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Well, good afternoon to you all.

Tomiyasu says ‘I’m buzzing.’

That’s the post people.


Rumours are doing the rounds that Bernd Leno has been relegated to club #13 right away. Makes sense now why we dropped such mega-money for Ramsdale. He’s a keeper we all thought was for next season, but Arteta has made a big decision and dropped the German right away.

This goes one of two ways. Ramsdale adapts to the club, the pressures of the football, and creates a relationship with the fans that last for a decade. OR, he sinks, we have to bring a pissed off Leno, and it’s all sorts of carnage. This Ramsdale signing was a big Arteta push, the Spaniard needs a ‘talent ID’ win here, so hopefully the early signs are the right signs and we can banish the misery of slightly ok keeping to the bin.

What is he banking on? Ramsdale is a big communicator on the pitch. He has great energy that transmits to the fans. His decision making and passing is better than Leno’s. He’s a catcher when it comes to high ball into the box. His shotstopping is good. Can that all come together right away? It has to. It’s that simple.

David Ornstein shared that Arteta was again the main man when it came to the right back. We’d been offered Emerson Royal for Hector Bellerin, Arteta resisted the temptation to do an easy deal, and opted for the tactically preferable Tomiyasu. Again, who knows whether this was the right decision, but after one game, it looks like the Japanese player could be a steal. He’s dominant in the duel, he’s fast, he’s tall, and he seems to embody the sort of work ethic that always makes you a fan favourite. Emerson Royal, over at Spurs, dropped a stinker against Zaha. In any high-performance field, the hardest thing to do is pick talent, the second hardest? To say no to something easy and logical. Turning down Emerson could have been a disaster, so let’s hope Arteta is right again… because his job partially depends on that right-back position being ELITE this season.

There are also some rumblings that Granit Xhaka is still a target for Roma this January. I have no idea if this is true, what I am wondering is whether the constant body blows from Granit are taking their toll on the Arteta/Edu relationship. The red card was very Granit and it could have cost Mikel his job. The covid stuff was also pretty bad and could have caused another outbreak. Professional athletes should know better. Could he receive the Willian treatment and Lokonga the ESR? We’ll see. Bit too dreamy a thought.

Mikel Arteta is finally listening to his PR team and he’s making moves on our hearts. He has opened the door to Jack Wilshere returning to the club to train. Jack had this to say.

‘I really enjoyed playing with him, sharing a dressing room with him. To hear him come out and say the door is always open is nice’

‘I think that it can only help me. As you said, being a round good players, training with world-class players and, as well, just being in a team environment is something that I am interested in. I am sure that I will have a conversation with someone at the club over the next couple of days.’

This is great PR, it’s a lovely move from the staff, and you never know… it might prove useful. Not sure if our squad can cope with his inclusion, but it’s a great story regardless. The player holds a lot of love in the fanbase and we’d all love it if Arsenal could be part of his future, even if it was a bit-part role.

The Saliba Ultras are absolutely fuming because it seems like William still likes Arsenal, sharing a birthday cake with a bit of Arsenal on it to his IG feed. The whole situation at Arsenal is weird, the manager doesn’t seem to like him, but I’d be shocked if that remained the same after this summer if he continues to play like a hero. He’s tall, fast, good on the ball, and it looks like he might be playing in a top 4 Ligue 1 side. It’d be an odd decision if we didn’t keep him on or offer him a new deal. But we’ll see.

Finally, Fabrizio Romano says rival clubs are circling Bukayo Saka. I mean, I’m not shocked… the only way we keep him beyond the current deal is if this new team bangs (and some big dollars). There will likely be a sacrifice for the next build of the team and I just hope it’s not one of our highly attractive Hale-Enders… but you have to brace yourself that it could be, just like it was at Liverpool.

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  1. Guns of SF

    Look at Leipzig mid

    Nkunku Olmo Szolobaszi


    And to think if we were ambitious enough, we could have made the attempt to get Olmo and or DSzolobaszi

    Anyhow, I like the 3 man midfield I just mentioned, so lets go do it and win!

  2. Mb

    “”We ought to have signed another elite player in his prime, i.e, the 25-28 year old to help the youngsters during games.””

    I’m agreement to this, Diss. A proven elite player can change the whole of the dressing room and would have helped in their growth.

    However, we had so many things to fix that even spending 150m+ doesn’t get us a fixed starting XI. Watching Lokonga moving forward is in itself an improvement to Xhaka’s sideways passing.

    I’m trying to be positive today. I hope we will have some additions who these young guns can learn from.

    –I’m trying to be positive today.

  3. Mr Serge

    I am a saliba ultra I want him to be a regular Arsenal player next season almost as much as I wanted saka to sign da ting as the kids say,

  4. Valentin

    Our transfer policy has been a shambles for a few years.
    We keep overpaying for players who don’t fix our midfield.

    When you think that after working with him at PSG Emery wanted Nkunku but we ended up with Torreira. But according to some Raul was doing a fine job. Remember when some claimed that we won the transfer window?

    And even after Raul was gone, the same bad transfer decision continued.
    For the fees paid for Partey and Ødegaard we could have bought Lokonga, Nkunku and Aouar. And that’s a trio that is a lot more exciting that Xhaka + Partey+ Ødegaard.

  5. Raulishuss

    Val you literally was on emerys neck when we were after nkuku but now you want to use it to lambast the club seriously you talk so much shit could hardly keep up with.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    I am going to make a forecast, with which you may agree or disagree.

    If Leno is relegated to Number 2 as you suggest then it is possible that he will be offloaded in January and conceivably replaced by Onana.

    It would not surprise me that Arsenal have lined up Onana in the summer, which might explain why he did not join another club elsewhere.

  7. Raulishuss

    Lokongo barely adjusted and you want us to play him with auror and nkouko? Lol. You think we play in the french league? Partey is better than those 3 and it’s not even close. You ferociously go at the club like it’s as simple as it’s in your head but its nt even close.

  8. Dissenter

    ‘ Val you literally was on emerys neck when we were after nkuku but now you want to use it to lambast the club seriously ’

    Actually that’s true
    You detested the idea of Nkunku and Thomas Meunier because they were recommended by Emery.
    I too didn’t forget that fact. Raulishuss has a good memory.

  9. China1

    I sincerely doubt Obama is coming to arsenal unless he’s a nailed on starter

    Why would you?

    He will go somewhere where he’s first choice or as a backup at a CL team where he fancies he can break into the team

    Joining arsenal when we already have a new and very expensive keeper doesn’t seem like a good move for him. And if arsenal can get him for pennies the question is why did we even bother spending so much on Ramsdale when we could’ve got onana cheap and a cheap backup (like Ryan) and had an extra 20+ million to spend on outfield players?

    Ain’t happening

  10. China1

    I’m actually pro Wilshere coming back on a pay as you play contract.

    Expectations can be low. He doesn’t have to feature. He doesn’t have to cost anything. We give him the chance to show that he’s got something left to offer and it’s no strings attached. If he surprises us and actually merits any game time and does well consistently (I doubt it honestly) we can offer him a 1 year deal or something.

    It’s fine with me.

    Arsenal being arsenal we’ll probably watch him train for 5 mins then offer him a 200k 12 year deal tho

  11. Dissenter

    Why in the world will anyone want Wilshere back for whatever reason?
    What is wrong with this club?

    Why all the pity for Wilshere?
    He achieved more in his playing lifetime than many people will ever dream of, in their occupations.
    He’s made more money that many people who have college degrees and post grad will ever do with an enriched career.
    Why is Arsenal a rehab center?

    If he’s done as a player, then go on to the next level to earn his coaching wages, become an agent or whatever.. There has to be life after football.

  12. Tom

    Whatever one thinks of Wilshere’s abilities now the amount of time he spent rehabbing his ankles alone deserves another shot.
    I can see a downside to letting him train with Arsenal just to see if there’s still something left in him at this level.

    Or maybe I’m just being sentimental

  13. Tom

    China, of Obama joined Arsenal there would be at least a dozen names on here throwing a fit and half of them belonging to Don.

  14. Dissenter

    You’re being sentimental
    Wilshere is not the first sportsperson to have his career truncated by injury, …and he wont be the last. He’s gotten more success than most people get in a full lifetime. Maybe, it’s time for him to move to another era of his life. There are lots of other careers ion football.
    You do know the life span of the average NFL running back, right…2 year-end five months.

    Sometimes, it’s time to move on.

  15. Dissenter

    Broke out of the teeming crowd of an academy to get a pro contract…. CHECK
    Played for his boyhood club first team as a teenager……CHECK
    Played at the highest level of club football …CHECK
    Earned 34 caps for England, including at the Euros and WC……CHECK
    Made tonnes of money playing football …. CHECK
    Earned fame from playing football …..CHECK

    I don’t feel sorry for the lat one but, I hope he doesn’t feel sorry for himself.
    It may just be time for him to pack it win and maybe find another existence in the game; are could be a pundit, manager, agent, youth coach, entrepreneur, go back to school…etc.

  16. Tony

    Good morning all
    Another day in paradise except what people see as paradise is a place that is affected by the world’s pandemic the same as anywhere, and is really a normal place only with a better all round climate and a culture that can be both endearing and difficult to understand. Gren Jai is as difficult to interpret as the offside laws.

    Yesterday I was woken at 4 in the morning to learn one of our MC brothers had died in the night of a heart attack and nothing to do with the pandemic. To add to the situation one of the HR managers in my wife’s company had tested positive for Covid.

    We’ve lost many brothers over the years, but this guy was a cut above the rest who always went above and beyond for anyone; he was just that type a guy always first for setting up charity events even if it was taking pick up trucks full of nappies for parentless babies in hospitals and orphanages: all 6 chapters are morning his death.

    Yesterday was chaotic for my wife who also liked my MC brother.

    I hate excuses and “Poor Me” so I won’t offer any excuse for what happened yesterday or look for symphony/empathy, save that my mood was melancholy where I find writing or working cathartic. Yesterday it was writing as I’m retired, and then I worked on scripts for filming and notes for book chapters to help me through the pain of losing a close friend.

    Normally, I write in Word and then if I feel the post is respectful enough to posters I truly respect, and those I don’t for that matter, I hit send. Many posts never see the light of day on Le-Grove. Yesterday, I just wrote and hit send without checking, as my head wasn’t really in the game. I just needed to be busy with my ADHD in full spinning mode.

    We all have people here we like and dislike: it’s human nature. I generally ignore certain posters, but yesterday I guess I was way off my normal game.

    The worst part is not the shutting down of our company, but the concern for our employees where my wife has ordered double tests for all employees and the company won’t reopen until my wife is certain all remnants of Covid has gone passing the governments rigorous many tests.

    Most of our MC members are scattered around the world because very few people who come to Thailand can make a successful business that has longevity and can sustain a person’s life in the country. I’m told it’s less than 1% unless it’s people who can trade shares and commodities profitably. Most surface service businesses, such as bars, restaurants go under quickly.

    It’s gut wrenchingly painful we can’t have a MC funeral for him with all his brothers with him to send him off. We lost another member 2 years ago where I filmed this funeral for the club and our fallen brother’s family back in the UK. As I’ve mentioned before we have our own code to live by and have good relationships with the police throughout the country. It takes 3+ years to become a member of our club. 90+% don’t get pass the first year as a hangaround. Generally, prospects make it to being a patched member 12 to 18 months after they receive their rockers.

    The book and documentary I mentioned yesterday is something I’m discussing with the International & Thai presidents. It’s for the MC world and has never been done before. I doubt the outside world would be interested unless they ride and have a curiosity to the life of MC brothers & their clubs.

    The Son’s of Anarchy and The Mayans M.C piqued the general public’s interest regarding the culture, but was way too far fetched to be real in their entirety, but offers good entertainment for those interested.

    Don’t get me wrong gun battles do kick off often in public places by 1% outlaw clubs. I was lucky to leave the Riverside hotel casino in Laughlin in the 90s at the recommendation of a nomad independent biker I was with: we rode off before the shooting began.

    What I have in mind is completely different, which will problem never see the light of day on any main terrestrial TV channels but I’ll probably make a deal with a minor TV company.

    Whatever money we make will be spent on each club’s country’s needy. Our club does not need to make profit to exist. No nefarious activities involving the usual guns, drugs and prostitution. That is for the outlaw 1% clubs, not us! Our charter doesn’t allow 1%ers to ride with us. We get on fine with 1%ers respecting their patch; just we keep our clubs away from each other as an accepted unspoken rule.

    It’s the same for all the video’s I’ve made of the club here and in Bali. What I do know is they have been sent to globally to many brothers in other clubs by our members for their personal viewing in club houses etc.

    Above isn’t an excuse for our disagreement yesterday. The first time I read a debate you had with Charlie I complimented you both. Any views you have own football I read and I was happy to congratulate you on the arrival of your baby.

    Yet for someone who doesn’t read my posts you interjected China and me joking around and then yesterday. Why you get triggered is beyond me that makes you don your moderating cape. If it makes you happy in doing so, is your privilege.

    I have never and never will call out a fan and classify that fan as plastic or not a real fan as ES and a few others do. To me they are pathetic who I can’t help making my feelings known on the subject.
    If you don’t like that, tough. Carry on being a keyboard warrior or come to Thailand and discuss it with me face to face. No violence intended in my words or would be in my actions unless you caused otherwise. It’s the way we deal with things in the MC world. You’d probably have the time of your life after our discussions if you don’t mind drinking with a lot of hairy arsed bikers and their old ladies.

    I’m not writing to secure a point against you. I don’t and didn’t do uni debating or worse playground name calling handbags, as some on here do to win a point, and for what? What does the point represent? Feeling all alpha because in real life that person is far from being the alpha type. Probably a middle child or small man syndrome. That’s not for me. I’ll post a point supported with actual or my reasoning and leave it. if others are or disagree it their prerogative.

    Anyway, Luteo enjoy the blog and I wish you and your family well. I have no truck with you unless you want to make it so. If that is the case, I’ll happily pay for a couple nights 5* hotel for you in BKK for us to sit down and discuss our differences like reasonable people. I won’t entertain you in argumentative views here further.

    Incidentally, Luteo, at out posting time when most are asleep we often chat of topics that include family and alternating subjects of food, music and other topics and thus learning from each other. Once others wake we move back onto football matters.

    Thanks for your thoughts regarding your interpretation of my cry for help or only wanting one way conversations. I could see why you thought the former but not the latter. I have no issue with you and haven’t really seen your posts before the last couple of weeks.

    Not to worry you’re entitled to how you view things as we all are.

    Perhaps being aware of the facts and history of our chats, you might be better informed to add your thoughts.

  17. Tony

    Good morning Graham
    We pretty much are on the same page with our Arsenal views. I also understand the angst you feel, it’s no different to many here. Was a bit much calling out Pedro as not a fan. For all Pedro’s sins his love of Arsenal is never in question. The way he expresses his fandom is another matter.

    We’re all snappy for similar reasons: we want the club to be run professionally from the top with elite or potential to be elite team management we can all get behind.

    Whether that is going to happen any time soon is anyone’s guess? Results should determine a manager’s tenure, but looking at the last 21 months that rule doesn’t apply to Arteta.

    Keep posting Graham your eclectic mix of posts make good reading as does the tidbits of family life you disclose. Change will come, it’s just the timing of the changes we want sooner.

    At least Emma Raducanu has brought some sunshine into our lives and will do as she grows into a top sportswoman.

  18. Tony

    Tom /China
    I don’t have a problem with Wilshere back in the fold as long as he doesn’t become a liability like Xhaka.

    Jack has spirit and maybe he’s learnt to release the ball quicker and stay on his feet better.

    I agree pay by the game with heavy bonuses for assists and goals.

    We should always look after our own and Jack deserves another chance as Santi did and he took his.

  19. Tony

    I forgot to mention Luteo that Sid and I often trade jokes/bantz aimed at each other. Sid knows my words are harmless jibes and have no racism slight. The opposite in fact where we poke fun at the racism card. If Sid ever told me I’d crossed the line, I’d apologize. Sid just likes triggering people ask BobN16. Facts are useful before casting aspersions.

    Regarding your supposition of me being anti-Semitic in my comments with ES? That really made me laugh. I can be Jewish and not agree with other jews’ views or the orthodox devout religion with out being racist. Same as I can greatly dislike my real Jewish mother without being a racist.

    If you want to look at racism I suggest you look closer to home and why you had a civil war and how you still treat black people in your country although I’m sure the ‘woke’ people, such as your adoption of Prince Harry and the Duchess of cnutshire, full of mistruths and family bashing in public will rally round the woke troops and have you all tapping your shoulders in tune with each other to banish whatever it banishes. Harry swears by it I read.

    Big thanks for having them. Done the UK a huge favour. Please keep them.

    One last ask. Could you lock randy Andy up for his alleged breaking the law with underage girl(s).

    Our 1000+ year old monarchy deserves better, as does your 200+ years of history. Doubt if woke Biden will be of any use, same as the buffoon and oafish B.J. running the UK.

    At least I’m not affected by politics of any country.

  20. Nelson

    He will go somewhere where he’s first choice or as a backup at a CL team

    If we play in the Europa cup next season, there will be a minimum # of games for the backup. On top of that, there is a chance we need to sub him in for the first team.

  21. MD-Gunner

    I likewise watched the Wallabies vs the Springboks and it was an excellent game. I get the Australian Stan Sport caps from the Across the Tasman tracker and the coverage is bar none excellent. This really helps with the midweek lull of AFC not having European competition.

    This weekend Gallagher Premiership Rugby starts following week United Rugby Championship starts and in between we have Napoli Serie A and Dortmund Bundesliga plus more UCL & UEL. However I will make room for the Burnley Arsenal game.

    My prediction was 2-4 points by Oct 2 and Arteta binned. Still on track for the points hopefully the binning will follow. The Chavs, Manure, City and Pool look like they like top 4 finishers Now look at the way Benitez, Moyes, Nuno and Potter managing their clubs, it will be tough for AFC to finish 8th this season never mind finishing within spitting distance of 4th and European football.

  22. Luteo Guenreira


    Umm. As much as I appreciate the long correspondence dedicated to me (I don’t really), and as funny as it is to watch you (again) paste together a bunch of boring, completely irrelevant stories about your life as some kind of explanation for something I couldn’t quite gather….you really shouldn’t mind me.

    I made fun of you a bit, we had a laugh. You’re not above a laugh, right? Your ego can’t possibly be that fragile; what a cliche you would be if so! Proud old guy falling apart at the slightest thought that someone out there doesn’t think he’s the coolest?

    Honestly though, how many times a day do you pass the mirror with your leather jacket on and knife in hand, strike a quick pose and blow kisses to yourself?

  23. shaun

    Unfortunately I just don’t see a future with Arteta and that is really personal opinion and possibly just seeing the negatives as I firmly believe he should have been sacked after the Europa semi .I just have a feeling the Ramsdale saga is going fuck him this weekend as is the white situation as neither look good in the air .No matter what anyone says about being negative but lets be honest we just about beat Norwich at home with a fluke goal and now more than ever I just think this lego head guy is all wrong for Arsenal and the worst possible choice. This Rigid inflexible style of play will not allow us to get any type of win easily against any Prem team. I think he has to get six points from the next two games or he should be removed as the mood and optimism is at an all time low with this guy .Lego heads ability is about right for where we are .Lego head should be learning his trade in the championship and with Saka and Tierney not firing on all cylinders we could be in trouble very quickly .If this guy looses the next two games has anyone really got any faith in a man who has never manged before to have the ability to turn the form around in the face of what will be huge unprecedented pressure .Seriously worried as I don’t see Lego heads style of play picking up enough points. We have the squad and the p[layers to beat teams like Everton , West ham, Leicester ,the spuds and villa but the manager at each and every one of those clubs is way better and more experienced than the man in charge at Arsenal .I hope I am wrong but I don’t see us getting points off any of those teams

  24. Tony

    Sounds cool MD sports channels are the first I look for when in another country although we have something here that works outside the country when it shouldn’t. No idea how it’s legal here but we het top up cards from 7/11 shops. The downside it’s in 720p sometimes 480 which really is only good for phones and tablets. The 720p I’ve used on our 85inch and the cinema 153 inch where the pic quality was ok on the 85 but poor on the 153 inch screen more to projectors don’t have the lumens dents TVs have.

    I normally buy £20 card that’ll give me just under 3 months of all TV channels home and many globally.

    Maybe useful for Grovers. Been told that some torrents have all the world’s TV channels, but I’ve never tested the theory.

    Game wise it’s difficult to show no bias in predicting outcomes. Certainly is for me. I see maybe a point from Burnley at best

    The NLD is a cup game for both sides where bragging rights are never bigger. Being a home game should see us win, but I wouldn’t bet on that. Spuds were very poor against a very decent Palace. Son is a huge miss for them as it also reduces Kane’s performances.

    I’ll go with a dogged close NLD win.

    Brighton away will probably render White as useful as tits on a bull. They’ll know how to deal with him and exploit his weaknesses. I’m sure Dunk will relish aerial battles with White. His space will also be nullified. Would be wiser not to play White.

    Brighton are good defensively and White, in my view, wasn’t their best defender.

    I see us dropping all the points losing by one goal. Not easy to say considering us having only scored 1 goal in 4 games with something like 8 shots on target to crow about.

    Then home to Palace. The difference to what Paddy has improved and organized Palace to the opposite that Arteta’s producing is night and day. They have a very useful MF Galaghar – a loan from the Chavs. He’ll run rings round our MF if he’s allowed. Still obviously raw but he was crucial to them beating the Spuds.

    As it’s home I’ll say a hard fought draw.

    That’s my 10 cents worth. 5 points from 4 games with no bias from me.

    Back to rugby I also watch NZ v Wallabies and the goal kicking was school boy level. Shocking really.

  25. China1

    I don’t think anyone expects anything from wilshere

    We don’t bring him back to play for us. We let him train with us as an act of class and respect to a former player who was with us for over a decade and did give us a few really good memories way back when

    When he’s training, see how he does. If he’s finished as we all expect, that’s the end of it. If he surprises everyone then we can respond accordingly with a no risk pay as you play deal and monitor how he does.

    This is just a classy decision towards a former player and it’s totally risk free with no expectations. Why not?

  26. Guns of SF

    I see the Wilshere thing as a non starter.
    Many old players have come back to train for us. Pires, Lehman etc.
    This is a PR play by the team… to soften Arteta’s image. Its quite damaged right now as being a hard ass, rigid and a basketcase

    This entire, ” he was so loved” BS is another smokescreen…. Mike is a master salesman… used car salesman…. a conniving little cunt he is.

    Old stars have always trained with the team while looking for other teams to play for…

    its nothing new.

    however, the PR team tries to blow smoke up our asses again.

    I not buying it.

    Jack however, I would take over El Neny any day. Jack plays with spirit and even limited minutes would be something.. however, I cannot see this happening at all.

  27. Guns of SF

    I have a soft spot for the ones who were kids who came through. Back then our academy was SHIT bar Jack… He was the one that actually had a future… however, circumstances and his own choices made him end up where he is….
    Recently he even admitted he should have listened to the physios more…when he was younger and rehabbing.

    Even tho he got in trouble for the whole “What is shit…. Tottenham !” rant on the bus, I still loved that he did that… we needed a little banter going on and he never let us down on that front

  28. Kroenkephobe

    You do realise raulishuss is Pedro don’t you?

    With fake spelling and syntax to make it look like he’s ‘keeping it real in the field’? Quoting someone who is hiding behind his own real identity is a little odd to say the least. More so when it’s the ‘owner’ of the site. I don’t know why Pedro does it because it severely undermines his credibility. Fake news? Fake views?

  29. MD-Gunner

    Tony, thanks for the link to hdpri I looked at it but it is too complicated to get this working and I am not into Bitcoins yet. On some of the trackers that I visit there are IPTV streaming options one can buy into. However since the content owners are after them since most of them are for sports event, it is difficult to get into a reliable one.

    I have seriously looked into a VPN and then either DAZN in Canada or Stan Sport in Australia. Both have excellent on-demand content. Stan Sport is useful as the timezone for Southern Hemisphere matches is no good for US East Coast time zone.

    It is a total clusterfuck that you have to jump on to different providers and platforms to get your sporting events.

  30. Kroenkephobe

    Err, Jacky Boy – as he revealed when he signed for them a few years ago – is a hammers fan. Just saying.

    We’re he to return in a meaningful way, I’m sure he’d start off as the model professional but I’d always have a concern about the potential for corrupting younger players, not in a sinister way but just getting in their heads and offering alternative ideas to club values and to train etc. It would also wreck any remaining transfer value for Elneny who should have been sold aeons ago

  31. Tony

    When Covid is controlled MD, if you know anyone coming to Thailand you can ask them to get you a True Card. Then you should be able to use HDPri in your country.

    I know how you feel as I’ve had nightmares trying to watch Arsenal over the last 21 years in S E Asia.

    The above links are good for the next day for highlights and full matches.

    Best Torrents are the private ones you need an invite for. See if anyone you know uses them.

    The satellite in Thailand covers rugby and the PL (no cups) plus some Europe leagues and various sports but I don’t have time other than rugby internationals, Arsenal and if lucky to watch our next opponent, and now Emma Raducanu when she next plays.

    Hope you can find better solutions maybe other posters can offer advice?

  32. Receding Hairline

    Maybe we should consider bringing back Diaby as well, another great PR move right. Wilshere couldn’t find a club anywhere in Europe but we have fans here wanting him back on a risk free contract, like the squad isn’t bloated enough already.

  33. Valentin


    You remember incorrectly.
    I was against Meunier and another player that we were rumoured to be interested whose name escape me.

    I liked two of the PSG youngsters: Adil Aouachich and Nkunku.

    Adil Aouachich used Arsenal to get a better contract and is now at Saint Etienne. Unfortunately for him he has not kicked on like I expected him to. I am not sure that ASSE was really the best place for him to grow.

    On the other hand Nkunku has improved to no end. He made the right choice of club and is now reaping the benefit.

    One argument I made against Emery was that we should not let a manager have the final say on players. I certainly did not want him to fill the club with expensive players (Meunier, Kurzawa, …) on the sliding down simply because he had worked with them. He should have a voice but not the final one. The same way Arteta should not have the final say on players. The role of a DoF is to avoid those situation where the club overpays for players simply because the headcoach demands it.

  34. Valentin


    We all know that Wilshere is a PR move. He won’t get a new contract unless Ødegaard or ESR get injured.

    However in quality alone, he is miles better than Elneny so if Elneny is expected to leave and Wilshere shows that he can stay fit, a 12~18 months “pay as you play” contract may suit both parties. That give Arsenal time to send Azeez and Patino on loan while maintaining the same home grown number of players.

  35. Receding Hairline

    “However in quality alone, he is miles better than Elneny so if Elneny is expected to leave and Wilshere shows that he can stay fit, a 12~18 months “pay as you play” contract may suit both parties”

    First off you have to actually be fit to play to be better than anyone.

    Secondly the Wilshere I watched at Bournemouth isn’t miles better than anyone, you guys are thinking of s player that no longer exists. Wilshere is done as a professional footballer and reading the thoughts of most Arsenal fans I have come to the realization most of the views expressed here are based on who I like and who I don’t, none of you are ready to compete. We actually are were we deserve to be, we are a club run on emotions both from management side and the fan base.

  36. Bob N16

    Sorry to hear that you lost a mate Tony. Completely understand the ‘write, read, edit, delete’ process. I delete many a post when I realise I’d just be annoying someone by reacting and getting into an unpleasant discourse for no good reason.

    Glad, if sad for you, that there was a reason for your venting and you’re back on level ground. I assumed it was a build up of pressure from being in isolation – not being able to get together and do a proper send off is not far off.

    Thanks for the comment/ support about you know who. I shouldn’t get triggered but….

  37. Tony

    Hey K’phobe been on at different times to chat and my mood not really in it today. As no doubt you feel judging by your posts which I fully subscribe to by the way.

    The book and documentary I’ve mentioned wouldn’t be story telling as you enjoy reading just an earthy style full of facts and stories. The series wouldn’t be more than an hours each at most for each chapter and its country.

    I know a few production companies in London from my work in the 90s and know from experience how the newspaper works. I need to do something creative again. I sold all my cameras because of the way their values were dropping. I have hours of footage already in the can as it were, so not much else to be added other than member’s stories personal and club.

    My Pres and I have been developing things together and when the lockdown here is done and we’ve had our double and triple for me we can go to the other countries and discuss it further.

    I can’t ride anymore, so this will compensate for it.

    Hope all is god with you and family.

    I gave my thoughts earlier for the next 4 games where i’m expecting to get 4 points saying we’ll win the NLD. What do you think?

    Don’t know if I’ve missed any Almunia’s posts? if not, I hope you’re ok Almunia and busy on the final chapter sketches.

    I have a lot of talking to do club wise so that will be it for me today.

  38. Valentin


    I watched him as well at Bournemouth and WestHam. And I thought that he still had abilities. I even thought that he had developed some aspect of his game like releasing the ball earlier.

    The main issue was that at Bournemouth none of the strikers were making good runs. And when they were making good runs their first touch often let them down. Wilshere needs players around him on the same wave length, he has none at his last two clubs.

    I don’t think that today’s Wilshere is the same or as good as the 18 years old who dazzled fans. But he is far from being the has-been you describe.

    Anyway in all likelihood he won’t get a contract. If get a “pay as you play” contract, then he will have to play and play continuously well to earn his wage. So it’s a win win situation for Arsenal.

  39. bacaryisgod


    Not sure if Wilshere is miles better than Elneny but even if he is, he’s still not good enough for where we need to a team. This is a player that was released by championship side Bournemouth at the end of the 2020- 2021 season

    By all means let him improve his fitness by training with us but he’s finished as a Premier League player.

  40. Receding Hairline

    “Wilshere needs players around him on the same wave length, he has none at his last two clubs.”

    But has plenty at Arsenal because he once had a great game against Barcelona. On what evidence is your belief that players here are on Wilshere’s unique wavelength.

    Valentin you are very transparent, you like him and there is nothing wrong with that, but can you give me just one reason no other club in Europe has taken on this improved talent?

  41. Habesha Gooner

    Oh Wilshere can train with Arsenal. That is classy. But giving him any sort of contract is very stupid. He can’t stay fit to save his life. And now I don’t think he has the burst and ability to dribble that made him such a unique player.

    Would he be better than Elneny? May be. But we shouldn’t be taking a stupid chance like that. Let him train, get his fitness up and look sharp. Then he can convince a championship team to take a chance on him.

    Our way forward in that midfield is letting Elneny go when his contract ends and selling Xhaka at some point. Roma might still be interested. Then bringing in a super midfielder like Bissouma. The likes of Azeez and Patino can fill the 4th and 5th midfielder positions over the next two seasons.

  42. Kroenkephobe

    Hi Tony
    I’ve sensed there’s been a bruising atmosphere on here in the last couple of days. We’ve all been at it, myself included, and I reckon it’s a symptom of the malaise affecting the club. The Norwich game has solved nothing – it’s arguably made the fan base more divided (as if that we’re possible) and we’re all a little more on edge as a result. Burnley will be a far tougher test, not least because it’s at their’s, but it’ll slightly be in our favour that at this early stage the pitch cannot be worse than it was for last season’s game. The spuds game like most of our derbies will be a bit of a lottery. Could hinge on a bounce, error, dodgy decision. I think we’re about evenly matched on paper. Brighton and Palace will be tough tests – only a few seasons ago they would have been strong candidates for being doubled. That’s where we are and it’s agonising.

    Keep well mate.

    My hobby horse at the moment is all these aliases were seeing on here. It emphasises the point that there’s far too much pro establishment spin on here which greatly diminishes the value of the opinions. Moreover, the writer is using it to try and balance the pro and anti arguments which is laughable. We’ll never see it but this survey bubble on our screens should be asking us whether Arteta is fit for the job in our eyes.

  43. Valentin


    ESR will need a breather, but we currently have nobody in the same mould. Buying a ready made replacement for ESR is going to cost money and potentially stunt his development. the closest to an understudy are Azeez and Patino who both needs to learn their craft on loan for at least 12 months before being ready.

    ESR will not be physically able to play every premiership and domestic cup games. So until both Azeez or Patino can step into the role, in the meantime we still need a 12~18 months backup for ESR.

    IF Wilshere can show he is still good enough and can stay fit, then offerring him a 12~18 “pay as you play” contract is an easy solution. It gives us a back-up for ESR and ntime for Azeez and Patino to get experience somewhere else.

    I am not advocating to make him a lynchpin of this team, just a useful back-up.

  44. Valentin


    I am saying nearly the same thing than you.
    Let him train, get his fitness up and look sharp. The difference in my view is that THEN IF he deserves it, offer him a “pay as you play” contract.

    I would rather have Wilshere handle a few games rather risk a serious injury to ESR by overplaying him.

    I have said that this team needed 2 more midfielders.

    An extra athletic midfielder so we can play a 4-3-3 with Partey+Lokonga+ New CM with AMN/Elneny to rotate for one of them. For example when Partey is away or suspended.

    We also need another CAM in ESR mould. Somebody who accelerate the game and can be quite direct and forceful. Ødegaard game is completely different, he is a passer. He needs willing runners in front of him. Pepe is never going to offer those runs behind the fullback.

    In order to respect the quota, one of those two players must be home grown.

  45. Receding Hairline

    You haven’t answered my question, why is nobody else in for this useful backup? Why can’t he find a club for love or money? Last I heard he even went to Italy and they said no thanks.

    Your suggestion is based purely on emotion and I expect more of this nonsense as the season unravels and he still trains with the squad, maybe we hit a rough patch and Wilshere is rolled out to remind us of the good old days.

  46. Thank you and goodnight

    Apparently Barcelona fans are distraught at how far they’ve fallen and they are comparing themselves to Arsenal. Seems their is a word for fucking up now, it’s called doing ‘An Arsenal’. The krankies have turned us into a laughing stock

  47. Mee

    You can already see it. Wilshere being rolled out after the team goes into a rut. The new propaganda will be how we need a press resistant player who knows the values of the club etc etc. Arteta is such a bullshitter he prepares his material well in advance. Shame he can’t prepare to beat Brentford on their first day.

  48. shaun

    You really have to wonder why on earth Arsenal fans are on here debating Wiltshire , absolute madness, please let’s concentrate on the more pressing issue the lego headed maniac in charge .After the Norwich display I am really struggling with the style of play and how we are going to get points .I know he blooded 5 new players but it was Norwich not a battle hardened Prem ready Burnley or the spuds for that matter

  49. Mee

    Your concerns are warranted. Just watched a clip from Everton vs Burnley. Dyche’s men have taken the “let the game flow” to heart. They are going to mow us down. I still have no idea who will score for us unless something comes off the Pepe’s shin to Auba’s foot on the goal-line.

  50. Mr Serge

    Wilshire is shot he has biscuit bones and is not good enough for a championship team, he has youth and wealth i do not fell sorry for him, see him driving through cockfosters many times in his lambo and rolls royce and he is not 30 he does not look sad whenever i spot him.

  51. Habesha Gooner

    You aren’t saying what I am saying though.

    I am saying we shouldn’t offer a contract to him under any circumstances. I am saying help him find a new club. Let him train and be part of a team atmosphere. But let him find a new club. He is 29 now. And even at his early twenties he wasn’t a reliable player to stay fit and be consistent. If Bournemouth won’t give him a new contract at this stage, Arsenal shouldn’t under any circumstances.

  52. Valentin


    Sometimes a player does not find a club not simply because of his alleged lack of ability. It could be financial, it could because the position is crucial and so nobody wants to take a risk on an player with a reputation for injury.

    Arsenal got both Overmars and Kanu because of those preconceptions.

    Also Wilshere may be unwilling to move to Italy or Spain to be a bit part role.
    Is he willing to be a backup at a lower League club? Maybe not.
    Is he willing to be a backup at Arsenal? Of course he is.

    You have already made up your mind that he is finished. My view is let him train and see IF he is worth taking a punt on him.
    If he is not, let’s move on. But we will still need to find a temporary backup for ESR. Expecting him to play 40~50 games a season (including England U21 and domestic cup games) is dangerous. Overplaying a young player is the best to wreck him with injuries.

  53. Leftside

    The same Pepe that is looked down upon on this site is this sides chief goal threat, unless you still believe that Auba can roll back the years somewhat and be lethal in front of goal. Pepe, if fit needs to start every game.

    We knew we needed goals but did nothing at all to rectify that this summer.

  54. Habesha Gooner

    And we don’t need anyone to rest ESR. Odegaard was brought in to share the burden of the Central attacking midfield role. We have 3 wingers ( Pepe, Saka, Martinelli) and 4 strikers (Aubameyang, Lacazette, Balogun, Nketiah). So we have no problems regarding squad depth in attacking positions. You might argue the quality. But all of them offer a whole lot better than wilshere at this point. So when you want to rest ESR we play Odegaard and 2 out of those 3 wingers plus one of those strikers.

    It is just bullshit reasoning to bring back a player for emotional reasons only.

  55. Danny

    We’ve bought back players before e.g. Keown, Sol, Flamini, Henry, Lehmann, Lukic so why not Jack? Of course only if he can really still do it, Pires trained with us but he wasn’t good enough anymore and went to Aston Villa.

  56. Tony

    K’phobe if you haven’t seen Stevie Nicks this is worthy of any collection. She may be in her twilight years but her voice hasn’t degraded at all.

    Her story telling in lyrics and during the show are fascinating.

    stevie nicks 20 karat gold tour

  57. Valentin


    Like I explained before, Ødegaard does play CAM but his style of play is completely different from ESR. Simply because he is an attacking player does not mean that he would be a good fit in any attacking position. Square peg round holes comes to mind. For example We can’t rely on Ødegaard to score goals or create havoc with dribbling and direct runs.

    Ødegaard lack of goal threat means that he would be better with a deeper position. Replacing Xhaka in a 4-2-3-1. Arteta has said that he would like to move to a 4-3-3 in which case it makes more sense to have Partey-Lokonga and Ødegaard. With ESR, Saka/Pepe and Auba/Laca further up.

    The idea that we have enough players to fill all the roles is exactly the kind of thinking that resulted in Aubameyang playing on the left. In theory it could work, in practice we all seen that it negatively impact not just Aubameyang but the entire team. Same thing with Asking Lacazette to drop deep and play as No10.

    Right now, Saka and ESR are the only players who can consistently create opening. Pepe does it sporadically. Arteta will rely heavily on them to get us out of this rut. That means that we need to have players who can replace them without a too big drop in output. Right now we don’t have any.

    Martinelli is not trusted. Balogun as expected is not yet ready and need 1 full season of loan. Nkethia will be sold.

    So you may be against the idea of Wilshere, but the idea that we do not need somebody to take the load from ESR is foolhardy in the extreme.

  58. Pierre

    Maybe we should just tell Pepe to stand on the right hand corner of the opposition penalty box(or thereabouts) and wait for the ball to come , as he is lethal from that position.

    Also tell him under no circumstances should he stand on the touch line as this restricts his strengths.

  59. WengerEagle


    Barca are the only operation as shambolic as ours around Europe since 2016, the only difference is that they were on top of Everest at that time while we were halfway up Ben Nevis.

  60. AFC Forever

    Bringing Jack back makes sense. Highly unlucky he’s going to be ready for first team action but just having him around will be good for the Hale Enders who looked up to him. They can still learn from him. By all accounts he is a fun guy and well liked and thats important to build team spirit. Football is psychological as well as physical. I have said for a while that imo we have lost too much past connection, it is time we thought about that because to me it’s a bit soulless at the moment.

  61. AFC Forever


    “Oh Wilshere can train with Arsenal. That is classy. But giving him any sort of contract is very stupid. He can’t stay fit to save his life. And now I don’t think he has the burst and ability to dribble that made him such a unique player”

    I agree mate. I don’t think there is any chance he will be coming to play. It will be a win/win situation where he can train to get fit for his next club and at the same time have a positive effect on the squad. He hasn’t played for a while and with the serious injuries he’s had I think he’ll end up overseas in a slower league which he will dominate. Perhaps the MSL?

  62. WengerEagle

    Slow and brittle players do not dominate in the MLS anymore.

    Look at Matuidi and Higuain struggling over there now, it may be a bit of a joke league technically compared to Europe’s top leagues but physically it is well up there.

    Ibrahimovic may be slow but he is a freak of nature and a physical specimen. He is still banging in goals at close to a goal a game rate in Serie A and he turns 40 years old in a couple of weeks.

  63. Valentin


    The problem is that in order to be dangerous in that position he needs to receive the ball facing forward. That means that he needs to take the ball slightly outside of the penalty box and then run into the penalty box.

    In order to avoid being surrounded by two players, he need to have one of our players to offer an alternative outside of him. If the pass to him or to somebody outside of him is possible, then the opposition fullback has a choice to make.

    Also because he so left footed, he can’t make the outside pass risking it to be intercepted, so I understand why Arteta stick him to the touch line. If his pass to the overlapping fullback is intercepted, then the opposition has the full length of our right side to run into.

    He needs to learn to make pass with his right foot or with the outside of his left foot to evade interception. Also he needs to learn to track more intelligently and make tactical foul that do not look like big foul.

    Bernardo Silva is a master of the foul that stops the opposition counter-attack without getting a card. Like I said when he joined, he needs a lot of coaching to play effectively in a system that is not devised around his strength.

  64. AFC Forever


    Yes the MLS does not look great quality wise, I agree. Which is why I believe the pace of the game will suit someone like Jack, who is technically far superior- providing he proves he can get fit which is questionable to be fair. Can’t see a club here taking a gamble with a player who can’t guarantee any kind of minutes.

  65. AFC Forever

    WE, yep take your point Ibrahimovic is certainly a freak. A bit like Ronaldo. Crazy to be doing what they can at their ages, Ronaldo physically is a proper specimen a real athlete. I’m playing over 45 football at the moment, I’m 59, and it surprises me how many really fit blokes there are in the 45 plus bracket. Luckily I’m technically good but some of these guys are like whippets, well to me, and I’m treading water or grabbing shirts! Be interesting to understand the physiology of a body because some people appear to have nature on their side.

  66. Ishola70

    Wilshere is just a PR move.

    It’s to tickle those fans again who can’t move on from Arsene Wenger.

    And after all we wouldn’t have this current failing manager in place if he hadn’t played under Arsene Wenger.

    Plenty of these enablers of Arteta are doing so simply because of his Wenger connection. They are holding on to him for dear life as a payback to those who so disgracefully ran Wenger out of the club. They ditched Emery sharpish as he had the audacity to be the first man in after Wenger with no connection. It was no surprise that the players downed tools on Emery at the end when there was so much toxicity around him.

    This doesn’t apply to all including Pedro and some other posters on here but enough.

    And what did we get at the weekend? More chanting about the current Crystal Palace manager than about Arsenal.

    These fans will not let go of Arsene Wenger. They wanted him at the club forever and if that is not possible then they want what they see as the next best thing which is to have appointments in that are associated with Arsene Wenger.

    That is why we are in the predicament we are in atm. A novice only appointed because of his past association with Wenger.

    Maybe we shouldn’t criticise those running the club. All they are doing is giving these fans the Wenger fix they so crave.

  67. englandsbest

    AFC Forever

    Agree, Arsenal will never be great gain until it re-captures its soul. This may sound fanciful nonsense to young fans, but it’s the kind of awareness comes with the passing of the years.

    The dead hand of Stan and the ego of Arsene killed off the Arsenal of old.But there are visible signs of rebirth. Arsene has gone and Stan (or, more likely, Josh) has changed the tune.

    Instrumental in this is Mikel Arteta. His every word, his every action is soaked with awe of Arsenal Football Club. A manager who initiates long-term projects not temporary fixes. A man who creates a team of enthused youngsters for the future. Someone who stirs the soul of Arsenal.

  68. Guernsey+gun

    I think joe Cole played for Coventry for a couple of seasons in league 1 at the fag end of his career, that’s what JW needs to do. Its delusional to think he can operate effectively in PL or championship. Even in league 1 hed probably break after a couple of games. It’s over for him.

  69. Ishola70

    It’s crazy to think what the standards were and what was seen as acceptable or not just a few seasons ago.

    Miss top four by a point or two. How dare you. You are shit.

    Lose a Europa League final. How dare you. You are shit.

    Truth be told Emery didn’t have a chance in hell here because so many fans were just hungrily waiting for him to make his first bad steps and then slaughter him and all because he was that first man to come in after Wenger.

    Let’s be clear. A set-up of Emery and Mislintat is superior to the two douches we have now in place in Arteta and Edu. But hey all that matters is that Wenger/Arsenal connection eh.

  70. Valentin

    I don’t think that Ronaldo is a freak of nature.
    I think that an obsessive/dedicated model pro.
    I read somewhere that he does everyday about 1000 sit-up in order to keep his abdominal muscle look like they do.
    Many pros don’t even do 100 per day.

    You don’t get the physics he does without exercising at least 2 hours per day and eating properly.
    For some removing the Coca Cola bottle from a press conference may have been a publicity stunt, but I am ready to believe that he genuinely think when he say that it is nocive for his body.
    Didn’t he not give an interview where he says that his son is allowed only one can of Coca Cola per week?

    At Real Madrid, he was the first in and often the last one to leave. There was an apocryphal story that the befriended the guardian of the training center in order to get a personal key, so he could go and train even when it was closed.

  71. WengerEagle

    AFC Forever

    And it will only improve as sport science advances and players take better care of themselves.

    Even Ronaldo’s mentors in Roy Keane, Scholes, Giggs, etc lived in the pub in their days off in the nineties when they were playing, maybe not Giggs so much as he was useful up until he was 40 himself.

    Ronaldo will score 30 goals this season in all comps if he stays fit and he turns 37 in February, it’s incredible what we are witnessing. Ibrahimovic is 40 and banging them in. Lewandowski and Benzema are 2 of the top 3 strikers on the planet right now and are both 33/34 and playing arguably their best football ever.

  72. Dissenter

    Morning lads
    Is Englandsbest for real ?
    Is he a bot that Pedro created ?

    I ask because who writes this: ‘ Instrumental in this is Mikel Arteta. His every word, his every action is soaked with awe of Arsenal Football Club. A manager who initiates long-term projects not temporary fixes. A man who creates a team of enthused youngsters for the future. Someone who stirs the soul of Arsenal’

    That’s dangerous adulation stuff.

  73. AFC Forever


    Yep. I watched a documentary on Ronaldo and it was ridiculous how hard he works. They can’t get him off the training field and he’s even using his home gym. Word was they had to tell him to resist over doing it. Apparently it can be a drug due to the release of endorphins that makes tehse players over train. Funny to think it wasn’t long ago Tony Adams & Paul Merson were getting smashed senseless every Tuesday with the rest of the players; and in the latters case shoving stuff up his nostrils – he’s paying the price now the Chelsea fan Merson looks in his seventies! Football has certainly moved on, these are all athletes now, some more than others with Ibrahimovoch and Ronaldo & arguably James Milner who by all accounts still outruns everyone at Liverpool.

  74. Emiratesstroller


    Please stop your snide remarks about me.

    I have never called any “fan” plastic. What I have criticised are people who are constantly criticising the club and team. I don’t mind “constructive criticism”.

    Also I don’t like people who are constantly targeting other posters and “put them down” which is what you are constantly doing.

    You are someone with a very high opinion of himself as LG has posted.

  75. Dissenter

    Doesn’t Valentin understand that it s possible to be a freak of nature and still be obsessively devoted to keeping yourself intact.
    Anyone that can perform at this obscene level at 36 y/o is a freak of nature.

  76. China1

    Receding it’s not bloating the squad if it’s a risk free contract

    If he trains well enough to be taken seriously, he plays. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. We only pay him if he’s actually playing.

    What is the issue?

    Worst case scenario he’s absolutely wank and injured and never plays for us, probably retires. Best case scenario he shocks everyone and is good enough to actually add something to the squad. Likely scenario he’s not dreadful but nearer the crap end of the stick. So what? What did we lose? What did it cost us?

  77. Pierre

    I’m not sure the signing of Odegaard improves the team,all it does is complicates the team selection..

    Smith Rowe really needs to be starting with Saka, and if you look at some of our best link up play during 2021, it is normally with Lacazette up top and Pepe on the opposite wing to Saka…

    Aeteta needs to find the right balance in attack, atm I don’t believe he has a clue which is his best 4 offensive players..

    His options are
    Smith Rowe

    If we are going to play with high full backs then 2 holding midfielders is a must or we will be open to the counter too easily.

    Having 2 high full backs could mean that we don’t actually need wingers as such and that both saka and pepe can tuck in a lot of the time.

    For me , Saka and Pepe receiving the ball within the width of the opposition penalty area is ideal as both are much more comfortable receiving the ball in these areas and their best delivery invariably comes from the inside forward position.

    Arsenal’s/Arteta’s problem is the ball invariably ends up on the touchline around the half way line.
    It is then recycled in a horse shoe movement to the opposite touchline..

    As far as I’m concerned , it is very difficult to create any momentum going forward with this style of play…

    Hopefully with Lakonga and Partey in central midfield, they will look to thread the ball between the lines to the likes of Pepe, Saka and Smith-Rowe, so that they are receiving the ball on the half turn in areas where they can do more damage to the opposition…

    Of course, Arteta has a couple of favourites in Xhaka and Odegaard who will stick to rule of no risk football and for now we will probably see the usual horse shoe movement, though the arrival of White at the back may mean that he will be looking to pass between the lines.

    For me , for Arsenal’s football to really improve , Arteta needs to bin Xhaka and look at Liverpool’s attack and how narrow Salah , Firmino and Mane play and use Trent Arnold and Robertson for the width.
    You rarely see salah and mane receiving the ball tight on the half way line ..

    The system has to get the best out of the players at Arteta’s disposal , atm it’s the opposite .

  78. WengerEagle

    AFC Forever

    Merse by all accounts was a different animal altogether, made the likes of Roy Keane look like tee-totalers. Booze, Charlie, smokes, Gambling, you name it. Has definitely caught up with him sadly.

    Always remember an interview with old ‘Arry Redknapp where he named Merson without hesitation as the best signing of his managerial career, he signed him at Portsmouth. Said even in Merson’s decrepit state that he was levels above anyone else in the Championship and absolutely bossed it and drove them to promotion to the PL.

  79. Leftside

    “Arteta needs to bin Xhaka and look at Liverpool’s attack and how narrow Salah”

    We all know he walks back into the side, to the detriment of the team. It’s a bit of a double edged sword as Xhaka and Arteta will sink this side further in the short term but it will most likely result in Arteta seeking new employment. Fans are not as enamoured with Arteta as Legrove and Twitter would have one think. I’m at all the games, nobody in my section is in support of Arteta.

  80. Receding Hairline

    China why are we discussing Wilshere? Because he couldn’t get a contract with just about anyone else.

    Like I said its a boring topic and its only being promoted based on emotions. There is no justification for offering a player who the footballing world have forgotten a contract simply because he used to play here before.

  81. Ishola70

    Let Wilshere train if he wants and good luck to him but offering him a contract seems a bit silly.

    What is the purpose of that? So he can make a 5 minute cameo in the match so fans can get all nostalgic again.

    Wilshere is not a legend anyway in the Henry, Vieira or Begkamp sense. He was a unfulfilled talent really that never quite managed to live up to his billing despite having good matches with the club.

  82. Dissenter

    These sentiments towards Wilshere exists because many people think the club still owes him something. There’s a belief out there that Wenger ruined him, when in fact all Wenger did was to provide him with opportunities that matched his prodigious talent at the time.

    Jack Wilshere is not worthy of your pity. Like Mr Serge said, he’s shuffling about in his exotic cars, enjoying life in ways many of us can only dream of. He’s achieved what any baller would dare to dream of as a chid in the academy.

    It seems to me, he’s struggling to accept the reality that he’s at the end of his career and that’s what he should deal with, not looking for another contract. The footballing world in England has delivered his verdict- that’s why no one has signed him.
    Ryan Mason was not half the baller Wilshere was but even he has found his niche in coaching.

  83. Dissenter

    You have this unquestioning approach to Arteta when in fact, he’s just another manager. Managers will come and go, Arsenal will remain.
    You’re describing a human being like he’s some deity of sorts. He burps and shits as much as we all do.

  84. AFC Forever


    “….. as with the Hungarian immigrant, ES, who likely has some Isreali blood in hm, as it makes up of 50% of my real heritage. Now ES thinks he’s a cut above everyone else while he looks at his silver spoon in its case on the wall.”.


    “I went it alone and made my fortune to spite my real mother because I never talked to her again”


    “Luteo, ……….if you don’t like that, tough. Carry on being a keyboard warrior or come to Thailand and discuss it with me face to face”

    Tony seems like a nice guy.

  85. Emiratesstroller

    AFC Forever

    I ignore usually Tony over the last 6 months or so. However, I drew the line yesterday, because of his blatant antisemitic remark.

    Many years ago I worked as a trainee lawyer for a well known firm of solicitors [non Jewish].

    I was sent out to take a statement from a prospective client who was the son of a famous
    Film Director who was coincidentally of Hungarian and Jewish Heritage. The mother was
    non Jewish and the parents were divorced.

    During the interview it became crystal clear to me that the potential client was a “rabid antisemite” despite his father’s background. Clearly he had a problem with his father.

    I kept my mouth shut during the meeting accepted his cups of tea and alcoholic drinks and
    left on amicable terms. When I returned to the office I advised them not to take on client or
    keep me on the case, because it turned out that he was a vexatious litigant.

    Tony’s commentary and defence that he was not an antisemite, because of his mother’s
    background. Yet LG drew attention that he hated his mother.

    So everyone can draw their own conclusions about what Tony posted.

  86. Valentin


    A freak of nature is somebody who train normally and still has his physique. It’s somebody who at 40 years still have stamina and athleticism of 25 years old professional athlete.

    That’s not CR7. At 36 he has already regressed physically. That’s why he is not the speedy winger anymore. He is a striker. He is not the player that he was even 5 years ago. The difference between him and the others is that he started from such a high point, he is still higher than most. Hence it looks miraculous.

    CR7 is extremely talented, but his physical prowess is mostly due to his obsessive training regime. Follow people who do bodybuilding and weight building and you will see them as ripped as Ronaldo.
    Even J.K. Simmons was so jacked-up, the got the seal of approval by the terminator hhimself.

    The difference is he was doing it for a movie , CR7 does it 24/7 365 days.

  87. Pierre

    Poor old Tony, getting it in the neck from le grove posters.

    I’ve noticed he’s been on his best behaviour recently but a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots…..

    I prefer the old Tony with his excellent “wish you were here” Judith chalmers impersonations.

  88. Tom

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching Ole’s ineptitude for United in the CL vs Young Boys yesterday.
    Apparently his CL record with United consists now of 7 losses in 11 games played.
    Yesterday his in game management resembled that of Arteta’s in Europe.

    Meanwhile in the world where real managers exist Chelsea have lost one CL game under Tuchel while having played 8.

  89. TR7

    I really had no idea Tony had shared details of his family dispute, his lineage, heritage and other personal details until I read posts from some of the other posters quoting him or replying him.

    P.S : I avoid reading lengthy posts, so I skip most if not all the posts from Tony. By the way it’s never a good idea to share one’s personal details/stories on internet. Looks like Tony has written about his personal life in chapter and verses.

  90. AFC Forever


    Just ignore the racist idiot, his head is so far up his own arse he’s chewing on tonsils.As for the “My son got really upset when I told him I’d had enough of the Arteta’s disingenuous, trolls on the blog led by Pedro”

    Unless his son is Dissenter, who gives a flying xxxx………!?

    Has to be a wind up surely?

  91. Cannonball

    Tony is unraveling before our very eyes. Very sad. Responding to everything and everyone playing to the crowd.

    Keep this shit for your friends Tony as quite frankly nobody gives a fuck about nonsense you pollute this blog with. It’s a football blog. Can we keep it football?

  92. Tom

    “A freak of nature is somebody who train normally and still has his physique. It’s somebody who at 40 years still have stamina and athleticism of 25 years old professional athlete.“

    Sorry Val, but the person you’re describing doesn’t exist and never has.
    No 40 year old has a stamina of a 25 year old.
    Not in football anyway.

  93. WengerEagle

    ‘At 36 he has already regressed physically. That’s why he is not the speedy winger anymore. He is a striker. He is not the player that he was even 5 years ago.’

    This is very true, that time last night where he nipped in on the ponderous defender and managed to get through on goal and create what would have been an easy one vs one chance for himself in his prime but was instead easily caught up with by a supporting defender to deny him the chance was a stark reminder of this for United fans getting ahead of themselves thinking that they are getting close to the same Ronaldo as before.

    He is still a brilliant player but he is a purebred goalscoring focal point at this stage of his career, he doesn’t have the legs to beat defenders in foot races or long dribbles.

  94. AFC Forever


    “By the way it’s never a good idea to share one’s personal details/stories on internet”

    Very true.

    From a MH perspective social media can be harmful. Really have to be careful there are some pretty unsavoury people about who troll to cause problems for people.

    Also, I went to a security seminar once and they said Facebook was the most used tool for the criminal. Not just being able to identify when houses are empty, families on holiday but obtaining pin numbers and passwords. Most people use pet, family or sports names as passwords (easy to remember) .and have family members as friends. Mothers maiden name, previous street address all can be found easily. Some people are also keen to flaunt their wealth, again that attracts problems.

  95. TR7

    “he doesn’t have the legs to beat defenders in foot races or long dribbles.”

    Call me a hater but I don’t think Ronaldo was ever good at dribbling. Showboating with step overs ? Yes but long dribbling running straight through 4-5 players ? I don’t think he was ever capable of that.

  96. Dissenter

    In fairness, PSG got a lot of freebies in the form of free transfers
    They really don’t give a damn about FFP though, if they did, they would have sold Mbappe.
    FFP exists partly to keep premier league clubs from going too far ahead.

  97. China1

    Receding you keep missing the point

    You don’t offer him a contract until he’s proved himself worthy of one – and that contract is designed to be risk free

    There is no throwing contracts at him based on emotions, that’s not part of the conversation. You just let him train for free. We’ve let many ex players do this and we even let David Beckham train with us once. It’s classy and harmless.

    He only gets anything resembling an actual contract if he does enough in training to actually warrant one.

    It’s unlikely by everyone’s estimations exactly as you said so he likely joins some training sessions then either finds another club or retires. It’s 100% harmless and actually classy of the club to let him.

    Again, nobody is throwing contracts at him by letting him train with us and seeing how he does. He’d have to *earn* a contract – and if he did surprise everyone and actually earn it why would you not offer it?

  98. China1

    Nelson didn’t you hear? Coming second in the French league and making the CL semis is actually worth £999999999999999999999. It’s funny how that works!

  99. S Asoa

    There is a consensus about Saka and ESR starting together. But again overplaying could lead to permanent damage specially in the young. So I am with Valentin about playing Wilshere , if found fit, with Saka. The advantage will be a familiar playmaking , and allows the usual football to flow which might not be possible with a totally different player.
    But am also wary that Wilshere could be some sentimental ammo Fraudeta lining up to use in case he needs to save his bacon.

  100. Tom

    Funny seeing the reaction to Wilshere possibly training with Arsenal again.
    Yes, it’s a risk I agree.
    Saka could pick up one of those loose cigarettes falling out of Wilshere’s secret stash he keeps in his shorts, and get hooked on them.

  101. Nelson

    My question is about the salary. Some Barca stars are willingly accepting a pay cut to help the team to meet the ffp limit. I am sure that those PSG star players, Mbappe, Neymar, Messi, Di Maria, Verratti, Marquinho, Kimpembe wouldn’t accept a low salary.

  102. WengerEagle


    ”Yes but long dribbling running straight through 4-5 players ?”

    Could anyone in the past decade and a half do that besides Messi, Neymar, Ribery and maybe Hazard? Pretty harsh criteria for being classified as a good dribbler.

    Any player that can consistently beat a defender in a one vs one is a good dribbler in my book and Ronaldo at United and early on at Real could do that for fun.

  103. Sly

    Looks like Arteta was appointed for the pep relationship and not the wenger connection
    Herein lies our present predicament
    Arteta doesn’t have the tools to evolve beyond a certain man city blueprint he learnt
    His mentor however is constantly evolving
    The lack of coaching nous and fixation on a particular method is why arteta will never be a decent coach imo
    and Arsenal can never progress beyond a lower level mid table team under him

  104. Dissenter

    Yea, you;re a Ronaldo hater 🙂
    We all know that now
    Ronaldo used to get scythed al the time when he was in the premier league because he’s a bag of tricks, a terrific dribbler that will tie up a defender’s legs in knots
    He adapted his game over time to get better because just nutmegging people and step-overs wasn’t enough to get into the GOAT conversation.

  105. Ishola70

    “Looks like Arteta was appointed for the pep relationship and not the wenger connection”

    Arsenal would not have appointed Arteta as a novice unless he was a former Arsenal player.

    They made a big deal that Arteta so-called knew the workings of Arsenal FC.

    Doesn’t matter how supposedly good an assistant he was at Man City.

    Without that prior link to Arsenal he doesn’t get the gig at Arsenal.

  106. Northbanker

    At the moment Jack is simply going to train, which is great. I’m quite sure if he plays then it will be on a pay-per-play basis and Jack would probably be delighted to do that deal. But can we play him? Haven’t we already registered the maximum number of players until the January TW opens?

  107. Northbanker

    TR7 – I think it doesn’t hurt to bare a little of your soul online. I’m very careful never to post shots of my holiday on Facebook until after I’ve returned and even then i make it clear it was the past. I also don’t use obvious passwords.

    Nevertheless keeping it real a bit makes you more of a real person when we’re all using monikers etc.

  108. Tom

    “Doesn’t matter how supposedly good an assistant he was at Man City.“

    Ishola, I disagree.
    Take the City/Pep connection and especially the angle what type of football they play, and Arteta would’ve been just another former Arsenal player with coaching badges looking for an opportunity.
    Pep co-signed for him big time, and some of the testimonials from City players helped too.

    Pedro ran with the Arteta made Sterling narrative for months, when improving existing Arsenal players was still a thing, and buying a whole new squad was frowned upon.

  109. Ishola70


    It was made plainly clear that Arteta’s prior association with Arsenal was a very big reason why he was appointed.

    People can go on about Pep all they like but without Arteta having been a former player and him knowing the club and vice versa they wouldn’t have appointed him.

  110. Tom

    Ishola, it was definitely a combination of factors, but to dismiss the City connection all together is nuts.
    People thought he would produce a perfect blend of City like football while sustaining Arsenal values cultivated under Wenger.

  111. Valentin

    PSG can afford the high salary of big stars because they don’t pay the rest of the squad so high salary. That led to Matuidi, Adrien Rabiot to protest at their treatment and leave.
    Kaylor Navas is on €52kpw (~£44kpw) when we had Runnarson on £40kpw!

    After being caught by many youngsters leaving on a free and making a name for themselves at top European clubs, they are now a lot more ruthless with the academy players. Most of the ones they sell for little money to other French clubs have a resale participation clause.

    This summer they have been able to pick up great players on free: Messi, Ramos, Wyjnaldum, Donnaruma.

    Because of the depressed market, those players have High wage, but much lower than one would have expected pre-covid. Apart from Messi, MBappe, Neymar, Di Maria, PSG does not have those players on inflated salary like Juventus have Ramsey, Rabiot.

  112. salparadisenyc

    I’m all for the nostalgia and if Wilshire needs place to train why not, he’s earned that right imo.

    But it ends there, he’s not pulling a TH 14 type resurrection. Having visions of Wenger putting Sol Campbell into the side in 2010 who was so far off the pace had to feel for guy.

  113. Valentin


    Zlatan is a freak of nature. 40 years and still playing at high level.

    Bruno the former Brighton right back was still decent until 38 years old. He was never great, but even his last season I never thought he had been done because of his declining physique.
    I remember an interview where later in his career he was very proud of still being one of the fastest and strongest in their squad.

  114. Valentin

    It is obvious that Arteta got the gig for the 3 reasons:

    + Connection with Wenger and Arsenal values because he was a former player.

    + Connection with Pep who gave his seal of approval.

    + Network connection, first with Gazidis and then with media and PR people who were able to sell that mythic narrative based in the word of his mates.

    The combination of all three is important, because only two elements would not have been enough to get the gig.

    Nobody thought that Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira or even Henry were valid option, when Arteta had even less experience than them.

    After the mistake that was Emery. Ljungberg was drowning without any help from the club. Hiring one of Pep assistant was done because of the connection with Arsenal and because people were pushing the narrative that Gazidis had missed a trick. He was the one who got away, when the reality the one who got away were Arsenal.

    Without that magnificent PR campaign, Arteta would never have got the job. I fell for it, however thinking back, I now realise that if a mediocre but experienced manager like Emery failed, then a total novice should never have been even considered. Those against his appointment purely on that basis were right. He should have learned the job at a lower profile club.