’s my point.

  94. S Asoa

    Guns of Hackney
    There might be one prick Wenger , but there are two golf balls ejaculating in his favour and without logic today.

  95. Frankie Coffeecakes

    CC – There is a desperation in the agenda, wanting to be in control, demanding respect, wanting to be loved, considers himself correct at all times. All traits that aptly describes Little Man Syndrome. Reality tells a starkly opposite outcome, one that paints a factual truth that contradicts.

  96. Champagne charlie


    Let’s not open up a can of worms on here, I’m not the person you want to start a war of words with beyond the current status quo.

    I’m ignoring that drivel and saying one thing: you’re not an authority, nor do you dictate whether a poster should be here or not. Wind your neck right the way in and stop talking up to a crowd that largely believe you to be a great irritation.

  97. Bamford10


    I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek there about Lacazette; I thought that was somewhat obvious.

    Lacazette WAS a complete zero last night, though, and I am one of his skeptics here and have been for some time.

  98. Carts


    But here’s the thing, I’ve seen enough of Messi and Ronaldo to know that they’d stand out even more playing for a lesser teams. Their outputs are so outragoeus that the overwhelming majority of us would conclude that their team mates are in fact utter trash.

    What I will say is this: it’s evident that Pep and Zidane clearly have a significant influence on their players and their style of play. Same goes for Allegri and a couple others.

    But I wonder what they’d be able to do with players like Mustafi, Wilshere, Ramsey and Iwobi.

  99. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is not mentally ill… that would give him an excuse for this continual regression we have suffered under him (especially regarding the EPL).

    He just thinks he is blameless and finds an excuse to explain away his failures… every time anywhere.

    If they had a Balon d’Or for narcissism Wenger would be an annual contender with Mourinho (like how Ronaldo and Messi fight it out for the real thing every year.)

  100. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And the reality is that under a different manager many of Arsenal’s stiffs would actually be useful contributing footballers to a greater success. I like Lacazette and thats all that matters to me.