Josh K talks of Champions League glory (also, £40m summer kitty)

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I feel like a child of absent parents this morning. Daddy has tumbled down the stairs, barged into the living room slightly hungover, and handed me an IOU for a Mars bar. This is Josh ‘Daddy’ K.

“To see where Sean has taken us [the Rams] in a short amount of time gives us a lot of confidence.

“The only thing on a par with the Super Bowl is Arsenal making the Champions League final.

“It is something we are very focused on.

“I have been telling my friends all week the Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle that we have here and the Champions League is something in Europe that we strive for and we look forward to being a part of in the future.”

It was all going so well, then he kind of let slip that he was thinking about the other kid who is more handsome than I, and he kind of got his wires crossed.

“I think he [Emery] and Sean are very comparable in the way they approach their craft on a daily basis,”

“There is a lot of data they break down. They are very active on the practice pitch. Their styles are similar even though they are half a world apart.

“Unai’s energy is contagious and his dedication is immense. They love what they do and they are leaders. The players want to run through a wall for them.”

Daddy has not been paying attention, has he? Styles the same? Really, Josh?

The whole interview is mildly amusing. These billionaires are so out of the loop in life that it took a Super Bowl final to acknowledge it’d be cool for Arsenal to make a Champions League final one day.

No message as to how we hit those heights, just a confident nod to Unai Emery that he’s got this, and he should spend that £40m he has in the summer really well.


Denis Suarez has LANDED. Get excited people. This is him giving his new manager mad props.

“The main thing is that he dedicates a great deal of time to his work. He spends many hours and days watching videos of other teams and his own side.

“His training sessions are really demanding and he ensures that the team is completely prepared. But as I say, the biggest thing is the time he dedicates to his work. As we’d say in Spanish, he’s ‘un enfermo del fútbol’ – football mad.”

Emery is bloody football mad, isn’t he? Good times.

Really hope Denis is the real deal. He has a lot to prove. He’s a little lost in his career, he’s had spats of excellent play, but he’s never really found a place he can call home. He’s playing for a career with Emery, let’s hope he can deliver.


Manchester City tomorrow is a huge game. Pep G and his team are recovering from a Newcastle United inflicted bloody nose. They need to find that winning gear against us to keep their title hopes alive this season.

Arsenal had a bit of a shocker against relegation fodder in midweek, but the eventual win turned out to be a dream ticket to TOP FOUR. We need to tighten up, because I have to tell you, City have a lot more to offer than Cardiff.

Emery needs to stop talking the talk about video analysis and show us the output of this meticulous planning we hear so much about.

But I tell you… if I see a high line with the defence we have on offer, I’m gonna bloody lose my mind. I will absolutely slam my fist on the table. Don’t doubt my commitment to aggression.

The downside to the win is that we could hand Liverpool the title. Can you imagine that? The internet memes? The southern Scousers burning their City shirts in the street? The endless coverage in the papers. Oh my, won’t it be awful… At least no one cares about City and their 23,000 fans.

Speaking of which, isn’t it amusing to see how empty the Spurs ground has been lately? I really, really hope they struggle to fill that toilet bowl of theirs. I also hope it’s quiet and too expensive for the average Spurs fan. No way they’re shifting £14 salt beef bagels there. Levels people, levels.

Right, that’s me done! Check out my solo pod. I say nice things about the comments section. Sorry to A&N who I missed but value dearly. xx


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  1. Leedsgunner

    Tottenham must have sacrificed a somrthing serious to the football gods because they are pulling it out of the bag.

    Uggh. Annoying.

  2. Nelson

    “if I see a high line with the defence we have on offer”

    Emery talked about trying to have control of the game. I am really worried that he wants to go toe to toe against MC. He did that against the Pool away and Manu. Both times, we got our arse kicked.

  3. Marc

    As far as I can tell the Spud’s are screwing their fans on season tickets compared to the old shite hart lane. They used to get 2 cup credits and at the new stadium they’ll get 0. So effectively a £50 to £100 (on average) increase on your season ticket before they’ve kicked a ball.

    29,000 at the Watford match is also a shocking turnout as well.

  4. Bamford10

    Pedro still doing the unreasonable, evidence-free, negativity thing. We should have ample money to spend this coming summer, and there is no reason to believe we will not spend the money available to us. There is also no reason not to believe Kroenke, Sanllehi and Venkatesham when they say their aim is top four, then competing for PL and CL titles.

  5. Chris

    Well we all used to be quite rightly upset with Silent Stan for not communicating with the fans. Now they are stating publicly an aim to be the best which is at least something. They need to back these words up with a big summer of investment in the playing squad.

  6. Marc


    Well we’ll find out in 6 months!

    Also from the last post I wasn’t having a pop at Cuba’s health system I was trying to put a context against Dissenter who seems to think there’s nothing of benefit that comes out of the US’s health system.

    By the way with my admittedly limited knowledge of the US health system I think you do need to bring it forward to match a more modern outlook but don’t think the NHS is perfect as a template.

  7. Dissenter

    Pedro is just being cheeky as usual
    I prefer the sneaky Pedro who pushing soft agendas to the one who was in lockstep with Gazidis as he bled the club dry.

  8. Pierre

    “As you can see, Emery gives the characteristics of the player he wants and it’s up to the Scout/DoF to find that player based on club budget.”

    Thanks ,so he does have an input as to which players he wants in the team , just what I thought.

  9. Nelson

    Allow me to re_post my previous post. It was drown under all those political discussions.

    “Josh Kroenke tells Unai Emery to follow the lead of Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay. Did he talk to Pedro also…”

  10. Micheal

    Bamf: “Pedro still doing the unreasonable, evidence-free, negativity thing. We should have ample money to spend this coming summer, and there is no reason to believe we will not spend the money available to us. There is also no reason not to believe Kroenke, Sanllehi and Venkatesham when they say their aim is top four, then competing for PL and CL titles.”

    Alert: Sponsored content. This post is brought to you courtesy of KSE Inc (owner S Kroenke).

  11. Marc


    Again with the agenda. That’s not what Azed said, he said Emery gives the characteristics he wants in a player. Therefore you could say he has an input in the type of player he wants not the individual.

    How far his input goes beyond that none of us know.

  12. Marc


    Don’t get attached to the cat it’s in Liverpool. If Scouser’s think a dead cat’s a treat what do you think they’ll make of a live one!

  13. Rich

    The guy who writes this blog seems so certain he knows how to solve all our problems…..
    He spent years hounding out Wenger, and now he’s already lightly beating the drum on #EmeryOut….
    At least the other guy who used to share writing dribble had the sense to disappear under the nearness rock after a little while.
    Only a fool could speak with such certainty on issues he has no experience in.

  14. London gunner

    If spurs actually invest next summer you could see them winning a league title.

    Only four points off top. They are just relentless at grinding out wins.

    Hate it to be honest that we are reduced to being under them. The tables have really turned on us thanks to Wengers incompetence.

  15. Marc


    You do know that they are broke? The new stadium is costing over £1 billion and several hundred million over budget. They are the first team since the introduction of the transfer windows not to add a player during the summer one and haven’t added in January, there are also several players running contracts down.

    I’ve also heard rumours that some subbie’s are refusing work at the new stadium because of issues with getting paid.

    I fully expect a quite severe drop off from the Spud’s over the next couple of seasons and that’s without the Poch moving on.

  16. Champagne charlie

    If Higuaín finds his feet Chelsea will be different gravy.

    Heard he’ll do nothing at Chelsea though so all is well.

  17. Marc


    Yeah he has a limited input but you make it sound as if you’re making some sort of Zen like revelation.

    Maybe it’s because at your age you’re close to the other side – Pierre walk towards the light!

  18. Marc


    I’m not going to comment on whether Higuain will be a success or not but I don’t think playing Huddersfield at home after being spanked by Bournemouth is the match to make a definitive decision on.

  19. TR7


    ‘I fully expect a quite severe drop off from the Spud’s over the next couple of seasons and that’s without the Poch moving on.’

    I remember you predicting Spurs would struggle this season as well due to them not signing any player in transfer window.

  20. Champagne charlie


    I didn’t make a definite decision, I said if he finds his feet he’ll transform them.

    I don’t make daft absolute statements and spend the year bending the conversation to suit it.

  21. Marc


    My prediction was that the 4 clubs chasing top 4 – Arsenal, Chelsea, Utd and the Spud’s all had issues. New managers, Mourinho, lack of money / no new signings etc and moving into the new stadium.

    I’ll admit the Spud’s have coped better than I expected with the squad they have but I still maintain that being in a new stadium will have an effect.

    I said this when they moved to Wembley for the supposedly only season and was told I was wrong. Last season at shite hart lane 4 points dropped at home, first season at Wembley 14 points dropped at home.

    If they manage to move into the new stadium this century we’ll see what effect it has.

  22. Pierre

    No , I was asking the question to Bennydevito if Emery has any input regarding new signings , Azed decided to butt in ( as he often does) and now you are giving your two pennies worth .

    But we are all in agreement that Emery has an input on new signings which is how it should be as it would be pointless Saul and whoever bringing in players that Emery doesn’t rate.

    Emery would have had the biggest input with regard the saurez signing as they have worked together previously.

  23. Marc


    Why would anyone think the manager would have no input at all, especially on a short term loan where he’s had experience of working with the player?

  24. Marc


    I think the Higuain question is how he’ll fit into the way they play. Chelsea have played with a battering ram of a CF for god knows how long now. Will Sarri get them to adapt or have time to affect the changes?

  25. Un na naai

    West Ham fear Jack Wilshere’s season could be over as he struggles to overcome a persistent ankle problem.” – SkySportsWait, what was it we said about Wilshere here, Un Na? Oh right, we said he was crocked. And we were right.


    And I told you and your little posse that this squad is good enough for 4th spot.

    I dont care if Wilshere is injured. He’s not an arsenal player any more. If had had my way though he would be and he’d be wrapped in cotton wool and used sparingly to get the best out of him. Just like Ledley king was at spurs.

    Now carful Bamford, you don’t want any more deleted comments….

  26. TR7


    Higuain has lost some pace but his movement is still quite good and he knows how to score goals. In fact I think a battering ram is exactly what Sarri doesn’t need. Higuain may still struggle but if I were a betting man I would bet my money on him faring better than Giroud and Morata at the very least.The challenge for Sarri is to get his midfield to play quick football. Jorginho and Kovacic are painfully slow.

  27. Un na naai


    I agree but Xavi Scholes and Alonso were slow but highly capable of playing quick football. Same as teddy sheringham. What they need is runners. And quality creative players to bounce off. Kavacic more than Jorginho who is just not suited to the league at all. A la Juan Sebastian Veron.

  28. Marc


    You sort of missed my point. Chelsea have used a battering ram CF since Drogba got the gig and they’ve struggled to adapt to another type. This isn’t Sarri’s style of football but when you look at what’s going on at Chelsea you wonder whether the players just down tools again. Do the Chelsea management have the balls to let him have a mass clear out.

  29. TR7

    Un nai

    Yes, not impressed by Kovacic at all. Ross Barkely is not a very smart player but his mobility and athleticism will help Chelsea. He should be played more often.

  30. Bamford10

    Un Na

    I have always said that our squad is capable of finishing fourth, so you “told me” nothing.

    However, unlike you, I recognize that Chelsea, Spurs and United all have better squads than we do, so to finish above one or more of them will require us to overachieve.

    Smart money is on Chelsea, Spurs or United to finish third and fourth; it is not on Arsenal. And this because the former have better squads, not because they have better managers.

  31. Pierre

    I do get the impression that some on here think the manager is not influential on any new signings , loan or otherwise.

    At least we are in agreement that he does have an input.

  32. London gunner

    To all the akbs out there

    Higuain another quality player. If wenger wasnt a complete fool we could have had him for many years.

  33. Bamford10


    Maybe it’s my browser, but that £40m hyperlink in your post isn’t working for me. Can you re-post this link in the comments? I’m curious to know where you’re getting this we’ll-only-have-40m-to-spend story.

  34. TR7


    Think Abrahmovic should stop being trigger happy and give Sarri more time. All these years Hazard was instrumental in dragging Chelsea over the line but looks like he will move on next season. So Chelsea are due an overhaul in their squad and style of play anyway come next season. Better to have a manager who is already there to oversee it than someone else.

  35. Bamford10


    Yeah, you don’t like the discussion because you’d like to pretend that we have a top four squad. We don’t. Five clubs have better squads than us; so yes, to finish fifth or above will require us to over-achieve.

  36. Dissenter

    “Higuain another quality player. If wenger wasnt a complete fool we could have had him for many years.”

    Shush you, why are you revising history?
    Didn’t we bring in the great Yaya Sanogo that summer.

  37. London gunner


    Its not a url its just htlm web code.

    It references a podcast epsiode of the arsenal opinion on spotify/itunes ect

  38. Leon

    Arsenal are done and dusted.
    £40 million….
    I would not even bother giving it to Emery.
    Its not worth it….
    $1.8 billion on the RAMS
    £40 million on Arsenal and its not even his money.
    I hope the RAMS get ******* hammered.
    And something particularly nasty happens to Kroenke…

  39. bennydevito


    You and the Emery haters are stating that Emery selects the actual person and is in full control of the transfer process, that’s what you’ve been saying. The reality which is what I’ve been saying is that Emery merely identifies the holes in the squad that need filling, the director of football, scouts or whoever then actually identify the person himself, like the abysmal Lichsteiner.

    You can try and shift the argument like to try and save face, but I have been proven right. I never said Emery doesn’t have an input, I said he doesn’t select the actual footballer.

  40. Un na naai


    Bamford you said that the table doesn’t lie.

    Now youre back tracking.
    I don’t think united do have a better squad
    Do united have 2×25 goal a season strikers?
    Do they have an attacking midfielder capable of creating 100 premier league chances per season all by himself?
    United’s squad has huge potential but it’s no better than ours

    I don’t think Chelsea do either
    United have DDG and that’s it (Pogba is overrated)
    Chelsea have Kante and hazard that’s it.

  41. Carts

    “We let Gabriel go too soon.
    He was a good defender who was still settling into the English game.”

    Like a lot of our defenders, he was being poorly coached, and just looked awful

  42. Dissenter

    I’m watching Gabriel play for Valancia against Barca.
    He’s good, really good.
    We would have been better off with him now.

  43. TR7

    Gabriel was a nervous wreck and destabilized our defense. He looked half decent playing as a right back but just wasn’t up to the mark as a CB.

  44. Dissenter

    I’m afraid you’re confusing his animated remonstrations with his team mates as anxiety.
    He’s a talker on the field which was out of place with Wenger’s style.

  45. Upstate Gooner

    I never said Emery doesn’t have an input, I said he doesn’t select the actual footballer.

    So who picked Suarez then?

  46. Carts

    Watching the same game, Dissenter

    Tbf, to Gabriel, he’s been good since signing for Valencia – it simply looks like he’s been coached to defend with intensity

    At Arsenal, our defenders look feeble

  47. Dissenter

    It ;looked like a promising game in the beginning
    Now it’s really got the makings of a good contest.
    Now Barca have to do some diving to get back into it.

  48. Redtruth

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger handed £40m budget for summer rebuilding work

    Arsène Wenger will have a player budget of around £40 million this summer and will be allowed to spend it how he chooses.

    Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger handed £40m budget for summer rebuilding work
    Transfer targets:

    The telegraph
    By Jeremy Wilson 10:00PM BST 21 Apr 2011

    Those funds will cover transfer fees as well as the wages of new signings, giving the Arsenal manager the resources to retain the core of his squad but also add one or two proven and experienced players.

    More radical change would require the departure of existing players, with the money from any sales to be added to the transfer budget. The current budget of £40million would remain accessible to Wenger next year if he decides that he does not need reinforcements or is unable to sign any of his targets.

    Peter is stuck in a timewarp

  49. Upstate Gooner

    London gooner
    Raul AND Emery. Not for one second I’ll believe that Emery had nothing to do with bringing Suarez to Arsenal.

  50. Bamford10

    Un Na

    I don’t know if I said “the table doesn’t lie,” but that’s also completely beside the point.

    I have always said we’re capable of finishing top four; I have also always said that Chelsea, Spurs and United have better squads than we do.

    So I haven’t “backtracked” on anything.

    As for your thinking we have as good a squad as United, OK, well, I disagree. I also don’t think much of your football opinions, though; you wanted us to keep and start a crocked Jack Wilshere and you rated Walcott and Giroud. You also have an agenda, namely, you hope to call for Emery’s head if we don’t finish fourth; this will only be a reasonable position, though, if you can say that our squad was just as good as that of Spurs, Chelsea or United. This is why you’re claiming this is the case.

    Most people here and elsewhere disagree with you; most people think those teams have better players than we do. I imagine the odds-makers’ odds reflect this; and if they don’t right now; they will in two weeks’ time.

  51. Globalgunner

    Every CB defender that Wenger has bought has been hobbled by his non coaching and shite tactics. He will also never buy 2 quality CBs at the same time. one always has to be hobbled by the sheer shiteness of the other. Wenger considers any player behind the AM as making up the numbers. Crap keepers are ok too. ALMUNIA!!!!

    Gabriel…became worse when he joined us. His career is back on track

  52. Bamford10

    Jesus Christ. Why do we constantly have to go back over shit that has already been established (or is obvious)? Emery tells Raul what he needs. He also recommends specific players, if he has specific players in mind. Sanllehi and the chief scout do the rest, but Emery retains veto power over any eventual signing.

    Of course Emery recommended Suarez; this is no slight on Emery. Suarez hasn’t even played for us yet much less proven certain dipshits’ assertion that signing him is proof that Emery doesn’t know what’s he’s doing.

    Emery needs a technical, dribbling, attacking player who can play wide or through the center. And he needs him on loan. Suarez fit the bill. Who knows if Suarez will work out, but he’s a good little player and there is absolutely no reason to think that his signing means someone doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Sanogo? Kallstrom? Now there you have examples of signings that indicated the man in charge didn’t know what the fuck he was doing.

  53. Carts


    Emery needs a dedicated DoF, or at least someone to replace Sven, ASAP

    The next tranche of fund that will be freed up in the summer must be spent wisely. We can’t afford another Wenger-esque splurge on shite.

  54. Upstate Gooner

    3 goals in 3 years for Barca. If Suarez does work out, I will eat a huge slice of a humble pie. Technical, dribbling, attacking player? Some people say that’s Iwobi. What is crystal clear to me is that Emery is trying to surrender himself with his guys. Thank god it’s just a loan. Cause when Suarez is branded useless and is gone at the end of the season, I hope so too is Emery.

  55. T

    watching Leeds – Norwich atm.

    zimmerman looks like a strong and capable guy both on and off the ball.. hard to say if he would cope with the prem tempo thou but it looks to make the whole team feel a lot more confident to have a huge strong guy at the heart of your defence.

    pretty sure arsenal would benefit from having one powerhouse in the teamsheat too.

  56. Pierre

    “You and the Emery haters are stating that Emery selects the actual person and is in full control of the transfer process, that’s what you’ve been saying. ”

    You will never find a comment from me saying that as I rarely comment on the transfer process and I was asking you a serious question as I didn’t know what the process was.

    Personally, I can’t see how it would work unless the manager has a significant(not total) input on signings.

    It really doesn’t bother me either way as long as we bring in quality that will improve the team .

  57. Bamford10

    Iwobi technical? Please fuck off. He wouldn’t be in Barcelona’s first 66, much less their first 22, much less their first 16 or so.

    Jesus Christ.

  58. Tony

    Bob, I thought England would kick on from the autumn, all the signs were there obviously missed by coach Graham.:)

    Brilliant win and a great platform for the rest of the 6 Nations, just hope Itoje is fit for the French next week.

  59. Pierre

    Told you England would beat the Irish.”

    you also told us that Tubular Bells was written and performed by jean Michel. Jarre which for someone with a musical background(apparently) is baffling .

  60. HillWood

    When did politics have anything to do with “footy” and there’s plenty of that shit on here
    Anyway England just beat Ireland at Rugby Football

  61. Receding Hairline

    What about a loan deal for a 25 year old winger for a team that has zero wingers causes so much argument?

    The fact he once played for Emery?? Is that where we are now?

    While people are blowing smoke up a 31 year old striker who got booted out of Juve, landed at Milan and who Milan happily let go.

  62. Upstate Gooner

    Politics? What are you smoking? I just said that it’s a footy blog, and most of us here don’t give a rat’s arse about rugby on here, and would appreciate it if you took that shit somewhere else.

  63. Redtruth

    Tecnical ability:

    Leno 5/10
    Bellerin 4/10
    Mustafi 3/10
    Holding 4/10
    Monreal 5/10
    Xhaka 3/10
    Ramsey 4/10
    Ozil 6/10
    Lacazette 5/10
    Aubameyang 4/10
    SUAREZ 8/10

  64. Globalgunner

    The Valencia coach is doing great, making Gabriel and Coquelin look like competent players. Messi magic makes it 2-2

  65. Bob N16

    Tony, what a great game. Fantastic collective effort. Thought it was going to be tight but Ireland were well and truly beaten. They lose very rarely at home. Itoje can have a couple of weeks off. Launchbury an excellent replacement and France shouldn’t prove too difficult if England have their heads screwed on. I’ve never seen May so good defensively, summed the performance up really.

    The hype is going to build!

  66. TheLegendaryDB10


    If you have ever followed this blog closely, people have other interests as well as football. Go to another blog if you don’t like it. Open your mind to other things that are out there.

    Went to an Irish pub to watch England. Ireland played really well but we managed to keep our heads down and win. One very good step towards winning the grand slam (I hope!).

  67. Bob N16

    Bamford, depends what you mean by technical but Iwobi has great feet, good close control and combines well in tight spaces. End product isn’t always the best but you have to admit a couple of his recent passes have led to Arsenal goals. The statistics don’t acknowledge the superb pass against Cardiff to set up Kolasinac who got the assist. You have recently given him faint praise but it appears you’re down on him again, your choice obviously!

  68. Bob N16

    Upstate, scroll down you div! It’s what I’m going to do when I see your name. Policing the blog, bollocks, who gives you the right?

  69. Freddie Ljungberg

    Not sure I understand the negativity towards Iwobi, he’s homegrown, young, on relatively low wages and he’s been our best creative player this season, that obviously says a lot about our other options but still.

    Now I don’t think.he should be starting for us but if we get 2 top class wingers in or 1 top class and Nelson steps up he’s a decent option coming in off the bench.

    Iwobi is very low down on our list of priorities to replace right now.

  70. Bob N16

    Redruth, tongue in cheek? Messi, one of the greatest players who has ever lived, more goals in a top European league than any other player in history., mesmeric dribbler, superb passer of the ball……7/10

    Suarez who Barca have let go of 8/10.

    So you are saying Suárez is technically better than Messi?

    Seriously, why do you bother?

  71. Un na naai


    Why because England brought civility to the world? We tried in Ireland but there’s no saving them!!!

  72. Un na naai

    As for your thinking we have as good a squad as United, OK, well, I disagree. I also don’t think much of your football opinions, though; you wanted us to keep and start a crocked Jack Wilshere and you rated Walcott and Giroud. You also have an agenda, namely, you hope to call for Emery’s head if we don’t finish fourth; this will only be a reasonable position, though, if you can say that our squad was just as good as that of Spurs, Chelsea or United. This is why you’re claiming this is the case.


    Quite the contrary. I hope Emery wins every single game while he’s in charge of arsenal fc. You couldn’t be more wrong. I’m just not sure he’s the man to take us anywhere but top 4. I do think he’s good enough to get us into the top 4 though and I think our squad is as good as united and Chelsea’s. So in my opinion he shouldn’t fall short of that mark. It was when wenger failed to achieve that target that most of his ardent defenders couldn’t defend him any more.

  73. Dissenter

    Don’t be fooled by the early England burst..just adrenaline from fear.
    I preferred the old Lansdowne Road stadium to this glitzy Aviva.
    Landsdowne was an England burial ground.

  74. Redtruth

    We have a manager, now we need proper funds to challenge in all competitions.
    £100m would comfortably see Arsenal leapfrog Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea..

  75. Freddie Ljungberg


    That’s a bit optimistic when two of those teams can spend 70m+ on just one player.

    A 100m net spend would take us a lot closer at least, and then the ability of the manager starts to make more of a difference.

    Very well complaining about drab football or questioning what the “Emery way” is when we’re lacking the crucial components for it = wingers and a Cam that doesn’t turn back and pass sideways every time he receives the ball. Some actual defenders that are good on the ball as well couldn’t hurt either.

  76. TheLegendaryDB10


    England beat Ireland 20-32. But don’t let the score fool you, Ireland put up a really good fight.

  77. TheLegendaryDB10


    Let’s hope the Kroenke see this. But that’s a big “hope” considering their massive aversion to invest in anything that is not substantial.