Josh K talks of Champions League glory (also, £40m summer kitty)

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I feel like a child of absent parents this morning. Daddy has tumbled down the stairs, barged into the living room slightly hungover, and handed me an IOU for a Mars bar. This is Josh ‘Daddy’ K.

“To see where Sean has taken us [the Rams] in a short amount of time gives us a lot of confidence.

“The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final.

“It is something we are very focused on.

“I have been telling my friends all week the Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle that we have here and the Champions League is something in Europe that we strive for and we look forward to being a part of in the future.”

It was all going so well, then he kind of let slip that he was thinking about the other kid who is more handsome than I, and he kind of got his wires crossed.

“I think he [Emery] and Sean are very comparable in the way they approach their craft on a daily basis,”

“There is a lot of data they break down. They are very active on the practice pitch. Their styles are similar even though they are half a world apart.

“Unai’s energy is contagious and his dedication is immense. They love what they do and they are leaders. The players want to run through a wall for them.”

Daddy has not been paying attention, has he? Styles the same? Really, Josh?

The whole interview is mildly amusing. These billionaires are so out of the loop in life that it took a Super Bowl final to acknowledge it’d be cool for Arsenal to make a Champions League final one day.

No message as to how we hit those heights, just a confident nod to Unai Emery that he’s got this, and he should spend that £40m he has in the summer really well.


Denis Suarez has LANDED. Get excited people. This is him giving his new manager mad props.

“The main thing is that he dedicates a great deal of time to his work. He spends many hours and days watching videos of other teams and his own side.

“His training sessions are really demanding and he ensures that the team is completely prepared. But as I say, the biggest thing is the time he dedicates to his work. As we’d say in Spanish, he’s ‘un enfermo del fútbol’ – football mad.”

Emery is bloody football mad, isn’t he? Good times.

Really hope Denis is the real deal. He has a lot to prove. He’s a little lost in his career, he’s had spats of excellent play, but he’s never really found a place he can call home. He’s playing for a career with Emery, let’s hope he can deliver.


Manchester City tomorrow is a huge game. Pep G and his team are recovering from a Newcastle United inflicted bloody nose. They need to find that winning gear against us to keep their title hopes alive this season.

Arsenal had a bit of a shocker against relegation fodder in midweek, but the eventual win turned out to be a dream ticket to TOP FOUR. We need to tighten up, because I have to tell you, City have a lot more to offer than Cardiff.

Emery needs to stop talking the talk about video analysis and show us the output of this meticulous planning we hear so much about.

But I tell you… if I see a high line with the defence we have on offer, I’m gonna bloody lose my mind. I will absolutely slam my fist on the table. Don’t doubt my commitment to aggression.

The downside to the win is that we could hand Liverpool the title. Can you imagine that? The internet memes? The southern Scousers burning their City shirts in the street? The endless coverage in the papers. Oh my, won’t it be awful… At least no one cares about City and their 23,000 fans.

Speaking of which, isn’t it amusing to see how empty the Spurs ground has been lately? I really, really hope they struggle to fill that toilet bowl of theirs. I also hope it’s quiet and too expensive for the average Spurs fan. No way they’re shifting £14 salt beef bagels there. Levels people, levels.

Right, that’s me done! Check out my solo pod. I say nice things about the comments section. Sorry to A&N who I missed but value dearly. xx


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  1. Dissenter

    CC knows he was being cute with that Cazorla quip.
    He’s better than that.

    Cazorla is going well in a slower league where technical ability outweighs physical prowess. It’s a league that he knows very well.
    Good for him.

  2. bennydevito

    Ooh the Kronke rams are back in it! I really want the Rams to win so it gives Kronke a taste of winning and make him want to sort out the mess we’re in.

    Liking the NEP’s kit; very Anfield 89.

  3. bennydevito


    Did you see and have you had chance to corroborate that earlier comment regarding a rejected bid from man utd for Ramsey of £64m last season, us having to have £160m in the bank at all times because of the stadium debt, Raul taking bungs from transfers and Ozil having mental health issues?

  4. bunga party

    “taste of winning”

    If Rams win today, Kronkes next focus would still be RAMS and Nuggets. He has make money in NFL while it lasts. Arsenal is just a nice little club across the pond.

  5. Dissenter

    “He has make money in NFL while it lasts. ”
    You don’t know how money is made in American sports. The NFL teams make money regardless of whether they reach the super bowl or even win games.
    It’s a league with tightly controlled costs operating on creating competition through enforced parity.

  6. Takin the Mhik

    Just a thought, why did Emery play Kolasinac on the wing? His job clearly wasn’t to protect Monreal, defensively he done nothing.

    If Kolasinac wasn’t expected to track back, then why not play Ozil? At least we would have had more creativity for Lacazette and Aubameyang.

  7. Pedro

    Benny, I’ve heard all the rumours.

    Football is corrupt as fuck, but it’s going to take some serious journalism for anyone to come out and make credible accusations like that.

    I’ve never heard about the Ozil stories from a credible source. If he were depressed, I’m not sure the manager would be treating him so badly. Also not sure that being depressed necessarily has to impact your ability to work, especially in sport. But who knows.

  8. Pedro

    Dissenter, I think he was referencing the drop in ratings… which have bounced back… or maybe that the president just came out today and said he’d not let his boy play the sport.

  9. Dissenter

    Smart people key their kids play the real football [soccer].
    The average football [soccer] follower in the states has at least one college degree.
    Helmet football is for the not-too-smart or for those seeking easy scholarships to college.

  10. China1

    Haha Benny :p

    I never liked usmanov either but yeah he’s have probably done a better job

    And yeah I don’t get how anyone can enjoy American football either. Basketball and ice hockey sure, but ‘football’ is so stop start and slow

    At least rugby gets on with it

  11. Pedro

    Dissenter, I think it’s easier to get a scholarship with soccer… and I think poor parents are just as likely to want to protect their kids from ravaging their skulls as the rich.

    Be interesting to see if anything changes… longer term thing… but does NFL start to lose popularity?

    Atlanta are filling their soccer ground with 70k people these days, which is incredible really.

  12. TheBayingMob

    Oh ye, Stan’s Rams baby. That’s the way it should be done. What a fucking shit show. A terrible performance.

  13. azed

    If Kolasinac wasn’t expected to track back, then why not play Ozil? At least we would have had more creativity for Lacazette and Aubameyang.

    Would be nice to remind us of the creativity Ozil provided against Cardiff.

  14. Leedsgunner

    LA Rams suffer their Arsenal moment. New England Patriots have the same air of invincibility that Barcelona had when Wenger played them in the Champions League final all those years ago.

    Perhaps S. Kronke will spare us a thought and a dime or two in the summer.

    La Rams will be a forgotten team next season as Kronke will revert to form. The Rams’ run was a useful PR exercise to counter accusations he doesn’t to win trophies.

  15. Nelson

    As I said early, I really like the way Edelman’s play. He can change direction so fast. Really amazing to watch.

  16. bennydevito


    Re Ozil, yes, I thought the same thing; if Ozil is suffering with mental health issues then Emery’s treatment of him isn’t going to help one bit and would be exasperating the situation definitely. As for mental health affecting one’s ability to work I guess it would depend on the job; if the job was £350,000 per week having fun playing football then that job would probably help the condition, but if the job was £350 per week stacking shelves in a supermarket, or sat in a mundane office paper pushing then I’d imagine that job would worsen the condition considerably.

    As for corruption in football maybe you should start compiling a dossier then do a huge LeGrove exposé and blow the lid on it!

  17. Mick Kartun

    I thought normal famous footballers with a normal superb cock, will normally bang as many hot chicks as many possible until their cocks tired and get gonorhea or something.

  18. Guns of SF

    I wanted Rams to win as I hate Brady and the cheating Patriots.
    however, im happy that the Rams lost, to say a big fuck you to Kroenke

    Lets see if he focuses a minute of attention now on our club.

    Im sure JR is a lot more in tune with todays result and the superbowl.

    I guess in the Kroekne family, this season in the NFL was a success.

    Why they continue to dabble in English Football is beyond me.

    Anyhow, lets see what happens with Arsenal now. Will JR come back for a few weeks and give daddy a report?

  19. Emiratesstroller


    I suggested several weeks ago that I thought that Ozil’s health issues might be
    connected with his absence from team. The reason for his absences were varied and increasing.

    Nevertheless my real concern is that Arsenal have got two experienced offensive midfield players at the club in Ramsey and Ozil who are being grossly underused by Emery.

    I have no issue in retaining both Torreira and Guendouzi. Both were overworked yesterday, but you cannot criticise them for the overall inadequacies of team.

    The simple truth is that Arsenal were outplayed by a better team in class and
    more importantly tactics. Man City exploited our weaknesses both on the flanks and in defence.

    It is all very well Arsenal investing in infrastructure e.g. upgrade of stadium and training ground, but that must not be at the expense of the team.

    The two away results against Man City and Liverpool highlight the gulf in class between Arsenal and these clubs.

    Realistically the malaise at Arsenal is not going to be turned around in one or
    two transfer windows. Sorting out the defence as one of the media pundits suggested yesterday is not a matter of throwing huge amounts of money at
    problem, because there is a huge shortage of good defenders globally and a
    lot of demand from other major clubs not just us.

    The bottom line is that we have on our books three defenders in Koscielny,
    Lichtseiner and Monreal who are past their sale by date. Another two in
    Mustafi and Kolasinac who are not top class defenders and two fairly
    experienced players in Sokratis and Bellerin who are currently out injured.

    One thing is for sure Arsenal need to replace Cech, Lichsteiner and Koscielny
    this summer. Leaving aside their wage bill the reality is that they can no longer play at EPL level.

    How you resolve our malaise in short, medium and long term is now a major

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Guns of SF

    Just woken up here, saw the score, very low and strange for the Rams who have been scintillating as an offensive unit. Just one field goal?

    What happened?

    Not to blame the QB but was Goff phased by the occasion? He went through a run of games against the Bears etc where he was really bad. Obviously still young for a QB.

    But did Gurley not have an impact, Anderson etc?

    I thught the Patriots would win, they remind me of Ferguson’s United in terms of getting the job done, but the toothlessness of the Rams is shocking.

  21. Mick Kartun

    Hard to see lichesteneir even playing against the bottom Huddersfield. He shouldn’t be anywhere the arsenal squad , let alone starting against the champion. Old slow donkey Lichtsteiner is just a dancing pole in the middle of strippers, to see him playing for Arsenal is most embarrassing, I must say.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    Dissenter and Pedro

    The US University Sports Scholarship programme is dependent on revenues generated by American Football.

    The best example of this is Notre Dame University which funds a number of
    minor Olympic Sports from these revenues.

    In the UK there is no such funding streams available in our University System.
    Scholarships are very limited in value but can of course be supplemented by
    UK Sport Funding, which focusses primarily on Olympic Sports.

    Professional Football recognise that their youth players need a decent education, but that must not be at the expense of their training programmes.
    As I pointed out recently there are a number of Independent Schools who
    work closely with clubs like Chelsea in providing tutoring.

    For the record many of Britain’s leading academic schools who have offered
    scholarships including those for sport are now switching out of this system
    and replacing them with means tested bursaries. That applies in particular to
    London based schools.

    The main criteria for the bursary is the parents’ income and meeting the academic requirements of the school. Excellence in sport or culture may
    be considered but are of secondary importance.

  23. Tony

    good post

    After the first 10 minutes of the City game it was easy to see what the outcome was going to be.

    The fact that Mustafi and Lich were selected over Mavs and Jenks pretty much concluded that we’d lose by several goals and that conclusion was proved correct.

    It was another late game for me starting at 11:30pm and the only reason I stayed up for the 2nd half to continue watching a poorly selected team again by Emery be taken apart by a vastly superior City team in all departments pretty much at times playing exhibition football was to see Suarez.

    The less said about Suarez the better at this stage. I’ll chalk his lack of everything we need up to his only just having arrived and being totally new to the team.

    I just hope Emery’s future signings are vastly more talented and not Barca or other clubs’ rejects.

    Good to see the Kroenkes got their arses kicked in the Superbowl. I wonder what they think of their US$billion+ investment now?

    I won’t comment on what I don’t know, so I’ll leave it to our American gooners to pass judgement on the game.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    I omitted making comment about Suarez.

    Bluntly this was a typical January signing. The only positive is that it is a loan
    and sofar as I am aware we are not obliged to buy him.

  25. Un na naai

    The fact that Mustafi and Lich were selected over Mavs and Jenks pretty much concluded that we’d lose by several goals and that conclusion was proved correct.


    As soon as I saw the selection I said that we’d concede goals all day in space between this two

    We also had no xakha to release early balls to our forwards. Iwobi was ineffective. As were guendouzi and Torreira as a two man midfield. There are no proper footballers on this team. Lacazette is the closest thing we have and he’s isolated.

  26. Goobergooner

    The funny thing is,

    The anti Emery crowd; also the pro Wenger til the end crowd, think that every other fan that has tried to back Emery is going to try and see a repeat of the Wenger regime, which ironically they don’t want to happen.

    The fact that our squad has got so shit is only down to Wenger (and yes definitely Kroenke for not investing, but self sustainability doesn’t happen like that, and I’m assuming the majority of fans wanted this approach until it led us to be shit under Wenger).

    There is no denying it. Our defence is fucking shambolic. And has been for a long time. Not just this season.

    Our whole squad is 6th place level thanks to a continued belief in Wenger from Kroenke and Gazidis.

    The people who believe in Emery aren’t believing in Emery specifically, rather trying to believe in The Arsenal again.

    The manager can be anyone at all, I don’t think many people actually care that much, as our squad is so shite compared to our top 4 competition, that we are in the league position we are in. Regardless if Emery is the manager or not.

    70million on 5 players in one window does not solve problems of competing again.

    It’s funny the pro Wenger’s are the ones now asking for an unsustainable input into the club. Absolute cunts.

    Yes it would make a difference but you can’t have it both ways.

    The players we did buy last summer, apart from Lichtsteiner are our best players.

    That says a fuck load.

    If anyone realistically thought we could beat city the other day well then good for you. I love the optimism. But fuck that is not even close to the reality.

    Sorry for the rant but my goodness people need to calm down.
    A solid freefall from top 2 to 6th (with multiple variables) is not fixed in a season and 70 mil.

    Eat a bag of dicks to anyone who takes offense to this, seriously.

  27. Emiratesstroller

    Un na nail

    You should not be too harsh on Torreira and Guendouzi. Both did not play badly,
    but were grossly overworked in the shambles that surrounds them.

    Actually I thought that Guendouzi had one of his better games, although he did
    tail off towards end of match through tiredness.

  28. qna

    Emirates:” The bottom line is that we have on our books three defenders in Koscielny,
    Lichtseiner and Monreal who are past their sale by date. Another two in
    Mustafi and Kolasinac who are not top class defenders and two fairly
    experienced players in Sokratis and Bellerin who are currently out injured.One thing is for sure Arsenal need to replace Cech, Lichsteiner and Koscielny
    this summer. Leaving aside their wage bill the reality is that they can no longer play at EPL level.”

    While all this is true, this has been the same story for the majority of Wenger’s reign. It has been a horror show for me to watch us sign players like Welbeck and Gervinho, knowing that they dont have the quality before they even step foot in the door. Spending good money on players that were never going to be good enough. Its been the story of Arsenal’s demise. And then knowing that we are stuck with them for the next 3-5 years just rubs salt into the wounds.

    We have had a mountain of work to do on our squad ever since we moved to the Emirates. This is not new to us. What we as fans should be looking for is some kind of strategy from the club. It’s futile to spend our time wishing for Stan Kroenke to leave. And its also pointless to talk about managers. The squad needs a complete overhaul. We don’t have the money to do it, so it will take a long term plan. I have been saying this for a while now.

    We need to come up with a realistic time period that such an overhaul can be completed. My feeling is it could be done in as little as 4 years if our recruiting is good enough. With that in mind, its pointless to spend any decent money on any player that is over 27. Ideally, you have a cut off age of around 24 in the next couple of transfer windows. Also, you look at any player on our list that is over 27 and they will not be a major part of our team in 4-6 years time. So any player in this age bracket that has value should be considered sellable in order to reinvest in younger talented players.

  29. Tony

    Good post, but Emery could be getting better results with better reading of the PL and better team selections. The squad is seriously bad but we could maybe have beaten United home and away and certainly not lost 3 games away to bottom feeding clubs.

    Had selections been better and more tactically correct I believe we would still be in the FA cup and would be at least 6 points better off.

    I’m not Emery out ………..Yet! I’ll decide that in the summer.

    Was my observation too as I posted that we were asking for trouble with selecting Lichee & Mustafi a few minutes into the game. Then seeing Iwobi defending just screamed we are going to lose by several goals, especially with Sead being played more and a winger than defensive cover.

    Looking at the continued Emery team selection debacle I don’t share your belief we’ll definitely finish top 4. This squad is far from good enough, but could be made to punch above its weight with the right team selections and tactics.

    As I have always said top 4 is a pipe dream but isn’t completely impossible but will be impossible if Emery continues on his season’s course of tactics and team selections.

    It needs some luck, a prevailing wind and far better coaching decisions than are being currently made.

  30. DivineSherlock

    What a shit show eh ?

    Not that we didn’t expect it , but the manager didn’t set us up right. 6 Defenders in the starting line up yet we concede in the 1st minute itself. Zero chances created for the forwards and 3 of our attacking/creative mids left on the bench . The Ozil thing is clearly hurting the squad ( baffling cos in one match hes the captain, next match hes benched) Unai Emery’s constant changing and chopping isn’t helping anyone. Lichtensteiner is clearly not at PL level.

  31. Leftsidesanch

    To be fair to the defenders early on, what chance do you have when Iwobi is trying to dribble his way out of the box surrounded by City players. Just hoof it out for a throw if unsure.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    I would not be too harsh on Welbeck. He would not be my first player out of theclub, because he is a useful utility forward and third string striker to have in squad if he was not so injury prone.

    My criticism of Wenger is that he never invested properly in his defence. That
    applies not only to first team, but our U23 and Academy squads as well. There
    appear to be similar weaknesses throughout the club.

  33. Goobergooner

    I totally get you.

    I don’t think Emery is the right man. But my hopes are that he can steady the ship for the manager that can be our saviour.

    I just feel it is unjustifiably agenda driven to want him out already. If the management can get in pep this summer then sweet get rid of Emery (still don’t think the results, with our spending, won’t be enough even for him). But this transition from monarchy to democracy is going to take some time. (Yes I know this isn’t politics, but half the people here don’t know this is a football blog hahaha. Just kidding I like the wide views of the commenters for sure!)

    What I’m trying to say is that our club is a mess and it is going to take time to fix.

    I just can’t stand the notion of being a self sustainable club under Wenger to now needing (justifiably none the less, as our squad is shite) an influx of owner influence to get back to the top.

    It just can’t be both ways

  34. gonsterous

    in the grand scheme of things, 3 points off top 4 isn’t that bad. I may be wrong but I think we have the easier fixtures of the other 2 teams competing for that spot.
    only time will tell but we need to beat utd and get some thing from spurs, also not slip up against the lower teams till the end of the season.

  35. gonsterous

    utd have to play us, city, pool, and chelsea, looking tough for them.
    chelsea have to play city, utd, pool and totts.
    So it’s very much on for the top 4

  36. Leftsidesanch

    Your correct Gons,

    The top 4 isn’t decided as of yet. Man Utd also have to come to the Emirates which is a game we have to take something from. I think 3 points seperates Chelsea, them and us.

  37. Un na naai


    My point is not that they are not good players or that they will not be great players but they didn’t work as a two man midfield yesterday. The midfield was missing a ball player. Xakha.

    Yes guendouzi is getting better and better with every single game now
    I expect him to be titanic for us moving forward. Love the kid. As I pointed out last week he really reminds me of paddy v the way his long legs come out and steal the ball away or the way you think he’s lost control and then he subtly meanders out of trouble and away with the ball.

  38. Goobergooner

    I’m with you, Gon.

    As much as I can’t stand our defence, I live that the club’s around us aren’t hitting their potential either.

    Spurs have pushed on. I don’t see them being there at the end of the season. We can beat Chelsea and man U to the punch if we can keep the squad we have available fit. If we suffer more injuries we have no chance hahaha

  39. Pierre

    “You should not be too harsh on Torreira and Guendouzi. Both did not play badly,
    but were grossly overworked in the shambles that surrounds them.”

    I agree, how we can start with 3 defensive minded midfielders at home to Cardiff and then only 2 against city defies logic.
    It was a shambles except for a spell in the first half when we seemed to be coming tomorrow with the game.
    Pep showed his superior tactical knowledge by getting his team to complete dominate Arsenal in the 2nd half just by closing the spaces higher up the pitch , it was embarrassingly easy.

  40. Goobergooner

    Pierre you are definitely a bloke I’d love to have Beer with. Some things, in my opinion which means shit all to nothing, you differ on in a negative manner. But I do like your appreciation for football. Would love to sit back and watch a neutral game with you, followed by the majestic arsenal of course.

  41. Un na naai


    I know we just got a drubbing and morale is low but I still think we will make top 4

    This squad is as good as Chelsea or Manchester United’s. They are both as unbalanced as ours. You take hazard and de gea away and they are worse than us.

    On yesterday’s game. Mustafi and Lichtsteiner do not start meaningful games for arsenal again. Why Suárez made it on before ozil after only 1 league game all season I don’t know
    Why iwobi over Ramsey started I don’t know
    Without xakha both forwards were totally isolated. And this isn’t hindsight.
    I and many others pointed all of this out before the game and when the team news was released the general consensus was a good beating down our right hand side.

    This team does not have the personnel to play a straight 442 yet that’s what he went for.

    Yes the squad needs additions but the manager is floundering. He’s making terrible decisions week after week after week and it’s as plain as the nose on his face he’s struggling. He flip flops with his selections. For a man who has an extensive dossier on our olayers he sure seems pretty clueless on how best to utilize them. And then when he gets it right he just abandons the set up immediately. What is he doing?

  42. qna

    ES: I would not be too harsh on Welbeck. He would not be my first player out of theclub, because he is a useful utility forward and third string striker to have in squad if he was not so injury prone.

    Welbeck was never good enough. Not at United and not at Arsenal. Can’t finish. He was a waste of a spot on our list. The 18m we spent on him at the time could have been better spent. Its this type of transfer wastage that has killed us. Chambers for example at 16m. We should have been looking at a guy like Laporte at the time. Maybe he costs an extra 10m. We have spent good money over the past 10-15 years. But instead of spending a bit more and getting a top player, we bought players that belong in mid table clubs.

    ES: My criticism of Wenger is that he never invested properly in his defence. That applies not only to first team, but our U23 and Academy squads as well. There appear to be similar weaknesses throughout the club.

    My criticism of Wenger has always been that his ego got in the way. It was not just one area of the team, but all areas. He didn’t keep up with the trends that were working for other clubs and winning trophies. Notably, he didn’t think that a world class striker was that important for the longest time. He also didnt think that a combative midfeilder like Veira was that important either. Our central defence was ok for much of his time up until the end of the Vermaelen and Koscielny pairing. Depth was a problem – Senderos, Djourou being useless, but it wasnt our most pressing need for most of the time he was sinking the ship.

    I think the guy has been past it for some time, but even when he was just over the hill, he still wasn’t terrible. I think his ability to be able to identify good talent declined long before his tactical abilities and overall coaching abilities. I initially joined the Wenger Out brigade because of the players that he was buying. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time that with the right players, he might have been able to compete. Or at least compete better. But he got in the way of himself. His ego to make players where there was nothing to be made was his main downfall. Sonogo and the British Core that would be the new England team will be the legacy that I remember Wenger for. What hubris the guy had. In hindsight that looks so bad that you have to wonder if he needed to see a mental health professional about it.

  43. Un na naai


    I agree. I think some of our fellow Le Grover’s attribute to high a value to our immediate rival’s as they do to most players who don’t play for arsenal while they are flavour of the month

    Benteke and Morgan Schneiderlin being notable examples.

    Anyway back on point. We can take advantage of a poor Chelsea and united side this year because next year may be very difficult if we don’t get back into the champions league now. It’s eirher that or stan k invests tonget us up and firing again

  44. peanuts&monkeys

    Yes, the squad is full of loads of shit like Iwobi and Xhaka and Licht and Mustafi and Ramsey and Mkhi. But its not as poor as the performances. Emery has to take resp of that. Performances are not just boring, its completely brainless.

  45. Pierre

    Our midfield and attack are not of inferior quality but the quality of our football is of an inferior quality.

    Defensively ,of course we are poor , that was partly to do with the set up of the team yesterday. There as no real protection for our defence from the wide players or centre.

    If we are to play 4 at the back , I would like to see us play 4-2-3-1 which we played earlier in the season during our unbeaten run.
    This system allows us to play with 4 offensive minded players and have the 2 midfielders sitting protecting the back 4 .

    Having 2 midfielders sitting means they are conserving energy and playing controlled disciplined football instead of the keystone cops style we are seeing at the moment which burns energy and leaves us out of gas for the final third of the game.

    I am not sure why Emery changed that successful formation which was working and suited the players .

  46. Ishola70

    Can we stop with this nonsense that Arsenal have an overall squad equal to Chelsea or Manchester United.

    These clubs may not be doing as well as they may wish but as has been pointed out numerous times Chelsea have won the league a few times in recent past years and Manchester United have spent much more money overall on their squad in past recent years.

    I can only assume this type of talk is trolling on behalf of Arsene Wenger.

  47. Ishola70

    Imagine Chelsea or Manchester United wheeling out Lichtsteiner to play EPL matches.


    Lichtsteiner is a prime example that the Arsenal squad is under that of Chelsea or Manchester United.

  48. Un na naai


    It’s not nonsense
    Who at Manchester United would walk into our side? De gea that’s it. Pogba is no more effective than Ramsey really.
    Their centre halves are decent but not better than ours
    Their full backs are not as good as ours Lichtsteiner aside
    Their midfield is not better than ours in fact I’d say ours is superior
    And our attack is superior to theirs

  49. Emiratesstroller


    As I said Welbeck as a squad player is fine. I never considered him a starting X1 player, but in contrast to many of the other players on our books he had an excellent work ethic and in contrast to Iwobi a football brain.

    Second our defence has always been lightweight since the era of Winterburn,
    Keown/Bould and Dixon. We have been always short in that department. It
    is not just about the first choice backline. You have to factor in for injuries,
    suspensions and loss of form as well.

    Arsenal’s present crop of defenders are awful. The only players which I would
    keep are Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding and maybe Mavropanos, although latter
    two have yet to prove that they can play at top level.

    I include Bellerin, because I factor in his age and that under a decent defence
    coach he may be improvable.

    Emery is understandably being criticised for recent performances primarily
    because he is experimenting too much with formations and players. You cannot really blame him for the defence personnel, because they were signed
    before he arrived at club.

  50. Ishola70

    Manchester United and Chelsea have better overall squads than Arsenal do.

    As said you are either ultra super fan over-rating the players or you are trolling on behalf of Arsene Wenger.

    Wenger would be proud of you with this talk. After all he said himself when he left this squad is good enough for top four.

    Yet again the man was lying up his own sleeve.

  51. Un na naai


    Exactly. Why change the formations that have worked? He got it right vs Liverpool, spurs and Chelsea. Why did he change again immediately after those games?

    We had 5 technical attacking midfielders when emery joined. All have been either given away for free and/or frozen out

    Why did he do this if he knew our squad so well? Why did he let wilshere and cazorla go in favour of ozil and Ramsey only to immediately freeze them out? Why not sell those two in the summer and keep cazorla and Wilshere for a transition season or two?
    Why persist with Lichtsteiner at all in the premier league let alone v Liverpool or Manchester City?

  52. Ishola70

    This squad Wenger left behind and the players brought in during the summer would be only capable of top four if two of the established EPL clubs had horrible seasons.

    Manchester United and Chelsea are having very mediocre seasons but not horrible enough and hugely unlikely both of them slip to allow Arsenal top four. Maybe one but not both.

    Let’s be clear here Arsenal do not get fourth place because of how good Arsenal are. Arsenal get fourth because of failure of others.

  53. qna

    ES. At the time, it was a waste of money to spend 18m on a squad player. We should have spent 30m on a decent player. I don’t recall but how much would Laca it Auba have cost in that same year. If not them, then somebody else. Dybala for 32m the year he went to Juve.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Wilshere and Cazorla were offloaded because they were crippled with injuries
    and could no longer perform at expected level. The decision over Cazorla was taken before Emery arrived.I don’t think that anyone believes seriously that we should have renewed contract of Wilshire.

    I do have a serious concern about how Ramsey’s contract was handled. The
    decision there was poorly handled.

  55. Un na naai


    Do you believe that the defensive personnel at the club at the start of the season is sufficient to form a relatively cohesive unit? I do. I believe that Bellerin holding sokratis Koscielny Mavropanos Monreal and to a lesser extent Kolasinac can all be utilised and moulded together to form a much better defense that what we’ve been presented with thus far. They aren’t being used properly

    The fact that he went with Lichtsteiner agaisnt city yesterday perfectly illustrates the notion that emery doesn’t seem to know how to use our current defenders.
    Could we do with upgrades? Undoubtedly. I wanted a proper cb and a left back this summer as I made clear throuoht. However it does not mean that we don’t have sufficient quality to work with and mould into a denfence which is much more capable than we are seeing right now.
    He’s getting it wrong. With his selection, his high line tactics and clearly on the training ground too.
    Alex Ferguson turned John o Shea and Wes brown (two Sunderland defenders really) into champions league winners. Wenger got eboue/senderos/toure/flamini to the champions league final as a record setting defence.

    These players are better than that

  56. Pierre

    “. But I do like your appreciation for football. Would love to sit back and watch a neutral game with you, followed by the majestic arsenal of course.”

    I am normally very positive when watching Arsenal ,but I am struggling at the moment with what Emery is trying to do .

    I have said before that what is most worrying to me is that watching the games during our recent 6 defeats , at no time in those games do you get the feeling that we could play our way back into the game . We look totally devoid of ideas . I can’t remember one worthwhile chance in the last 20 mins of those games.

  57. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s transfer strategy has been flawed for a very long time, but again I repeat that I have no issue spending £18 million on Welbeck.

    This was certainly not the worst purchase made by the club.

    You should not assume that Arsenal are in a position to buy every world class
    player in the market. There are many factors to consider not least budget and
    competition. Also I think that Arsenal missed out on many player because of
    ethics not least bungs paid to agents and families by other clubs.

  58. Ishola70


    ” Also I think that Arsenal missed out on many player because of
    ethics not least bungs paid to agents and families by other clubs.”

    And I remember you being quite proud of those ethics in the past on here.

    Was it worth dealing with that slime ball agent for the purchase of Mhiki or whatever he is called?

    I think not.

    Ethics thrown down the drain for such a signing.

  59. Un na naai


    Yes I seriously do think we could have renewed his contract
    We kept him fit all of last season and was useful in the games a played. His touch, link up and footballing brain were clearly ahead of most of his team mates when he was deployed.

    Cazorla. That may be true but why did emery not try and convince them to keep him? Whatever happened it was not a sound footballing decision as we’ve had to bring in Suárez who is less capable than both

  60. Un na naai


    In truth I’ve given up on ozil. For whatever reason he just doesn’t apply himself for me. I’ve seen his stats and as impressive as they are the are belying of the man I see on the pitch. We don’t have the personnel to extract the best from ozil wether that’s management, players or sports psychologists. I get why you like him though as I’ve a similar affection for Jack Wilshere. We all see different things when we watch football and that’s why partly why football is so interesting. Ones mans junk is another man’s gold. Kanu overmars and Henry being prime examples