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Well, good afternoon to you all.

Tomiyasu says ‘I’m buzzing.’

That’s the post people.


Rumours are doing the rounds that Bernd Leno has been relegated to club #13 right away. Makes sense now why we dropped such mega-money for Ramsdale. He’s a keeper we all thought was for next season, but Arteta has made a big decision and dropped the German right away.

This goes one of two ways. Ramsdale adapts to the club, the pressures of the football, and creates a relationship with the fans that last for a decade. OR, he sinks, we have to bring a pissed off Leno, and it’s all sorts of carnage. This Ramsdale signing was a big Arteta push, the Spaniard needs a ‘talent ID’ win here, so hopefully the early signs are the right signs and we can banish the misery of slightly ok keeping to the bin.

What is he banking on? Ramsdale is a big communicator on the pitch. He has great energy that transmits to the fans. His decision making and passing is better than Leno’s. He’s a catcher when it comes to high ball into the box. His shotstopping is good. Can that all come together right away? It has to. It’s that simple.

David Ornstein shared that Arteta was again the main man when it came to the right back. We’d been offered Emerson Royal for Hector Bellerin, Arteta resisted the temptation to do an easy deal, and opted for the tactically preferable Tomiyasu. Again, who knows whether this was the right decision, but after one game, it looks like the Japanese player could be a steal. He’s dominant in the duel, he’s fast, he’s tall, and he seems to embody the sort of work ethic that always makes you a fan favourite. Emerson Royal, over at Spurs, dropped a stinker against Zaha. In any high-performance field, the hardest thing to do is pick talent, the second hardest? To say no to something easy and logical. Turning down Emerson could have been a disaster, so let’s hope Arteta is right again… because his job partially depends on that right-back position being ELITE this season.

There are also some rumblings that Granit Xhaka is still a target for Roma this January. I have no idea if this is true, what I am wondering is whether the constant body blows from Granit are taking their toll on the Arteta/Edu relationship. The red card was very Granit and it could have cost Mikel his job. The covid stuff was also pretty bad and could have caused another outbreak. Professional athletes should know better. Could he receive the Willian treatment and Lokonga the ESR? We’ll see. Bit too dreamy a thought.

Mikel Arteta is finally listening to his PR team and he’s making moves on our hearts. He has opened the door to Jack Wilshere returning to the club to train. Jack had this to say.

‘I really enjoyed playing with him, sharing a dressing room with him. To hear him come out and say the door is always open is nice’

‘I think that it can only help me. As you said, being a round good players, training with world-class players and, as well, just being in a team environment is something that I am interested in. I am sure that I will have a conversation with someone at the club over the next couple of days.’

This is great PR, it’s a lovely move from the staff, and you never know… it might prove useful. Not sure if our squad can cope with his inclusion, but it’s a great story regardless. The player holds a lot of love in the fanbase and we’d all love it if Arsenal could be part of his future, even if it was a bit-part role.

The Saliba Ultras are absolutely fuming because it seems like William still likes Arsenal, sharing a birthday cake with a bit of Arsenal on it to his IG feed. The whole situation at Arsenal is weird, the manager doesn’t seem to like him, but I’d be shocked if that remained the same after this summer if he continues to play like a hero. He’s tall, fast, good on the ball, and it looks like he might be playing in a top 4 Ligue 1 side. It’d be an odd decision if we didn’t keep him on or offer him a new deal. But we’ll see.

Finally, Fabrizio Romano says rival clubs are circling Bukayo Saka. I mean, I’m not shocked… the only way we keep him beyond the current deal is if this new team bangs (and some big dollars). There will likely be a sacrifice for the next build of the team and I just hope it’s not one of our highly attractive Hale-Enders… but you have to brace yourself that it could be, just like it was at Liverpool.

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  1. Dissenter

    The” Saliba ultra”?
    You mean the fans who have always been right about the kid, the argument that you embraced barely two weeks ago after Arteta played Kolasinac as central defender?

  2. Ishola70

    It remains to be seen whether Ramsdale is the real deal but everyone should be hoping that he is because the culling of Leno was necessary.

    The continuing rumours of Xhaka leaving will continue for a few more seasons yet while he keeps racking up first team appearances and continuing his witch spell over Arsenal managers.

    It’s become tragi-comic with him now his continued presence at Arsenal as a “key” player.

    Emery nearly had him out of the door.

  3. azed

    So what changed in a year that Arteta wasn’t ready to give Martinez the number one spot even after an impressive run but he’s willing to stick his neck out for Ramsdale.

  4. MidwestGun

    Pedro Agree….. Going Full Ramsdale.. is like pushing all- in with the poker chips with a pair of 9’s in the hole. Could turn out huge … or conversely could end up horrendously.

    Can’t wait to see poll results.. Can’t imagine Xhaka is gonna fair well. That for me is the biggest mistake this past summer. Is not replacing him properly. We did some things that I dont agree with but I can live with Saliba on loan.. I can live with spending big on defenders.. but I can’t live with a player that hinders us so much and starts every match. We needed to address our scoring potential too.. but that’s a longer conversation.

  5. TR7

    I don’t know about Saliba ultras but one thing is for sure -Pedro himself is an ultra with little to no sense of balance and perspective. He just decides which side to take – pro or anti Wenger, pro or anti Emery and now pro or anti Arteta and tries to twist every fact and information to suit his narrative. It’s cringeworthy and quite immature or childish even.

  6. Ishola70


    “So what changed in a year that Arteta wasn’t ready to give Martinez the number one spot even after an impressive run but he’s willing to stick his neck out for Ramsdale.”

    Acknowledgement of his former error.

  7. Receding Hairline

    “Pedro is back to his Arteta-best”

    Only took a win against Norwich, couldn’t even hold out for a run of positive results, just one win.

    “So what changed in a year that Arteta wasn’t ready to give Martinez the number one spot even after an impressive run but he’s willing to stick his neck out for Ramsdale”

    Same reason Saliba is out on loan starting every game for Marseilles and we spent 50m on Ben White, he wants his own players and backs them till they fail ala Willian

  8. Pedro

    TR7, it’s only unbalanced because it doesn’t jive with your own narrative. I’ve never had so many nice e-mails about the work, nor so much interest in it, so your comments don’t really hold weight.

  9. Pedro

    Azed, think Arteta told Emi that he had a 95% chance of starting the first game last season. Someone said earlier that he quite Arsenal because he shirked the easiest fight in the league. ‘Shite’ Ramsdale dislodged him inside a week.

  10. Ishola70


    “oddest part about Leno is I’m sure when we signed him it was partly about his footwork.”

    There are more problems with Leno than just lack of footwork. He lacks strong mentality, he has never been what you call a commanding keeper. His very good shot stopping just one aspect of goalkeeping blinded fans to his weaknesses.

    Let’s hope Ramsdale works out.

  11. Dissenter

    This Leno-is-shit narrative is very disrespectful
    Yes, he is not vocal and seems disinterested for obvious reasons but let it be said that he was runner up to Aubameyang in the season we won the FA cup.
    Even when he was crocked and missed out of the FA cup run, he was still selected by fans behind a red-hot Auba.

    Leno is not the reason we play like Turd through the middle and didn’t score a goal in three games.

  12. GAZZA

    Saka needs to step up his game though some allowance to be made for the poor team in the main that he has to play with so far this season

  13. Dissenter

    Also the buzz surrounding Ramsdale taking over from Leno shouldn’t cover up the fact that the goal keeping position was badly mishandled by Arteta and his goal keeping “coach” since he took over.

  14. TR7

    Not a good idea to alienate your 1st choice GK until you are certain your 2nd choice is clearly the better GK. Nothing against Ramsdale but he has played just one game in which he wasn’t even tested. A risky move, let’s see if it pays off.

  15. Tom

    Saka on £30 kpw is a big problem for me, even if I do get the steady wages progression strategy for young academy players and the logic behind it. But you can’t have your best performer, no matter the age, on one of the lowest wages in the club.

    His agent isn’t doing his job if he’s not telling him he could be getting four times that some place else.
    Arsenal are testing his club loyalties to the limits.

  16. Receding Hairline

    “This Leno-is-shit narrative is very disrespectful”

    Ishola always had it in for him for reasons best known to him. Leno was never really loved on this pages.

    He should seek a transfer in January. I always liked him as a goalkeeper, no drama just did his job, his errors have always been magnified on here and he rarely if ever gets credit. I think it’s good he has been demoted so those who always find a way to blame him can find another target, of course Ishola already has his.

  17. Ishola70


    You are too soft on players that overall aren’t good enough.

    You are easy on Xhaka here compared to the majority.

    There are quite a few posters that saw through Leno quite a while back. I’m not the only one in that respect by any stretch.

  18. Janky

    You get the feeling that Pedro is going to need a lot of support when Arteta is finally let go. So much faith in something with so little substance, it’ll just be shattering. Well, maybe it’ll end better than I can imagine. I had a friend who married a stripper and they had a fantastic 11 months or so. Weeping and gnashing of teeth at the close, but I guess it could have worked out if not for the drugs and the other strippers and more drugs. Love is crazy like that.

    We’ll be here for you man. When this part of the crazy ride that is Arsenal is over. Even Sid. I’d watch out for Luteo though.

  19. Pedro

    Janky, won’t be worse than the time I called Bendtner elite and he failed. Had a lot riding on that one. Was gutted. Think I’ll get over Arteta going. It’s just football.

  20. Ishola70

    Ramsdale may bomb or step up to the plate.

    Whatever happens Leno wasn’t the answer.

    Yes he won some matches for Arsenal on his own with great shot stopping but his weaknesses are now over-riding that one very good aspect he had.

  21. The Bard

    Interesting comment about Saka. Not at all surprised. He is a top talent and it’s a short career. Where would you rather play in a side challenging for the title and the PL or be part of Arsenal’s longterm project plus earn an extra £100000 a week ? I agree Pedro he might have to be sacrificed. If we get £100+m for him it’s a good deal.

  22. The Bard

    Interesting comment about Saka. He is a top talent and it’s a short career. Where would you rather play in a side challenging for the title and the PL or be part of Arsenal’s longterm project plus earn an extra £100000 a week ? I agree Pedro he might have to be sacrificed. If we get £100+m for him it’s a good deal.

  23. The Bard

    Interesting comment about Saka. He is a top talent and it’s a short career. Where would you rather play in a side challenging for the title and the PL or be part of Arsenal’s longterm project plus earn an extra £100000 a week ? If we get £100+m for him it’s a good deal.

  24. Dissenter

    Saka’s agent needs to be fired if he doesn’t get him a wage in the mid band at Arsenal.
    Saka should be earning no less than Tierney, that’;s the baseline
    You have a case where Arsenal doubled Odegaard’s Real wages and the club’s best player is still on 30k weekly

  25. The Bard

    Interesting comment about Saka Pedro. He is a top talent no doubt and it’s a short career. Who would you rather play for ? A side challenging for the title and the PL and earn another 100k per week or be part of Arsenal’s longterm project plus earn an extra £100000 a week ? If we get a mega offer let’s cash in.

  26. Pedro

    Ish, agree there. If you can’t play with the ball at your feet and you are shy with crosses, the Premier League is going to be tough.

  27. Janky


    Bendtner. Elite. Yikes.

    Well, live and learn.

    I’m hung up on the -8 goal difference after playing two newly promoted teams and the lack of European football and the two 8th place finishes and, well, just the dreary spectacle of it all. Hasn’t been the easiest to be an Arsenal fan for a number of years now, but Arteta has just sort of turned it to 11.

    With any luck we’ll manage something better soon, somehow or the other.

    Do rate the crew we brought in, bar maybe White, who seems a bit too delicate for the position. He’s a player no doubt, not sure if he’s a CB. We’ll see. Especially like Ramsdale. Hope for days there. And agree that Leno’s played out here. He’s a good keeper, but maybe not in an Arsenal shirt.

    Had to laugh about your comment regarding Dyche and how he would never get a go at any big clubs because he’s a bully and a prick and has no tactical nous. I was thinking that sounded painfully similar to a certain Spaniard. Maybe?

    At the end of the day it’s entertainment. The lot of it. So…I would like to be entertained. If Mike can make that happen, long live Mike. If not, his ass needs to go. Tick-tock.

  28. Nelson

    Even if we get £100m from Saka sale, Arsenal and Arteta couldn’t attract any star player to join (remember B. Salva). I predict that we’ll suffer from no European football for awhile.


  29. Dissenter

    “Anyone read Ivan Toney’s comments on Arteta and Arsenal. Not to complimentary eh”

    He said the same thing we all say, nothing more

  30. Ishola70

    Brentford will be eating out on that Arsenal win all season.

    They should get their heads down and forget about that Arsenal win if they want to survive in the EPL.

  31. zacharse

    i love saka as much as the next guy but when city offers 100m i take it and buy another 3-5 players thanks. if tis barca/real/foreign then put a right of first refusal etc in…
    saka might be a one club guy though ala grealish though. i think if grealish comes through the arsenal ranks he doesnt leave…he takes ozil wages etc

  32. Tom

    Dissenter, I think there are special cases where agents job in negotiating their clients most favorable terms is almost taken out of their hands by clubs that recognize the value certain players deliver.

    Arsenal putting Saka on 30kpw was a mistake on their part never mind Saka’s agent.

  33. FB


    Oldest football club in the world is Sheffield Football Club, founded 1857, and played in first round of FA Cup a couple of weeks ago

  34. englandsbest

    We shouldn’t underrate the pull Arsenal has in football. It’s a big deal to play for a club that is famed worldwide, has been at the forefront for longer than any other club, dominated for periods, innovated in myriad ways.

    Why the surprise then that Saliba wants to stay with Arsenal, or the fear that Saka will leave?

    The other question I’d like to ask is: why shouldn’t we take Arteta at his word. He has been forthright, straightforward and honest throughout. Certainly the fans of Man C and Liverpool believe what their managers say.

    The answer to both questions is the same: Arsenal have dropped out of the elite, no longer compete with the best.

    What Arteta has promised is a return to the elite, and, given time, I believe that he will take the Club there. The firm hold he has gripped on the team strengthens my faith in him. At the same time after years of broken promises from Wenger, I understand the disbelief of many. What is unaccountable to me is the lengths some go to demonize him.

  35. Kroenkephobe

    Pedroisraulishuss it seems.

    Time for some fresh aliases Pedro. Raul, Positive, Negative and Nigel T are all you aren’t they? Any more in the offing? It’s all a bit easily seen through and highly questionable that you use other monikers to try and make the whither Arteta issue seem more balanced than it is. It’s your credibility though.

  36. Ishola70

    Would anyone be hugely surprised if Man United disappointed yet again in the CL.

    As they look to be a much better proposition now in the EPL it calls into question Arsenal’s surrender of trying to compete with the best in the EPL.

  37. TheBayingMob

    @Pedro – but after one game, it looks like the Japanese player could be a steal

    Mate you’ll need to calm down here. It was literally one game against the only team in the league we would confidently say is worse than us. Embarrassing.

  38. Tom

    Would anyone be hugely surprised if Man United disappointed yet again in the CL?

    I would be surprised if Conte didn’t end up at United some time this season.

  39. AFC Forever

    Based on what I saw Saturday we have some very good young players on board. Obviously it will take time to develop partnerships, familiarity and awareness but these certainly look good players. Tomiyasu deserved the ovation he received from the fans. I know lots of you on here won’t be happy until you get your way but for the time being how about supporting the players, if not the Manager? It would be fair to judge them once they’ve had the chance to play together for a while, criticising them before that is daft & actually pretty stupid. The constant moaning is a bit pathetic to be honest and makes you all look a bit Meghan Markle; you know, me, me, me.

  40. Receding Hairline

    Ishola if by soft on Xhaka you mean every post I make on here isn’t about how bad he is then guilty as charged

    Lay off Brentford with your high standards, they have only lost one game this season, they aren’t hung up on beating Arsenal, the player just answered a question

  41. TR7

    “Said it on here a while ago, Ronaldo will score tonnes but the team will be worse off for it”

    All I know is United won’t be competing for the league title or CL despite the unbelievable CR7 hype.

  42. Ishola70


    “if by soft on Xhaka you mean every post I make on here isn’t about how bad he is then guilty as charged”

    You hardly criticise Xhaka on here. It stands out.

    But as you say me and many others will make up for your lack of comment on Xhaka.

  43. Tom

    United have had the easiest start to a season imaginable facing Leeds, Southampton, Wolves and Newcastle. Four mid and lower table clubs they like playing against ……someone needs to check the computer scheduling software for pro United malware.

  44. MidwestGun

    He is on the Golazo show.. which shows all the games at once and switches around to whomever scores. Kind of a take on the NFL redzone type coverage I guess who started doing that about a decade ago. I think Freddie is just a guest host for today though.

  45. Matt B

    This Leno-is-shit narrative is very disrespectful 🤣

    The total and complete lack of self-awareness from you Dissenter is absolutely hysterical. You moan and bitch relentless about Arsenal, Arteta and the guy who writes the blog you frequent, and then you get all high and mighty when an obvious claim is made about a keeper who has deteriorated rapidly.

    Whether that is because of Arteta is besides the point. The utter tripe that you and a lot of these other miseries who come on here far too often, spewing their hatred, is farcical.

    The comments section on here is not a nice place these days, but it makes for very amusing reading because of the likes of you and miseries

  46. Pedro

    Tom, Runarsson won’t be making more than £20k a week. Arsenal are many things, but not stupid enough to put the statistically worst keeper in France of 18 months ago on a contract bigger than Saka. Fake news.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Ole has built a really great squad. But I don’t know if he has it in him to get them over the line and win trophies. That was a crappy performance if I ever saw one. And with so many world class players too.

    Anyway, I don’t see Saka leaving over the next two seasons. We We need to match his ambitions if we want him to stay beyond those two years. He is 20 and he loves Arsenal so I am guessing he wait it out for a couple of seasons. But no more than that.

    I am impressed by Ramsdale so far. He will have a dip in form sooner or later but I like him. He could be a good pick up.

    Arteta though hasn’t got a lot of time. He needs consecutive good performances and results.

    I might be tempted to change Tomiyasu’s and White’s position at the weekend. White can play RB so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything Aerially. Tomi can handle it better than white. And Burnley will definitely think about throwing long balls at white all game. So it would be smart to play them at these positions.

  48. Kroenkephobe

    Yeah, the point I was trying to make was to AFCF who was rubbishing Burnley for having less history and standing than us. I take the point about Sheffield. Notts County are up there too and until recently were the oldest English league club. As far as I’m concerned, association football began up north, not in north London, Woolwich or Dial Square. AFCF was also a little wide of the mark in his views about rugby too in my opinion. League predominates in Yorkshire and Lancashire but Union’s home is in the southwest and London.

  49. Dissenter

    Runnarsson is on about 40k weekly, if you believe the internet sources, same one that reliably called Wilian’s wages when you were in denial last season.
    Saka is on about 35k weekly, Runnar on about 40k weekly

    It’s not implausible to think the back=up goalie at Arsenal was placed on 40k weekly

  50. Tom

    “Tom, Runarsson won’t be making more than £20k a week. Arsenal are many things, but not stupid enough to put the statistically worst keeper in France of 18 months ago on a contract bigger than Saka. Fake news.“

    Pedro, I truly hope not, but assuming your instincts are correct on this one ………having your star performer on 10kpw more than someone who was never good enough to be your number two
    ( probably three) keeper is a big enough problem for me.

  51. WengerEagle


    Same, I know that I am supposed to hate the Spuds more than the Mancs but I would be a liar if I said that I did as I grew up over here without that local derby intensity and they were always shit and irrelevant in the good old days while the Mancs were our massive rivals and Dublin is absolutely littered with mouthy Manc supporters.

  52. Ernest Reed

    “Pedro is back to his Arteta-best”

    Its never been a love/hate relationship. Pretty much a love-in from even before Arteta was being named before the Emery hiring.

    As with any similar relationship, when it all comes unraveled the scorned lover will hurt worse than hurt is imagined.

    Still, i find it all quite amusing to be honest, The Pedteta Coaster. Harmless banter in the end cause we all know how this one is going to turn out, Pedro included.

  53. WengerEagle

    It is astonishing that just 5 years ago MSN were scoring hundreds of combined goals and Barcelona were collecting trophies for fun and now here we are with all three of those players left and Luuk De Jong their starting ST.

    Run even worse than we have been, I don’t think I have ever seen more ineptitude in how to run football club. I lowkey think that Bartomeu was a Real Madrid mole.

  54. Tom

    Bayern undefeated in their last 18 CL games and haven’t conceded a goal in their last 8 opening games to their CL campaigns.

    Can someone get Gazidis on the phone to see if that’s what he had in mind when he said Arsenal were ready to compete with Bayern.

  55. Tom

    Weagle, Barca fans are voting with their feet it seems, I don’t think I’ve seen Camp Nou half empty before. Especially against the likes of Bayern.
    How the mighty have fallen.

  56. Mb

    “There will likely be a sacrifice for the next build of the team”

    I guess I’m the only one against it… Saka is 20, we are not mid-table club selling players to make profit.

    I would rather see him with us for next 10 years winning trophies.

    Football is sometimes about luck, you may get 3 decent players by selling Saka but all of them could turn around to be Pepe, Xhaka, Mustafi or Kolasinac.

    Keep the best ones and build a team around them. A club like Arsenal can inject 50m a transfer window and our academy is producing some talents lately.

  57. Leftside

    “We are not mid-table club selling players to make profit.“

    We aren’t selling for profit yet but very well could be, and based on this season in its infancy and the last two campaigns we very much are mid-table.

    No top club in world football would hire Arteta at the stage we did, then keep him as long as we have considering his tenure as a whole.

  58. Leftside

    Yep Tom, fans are passionate but they aren’t stupid. The way Barca have behaved to us over the years I’m enjoying their fall from grace, it is a bit bittersweet because we have fallen way further than they have.

  59. Globalgunner

    Would you trust Arteta to spend 100m from selling Saka. I wouldn’t. He would likely use it to yield Xhaka to a 5 year extension

  60. MidwestGun

    I guess I’m the only one against it
    No I just didn’t think it was worth comment. We aren’t getting 100 mill for Saka. Unless he starts adding goals to his skills. So it is a fantasy scenario in my opinion.

  61. Dissenter

    The goal should be to build a team around Saka, ESRand Saliba, not to sell them at the first opportunity.
    There’s no way to sell project hope when you;’re selling the likes of Saka.

  62. Jim

    Obviously hope he stays but at some point selling for huge £££ needs to be part of the club model (a la Dortmund model). You would hope Hale End would be the cornerstone of the project but evidently we can’t sell so might have to be the case that we accept a suitable offer (aka over the odds).

    Re: Xhaka, Roma are after Denis Zakaria for the midfield & I think it likely so wouldn’t necessarily hold your breath on that one.

  63. Mb


    I should have mentioned ‘mid table economically’. Inspite of no Europe, Covid losses and two 8th place finishes, we spent 150m+.

    Result wise, yes 8th count as mid-table. And I’m not very fond of table since Christmas.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    Barcelona still have some good players that are there for the long term. Fati, Dejong, Pedri, Dest, Eric Garcia, Puig,Aruajo, Mingueza, Collado, Trincao all have at least a decade in front of them. But their senior players are pretty shit now. Pique and Busquets are done. Depay and Alba might help them for a while. Aguero too if he stays fit. But the rest is just dross. They need to find a lot more Pedri’s if they want to compete in the champions league from now on though.

  65. Mb

    Credit where it’s due – although Mikel has completely neglected the midfield and we are an injury away of playing Xhaka and Elneny, the 150m was well spent.

    All in the right age profile, hungry and going to improve. Now if we really needed to spend it when we could have used Saliba (saves 50) and Ode ( ESR or him in playing XI), is another topic.

  66. Pedro

    Mb, think Lokonga will be one of the signings of the season, so he didn’t completely neglect it.

    I really would have liked Neves. Maybe next summer

  67. Mb

    If Saliba comes back as a better player and we tie him down for another 5 years, I’m okay with it. White / Tomi looks decent. Ramsdale is a gamble we had to take since Leno is not interested any more. Lokonga, Tavares are pretty decent signings and Mikel has learnt from his Willian mistake.

    I don’t have much hope from Ode but I’m okay to apologize if he turns out to be next ozil.

  68. Mb

    “Mb, think Lokonga will be one of the signings of the season, so he didn’t completely neglect it.”

    The only problem I see is, Arteta is going to play Xhaka over him before it’s too late.

  69. Receding Hairline

    “the 150m was well spent.”

    Quite a conclusion to draw five games into the season don’t you think?

    Someone once thought Mustafi. Torriera, Kolasinac to name a few were great signings a handful of matches into their Arsenal career

  70. Mb


    In 2 years, we can all judge it in hindsight. For now, it does look better than buying Pepe for 72m, and giving a Chelsea reject 20m a year in his 30s.

  71. Dissenter

    That’s a very low bar to use to assess the new signings
    It seems we made massive errors in the past two season sand then may have over-corrected on those errors
    AWe do have some good signings in the group, Tomiyasu and Lokonga standout for me, White may be promising in certain formations. Ramsdale is better than Runnarson, if that;’s the baseline to supercede.

    We ought to have signed another elite player in his prime, i.e, the 25-28 year old to help the youngsters during games.

  72. Habesha Gooner

    I think we are going to target a CM in January. We won’t get a great striker then and we might in the summer. But CMs will move. I have my eyes on Bissouma. Other players are available too but he would help us press higher up the pitch much more effectively. Partey+Bissouma with Lokonga backing them up, we would be press resistant and we would press like wild dogs too. I wouldn’t mind someone like Bruno Guimaraes either. He would give us control. But with Bissouma, we would be tough to beat in the league.

  73. Pedro

    Mb, agreed, think most people will catch up to that view by December. Spending money on U23 players with high ceilings was a smart summer. Could have gone further, but 150m given the circumstances was a lot of cash. If these players deliver, there might be some more in January.

  74. Nelson


    With Pepe and Auba, we’ll never be able to press high effectively. Ode is the only one who presses. Martinelli would do a job too but Arteta seems to have destroyed his confidence.

  75. salparadisenyc

    “Pepe is still our most dangerous attacker price tag aside”

    That for me one metric for how past window went, not great reflection after spending £150m.
    Definitely got player profiles right but areas of need left wanting.

  76. Habesha Gooner

    Pepe won’t be much more than a bench player now ESR has returned. ESR left, Odegaard Center and Saka on the right will be the team. And Auba won’t be a starter much longer. Lacazette and Eddie will leave the coming summer and we will bring in a new striker. And if your wingers and all your midfielders press effectively then Auba won’t be much of a problem. Bissouma and Partey though would lock it down in the middle of the pitch.

  77. Guns of SF

    I am really hoping that TP stays healthy.
    My goodness, El Neny and Xhaka holding the fort is too much…

    If TP goes out, first man to come in should be Lokonga.
    Possibly long term….

    As sal said, a 3 man midfield of Ode Loko/TP and ESR could be good.

    Ahead of them Saka Auba Pepe