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I was like, totally off the train… ready to move on. Now I’m ALL ABOARD and ready to go again. I can’t do a summer of misery. I am back on the project and searching out the light. One last time for the vision.

If we win our next two games, the most we can finish off 3rd place is 9 points.

Think of the ways we’ve punched ourselves in the face this season. Think of the clubs we’ve failed to take points off. Think of some of the rough luck.

Since we added creative midfielders, our 22 game run has us in 3rd place.

That’s over half a season’s worth of data. It is now significant.

So, what happened in that run?

We added ESR. Then we added Martin Odegaard. Those two gave us faster movement in the final third of the pitch. They opened the game up for us.

We also added Thomas Party. Before January 14th, he’d only managed 360 minutes of football. He was our biggest signing of the summer. His form has been a bit messy, but reality is, he should have flushed that out of his system by October.

Then think about what we had brewing in the dressing room. We moved on Mustafi, Kola, Ozil, and Sokratis. 4 senior players, all big personalities, all very disruptive behind the scenes.

Mustafi and Kola went to Schalke, staged a coup, ousted Gross, then relegated the team anyway. Do you think that sort of mindset was easy to deal with?

Mesut Ozil went to Fenerbache and has registered 1 assist in 10 games. Remember when he was commentating on games just to be a pain?

During that December period, we also dropped Luiz and Willian. The expensive free transfer last summer never made it back after stinking up the starting 11 for the first half of the season.

Then think about how we’ve lost games this season. Look at the stupid red cards we struggled to recover from. Look at the unforced errors.

Then the big one… Auba went from a 30 goal a season striker to someone that could barely register 10. Family issues, malaria, a lack of form. We signed Auba to a big deal because goals are hard to come by, then we literally got the nightmare outcome, a different variant of striker that couldn’t score goals.

We lost twice to Everton, Wolves, and Villa. We only picked up 1 point against Burnley.

I don’t think we’ll lose 7 times at home with fans in the ground.

Yet, all the above… and we could still finish 9 points from 3rd.

The mission for next season is clear.

Improve defence. We have the 3rd best defence in the league currently, but 38 goals is hardly peak anything. A chunk of those goals were unforced errors, we can improve there drastically next season with better players.

Score more goals. We’re 10th in the league for that and it’s unacceptable.

Fix the midfield with press-resistant athletes that can move the ball at speed.

Find a ball playing centre back that can pick up the slack of Luiz, but without the errors. He made our attack better and we missed him because players like Holding and Mari can’t pass like him.

Find a right-back that can offer that side of the pitch what Tierney offers the left. We’re very addicted to the left side of the pitch, which makes us easier to plan against.

Find some extra ammunition in attack so we can add now numbers and goals. JACK GREALISH would be nice. Maybe even a cut-price Aouar after he tanked his form and lost out on the French squad. Whoever it is, they need to bring goals and creativity.

Unleash Auba. He should be scoring 25 goals when he’s 35. We need to create chances around him and work to his attributes, which is outrageous edge inside 8 yards.

Limit the unforced errors.

We’ve already gone a large part of the way by moving on David Luiz. His lack of focus and dying pace cost us big last season. Dani Ceballos won’t come back. There are also a number of other players I expect will be moved on. Better players make less errors.

We also need to address the backroom deficiencies. There were some awful decisions last season that a rookie coach shouldn’t have been making. Who is going to help Arteta be better with talent? Who is going to challenge him when he wants to try a false 9 in the semi-finals of an important game? Who is going to make sure average coaching is rectified with people that can create a better working environment?

City had a similar issue when Arteta first went there and took a beating from Wenger in the semi-final of the FA Cup against us. They finished 4th. They weren’t clinical enough in the final third and they made too many errors in defence. Everything else was good. They signed Bernado, Mendy, Laporte (Jan), Walker, Ederson.

Those signings gave them defensive stability, but also control from the base of defence where they build attacks from. They went from conceding 41 to 27. They went from scoring 80 to 101.

I think we’re the poverty version of what City were going through. Too many errors in defence. Not enough edge in the final third. But the bit in-between is generally pretty solid. There aren’t many games we haven’t controlled since the turn of the year. That’s a positive to build from, we’re solid and we hold onto the ball well.

Do a budget version of City’s summer and things could bang.

What we need to do has never been clearer. We’re not a million miles away from being a really good side. But… the summer needs to be perfect. Do I trust Arteta and Edu? Not really, but there doesn’t seem to be another option.

So let’s see.

Also, when I write posts like this, we tend to lose. So I’m bracing for impact on that one. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, see you in the comments x

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“Lol like Nketiah haven’t already shown up to be a shit player. Championship level player.”

I’m sure that’s what the know nothings(inc you) were saying about Willock until he was given a proper chance to show his qualities..

Eddie’s time will come hopefully…


Europa Conference League.. final in Albania. Get your tickets now

Time Up

Something disturbing and creepy about Klopp wanting to hug everyone all the time.

He should seek help.

Time Up

We should be owning the EC instead for f the Emirates Cup lol.


“Emery was getting lucky results, Arteta is hardly a luck merchant.”

xG Arsenal 1.07 1.83 WBA
xG Chelsea 1.57 0.69 Arsenal

2 of our last 3 wins.

Captain Tierney

Pedro I did not say Arteta is getting lucky results. But 9/10 games we win are on very fine margins. Take today’s game for example. I think Arteta deserves massive credit for drastically reducing the amount of goals we concede. But that has directly affected our attaching numbers and we need to start to see some semblance of attacking gameplan. Right now it seems to be pass pass pass and a hotel will turn up. Where are the goals we scored against City in the Fa Cup final? That was supposed to be the blueprint of the season. Lets just… Read more »

Captain Tierney

goal* will turn up **

Time Up

If you want to watch a real football manger with philosophy to go with, played City twice with limited players. Won one should have one the other without any excuse like our Con Artist.

Watch him school Arteta on Sunday, like Emery did, with his first team players of journey men. We beat them 0-1 because they put the second team out that day.

The Magical Potter

Luteo Guenreira

“cherry-picking 2 results really doesn’t do much for your point.”

To be fair though you wouldn’t be that surprised if more games since Xmas were analyzed and we had a worse xG than our opponent regardless of the result. I don’t know the numbers but I’d think it’s actually likely that’s the case.


Pedro, yes, we are 8th in xG points during the 37 game season.
I wished it was me cherry-picking 2 results.
Good point though.


“Holding and Elneny should be nowhere near the first team next season.”

Holding will definitely be a starter for us next season.

Tets loves him & Chambers.

Elneny on the other hand is just filling in. Pretty sure we’ll get a midfielder. Let’s hope rookie at least gets that one right.




Flights of fancy.


Pedro for the umpteenth time it is 90 minutes per game and 38 games per season, close only counts in horseshoes and the last time I looked we are still playing football here and not a stylish one either.


Season sadly doesn’t start in December

Time Up


Do you know in chance created, Brighton should be top four. The Magical potter is similar to Arsen at his best, all attack and movement. He gives freedom to his limited players to go all attack, even Welbeck looks better than Auba in his system.

Arteta is like mini Boring Mourinho at his worst. Pepe under Potter will look world class.

Champagne Charlie

Rookie manager makes rookie mistakes early season before making improvements and showing progress.

Hard pill to swallow for some.

AFC Forever

What a great result. Hostile crowd and against an opponent who should have been down to them men. We would have been if our players made those assaults. Luiz got sent off for being kicked, remember.

Champions League Qualification form over the last 5 months shows how we have improved & with some smart additions added to the splattering of quality we have, should be a good new season

Meanwhile Spuds are getting booed off & Kane is leaving. Happy days.

AFC Forever

*ten men.


Take a look at this table
Arsenal 38 29 7 2 87 28 +59 94
Spurs 38 30 4 4 86 27 +59 94
Man city 38 29 6 3 101 43 +58 93
Man utd 38 26 7 5 79 24 +55 85
Liverpool 38 24 6 8 84 40 +44 78


I’m just hoping for big summer to help remedy the weakness of this season. So much false hope mixed with a real lack of sustaining any kind of form or intensity.

Took some very nice scalps coupled with (as stated in post) loosing 6 points to Villa, Everton, Liverpool on horrible run, Wolves and managed 1 off Burnley.

Was big proponent of Arteta, it will take some doing to gain that back. No getting around some of the bizarre decisions he’s made. Finishing strong is a start, notably above Spurs.


Progress as in losing to a inferior team coached by a better manager Villareal?

My head hurts how many mistakes he made in those 2 games.

But he’s improved and showed progress.

Like today with 1 shot on target until the 91st minute. Progress.

Time Up

At least with The Magical potter we would watch Auba, Laca, Saka, Pepe, Martinelli and even Eddie bury those chances. I’m still surprised why Brighton didn’t take Eddie on loan, he would have got 10 goals easily under Potter.

With Arteta, you don’t see any playing style with the talent he has. His main philosophy against the top 10, defend, press to get a lucky goal and hope for the best.

That’s embarrassing.

AFC Forever


“Rookie manager makes rookie mistakes early season before making improvements and showing progress.Hard pill to swallow for some.”

It’s actually pretty pathetic. Image be being pissed off when your team wins and results improve.

London gunner

Pedro You are all over the place and you talk the talk well as a marketing guide but your judgment time after time has proven to be utterly wrong. You call the big things wrong like backing gazidis and now arteta. After saying arteta should be sacked after the europa loss you are back in full spin mode for him. You really are all over the gaffe and more and more you lose credibility. You still haven’t apologised for going after and banning le grovers for not agreeing with your pro arteta stance. I’m not asking you to slate arteta… Read more »


“Rookie manager makes rookie mistakes early season before making improvements and showing progress”

Ian Dark commenting on the Sp*ds game vs AVL after a save from Sp*ds shot “this is why Emi Martinez is one of the best keepers in the Premier League” that is not a Rookie manager mistake to sell the better keeper that is a criminal disaster and a manager that is clueless because he does not know his players on the squad. Unless you get someone that doesn’t have that disability AFC will always be a mid table team as where they belong ATM.

Champagne Charlie


Vital summer after a poor one last time out. Massive pressure on Arteta and Edu to get the turnover right, but I’m encouraged by the noises about a clear out – been asking for one since Wenger was here.

Imperative we bring in the profiles able to play technical possession football. Talent obviously is a big factor, but we simply must recruit with a focus on technical ability and dynamism in midfield and forward areas. Even if that’s some seemingly lateral moves in terms of talent.

Time Up

The best thing Arsenal did this season was relegate WBA and Fat Sam for the first time.

As a result, that Fat horrible cunt is out of football for good.

Left Testicle

London knows.


Right, now that I’m calm WTF is a Uefa conference league?

Win on the final day, but we better not qualify for that pile of crap.

No unnecessary distractions needed next season.

AFC Forever


“Remember all those people telling us Jose was taking them to the league title?”

Yep. Some people really do have some very weird ideas. Some of us predicted what would happen at Spurs. They prove that changing manager guarantees nothing


Here’s where Pedro makes a fair point. The problem with Arsene was that we frequently collapsed in the second half of the season after promising starts. The problem with Arteta is that he put us in such a deep hole by Christmas that even a strong second-half of the season has left us out of even Europa League contention. There have been recent examples (Leicester is one) where a strong end to a previous season has a knock-on effect to the following one. If you are putting on the rosy glasses, you would also point to a limited summer window… Read more »


It’s all very well harping on about our improved performances since Christmas , the fact is , Arteta cocked up the 2 most important games during that period , the semi final v Villarael. This is how I see it. At the start of the season Arteta was fooled into thinking that wing backs was the way forward due to the fa Cup victory .. As soon as he brought in a no.10 and changed to a 4-2-3-1 we looked a different side. Smith Rowe was the catalyst for change and despite Arteta initially believing that Odegaard was the better… Read more »


Gotta say the new all yellow looks good in photos..well done PR team



We’re not getting out of the fine margins game, the league is too competitive, the days of Arsenal regularly bending over the bottom half teams, and doing what we want to them, is long gone

The best we can hope for next season, is pushing more fine margins in our favour, on a more consistent basis

Thought Chambers played well at right back again today, have to hold my hand up, I never fancied him there, but he’s done well since he came back

We should be aiming for balance and quality over quantity this summer

Champagne Charlie

MD gunner

You’re going to have to reconcile with the fact Emi agitated for the move, he wasn’t ousted by anyone. His words, not mine.

Also not the “criminal disaster” you claim. We’ve a better defensive record than Villa despite them having Uber world class Martinez marshalling the box and making everyone calm and content. The error came in not maximising the money received to better the squad, and general indecision on players like AMN, Holding, Torreira.

If we’d have delivered better on our recruitments then Emi wouldn’t even be a topic.

Guns of SF

I like the yellow shirt. I ordered one for my son… Saka his favorite player.
I do think they need to change the shorts color… we look like a straight up banana/ yellow submarine.. maybe black shorts or something.
Just my 2 cents.

Great shirt though and a first win it….

Left Testicle

I understand Pedro wanting to support Arteta but it’s the constant flipping and when he flips back to suppirt Arteta it’s off the scale positivity, sometimes straight after a negative post. I swear it’s in part to get a response out of us. As previously stated by others, the blog loses credibility. I’ll probably be binned again but I haven’t said anything that at least 10 other posters have.

AFC Forever

Charlie “Imperative we bring in the profiles able to play technical possession football” Yes, I said this a while ago. Arteta wants to play that way & he’s having to do it largely with players he inherited. To play possession football at the tempo needed, you need highly technical players, as you say.. Our form for more than half a season is CL qualification but the reality is that’s probably more than the current squad is able to carry into next season without improvements in personnel. Still if they get the recruitment right we could be in for a very… Read more »

Champagne Charlie

London out here demanding online apologies from the author of the blog who binned his mates, full on cuck behaviour.

AFC Forever


Yes that kit is beautiful. I like the fact it also has the canon instead of the badge. By the way, I quite like the yellow shorts & socks with it.


Amen AFC.. remember all those people telling us Jose was taking them to the league title?

How cute!! Maybe you guys can snuggle together I your arteta blanket?





Don’t think the Europa Conference need be distraction — if used correctly it [with the domestic Cups] could be a useful opportunity to keep the bench focused and motivated…


Chambers Holding Mari Cedric

AMN Elneny Willock

ESR Balogun Martinelli

…makes a decent cup side 🙂


CC, big summer ahead, but starting to feel a bit more confident with right adds, we can do good things. Need players that can take us out of the fine margins game. Pedro, genuine question, what is the source of this optimism while sitting 9th and hoping for a last day miracle to get europa via 7th place, when your were jumping on emerys throat when he finished 1 point off 4th? What miracles has arteta done to give you such warm, tingly feelings of optimism? What bring this sudden sense of optimism when you continued to be a sourpuss… Read more »

Champagne Charlie


Recruitment is a massive part of any manager developing a football club. Klopp doesn’t make close to the mark he has at Liverpool without signings that fit his ethos and enabled him to demand an outcome from his team.

Imagine them with lesser players than Salah, Firmino, Mane, Wijnaldum, Fabinho, VVD, Robertson, Allison etc. All been huge for their recent success. Been some garbage in there too like Keita and Ox for big money.


@CC After the FA Cup and the end of the previous season it was clear to most that Emi was the better keeper if he pressed for the job than Arteta needed to grow balls and give it to him. Leno is a disaster when involved in playing out from the back. in a valuation of the two keepers at this time Leno comes out second best, which again strikes at the point of not managing the resources at hand. All of this has the same hand writing on the wall, giving older players long contracts, buy players that are… Read more »

AFC Forever


“How cute!! Maybe you guys can snuggle together I your arteta blanket?”

No need. I’ve thrown my Arteta duvet over the bed along with a pair of Arteta pillowcases. It’s very snug. I’m actually writing this on my iPad with Arteta wallpaper, wearing my Arteta slippers & drinking from my Arteta mug. In fact, I’ve just had a word with my wife and she’s agreed I can call her Mikel, as soon as she’s out of the bathroom.

Champagne Charlie

MD Again, Emi was told he was 95% certain to start the opening day of the season and he threw a hissy and pushed for a move. If you think he’s a superior then good for you, but he’s been acknowledged for the season he’s had and still conspired to concede 8 more than Leno who is ‘fucking useless’ according to some inspired commenters. Just smacks of the typical hyperbole thrown about in spaces like this. I said prior to the summer that we’d keep both and decide this upcoming summer who would be sold following a battle for the… Read more »

AFC Forever

Champagne Charlie

Yes mate totally agree. Klopp bought in something like 23 players because he wanted players that could function in the high pressing game he favours. Pep bought in players for his style. Some people don’t understand this for some reason.

As you say, there are some failures along the way because not all singings work out but that’s the risk you take, especially from European leagues. The other option is to try to compromise your playing style & that’s bound to fail. Good recruitment is key but always tougher without European football. Very important transfer window


So Donnarumma is out of contract in the summer, no chance to get him because most likely no European football to speak of. Your point of selling players which didn’t happen, is valid but that goes back to the individuals who oversee the club, thus the comment the rebuild starts at the top and since that will not happen anytime soon AFC is in deep shit and Arteta saves his ass by putting young players like Saka in the firing line with no one there to coach and enhance their skills.

Mr Serge

Kane waving bye to the spurs fans Wasa joy to behold


Wasn’t there the score of Everton 1 AFC 0 that was 3 points on Leno. Yeah I know shit happens but does it always have to happen at AFC?

London gunner


Quit it you sack of shit

Champagne Charlie

MD See there’s conflict in that statement about there being nobody to coach the younger players, because nearly all of them have gushed about how much they’re learning under Arteta. I think this idea he can’t coach is so wide of the mark. He can’t coach, can’t manage, can’t make subs etc but we’re 9 points off 3rd place? Eh? Where’s the honesty? I have big reservations about the major players running the recruitment, I said that before Arteta was hired. That remains because last summer was so flawed. But, you also have to acknowledge the extenuating circumstances of last… Read more »


Arteta is using the younger players to save his ass to get results, because he can’t get the established ones to perform. That is what he is being paid for he is exercising a fire drill at the club which is evident by his tinkering as many here have commented “Arteta doesn’t know his best 11”. Now to this clinging on to stats like 9 points of 3rd, is just like the green shoots in an economy that was ruined by the ones running the government. There has to come the moment where you rip off the bandaid and say… Read more »

AFC Forever

CC You are right. Emile Smith Rowe said this: ‘We’re definitely going in the right direction. With the team we’ve got, I feel like we’re destined for great things, Honestly, I don’t think people realise how good Bukayo Saka is, for example. He’s one of the best players I’ve ever played with. The manager’s tactics are amazing, too. It’s the little details. He’ll tell us how certain moments will go down, how the opposition will react to certain movements we make, and it’ll happen, exactly as he said it. When you see little things like that work, it makes you… Read more »


Mr Serge

I more enjoyed the look on Dier’s face when he realised the Spuds fans were booing the team in the first half of the first game with them back!


The fact St Totteriinghams Day is still on fills me with joy. Considering our shit season and watching Lineker and Murphy tonight on MOTD – to qote Keegam – I’d LOVE IT!


Pepe has 14 goals and 5 assists this season

We know he has some very poor games, but if he is trusted to put a run of games together it looks likely that he will reward that with a lot of goals

Ben D

I’m really trying to get my head around something. Liverpool are being hailed by commentators for sneaking into the top 4, and giving themselves a chance to finish there.

Is this the same top 4 everyone turned their noses up at when Arsenal finished there for 20 consecutive years with some really poor squads? What has changed?


‘ Luteo, our xG has us joint 4th since Christmas. So we’re not in Emery territory, unfortunately for some’

No but we are out of Europe at Emery’s hands. Unfortunately for all…


Pedro is actually right, according to the table, we’ve been the
second best team in the league since Xmas:
Even more surprisingly, we’ve scored the third
most goals since then.
Ancelotti was appointed at about the same time as Arteta
and we look like ending up in a very similar position to
Everton so maybe not all about Rookie Vs Experience,
Mourinho not being able to break Spurs’s trophy duck or
get them back into the Champions League.


“We added ESR”
“We dropped Willian”

….who’s “we”?, you mean Arteta finally started dropping Willian because of he had covid-like symptoms which made him turn to ESR.


* started dropping Willian because he had


we’ve had enough evidence about what arteta brings to a team after 18 months misuse and poor managing of youth and available team resources poor in game management poor team selection massive inferiority complex with ‘bigger teams/coaches handbrake on… permanently lack of courage- doesn’t have the balls or vision to implement a forward thinking approach to game play poor player development poor player utilisation the list goes on Laughable to think he can take arsenal beyond mid table atrocious that this bunch of chancers will get a transfer budget to blow away embarrassing to see how you’re doubling down on… Read more »


We don’t really know if mourinho was unable to end spurs’ trophy duck because he was sacked before a final and with a handful of league games to spare

Not predicting he’d have won that final or got top 4 but both were still on the table


9 points off third sounds great until you recall bummery had us 2 points off third with a worse squad


ESR seems to have discounted all the times we’ve got the tactics wrong this season from his comments lol


If we win our last game of the season we’ll finish only 9 points worse off than emery did with a worse squad. If we can buy 4 first team players this summer maybe we can even match emery’s league performance next year. Tho he made the EL final as well so it would still be an inferior season if we do…


What does this winning streak in the EPL teach us?

Actually one season out of Europe might not be a bad idea…

When Arteta only has one thing to think about he is doing a decent job.

Do I want him out? Preferably but it’s clear the Kronkes want him in so he has to be tolerated.


Pepe 2 goals , Zaha few dives.


For goodness sake Arteta find out what Bruce is doing to get Willock on such an incredible scoring streak…

We need him to do the same next season!


Willock’s 6 month loan shits all over Odegaard’s but some will still be sucker for reputations.

Honestly, it will be travesty Arsenal to pay big money to make Ode permanent and not give Willock a proper chance.
He’s proven himself, now give him a proper opportunity, whether it is from the bench. He. can help us next season, let ode go back to the next loan that Madrid sends him to. He’s a poor man’s prime Ozil.


The real question about Pepe is this. If we had paid 20-25m would he be considered a good buy? I would have to say yes. He works hard, comes up with important goals and causes opponents headaches. On the flip side, he gets dispossessed too easily. Let’s not forget that it’s actually really, really hard to skin defenders on a regular basis these days. It’s why players like Traore and St. Maximin stand out with fans. The fact that Don Raul spent 72m on Pepe should have no relevance. That’s all on the club, not him. I’m happy that he’s… Read more »


The manager’s job is to Crete a system that players like Willock can use to thrive.
Have we ever had a loanee blow up like this?



Nope-Willock is the first at this level. Wilshere did well at Bolton but no-one has had Willock’s goal production. Having said that, very few loan players in Premier League history can match that.


Did willock score again? What is his current record?

I think no one can question his ability to score from midfield. He’s is the second coming of Ramsey on that front. What will determine if he can become a top level player will be how the rest of his game develops imo


I too wanted him sold in January and thought the Newcastle loan was a shop window display but this streak has to make anyone pause.
You think you know…then you see this. Regardless of the unique circumstances at Newcastle, any young midfielder churning these types of numbers has to make any directors of football pause.


Just off to the golf course with my son, but wanted to add my happiness at the win.

Didn’t see the game.

Pepe and Martinelli with injury time goals and looking at LiveScore for the line up and late subs nothing has changed with Arteta.

Pepe is crap, right, Charlie? Perhaps under an experienced manager we’d see more from him.

I’ll pop back in after our last game as I’m very busy with my son and his golf until Covid lets him go back to school here.

Be well Grovers.


London gunnerMay 19, 2021 22:39:03 Pedro You are all over the place and you talk the talk well as a marketing guide but your judgment time after time has proven to be utterly wrong. You call the big things wrong like backing gazidis and now arteta. After saying arteta should be sacked after the europa loss you are back in full spin mode for him. You really are all over the gaffe and more and more you lose credibility. You still haven’t apologised for going after and banning le grovers for not agreeing with your pro arteta stance. I’m not… Read more »

Guns of SF

We are still paying for Pepe. Remember the installments?
Basically we got fleeced for the price. Uncle Raul wanted to give us the shiny new toy for xmas- ( wanting to earn fan capital) since he was new into his role.

Anyhow, Id rather keep pepe than Ode. Overall, we need players like pepe who try and take on players.. although at times he has been terrible at it


Willock is the youngest EPL player to ever score 6 goals in a row. He joins other players like Henry * Allan S. who also did that. Arsenal’s “Generational” manager couldn’t do what Steve Bruce did, and you trust Arteta with a TW, this will tell you the shit will hit the fan next season.

We will see on Sunday what the final place in the table will be. AFC loose and Leeds win 10th, could be 7th depending on what Sp*ds and Everton do, so much for the saucy one.


Ode has been disappointing, hasn’t matched his reputation
Rather have a tested player like young Buendia for big money than take a chance on Odegaard.

Guns of SF

I agree Dissenter- not worth it… and for the price no thanks


“No need. I’ve thrown my Arteta duvet over the bed along with a pair of Arteta pillowcases. It’s very snug. I’m actually writing this on my iPad with Arteta wallpaper, wearing my Arteta slippers & drinking from my Arteta mug. In fact, I’ve just had a word with my wife and she’s agreed I can call her Mikel, as soon as she’s out of the bathroom.” AFC never a truer word said in jest and we understand you’re not joking. Sadly you left out the part that when your wife came to bed and you said to her “Mrs Mikel… Read more »


“Ancelotti was appointed at about the same time as Arteta
and we look like ending up in a very similar position to
Everton so maybe not all about Rookie Vs Experience,“

Not a big fan of Ancelotti but weren’t Everton in the relegation places when Silva was fired ?
Emery was let go with Arsenal sitting eighth and Pedro told us the players were ruined and needed a rehab job before they could walk and chew gum at the same time again.
What does that say about the Everton players sitting in 18 th then ?


Flattering scoreline. Get better players but I still don’t see us improving under the chosen one. He makes way too many mistakes and sadly tries to rectify it very late. Most of the fans say willian wasn’t working after 10 games. Chosen one needed 35 games to finally come to that conclusion. Most fans can see ESR is most affective in the middle, chosen one persists with him on the wings. Most fans can see the limitations of xhaka. Chosen ones entire strategy hangs on xhakas presence at LB. Chosen one can change the entire 11 and we will still… Read more »


London, pick up your sadness, look at the facts… and accept we’re on the Arteta train for another season.

‘We don’t score’

3rd most goals since xmas
3rd best defence
2nd for points

Think you need to be humble, accept your analysis is shite, and roll with a winning project.

We’re going to the moon.