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Good morning my darlings, here we are, basking in Monday morning glory, does it feel good? Of course it does.

… but don’t get top 4 complacent.

West Ham looks in a perilous state when it comes to the league. They have no centre-backs, the focus is on the Don Unai Cup, players will not be worrying about Arsenal.

… but that is where the danger lies. Chelsea took until the 90th minute to score. There are NO easy games in the league. Though I do take heart from the fact Chelsea had 26 attempts at their goals.

The players need to leave complacent ideas at the door. There are easy games in this league.

I do want to cast my eye to some of the mess that’s going on over at Manchester United. They’ve signed Ten Hag, the Twitter choice, and they’ve done it over Pochettino who is out at PSG.

Now, there’s no doubting the job that Mr Hag has done at Ajax. He rebuilt two teams, did huge work in the Champions League, and the football his sides play is quite simply some of the sexiest work you’ll see in Europe.

… but.

Ajax has a very deep understanding of who they are as a football club. There’s a total football DNA. There’s infrastructure and a built-in patience with the fans. They don’t have a clueless Class of 92 poking their noses in.

There’s also this: He has no experience in the Premier League. He looks great on paper, but the idea that he’ll just work over here because he’s done good work at Ajax is a touch fanciful. This is no mugs league. Peter Bosz (65% win rate at Ajax) moved to Dortmund and had a nightmare because he couldn’t program the fitness of the players, Holland to Germany isn’t the jump from Holland to England.

Then you have the big one. He has no track record with megastars. There is no way United clear out all their problem players in one hit. Big names have different mindsets. At Ajax, the players are young, their careers depend on the coach. When you move to a big Premier League club, these guys are eating regardless of performance. Ten Hag is going to have to deal with leakers, players that don’t want to learn new things, straight-up arsonists, and egos that think they rule the roost. Mikel Arteta was nearly downed by Ozil, Mustafi, and a group of internal monsters that wanted the worst for him. Ten Hag is going to deal with the same issues Rangnick and OGS dealt with, and be real, his profile won’t impress big names in a league that has Klopp, Conte, Tuchel, and Guardiola.

Now let’s talk other issues. Ronaldo is on a two-year deal worth £600k a week. He’s their top goalscorer and their biggest Premier League liability. Where else do you think he’ll get money like that at 38 years old? Nowhere. Can a new manager that plays a vicious pressing system afford to bench Cristiano? Now multiply that issue across the club. What are United going to be able to do that Arsenal couldn’t? Who is taking their mega earners on? United might be rich, but they can’t clog the squad if no one exits.

Jadon: £350k p/w

De Gea: £400k p/w (Ten Hag needs a keeper who can do Ramsdale things on the ball, good luck)

Harry: £190k p/w

Varane: £340k p/w

These are monster deals that no one else will pick up.

Then I see they are looking to fix their midfield with Frenkie. The first move of their new manager might be to take a £70m punt on a midfielder that is being benched by Xavi in a Barcelona side that just lost three successive home games in a row for the first time in history (check out how Barca fans feel about Auba now)? I’m down for it. No doubt there’s pedigree there, but outside ‘brand’ there’s not a lot I’d like about a £70m reboot.

So… this could all be wrong. United has to get it right one day. But listening to all the ‘it’s over’ chat because of one signing reminds me of the Conte, Jose, Ralf, and Carlo fans that said the same when those, far more successful coaches, landed at their respective clubs.

Pochettino was the bigger worry. Charismatic, experienced, took a Spursy culture to the Champions League final, very experienced in the Premier League. ‘He fucked it at PSG’, honestly, who doesn’t these days? They spat out Don Unai, Thomas Tuchel, now Poch… it’s a poison club. Only one man wants that job and he’s sitting in the Spurs dugout for 5 more games.

Finally, before we go, there’s more talk about Gabriel Jesus. I am fully prepared to take a massive L on this one, but rather than embrace it now, I’m going to dig in a little deeper.

I think his primary motivation is to stay at City and sign a new deal

He only joins Arsenal if 1) We make the Champions League 2) He is a wide option for us.

He fits the profile of signing, young, hungry, experienced, with a year on his deal. I’m just not so sure this noise is about our ambition or the player trying to ask probing questions of Pep G, who looked very pissed about the line of attack from journalists.

Jesus is a top player, he plays for City, he’s won loads of things, he seems a total professional. I would just be very surprised if Arteta pivoted from bidding £60m for Vlahovic and agreeing terms with a 6ft3 striker, to deciding his ideal man was a small striker with a very limited goal impact up until the Watford game.

Still, no one in the Premier League is better equipped to judge the talent of Gabriel Jesus.

Remember, clubs play the game with journalists, the more stories in the ether, the better for Arsenal. Don’t fall in love with a a rumour yet.

… but be fully aware of this one fact.

When David Ornstein announces we’ve signed Gabriel, I am going two feet into stories like ‘HOW SHORT STRIKERS ARE THE NEW FRONTIER IN AERIAL THREAT’

I’ll flip harder than a drug dealer caught in an undercover sting. You have been warned.

Right, we have some extra content for you today.

Here is Pedro talking to Latte Firm. Top channel. Subscribe. They have a Gabriel breakdown tomorrow.

Then we have The Arsenal Opinion.



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  1. Bankz


    DM bring it on.
    I have missed you keeping me on my toes.
    I can’t wait to beat you to the tr4phy consistently for the next couple of days.

  2. Goddie

    I just wishTomiyasu is back in the side against WH. Cedric is a liability. He really struggled last weekend. I wonder why he is allowed to take free kicks. Nothing comes out of them totally.

  3. Dissenter

    Conte didn’t have ant experience in the premier league before ,winning it in his first season, same as Ancelotti and Mourhino

    Not saying Ten Hag will win anything but that line of attack is lame.

  4. englandsbest

    Arsenal’s need is for a 20+ goal scorer. He doesn’t have to be tall, he doesn’t have to be big – Aguero, the best in PL for years was neither – but he must be a prolific goal scorer. I don’t see Gabriel Jesus fitting that role.

    My guess is that the man is already identified – who he is I have no idea. But buying nobody in Jan suggests Edu is sure he’ll get him in the summer.

  5. Zacharse

    Ten haag will prob make them better but weve seen how long it took arteta to burn the deadwood. I dont think its arguable that man utd will do it quicker and better. Too much commercial revenue riding on star power there to be able to give him a free hand

  6. Habesha Gooner

    United have a lot of work to do. Ten hag is joining a toxic culture with average over paid players. The only way he will succeed is if they give him at least 3 years with no expectations of a result.

    Sancho, Varane, Degea, Van de beek, Elanga, Dalot, Shaw, Lindelof and may be Degea are the salvageable players. He would want to get rid of the rest IMO. He will use Ronaldo the first season if he doesn’t move. Same for Bruno Fernandez. They just gave a stupid huge new deal despite him having a long enough contract. It will definitely take time if they are going to turn it around.

    On Jesus, I honestly think people are obsessed with frame and size when it comes to Center forwards. The only player that may be better than Jesus is Darwin Nunez. The rest are worse than him. I would rather have him than the rest. He is premier league ready, coming in to his prime and knows what the manager is going to expect. If he comes he will definitely score 20 + goals in all competitions. He has done it twice before this in a city team that didn’t trust him enough to be the main man regularly.

  7. AFC Forever


    “United have a lot of work to do. Ten hag is joining a toxic culture with average over paid players. The only way he will succeed is if they give him at least 3 years with no expectations of a result”.

    You’re talking a lot of sense.

    Ten Hag is already getting the same treatment Conte received; nothing but praise. Some people think it’s all so easy. It might be if you’re coming into a club with the best squad in the league but that’s not them.

    We had exactly the same thing with Mourinho when he went to Spuds; which even extended to lies about him turning down Arsenal. Then on Conte’s appointment we were told he was going to smack our arses so hard, our teeth would fall out. Looks like he’s smacking levy’s arse & he’s off to PSG. It’s like looking over the fence and getting a hard on over the neighbour’s wife, all very obsessive if you ask me.

    Don’t be surprised about the Jesus height comments, a few people on here started arguing about whether or not Ben White was tall enough to ring a doorbell. Imagine getting all bent out of shape over half an inch, I mean even my wife doesn’t do that. It’s the 2 inches missing before it she’s more worried about.

    ….and today we had comments like this, “Martin Odegaard only makes 5 yard passes to Saka’. I did laugh at that to be fair. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself and hope someone is being sponsored for a good cause when they post this sort of shit.Although it could be the Labradors fault I suppose.

  8. IAT-Robbie

    Left side,

    Having used the weekend to speak with (and ridicule) many Man Utd supporting friends and family… Rangnick is either speaking the gospel or being fraudulent about United’s prospect. I thought Arteta was controversial but even Rangnick has drastically divided opinions within that fanbase

    Some of them believe that he is exaggerating the extent of their troubles and is deliberately throwing players under the bus to deflect blame from himself. Some believe that Ralph’s open critique of his squad is a breath of fresh air and exactly what their overpaid squad deserves.

    Their outlook for next season ranges from Rangnick will be proven right and it will take a 5-6 years for Utd to be title contenders to…↔️ Their current form is just a blip under their “worst ever EPL manager” and Ten Hag will resolve most of their issues by the season’s end.

    I have to say, much of what I heard sounds very similar to what you’d hear in Arsenal circles, minus the bomb threats & mob invasions.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    Imagine getting all bent out of shape over half an inch, I mean even my wife doesn’t do that. It’s the 2 inches missing before it she’s more worried about.”

    😂😂😂. I almost spit my drink.

    To be honest a shorter CB is a concern. But white has handled it like a boss. But his start against Toney was worrying. Now it doesn’t matter. Only few CBs succeed with that sort of height. But quality matters. Cannavaro was one of the best CBs I have ever seen and he was short for a CB.

    But CFs don’t need the height. It is ridiculous to assume it is neccessary to be tall to be a great forward. Lots of great CFs have been short. Jesus isn’t even that short either for a CF. If height was what really mattered, 100 mil Lukaku would have succeeded.

    I don’t even want to discuss the Odegaard debate. It is ridiculous. I wonder if we are even watching the same games. The amount of control he offers us is amazing. He just makes our team tick. With some of the views you get on here, they would think David Silva is a bum because of the stats he didn’t produce. But he is one of the greats of the premier league.

  10. Pierre

    Lacazette is an experienced striker .
    Eddie is a novice in comparison.

    This being the case , is it not surprising that Eddie manages to drop off effortlessly to link the play , whilst Lacazette rarely if ever finds space on the pitch , everything he does is under pressure and for an experienced player he seems to spend a lot of time on the floor compared to Eddie..

    Pre season, Eddie looked ready and i said so enough times.
    He was unlucky to succumb to an injury at the start of the season when Aubamayang and Lacazette went down with covid…things may have turned out different for Eddie ( and Arsenal) if he had started the opening 3 games.

    It is not a coincidence that with Eddie in the side we have scored 7 goals against 2 top 6 sides who qualified for the champions league group stages…

    It is still a bone of contention for me that it took until April for Eddie to get a start in the premier league despite scoring better than a goal a game in the cup competitions.

    Who knows how good Eddie can be, all we know is that he looked comfortable playing against two tough opponents which i hope will put to bed the stupid assumption that he can’t do it in the premier league.

    I’m sure if our last 2 games were against say Norwich and Burnley the usual suspects would be saying that he can only do it against low level opposition.

    Arteta has admitted he has made a mistake in not using Eddie , is this another mistake that could see another young talent leave the club without getting the opportunity to impress.

    The list is growing , Guendouzi, Saliba(possibly) , Willock and possibly Eddie…..imagine if we had the drive of Guendouzi and the the goals of Willock in midfield to go with the quality of Saliba at the back and Eddie bangjng in the goals as he shows Arteta how to really press with intensity.

  11. AFC Forever


    You won’t get any disagreement from me mate. It’s good to read sensible comment for a change. I think you’ve got most of that bang on. Football has changed now, a lot of that is down to the rule changes too. The days when you needed a 6ft 4” striker up top for aerial balls and knock downs are long gone. Football today is all about movement and playing between the lines. It’s much harder to defend against good movement than aerial balls. Now a big player with great movement sure but size is no longer the prerequisite it used to be.

    As for the Odegaard stuff, ridiculous.

  12. DivineSherlock

    Here’s what I think will happen under Ten Haag , first and foremost Pogba is out and his fav Van de Beek is in . Second if he can manage it will be Frenkie de Jong . Thats his preferred midfield pivot with Fred as a DM . Can you imagine the kind of passes De Jong can play with Ronaldo upfront . Ronaldo if he stays will be used as Haller has been this season , he already has Sancho from wide positions . All he has to do is sort out the defense . If it was Poch I wouldnt have been worried because he is spursy . But Ragnick as DoF and Ten Hag as manager does worry me.

  13. Bigper

    If man utd had beaten us on Saturday which was a possibility if the penalties had gone their way, then we’d be joint on points with them. We are just as far away from Liverpool and City as united are. You could argue that man utd have more current potential than us as its only up for them whereas we are more at our current level.
    I think we will get top four now but we are probably at least 6 first team players away from challenging the top 2.
    First choice rb and lb as tomiyasu and Tierney are injury liabilities, 2 World class cm’s, World class striker and second striker/winger.
    I also think white isn’t good enough but hopefully saliba will take his place and question marks over ramsdale, he’s decent but nowhere near Allison and ederson

  14. Zacharse

    all ten haag has to do is buy a few players…
    ya maybe on football manager. in the real world and more importantly for an extended campaign that sees injuries, luck, etc force the unexpected you need culture, leadership… the intangibles that money doesn’t buy. anyone can use money for a quick ix like at everton, like we used to do, but eventually what happens is what happened to emery- all the things you overlooked come back to haunt you, the expert and/or thuggish tacticians of the PL find a way to nullify the strengths and then what are you left with. players like varane and ronaldo who many on here thought would guarantee utd would be miles ahead of us

  15. LoveSausage


    United might just be the only club that’s as poisoned as PSG. They need a massive reboot but their commercial commitments won’t allow for 3 years in the wilderness. Plus, they have three times as many toxic characters in the dressing room as Arteta had to deal with. It will be a shit show and Ten Hag should have known better.

  16. Zacharse

    “You could argue that man utd have more current potential than us as its only up for them whereas we are more at our current level.”

    why would anyone waste time with this kind of coulda woulda shoulda especially after we just beat them? ya some luck went our way for once but if you think they were the better TEAM on the day you are mistaken.

  17. Naija+soccer

    There were 2 names I was hoping Man United didnt try to hire, Erik Ten Haag and Marco Rose because I think either one of these coaches would do so well for them. They went for Ten Haag and despite how much some people are trying to downplay this hire, I think he is gonna do well for them.

  18. IAT-Robbie

    “But Ragnick as DoF and Ten Hag as manager does worry me”

    If Ralf continues on as the DOF, his consultancy company stands to benefit immensely from a massive team rebuild. Watch this space.

    If his partner, Lars Kornetka (who just left Lokomotiv), joins him in the UK, that’s a sign he’s here for the long haul.

    On an unrelated note, Folarin Balogun, also has a company registered with the same accountants (Saffery Champness) as Rangnick.

  19. IAT-Robbie


    Hiring Ten Hag is pretty massive. He is an elite manager and it’s a sign that they’re willing to go back to the drawing board. Though as with any change in football, there’s always a chance it doesn’t go to plan. I think he’ll do well there too but I’ll be gutted if that happens.

  20. IAT-Robbie


    How are you so sure it will take three years to regenerate that team? Not every club moves at the same pace as we do.

    I think they have 14 players whose contacts are expiring between this year and the next. By August 2023, it could virtually be a whole new team.

  21. Pedro

    Robbie, Ralf said it would take 6 yrs and they need 10
    Players this summer.

    United board have apparently told Ten Hag it is evolution not revolution.

    You love the greener grass. United players already saying they don’t know if Ten Hag is strong enough: code for, it’s only Ajax mate.

  22. Nigel Tufnel

    I also like Jonathan David and think we can get both him and Jesus if we can unload Pepe. Then Arteta will have the ability to rotate Guardiola style, with 5 subs also. We could also avoid overpaying for Eddie to stay and let Martinelli be 3rd striker. Though I do rate Nketiah and think he will score lots for some team. He just isn’t going to get the chances to start for us.

    Arteta screwed up by not giving him starts when Aubameyang left.

  23. Pedro

    Also Robbie, the people that say it’s not that bad are the same people that said Arteta was a fraud because he cut out the toxic players and took time to rebuild.

    If Ralf says it’s shit, if Jose says it’s shit, if Jesse Lingaard says it’s shit, it really doesn’t matter what @POGBA198768 says to counter that… because it’s shit.

    There are no quick fixes at United. As LS said, only club in worse shape is PSG

  24. Nigel Tufnel


    I’m glad you nailed Bigper so I didn’t have to do it.. Imagine saying United have anything better than us at this time. The negativity is constant from this guy, it’s like he’s Killroys twin.

    Every point in his comment was down on Arsenal.

    We are a unified team, on the up, with an identity and style of play. United are a bunch of big contracts running around on the pitch. They don’t care about the club, and many of them will have to go.

    We have a shot at Pedro’s “stretch goal” as we hoped we would. We will be having a good summer window, regardless of top 4.

    Things are looking up for Arsenal. Even Goldbridge envies us.

    But a few “Arsenal fans” on legrove refuse to acknowledge it.

  25. Pedro

    Nigel, Bigper in the mud. He’s a card carrying ‘if we finish 4th, it’s because everyone else is shut’ type.

  26. curse

    Sancho is on how much??!! 😂😂😂
    manure, looking like a shit show.
    dreamy days.

    come may, after the football Gods have blessed us with 4th, we’ll be sponsored by Amazon after the doc goes supernova.
    Part 1 will be Exodus, part 2, Genesis, with Jesus and Abraham leading us to the promised land in part 3.

    Deus per omnia.

  27. raptora

    I like Ten Hag a lot. He was probably my #2 choice after Conte. But I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he’s elite. The success in Ajax means nothing until you go to a big boy league in a big boy club. He doesn’t have much experience in dealing with egos as big as the ones in manure. I really like the manager but he isn’t proven. Nowhere near to say he’s elite as of this moment.

  28. SAGG

    I still think not bring a striker in january was a mistake BUT not ROTATE the squad was the BIGGEST ONE.

    It is clear that Elneny and Nkethia can do a good job, if they can shine against Chelsea and United of course they can do it against lesser teams.

    Arteta is with them everyday he should have known that they were ready. It seems he has seen his mistake hopefully he learned the lesson because if we get CL, rotation will be key next season.

    Teams look better know, just 5 games to go, hope we make it to the end, so. we can bring that WC strikee we need.

  29. IAT-Robbie


    They have 5 players whose contacts expire this June. They’re already going to have to recruit 5 just to replace what they’re losing. 10 players, while unrealistic, is not that far off from what they actually need for next season (European qualification withstanding). It shouldn’t really take 6 years for a big club like Utd to rebuild their team. It didn’t take Chelsea six years in 2003-2005, nor Man City in 2008-2012, nor Liverpool in 2015-2018.

    Lingard (allegedly) said the dressing room atmosphere is shambolic. Meanwhile, Rangnick is saying his squad is not fit for purpose and that the dressing room is fine. I don’t think they’re saying the same thing tbh.

    My oldest brother is the one in my family who can’t wait to see Rangnick leave the dugout. But that’s not important. What is important is when United legends such as Scholes and Ferdinand have openly criticised Rangnick’s management on national TV. I think it’s fair to say that by that point, it’s more than an “Internet argument”.

  30. Pedro


    Class of 92 are absolutely awful at management, running clubs, and identifying the true issues. Of course your brother wants him out, he doesn’t understand what it takes to rebuild a club, just like most Arsenal fans.

    United losing 5 players for nothing menas no incoming revenue.
    United having key players, that are shit, on mega money, means they can’t sell
    Ten Hag doesn’t have a quick fix. He needs a certain type of player to operate his style. It is a slow rebuild for them.

    Also… elite. Rap has it right, at least Conte can manage divas because he is one. Ten Hag? He looks after boys. United players aren’t going to be easy… and he’s 52 without a major job under his belt. That will mean something in the dressing room.

  31. IAT-Robbie

    “No one, and I mean no one, could argue United has more potential than arsenal right now 😂”

    In terms of squad potential, probably not. Though you could have easily said the same thing when comparing Liverpool’s squad to Arsenal’s squad at the start of 2016/17. We all know how that turned out in the end.

    I think a good managerial appointment raises a club’s prospects more than any group of players could.

  32. Pedro

    IAT, a manager means nothing if the infrastructure is shit.

    Yr 3 of Klopp is not comparable to ground zero for United. Arsenal under Wenger was never going anywhere and everyone knew that.

    You are hyping a greener grass. Quite incredible how much vision is needed to get excited about United… yet you spent most of this season claiming Arteta was a busted flush.

    ‘ We have struggled to create quality chances under Arteta. I think we could have Lewandowski leading our line and we would still struggle for goals based on we set-up our attack.’

    Odegaard and Saka in the top 5 for chance creation and you couldn’t see that an elite striker makes us better?

  33. IAT-Robbie

    “United having key players, that are shit, on mega money, means they can’t sell
    Ten Hag doesn’t have a quick fix. He needs a certain type of player to operate his style. It is a slow rebuild for them.”

    14 of those players will be gone by June 2023. The “need” to sell those players is an afterthought. In the space of 1 calendar year, Ten Hag can overhaul the squad.
    Even quicker if they go the Arsenal route with terminating contracts. He just needs to survive the first year.

  34. Pedro


    ‘ Bruce and Arteta are cut from the same cloth. They rely more on their perceived persona than their managerial and tactical ability. In my opinion anyway.’

    That was a classic.

    This one is my fave tho:

    ‘That since Christmas table is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in a while. It completely ignores some of our worst form in half a century. It’s like analysing growth in the British financial sector but completely ignoring 2008-2012’

    5 games to go, how is that table since Christmas looking?

    Like Christmas baby! 🚀

    Not sure how you made your money, but you seem to like a numbers person, and you got taken down by a Creative Director that made a living making tweets for a cookie.

  35. IAT-Robbie

    Odegaard and Saka in the top 5 for chance creation and you couldn’t see that an elite striker makes us better?

    As I said, we’re still struggling to create big chances (xG of >0.4). In individual rankings, Saka is joint 14th and Ødegaard joint 30th for big chances created. In the club rankings we’re 12th placed for big chances created.

    You can repost my comments from your treasure trove till you have a record as long as the Old Testament, I still stand by those comments amigo😁.

    You’re the same dude who rated Rangnick higher than Conte when they were appointed. It’s not exactly like your stances have always proven to be on the money.

  36. Nigel Tufnel

    Pedro says:

    “Odegaard and Saka in the top 5 for chance creation and you couldn’t see that an elite striker makes us better?”.

    This simple statement is undeniable in it’s clarity.

    Yet you still have Arsenal “fans” here trying to dig up some contrary stats to fight it, or use some twisted logic to argue against it.

    What is wrong with some of these people?

    Even without Ødegaard and Saka being so high up in those categories, would they still watch our games and not see that a good CF would do wonders in this starting 11?

    I say it all the time… IAT, Tony, kilroy, bigper…. they watch football and they don’t understand it at all.

    Also, their own personal problems prevent them from taking any joy from our success or seeing the bright future that even neutral and opposing fans notice.


  37. LoveSausage

    Ten Hag is an impressive manager but I’m not too worried about United. The funny thing is that the more modern a manager they get, the worse the fit.

    They need someone in the traditional Italian mould who can play a low block without pressing and still get results while they’re executing a rebuild. With a few exceptions (Sancho, Elantra), the players who are actually performing and have an elite mentality are all old and don’t have the legs for the type of football someone like Ten Hag or Poch wants to play. That’s a pretty unique predicament because in most cases (incl ours) it’s the has-beens who are creating the toxicity.

  38. Zacharse

    IAT Robbie
    what is your point man!?You overlook all the important facts going on here. here is the article i posted earlier, maybe read it
    rangnick says we need 10 players and six years. at the beginning of the week an insider leaks to espn WECAN”T DO THAT for exactly the reasons i said before i saw the article.THEY HAVE A FINANCIAL MODEL THAT RELIES ON STAR POWER. That means HIGH WAGES HIGH TRANSFER FEES. that means being cornholed a)because they dont have CL or ass 538 gave them a 1% chance of making it before they lost to us b) because no one wants to go to a toxic dump that doesnt have CL c) they can’t DO IT ALL IMMEDIATELY because of how their sponsorships and every other commercial aspect that comes with being THE ONCE BIGGEST TEAM IN THE PL works, they won’t agree to “open heart surgery” as rangnick put it, at the board level. So they lose Pogba next year again on a free for the 2nd time after dishing a world record fee on him after losing him for free the first time (what does that tell you?) they lose cavani, mata, lingaard & matic (who have done good work for them and they won’t have the easiest time replacing cheaply) so they’ll have some wages freed up and 100-150m to spend on roughly 3 players. half the amount we got for the same price. the players they’ll buy they will mostlikely lose on a free again because they’ll be forced to offer wages beyond what anyone else would consider – varane on 400, ronaldo on 600 sancho on 350 and that was just last year. I don’t see this promise/potential. I don’t see who in football will want to give them the prime of their career like pogba did. i see more ex-psg players, more ronaldos/varanes etc they can’t compete w man city or liverpool for talent, they soon will only be able to compete w us by offering double the wages because why else would you go there. the theme of thePL this year has been ‘money can’t fix it’ look at everton. newcastle is an exception because howe and the board know they can’t compete on the mega level, so they offer guimares and trippier more than we or anyone else would and they poach players from burnley, brighton and bournemouth. if that’s where utd is headed their board won’t allow it. hence the rebuild will go very slowly once they realize for the nth time money won’t solve it.
    do they have a chancenof making CL next year? of course, but i wouldn’t put money on it. do they stand a chance of winning the title in the next decade? of course but i wouldnt put money on it.
    the waythis place freaks out over players and managers is pure football manager. it shows how mindfucked most fans are by the never ending talking heads who are paid to be talking heads, who never lose a job for making a mistake in their hot takes- and i wouldnt be surprised if the betting companies were in on it in some aspect because ultimately they are the ones who win from the level of analysis that is constantly going on here and in general these days.

  39. Pedro

    IAT, Ralf won’t burn United to the ground. Conte will do that to Spurs. Not sure where I wrote Ralf was a better coach, maybe you could find that?

    If you think Saka and Odegaard won’t bang with a proper striker, I can’t help you
    If you stand by the half season table being nonsense, just look where we are now, you were wrong and any numbers person would have told you that
    If you think Arteta is like Steve Bruce, then you need to tap out my man

    Arteta taking names this season, beautiful stuff

  40. Zacharse

    if theyb want kane, rice and nunez that going tobe more than 300m in fees and wages that no one elsew would dare go near. they want to sell wan-bissaka, martial, bailly, phil jones, telles, butthe reality is they probably won’t get too many of thosedeals done because of wages which means fewer players out fewer players in whichmeans theywill soon be in the position we were in this year with a paper thin squad

  41. Dark Hei

    “Conte didn’t have ant experience in the premier league before ,winning it in his first season, same as Ancelotti and Mourhino”

    They were dropped unto a Chelsea squad. What all 3 have in common is a personality capable of managing big players.

  42. Zacharse

    Meanwhile theyll have fernandes for how long now and on what wages? They’ll have van de beek back from a potential relegation side and who is their captain and leadership group? Maguire and de gea? Whats gonna happen w rashford… his name has been strangely absent from the last weeks press perhaps theyre going to extend his contract whixh means a rise on 200… i just dont see it even if they manage to move on 14 players in 2 years

  43. Leedsgunner

    I know some people will be worried about Ten Hag going to Man Utd but I’m not. I’m quietly confident that they’ve got it wrong again.


    Man Utd is a club built on big egos. Players go to Man Utd because they want to have that name on their CV and they want to win things right away. Just at look at the people they recruited recently: Sancho, Varane, Maguire… CR7 not exactly shrinking violets are they?

    Ten Hag is not that type of manager. He’s a thinker, a developer and a nurturer. He will do great things for their academy and reserve sides but as Ajax manager he developed players with the specific idea that if that they were good enough that they would and could move on to clubs like Utd and City for a huge profit.

    Ten Hag is a great manager but a wrong fit; he is just a more experienced version of Arteta… and ironically he would have been a great fit for us had Arteta decided to move on… but oh well.

    Mark my words, despite what they say, the powers that be won’t be patient enough with Ten Hag. They will have looked over at us and they are trying to do what we are doing but they are too trigger happy.

    I would have been much more worried had Man Utd hired Zidane. Now he is a manager with the pulling power to handle the biggest egos in the game. He would have been a great fit there. Or Conte, considering how he likes to spend big and work quickly.

    Firstly think about it, who’s going to take their cast offs with those wages? We’re still trying to get rid of our players… and we had to pay millions to for them to just go. Man Utd will do the same but on a greater scale. Think Özil and Auba times 10. Frankly, no one but PSG and Man Ciry can afford those wages.

    Oh I suppose they could go to Newcastle… 😂😂😂

    It’s going to get real ugly over there… buckle up!

  44. Zacharse

    agree leeds, so many things have to not go wrong over a 3 yr period for man utd to go thru what weve gone thru and for it to work. even with zidane/conte they wouldnt be guaranteed top 4 but your point i s well made

  45. bacaryisgod

    Ten Hag is absolutely the best choice Man United could have made. The good news for us is that Man United are such a mess they will probably have to go with the Arsenal template and tear everything down and build it back up brick by brick.

    However, in all reality, who is there in the current team that is worth keeping for the long-term? Fernandes and De Gea have pedigree in the league and Sancho has been looking more of a threat as the season has progressed. Elanga is a promising talent and Fred and McTominay make good #3 and #4 CM squad options. Shaw has more injury issues than Tierney and really, that’s about it.

    That’s basically two or three players they can probably count on as starters and that’s assuming Sancho keeps improving and Fernandes regains form. It’s an absolute horror show for them and they basically need a perfect combination of Ten Hag transforming individual players to thrive in his system and almost error-free transfer activity.

  46. Dark Hei



    The best move for Man United is for the guys in suits to decide what kind of club they want Man United to be.

    Ten Hag does not strike me as the guy needed for the current Man United. They need Zidane.

    If they choose Ten Hag, it will be a United that is more about work than glamour.

    But as usual, I think the top brass are all over the place. A bit like ours.

  47. BacaryisGod

    Dark Hei

    Should be a no for Zidane. If United are looking for a foundation then Ten Hag is the guy. Have no idea how he navigates through next season with Ronaldo on the books but it’ll be a great test of his management skills.

  48. Luteo Guenreira

    Man everyone here is gay for United tonight. Fuck United.

    Who do you guys think starts at RB this week, can Tomi make it back to the starting 11? If he does, will Arteta bench Nuno and play Cedric at LB? Harsh for me if he does, Nuno was all over the place but also very much a threat and I think he needs game time to work out the errors in his game. El neny probably earned another start. And Pepe over Martinelli for me if Saka is out. 3 points to carry the momentum forward, can’t bottle it now after doing the job against Chelsea and Unjted can we?

  49. Pierre

    The reason Saka has such a good goals/assist return is because he is prepared to take risks with the ball and is not afraid to fail..

    You normally find that players such as Debruyne, Salah Harry Kane and trent Arnold are very low in the pass percentage stats mainly because they will take risks with the ball.

    There is a reason Odegaard is so low down for big chances created , he is a safety first player , something I’m afraid that Ozil became in his last few seasons at Arsenal.

    Odegaard intrigues me because i think he has so much more in his locker than he is showing right now.
    We only see the best of Odegaard when the team are winning comfortably like the game at the weekend and the chelsea game.

    He opened his locker in the closing stages of the game and all the flicks and tricks came out , one and 2 touch give and goes , the confidence was oozing from him..

    Where were all these classy plays in the previous defeats to palace and brighton
    We saw lots of sideway and backward passing and the usual safety first passing to saka.

    It could be a case of Odegaard having a more mobile striker ahead of him who links the play better will compliment his style better and give him more passing options.

    In the 3 games that Eddie’s started , Odegaard made 9 key passes which is an impressive.3 key passes per game.
    In his previous 4 games Odegaard made 3 key passes in those 4 games at an average of less than one a game.

    Maybe it is just a coincidence that we are creating better chances with a more mobile and pacey striker who is looking to run the channels and play off the shoulder of the defender, but i doubt it.

    Basically, i think it will help our goalscoring potential if Odegaard takes a few more risks with the ball in the final 3rd of the pitch, i think he has the ability to play the slide rule pass for Eddie to run onto and the disguised pass to take the defenders out of the game.

    We just need to see it when it matters and not when we are 2 goals up and coasting, that’s when the Elite playmakers make the difference.

  50. Raulishuss

    Always ready to bite at odes heel at the slightest opportunity. How many big chances was ESR creating when he was playing as the 10? All the time ozil was here you were posting chances created and key passes stat but now its all about the big chance? Taa has more big chances created this season than modric. Guess modric is a safety first player too? How about ozil always topping assists chats ahead of iniesta and co. Guess they too are risk adverse?

  51. Pierre

    Tomiyasu should start, plus i would prefer Martinelli to pepe as i would like to see how eddie , smith rowe and Martinelli link up with Odegaard..

    Tavares is a bit of a loose cannon but we do tend to look more dangerous going forward with him in rhe side.
    It was noticeable that Tavares played quite high up the pitch v united especially in rhw first half with Xhaka covering tavares..
    This is a smart move by Arteta as firstly it means xhaka is moved away from the higher position he was playing previously in which he was ineffective, and secondly, keeping Tavares away from our own defensive third reduces his errors.

  52. Pierre

    “Always ready to bite at odes heel at the slightest opportunity”

    The only one biting is you , my comment was complimentary towards Odegaard if you have the football intelligence to understand what i was saying.

  53. Kegunner

    Arsenal have gotten lucky in several matches. Improvement of the midfield especially on build up and holding the ball in the final third needs to be emphasised. Arteta’s rebuild did well for the defence, a great passer and creative midfielder would improve the midfield.

    A player in the mould of Thiago Alcantra will keep the team ticking. A creative player like Madisson or Florian Wirtz that can connect with our midfielders can provide cover and unpredictability. A striker is essential, however we may get back to the position of Auba where we don’t have a midfield that can dominate matches and regularly feed the forward line. Players brought in should complement each others game.

  54. Pierre

    “Taa has more big chances created this season than modric. Guess modric is a safety first player too? ”

    Actually you are confirming what i was saying by using modric and trent arnold as a comparison.

    Modric has a 90% pass completion
    Trent Arnold , 78% pass completion.

    Modric 1.2 passes key passes per game
    Trent arnold 2.7 key passes per game.

    What you will find raulishuss, is that players like kane, Debruyne, trent Arnold, salah have a pass completion of 80% or lower .

    So yes , modric is less of a risk taker with the ball, probably because he plays centrally and deeper and being loose in possesion in that position will create problems for madrid defensively.

  55. Pierre

    I mentioned kane, trent Arnold, salah and Debruyne so there was not a comparison in their playing style , more about their thinking when they are on the ball in the final third of the pitch.
    Maybe Odegaard is playing to Arteta’s instructions, who knows..

  56. Leedsgunner


    I don’t put anything past this team anymore. On paper, having beaten Chelsea and Man United, had we beaten Brighton or Southampton last week we should be well clear now in the race to top 4 but it is what it is.

    With Tomi back Tavares should have the freedom to venture forward without our whole back line looking ragged. Remember they’ve played together before when Tierney was out earlier this season.

    I hope we hit West Ham with pace. With them having to play makeshift centre backs or academy players in that role we should hit them hard and hit them early.

    If we score early they will capitulate because they will want to preserve bodies for their Europa League semi second leg.

    Perhaps Nketiah in the middle with ESR on the left with Pepe on the right to start with Martinelli to sub in once we have a good lead and tired legs are in play around the 60 minutes mark… if Saka is unable to play. Even if he is could he do with a rest?

    Three points are a must now… and we need to start keeping clean sheets so we can improve our goal difference.

    No Lacazette please. He’s done well but he doesn’t want to make runs anymore.

    Pace strength and guile is what we need.

  57. Pierre

    It’s at times like these that Arsenal fans should reflect on how lucky we were to be able to watch our team year after year in the champions league.

    The entitled fans who turned on Wenger all those years ago must be cringing at how wrong they were to think it was so easy to qualify for the champions league every season whilst playing such open , expansive , entertaining football..

    It will nothing short of disastrous for the club if we do not make top 4 this season as there is nothing to say that we will be in such a promising position next year.

    The only good thing about the europa league is it gives our academy players the opportunity to show what they can do.

    That’s how the likes of saka , smith rowe, willock , Eddie AMN and Martinelli showed their potential.

    The present bunch of academy players have not been afforded the chance of slowly working their way into the first team due to our failure to qualify for europe and failure in the FA cup

  58. DigitalBob

    Thanks Pedro, good post!

    I love the Gabriel Jesus pre-transfer love-in at the end. If we do sign him, I’m sure you’ll be waxing lyrical throughout the 22/23 season!

    I’m all for the transfer personally. Ideally as Johnny said he would be one of two forward players but even if he is the marquee forward signing, I can see a 20 goal a season striker for us. The fact he’s not the size of Haaland or Nunez is a non-issue in my opinion, he’s got all the in-the-box tools to be significant attacking threat for us.

    He wouldn’t be my first choice, I see we are linked with Oshimen again today who fits the physical profile your looking for. He can be a bit inconsistent but often is unplayable so I’m positive about this one too!

    Going back to Nunez, I get shades of Vlahovic part 2, in that he will be sought after by everyone this summer so I can see a tedious summer transfer saga ending with a move to Utd, Chelski or to Italy replacing Martinez at Inter.

  59. Leedsgunner

    Is Saka definitely out? I know there was some murmured talk about him being injured?

    Although he probably could do with a rest?!?

  60. DivineSherlock


    Wenger kept us in the CL , true . But how many seasons did we really compete for it ?: Same in PL in his later years . This time it feels like we are building a squad good enough to compete for major honors.

  61. Tom

    .”He opened his locker in the closing stages of the game and all the flicks and tricks came out , one and 2 touch give and goes , the confidence was oozing from him..”

    Pierre, didn’t you mean to say the confidence was ooziling from him?

  62. Nelson

    The present bunch of academy players have not been afforded the chance of slowly working their way into the first team due to our failure to qualify for Europe and failure in the FA cup
    You are the second person in Le Grove who mentioned the failure in the FA cup. We were eliminated by Nottingham Forest. WTF!

  63. Lambo

    I am gutted that Ten Hag is leaving Ajax. He was so incredible at my club. I have always secretly wished that he would end up at Arsenal as I have massive love for them due to the Bergkamp, Overmars and Van Persie days. Plus I think ETH would do amazing at Arsenal.

    Also, I have been reading this blog for a while, but I don’t really understand why there is so much love for Arteta. Ten Hag may not be proven in the Premier League, but he has so many more credentials than Arteta… He had one of the youngest squads in the CL and took them to CL Semi-Final. Its quite simply incredible. I doubt Arteta will ever get to those levels. I am surprised seeing you write negatively about him. It sometimes feels that its Arteta over all on this blog. Shame

  64. Tom

    Creative players live and die by movement around them.
    We’ve already established Odegaard is not the type of player to dribble past opponents, so for him to be effective his teammates need to their bit.
    Nine times out of ten when Arsenal aren’t playing well as a team, Odegaard will have a poor game too.
    It’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing for some, but for me personally, it will always start with the movement of his teammates.

    Saka, on the other hand, can have decent game when Arsenal are poor, because he can do things on his own many others can’t.

  65. Jim Lahey

    Beating United will always take priority over any other team for me. Growing up they were the enemy, never Spurs. Spurs were an irrelevant mid-table team and that is how I still view them today.

    United are the enemy. Always good to put them in their place.

    Their fans are insufferable, they still think they are some powerhouse of world football, a deluded lot.

  66. Tom

    .”He opened his locker in the closing stages of the game and all the flicks and tricks came out , one and 2 touch give and goes , the confidence was oozing from him..”

    Pierre, Ode’s flick to Eddy came on 25 minutes, and one to Saka for his pen a minute later, so not sure how you can say closing stages of the game.

    You’re a solid poster and I always have time for your analysis, but not in case of Odegaard.
    Your off the charts Ozil positive bias makes it impossible for you to have an open mind about the player who replaced him.

  67. Pierre

    “Creative players live and die by movement around them”

    Which is why i made the point that playing with a more mobile striker has helped Odegaard.

    People shouldn’t be so defensive about Odegaard, i think he could do more when we are behind in a match .
    We have only come from behind once all season and that is when the elite playmakers show their worth.

    Odegaard creating chances when we are already ahead as you mentioned is fine but let’s see him do it when the chips are down.
    This is when players , not only Odegaard, need to stand up and be counted as it’s a worrying trend that this present Arsenal team has in that concede the first goal and there’s no coming back.

    This is the time you need your creative/ offensive players to be composed on the ball and ruthless in their final ball and finishing..

  68. Positive pete

    Pierre- not making top four this year will NOT be disastrous.Disappointing YES.As in so close but yet so far.Zoe Disapointing financially & the players we could attract? But as Pedro has pointed out.We’re ahead of schedule.Progress has clearly been made.It would be nice not to blow it.Hopefully no more twists & turns for us.Just a straight road to the promised land😀

  69. curse

    Is Ten Hag an exceptional coach or just a good coach that was lucky enough to have An Antony in his squad?

    Manure would quadruple his wages…

  70. Positive pete

    Jim Lahey-yep.As Arrogant as they come Jim.Twenty years in the wilderness for them would be wonderful.

  71. Tom

    Pierre, I’m not defensive re Ode………. I watch his play with a critical eye more often than not, but some of the things you’re asking him to do are things you would never ask of Ozil in his pomp.

    As a matter of fact I was defending Ozil against the very same criticism you’ve just levelled at Ode, way back when people said at 350kpw he should be taking games by the scruff of the neck etc.
    As if he could somehow channel his inner Gerard…….. before his 16 operations and the titanium screws.
    It never happened with Ozil, and it will never happen with Odegaard either.

  72. China1

    Pierre is right in that it’s not when the sun is shining that we should really judge players but when the chips are down

    We’ve seen how good the players can be on a good day. To become an elite player you need to frequently hold that level even when your team mates are having a bad day. I think besides Saka and Ramsdale not really anyone else has been usually good even when the team was doing badly (they’ve had bad games too but less)

    This is why I think someone needs to step up to be captain. But people have talked about Ode as that guy to do it, but I just want him to be more involved when we’re playing badly. Captains rarely vanish regardless of how badly the team plays. He’s good enough and he’s more consistent than last season. He’s professional, he’s all good. But give me an extra 10-15% of consistency out of him for me before he’s a ‘top’ player or worthy of being the captain.

  73. China1

    But it’s honestly bizarre in the extreme that Pierre would criticize Ode’s weaker performances when the team is behind considering he found Ozil, the ultimate time tested and original ‘vanishing man’ who only could be arsed to even show up when the sun was shining, usually at home and against poor opposition – that Pierre would forgive all that is hilarious

  74. China1

    Really happy with Ode’s direction tho

    He’s young. I don’t expect perfection, I just want to see progress. Has he been better this year than last? Absolutely, yes. Much better.

  75. Tom

    If Odegaard could do the things some of you are asking him to do on top of what he’s done throughout his career, he’d still be playing at RM and his price tag would be closer to 100m.

  76. HolyFudge

    For all the people being sceptical about Gabriel Jesus( despite the fact that this would have us with THREE Brazilian Gabriel’s in the squad, I mean, how could that possibly be a bad thing, the first two are great, stands to reason the third one will be too;)), I’ve had a look at his goal involvements over the past five seasons in all competitions (including national stats, which is kind of hurting his average):
    On average he’s had 0.55 goals for every 90 minutes played, and 0.27 assists. That means he has a G+A per game of 0.82, which is pretty damn good. It’s important to remember that a LOT of his games each season he either gets subbed or comes on as a sub, so to get an accurate account of how prolific he is you have to look at minutes played, not games.

  77. InsideRight

    The media speculation about Serge Gnabry won’t go away.

    I’m undecided. He wants to play in a central role. If we could get him and an established No.9 to replace Laca and Eddie, I think it could win me over.

    Would anyone else want Gnabry back at the club?

  78. LoveSausage

    Ode is a class player. I much prefer him over Ozil. Ozil at his best was clearly a better player than Ode at his best. But how often did we see that? 2-3 times during his time with us? I’ve never seen such a flaky and unreliable player in my life. Good riddance.

    IMO, Ode’s biggest weakness is that he’s a slow player. It becomes especially apparent when we play low blocks and he starts taking extra touches. Part of that should be fixed by having a more mobile #9. Or more mobility in general in our attack. He might not have lived up to some of the more extreme hype this season (I absolutely love Johnny but he was smoking some powerful shit when he called him Fabregard) but he’s been very good. And I fully expect him to be even better next season.

  79. Buckagh

    Ten Hag, or whoever any club hire as manager or players they buy is of no more than passing interest to me, the higher the standard the better imo as it will require higher standards from our own club, it is amusing to see Neville and Ferdinand virtually crying about Utd and that toxic prick Scholes shitting on his club. It maybe some time before Man Utd are world class in both infrastructure and football but it will happen

  80. Mysticleaves

    “If Arsenal say: ‘We want you’, I don’t think about leaving,” the Egyptian said after the Gunners’ 3-1 win over Manchester United on Saturday. “It’s my family for six years. I love this club.

    “I always love a challenge and give 100 per cent all the time. I don’t decide who plays, but I keep going in training to show how good I am and to make him (Arteta) play me. If I don’t play I keep going until I get my chance. The contract and stuff, I’m just waiting for the club to decide what they want.”

    Big Mo using all the leverage Chelsea and Man utd can give to stake a claim for a new deal. I mean I’d keep him. 2 year extension knowing he’s a back up is a no brainer. He’s a capable performer. And occasionally drops a worldie but never really disappoints.

    Problem is, I think he has already been replaced in the squad by Sambi and keeping him might be redundant. Sambi, while not ready this season (mainly cos of Arteta alienating him) could come up in leaps next season while still having great upside. So that may be Pyramid Pirlo done!

  81. Mysticleaves


    Nice take on the potential pitfalls of hiring Ten Hag. For our sake I hope it plays out that way.

    But I somewhat feel that even if Ten Hag embarks on a clean up and rebuild, he will get there faster than Arteta who is just competing for Europe in his 3rd season (2nd full).

    I really do believe that momentum will push us pass westham on Sunday. And then it’s all winnable from there, spuds included

  82. andy1886

    I’m not sure why people want to take a wide forward and try and turn them into a CF. Just buy a genuine CF and have done with it, TH14’s are one in a million, it’s not something that you can do with every player.

  83. Northbanker

    but if time and money permits then I’m happy to see a “project” come in as our back up striker (assuming Nketiah leaves – if he stays there will only be one forward signing)

  84. Alexanderhenry

    I’m not sure there’s a manager in football capable of sorting out the mess at man u- not in the short to medium term anyway.

    They’ll be back alright but it may take a while.

    This makes Arsenal’s return to the top four particularly well timed.
    Also, Spurs look like a white elephant of a club, Chelsea have disappointed and are at a cross road post abramovich and teams like West ham and Everton who were supposed to challenge us, have faded away,.

    Not only can we make top four, we can stay there and go further.

  85. Nigel Tufnel

    Great detailed observations about Ødegaard and his reflection on the players around him. Really made me think and right away I recognized the situations you describe.

    Pierre not being too harsh on him considering lots of people use Ozil comparisons.

    The fact that he is naturally compared to Ozil at all is a huge sign of his quality.

    It’s why I didn’t understand people not wanting him after the loan. I saw plenty there that I knew would be excellent in an improving Arsenal. The only thing I didn’t count on was both our CFs dropping off a ledge in performance.

    Incredible that this team is in the running for 4th with almost no production from the black hole of strikers.

    It’s a miracle where we are and testament to the other 10 starting players. Of course Arteta in general gets the most credit, but also some blame for not earlier trying Eddie, Pepe or Martinelli as I wanted. Even Smith Rowe would’ve produced more goals as a false 9.

  86. Nigel Tufnel

    On the United discussion, I’m with Leedsgunner. Nobody that they hire worries me. For a lot of complicated reasons, they will never be what they were, even if they get pockets of success occasionally over time.

  87. englandsbest

    Man U already have a talented squad – one capable of matching the best – it’s their mindset that is the problem. A situation that Arteta found at Arsenal, – except the Arsenal players were older, past their best and, for the most part, less talented.

    The incoming manager ought to be given total control. He should set the style, choose the players, establish discipline. Any player who does not conform, should be removed from the squad. In other words, he should take a leaf out of Arteta’s book.

  88. Leedsgunner

    I get that Pedro is unconvinced on Gabriel Jesus but I personally find it amusing that he is willing to go all in with Eddie… even though Gabriel J is a proven performer.

    I really really hope in the next five games that Eddie takes his chance and he does well but Gabriel Jesus would be a good solid addition of experience and skill to our team.

  89. The Bard

    The Man U vibe is a weird one, who the fuck cares what they do ? The only thing they have in common with us is that they have shit American owners. I would imagine we will be in for several strikers this summer. We cant put all our eggs in one basket, the market is too fickle.

  90. David.D

    If Conte did piss off to PSG I think its very likely they go back for Pochetinno.
    That would worry me as he did good things there.
    Want those fuckers to crash and burn and drop like a stone.

  91. Un

    No to Jesus
    I love gnabry but is he what this team needs profile wise?
    I mean you’d never say no to him but I’d rather we get Darwin and DeJong
    We can’t afford All 3 and gnabry wouldn’t improve what we have as much as the other two In my opinion

  92. Un

    I’d be worried about poch coming back to the prem top6 is any capacity
    Wasted time in Paris thank god. It’s a nothing job for a top coach

  93. Zacharse

    interesting that emery’s villareal currently sit 3 points off euro conference spot. very interesting if they fail to get past pool and then fail to make europe in any form…

  94. Br0wnie

    I’m wondering if Tomi is going to be physically capable of meeting the demands of a right back in this league. I have loved his attitude and hard work but his calf injuries are worrisome. He definitely deserves another shot once he’s completely healthy but if he isn’t physically capable oh, then what? He has played Center back in the past so that may be an option( I imagine he would be a good one). That poses the question as to what to do for a right back. It brings me to Aaron Wan-Bissaka. He was brilliant at Palace and also very good his first few years at United but the fall off in his play has been dramatic and coincides with the drop-in man United’s play from a few years ago. A new lease on life at a different Club could be all the young fella needs and he is only 24. Just a thought but maybe one worth examining

  95. Ray+in+LA

    If you like meaningless facts like I do…

    the entire Villarreal squad that put Bayern out of the Champions league COLLECTIVELY cost less than Pepe

    I really like Pepe and would love to see him integrated into the run for fourth narrative, but the above comparison is poignant 🙂

  96. Markymark

    OMG – get Jesus in asap. If he wants to come. City buying Haaland at crazy prices means there’s an in.
    Eddie can either stay or go it’s as relevant as arguments over whether we should have sold Andy Cole.
    Social media would have crucified those sort of decisions but in reality some players will peak under different leadership
    Jesus feels a great fit and someone who’s up for a 20+ goal challenge . Mixes of ESR , Martinelli , , Saka and Odegard could play merry hell with defences

  97. Markymark

    Bard get your point over UTD.
    Though it’s sometimes worth having a look at their decision making. We seem to be heading in the right direction they still appear all over the shop.
    We should be thankful that our Ex Players usually react normally to events particularly after Wenger left.
    The Class of 92 in comparison are like the old Leeds who destroyed Clough. Mostly twats who can’t do the job themselves but have enormous egos

  98. DivineSherlock

    Somehow it doesnt sit right with me that Dani Ceballos is actually in an UCL semifinal , might even come off the bench to play .
    Also people that are looking at stats and judging on Gabriel Jesus , were also proven wrong when Arsenal decided to sign Ramsdale and said he was the worst keeper and two times relegated . Only a fool would deny Gabriel Jesus at Arsenal , a player with fantastic qualities . No brainer to get him in that squad.

  99. izzo

    LOL Pedro needs to have a lie down. We need Jesus in our Arsenal lives. With Saka, ESR, And Ode feeding him he will score for fun. We would be pretty much getting a 20 goals a season from him in the PL alone.

  100. LoveSausage

    I’ve been on the “big #9” team but I’m coming around to the idea of bringing in someone like Jesus. If this Eddie experiment has shown anything, it’s the benefit of having a very mobile CF who isn’t afraid of making darting runs in the box. Jesus is a very similar player to Eddie, with the minor difference that he better at every aspect of the game. His stats for this season are shit but very few players are good in the false 9 role.

  101. izzo

    His scoring stats are shit because he doesn’t play every game and City don’t rely on one player to score most of their goals. Ability, Aggression, Mentality is what we should sign to lead the line not some lame duck striker in Europe scoring easy goals against crap teams. He is the best we can buy in PL. Why miss out? He’s not even necessarily going to always play CF as he can play on the wing as well to compliment Saka’s output.

  102. MidwestGun

    Personally I would take Jesus or Gnabry… winners are winners.. and both are still young with a crap load of big game experience for Club and Country. I understand about the height issue and the lack of 20 goals a season… but if the player fits your system then the player fits your system. Pepe had bags of goals before he came to us… but he doesn’t fit our way of playing. and it’s not like Gabriel doesn’t score goals. Anyhow.. let’s get 4th first… That’s the important bit. Then we can haggle over which great players we want.

  103. Chris

    Seems like I say this every time I watch him but De Bruyne is an absolute joy to watch. His intelligence, vision and weight of pass is absolutely second to none I think.

  104. Habesha Gooner

    Gabriel Jesus is available for 25 mil according to the brazillian journalist that broke the news of our inquiry for him. And he is smashing in the goals as our fans are doubting his goal scoring pedigree. I want Darwin Nunez. But if we can’t get him, I would be delighted with Jesus. And we would be getting him when he is about to enter his prime and it will be for peanuts. This the same price tag we want for pepe. What actually surprised me about Jesus is the amount of headers he scores when I saw all his city goals. This would be as smart as getting Odegaard for 30 mil.

  105. WengerEagle

    That pass from KDB to Foden was absolutely flawless CHris agreed, literally away from the defender and into stride.

    Foden should have buried it and now Benz made them pay, game on!

  106. izzo

    BIG BENZ!!! Was it ever in doubt??? DEADLY FINISH!!! If City want to win they better start scoring more goals.